09. Understanding true wisdom

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

I am the Chohan of the second ray. Lord Lanto is the name I have used in previous dispensations, given by the ascended masters, in our continuing attempts to enlighten humankind and awaken our unascended brothers and sisters to the same level of self-awareness that we have attained. What is it that drives the ascended masters to seek to awaken humankind? Is it a self-centered desire?

Well, that depends on how you define “self-centered.” Indeed, when you are still in embodiment on earth, you tend to see yourself as a separate self. And therefore, you tend to see that you can have a self-interest as a separate self. Yet when you ascend and become an ascended master, you do so by completely transcending that sense of the separate self. You literally let the separate self die, and you therefore become one with the higher being that you are.

Yet in this process of becoming one with your higher being, you also see that you are one with all life, you are one with all expressions of the Creator. For you see that the Creator is all and in all, and so how can there be a separate self-interest? For when you realize that your greater self is the All, you see that it is in the interest of yourself to raise up the All. And thus, you naturally express that greater self-interest in an attempt to raise up those who are still trapped in that lower state of consciousness, of identifying themselves with the physical body and thinking their minds have no abilities, no powers, beyond those of the body.


And thus, as my illustrious brother, MORE, has explained, it all begins with the drive to experiment and to express your God-given individuality. Yet the fallen beings have managed to cause most people on earth to almost completely turn off the will to experiment. And they have done this by creating this false wisdom, this false standard, that there is something that is right and something that is wrong. And thus, most people have come to believe that life is not a matter of experimenting, life is not a matter of trying the unknown and learning from whatever the result may be. Instead, life is now a closed process of seeking to avoid doing what is wrong, so as to avoid this terrible punishment of the angry God in the sky. Or even avoid the “natural” punishment of becoming extinct because your choices make you unfit for survival.

Do you see that the process started by the Creator itself is an open-ended process? But what has happened on earth is that most people have come to believe in the illusion that life should be a closed process. Instead of seeking to experiment, one should seek to avoid error and do what has been predefined as the “right thing to do.”

This, my beloved, is what most people currently see as the highest wisdom on earth. Yet it is indeed the lowest possible wisdom; it is a false wisdom. It is based on a false image of God as the angry being in the sky. But beyond that, it is based on a false image of God as an external being that is separated from the conscious self that now feels itself trapped in a physical body on earth.

Thus, instead of looking at life as a grand opportunity for self-transcendence, most people look at life as somewhat of a burden, from which they can only hope to escape in one of two ways. One is that the angry God in the sky has mercy upon them, and thus elevates them to living in its own kingdom. And the other is that after the death of the physical body, there is the cessation of self-awareness and thus nothingness. Yet in both cases – be it the salvation pictured by orthodox Christianity or the cessation of awareness pictured by materialistic science – it is actually much the same mindset behind it, namely the desire for a non-existence. This is a state in which you have no awareness, where you have no will, where you have no responsibility to experiment and learn from the results.

What is really behind the two models of “salvation” presented in Western society? It is the unwillingness to apply what is the true wisdom of the second ray. So then, let me give you at least a glimpse of the infinite, nonlinear, spherical wisdom of the second ray.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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