10. Flowing with the unconditionality of love

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Paul the Venetian is the name I have used in my office as the Chohan of the third ray. The third ray has in previous dispensations been named as the ray of God Love, but what then is God Love? For surely, you can see – can you not – that God’s love cannot possibly be the same as the human love that you mostly encounter on earth? God’s love cannot be possessive and seeking to control those that it claims to love. God’s love cannot be given based on artificial or ever-changing conditions, or personal likes and dislikes, personal idiosyncrasies, personal moods.

Thus, you have a choice to make. Are you content with the human love that you have encountered so far in your life, or do you want more? Do you want a higher form of love, the true love of the third ray? If you do want more, then I, Paul the Venetian, will guide you on a little journey into the higher realms of love, that you can glimpse a higher love—when you are willing to step outside of the separate sense of self that thinks it needs to control everything. And thus, in its attempt to control, it wants to reduce everything to something that can be quantified and therefore grasped with the outer, intellectual, linear mind.

Do you fully understand that in order to control something, you must be able to predict that something? Have you ever truly considered this? What does it mean that you want to control something? Does it not mean that you want to control what happens in the future, so that you limit the options for what can happen in the future into a framework defined by you. In order to have the desire to control, you must then have a vision of what should or should not happen, according to your current state of consciousness and the way you see life through the filter of that sense of self.


Do you see, then – as my brothers Lanto and MORE have explained, and as my most esteemed sister, Mary, has explained – that the desire to control is precisely in contradiction to the original vision and design for the material universe? I know well that your mind has been programmed to believe that there are invariable laws and conditions. Traditional Christianity has programmed you to believe that there is a will of God, namely the will of the angry, judgmental being in the sky, who has defined what is right and what is wrong, what will get you to heaven and what will condemn you to an eternity in hell. Likewise, science has defined a set of natural laws that they claim no force in this universe can violate or go beyond.

Yet can you begin to sense, that this all comes down to what Lanto explained as the external standard for right and wrong? Can you begin to see that this standard was defined by the fallen beings after they fell into a lower state of consciousness? This state of consciousness is lower because it is a state of consciousness that is identified with, and thus confined to, a certain spectrum of vibrations.

We have said that there are 144 levels of consciousness possible in the material universe. We have said that you start out, or rather that a new co-creator, starts out its sojourn in the material universe at a level of consciousness that is a third of the way up, in other words at the 48th level of consciousness. Yet this is the case for a new co-creator, who takes embodiment for the first time in the material universe in which you currently abide.

As we have already hinted at, and as Maitreya explains in greater detail in his book, the fallen beings fell in a higher sphere than the one in which the material universe is found. Thus, they fell from a different level of consciousness that was actually a higher level of consciousness than the 48th level at which new co-creators start in the material universe. You must therefore understand, that before they fell, these beings had attained a level of consciousness that was higher than what the vast majority of human beings on earth have attained today. What this means is that these beings, even when they first descended into the material universe, had a higher level of consciousness than the level at which a new co-creator starts on earth. This means, on the one hand, that these beings saw themselves as being superior to virtually all other beings on earth, and they still see themselves as being superior. It also, on the other hand, means that most human beings on earth will indeed experience these beings as being superior to themselves. Yet what is the sense of superiority based upon?

It is based upon the perverted wisdom of the second ray, which has been raised up as the ultimate way to guide the attainment or the level of consciousness of a lifestream. Yet this perverted wisdom is not the highest wisdom of the second ray; it is a lower form of wisdom, in the sense that it has descended below a critical level of vibration.

You are aware that your eyes can see only the forms of light that vibrate within a certain frequency spectrum, called visible light. You are also, most likely, aware that visible light is made up of light rays that have a certain wavelength. You may, if you have studied physics, also be aware that if an object is smaller than the smallest wavelength of visible light, then there is absolutely no way that your eyes can see this object. Even the most powerful microscope ever constructed can only work with visible light, and thus you cannot see an object that is smaller than the shortest wavelength of visible light. This is a physical impossibility.

Can you now transfer this to what I said about wisdom? Everything in the entire universe can be conceived of and understood in terms of vibration. The higher wisdom of the second ray vibrates above a certain level. In order to grasp that higher wisdom, you must raise your level of consciousness, your sense of self-awareness, to that level. Only when your state of consciousness vibrates at the same level as the higher wisdom, can that wisdom be grasped by your mind.

I trust you can see that this is comparable to what I said about your physical eyes, so once you take wisdom below a certain level, you go below that level of the true wisdom of the Christ mind. Now, in order for you to grasp that lower wisdom, your mind needs to vibrate at that same lower level. But can you see that, at the moment you lower your mind to that level, you will no longer be able to grasp the higher wisdom of the second ray?

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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