Healing Mother Earth

These dictations have been turned into a book: Healing Mother Earth.

Introduction to Healing Mother Earth

Overcoming the sense of being powerless

You are consciousness looking at itself

A new vision for approaching environmental problems

Understanding how the earth was created

Understanding the basic principle behind all life

To be a healer, you must overcome your fear of calamity

To be a healer, you must know your true potential

Understanding will and power

Understanding will and power (2)

Understanding true wisdom

Flowing with the unconditionality of love

Accelerating yourself to a higher view of environmental issues

Bringing a higher truth into the environmental debate

Overcoming duality in order to give true service

What it truly means to be free

The illusion that there is something wrong with the earth

A deeper understanding of consciousness

Understanding the elemental beings

A deeper understanding of the four elements

The relationship between humans and elementals

The process of materialization, of matter realization

Overcoming the illusion that matter has permanence

Uncovering the central dynamic in human society

Helping the Earth Mother without doing anything

Discerning between dualistic and non-dualistic wisdom

Selfish love will not heal Mother Earth

Accelerating the environmental debate to a new level

The immaculate vision for the environmental debate

Being the open door for peace through oneness

Individuality is the key to the Golden Age

Transcending hatred of the Mother