Russia and Ukraine: The end of Empires and inhumanity

This dictation was given by the AscendedMaster Mother Mary on February 27, 2022 through Kim Michaels.

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OM (4X) 

Peace, be still. (4 X)

I AM the Ascended Master, Mother Mary. I represent the Divine Mother for earth. Why have we not said anything about the situation that is now on everyone’s minds? Well, because we have said many things previously, but who has paid attention to it, except our direct students? Has the world paid attention? Would the world have paid attention no matter what we had said? 

You see here, that this situation with the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a textbook example of the School of Hard Knocks. Only when the knocks becomes so hard that they cannot be ignored, will people shift their consciousness. One could argue that since the consciousness now has shifted decisively, what is there to say? Again, will the world pay any attention to what the ascended masters say? Well, certainly the world at large will not, but at least our direct students will. Of course, as always, everything that is spoken in the physical that is heard by you, that is multiplied by your chakras will go into the collective consciousness. 

Why have we not had you, our direct students give decrees and invocations on this situation? Because again, the School of Hard Knocks means that sometimes situations need to be allowed to outplay themselves so that people cannot ignore them. Literally, if you look at this situation, and look at the major forces that had the decision-making power in this situation, there was nothing your calls could have done to change the outcome. 

A shift in consciousness is needed

There are of course many ways to describe this situation. Let me take as a start a very general one. We have said before that you live in a time where there needs to be a shift, a shift in the collective consciousness, that is one of the most significant shifts that has happened in what you call known history. The shift can be described in many ways, and I will describe it in different ways. One is of course a shift towards the golden age consciousness of Saint Germain. 

What will it take for this shift to happen? It will take that the forces that are opposing the shift, that are out of alignment, out of attunement, with Saint Germain, they must outplay their imbalances to a greater and greater extreme, thereby making them more and more obvious for all to see. Eventually even being outplayed in some instances to such an extreme that the unbalanced people themselves can see that it has gone too far. They of course, the instigators of the lack of balance, will be the last ones to see it, but that is not really what matters. What matters is the shift in the collective consciousness. 

Jesus came to end the age of power elites

Now let us step back and start with a historical perspective. There are many ways to describe the mission of Jesus as he inaugurated the Piscean age on earth. We have ourselves described it, and Jesus has described it, in many different ways. One way is to look at what has happened over the past 2,000 years. The Piscean age at the time of Jesus, at least the part of the world where Jesus appeared, was dominated by the Roman Empire. 

You saw how, throughout the last 2,000 years, a great number of empires have arisen. The Roman Empire transformed into the Catholic empire. There was a Muslim empire, a Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the German Empire, the British Empire, the Russian Tsarist Empire. Empire after empire has arisen throughout these 2,000 years. 

What is an empire? Well, it is a centralized structure, often led by one man, but certainly always dominated by a small group of people, what we have called a power elite. You or course, our direct students, know our teachings about the fallen beings. You know, that an empire is always started and maintained by the fallen beings. One way to look at Jesus’s mission is to say that he came to inaugurate a cycle where humankind would free itself from the influence of ultimately the fallen beings, but to use a more universal language, “power elites.” 

The people, the general population would free themselves from being dominated by one power elite after another. The people would free themselves from being pulled into the armed conflicts where an aspiring power elite attempted to overthrow an established power elite. Then, if they were successful, the aspiring power elite now became the established power elite. After some time, a new aspiring power elite emerged, and they attempted to overthrow the previous power elite. 

You can see, once you are freed from the veil that the power elites have attempted to put on history, how this pattern has repeated itself time and time again. Jesus came, and he said: “For judgment, I am come.” He came to bring the judgment whereby people could free themselves from these power elites. But how can the people free themselves? Well, again, Jesus brought, in a somewhat veiled form (because of the collective consciousness at the time) the methods for doing this. Primarily: Turn the other cheek. Seek the kingdom of God within you—instead of seeking power, prestige, respect, admiration in this world. Seek the kingdom of God within, instead of seeking to be special among men. If people had followed these, this could have been enough to free themselves from the power elites. 

What is Putin thinking?

Now, when you look at the world, you see that many people have actually done this. You see that there has been a gradual raising of the collective consciousness throughout these last 2,000 years. How do you see this? 

Well, it can be difficult for many people to see, because those who have raised themselves above a certain level of consciousness forget how it was to be below that level, often, because this happens over various lifetimes. So you have a situation in the world today where you have a division. There is a certain dividing line and a large majority of the people in the world – and I am not talking about specific countries, or specific continents or regions – a large majority of the people in the entire world have risen themselves above this line. They find it difficult to believe that so many people are still below that line. They find it difficult to imagine how these people think. 

Now, if you look at the present situation with the invasion of Ukraine, many, many people around the world are wondering: What is Putin thinking? What were his motives? What does he want in Ukraine? Why is he doing this? They look at this situation with their state of consciousness, often trying to come up with some rational explanation for why this is happening—and they cannot find a rational explanation. Therefore, there is right now a tremendous sense of confusion. Why is this happening? What is the reason? 

Well, my beloved, what if there is no reason that can be understood by the mind that has raised itself beyond, above that critical line? Once you raise yourself above a certain line, you look at life with a specific perspective. You become more open to reason. What Jesus often applied with his disciples, with those who followed him, he even tried to apply it with the scribes and pharisees. You can see when you look at the Bible that the scribes and Pharisees could not follow Jesus’s reasoning process. They were sometimes stunned by it, but they could not follow Him. Why? Because Jesus was above that critical line of consciousness and they were not. They could not grasp what Jesus was saying, as many people throughout the 2,000 years have not been able to grasp what Jesus was saying, including many of those who call themselves Christians, including the power elite, who to this day rules the Vatican. 

A historical shift from empires to nation states

What you, in a sense, see over the last 2,000 years is that there has been this gradual shift in consciousness. As I said, it can be difficult for people to realize what has happened, but the proof that this has happened is primarily the emergence of democratic nations. The Age of Pisces started with empires and up until the First World War, it was dominated by empires. The First World War brought a shift that in a sense ended the age of empires. Now you will say: “Well, was not the Soviet Union an empire?” Of course it was. Wasn’t the British Empire an empire? Of course it was. But the tsarist empire ended with the First World War, so did the German, the Austro-Hungarian, the Ottoman. And the British Empire started an irreversible decline. 

You see here that if you look at this period, from a purely historical perspective, you can see that the shift that has happened in the outer world has been a shift from empires to nation states. Even a shift from nation states dominated by a dictator or small power elite to nation states who have a, at least somewhat, democratic form of government. In other words, what really has happened is a shift from the planet being dominated by various power elites to where the people have attained more and more power. 

If you look as a historian, at these last 2,000 years, you can see that the trend is very, very clear. Empires are losing the battle for control of the earth, and democracy is winning. I know very well that if you look at the world today, you will see that there are certain people who claim that this is not the case, that dictatorships and autocracies are mounting a larger and larger challenge to democracy. Certainly, Putin himself believes this. He believes that he is destined to play a role in history, in terms of continuing the age of empires. The Chinese leadership has similar beliefs as do others around the world. They are completely out of touch with historical reality. They are going against a 2,000 year trend in the collective consciousness that cannot be stopped by any force on earth. 

The shift in the collective consciousness is irreversible. The age of empires will not come back. Why is this happening? you say. Because as I said, those who are unbalanced, must be allowed to outplay their unbalance, which makes them believe they are winning, and which of course makes some people believe they are winning. 

Why are they being allowed to outplay this? Because as we have said before, the fallen beings, the power elite, serve as substitute teachers. What is the purpose? It is that the historical necessity, so to speak, is to produce a shift in the consciousness of that part of the population who are still below the critical line. How will you produce this shift? That is the question. 

Can we have the ascended masters say anything to people below that line, that they would even hear? Can those people who are above the line say anything to these people that they will hear? You cannot. They will not hear it, because they are unwilling to hear it—through words. They are unwilling to learn from other people. 

Basic and essential humanity

Another way to look at the development over the past 2,000 years, is what we have described before in terms of the dynamic between what we have called the basic humanity and the essential humanity. Again, we can go back to Jesus. What was his teachings all about? Well, Jesus had two levels of teachings. He taught the multitudes in parables and expounded all things to his disciples. Of course the hope was that as the Piscean age progressed, more and more people would be able to hear Jesus’s higher message and indeed this has happened. That is why so many people have risen above that critical line. 

The general level of teaching that Jesus gave relates to what we have called the basic humanity. The simplest credo for this is: “Do unto others, what you want them to do unto you.” This is, as we have said before, very simple. There are certain things you do not do to other people. To be more specific, you do not kill, you do not torture, but also you do not force; you do not overpower, you do not show cruelty, you are not insensitive to other people. Therefore, if you yourself do not want to be forced and dominated, you do not do this to others. 

Now, there is of course, a twist here. It is that there are people who want to be dominated because they do not want to make their own decisions. What do you do with these people that cannot hear? Well, that is where the power elite comes in. They will dominate these people, and what have you seen throughout the ages? The Roman emperor sat in his palace, on that hill in Rome, and was not the one who was out there fighting the Germanic tribes, or other people on the outskirts of the Roman Empire. There is no danger that the power elite will ever get their hands dirty. 

How can a power elite build an empire? Well, only because there are people who are willing to blindly, uncritically follow the power elite. These people have the insensitivity to life that makes them willing to kill and suppress other people. What you see is that there is still in the world today a certain number of people, a minority certainly, but not a small minority, that are in this state of consciousness. They have a certain insensitivity to life. They are willing to kill other people, if they are given a so-called ‘just cause’ by their ruler whom they have decided to follow blindly. 

You see that the development of the world can be described in terms of this dynamic of how many people have risen above that critical level, where they have acquired that basic humanity, where they can follow the call to ‘do unto others.’ Now, of course, once you raise yourself above that line, you become open to understanding the higher level of teaching that Jesus gave, which relates to the essential humanity, which is where you realize that you are not a human being, you have the potential to systematically raise your consciousness to a higher level, which ultimately is the Christ consciousness that Jesus demonstrated. As we have said many times, Jesus was an example to follow for those who have raised themselves and acquired the basic humanity. Then you can begin to work on the essential humanity. 

Why empires fell

Back to the situation with Russia and Ukraine. If you look at the situation, again, in a historical perspective, you can see that in the late 1800s, early 1900s, the world was dominated by a handful, or at least the Western world, we should say, was dominated by a handful of these empires. The Tsarist empire in Russia, the Austria-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the German Empire, the British Empire, and some aspiring empires here and there. Why did these empires fall? Well, again, simply historical necessity. You can look at these empires and you can look at the populations that were the main populations of these empires, and you can ask yourself: Have they shifted above that critical line? Has the collective consciousness of these people shifted above that critical line where they have acquired that basic humanity? 

To make this more specific, you see that the British Empire did not really shift during the Second World War, because they thought they were fighting a just war against the evil of Nazism. They thought that anything that they had the power to do was justifiable, such as the firebombing of Dresden, and many other atrocities and war crimes that had no military purpose. This was a clear example of a lack of basic humanity: you attack civilians in order to punish the German people for their support of Hitler. Not basic humanity! What really started to shift the British Empire was India and Gandhi, and how he made the lack of humanity of the British people visible so that even the British people could see it. In other words, you had a situation here where the British people claimed to be a highly civilized nation, the most advanced nation in the world in their own eyes, and Gandhi made them see the disparity, the hypocrisy, the inconsistency, the contradictions in their self-image. 

Then, of course, you have the Germans. Again, you go back and see before the First World War, how the Germans had the sense of superiority, the sense of being special, the sense of being entitled to a special position in the world. The defeat in the First World War did not really shift the collective consciousness, which is why Hitler could take over. Then, Hitler took a majority of the German people into what you all know was Nazism. Until the Holocaust became widely known, the German collective consciousness did not shift, but after it became known, it did shift. 

What you see here is that you have people in the former British Empire, in the former German Empire, where the collective consciousness has shifted so that they are now above that level of basic humanity, and have started moving towards the essential humanity, and these are therefore what you could call modern democratic nations. 

Why Russia did not rise higher in consciousness

Now, you look to Russia and you see that it is really meaningless to say, which of these empires had the lowest collective consciousness before the First World War. What we can say very clearly is that the collective consciousness in Russia was very low. A very high level of insensitivity to life, a very high level of cruelty towards other people. You see that even though the Tsarist empire fell, the collective consciousness of the Russian people did not even really start shifting. Very quickly, the Bolsheviks took over, and what could have been a shift in the collective consciousness of the Russian people was brutally beaten down by Stalin and Red Terror. You can say that the Red Terror of Stalin was certainly one of the most extreme out-picturings of the lack of humanity, the lack of basic humanity. 

You see that there was a certain development that took place in England, in Germany, since the First World War, continuing to today. Now, it is by no means so that the Russian people are incapable of making that shift. If it had not been for the Soviet Union, the creation of the Soviet Union, then they would have made the shift out of the inhumanity and to the basic humanity. This shift was delayed among the Russian people by the Soviet Union. 

The dis-union of the Soviet Union

You see of course that the Soviet Union, despite the word ‘union,’ was not a union at all. It was an empire that was forced by brutal force, by brutal suppression. What happened was that there was a core of the Soviet Empire that was what you normally, and in their own eyes, the Russian people call Russia, this was the Russians. We, the Russians, were in control of the Soviet empire. 

You had some of these Republics or Warsaw Pact countries that were suppressed by the Soviet Union, where you had people who clearly felt that they were conquered, they were suppressed. They were forced by Russia, by the Russian people. What started to happen in many of these nations is that as a result of this brutal suppression, and truly, it was more brutal than most people in Russia, even today, have been willing to recognize. As a result of this brutal suppression, many of these people, if they had not already done that before being conquered, they started separating themselves from the Russian people. As a result, the collective consciousness started increasing, started rising in those outlying Republics to varying degrees. 

You see many people in these republics who clearly identified the brutality, the lack of humanity, of the Russian people who were in charge of the Soviet Union. They started saying: “We cannot allow ourselves to do this. We have to raise ourselves above this.” That is why you saw that as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed, virtually all of these republics did everything they could to distance themselves from Russia. It was clear that they did not want to ever again be dominated by, be exposed to the brutality and the inhumanity of the Russian people. These are simply facts. 

I know that as I am saying this, shockwaves are going through the collective consciousness of Russia. Even many people in Russia, if they were able to hear or read this, they would violently rebel against it, and say: “This is not true. We are not inhumane.” Of course, it is true. Not all people in Russia are inhumane or insensitive to life. But I am not talking about all people. I am not stereotyping, I am not generalizing. I am talking about the collective consciousness. If you want proof of this, ask yourself a simple question. 

Look at many of these previous Warsaw Pact countries and former Soviet republics. Look at the development that has happened in those countries economically, in terms of the standard of living of the people, but also politically in terms of the freedoms enjoyed by the people. Then ask yourself: What has happened in Russia as a contrast? Surely, the 90s was a turbulent, chaotic period. But it was in all of the former Soviet republics, but they still managed to raise themselves above it. What happened in Russia? Well, Putin happened in Russia. And he started reversing the trend. And what is the trend? As I said, it is the historical shift from the age of empires to the age of democracy. 

Now, as I said, how does an emperor conquer territory? Because there are enough people that will go along with him. How did Putin take power? How did he rewrite the Russian constitution, which is actually a beautiful document? Because enough people in Russia either supported it, or did not object to it, as they would have done in most of the former Soviet republics, not all but most. You see here that, again, a critical mass of the Russian people are below that level of basic humanity or Putin could not have taken power and could not have turned Russia back towards an imperial state, an empire. 

Karmic connection between Ukrainians and Russians

Many people, even ascended master students in Ukraine and elsewhere have wondered: Is there some connection between the Russian and Ukrainian people? Is there some karmic connection that has precipitated this situation with the Russian invasion (I am deliberately not saying “special military operation”)? Is there? Well, you will know the story of the Kievan Rus that are claimed to basically be an empire situated in Kyiv, wherefrom the people migrated to Belorussia and the Moscow area, and therefore founded the modern states of Belarus and Russia, as well as Ukraine. You could say: Is there a karmic relationship? Not really. 

The Kievan Empire was an empire, which means there was not a homogenous population that inhabited the entire empire, there were many different tribes at the time that were suppressed by force, and therefore became part of this empire, as you saw throughout Europe and many parts of the world. You will see that there has never been an ‘empire’ that really was homogenous, because what has happened is that you have a certain group of people that starts expanding their influence by taking over other groups of people. So how can you have a homogenous empire? Many different tribes, many different peoples have been incorporated in the empire. 

You look at what you today call Russia, and you see that east of the Urals, are these really what you would normally call Russians? Is that why they are dominated by Russia and why the Russians west of the Urals are reaping the major economic benefits of the gas and oil it is taking out of there. 

Humanity and cooperation

Anyway, you see that there is really no homogenous population anywhere, and why is this? Because, again, if you look at this, historically, there has been a trend towards diversification. We have said that there used to be a few empires that have now been replaced by nation states. Well, you cannot fail to see, when you look at this, that there has also been a trend that nation states are increasingly becoming democratic. What does that mean? Well, you could say: Will there not be any large nations or collections of nations in the future? Well, certainly there will be, as you already see in the United States and the European Union. But what is happening here is instead of having an empire that is created through force, you now have a diversification into many smaller nation states. And because they are smaller, they see the need to cooperate. Once you raise yourself above that level, and acquire the basic humanity, you can begin to cooperate. 

What is the need of force when you have the basic humanity, because you see that cooperation actually goes further than force ever could. There are many, many people throughout the ages, who have looked at Jesus, who walked the desert, said: “Turn the other cheek.” And he allowed himself to be captured and crucified. And they have said: “Oh, Jesus was weak. Christians are weak. Christianity is a weak religion.” That is because they are below that level of humanity where they think that force is stronger. 

You have the theory of evolution, which talks about the survival of the fittest. Basically, all of the people who are below that critical level and do not have the basic humanity, they believe in this because they believe that they are the strongest, they are most willing to use force, they are the most brutal and therefore they are the fittest to survive. What did Jesus demonstrate? No amount of force can withstand the judgment of Christ. Because the judgment of Christ is beyond the material world and force is of the material world. 

We have given many teachings on the interplay between the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the mother. Well, you can only build an empire by perverting the Mother realm—the matter realm. You are building an empire in matter. How are you going to withstand the spiritual force? For that matter, how are you going to withstand the force of the collective consciousness? You see here that, if you want to say, as Vladimir Putin fancies himself of saying that you are an astute student of history, well, you can clearly see the trend: force is retreating, cooperation and union are increasing—and they will win. 

The role of the Ukrainian people

Back to the situation of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people. Well, you can of course say that the current borders of Ukraine were artificially created by Lenin and the Bolsheviks. You can of course debate whether there are certain parts of Ukraine that are overwhelmingly ethnic Russians, and you can debate whether the borders should be redrawn. You cannot deny that there is a substantial area in which the overwhelming part of the population has a clear national identity as Ukrainians. This was built even before the First World War, even during the Tsarist empire, going way back, even going back to the Kievan Rus. 

You see that even during the Soviet times, there was an increase in the national identity of the Ukrainian people. There was also a raising of the collective consciousness, where they were moving away from the brutality and the inhumanity towards that greater sense that there are certain things that have been done to us that we cannot allow ourselves to do to other people. 

What were the very big dramatic event in Ukrainian history that accelerated this movement? Well, it was the Holodomor, the forced starvation enacted by Stalin. The Ukrainian people clearly experienced that it was the Russians that did this to them. There is no other way to look at this. I know that the Russians are in complete denial about this, even to this day. Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has not even considered making an apology for this. 

There was a growing awareness among Ukrainian people that: “We cannot ever allow ourselves to do something like this to other people.” If you look at the reality of the situation, when the Soviet Union was dissolved, the Ukrainian people were actually higher than the general Russian people, in terms of moving away from the brutality and towards the basic humanity. Now, you can find many examples of cruelty in Ukraine, and therefore, you can say that the Ukrainian people had not moved that far beyond the Russian people. 

If you again, want a brutally honest example of this, you can see that the Baltic nations and certain other former republics managed to accelerate themselves to the point where they could become members of NATO and the EU in the early 2000s. If Ukraine and the Ukrainian people had been able to make a similar transition, they could also have become members of NATO in 2004. And that would certainly have changed the current dynamic. Now, the fact that this did not happen shows that Ukrainian people certainly have a challenge. But there has of course since 2004 been growth in the Ukrainian people, as especially witnessed by the peaceful revolutions that have taken place. 

You see that currently, the Ukrainian people, when you look at the collective consciousness, are higher than the Russian people. Now again, many people in Russia have already moved above that critical line but not enough people have done so. And what is the proof? The proof is that it is Russian troops that are invading Ukraine, not Ukrainian troops heading for Moscow. You can then say: “Well, how could this happen? If the Ukrainian people have a higher level of collective consciousness than the Russians? How could they be invaded? How could they deserve to be invaded?” 

Well, first of all, as I said, Ukrainians have not completely made the transition. But the more important reason is that you will often see that there are certain people, certain groups of people, who take on a certain role in the world. We have before talked about the Japanese people taking on the role of being willing to be exposed to nuclear weapons, in order to demonstrate to the world the effect of nuclear weapons. Likewise, the Ukrainian people, if you want to go back to the Kievan Rus, you can say that there was a certain group of people that stayed centered around Kyiv, that vowed to take on a certain role in connection to those people who settled in Moscow. It was to somehow mirror back to them their own state of consciousness. You see, why was the Holodomor precipitated upon the Ukrainians? Because the Ukrainians had volunteered to suffer this atrocity, as a way to mirror back to the Russian people the insensitivity to life, the brutality, the lack of humanity, in the Russian collective consciousness. The same thing with Chernobyl, the same thing with the present situation. 

Russian unwillingness to look at themselves

Now, again, look back to the time of empires. The most drastic example is Germany. What happened in Germany after the Holocaust was exposed, and could no longer be hidden even to the German people? What happened was that the German people were so shocked by this that they overcame the pride, the arrogance that you clearly see during Nazi times. They overcame this sense that they were special and they were entitled to a special position. 

What does this arrogance, this sense of being special prevent people from doing? Looking in the mirror, looking at themselves, looking at the beam in their own eye, as Jesus said it 2,000 years ago. Were the Nazis, the German people during Nazism willing to look at the beam on their own eye? Certainly not. Were the British during the height of the British Empire willing to look at the beam in their own eye? Certainly not. What has happened since then, is that both of these people and many other people in Europe have been willing to look at the beam in their own eye and say: “We can never allow something like this to happen again in our nation.” That is why they have made the progress they have made—even the progress in the standard of living of the people. 

Now you look honestly, brutally honestly, at Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Has Russia made any attempt whatsoever to look at itself and say: “How could this happen in Russia? How could it go so far in Russia? How could we have a situation where so many people in Russia were willing to be the henchmen of Stalin and imprison, torture and kill their own countrymen? Now, you may say that one measure for the lack of humanity is what a group of people will do to others that they see as different from themselves. But the real measure is, what do they do to themselves? You saw during Nazism, yes, there was a big focus on what the Nazis did to the Jews. But consider what the Nazis did to the German people in terms of suppressing their freedom, forcing them to fight and all of these things. Then consider what the communists did to the Russian people. Then consider that Germany, England and other nations have attempted at least to make apologies and make restitutions for what they did. Has Russia done so? 

Has Putin shown any willingness to even take responsibility for the Soviet brutality, the Soviet suppression? Nay. In his latest speech, he blamed Ukrainians for not being willing to pay back the debt of the Soviet Union. But did Ukrainians decide to create this debt or was it the Russian people centered in Moscow? Who was responsible? If you look at Putin’s speech, you will see that he seems to be confused. Sometimes he makes it seem like if there were any mistakes or any atrocities that happened during Soviet times, it was Lenin’s fault, or the Communist Party’s fault. But it was not Russia’s fault. Somehow, it seems that Russia and the Russian people had some mystical existence during Soviet times so that they are somehow not at all responsible for what happened during Soviet times. That my beloved, that unwillingness by the leader is a mirror of the unwillingness of the people to look in the mirror. 

And that is why Putin is in power, why Putin has taken Russia in the direction he has taken Russia, why the standard of living is as low as it is and why he had to invade Ukraine. As we said, those who are imbalanced must become more and more extreme, until it becomes obvious how unbalanced they are, how inhumane they are. Because what is it I mean when I say that they are imbalanced? Well, they are imbalanced in the sense that they have not acquired the basic humanity. 

Removing doubt about Putin

What you see of course in the present situation is that for a number of years now, the world has been aware of what Putin has been doing, and especially what he has been saying. Of course, as is in a way understandable, people in the democratic world have tended to ignore some of the things, the aggressive things that Putin has been saying or doing, hoping that eventually Russia would join the upward movement towards becoming a fully modern state.

What has happened now is of course that there has been a dramatic shift that could not have been produced in any other way. Putin said: “I hope I have now been heard.” And he has, he has been heard in a way he has not been heard before. It is of course not the way he wanted to be heard. He wants the world to acknowledge that he and Russia are special, have a special place in the world, and deserve special treatment.

This is the empirical consciousness. What is the democratic consciousness? It is that all men and women are created equal and they have been endowed with rights that no one has the authority to take away from them. 

What is cooperation? It is at least an attempt to cooperate among equals. You could debate how successful it is. But nevertheless, there is a sincere attempt in the democratic world to have cooperation among equals, without anyone claiming special status and entitlement to special treatment. There is at least an attempt at this. And this is what the world has now realized. They have so far heard Putin say these things, but they have given him the benefit of the doubt that he probably did not mean it. And now that doubt has been shattered by him. It remains to be seen how the world will shift as a result of this. 

Why Russians are not getting the respect they want

The real question is, how will the collective consciousness in Russia shift as a result of this. Of course, again, a substantial part of the Russian population has already made the shift into the basic humanity. That is why they are shocked by this. But you see, the brutal reality is, as I have said before, the people in Russia who have acquired basic humanity, are not the ones who are keeping Putin in power. It is still the majority of the Russian population who have not shifted, who have not shifted out of this very specific dynamic, where, number one, you do not have the humanity that makes you sensitive to other people and at the same time, you have the desire to have a special status. You want other people to respect you. If you acquired the same level of basic humanity that they have, they would automatically respect you. But since you do not have that, they cannot and they will not respect you. 

You think that instead of having them respect you as equals, you will settle for them fearing you, because you are willing to use the brutality that comes from your lack of humanity. You think this buys you some form of respect. Of course, it does not. What Putin and many people in Russia do not grasp, do not grasp, is that the democratic world will never respect Russia, until Russia acquires the same level of basic humanity as they have in the democratic world. It cannot happen. For that matter, the Chinese leadership does not fathom it either. Neither does Kim Jung-un, in North Korea, neither do any of the states in the Middle East. India, barely fathoms it, but they have at least some recognition, because of the legacy of Gandhi. 

The crucial development that can happen here is that those among the Russian people who have raised themselves above that limit, they will speak out, wake up, demand change, and therefore they will pull the majority of the population up. This would be the highest outcome that can happen, then there will be a shift. Not only in terms of Putin, because of course, Putin cannot sit there all alone and suppress the Russian people. He needs, again, a certain power elite around him with the oligarchs and the political apparatchiks, but he also needs the people out there in the police force and the secret police who are willing to imprison their own countrymen, who are willing to go out and arrest peaceful protesters, and haul them off to jail. 

This can start shifting. It can be that the shock of Russia invading a nation that is first of all, no threat to Russia, but is also seen by many Russian people as their brothers, that this will shift the equation—it is a possibility. Now you can say: “Why aren’t we now then having our students make calls for this? Because your calls will not have an effect on those people who are below the line of basic humanity. They will only learn through the School of Hard Knocks. And if the knock that they have been given now is not sufficient, there will be harder knocks. This is not a threat. It is simply a statement of fact, because the law of karma has not been rendered null and void by the declarations of the Russian leadership. 

Why did Putin act now?

A question that could be asked is: Putin invaded Crimea in 2014 and since then, there has been a kind of a stalemate in the eastern part of Ukraine. Why did he suddenly decide to invade? Well, first of all, it was not that sudden, but the real reason is, as I have said before, what keeps Putin in power, even in embodiment, is the majority of the Russian people. But the collective consciousness in Russia is shifting. This is in part happening because of our students making the calls and invocations. But it is also happening because of many other spiritual people in Russia. And because many among the Russian people are raising their consciousness, acquiring the basic humanity, and wanting their nation to become a modern nation, where they have not only a decent standard of living, but the freedoms to start their own business, build a good life for themselves and their children. 

There is nothing unreasonable in expecting that you can work hard, and build a good life for yourself and for your children, and that this can continue in the indefinite future. This of course is what you see, in the world at large. You see, in a very large part of the world, you see people who, in some cases for generations, in some cases, just for a few years, they have entered the mindset where they feel that by making an effort, they can build a better life for themselves and for their children and for their nations—and that this can continue into the future, without them being threatened by any external force, such as the wars and conflicts that you have seen ravage this planet time and time again. 

Many, many people around the world, the vast majority of people around the world, have raised themselves above that level of lack of humanity where they would ever consider going to war or supporting a war. They cannot be pulled by the power elite into supporting their wars. Therefore, they feel they have a right to expect that they can build a better future for themselves and their children, without having it suddenly destroyed by war. This of course is what they are now fearing, is being threatened by what they see as primarily one man, Vladimir Putin. But which really is being threatened by not only the power apparatus in Russia, but that part of the Russian people who have not shifted to this humanity where they feel they can build a better future. 

Because if you look, the fact is, most of the Russian people that I am talking about, they do not have the confidence that the future will be better, that they can make an effort and build a better future for themselves and their children. They think that they will continue to lack, continue to be poor, continue to be at the mercy of whatever the state does to them. Well, this is why they suffered during the Soviet Union. This is why they are continuing to suffer under a different form of empire. If that equation shifts, then Russia will shift. If it does not, then the Russian power apparatus, be it Putin or someone else, will keep acting out in more and more extreme ways, until the Russians, the majority of the Russian people, will finally be willing to look at their own inhumanity and say: “We must change.” 

Why did Putin act now? Well, consciously, he has no awareness of this dynamic I have described. But subconsciously he senses that his time is slipping away from him; his opportunity to make the mark that he thinks he is destined to make on history is slipping away. As you see in so many such leaders in history, he could not stop himself. He had to take that one step too far, and the only thing that remains to be seen is how many more steps too far. 

The challenge for the Ukrainian people

One thing I will say, a word of caution, is that the Ukrainian people are facing a very delicate challenge right now. As I said, the role they have taken on, which of course they are not consciously aware of, but the role they have taken on is to mirror back the Russians’ inhumanity to themselves. This of course can best be achieved if they themselves show a higher level of humanity. If they can allow the Russian soldiers and especially the special forces, non-military units, to commit atrocities against civilians, without answering back with the same level of cruelty with an eye-for-an-eye, then they will come out ahead, then they will fulfill their mission. And then Ukraine can take these decisive steps to becoming a modern nation. If they allow the Russian brutality to pull them down, then unfortunately, the progress of Ukraine will be delayed. 

The real reason oil prices are higher

You see, again, there are many delicate considerations here, many delicate perspectives. But we need to step beyond this situation and recognize that there has been what we might call a ‘rude awakening,’ a shift in the collective consciousness. But we need to recognize here that as dramatic as this situation seems to many people, it is important that those of you who are our direct students do not allow your attention to be drawn away from what we have defined as the major topic for this year, which is the economy. 

You recognize, I take it, that oil prices, and what you pay for gasoline at the pump has gone up. But you see my beloved, last summer, most of the oil producing nations, including OPEC, decided to increase their output in order to lower gasoline prices and speed up the economic recovery after the pandemic. So how come you are paying more for gasoline now than you were last summer before they started pumping more oil? Well, the reason for this is very simple. It is what we have talked about before, the dynamic where there is an elite that is in control of the financial system and that is looking at any way they can to make more money. These people also do not have basic humanity. There are billionaires who made more money during the pandemic than they would have made if there was no pandemic. This is a fact that anyone can verify if they just look at it. These people have absolutely no humanity, they have no sensitivity to the general population. They have no awareness that we cannot allow ourselves to do this to other people. 

You need to recognize here that: Why are you paying more for gasoline now than last summer? It is not because there is a lack of oil being pumped out of the ground; it is because there is a lack of oil reaching the consumer because there are speculators who are speculating in oil and keeping, artificially, oil from the market in order to artificially keep prices high so that the oil they bought at lower prices can be sold at higher prices and they can make a quick profit. This is something you can make calls on, for the exposure of this, for the judgment of these people and for the entire consciousness behind this. 

You can even make calls that the many people in the democratic world who have not awoken to the existence of this financial power elite, that they will be awakened. Some will not but some can indeed be affected by your calls so that there will be a shift in the collective consciousness where there is an awareness of this financial exploitation, we might call it financial warfare that is being waged on the population, and where the people say: “We will not stand for this anymore, and where they demand that their democratic leaders take decisive steps to stop this kind of financial exploitation, which is really what it is. 

This is the bigger picture, the bigger issue for this year and for that matter, for coming years, namely that the economy is restructured so that it cannot be dominated by a power elite with no sensitivity to the population. If this does not happen, there will be more and more economic crises. You see already now, how gas prices have gone up because of the invasion of Ukraine. The question is, will people accept this, or will they see the real reason behind it? Because the fact of the matter is that there are enough oil reserves, there is enough production capacity, that prices do not have to go above $60 to $70 per barrel of raw oil, even if you take Russian oil production out of the picture. The world could shut off Russian oil production completely, at least the free democratic world could, and there would still be enough oil to keep prices at a level that would sustain the economic recovery. This is a fact. But it cannot happen with the current level of speculation. 

Many more things can of course be said. But we always face this challenge of not overwhelming you. I know I have overwhelmed many people, I certainly have overwhelmed many who are not our direct students if they were to read or hear these words. Because the gap between the reality of how the world works, and the perception of how the world works that most people have, is still very, very large. 

Being wise as serpents

Tying in again to the basic humanity and the essential humanity, you can rise to the point of the basic humanity where there are certain things you will not do to others. As I said, a majority of the people in the modern world have risen to that level. It is not really until you rise into the levels of the essential humanity, and start raising your own consciousness, that you can see this subtle manipulation that has been perpetrated by the fallen beings and the power elite throughout all of known history. You need to have a certain level of essential humanity before you are able to grasp this without being polarized into the black-and-white thinking, the epic mindset of thinking you have to fight the fallen beings and the power elite. 

Again, going back to Jesus, he did not fight the power elite. He brought their judgment. This is the role of you who are our direct students, and those who raised themselves above a certain level of that essential humanity, to bring the judgment. This will remove the power elite when the majority of the people shift above the basic humanity level. As long as many people are below that level, well, there will be some presence of the power elite on the planet. Because again, they need to be there to out-picture that consciousness so that people are willing to look at themselves. 

There is a point when you move into the essential humanity, where it is not about looking at the beam in your own eye. When you are below the level of basic humanity, what you need to come to is that point where you are willing to look at the beam in your own eye. When you go above that level and work on the essential humanity, it is actually not about looking at the beam in your own eye because you are continually seeking to raise your consciousness, work on your psychology. But it is a matter of coming to that higher level of discernment as Jesus also expressed 2,000 years ago. 

You see again, how many of the things he said can be interpreted to foreshadow the entire development of the past 2,000 years. What did he say? He said: “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” This is the challenge for the essential humanity. It is the challenge for you who are our direct students to not allow yourself to be pulled into these energetic spirals that the fallen beings create in order to divert your attention from their existence and their manipulation. Be wise as serpents, not to not be as the serpents, but be wise to the serpents and remain harmless as doves, where you can say with Gautama Buddha: “I am the perfect mirror for earth.”


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Giving all women a better life

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, June 1, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I AM the Ascended Master, Gautama Buddha. Some might say: “What does the Buddha know about women?” I would reply: “Nothing, I know nothing about women, for I know nothing from a distance.” What is the Buddhic consciousness? It is that you reach that level where there is no more the intellectual, linear, rational mind. There is no more the mind that knows from a distance. You know by being one with, by experiencing from within, that is the Buddhic consciousness. So, I can project (as you would say) my mind anywhere in space. I would not say I project my mind anywhere in space, I would say that my mind is everywhere in space, the space that I hold for earth. So I experience, I know from within, the situation of every human being on earth. I know your minds by experiencing them. I can focus anywhere in the space of earth and experience the consciousness that is there. Does this mean I know women? Well, that is the question I would expound upon.

What does it mean to know?

Again, what does it mean to know? There was an ancient temple where above the door it said: “Man, know thyself.” Of course that was back then in the male chauvinist times. Let us just say then that it said: “Human, know thyself.” What would it mean for a human to know itself? In a sense, you could say that we have given you many, many teachings through many different spiritual movements, in helping you know things about yourself, know your psychology, know the different stages of spiritual growth, know your reactionary patterns, your attachments, your separate selves, so that you can resolve all of this. If you took all of these teachings, studied them, applied them, would you know your self? Well, that depends on what state of mind you are in. If you are in this linear state of mind that most human beings on this planet are in, you can know yourself—but you will see that in this sentence there is a you and there is a self.

The you is supposedly knowing the self, but is the you the same as the self? If the you really knows itself, what is it knowing—a self? Is the you the same as the self? Is there a subject and an object, is there a subject-object duality? For most people on earth, even for many of the spiritual gurus and teachers that have come, there is still a subject-object duality. A spiritual teacher may have made some progress, may have raised his or her consciousness, may even claim to know itself. But if you see yourself as a subject, knowing your self as an object, you do not have true self-knowledge.

Based on this, you might say that I do not know women as most women know themselves because most women see themselves through this subject-object duality. That is why they become deceived, seduced by the lies of the fallen beings that are defined from that subject-object duality that the fallen beings cannot escape. Therefore, what the fallen beings define can only reinforce that subject-object duality. What the fallen beings have attempted to create is all of these roles or archetypes for what it means to be a woman.

For example, you can even see in spiritual circles where you have people who look at their astrology to see what kind of person they are. There are other spiritual movements that have created all of these divisions, saying that there is this type of person, there is that type of person, there is the next type of person and here are some criteria you can use to find out which type of person you are. The same of course with women, you see in women’s magazines where they can have these surveys or tests you can take, to see whether you are in this category or that category. You even see some spiritual teachings, or some feminist teachings, that talk about different kinds of women. Of course, you have the whole division between women and men. Are women different from men? What have we said? The Conscious You is neither male nor female. It is pure, undifferentiated awareness. Your I AM Presence is neither male nor female. It is beyond these divisions that are defined on earth.

Only separate selves can be male or female

When the Conscious You first is sent from the I AM Presence into the four levels of the material realm on earth, it is neither male nor female. Over time, as it takes embodiment in both male and female bodies, it creates certain selves. Unfortunately, these selves are often created in reaction to the fallen beings and various forms of manipulation or violence that people are exposed to on earth. This means you create certain selves that define how you see being a woman and how you see being a man. The Conscious You of a man is not different from the Conscious You of a woman, but the separate selves of a man are different from the separate selves of a woman. So, are men different from women? In the eyes of most men they are, in the eyes of most women they are.

There are some that will say that such distinctions or divisions are necessary, even beneficial. You might say, at a certain level of consciousness, that a lifestream is not ready to acknowledge the freedom to define itself any way it wants. It can be helpful to go into a predefined role, play out that role as you do when you are an actor who goes into a theater, puts on a costume and acts out a role written by some playwright. Very few actors are ready to go up on stage without any predefined role, without any script and feel confident that they could capture the attention of the audience. So it is with many human beings on earth—they need some kind of predefined role. Even the roles that have been defined by the fallen beings can be helpful for a time, they can help you gain experiences on earth. Given that these roles are defined from duality and are defined deliberately to make it possible for the fallen beings to manipulate you, then it is obvious that these roles will also imprison you.

We have talked about the liberation of women from certain outer oppressions, and the liberation of men too. In order to fully liberate women, you must be liberated from the roles for women defined on this planet. You must be liberated to see and identify yourself as a spiritual being, as a spiritual being that is not androgynous or gender neutral, but is beyond gender. That is how you can gain freedom to look at the predefined roles for women that you were brought up to take on (or that you have chosen to take on) and evaluate: “Do I want to continue to act out that role?” Now, in some cases you may decide that you want to continue this for some time for various reasons. There is nothing to say you should not. When you are making the deliberate choice to continue the role rather than having been brought up – programmed – to take it on, then you are no longer identified fully with the role. You are not trapped in it, you do not think the role defines you as a spiritual being.

Transcending the roles defined for women

Now, of course once you see through the role, you also have the option to transcend it. At that point (and many of you who are ascended master students have the potential to do this and it is in your Divine plan to do it) you can begin to redefine what it means to be a woman on earth. You might define a different role for what it means to be a woman. You might act out that role for a time. There can even come a stage where you are no longer defining any role, you are no longer acting out any role, you are no longer being a woman, you are being a spiritual being who happens to be in a female body.

These are of course subtle topics, esoteric topics, mystical topics, beyond what the average woman on earth is ready to deal with, but in order to give a more full picture of what it means to liberate women, this needs to be expressed. You who are ascended master students, some of you will be able to ponder this, internalize it, live it. Therefore, you can again break new ground in the collective consciousness that over time will enable other women to begin to break free of these roles that have been defined on earth.

Some might say: “Well, aren’t there any roles for women on earth, that are natural, that are okay, that are spiritual, that are not affected by the fallen beings?” The answer is simply: “No.” The fallen beings have manipulated every aspect of life on this planet and there is no role for men or women that is not affected by the fallen beings. There are many spiritual people who have in their minds a certain image, a certain role for what it means to be a spiritual teacher or guru. Those images are also affected by the fallen beings, often in subtle ways that can be very difficult to recognize. This messenger has for years worked on this particular issue, which is why he does not present himself in a certain way. He simply does not want to be trapped in one of these predefined roles for spiritual teachers that exist on this planet. This is very legitimate. Jesus did the same when he was in embodiment, I did the same when I was in embodiment, other spiritual teachers have done the same because the goal of the ascended masters is to help people escape these roles. How could we do this if we, while in embodiment, acted out such a role affected by the fallen beings?

Now, the difficulty is of course that when you do act out as a spiritual teacher of some kind, the students who study your teaching may have a role in their minds and they may project it upon you. What can you do about that? Well, sometimes you can counteract that role, you can expose it, you can challenge it, you can do the opposite of what the students expect. You can also seek to help the students see this, see how unnecessary it is and realize that as you grow towards the 144th level of consciousness, you shed the snakeskin of these predefined roles. Therefore, you do not follow a set pattern for what it means to be a spiritual person, a spiritual teacher, or a christed being. Even ascended master students, especially in previous dispensations, attempted to define a certain role for what it meant to be a Christed being. What would Jesus say to some students who came to him and wanted to project such an image upon him? Well, he would say what he said to Peter: “Get thee behind me, Satan.” What is the role of the Christ? What is the role of the Buddha? What is the role of any person who attains to these higher levels of consciousness? Well, of course it is to demonstrate that there is a way out of these human roles. How can you demonstrate that if you validate a role and image projected upon you by certain people?

Women want a better life

Truly, when I project my awareness into the minds of women on earth, (and I can do this for every woman on earth at the same time, as I am doing now), at first there seems to be so many different situations that women are in. So many different outer situations, so many states of consciousness and psychology. Can you really say anything general about women, or the situation of women on earth? When you experience the differences of their individual minds, can you say anything general? Well, you can say certain things. Women in general want a better life, they want a better life than they are having right now. It does not matter whether they live in one of the poorest circumstances on earth, or whether they live in a mansion somewhere, having servants at their beck and call, they still want a better life. They feel a tension because they know (they do not always know why they know but somewhere within them they know) that the outer circumstances they experience could be better or higher than what they are, they feel that it is not right, that they have not improved.

Why is this so? Because women are attuned to the Mother Flame, to the Mother consciousness. What is the Mother consciousness? It is the consciousness that gives birth to something new. Other masters have said that there is a certain Christ principle that defines the intervals for growth and the process of growth, this upward spiral of growth for an unascended sphere. The Mother is attuned to this but the Mother is also attuned to the practical reality in the physical octave. Therefore, the Mother consciousness knows that there is a certain process, a certain upward spiral for improvements that could have happened on earth in very practical, concrete outer improvements that could have happened on earth. The Mother Flame knows that at this particular time, there was a potential that this particular new circumstance could have been born. It is comparable to knowing that a child could have been born on that day but it was not, it was delayed. The Mother senses this and when the Mother senses this, there is a certain tension: “My child has not been born, therefore I can’t nourish it and see it grow.” Almost all women on earth sense this. Even if many are not consciously aware of what it is they sense, they sense the tension. For many women, this is not a pleasant thing, it is in fact very unpleasant because they feel that something is wrong, something is missing, they are deprived of something, this is unfair, this is unjust, they should not be in these conditions. It gives them a certain (we might say) tense or negative view of life, attitude to life. Sometimes they take it out on their husbands, blaming their husbands for the fact that they do not have better conditions, other times they blame themselves, but there is no reason to really blame. Of course, saying this does not really help the many women who are not aware that I even exist, but it can help some. Some will understand.

What you see is that when you look at women in general, women are not satisfied with status quo. In fact, you could say that from the moment the fallen beings came to earth and chose that men would be the superior sex, and women would be suppressed, from that moment women have not been satisfied with status quo. In many cases, many men have been satisfied with status quo, especially those who are part of the power elite, who have gained this privileged position where they have other people serving them. They do not want to change status quo and that is often why the new has not been born.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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Why the power elite wants to suppress women

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, June 1, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I wish to continue the remarks made by Astrea on sex because there is more to be said about the topic. What you see in the world today is that sex has been turned into something that, if we look at the Fourth Ray of purity associated with the base chakra, we can say that sex has become a very dirty, a very impure activity in many cases. You see perversions of sex, degradations of sex, you see how the entire concept of sexuality has been pulled down to a much lower level than it was a generation or two ago. I am not saying this is purely caused by the sexual revolution, but it should give pause that it has accompanied the sexual revolution. Supposedly, the more free people have become to express their sexuality, the more “dirty” the expression of that sexuality has become and the more abusive it has become, especially towards women.

Why is this? Well, you cannot understand this unless you understand that there are some very narcissistic, self-centered, insensitive beings who are manipulating everything on earth to the extent that they are able to do so—to the extent that they can get human beings or the population to go along with this manipulation or to not be aware of this manipulation. The fallen beings have deliberately done everything they could to pull sex down to, first, being a purely physical activity, then being a lower activity that most people will see as something impure. Many, many people around the world can see that many of the sexual activities that are being promoted out there are impure.

Why has this happened? Well, it has happened for two main reasons: One is actually that the more impure an activity becomes (the more base, the more gross, the more primitive it becomes) the more addictive it can become for at least some people. Of course, the more impure an activity becomes, the more it can force people who engage in the activity to release energy, to release light through that activity. We have said before, for example that one of the most (we might say) efficient ways to force people to release light is through torture, which is obviously a very impure activity. The fallen beings and the collective entities in the emotional realm have absolutely no sensitivity to life, no compunctions about forcing people to release the energy that they need in order to survive and in order to do what they want to do.

The other thing that is part of the entire phenomenon of sexual addiction is that the fallen beings want to detract people from their higher goals in life. The fallen beings want to control the population, and they can do that best if the people are not activating their higher chakras, from the heart chakra and above. These are the chakras that primarily express the higher qualities, what you might call the more spiritual or creative qualities. You have the teaching given by Astrea that you have the seven chakras on a vertical line, and the lowest of the chakras is the base chakra and the energy descends first to the base chakra.

There is actually a reason for this, and it is that the base chakra is not only the center of the sexual function and the sexual organs, but of the life force that is needed to drive the physical body, to keep the physical body alive. When you are in a physical body, you might say that the basic need that you have is to keep the physical body alive because that is the foundation for your spiritual growth. That is why the energy first descends there; it upholds the physical body, upholds the nervous system, upholds the brain. Then, when these basic functions of the physical body are taken care of, the energy that is left over can rise up through the higher chakras, first the heart chakra, then throat, third eye, and crown chakra. As these centers are activated, people become more aware, they become more spiritual, they become more connected, more intuitive, more connected to the whole.

The fallen beings want to stop Christhood

This is what the fallen beings want to prevent because people who are spiritual and who are walking the path to Christhood (which you can only do when all seven chakras are activated) are a threat to the fallen beings. They cannot be controlled by the fallen beings and they might show people a way out of the control. They want to get as many people as possible to concentrate the energy in the base chakra as a diversion so there is not enough energy left over to rise up. When a man is addicted to sex for example and spends most of his attention on sex and his time and energy engaging in sex or fantasizing about it, then this pulls his energy out through the base chakra and there is very little left to rise up to activate the other chakras.

There are of course many agendas that the fallen beings have. You have the entire concept, as Astrea said, that some religions believe that it was sexual activity that caused the fall of man. You have today, where you see sexual activity becoming more and more dirty, and all of this works together to create an attitude that is very much out there in the collective consciousness, but often is unspoken or not written down. You can find it written down in some specifically eastern religions and also in the Christian religion, and it is that sex is contrary to your spiritual growth, is an enemy of your spiritual goals, the limitation of your spiritual growth. You can therefore find the whole ideal that you see outpictured in the Catholic church where priests are not allowed to marry and they, therefore, supposedly should not have sex, which of course you all know is largely a lie. At least some priests do manage to be celibate for a lifetime. You have many eastern religions, gurus, the whole concept of monks and nuns and sages and spiritual people who are living a life of renunciation. They are living as recluses and they are abstaining from sexual activity and many other physical activities.

You have this ideal that has been created that spiritual growth means that you have to not have sex. What is one of the purposes of this? It is to prevent as many people as possible from following the spiritual path so they do not become a threat to the fallen beings. The fallen beings have at the same time sought to inflate the sexual desire of most people, both men and women. People are forced with this choice, they think, between giving up sex, having sex or pursuing the spiritual path. In other words they think they have to give up sex in order to really pursue a spiritual path, so many people do not want to pursue a spiritual path. They either do not know about it or, if they are confronted with it, they do not want to give up sex in order to grow spiritually.

Sex is not inherently anti-spiritual

The first thing I want to address here is that, from a spiritual, ascended master perspective, there is nothing inherently impure or anti-spiritual about sex.  You are in a physical body on earth. One of the activities you can do with this physical body is to have sex. There is, from an ascended master perspective, nothing inherently impure about many bodily activities. Now, this does not mean that I say sex is always pure because, as I have said, sex can become one of the most dirty and debased of human activities, but that goes for any activity. There is nothing inherently impure about it. It is entirely possible to be sexually active and walk the spiritual path, including the path to Christhood or Buddhahood while being sexually active.

Why do you then have this ideal, going far back? Well, partly because of the fallen beings, partly because there is of course a certain reality here. As I have said, there is a certain amount of energy. Dependent on your level of consciousness, there is a certain amount of energy that descends from your I AM Presence into your four lower bodies. In order to make spiritual progress, there has to be some of that energy that rises up to the higher chakras and activates those chakras. The question simply is: How much of the amount of energy that you are receiving at any given time is used in what we might call physical, bodily activities in the physical octave, and how much of it is left over to activate the higher chakras? It is simply not necessary, as Gautama Buddha also discovered after living as an ascetic for six years, to renounce all worldly or physical activities in order to pursue spiritual growth. You have to find a way so that all of the energy you receive from your I AM Presence is not spent on physical activities, so there is something left over to rise to the higher chakras and activate them. This of course means that you have to look at the activities you engage in, and you have to look at how much energy you are spending on these activities and this includes sex.

It is perfectly possible, and in fact, we have said several times that the ideal for the Aquarian Age is not that spiritual people live an ascetic lifestyle, but that you live an active life in society (have a family, have a relationship),  but you are still pursuing spiritual growth. You need to evaluate then that you do not need to refrain from having sex, but obviously you cannot go into the extreme that men, who are addicted to sex are into, of spending most of their time and energy on sexual activity. Then, there is nothing left over. You need to find a more balanced approach to this and this is what you really can do only when you live in a committed relationship with one partner and you are dedicated to fulfilling each others needs, both sexual and otherwise. You can help each other with the physical needs and to deal with these needs, to take care of these needs, in such a way that you both have energy left over to rise up to the other chakras. In other words, this is simply a spiritual reality. It is so to speak the economics of spiritual growth. There has to be a balance between the money coming in and the money going out—basic economic theory.

This is what has then been perverted by the fallen beings into these ideas that sex is an enemy of your spiritual growth, will stop your spiritual growth, or even prevent it entirely, even prevent your salvation, which some believe. We are not saying that you cannot make spiritual growth by renouncing sex. For some people it can be the fastest way to make spiritual growth and they may still want to do it. What we are saying is that for the majority of people in this age and cycle we are in, it is not necessary to do this. You can actually in many cases make faster spiritual growth by living an active life in society, living in a relationship, because this brings out your reactionary patterns so you have a chance to see them.

There are people, both in the past and now, who have lived the life of a recluse where they sit in an isolated, controlled environment and meditate all day. While it can lead to some growth, it will not in many cases lead to the fastest growth because when you are in a controlled environment, what stirs up your reactionary patterns, your separate selves? You can very easily get yourself in a state of mind where you think you are spiritual, you think you are in harmony but it is simply because nothing stirs up your unresolved psychology so you do not see it. You believe you do not even have it. There are people who have sat there for years and decades in a meditative environment and made hardly any progress in that time. That is why an active life is what we recommend for most people in this age. There can be exceptions and you need to follow your intuition on this.

What I wanted to say here is this (just as a conclusion): sex is not in itself an impure activity, it can become a very pure activity. If two partners are dedicated to helping each other grow spiritually, they can purify their sexual desires, they can purify their base chakras, they can protect themselves, cut themselves free from these collective entities. They can resolve their separate selves relating to sex because all of you (all of us who have been in embodiment) will have such separate selves related to sex because of the manipulation that has been going on for so long. Once you do this, you can actually be sexually active in a way that does not detract from your spiritual growth.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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Most men are addicted to sex

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Ascended Master Astrea through Kim Michaels, June 1, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Elohim Astrea, Elohim of the Fourth Ray. The Fourth Ray has often been considered the ray of purity, but we have also given you the teaching that it is the ray of acceleration. It is also said that the masters on the fourth ray are quite direct, quite outspoken and, to use an American expression, we are no-nonsense. What I aim to do in this discourse is give you the no-nonsense view on sex because sex is obviously one of the factors that have been used to suppress and abuse women.

What is the no-nonsense view on sex? Well, here is my starting remark: For over 90% of the men on this planet, sex is an addiction. What then is an addiction? Well, you go out in the world and you see how science has attempted to explain addictions. They have come up with some rather convoluted intellectual explanations, but have they really helped people overcome addictions? Have they allowed societies to stop the rise in addictions that many societies are seeing?

You can look at these, what we have called the more evolved nations, the modern democracies, and you can see that there has been considerable progress in these nations. In many ways you can look at these societies and see that there has been tremendous progress compared to 100 or several hundred years ago. You can also see that there are certain areas where there has not been progress and certain problems even are accelerating. One of these problems is obviously addictions. You go back 100 years and there were far fewer people who were addicted to drugs for example. You can also go back 100 years and see that there were far fewer people who were addicted to sex.

No materialistic explanations for addictions

You must ask yourself, if you are willing to look at this neutrally and with a no-nonsense perspective: Why do these societies see a rise in addictions when they see so much progress in other areas? You can even take the perspective of saying: What has happened in these modern democracies over the last 100 years? Well, in many ways, politically and economically, people have become more free, but is an addiction something that makes people more free? Obviously not. An addiction is something that takes away people’s freedom. Here you have societies that are seeing a rise in people’s political and economic freedom but at the same time, they are seeing a decrease in people’s psychological freedom, even in some ways their physical freedom because an addiction can force people into certain actions that clearly take away their freedom. How do you explain this? Well, you simply cannot explain it if you insist on doing what science has been insisting on doing now for a long time, and that is provide a materialistic explanation for everything.

You can study the body. You can study the brain. You can study the genes and you can try and come up with a gene that is linked to addiction. You can try and come up with certain aspects of brain chemistry that supposedly lead to addiction. You can try and look at hormones or the nervous system or whatever you want, but you will never be able to explain addiction, nor will you ever be able to help people free themselves from addiction. You cannot do this through a materialistic approach. It cannot be done.

We have before used the old story of Zeno’s paradox that shows that you can divide the distance indefinitely into smaller and smaller increments. Scientists know this very well. You can analyze the body from a purely materialistic viewpoint. You can try and find smaller and smaller units in the body or in the molecules and the atoms. You can try and find how these microcosmic elements of the body can explain addictive behavior and you will see that despite this tradition, started by Aristotle, you will never be able to explain macrocosmic phenomena through microcosmic elements. It cannot be done.

Human beings are not objects

A human being is not a collection of cells, molecules, atoms or subatomic particles. Of course, the human body is made up of subatomic particles, atoms, molecules and cells, but the human being is more than a collection of these parts. The whole is more than the sum of the parts because a human being is a being, not a machine, not a device, not an object. How will you explain addictive behavior by only looking at human beings as an object? Well, you cannot. You cannot. In fact, even science and many modern democracies are at the point where a large group of people are very close to breaking through to where they can begin to look at how human beings have been objectified.

Obviously, this relates to the topic of sex and how sex has been used to abuse, limit and trap women. What is it that happens in this process? Well, it is that women are objectified. They become sexual objects but is this the only example of objectification? Of course not. Take another obvious example—soldiers who go to war. They are not looked at as individual people or human beings. They are just objects that can be moved around and sacrificed in order to achieve some supposedly epically important goal of winning a battle or winning a war. What have I said about science when science takes a materialistic approach? What is it doing? Well, when science uses the materialistic approach to investigate anything that relates to human beings, then science is objectifying human beings. There is absolutely no other way to put it. The materialistic approach to science has been and is still objectifying human beings and this is, in the modern democracies, the very foundation for all other areas where human beings are objectified, including the objectification of women as sexual objects.

What is an addiction?

If you cannot explain the addiction to sex through a materialistic approach, how can you explain it? Well, let us first consider what an addiction is. In a certain way, we can start with a more universally acceptable explanation. We can look at the effects of an addiction. What does it do to the person who is addicted? Well, as I said, it takes away that person’s freedom and it does this first of all at the psychological level. The person, let us say it is a man who is addicted to sex, loses his psychological freedom because there is something in his psyche that compels him to have sex. It is not something he freely, neutrally chooses to do. He is compelled to do it by some force that overtakes his conscious will. He cannot choose to say stop. This is the same with alcoholics or drug addicts, they have lost their freedom of will.

This is something that should be a great concern to all modern democracies who take pride in seeing themselves as free societies that give people the greatest possible personal freedom. How can you see the rise in political, economic freedom and at the same time see the rise in this psychological addiction that takes away people’s freedom? This is cognitive dissonance. Why is it that this happens? Well, this is where materialistic science falls short. It comes up against the limitations of the materialistic approach. Yes, you can look at the body. Yes, you can analyze hormones, the nervous system, brain chemistry, genetic material and you may be able to come up with some correlations. There may be certain genes that can be linked to alcohol abuse in the sense that you find that in people who are alcoholics, certain genes are activated, or you find certain states of brain chemistry or certain electromagnetic patterns in the brain. Sure, you can find this, but are those things you discover in the body the cause of addiction or are they just a side effect at the physical level of a deeper cause? Of course, they are just side effects.

What is the teaching we have given you who are ascended master students? Well, we have said that the physical universe is not all there is. The physical octave, the physical level is actually the lowest level of a continuum of energy vibrations. Above the physical is the emotional level. Above that is the mental. Above that is the identity level. A human being is an energy system, and as has been known for thousands of years in the East, you have an energy field around the body. Now, many see that the body produces the energy field, but we have told you this is not the case. The body is actually the lowest vibrating extension of the total energy field of a human being. Energy flows through this energy system from the spiritual realm into the identity body, then into the mental body, then into the emotional body and then into the physical. This means that everything that happens at the physical level is not a cause in and of itself. It is the effect of causes at the emotional, mental and identity level. If you do not understand this very, very basic reality, you cannot explain addiction.

What happens in an addiction is not purely physical. Something happens at the emotional level, the emotional body. It is what happens at the emotional level that overpowers the person’s conscious will. In other words, in an addiction, there is such a surge of a particular form of energy that comes from the emotional body of that person into the conscious mind that it overpowers, it colors the conscious mind and it neutralizes the conscious will. It simply overrides the conscious will, and the person has no power to stop this emotional impulse and it must act upon it.

Now, of course the emotional level is not the highest level of the human energy system, for there is also a mental component and even an identity level component. When you are looking at addiction, it starts at the identity level by the way the person looks at itself and what kind of being it is. It then also has a component at the mental level where it looks at how it relates to the world, what it can do, what it is allowed to do and not do. This then sets the matrix for the production, we might say, of certain energies in the emotional body, which can then overpower the conscious mind at the physical level. Unless you understand this, you cannot explain an addiction.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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Have you had enough of violence against women?

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 31, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. My first point that I want to bring out in this release is that I want to continue, based on what the Ascended Master Liberty said, about the control games between men and women. One of the more insidious and widespread control games is of course that men attempt to control women through money, or rather by denying them money or access to money. You have seen societies where women could not have a job, could not really work, could not earn a living, and therefore were totally dependent on getting married and staying married in order to survive physically. You see many societies today where this is still the case, and it is truly a form of control, a control game, that men are playing. The fallen beings have created these beasts that overpower men’s minds where they somehow think that women should not have money or they are not capable of using money wisely. Therefore, men must keep women away from money and keep money away from women so that the men are in control. In many cases the men are so blinded by this collective beast that they cannot see how illogical it is, how untrue it is. They cannot see that even though they consider this to be necessary, it is simply a control game that they are caught in and, as we said, if you are controlling others, you are controlled yourself.

There are many, many men who even today feel that since they are the one who is primarily earning the money or exclusively earning the money, they should be in control of how it is spent. The fact of the matter is that if men have this attitude and they deliberately keep their women out of the decision making process relating to money, then the men cannot stay in attunement with the flow of life. They cannot therefore multiply the money they are making, and that is why many of these men are living in poverty and will not get out of poverty precisely because they have that attitude. If instead they would give more equal value to their wives so that their wives were involved in the process of making money, then men and women together could add their momentum and this would result in a higher level of abundance for the couple, for the family. Either the man would make more money, get a better job or the woman would get an income and therefore the entire family would be better off financially than they are when men have this attitude of allowing themselves to be caught in this control game of limiting women through money.

It is clear that one of the major aspects of the progress we have seen in the more developed nations is that women have been able to get an education, women have been able to get jobs, to get reasonably paid jobs, and to get equal pay with men in the jobs that they do get. This is an extremely important development in terms of giving women more independence, more freedom and the ability to remove themselves from an abusive relationship because they can survive financially.

We have great compassion for the many women around the world who feel trapped in an abusive relationship but they know they cannot get out of that relationship because they could not survive themselves or they could not keep their children alive if they were not in that relationship. They endure the abuse but it has profound effects on the soul of these women and it really sets the stage for them going into a downward spiral where often they come into their next embodiment being at a lower level of consciousness, perhaps again attracting an abusive relationship or another abusive situation. Even if they come in as men in their next embodiment, they are still in that downward spiral of feeling they are not worthy to have money, not worthy to earn money, and therefore they subconsciously push abundance away from them. It is very important for you to keep the vision, to make the calls that women throughout the world will be cut free from this financial dependence on men. You can call for the binding of these beasts behind these control games, for the binding of these beasts that want to keep money away from women and keep women dependent on men for the money they need in order to survive.

Do you know where your clothes is made?

Now again, there is this possibility that you can call so that women in the West will wake up, women in the affluent nations will wake up, and they will take a hard look at their clothes-buying habits. They will say: “When I look at the clothes in my closet, do I actually know where it was made?” Most of the clothes you have in your closet were probably made by women who work in garment factories, but do you know in which nation it was made, and do you know under which conditions these women worked? Do you know what pay they were given? Was it just a very low income that allowed them barely to survive, and was it so that the factory was owned by men and that men were skimming off the majority of the profit? Is it so that the store where you bought the clothes is owned by men, or a corporation owned by men? Is it so that the importers, the middle men, are also men who are making money? When you see the price that you pay in the store in a modern country and you see what a particular woman made from making that particular dress, you can see there is a huge gap between the two, and the woman who did the actual work got almost nothing out of it.

Well again, you can look at this and say: “Is this a sustainable situation?” Could there not spring up, and of course there can, a movement of women in affluent nations who express solidarity with their sisters in less affluent nations, and who demand to know: “Where are my clothes made? You who are owning a particular store, or a chain of stores, where is the clothes made you are selling for women? Who made it? Was it made by women? What were they paid relative to the price that I pay in the store? What were they paid relative to the cost of living in their countries? What conditions were they working under? Were they working in these sweatshops or in unsafe conditions around the world? If that is the case, I will not buy in your store. We, as a force of women, will boycott the stores that are not open and forward about where the clothes are made and under which conditions these women are working.”

This could then promote a movement where these factories were forced to change, even give women better pay. You could even see the springing up of factories owned and run by women, as a cooperative, not as this traditional one owner or one corporation skimming off all the profits, but where there was a shared ownership where women shared in the income of the business, those who did the work. This is some of the potentials that you see whereby women in the Western world could put political pressure on not only companies but even nations where entire nations could be forced to change. For example, the nation of Bangladesh where there is an extensive garment industry, but the same in China, Vietnam and other nations, they would be forced to take a look at this and say: “We cannot continue to sell our products in the modern nations unless we give the women working in the garment industry reasonable working conditions and reasonable pay, and therefore we must make sure that this happens.”

In other words what you have today, is you have an entire clothing industry, garment industry, that is driven by profit and you have a large population of women in the affluent nations who are buying clothes and often buying more clothes than they need, but they look often at price, they look for the cheapest possible clothes that they can find and they do not care where it is made and under which conditions. This could change so that you saw a shift where women go for quality, they do not buy more than they need, and they have concerns about the conditions under which the clothes was made and they will not support this exploitation of women. It truly is an exploitation of women and an abuse of women and a violence against women that is going on in the garment industry, in other industries as well. Therefore, it can spread from there to other industries where women in the affluent nations, they are willing of course to support businesses in the less affluent nations that give work to women, but they demand that women get reasonable conditions and reasonable pay.

Explaining violence against women

Now, my next agenda here is to talk about a slightly different topic. We have talked about violence against women. Goddess of Liberty, the Ascended Master Liberty, talked about the control games where women are being controlled by men. There are many of these control games where men are using violence to control women, but when you look at women’s situations, when you look at what women are exposed to around the planet, you cannot explain all violence against women by control games. Some violence is driven by control games where men are simply using violence as a way to control the women in their lives, but not all violence can be explained by this.

What needs to happen, what you can make the calls for, is that women in the more developed nations, women who are liberated to the greatest possible degree, will start using their freedom to consider the issue of violence against women. It may not be such a big problem in their own countries, but again you need to show this solidarity and look at women in other countries and the violence against women there. Even in the most developed nations, there is some violence against women that cannot be explained by control games. Women can come to look at this and they can look at some of the worst instances of violence against women and they can see that when men rape women, you cannot explain this in most cases as a control game. There is, when you look at a man or even a group of men who are raping a woman, there is more to it.

What can you see if you look at these situations? I know that most women do not want to look at this, but nevertheless it is necessary that you look at this in order to improve conditions. You cannot improve conditions without being willing to look at a problem. When you look at men who are raping women, the first thing you can see is that there is more to this than just sexual desire, it is not just a matter of fulfilling some sexual desire. There is an anger, there is even a stronger feeling of a hatred that is directed against women.

You can look at men that are beating up women, and in some cases beating them up so much that they either die or have permanent damage as a result. Some women have been exposed to this, but many women of course have not experienced it directly. If you could look into the eyes of a man who is beating up a woman beyond any kind of rational explanation, you need to look for an irrational explanation. If you could look in the man’s eyes, you would see this anger, this hatred directed against the woman. There may be some men that are using violence, that are beating up women, because they want to punish the women for some reason. An aspect of control games is that you want to punish those that will not allow themselves to be controlled and so you have this desire for punishment, but violence against women cannot be explained by punishment either. There is an anger, there is a hatred. This goes in many other situations where women are abused in various ways.

If you go to a Muslim country where you have these fundamentalist Muslim preachers or imams who are promoting this Sharia Law and who are supporting the suppression of women, the limitation of women, if you could get them to talk openly and freely about their attitude to women, about why they support this suppression of women, you would also see in their eyes something that cannot be explained rationally. There is that anger, there is that hatred that is shining through them. I say it is shining through them because the question really is: Does it come from the man or has the man been taken over by it?

Here is where we first will see that in many cases, it does not actually come from the man. It comes because the man has had his mind, the four levels of his mind (his physical, emotional, mental and identity body) taken over by a collective entity. That collective entity is created over a very long time, and it is an entity of anger against women. There is another one of hatred against women and there are other entities that I will talk about later. There are these collective entities of anger directed against women, hatred against women and they can take over men’s minds when they are weak. When men are weak, it means that they have gotten themselves into a frustrated state of mind. They feel they are living under deep pressure, they are insecure, they are uncertain about their future. They feel this enormous pressure upon them and they are overwhelmed by this, and in order to get some kind of relief, they need to take out their anger against someone and who is closer than their wives? They get taken over by this anger entity and they direct the anger against their wives and for a brief period of time they may feel empowered by having taken their anger out. Of course, it does not last very long where they then go even deeper, often start self-loathing and now they are feeling even more frustrated, even more disempowered, even more under pressure and then, even though they had a certain release, the pressure starts building and the cycle repeats all over again.

Of course you can make the calls for the binding and the consuming of these collective entities, for men to be cut free from them, and for women to be cut free from the collective entities that overpower women’s minds so that they actually endure this kind of violence. In many cases the reason they endure it, as I said, is they have nowhere to go financially because they cannot sustain themselves and their children without the money coming from their husbands. Still, there is more to it than that.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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Overcoming the control games between men and women

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Ascended Master Goddess of Liberty through Kim Michaels, May 31, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Liberty. My contribution to this important topic of the liberation of women is to go into what it is that the fallen beings have used to take away the liberty of both men and women. Now, as other masters have talked about, when you go into duality, there are always two polarities and they always oppose each other. This creates an inherent, an inevitable, an unavoidable tension between the two. What does this tension lead to? Well, it is not possible that one dualistic polarity can destroy the opposite dualistic polarity because they were created at the same time. It is possible on a planet like earth, with the density of the collective consciousness and the individual consciousness, that one dualistic polarity can overpower the other polarity on a temporary basis.

What does this mean? This means that there is a constant struggle between dualistic polarities, and this is what we might call the essence of what some psychologists have called control games. In other words, there is a struggle for who is in control, who is the stronger, who is the dominant of the two dualistic polarities.

A classical example of dualistic polarities at the overall political level is capitalism and communism, and you saw that the Cold War was essentially a control game, a struggle between the two about who would be in control, who would be in control of the world. In this case none of the two attained control, there came to be a certain status quo, a certain cease-fire between them. This is what can happen in control games also. Instead of one polarity dominating the other, the two find a certain, we might say equilibrium, where they accept the position of each other, but there is still a constant tension, a constant attempt to gain the upper hand, to undermine the other one, to take over the other one, and therefore they need to constantly be engaged in this struggle.

The oldest control game on earth

You see many times (at this overall political level, or the world level) that there is this struggle for control. You have seen this so many times in history. For example, again you saw that the Catholic church from its inception, from its creation by Constantine, was an element or a force for attaining and achieving control over society. It eventually attracted another polarity, namely Islam, and this led to the Crusades and a fight between the two. You can say that there certainly still is a tension between Christian and Muslim religions today. You can see the same between individual nations where so many nations, throughout the world, have been locked in this struggle between each other. Sometimes two nations can have been in a struggle with each other for a long time, other times it shifts and various nations join in this, what we might call the political control game.

You see in the area of the economy for example where in the 1800s in the United States, there emerged these capitalists that gained more and more money, more and more power, and that eventually gave rise to this idea that the only way to really make money was to have a monopoly. They became the forerunners of monopoly capitalism, but there was always more than one that was attempting to gain control, and so there was the inevitable control game between them.

However, what is the oldest control game that you see on earth? What is in a sense the most basic control game that you see on earth? Well, is it not precisely the control game between men and women? You can look at history and you can look at so many societies, and although you may say that these societies were clearly patriarchal societies or male-dominated societies where men had the upper hand, men had the majority of the power under control, can you really say that this meant that there was no control from the side of women? You see that in many cases, even though men in some ways had the upper hand, there was still a control game being played by women as well. There was a certain status quo that had been achieved in many societies where men had attained a certain privileged position, women were in a secondary position, but both of them had in a sense accepted the parameters for their roles, and within those parameters, they were still fighting for control in a certain way.

Now, what you realize here is that the fallen beings selected men, defined men, to be the superior sex and therefore they projected out into the collective consciousness that men should be in control. Men should be in control of society, men should be in control of the family, men should be in control of the relationship with women. This is a projection that goes way back to when the fallen beings first defined men and women as dualistic polarities that were in a struggle for dominance and control. There has been this projection for a long time, and there is this huge collective beast that has been built in the collective consciousness that men should be in control.

Now, naturally, there has been created a reaction against this from women who do not want to be in control. There are societies where women have been in control, and there has been a certain collective beast created also that says that women should take away the control of men. There is a much larger collective beast that has caused women to actually accept that men are in control of certain aspects of society or life. Yet this beast has also projected that women should seek to attain control in the areas where they can attain control. This has maintained then a perpetual, ongoing struggle between men and women to attain control within whatever parameters were defined in their culture and society.

Control games between men and women

As an example, we have many societies where men are the ones who are the outgoing, who are going away to work, to make money. They are the ones who are ultimately in control of where the family should live so that he can be close to his job, and he may make overall decisions like what house to buy and where to live. When it comes to the household and the raising of the children, then the woman is in control of that area. Women have accepted that the men have a certain level of control, but when it comes to the home and the relationship, they are constantly attempting to gain more and more control. There is this perpetual control game going on in the world.

Now, of course you see (when you look at the world, when you look at history) a certain shifting scenario where from time to time societies will emerge where men have more control over women, and then there are other times where they have less control. You even see a few examples of societies where women had more control than men. Generally, you see a tendency in recent centuries that, at least in the modern democracies, these societies are actually moving towards a state where there is not as strong of a control game between men and women. In other words, both men and women in these modern democracies are becoming increasingly liberated from the control games, and therefore they become free to find a new way to relate to each other as men and women. I am not saying this process is complete, but it is certainly well begun.

Now, if you look back or if you look at the psychology here, the essence of these control games, it ties in of course with what we have said before that the fallen beings have created such uncertainty and chaos on earth where people can never know what might happen to them. As you see from Maslow’s pyramid of needs, at the lower levels people’s needs are fear-based. Because they have a fear of what might happen in the future, they also have a need to establish a sense that they are in control of their lives. They do this in various ways, but basically we can say that they are playing a constant control game of trying to gain some psychological sense that they are in control of their situation. There are at least certain things that they can rely on, they can know how they work.

You might think that the fallen ones would be content to create this division between men and women, to project that men are the superior sex, that men therefore should be in control, and then just allow this to outplay itself, but the fallen beings are not content with this. They are in a sense also caught in a control game because they have more fear than anybody else on earth. The original inhabitants or the avatars that have come to earth have far less fear than the fallen beings. We could say that even beyond this basic control game of men and women, there is the control game that is being outplayed in the minds of the fallen beings so they are constantly seeking control. Of course, if there was only one fallen being on earth, that fallen being might attain some state of being in control, but naturally, fallen beings come in pairs, as everything else in duality and so there is always more than one and they are in a rivalry, they are opposing each other.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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Can women be fully liberated?

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Ascended Master Maraytaii through Kim Michaels, May 31, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Maraytaii. I hold the spiritual office of the Cosmic Mother. This is an office that is very much in line with the Office of Mother Mary, the Office of the Divine Mother. Only, whereas Mother Mary holds the office specifically for earth, I hold it at a higher level for a larger sphere than just one planet. How large is not necessary for you to know, but it is quite large. It is not confined to merely one galaxy. I have a quite broad, a quite wide, perspective compared to the perspective you have when you are in embodiment on a dense planet like earth. Naturally, in what you might call my daily activities (if there is such a thing at the cosmic level where there is no day or night) I am not attuned particularly with planet earth and with the situation of women on planet earth. I can of course do so and I am doing so now as I am anchoring my Presence here for the giving of this dictation.

When I attune my Being to the situation of so many women around the earth who are severely limited by various conditions, naturally my heart overflows with compassion. I feel a great and deep compassion for the fact that so many spiritual beings are trapped in these very limiting, very difficult, very painful situations that you see so many women on this planet being trapped in. Naturally, I also see beyond, I see what you really are, that you are not women, you are spiritual beings. Nevertheless, that does not particularly help the many women, who are in these difficult situations.

The dispensation of the Comforting Presence

What then can potentially help? Well, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and myself have taken up counsel and we have decided to give a tool, a dispensation if you will, where we will all three anchor a certain portion of our Presences, our Beings in the earth, in the collective consciousness at the four levels of the earth. The purpose of this is to give women an opportunity to tune in to the Flame of Mother Mary, the Flame of Kuan Yin, if they are more identified in the East, or the flame or myself, which is beyond any divisions on earth and therefore as neutral as anything can be on a planet where nothing is neutral. The purpose for this is to give all women, whether they are consciously aware of it or not (but they might still sense it intuitively) an opportunity to experience a comforting presence.

When you look at the situation of many women, you see that they are often in the role of being the comforter. They comfort their own children of course when they are hurt, when they are feeling bad, when they are upset, but they also comfort sometimes the bigger children of their own husbands. Or they comfort their parents who sometimes go back to an almost childlike state in their older age. You see that many women have by various circumstances been forced to become mothers at a very early age, perhaps even in their teenage years, perhaps before they were emotionally ready to become mothers. Of course, we might ask if anybody is ever emotionally ready to become a mother, but still, at the younger age you have children, the less you are likely to be ready for this. So many women have at an early age been thrust into a situation where they now have to be the comforter of their children, of their husbands and so forth. This raises the question: “Who comforts the comforter?” Where can these women go when they need to be comforted, when they are overwhelmed by their daily lives, by their responsibility, by the chaos they experience around them, by the oppression or abuse they are exposed to? Where do they go for comfort, whether they are mothers or not, where do women go for comfort?

You will know that many women have scarcely experienced comfort even in their childhoods. So many women grow up in societies where they are, as girls, considered worthless. They do not always receive the comfort or the attention from their own mothers because their own mothers never received it, and how can you give to your own daughter what you have never received yourself—when you do not even know what it is? Well, some women can because they have matured in previous embodiments and now they are still able to give comfort, but many women cannot because they have never experienced it and they do not even know how to give it. One of the enduring questions on earth is: How can you give what you have not received? Once the fallen beings have managed to create a culture where for example comfort is not given, how can the people in that culture then give it?

Our purpose is to anchor our Presences so that through the Presence of Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, the greater momentum of me and my office as the Cosmic Mother can be released on earth and can therefore serve as an opportunity for women to feel comfort when there is no comfort to be found at the physical level of planet earth. Some women will be able to tune in to our Presences, many will not. Those of you who are aware of our Presences, I hope you will be able and willing to tune in, to use us in whatever way you can. Some of you will be able to just tune in to our Presences, at least after you have worked on gaining this attunement. Others may need to give a decree, to listen to one of our dictations, to read one of our dictations, to give an invocation or maybe just set aside some time and tune in. You may even just do a simple thing, such as memorize a simple verse from my decree:

O Cosmic Mother, I love you,
your love song keeps me ever true.
You fill me with your sacred tone,
and thus I never feel alone. 

Four lines. Anyone can memorize this and you may give it aloud or silently whenever you feel that you are alone and that you need comfort, and I will be there. I will manifest my Presence where you give it. Truly, all three of us would desire all women on earth to experience that Flame of Comfort. When I say comfort, this might be what people on earth would experience but in reality it is the love of the Divine Mother, which is, as we have for want of a better word called “unconditional” but really it is beyond the conditions that you normally associate with love on earth. What we desire all women to know, to experience, to accept is that you are loved for who you are. There are beings who are not in the physical realm on earth but who are nevertheless very real, and we love you for who you are. We have no conditions in that love. We accept you for who you are regardless of how you may see yourself. You may think you are not worthy of love but it is only your thinking that prevents you from experiencing the love that would actually consume all of that sense of unworthiness.

What women need to be liberated from

You see, this is the central dilemma on earth and it ties in with what other masters have said about the Christ. Christ is the universal liberator, but the thing is, what is it people need to be liberated from? They need to be liberated from the mind of anti-christ. What is the mind of anti-christ? It is the mind that defines conditions. What is the mind of Christ? It is the mind that is beyond all conditions that could be defined in duality. Once you are trapped in duality, in the mind of anti-christ, you think that in order to experience Christ, you must live up to certain conditions. Now, if you could experience Christ for a moment, that experience would change your perspective. It would awaken you from the lie that you need to live up to certain conditions in order to be worthy to receive anything from the spiritual realm. The Christ mind, the Christ experience, the Christ vibration can consume your conditions, but only if you receive it and you cannot receive it as long as you hold on to the conditions. For it is only the conditions that you have defined in your own mind (that you have taken into your own mind after they were defined by the fallen beings), it is only those conditions that prevent you from experiencing the unconditional. How can you overcome those conditions? Well, many can only overcome it through the School of Hard Knocks but it is of course our hope that many women will be able and willing to tune in to our unconditional Presence, our unconditional love and comfort, our unconditional acceptance and thereby let go of this conditionality.

The theme for this conference is the liberation of women. Is it actually possible to liberate women? As we have said before, the answer to that question is yes and no. We must recognize that liberation has two aspects; we might call it an alpha and an omega. The omega aspect of liberation is that you are oppressed by something and therefore you need to be liberated from something—liberated from what limits you. This is one aspect of liberation but it is not the full aspect of liberation. Let us take a woman who has grown up in one of these societies where women are put down, considered worthless, and where all of these restrictions are put upon women. Let us now say that we took such a woman and we transported her to a modern democracy and we said: “Here, now you are completely liberated from all of the circumstances and conditions in which you grew up.” How would she then react? How would she deal with this new freedom? Well, in many cases such women would not be able to deal with the new freedom, they would not be able to know what to do with it because they have defined themselves, they have identified themselves, based on the cultural attitude to women so they cannot instantly make that jump from being so limited to being completely liberated.

Liberating someone from oppression can, as has been proven by history, sometimes leave them in a vacuum, in a chaotic state, in a state of confusion where they do not know what to do with themselves—they do not know what to do with their lives. The alpha aspect of liberation is the liberation to—the liberation to a higher awareness, a higher sense of self. How can this Alpha aspect of liberation be fulfilled? It is what we have talked about—there needs to be an awakening of women to a universal set of ideas that just living life, as comfortable as it may be in the modern democracies, is not enough in itself. Life must have a purpose. There must be a direction, and what is the most universal aspect? It is self-actualization, self-improvement and personal growth. Beyond that, the more spiritual, mystical aspects of raising your consciousness to a distinctly higher level.

How do you raise your consciousness to a higher level? There are many mystical paths, many mystical teachings, many gurus throughout the ages who have promoted a mystical path but what is the essence of this mystical path? It is that you shift your sense of identity and how do you shift your sense of identity? As Jesus explained, by letting a separate, dualistic self, die. This is how you shift your sense of identity. It may not be that much (of a shift) by letting one self, die. Many people can actually do this without even noticing it, without realizing what they are doing. Nevertheless, this is the essence of the mystical path. It is really not that mystical, nor is it that particularly glamorous. Many spiritual students want it to be some glamorous path that gives them a certain status, or perhaps some mystical path that is difficult to understand and therefore they can feel superior because they have grasped some kind of teaching. Have they really grasped the universal aspect of what the path is all about?

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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Christianity was not meant to suppress women

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, May 31, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I have several things on my agenda for this release. First of all, I want to make as strong and direct of a contribution as I can possibly make to changing the abhorrent fact that the religion that claims to represent me on earth has been one of the strongest forces in recent history for the suppression of women. Let me make it very, very clear that it was never – ever – my intention to create a religious or spiritual movement that would suppress women.

I was, when I walked the earth 2,000 years ago, quite aware that any spiritual teaching that can be given on a dark planet like earth must be given in context, and the context is of course the collective consciousness. I was also aware that I had deliberately chosen to descend to the Middle East. Now, as I have said before, I did not take embodiment in the Middle East because it was a high spiritual region. It was not that there is anything particularly spiritual about the Middle East or the energies there. It is not, as many Christians call it, a holy land. I descended to the Middle East because it was, and unfortunately is, one of the darkest areas on earth. It has one of the lowest levels of energy, one of the lowest states of the collective consciousness. This was the case back then and it is still the case today.

Jesus’ teachings were given in context

I came there for various reasons, partly because I came to bring the judgment of certain fallen beings, for which they needed to kill my physical body in order to receive that judgment. Therefore, I needed to embody where they were in embodiment. Also, I came to bring the judgment of the people and the consciousness in the Middle East and give them an opportunity to come up higher. Another reason was that if I could somehow manage to change the most dense people on earth, then there was a good chance of changing others as well.

You see here that the first illusion that needs to be shattered about Christianity is that I came to the Middle East because it was a holy place. The Middle East was back then in a very low state of the collective consciousness. What needs to be understood by recognizing this is that this set some limitations for the teachings that I could give at the time. I needed to give those teachings in context and therefore, I could not give a teaching at the time that would directly and openly challenge a male-dominated society because the people in the Middle East were not ready for this.

What I could do and what I did was that I demonstrated, through my actions and through the community that sprang up around me, that I treated women and men equally. I treated women and men with an equal potential to grow spiritually. I know that this can be difficult to ascertain from the scriptures, even from the New Testament where you for example see that I had only male disciples according to the scriptures. This is according to the scriptures, not according to reality. I had, first of all, more than 12 disciples and many of them were women. There was a just about equal proportion between men and women among those that I would call my direct disciples, meaning people who interacted with me.

Now, there are many misunderstandings that have crept in because of this unfortunate fact that the scriptures have written down a distorted view of my mission and my actions. One of the most insidious distortions is of course that there must be some difference between men and women, since Christ only had male disciples. Yeah, there were certain women that were obviously always around and maybe they were even the first to realize that Jesus had been resurrected and left the grave, but still, they are not really that important. What was important was the male disciples and of course primarily among them, Peter, who is said to have been the first pope (even though I do not recall ever using the terminology of a pope and anointing him as the Pope). Then Paul, who wrote down his various epistles. You see that this distortion begins right at the Christian scriptures. They did not give an accurate portrayal of my actual actions and my relationship with women, the way I treated women and they do not portray that I actually had female disciples.

What you see here is that from the very beginning, when the scriptures were written down and later when those particular scriptures were selected to be part of the official canon, a distortion was created. This was created because as soon as I had left embodiment, the equal relationship that I had attempted to create between men and women was very quickly abandoned or lost. There were certain groups that maintained this for some time after my departure, but some of them did not even retain it from the very start. For example, this applies to any movement led by Peter, who could not overcome his male chauvinist mindset (to be honest) and certain other groups as well. There was such a strong, patriarchal, male-dominant mentality in the Middle East that had been there for so long, that many of the early followers of Christ could not overcome it. They soon started to create various groups and sects that went right back to relegating women to a secondary role.

You are not inherently male or female

This was of course because the Old Testament had created, as Archangel Michael explained, this fundamental divide between men and women, making women responsible for the fall of man. You realize of course that you can create various polarities, as Archangel Michael said, between masculine and feminine. You can say the I AM Presence is the masculine aspect of your being, the soul or the Conscious You is the feminine polarity and therefore it was the Conscious You or the soul, whatever you choose to call it, that fell, that ate the forbidden fruit and went into duality. This happened whether you were in a male or female body. You can also look at it in a slightly different aspect where you can actually say that, as we have explained, when you were exposed to various traumatic situations (for example in the first embodiment where you encountered the fallen beings), you created certain selves and those selves may have, depending on whether you were in a male or female body at the time, a certain male or female orientation. You realize, I hope, that this was based again on context. You need to go back and say: Perhaps a very, very long time ago, I was embodied in my first embodiment and I received my cosmic birth trauma and at that time I was in a female body and therefore, I created certain separate selves that have a female coloring, a female overlay. This may be the case, but you need to recognize that these selves were created based on the culture in which you first embodied and how women’s roles were defined at that time. I can assure you that even if you take the time-frame we give in the My Lives book, that some avatars came to earth 2 million years ago, the fallen beings had already then distorted the view of women and created these dualistic roles for men and women.

What I am saying here is this. The female role is not something that you can look at as a universal thing. We have said before that God did not create men and women with a fundamental difference. Evolution has not brought forth men and women with a fundamental difference except of course at the physical body and the level of hormones and the functions of the physical body in terms of childbirth. There is on a spiritual level, no fundamental difference between men and women. You need to recognize here that even if you have certain selves that were created a long time ago, they are not based on some spiritual, universal definition that this is the way women are. They are based on the cultural context that was influenced by the fallen beings and their attempt to make men the dominant sex and women the inferior sex, in order to create that fundamental division and that fundamental conflict on earth.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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Women are not to blame for the fall of man

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael through Kim Michaels, May 31, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Archangel Michael and I come to offer my assistance to all women on this planet who desire to be liberated and who are willing to do something to become liberated. Therefore, they are willing to break the spell that has been cast upon women by the fallen beings, by men, by the collective consciousness, by societies, by institutions, by religions, political parties, whatever you have.

You may think of me as a male master, but at the level of an archangel the normal concepts of male and female that you have on earth do not apply. I am completely beyond all of this. I am a universal being and if it may help you to think of me as having certain qualities, then fine. For many people, it actually does not help you to think of me as having male qualities. It would be more constructive to see me as a universal being. I am beyond anything on earth, which is precisely why I can serve to bind the fallen beings on earth who are otherwise masters of drawing people into some relative dualistic reaction. I am beyond all relativity, all duality and that is why the fallen beings cannot draw me into any kind of reaction to them, which is precisely why I can serve to bind them anytime there is a call for it from earth.

Naturally, I am not in embodiment. Therefore, I cannot just go in and do whatever I desire to do on planet earth, even though I could very, very quickly, in fact in the blink of an eye, remove all fallen beings from earth. This is the power I have as an archangel of the First Ray. There is no power on earth that can stand against it precisely because any power on earth is dualistic and my power is not dualistic. Therefore, my power is the power of the entire universe because I am one with the greater whole, with the oneness of the universe, with the one Creator. That oneness can of course not be moved by any force that is divided. There is nothing that is divided that could possibly move oneness.

Divisions can move within oneness in an unascended sphere because that is allowed for the outplaying of free will. Divisions can move within oneness, but cannot move oneness. They can move within oneness when a sphere is set apart as an unascended sphere where free will is allowed to outplay itself, in the sense that beings can use their free will to ignore that they are part of the whole and start acting as separate beings. This is precisely what the fallen beings have done. This is what they have perpetrated on earth so that you have created this most basic illusion on earth, which is that men and women are separate beings.

Men and women are not separate beings

You have this very, very fundamental division that men and women are different. Out of this fundamental division springs all of the persecution, suppression of women. I know very well that when you are in embodiment on a planet like earth, it is difficult to look beyond the fact that your physical bodies are different. It is difficult to look beyond that, but you need to recognize that the fallen beings have taken the differences of the physical body and projected those differences upon you, as souls, as spiritual beings. They have projected that there is a difference between men and women. Of course, they have used religions to project, as we have explained, the idea that men are created differently by God, or even what you see in Genesis where God first created Adam and then, almost as an afterthought, he created Eve. Oh, yeah, Adam feels alone. We need to give him someone who can be there with him, and by the way, be his servant and fulfill his needs. So, we create woman as well.

What did we explain to you? All of creation is based on two forces: the expanding, the contracting. You cannot create anything without both of them. When you are not in duality, they are not separated. There is not one that comes first and one that comes later. The expanding force did not come before the contracting, they were created at the same time. They are created in a polarity. It is not a dualistic polarity. It is a creative polarity, but nevertheless, they are created at the same time.

You could not physically create man first and then create woman. It cannot be done. It is simply a product of the lower state of consciousness that people had at the time when Genesis was given to the people in the Middle East. This of course raises the question again: Who gave Genesis to the Jews or the forefathers of what you call the Jews today? Well, it was not the Almighty God who created the heaven and the earth. It was not the Creator itself. It was the fallen beings who gave Genesis and who gave certain statements in Genesis precisely to, right there at the very beginning, set men and women apart in a fundamental way that allowed them to then elevate men as the primary creation and women to a secondary, servant role.

Then, of course comes what is also built into Genesis and the story of the Garden of Eden where it was Eve who was tempted to eat that forbidden fruit. Well, my beloved, this is again a deliberate, malicious, aggressive lie of the fallen beings in order to create this fundamental, irreconcilable divide between men and women. Truly, there is no reality to it whatsoever. We have before said that there can be a certain symbolic value. We have in previous dispensations said for example that you can set up various polarities where you can say that the I AM Presence is the masculine aspect of your being and the soul is the feminine, and it was the soul that was tempted to go into duality, which is the forbidden fruit. It is not forbidden because it is an aspect of free will, but again this is how the fallen beings decided to portray it because it fits in with their overall agenda. It creates tremendous confusion.

Resistance from the male-dominated religions

How many Christians, Jews, Muslims have read the story of Genesis and been confused? Why did God put the fruit in the garden if he did not want them to eat it? Why put a fruit there and then say it is forbidden? Why did he say that if you eat of the fruit, you will surely die, but the serpent said: “You will not surely die” and they ate the fruit and they did not die? So who was right? Was God wrong and the serpent was right? Well, of course that is exactly what the fallen beings want you to believe—that they know better than God. That is what they have made many people believe. They have made many people act upon this even if they do not consciously believe it. They think the ideas that the fallen beings have put out on earth are more true than the ideas that come from the spiritual realm, from the ascended masters. You will see, when you look at planet earth today, how there is an incredible resistance to the ideas we are giving you at this conference and of course many of the other teachings we have given you over the years. There is an incredible resistance to this.

You take the three monotheistic religions who are all based on the Torah or the Old Testament, who all in some form recognize or acknowledge the story of Genesis as the creation story, and you will see that they are all discriminating against and putting down women. They are doing it precisely because they are still upholding this very old account of creation, even though the consciousness has moved on so far from what it was when Genesis was released. There are of course, as with everything else in the world, various estimates of when Genesis was released, but I can tell you that it actually goes far back beyond recorded history. You see that even if you take the normal time frame, and say that a few thousand years ago there was this tribe in the Middle East who received this teaching, look at how much society has moved on in those few thousand years. Look at the incredible changes that have happened in people’s knowledge, in technology, in the development of society, the emergence of democracies and all of this. What sense does it make that there are so many billions of people on earth who are holding on to this ancient account and think that this must have been released by this superior God, and therefore it must be an infallible revelation that should stand for all time? It makes no sense whatsoever. Of course, many people, men and women alike, have started to realize this, which is why they are leaving these monotheistic religions behind. They realize that they have virtually nothing of value to say about the situation they face in a modern world, in a modern society.

My beloved, cycles change. Everything on earth evolves in cycles. This is something that you can even observe. You do not even need to look at the precession of the equinoxes, but you can just look at earth. There are seasons, but beyond the seasons of the year, there are cycles, there are cycles in society, there are cycles in the collective consciousness where people have been under a certain illusion, and after a time they begin to free themselves from it, and all of a sudden there is progress. There are new inventions, new ideas that are released.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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No woman is free until all women are free

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, May 30, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and I wish to continue what has been said by other masters and build upon this by giving you some thoughts about how the fallen beings have managed to take away the freedom of both men and women. Now, as we have explained, the fallen beings took the basic creative forces, the expanding and the contracting forces, and turned them into dualistic polarities. They perverted them because once you have turned something into a dualistic polarity, you can pervert it beyond what it originally was.

Let us look at the expanding force first. How have the fallen beings perverted it? Well, the expanding force wants to expand. Now, as we have said, there is no point in expansion because the purpose of using the expanding force is to create some form that is sustainable for a time. If there was only expansion and nothing balancing expansion, no form would be created, no form could be upheld. You may have some form created for a fleeting moment, but then it will be gone or transformed into another form the next moment. What the fallen beings have done is they have taken this drive to create, this drive to expand, and they have perverted it by saying that there should be no rules and no restrictions to what you can do with your free will. If you really have free will, you should be able to do anything you want. Therefore, there should be no rules, no restrictions, no consequences and no repercussions for anything that the fallen beings do.

Rebellion against the mechanics of the universe

We have explained to you that there was a point where certain beings in an unascended sphere had refused to transcend their state of consciousness so that they were not ready to ascend when the rest of the sphere was ready to ascend. These beings (who had not yet fallen) had set themselves up on certain planets as having a very high degree of power. When they were confronted by the ascended masters with the need to transcend their mindset and ascend with the rest of their sphere, they rebelled against this. They refused to let go of this mindset because they thought that if they really had free will, they should be allowed to do anything they wanted for as long as they wanted, and there should be no ascended master who could come in and upset the apple cart and disturb their sense that they had all power on their particular planet. When they were confronted by the ascended masters and they realized that they did not have all power, and that free will does not mean you can do anything you want for as long as you want, and that there are consequences for what you do, then they rebelled against this. They refused to transcend themselves and therefore they fell into the next sphere that was created.

We have said before that the fact that your choices have consequences is not a restriction of your free will. As we have explained, you live in a world of form that was created with a certain matrix, a certain Christ matrix, a certain density of matter and energy.  You start out as a co-creator who is creating within that matrix. Once you ascend, you can keep rising until you can define your own matrix. You start out as a co-creator, and as a co-creator you have free will, but you do not have what you might call an unrestricted free will. Because you are co-creating within the parameters defined by those who are above you, those who are ascended beings and who are one with the whole and therefore will not set parameters that will damage some beings and elevate others to a privileged position. We have also said that if you did not see a consequence of your choices, how would you know you have made a choice?

The purpose of being a co-creator is not to create a particular creation and stay with that indefinitely. The purpose of being a co-creator is to create something and when you experience what you have created, you have the opportunity to transcend the consciousness from which you created it so you can move forward. That is the purpose of life and that is what the vast majority of beings in an unascended sphere are engaged in. Now, the fallen beings refused to transcend the consciousness through which they had created these privileged positions for themselves, for on an entire planet with billions of lifestreams, a handful of fallen beings had set themselves up as the leaders who had absolute power and absolute privilege. Basically, the other billions of beings on that planet were just slaves, working for the benefit of the elite, very similar to what you see on earth in the current situation, and what you have seen in the past.

The denial of responsibility and the power elite

This is one of the perversions of the expanding force of the Father when it is pulled down to the level of a dualistic polarity. It makes people think that there should be no restrictions, that they should be allowed to do anything they want, and there should be no consequences. You will see this in the world, how there are people who believe this. You will see how this has even given rise to some belief systems. For example, you will see that in the Christian religion, especially with the formation of the Catholic church but even before, there was a denial of reincarnation, a refusal to incorporate reincarnation in the official Christian doctrines and this is basically a denial of consequences. People are denying that they can have consequences that can, for choices they have made in this lifetime, come back to them in a future lifetime, or that certain things that happened to them in this lifetime are the result of choices they made in a previous lifetime. In other words, one perversion of the expanding force is that people deny responsibility. They refuse consequences and therefore they think that whatever happens in this lifetime was not the result of choices they made in a past life, it was just a result of conditions beyond their control and they deny that anything they do in this lifetime could have repercussions in a future lifetime.

Now, you also have scientific materialists or communists who also deny reincarnation for much the same reason. Many, or at least some, of the primary philosophers behind materialism also refuse to take responsibility beyond this particular lifetime. Now, of course you can look at the planet and you can see that there are certain men that are affected by this mindset and they often form a certain power elite. They are men who believe they have a special authority, a special ability, especially the ability to be leaders, to rule over others and therefore they tend to, in any society, set themselves up as the elite who has power. This can be in the government where they will, if the opportunity is there, set themselves up as dictators. It can also be in a democratic society where they attempt to be elected leaders, but then attempt to take on more powers and in a sense, undermine democracy. This is what you see in some nations. You see it for example in Poland with the current government. You see it in Russia with Putin and you have seen other examples of it, including Churchill in England during the war and of course Hitler. You can debate whether he was democratically elected or not, but at least there was an election that brought him to power.

This is one way, but it is not only in government that these people will set themselves up. You can find it in the business community where they attempt to become owners of these large businesses where they set themselves up as the monopoly capitalists to attempt to gain a monopoly. They can attempt to become CEOs of businesses who, then again, act basically as if they were the dictator of that business and they have all power. You also see an intellectual elite, it can be philosophers, it can be people in educational institutions, especially in the universities, who set themselves up in a position where nobody can really object, nobody can protest against them. They are the ones who define what is true or not true. You see this in terms of certain people who are promoting a materialist agenda, and who are basically holding the educational institutions of the world, especially in the modern democracies, in an iron grip of materialism and will not allow any kind of research or theories that question the materialist paradigm or the materialist gospel, as we might say.

You find this of course in all areas of society, but especially in the areas I have mentioned. Of course you have the religious area where they will also attempt to set themselves up, not necessarily as the ones defining a new religion, even though that happens as well, but even as the leaders of an ancient religion such as the Pope who has, seemingly, all power in the Catholic religion, and a small group of clerics in Islam who also have tremendous power there.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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You were not created as a man or a woman

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Ascended Master Omega through Kim Michaels, May 30, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Omega, or if you will, the Cosmic Being Omega, as I am not strictly an ascended master, having not ascended from earth. What I aim to give you here, is a perspective that goes beyond and will challenge most of the religions that you currently see on earth, that you have seen throughout history on earth, at least since the fallen beings were allowed to embody here but even before.

This messenger was many years ago given an experience of being transported in his finer bodies, or rather in his Conscious You as we say today, to the Central Sun to experience the presence of Alpha and myself. He has described the experience and some of you will know it. The important point of this is that the office that Alpha and I hold, is the cosmic gateway (so to speak) between the Creator and its creation.

It is only through this office that you can have an experience of the Creator and the Creator’s Being. It is also only through this office and the lineage of ascended masters, going all the way to the masters working with earth, that you could take a message from the Creator. Of course, the Creator can do whatever it desires to do, but very rarely would give a message through an unascended messenger because there is such a confusion on earth, such contradictions, so many theories and religions about God and the ultimate God.

All images of God block your experience of God

The important point that I want to get across here is that when you experience the Creator’s Being, you experience directly something that is beyond all form. You live in a world of form, everything in this world has form. It may not be a visible form, a form you can hear, touch, smell, it may be a thought, a feeling, but they are also forms. Even a subtle sense of identity has a form, any image you might have of God also has form but the real Creator is beyond form.

Now, you may say: “Does that mean that the Creator has no characteristics, no individuality, no personality, is there nothing that could describe the Creator?”  Well, the answer to that question is “yes and no.” Of course, your Creator, our Creator, the Creator of this world of form has what you could call an individuality. It is not an individuality that could be compared to, described by, any form that you see in this world of form. It is not an individuality that could be described by any words, even words that the Creator could give you. There are no words, there are no forms, there are no images that could capture the Creator’s Being. That is why we, for lack of a better word, say that the Creator has no form, is beyond form, has transcended form, is transcendent of form, that you need to transcend your attachment to form and go into the full purity and neutralness of the Conscious You in order to experience the Creator’s Being.

You need to recognize here that while the Creator is the originator of the world of form in which you live, the Creator itself is beyond its creation. There is not even a similarity between the Creator and its creation. There is, as Portia said, nothing that you can grasp, or see, or experience on earth that you can use to reason backwards and say, this tells me something about the Creator.

If you try to do this, you go into the mind, the linear mind, that is a subject, which is attempting to picture, understand an object. If you go into this mind and attempt to comprehend God, you cannot comprehend God, you can only understand an idol, an image of God, and it can never be God, it can only be an idol. Therefore, it is not in alignment with reality but if you think it is in alignment with reality, it becomes a false image, a false god, a false idol. For that matter, all idols are false but nevertheless you get my meaning.

The Creator is not a male god

The reality that I wish to bring out here is this: Regardless of the images, the idols that have been created on earth, the Creator is not male, the Creator is not a male God. The concept of male and female is completely meaningless when it comes to the real God that is beyond form. How could there be a distinction of male and female in something that is beyond form, when male and female exist only in the world of form. For that matter, they exist only on the kind of planets that you are used to and that you see here on earth.

If you take the My Lives book and look at the description given there, you can see that on a natural planet there is not a need for physical childbirth. Therefore, there is not a need for two sexes as you have here on earth where you have physical bodies with sexual organs that can impregnate the one body, and therefore bring forth a physical child that grows inside that body until it is born and becomes independent of the body. This process is not there on a natural planet. You can talk about male and female, masculine and feminine on a natural planet but not in the way you talk about it on earth.

My point is that what you see as male and female on earth is a very primitive concept only existing on dense-matter planets. Therefore, it is completely meaningless to want to apply this to the Creator. Now then, why do you even have this concept? Does it have no reality to it? Well, again the answer to that question is “yes and no.” The way most people look at the concept of male and female on earth has no reality to it. There is a deeper reality, a higher reality that I will expound upon.

The Creator is beyond form. The Creator starts out with an intent to create, a will to create, a world that has form. As we have described before, before the Creator has created anything, there is only a void, a void meaning there is no form, at least as you define form in this world of form. What does the Creator have to do to create form? Well, the void can be described with the word undifferentiated, there is no differentiation in the void. Therefore, you cannot define what you see in your world of form where you have one form that is set apart from another form and therefore in a sense both forms are defined in relation to each other, or they are defined in relation to the void that has no form. There is either no form,
or there is this form, which is different from that form. This is in a sense, the beginning of creating a world of form. You have to define something that is set apart from the void, then you have to create something else that is distinct from the other form.

Now, it may be tempting to think that you create one first and then the other but you actually do not, you create two, you create them as pairs. You create the two forms at the same time and that is the beginning of differentiation. There is the differentiation that there is a form that is different from the void, but at the level of form there are at least two forms that are set apart from each other. This is how the Creator differentiates. Once you have created these two basic elements, then from there you can create more. The two basic elements that your Creator decided to use to create its world of form, was an expanding and a contracting force. Now, I know some of you will be curious and say: “Was that the only choice, were those the only options, are there other worlds of form that are different?” The answer to that is “yes” but it would be very difficult for you to fathom this because you are created in this particular world of form and you tend to look at everything based on the differentiation that created your world of form. Do not stress your minds by even comprehending this, focus on mastering the world of form you are in. Then, when you attain the Creator consciousness, you can comprehend these other options.

How a sphere is created

The Creator chose an expanding and a contracting force. This was not at a level at all where it can be said to have anything to do with male and female, masculine and feminine as you see it on earth. It had absolutely nothing to do with it. There was simply a differentiation into an outgoing force that would continue to go out and expand indefinitely. Then the contracting force that could balance the outgoing force so that a certain form could be maintained in that state, in a certain state over what you would call time but time of course is a relative concept. In the very beginning, your concept of time did not really apply, but I am using a word with which you are familiar.

In other words, a form could be created and maintained because the contracting force balanced the expanding force. The original differentiation into these two forces went through several complex steps, until the Creator had defined what we have called the first sphere that was set apart from the void. In this sphere was defined a certain relationship between the expanding and the contracting force. This relationship, this ratio we might call it, determined the density of that first sphere, thereby setting the pattern or the boundaries for what kind of forms could be created.

Now, this led to the creation of the first two self-aware beings. These were not the Alpha and Omega that you know, because I and Alpha are in the Central Sun of this unascended sphere. We have attained these offices, we were not created originally in the first sphere to hold this office. There were originally two beings that you may also call Alpha and Omega if you wish, or the beginning or the ending, and they were the first self-aware beings generated out of the Creator’s Being. They, when they had become self-aware, were given the task of actually defining the balance between the expanding and the contracting force. The Creator had set a certain ratio or certain boundary, but within that there was room for a specific definition of this balancing force and that was determined by these first two beings.

They then took on the responsibility for defining what could be done by the self-aware beings that were created after this, after themselves, what they could do with free will. They had free will but only within the parameters defined for their sphere. This is not really a limitation of free will because in a world of form—well, forms have to be defined. Therefore, you cannot say that this limits your free will. A decision has to be made that defines certain parameters, then beings exercise their free will within those parameters until they ascend and become permanent beings. Then, they can define parameters themselves.

You see here that this is the basis for a sphere and the pattern has been repeated until we come to your sphere. This is where Alpha and Omega, myself and Alpha come in. We were appointed to this office to serve as Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. It is because we had attained this in a previous sphere and we were then appointed to define the parameters for this sphere. In other words, we would define the beginning and the ending. The beginning was the starting point for this sphere. The ending was the highest potential it can reach and at that point it is ready to ascend. What happens in between those two points is determined by the free-will choices of the beings in that sphere.

The messenger has described that when he was experiencing the Central Sun, there were two thrones, Alpha and I were sitting on the two thrones. Between those two was a white cube of translucent white material that emitted white light. This has been called the Cosmic Cube, the Cube of Christ and other names. It is because it is this cube that actually defines not only the beginning and the ending of a sphere, but the specific (we might call it) ratio or geometry that allows beings in a given sphere to transcend themselves. I know this is abstract to wrap your minds around, I am deliberately making it abstract because if you think you can grasp this with the linear, intellectual, outer mind, then as Portia said, you are mistaken. You may be able to use these words, if you are willing to go beyond the outer mind, to thereby have an experience that shows this to you, an experience that is beyond words. On the other hand, if you fixate your mind on the words, then that will prevent you from having the experience. That is the challenge we face as ascended masters communicating from a higher level of consciousness.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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The unknown forces behind the suppression of women

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Ascended Master Portia through Kim Michaels, May 30, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Portia. I take this opportunity to give you the opportunity to step up higher in your willingness to receive progressive revelation. If we step back, far back, far back into space and look at earth, what do we see? What do we see about this planet that stands out from a cosmic perspective? The one thing that stands out is that for a very long time, humankind has been trapped in a particular mindset. This is the mindset of being very focused on yourself and thinking, feeling, sensing or never questioning that there is something beyond your current level of consciousness. It is the inability, or for the fallen beings the unwillingness, to admit that there is a higher state of consciousness than what you have right now—and therefore, a higher perspective on everything.

What does this, we might call it, narcissistic state of consciousness cause people to do? A very simple thing. It causes them to project, based on their current state of consciousness, beyond themselves and their immediate environment. In other words, human beings (manipulated by the fallen beings, I admit, but nevertheless) have been trapped in thinking that you can look at current conditions on earth, and based on current conditions on earth you can project what reality is like beyond earth. You can project how the universe functions. You can project what the spiritual realm or heaven is like. You can even project what God is like, based on what you observe currently on earth.

Humanity is stuck in a closed loop

You think that what you observe currently on earth has some reality to it or has some connection to reality. Therefore, it can tell you something about the entire cosmos, even God, and this something should then be universally, absolutely, eternally true because you cannot even conceive that your consciousness could be wrong, could be limited, could be colored, could be subjective, could be completely out of touch with reality. When you look at earth from this cosmic perspective that I am seeking to give to you – not only in the words but in the vibration, in the light that I am releasing – what you see on earth is that people on earth are trapped in a closed loop. They are in a very limited state of consciousness, but they fail to acknowledge that they are in a limited state of consciousness, and therefore, they think they are able to recognize absolute truth. They think that based on what they see, based on what they have in their minds, they can project the absolute truth about God, or the entire cosmos, or the laws of nature, or the political necessity, or historical necessity or whatever you have.

I Portia, who hold the office of the Goddess of Opportunity, I hereby shatter that matrix! I shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter that matrix in the identity, mental and emotional realms! I shatter it so that there is a new opportunity for those who are willing to see beyond it, and to suddenly, as happened to Paul on the road to Damascus, have the scales fall from their eyes. They see how limited, how nonsensical, how out of touch with reality that this mindset really is. I grant you that two thousand years ago, or three thousand years ago or a thousand years ago, it was difficult for people to do this because they thought that the earth was all there was. Many thought that the earth was the center of the universe and their universe was just a small bubble around the earth, and there was the sky, and beyond the sky was God and the angels.

Today, my beloved, who can fail to realize that the universe is vast, is perhaps infinite? Who can fail to have heard that there are billions of galaxies with millions or billions of stars, with even untold billions of planets? The universe is so vast that there has not been time for light, which travels so fast, to reach earth from the furthest reaches of the cosmos. There has not been time since the universe began. You all know this! Hardly anyone on earth has not heard about this and knows the size of the universe you live in. Therefore, you should be able to mentally step back and realize that you live on one little planet that literally is like a speck of dust on an infinite beach. One grain of sand on an infinite beach, that is what your planet is like.

Do you seriously believe – and I speak into the collective consciousness because I know you, our students, do not believe this, but nevertheless, it needs to be spoken – do you seriously believe that this little grain of sand and how things are on this little grain of sand can tell you anything at all about the totality of the cosmos or what is beyond the cosmos, namely the Creator itself? How can you possibly maintain the illusion that you can sit here on earth and look at this planet and look how limited it is, and you can think this can tell you something about the cosmos, about God or about the spiritual realm? How can you think this?

How can a primitive planet tell you about the cosmos?

Now, go the other way, instead of looking beyond the earth and stepping back, now step right into the earth. Go around this planet and look at the conditions. We are focusing on women. Look at these women who are being lured or kidnapped in their teenage years in some little village in Eastern Europe, in Asia, in Africa, wherever it may be. They are being lured by the promise of a better life or they are just outright being kidnapped. They are being held captive. They are being brutally beaten and raped by their captors. Then, they are perhaps even getting hooked on drugs. They are told that they have to work as prostitutes to pay back the debt they have incurred for being kidnapped. How do you have to pay somebody to kidnap you and hold you against your will?

Look at the conditions in India for example where a girl from early childhood is made to believe that she is worthless because she is a girl. What is her only option? To hope that some man will have pity upon her and marry her so she can be his slave physically and sexually for the rest of her life, still feeling worthless the entire time. Do you think this is natural? Do you think this is the highest condition found anywhere in the universe? Do you think then that this planet is a high planet? When you look at how women are being treated around the planet, do you think this is a high planet? Do you think that a primitive planet like this can tell you anything about the rest of the cosmos and of God? This is a nonsensical state of consciousness. It is completely out of touch with reality. It is so nonsensical that there are beings who will not even look at the earth. They will not put their attention on earth because they do not want to reinforce anything they see.

The masters must step down their light

We who are ascended masters who are working with earth, we have, in a sense, in order to work with earth, had to step down our consciousness and our light to where we can still work with earth without reinforcing the conditions that we see on this planet. Now, when I say reinforce, I do not necessarily mean that this strengthens them. It means that if I, given the consciousness that I have, were to look at female prostitution, human trafficking, with the fullness of my awareness, the light flowing over the bridge of my attention would be so strong that it would inflate these conditions so that they would be acted out in more and more extreme ways. Therefore, this would have very destructive consequences, not only for the people who are perpetrating these actions against women, but even for the women, for the societies, for the institutions that are allowing money laundering and all of these things. In other words, it would have such an accelerating effect that things would simply begin to fall apart, blow apart, be inflated to the point where society could not ignore it. It would be such a dramatic change that it could have very destructive consequences.

If I were to do this, you might say: “Well, wouldn’t it be better to just get it over with, to have these things fall apart so that we can move on and have better conditions for women on this planet?” This is because again, there is a misconception about the planet. You think, even ascended master students can sometimes think this, that there is a certain condition that we of the ascended masters want to see manifest, that Saint Germain has this perfect matrix for the golden age, like many students in previous ascended master organizations believed, with wonderful cities with golden buildings and gold in the streets and all of this stuff.

What have we told you time and time again? We are working within the constraints of free will. What is the cause for why you have the current conditions on earth? Because you, humanity, collectively have chosen to enter a certain level of consciousness. The conditions you see, including the mistreatment of women, are simply out-picturings in the physical of that state of consciousness. You have used your free will to enter that state of consciousness. Our goal is not simply to remove a certain condition from the earth, but to gradually raise the collective and individual consciousness to where at least a critical mass of people, hopefully a majority of people, can choose to rise above that state of consciousness so that these manifestations can be removed from the earth.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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There is no final truth about women

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 30, 2020. This dictation was given during a webinar about the liberation of women.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. It is my great joy to open this conference because it is truly a very significant step in what we have planned for moving this planet closer and closer to Saint Germain’s Golden Age. We have decided to dedicate this coming decade of the 2020s to the issue of women: not only the liberation of women, but the raising of awareness of all aspects of women’s situation on this planet.

Truly, it is time. It is in some ways long overdue, but in other ways it is just the right time to focus attention on women’s situation and the many ways in which women have been suppressed and exploited, not by men but by other forces that we naturally will talk about. You will see in this coming decade that many, many people (who are not familiar with ascended masters, and do not need to be familiar with ascended masters) will pick up on the need to focus attention on women’s situation, to debate various issues related to women’s situation and to make drastic physical changes in society to improve women’s situation.

The hidden force behind positive change

Now naturally, my beloved, we do not want to in any way imply that the ascended masters and the people who are aware of ascended masters are the only people on the planet who are working to improve the situation for women. We very much recognize that for a long time there have been many people in embodiment, both men and women, who have been taking steps to improve the situation of women. It is not so that we as ascended masters want to take credit. On the other hand, you must recognize as ascended master students that the ascended masters are behind and involved with any improvement, any progression in the upward movement that takes place on this planet.

It is because we are the spiritual custodians, the spiritual guardians, for this planet. We are the ones who are releasing specific energies, specific ideas, and as we have said before, we are broadcasting these energies, broadcasting these ideas into the collective consciousness, into the energy field of the planet, into the identity body, the mental body, the emotional body of the planet. This means that when these signals are sent from us, people can pick up on it. They can pick up on the ideas, they can feel the energies and therefore, they can suddenly begin to become aware and to take action, to debate various issues that they would not have been able to debate on their own.

Quite frankly, this planet has been so heavily influenced by the fallen beings, by the dark forces, and there is so much fear-based lower energy in the identity, mental and emotional bodies of the planet, that human beings would not be able to liberate themselves from this if it were not for the ascended masters. Again, this is not to detract from the fact that many people have been able to tune in to our energies and our ideas and have been willing to act upon them. We honor these people for doing so, even if they do not know about our existence, and as I said they do not have to know about our existence. We are not looking for ascended master students to go out there and say: “What you are doing is only because of the ascended masters.” We are looking for you as ascended master students to know the dynamic on this planet, thereby you can also know realistically how important it is for you to make the calls, to reinforce the energies, to broadcast the energies and the ideas into the collective consciousness so that more and more people can pick up on them. You can then act, as we have said before, as the tip of the spear, the forerunners. You can act as those who can make the calls to cut free other people who are in positions in society to make the decisions, to take the actions, so that they will be able to act, which they otherwise would have not been able to do, had it not been for your calls.

Equality is primarily a psychological process

Naturally, it is not so that by the advent of this conference, this will start women’s liberation. Obviously, the process of liberating women has been going on for well over a century in many of the so-called modern democracies. You also see that there are nations in the world that are lagging behind. When you step back from your own nation, your own situation, you see that when you look at the situation of women around the planet, and look at many different societies, you see that there are some vast, vast differences. You can see for example that there are a number of nations (what we call the modern democracies) that have made great improvements to women’s situation. There is much greater awareness of the need to create equality between men and women.

Now, we cannot necessarily say that there is any society that has achieved equality between men and women because this is a rather long and complicated process. We can say that there are some nations that have taken action to create laws that promote the equality of men and women. Even those laws have not had the full impact that they could have, and the reason for this is that the liberation of women, the equality between men and women, is not a legal process. It is not even a physical process. It is a psychological process. It requires changes in the emotional body, the mental body and the identity body of a society and of individuals. Therefore, it is not so that a society could, tomorrow, enact a set of laws that would bring about total equality between men and women, or would liberate women from any oppression or limitation. It could not be done legally, because it is not an entirely legal or political process. As I said, it requires a shift.

Now, naturally, a country can enact laws that will bring that society towards the liberation of women, towards equality between men and women. It will take time before this filters through the collective consciousness and the individual consciousness of the people living in that society. Now, some countries have made great strides in the psychological process, but none has yet achieved what can be achieved, and what will be achieved in the golden age. Now, this is partly because it is not so that there is a specific goal that can be defined. You need to be careful as ascended master students that you do not fix your minds on a specific goal. You need to recognize here that what we are giving you through this messenger, through other messengers over the last century or so, is what we have called progressive revelation.

No absolute goal to achieve

There are too many ascended master students in the time of the last century or so who have focused too much attention on the word revelation, and too little attention on the word progressive. You see, my beloved, what is it that the fundamentalist Christians for example or the fundamentalist Muslims, or the fundamentalists of any color always say? They say: “We have the absolute truth. Our religious scripture is an absolute truth revealed directly by God.” The Koran, the Bible, whatever scriptures you have, (even the materialist paradigm, the Communist Manifesto, whatever you have) there are people who believe: “Here is an absolute truth.” Well, if something is an absolute truth, how could it ever be improved upon? How could it ever be changed? If something was an absolute truth, where would be the room for progressive revelation?

Of course, these fundamentalists will deny progressive revelation through the ascended masters or any other source. You as ascended master students need to step up and recognize here that regardless of what was said or implied through previous ascended master dispensations, it has never been our goal to bring forth an absolute or final revelation. If a revelation is progressive, how could it be final? How could it be absolute? Where would be the room for the progressive element?

Now, in our teachings on fanaticism, we said that the basic definition of fanaticism is that you hold a viewpoint that you think could not be improved upon. This is the essence of fanaticism. Whether you are a fundamentalist Christian, a Marxist, a Muslim or an ascended master student, if you say: “Here is a teaching given through this messenger, through this dispensation, that is an absolute truth, an absolute revelation,” then you have stepped into the fanatical mindset and then you are denying progressive revelation. In your mind, you are denying us the ability to bring forth a higher revelation. Do you understand, my beloved, how important it is to keep this in your mind? As we have said before, the Golden Age of Saint Germain is not a final goal, a definite goal.

It is not so that Saint Germain has a plan, and when this and this and this has been implemented, the golden age will be manifest, and the golden age will then remain constant for the next 2,000 years. This is not Saint Germain’s plan and Saint Germain’s vision. As he has said himself, as others of us have said, the potential for what can be achieved in the next 2,000 years is very, very far beyond what you see manifest on the planet right now. It is so far beyond that there is hardly anybody in embodiment who could fathom, or even accept, the potential of what can be achieved. Because there is such a huge gap between current conditions and the potential for Saint Germain’s Golden Age, there is no way to cross that gap in one leap, or even in one short evolution. It will take a very long process, and that process must of necessity have many different stages.

You see that what we aim to do right now, and what we aimed to do in the 1970s or the 1930s with our progressive revelation, has never been to give you some final revelation, not even a final revelation for the golden age. We aim to give a revelation that will take the planet from where it is now to the next level up. Then, when a critical mass of people have made that transition in consciousness, we aim to give a higher revelation that will take the planet to the next level. This process will continue through many different stages as the golden age progresses.

Now, I know very well, my beloved, that there are students of previous dispensations who have believed that they had some final revelation, or that they had the teaching that was meant to guide planet earth spiritually for the next 2,000 years of the Aquarian age. This is because these students were not able to grasp what I have just told you. They were not able to accept it because they were still, as we have said before, trapped in the Piscean mindset, and therefore they needed what you see so prevalent in the Piscean Age: the belief that we have the final truth. In order to step beyond the Piscean mindset, to pass the initiations of Pisces and to step into the Aquarian mindset, you need to let go of this dream of having a final truth, a final revelation. Who can do this? Well, some men can do it. Some men will understand, but many more women have the potential to do this.


The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Spiritual Liberation of Women


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Turning the rudder of the ship a critical degree

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, January 1st, 2020

I am the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. It is always my joy to give this address at the New Year. I would like to begin by talking about the year that has ended, 2019. When you look at this past year, what stands out from an ascended master perspective is the five conferences that were held during this year, in which so many loving and open hearts participated and gave their invocations and decrees, gave their love and allowed us to use their chakras as broadcasting stations to radiate our messages into the collective consciousness.

Truly, this has been an important shift for the planet because we have addressed some very important issues at all of these conferences. Naturally, we have primarily focused on the issues of dictatorships, fanaticism and elitism, because they are important here at the beginning of a new cycle, that starts in this year of 2020 and will go for the next decade. It is important that humankind begins to acknowledge and realize some of the many ideas we have released in these dictations, about these topics of dictatorships, fanaticism and elitism.

Truly, the decade ahead will be marked by the question of whether mankind at large will begin to free themselves from the influence of the small power elite, primarily made up of fallen beings. This does not mean that in the next ten years people at large will recognize the existence of fallen beings. But they will, if all goes to the highest potential, certainly begin to recognize the influence that elite’s have had throughout history. They will begin to see that in every society, there has been a small elite that has dominated the population and that the population has allowed this to happen.

A shift in the economy

As more and more people begin to realize this, there will come a series of shifts beginning in the more advanced modern democracies, so that people will begin to object to the rule of elitism. This will begin in the economy in the more affluent democratic nations, so that people will demand an economy that functions for the benefit of all people. Instead of what you have today, an economy that functions for the benefit of a small elite.

This will require quite a challenge to many of the economic theories that have been put out there throughout history, that are out there today. Because it will require people to come to see that these theories are actually defined by the elite, in order to allow the elite to continue to dominate the population while hiding their influence. Therefore, what needs to happen here is that people become more aware of this hidden influence of the elite—the deception that is behind all forms of elitism.

Naturally, our conferences and the books that will be created based on those conferences will be important tools, whereby those of you who are (and who will become in the next ten years) ascended master students, can provide that impetus that will turn the tide, that will turn the current of the river, that will turn the course of the ship ever so slightly so that it starts pointing in a different direction.

How the world changes

We have before given you teachings about how there are many situations in the world, where there has been a gradual build-up of energy, of consciousness, at the identity level, the mental level and the emotional level. This has led to a scenario that has not yet become physical. Because this has not yet become physical, the scenario can go in many different directions.

There are many different outcomes that could potentially happen. This is very parallel to what has been described in quantum physics where you cannot at a certain point predict the outcome with certainty. You can only predict it with probability. So it is in many of these situations in society.

This is where the calls of a relatively small number of people can have this tremendous influence, of shifting the equation with an amount that might seem to not be important at all, to not be significant, to not be decisive. And it may not be decisive right then and there, but everything that shifts the equation turns the rudder of the ship a little bit. You know that if you turn the rudder of a ship with just a tiny amount, eventually it will be a big difference between where the ship is going and where it would have been going if the rudder had not been turned by that tiny degree.

You therefore see that we of the ascended masters of course have a perspective that you do not have while you are in embodiment. We look at a particular situation as the potential is right now. We see that in the short term there are certain scenarios that could be outplayed. We may, just to give you one example, say that there is a situation where the lowest possible scenario is a war. The higher outcomes are different ways to deal with the conflict. Even if that situation does produce a war in the short run, we from the ascended perspective are still looking at the situation and seeing that even though the outcome may be a war now, this could happen in various ways. There could be various equations at the identity, mental and emotional level, that in a longer perspective can change the situation dramatically and set societies on a new course. So that even if in the short term it seems that the highest outcome did not come to pass, we can still turn the course of the ship so that in the long run it goes towards a higher outcome. This is the tremendous power that you have available to you through our invocations and decrees, through our teachings, through raising your consciousness and affecting the collective consciousness.

Interdependent originations

It does not take very much to change the course of a society, a civilization, humanity, even the planet. It does not take all that much. Why is this so? It is because everything is connected. It is the teaching I gave 2,500 years ago about the “interdependent originations.” Where everything is the constant flow, a constant flux. There are no separate events in the world. You look at planet earth and what do you see throughout history? You see that because of the illusion created by the duality consciousness – the illusion of separation as we have called it – people, groups of people, countries, civilizations, races have had this sense that they are separated from other people. They can live the way they want to independently of others. They can do to other people, other groups of people, something that harms those people but it will not harm themselves.

The reality is that the entire planet is an interconnected whole. All people are interconnected through the collective consciousness. What affects one group of people, will affect the whole. Which means that when a small number of people raise their consciousness, it will also affect the whole. This is why you see that even a small number of people making the calls and raising their consciousness, will change the entire equation, the total equation of the planet.

If you could see how this looks from the ascended realm, you might say that it looks like a very intricate interplay of light waves, energy waves. They are not separate waves, they are all interconnected. The only image that you might have at the physical level is that of the ocean, where you have all of the waves that may seem to be separate from a very narrow perspective. But as soon as you step back a little bit you see that they are all part of the ocean, so they are all interconnected. If there is a current in the ocean such as the tide that raises the ocean in certain areas higher, then the waves must follow that. In other areas, the water level goes down and the waves must follow that. So you see that there is this constant interplay. Any change that happens on the planet will change that interplay, will change the equation.

What you also see is that there are of course many situations, as I said, where a certain outcome is about to break through to the physical. But it can manifest in a variety of ways. This is where the difference between one way and another, can be very, very small. In fact, so small that in some cases, just one person changing his or her view of the situation can cause a different physical outcome. Now if that person has a certain level of Christ consciousness, then even if the person is not in a position to make decisions, a person can still shift the equation. In other cases, there might be a person who is in that critical position to make a certain decision that might set a society on a different course. That person alone shifting his or her mind can therefore change the outcome, manifest a different outcome.

The presidential election in the United States

What we look for in the next decade, is that people become more aware of the choices that you make when you are in embodiment and the consequences. And how a slight change in your awareness about a situation, can cause you to make a higher choice that leads to a higher outcome. This will also be very critical for the planet in this coming year of 2020. Because throughout the planet, choices will become very important.

This will obviously become very important in the United States where you have a presidential election. Which is why we are grateful that you have arranged to have a conference before the election where the conference itself, can potentially swing the outcome those few critical degrees that could change who occupies the White House for the next four years.

Even if it does not change the occupant of the White House, it can still change the equation so that the nation goes on a different course over these four years. So that more and more Americans become aware of how critical certain choices are and how little of a difference it takes to change the course of a nation to get a higher outcome. Truly, you can look back at several presidential elections and you can see that it was very close. The number of votes for one candidate was very close to the number of votes for the other candidate. You can see here that, how much does it take to get more people to go and vote—to get some of the people to go and vote that normally would not have voted. And how this can swing an election with actually just a few thousand people who decide to vote where they otherwise would not have.

You can see here that your calls throughout this coming year can have a tremendous impact. We have given you the book, or rather the two books on the Spiritual Solutions and a Spiritual Clearance for America. If you are concerned with the situation in America, we very much recommend that you use them in this coming year.

Naturally, as ascended masters we are not really concerned about who is president, whether it is one candidate or another, because we are concerned about raising the consciousness of the people. Any president, as we have said before, will be an expression of a certain consciousness of a certain number of people. By seeing this outplayed it can shift the collective consciousness. It is not that we have any intention of saying that this candidate, or that candidate is the ideal choice.

We are looking not so much to influence the choice American’s make, as influencing the way they make their choices. How conscious are people of the choices they make? How aware are they of the choices, the options, the consequences and the often very small difference, between this choice and that choice. Yet even though it seems like there is not such a critical difference, they can lead to vastly different outcomes. This is what we truly desire to see all people, but especially the people in the democratic nations, become more aware of—not only during this year, but during the coming decade.

There is a certain element of the Christ consciousness, which revolves around becoming aware, more aware, of the choices you make. You become more conscious of your choices. You become more conscious of how easy it actually is for your mind to switch a little bit so that you make a slightly different choice and you may think with the outer mind: “Well, what difference does it make whether I do one thing or the other, whether I choose this or that? They seem to be almost the same.” But as we have said, a small turn of the rudder can change the final destination of the ship, or it can change the course of the ship as it travels a certain distance. These small shifts in consciousness can make a tremendous difference on your personal lives, on the course of nations or humanity as a whole. This is what people need to become aware of in order to exercise their Christ discernment.

The thoughtform for 2020

Now, to help you personally navigate this coming year, but to help you also have a greater impact on situations on the planet or in your societies, the thoughtform I have chosen for the year 2020 is that of a ship that is moving with the current of a mighty river. You may visualize the ship any way you want, however large you want to visualize it, but I actually urge you not to fix your mind on a specific design of the ship.

Instead, what I would like you to do is when you are facing a situation in your personal life or when you see that there is a situation building in the world, such as a particular tension, then you visualize that this situation is the ship and now you visualize that you are standing there, turning that steering wheel. You are holding the steering wheel with your hands and you shift it a little bit and thereby you turn the rudder and you set the ship on a new course that leads to a higher outcome, which in many situations will mean a more peaceful outcome, but also an outcome where people become more aware of the situation, the choices, the consequences.

This is the thought form. Any situation in your personal life, or in society or in the world at large—visualize the entire situation is represented by this ship and then, visualizing how you turn the steering wheel and you turn that rudder and you see how even a slight change of course, will in the long one take the ship to a vastly different destination.

Every year there are decisions made that may seem insignificant in the here and now but 10, 20, 30 years down the road can set society on a vastly different track. You will be amazed if you could look back at the calamities that have been avoided by a slight shift in consciousness that led to a different decision. You would also be amazed if you could look back, and sometimes you can by looking at the historical record, and see how some of the calamities that have taken place were brought about by decision after decision that inevitably turned the ship towards the rocks and precipitated that disaster. You could look at this from a positive angle and say that if a certain disaster is the result of 25 different decisions then, if any of those 25 decisions had been changed, the disaster might not have happened. You can see again how delicate is the difference between this outcome and that outcome.

The challenges of 2020

Now in terms of this coming year of 2020, I do by no means mean to sound alarmist and I am not in any way wanting to induce fear. But you need to be aware that in this year there is a certain potential that wars can break out here or there around the planet. It would be extremely helpful to our work if you would take the book on how to avoid war (Help the Ascended Masters STOP WAR) and use it both in general but also in specific situations where you see some kind of tension building.

It is important to visualize that the United States, and to make calls, that the United States will not be embroiled in a war in this coming year. You know very well that historically speaking the American people are very reluctant to change presidents if there is a war. You know also that one of the greatest traumas to the presidential ego is to lose the second term and become a one-term president. Therefore, you can see that one of the temptations for any president or his advisors and staff will be to make a seemingly small decision that can lead to a war that otherwise could easily have been avoided. I am not saying that this will happen but I am saying that it is a potential that we need you to make the calls on, and hold the vision, that the American “ship-of-state” will steer clear of these rocky shoals that could otherwise cause it to be embroiled in a conflict that could be difficult to resolve, as you saw in Iraq.

Avoid avoidance decisions

Truly, the coming year will for many people, be a very difficult test because we have previously spoken about this tendency, that people have, to make avoidance decisions. There are certain decisions that they are reluctant to make so they make other decisions because they think that these decisions will prevent them from having to make the decisions they do not want to make. This is something you might consider for your personal lives as well if you are making these kinds of decisions. You might use the teachings we have given on the primal self and the separate selves and consider whether you have one or even several selves that are telling you there are certain decisions you should not make, certain decisions you should avoid, they are too dangerous, they are too risky, the consequences are too great.

These selves are often created in past lives where the fallen beings manipulated you into a situation where there was no good choice to make because any choice you made led to a disastrous outcome. The fallen beings are experts at doing this to us when we are in physical embodiment. You then create a self that does not want to make that kind of decision that led to the disaster, and now you can still have that self and there are certain decisions you do not want to make. If you take an honest look at yourself, you can come to see this and you can come to see that you have then created other selves that are telling you that there are certain decisions that are less risky and therefore you should make the lesser decisions to avoid making the bigger decisions—the decisions with a bigger risk. But even these lesser decisions often lead to disastrous outcomes, or they do not lead to a higher outcome. They in fact block you from taking your life in a different direction that will set your personal ship on a different course that will give you a vastly different destination in the long run.

Many times you see that people go back and forth, they go around in circles, they take one step forward and one step backwards. They are not really making that decisive shift that could bring the manifestation of the next aspect of their divine plans. If you will take an honest look at this throughout this year, use the tools we have given to expose these selves and overcome them, you can make tremendous progress in 2020. You might look back at the end of this coming year and be amazed at how differently you feel about making decisions, how much more free you feel about making decisions regardless of the outcome where you do not have that foreboding, that sense of there is a risk—that sense of something disastrous could happen if you make the wrong choice. You are not even concerned about right and wrong when it comes to choices because as we have given you teachings on, any choice can be used to expand your awareness so you can make a better choice.

You might see that, if you look at your past in this lifetime or other lifetimes, you made a decision that led to a seemingly disastrous outcome, and you think this should never have happened. But you can make a shift and realize that whatever the outcome was, you can still turn the rudder of the ship and get to a different destination and because you saw the outcome, you now have a higher awareness for steering your ship in a new direction. So again, there is no reason to fear making choices because any choice shows you something about yourself or rather the selves you still have not overcome and let die. When you see this openly and honestly, any decision can become the stepping stone for major decisive progress on your personal path, so why would you fear that which can only lead to growth if you use it to produce that growth?

Yes, I know some will say: “Well, it’s easy for you to say as an ascended master, you are not in embodiment, you are not in this dense situation that I am in, you have not walked two weeks in my moccasins,” as the Native Americans say. But you see, I have walked 2 million years in embodiment on earth and I have been in a dense state of consciousness. You may say that I have not been in your particular state of consciousness, having your particular illusions, your particular selves, and that is perfectly true. I have not seen life on earth through the filter of your personal consciousness. But why do you think that it was easier for me to see through my illusions and my selves than it is for you? Surely, I did not have your illusions but the illusions I had were as difficult to see for me as your illusions are for you. That is the way it is for each one of us.

I have walked the path that you are walking, I have taken the steps that you can take and therefore I am not here to in any way make you feel inadequate because I am ascended and you are not. I am simply here to say, as we of the ascended masters have said so many times: “What one has done, all can do.” You can be free as I am because I have overcome my illusions and you can overcome yours. It is not impossible but it does require us to be willing to look at ourselves (our selves) and see what they are, what is the belief behind them, what is the illusion, what is it they are projecting that we should do or should not do and then separate ourselves from them and overcome this thinking that we have to solve the problem presented by the self. Instead, we come to realize that we just need to let the self die, to stop giving it our attention, to stop feeding it our energy and just let it dissolve—as it will dissolve when we do not take it seriously.

I have given you what I wanted to give you here. Naturally, we have many, many teachings that we wish to bring forward through this coming year and therefore we look forward to the conferences and to other opportunities we will take for bringing forth these teachings. So with this, I congratulate you for the work that you have done as ascended masters students during 2019 and I very much look forward to the work you will do in this coming year and decade.

Gautama I AM, and I seal you in the joyful peace that I am.


Copyright © 2020 by Kim Michaels

Planet earth is a reality simulator

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, December 1, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. I will reach back to a statement I made now those 2500 years ago when I was in a physical body on earth. One of the core teachings of Buddhism is that everything is the Buddha nature. What does this actually mean? Many people have been confused by this. Many sincere well meaning followers of Buddhism have speculated on this, have come up with various theories and interpretations, many of them are valid to a certain extent. I do not in any way criticize or replace those but I want to give you a perspective based on the collective consciousness as it is today and based on the teachings we have given so far.

If you understand that everything is the Buddha nature, that means that the Buddha nature must be beyond form. You look at form in this universe, you look at this chair, you look at the carpet, you look at a window, you look at a table; can you say that table is the Buddha nature? You would not say that but what you could say is that the table is made out of the Buddha nature. In other words, if you could see behind the form, beyond the form, there would be the Buddha nature. This is something that was difficult for people to understand 2500 years ago.

It has become a little easier for people to grasp this with the mental mind today because you have been brought up with a concept that this chair, this table is made out of smaller units called molecules, atoms, even subatomic particles. So, you might say everything is atoms. Therefore, this chair is also atoms. This of course doesn’t mean that atoms look like the chair. You know that atoms are invisible to the naked eye and therefore, atoms do not have what you normally call form. They do not have the form of tables and chairs. They may have some form as you have been brought up to think, but it is not what you see with the senses. So you can therefore make the leap of saying that, as the chair is made up of atoms, atoms are made up of the Buddha nature. But the difference is that the Buddha nature has no form. It has no conceivable form, no form that is conceivable to a mind that is still focused in this material universe.

What you can say is that the Buddha nature has the potential to take on form. But if the Buddha Nature has no form, why do you need the Buddha nature? You need it because if there was no formless nature that could take on form, how would form be created? What can you deduce when you look at the findings of science? You take a visible thing, a visible form such as a chair and you realize that this chair did not suddenly appear out of the blue, out of nature or out of nothing in its present form. It wasn’t that there was a point where you could say, “Now there is no chair, now there is a chair. Bam it just happened like that.” That is not the way things are made, you know this, you know that a chair is made out of metal. This metal started out as different kinds of ores in the ground, they had to be dug out, they had to be melted, they had to be turned into iron and this iron that had to be processed again to take on a certain form to become the legs of the chair. Then there was some wood that had to be manufactured and put together. There was some covering, there was some padding, and all of this had to be made in order to make the chair.

But all of these raw materials as you call them also did not appear out of the blue. The iron ore that lay in the ground is made up of iron molecules. But the molecules are made up of an even smaller unit called atoms. The atoms are made up of subatomic particles and even the subatomic particles are made up of energy waves. So as you go to the different stages of what it takes to produce a given form, a visible form, you go towards finer and finer levels. In a sense you could say that you go towards more simple forms. A chair, or an even more elaborate construction like the entire building is very complex. But molecules are less complex, atoms are even less complex, subatomic particles even less. So, you’re going towards a state of lesser and lesser complexity and less and less pronounced form.

So, is it so difficult to take that leap and say, you must come to a point where there is a basic substance, at least the basic substance we can conceive of from this universe and this basic substance has no form, but it has the potential to take on any form, this we can call the Buddha nature. The Buddha nature is in a certain way more than this, but we can at least, to give you some way to visualize or conceive of this say that the Buddha nature is the basic substance out of which all form is fashioned.

Now, there are those who will say that this is not according to the current scientific paradigm, but this is because the current scientific paradigm is based on cognitive dissonance. Science has proven that you can go towards these deeper and deeper levels beyond the visible forms. The logical conclusion is there must be some basic substance out of which everything is created. The problem with science is that it is so influenced by the materialistic paradigm that there cannot be anything beyond the material universe. And the way materialists conceive of this means that there cannot be a substance that has no form, because that would be nothing and nothing cannot appear out of nothing they say. It’s perfectly true, nothing appears out of nothing, or rather, no thing appears out of nothing, all things appear out of the Buddha nature, the basic substance. The idea of a basic substance that has no form, but is the source of all form is actually perfectly in accord with scientific findings, maybe not with the materialistic paradigm, but the materialistic paradigm is simply one possible interpretation of scientific findings and the materialistic paradigm cannot even explain all of the current scientific findings and thereby you can see see that it is lacking.

So there is a basic substance called the Buddha nature out of which all form is made. What does that really mean? Well, you have a concept that many human beings are very attached to and think is very important. It is the concept called “reality.” Some thing is real or it is not real. But if everything that you see in the material universe is conceived out of a basic substance that has no form can you really say that all of the forms you see are real? They do not have an existence of their own, they do not have an independent existence. If there was no Buddha nature, if there was no basic substance, there could be no form. Every form you can see, the table, the chair, the sun, the stars, is made out of the same basic substance. Now that basic substance that makes up this chair could be transformed or rather it could be returned to its formless state and then it could be used to fashion an entirely different form such as a flower or a distant star because in that Buddha nature, in that basic formlessness there is no time, there is no space, there is no locality.

Once the form, once the substance that makes up this chair, is to returned to formlessness it could instantly (or beyond time) be used to form a star millions of light years away. So can you really say that this chair is real when it has no independent, self-sufficient existence? It has a dependent existence because it is dependent, ultimately on the Buddha nature but the chair could not exist on its own. What would be the meaning of a chair if there wasn’t a floor for the chair to sit on? Or if there wasn’t a person to sit on the chair? Would the chair ever have come into existence if it wasn’t for human beings who conceived of a need to sit elevated from the floor? So it is true, no thing can appear out of nothing but the Buddha nature is not nothing.

So you see every thing, every form, has a dependent origination, an interdependent origination. It doesn’t appear in a vacuum, it doesn’t appear out of nowhere. It is made out of a basic substance but it is made for a purpose, for a reason. It could not exist without the floor, without the walls, without the roof, without human beings, all of these things. It could not have been made if there wasn’t an earth where there was iron ore, if there wasn’t trees that grew and became wood and so forth so what you see is that nothing, no form, no thing can be considered real in an ultimate sense. No thing exists by itself, exists independently. Everything is connected. Everything is interdependent. The entire universe is one interconnected, interdependent whole. This is actually in accordance with the discoveries of science. Scientists have discovered that locality, separateness does not exist. Nonlocality, interconnectedness is the deeper reality. The reality that you see when you reach what I called “enlightenment” is that there is no separate thing anywhere in the universe. Everything is interdependent. Not only that, you see that no thing is permanent.

What has science shown that many religions did not show? They have shown that there is a long process that gradually brings forth different forms. There is no instant creation. There is a gradual creation where that which was created before or that which came into existence before, becomes the foundation for that which comes into existence after so again interdependent originations reaching very very far back. I know that the linear mind will say there must have been an ultimate beginning, but let us set that aside for now, let us just consider that as far as we can see back in time, in this gradual process, again proves the interconnectedness of everything.

So what is the purpose of this entire process of these interdependent originations where the deeper reality of the Buddha nature takes on all of these different forms? What is the purpose? Materialism says there is no purpose, it just all happened by chance. What is chance? Can they explain what chance is? What is randomness? Define it. You cannot. Why? Because true randomness can have no form and in a materialistic paradigm, only that which has form is considered real. Cognitive dissonance. You claim to have a worldview, but this worldview in order to explain how things could have originated must rely on something called chance, randomness. Your worldview says that only things that have form are real, but chance and randomness have no form so how can they be real? And if they are not real, how could they have created all the forms that you claim are real? Cognitive dissonance.

Another level of cognitive dissonance: Who are you that claim there is only the material world and only that world exists. Who are you? You are self-aware beings. The only reason you can say there is something that is real and something that is unreal is because you have self-awareness. Where does self-awareness come from? Can you explain how chance and randomness could produce self-awareness that looks for order everywhere? How could this occur? Can you explain it? If you cannot explain it, perhaps your explanation is not complete, perhaps it is not even real. So, if people are open to looking for an alternative explanation, here it is.

All of the forms you see, in this visible, physical, material world were created for one purpose: to give self-aware beings a particular experience. You human beings consider yourselves to be the most advanced life form on earth. Again, cognitive dissonance—you claim, you think that you are one of the latest, if not the latest life form to emerge on earth. What sense does it make that the most advanced life form was created last? Does it not make more sense to say that everything that was created, every form that has appeared is centered around the most advanced life form in order to give those self-aware beings a particular experience? You may look at a theater, what is the purpose of the theater? To give the audience a certain experience. Well, would the theater ever have appeared as the result of a random process? Would it ever have built itself and then after the theater was built somehow the audience came into being? Would it not make more sense that the theater from the very beginning was built with the audience in mind?

What is the world? You have a concept in today’s world, based on technology, brought forth by science certainly, of a reality simulator. You can put on goggles, you can go into a certain specially constructed room and all of a sudden you are seeing before your eyes an artificially created environment. What is the purpose of creating a reality simulator? It is to give the person who uses the simulator a particular experience. Now, you may say that experience is not based on reality, the person is not experiencing a real world. But the person thinks it’s a real world, experiences it as if it was a real world and therefore from the person’s point of view, the person is having a real experience and because it has that experience it may change its consciousness, shift its consciousness—have a different world view. It may feel saturated by a certain experience until it eventually decides that it has had enough of that experience. Now it wants a different experience.

There are some that would be cynical and say, “well, this is all nonsense, nothing that the person experiences is real so what makes you sure that what you experience in the world is real?” Is it so difficult to make the leap and say, what I can experience in a reality simulator seems real while I am inside of it. So could it not be that planet earth is a more sophisticated reality simulator than anything built by man? Certainly you would say that when you are inside the earth, inside a physical body on earth, what you experience through that body and the senses seems quite real, does it not? And you might say if you are materialist, “but what is the value of having an experience that is not real?” Well, it doesn’t matter whether the world you experience inside a reality similar is real or not. What matters is, how does the experience you are having, the temporary experience you are having, effect your consciousness? The experience is temporary but your consciousness is ongoing and a temporary experience can have an effect on your consciousness that sets your consciousness on a new track, gives it a new direction, gives it a new sense of self. This is the purpose of a reality simulator.

All you need to do is make that leap and realize the earth is a reality simulator. You might say that because everything is the Buddha nature, everything could be returned to its pure formless state and changed into another form. No form on earth is ultimately real. Even scientists know that the earth has not existed forever, will not exist forever. So according to a scientific definition, we must say nothing on earth is real. But does that matter? What matters is that for the billions of self-aware beings who have entered the reality simulator called earth, the world seems real, and because it seems real it gives them an experience that shifts their consciousness, their ongoing sense of self. This is the entire purpose.

So we might say that planet earth is a reality simulator that is designed to give self-aware beings a specific type of experience. What is the experience that planet earth is designed to give you? Well, there are two types of experiences, two types of quite different experiences that the earth is designed to give you. One is an immersion experience, where you feel that you are living in a real world. You are completely identified with your physical body with your mind and you are identifying yourself as a real being living in a real world and this world has an impact on how you see yourself. In other words, the world defines you. This is the immersion experience—the vast majority of people on earth are still in this type of experience, they are still in the immersion phase. They think the world is real, they think the experience they have is real and they are convinced not only that they are in a real world, but that their perception of the world, their idea of what kind of world they are in is also real.

This is the uniqueness of the earth reality simulator, that it can contain 7 billion self-aware beings who are all in the same environment, although they are different outer environments around the planet, but they are on the same planet, yet they are all having an individual subjective experience of that planet. In other words, the outer environment is the same for large numbers of people, but the inner experience they are having is different for each one. Why is that so? Because as I said, the entire purpose of the world of form is to give self-aware beings a particular experience. How do they have that experience? Well, they don’t have the experience outside their minds. You cannot, as even philosophers have said, experience the world as it is because you are experiencing the world through your own mind and this means that the characteristics of your mind influence how you see the world. Even quantum physics has proven that the mind of the scientists influences the measurement. So each human being is having a particular experience. Each human being is convinced that his or her experience is real.

But where does that sense of reality come from? If everything really is created out of a basic substance and no form is permanent, no form is independent, there is no reality outside of people’s minds. So the sense of reality must come from inside people’s minds—where else would it come from? How then, is it possible that two people can live in the exact same environment, but have very different experiences of that environment, where one person might be a devout Christian, who is convinced that the environment is and functions the way it is described in the Bible and another may be an equally devout materialist, who is convinced that the world functions the way it is described in the materialist bible? Well, it is because each person has in his mind, what we might call a filter that filters out some of the signals that come to that person through the senses. The mind filters out some of them. The mind superimposes a certain image upon what comes through and therefore to the Christian, the Christian worldview seems real and to the materialist, the materialist world seems real. None of the worldviews are real in any ultimate sense. It is not even meaningful to discuss whether one is more real than the other—more correct than the other. They are simply worldviews created inside the reality simulator on earth and a reality simulator is a simulator. It isn’t reality, it simulates reality. This means that no worldview that could be produced inside the simulator is real. It only seems real when you look at it from a certain perspective through a certain mind filter, a filter or a state of mind that filters out some signals and superimposes a certain interpretation on the other signals. When you do not question that filter, when you do not even realize it is a filter, then what you experience through the filter seems real to you. This then is the “immersion phase” of the reality simulator called earth.

What is the other phase? It is the “awakening phase”. You are now beginning to awaken from this sense that you live in a real environment, and that everything you experience in that environment is real. But how do you awaken from this sense? By coming to the point which happens after time, of being willing to question your worldview, your filter. The filter that filters out certain signals and imposes an interpretation on the ones that it is letting through. When you begin to question that worldview, that is when you begin to awaken. What is it you see on planet earth? You see that people have created many different worldviews. If you go back in time, you see that there were civilizations that existed on earth, but separated by distance—separated by oceans. There was a Mayan civilization that had a worldview that was very, very different from the European worldview of the same time but because they were separated by the Atlantic Ocean, none of the two worldviews knew of their existence—the others existence. So therefore civilizations could live perhaps for centuries without having any challenge to their worldview. All of this is perfectly in order. It is perfectly in alignment with the purpose of the reality simulator.

There was a time when it was necessary that there were these separate civilizations that were dominated by a particular worldview and they didn’t interact so there was no challenge to the worldview of a particular civilization. There was a certain time where people were meant to live in the reality simulator called earth and there was no challenge to their worldview. They were allowed to have the experience that they were having through their worldview for a very long period of time. But you see, the human mind is restless. A human being is a being that is not created in a static state, it has a very deep, an in-built, an inherent desire to grow.

Because of this desire to grow, it is impossible for a human being to have the same experience for an indefinite period of time, being fully immersed in that experience thinking “what an experience!” Is this real? You cannot have that experience forever. You cannot be in the same experience forever because there comes a point where you are saturated with that experience. You want more. There is a period where you are saturated with one type of experience and now you want another type of experience. You want something different. That is why you could see people who incarnated in one civilization for many lifetimes then switched and incarnated in another civilization so they had a different experience but still on earth. There also comes a point where now you do not simply want different types of experiences that are possible in the reality simulator of earth, you want something that is more than what you can have on earth. That is when a lifestream starts the awakening phase.

What guides what type of experience people are having? How long they should have it? Well, it is free will. However, what makes it possible to have the type of experiences you can have on earth? Well, as I said, the chair does not appear out of nowhere. One human being does not appear out of nowhere. In order to produce the kind of experiences that are possible in the reality simulator of earth, many people are needed. So you can see that there is a certain civilization with perhaps millions of people and the experience they are having depends on all of the people being there and interacting. This creates a certain connection between these beings.

You can say that each self-aware being, as we have said, starts out with a point-like sense of identity. If you were alone in an entire universe, it would be difficult to expand that sense of identity. It would certainly take a long time. But because you are not alone, because there are other self-aware beings in your world, then by interacting with those other beings you can expand your sense of self more quickly because you are challenged somewhat, you see that there are other ways to look at life, other ways to explain the world. This is what actually facilitates the purpose of the reality simulator, which is the growth in awareness, the expansion of the sense of self of the beings who are inside it. So there is a point where a certain group of people need to live together in some group form but they need to live isolated in order to build that sense of identity that they had created in that group.

There also comes a point where the desire to experience something more becomes more dominant in the minds of at least some of these people, but how can that happen? How can you experience something different or something more if everybody is trapped in the same worldview? In some cases people can question their worldview, but that only happens when you start moving into the awakening phase. That is when you begin to voluntarily, and from inside yourself, question your worldview. But it is difficult to make the transition directly from the immersion phase to the awakening phase. There is sort of an intermediary step where now a civilization can no longer remain isolated, it comes into contact with another civilization that has developed separately for a very long time. You see that for example, the Mayan civilization had taken centuries to develop to the point it was at in the 1500s. The European civilization had also taken a long time to develop. But now the two were brought together and this was an opportunity for both of them to transcend their previous state. I know some will say that it had disastrous consequences for the Mayans as their civilization was brutally suppressed by the Europeans. Nevertheless there was still that opportunity that both of them saw that there was a different way to live, a different way to look at life and this was an opportunity for growth.

Now, of course you can say that when two civilizations with different worldviews suddenly come together, what will inevitably happen? Well, both civilizations have the sense that their worldview is not a worldview, it is reality. It is based on some higher authority, some ultimate truth. Therefore there is an inevitable conflict, there are clashes, people feel their worldview is threatened. What is the purpose of this? Well, the purpose of this is that when a particular group of lifestreams such as the billions of people that are associated with the planet earth reality simulator have grown to a certain level, then there will be some that are closer to the awakening phase than others. But there will be others who will cling to their worldview and their sense of reality that it gives them and therefore refuse to question their worldview. If these beings who cling to their worldview were left alone, they might stay in the reality simulator for a very, very long time. In fact, they might become stuck in a certain worldview. So because all people, all lifestreams who live in a certain reality simulator are interconnected, it is actually within the law of free will that some pull up on the others. More than that, there is a certain experience you can have by living in an isolated civilization that has a particular worldview. But what happens when your civilization clashes with another civilization that has a different worldview? Well, is it not just another experience, another type of experience you can have in the reality simulator?

First you have the experience that there is only one worldview and that is the one held by your civilization. Then you have the experience that there are other worldviews. For that matter, there are many other worldviews and they are all different. They all claim to be real, to be based on some higher authority. What happens when people see this? Well, some people will cling to the belief that theirs is the only true one and they must force other people to adhere to that worldview. But other lifestreams begin to say, “If there are so many different worldviews that all claim to be real, then logically they cannot all be correct. They cannot all be real if they are so different, even opposite.” Well, this is when the being starts the awakening phase. It starts consciously questioning these various worldviews and eventually it comes to a point where it starts questioning “why do we human beings create these worldviews? Why do we need them?” It starts questioning “Is it that all of the worldviews on earth are limited, they do not tell us the whole story of how the world works? Is there perhaps a higher worldview that hasn’t been manifested on earth yet?”

Then there comes that even further advanced stage where people start saying, “what if there is no worldview on earth that is ultimately real and what if it is meaningless to talk about which worldview is real or which one is the ultimate? What if I should just stop feeling threatened by the fact that there are different worldviews? What if I should realize and recognize that a worldview only has one purpose? That purpose is not to define reality, not to describe how the world absolutely works. The only purpose of a particular worldview is to give a particular group of people a certain experience so why should I be concerned about other people having different worldviews than myself? Why should I not say, “Let me focus on my worldview and the experience that I can have through that worldview? Let me enjoy that experience, let me immerse myself in that experience, let me have that experience until I’ve had enough of it and then when I feel I’ve had enough of that experience, what are my options? Well, I can look for a different worldview that can give me a different experience.” Nothing wrong with that.

You might even switch in one embodiment but otherwise you can certainly switch from lifetime to lifetime to different worldviews. You can eventually come to the point where you can realize that if the earth is a reality simulator, what if there is something outside the simulator? What if there is another world outside the simulator? When you go into a specially constructed room on earth that projects a simulated environment, you know there is still what you call the real world outside the simulator. What if what you have so far seen as real is just a bigger simulator? What if there’s something outside that simulator? And what if that something is actually more real, perhaps even actually the real world outside the simulator? In other words, what we have called natural planets that are in an upward spiral of transcending themselves constantly can be considered the real world and the unnatural planets are the simulator. You could also say that the entire unascended sphere is a type of simulator and only the ascended realm is the real world, however you want to look at it.

Nevertheless the option you have is to come to a point where you say, where you realize, “I have had enough of the simulator of earth, I have had enough of the kinds of experiences I can have in this simulator. What if I could graduate? What if I could permanently exit the simulator instead of just reincarnating time and time again?” Well, how do you then do that? You must come to realize, my beloved, that every worldview, any worldview you could possibly have inside the simulator called earth, is not ultimately real. It is given to facilitate a certain type of experience, or it is created, generated, to facilitate a certain type of experience.

Now you may look at earth and you may say, “But what about all the warring, all the conflicts? What is the purpose of that?” Well, the earth is a special type of reality simulator. When you consider the fact that self-aware beings are created with a point-like sense of identity and are given free will as to how they will expand that sense of identity, you realize that when you have a point-like sense of identity, how is it possible for you to realize that everything is interconnected? How is it possible for you to realize what I have said is the truth about the interdependent originations? There you are, you appeared as a self-aware being, you experience yourself as a distinct being different from other beings. You live in a certain environment. You are different from that environment. So how do you start building a sense of identity? You must start by seeing yourself as a separate being. This is what a reality simulator like earth is designed to facilitate only it is designed to give you a special type of experience as a separate being.

We have said there are natural planets and on natural planets you also start out with a point-like sense of identity. You see yourself as somewhat separate beings, but you realize there is more to your identity than that point-like sense of self. That is why on natural planets you do not have the conflicts between self-aware beings. On earth you have the conflict because as we have explained, as an ultimate consequence of giving beings free will, it must be possible that you can explore all of the realms of what kind of choices you can make. This means that it must be possible for you to have the experience of what it means to be a completely separate being who can do whatever it wants regardless of what the consequences are for other separate beings. You can do whatever you want and you can have the belief that you can get away with it.

Planet earth gives you that experience, where you have no sense of connection to your own higher being. You have no sense of connection to other beings. You can deny that your actions have consequences for others or that it matters that they have consequences for others, that it will affect you. On a natural planet where beings are aware that everything is connected, they know that everything they do affects the whole. That is a different type of experience than what you can have on earth. On earth you can have this experience that you are not connected to the whole, you are a separate being living among other separate beings and therefore what you do may have a visible physical consequence, but it does not have any consequence beyond that, it does not affect the whole.

The thing is, once people have gone into this sense of being separate beings, again they have a strong sense of reality,“this is real. We are really separate beings. We are really living in a separate world. We are the superior beings on earth. We are more important than anybody else. Our religion is the only true one therefore it is justified, it is necessary, that we kill all those who will not follow our religion.” This is an experience you can have in the reality simulator on earth and it is part of the full range of free will. But what if people got stuck in this type of experience? Well, the safety mechanism is that even though they are experiencing themselves as separate beings, they are not actually separate beings because they are interconnected with all of the other beings who are in the same reality simulator and therefore, when some people start waking up, it will pull on all the others.

That is why you have seen there has been an evolution in humanity, in human society. New technologies have been brought forth that allow separate civilizations to now start interacting and you can see how the world has become more and more connected, with the internet becoming the latest stage of this. You see that people’s worldviews will now begin to clash more and this is because human beings collectively have entered that beginning of the awakening phase. There are some that are still holding on to the separateness but it is perfectly within the law of free will for a particular reality simulator that they are having their worldviews challenged by other worldviews so that they can get an opportunity to question them.

You may say, “Well, many people are not taking advantage of this opportunity.” That is of course correct for this lifetime, perhaps for many lifetimes but nevertheless the earth is constructed in such a way that in the phase that the earth is in right now, or that humanity is in, you cannot live on this planet without being aware that there are other worldviews and without having your worldview challenged. There will come a point, there will come a time for almost all beings, where they become open to questioning their worldview. This will especially happen because you will not incarnate in the same worldview for an indefinite period of time. Many people shift between different civilizations and different worldviews from embodiment to embodiment so all get this opportunity to question their worldview. This is perfectly within the range of free will because all human beings on earth are connected and so when some people start awakening, it is perfectly in order that they pull up on the rest, and therefore challenge them to also start to question their worldview.

Based on this, we can say, “Does it give any meaning to try to get other people to question their worldview?” Look at how religious people have become convinced that they have the only true religion, or communists have been convinced that they have the only true political system, or materialists have been convinced that they have the only true worldview and they have become missionaries who are seeking to convert others. Does it give any meaning? Well of course it gives meaning because this is another experience you can have. In the range of experiences possible in the reality simulator on earth you can have this sense that I have the ultimate worldview and therefore I need to convert all others to this worldview and so you have that for some lifetimes until you have had enough of that and then you step up to a higher view. Now you are focusing on experiencing your own worldview, your chosen worldview and eventually you step up to where you start questioning the worldviews that are currently on earth, looking for something higher.

This is where there can come this shift in people’s minds because the next step up in awareness is the realization that the earth is a reality simulator. Yes it is. But what you see in the reality simulator on earth is that there is the machine, there is the room that you go inside, but it doesn’t function by itself. Outside of the room is an operator and the operators that operate the reality simulator on earth are the beings who, for the most part, have been inside the reality simulator of earth and have sort of graduated. They have had enough of the experiences you can have there, then they have exited the reality simulator but instead of moving on they have dedicated themselves to working with those who are still inside the reality simulator.

So the option you have at a certain point is to look at many of the worldviews that exist on earth and realize they were created inside the reality simulator. Perhaps some of them had some input from outside the simulator but then people took their current level of consciousness, projected that onto that impulse coming from the outside, and they created a new worldview that was created inside the simulator. So once you begin to realize this you can say, “Well, what if I could get something directly from those operators outside the simulator?” When the student is ready, the teacher appears. That is why throughout the ages some people have become ready to receive something from outside the simulator and they have received it.

When I (Gautama) walked the earth in a physical body 2500 years ago, did I come up with the teachings of Buddhism all by myself? Was I a being who was still inside the simulator, but who came up with this teaching? Nay. I realized the limitations of the worldviews that I saw at the time and I opened my mind to reaching out for something from beyond the simulator and I received it, and that became the teachings of Buddhism. They were given from outside the simulator but of course since then, people who did not have the direct contact with the operators outside the simulator, they used their current worldview to superimpose ideas upon this teaching and created what you today call the religion of Buddhism. Some have maintained a certain level of purity to the original teachings. Others have imposed an interpretation that is quite different from the original teaching. But what very very few have done is to take the original teachings of Buddhism and use them to connect to the operators outside the simulator.

When Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, he had also reached that level of consciousness, where he had questioned all of the worldviews that he had seen on earth. He had realized that many of those worldviews were entirely created inside the reality simulator. They were based on the experiences people were having inside the reality simulator. They had superimposed those experiences upon those worldviews. This is perfectly fine because it gives people a certain experience and the sense that that experience is real. The problem is, if it is a problem, that a worldview created based on the current conditions of the reality simulator cannot help you get out of the reality simulator. It will keep you in it.

So Jesus reached the point where he was willing to see this. He saw this. He saw the limitations of these worldviews. He was willing to question them. He was willing to come to the point where he said, “Is it possible that I of my own self can do nothing? Or is there something the Father outside of me can give me, a different perspective, than I can receive from inside this world?” Then he (Jesus) reached out and as the law states, when the student is ready the teacher must appear and Jesus was then given a teaching from outside the simulator. What have people done to that teaching? Well, as Jesus said in his dictation earlier today, they have completely distorted it.

What he called the “consciousness of Satan” is what I call the “consciousness that exists inside the reality simulator” and that (consciousness) may be able to conceive that there could be something from outside the simulator but once it has made contact with the outside, it wants to force that experience to fit inside the worldview that is created inside the simulator. In other words, instead of using that contact with the outside to transcend the simulator, it uses it to reinforce and validate the worldview that keeps you in the simulator.

Could you not say, “Well, isn’t that just another experience people can have, where they feel that their worldview is validated by some ultimate authority whether they call it God or something else?” And of course it is, it is another type of experience but again because all beings inside the simulator are interconnected, it is also perfectly in order that some people reach for a higher experience and therefore bring forth something that can challenge the existing worldviews. Based on this, you can say, “well, there are some worldviews on earth that say that something has gone wrong with God’s creation and that is why you see all the misery and suffering and conflict on earth.” But based on the perspective I have given you, nothing has gone wrong.

The earth is a reality simulator designed to give the beings inside a certain range of experiences. They have free will to choose what kind of experience they want. In a sense they are not even choosing between pre-existing experiences, they have a certain freedom to define their own experiences, which is what they have done by creating all these clashing worldviews. Nothing has gone wrong. The only question is, “Have you as an individual had enough of the experiences that you currently see on earth?” Then you can do two things if you have had enough. You can seek to make contact with the operators outside the simulator, bring forth some impulse that can help you to define another worldview that gives you an experience that nobody has had on earth before. This is also perfectly valid. But the other option is to realize that you have had enough of all of the kinds of experiences, the type of experiences you can have on earth, the type of experiences you can have as a separate being. You want to step up to that deeper realization that although you started out as a point-like being you have now expanded your sense of identity where you can realize that you are not a separate being, you are part of an interconnected whole. Instead of experiencing what you can experience as a separate being, you want to have that experience of being connected.

So when you come to this point, that is when you can start the ultimate phase of the awakening process that can lead to your permanent exit from the reality simulator of earth, which of course is what we call the ascension. Could it be called other things? Of course, but we are giving you a teaching that we are not claiming is the ultimate teaching, but it is a teaching that is specifically designed to help those who are willing to do that, exit the simulator as quickly as possible. For many people it can be done in one lifetime because you have already done other things in previous lifetimes. So that is the only purpose. We are not having the purpose of giving you an ultimate truth and the reason for this is very simple. The purpose of our teachings is not to give you another type of experience you can have in the reality simulator of earth. The purpose of our teachings is to help you permanently exit the simulator.

Could there be other teachings that could help you exit the simulator? Certainly. Buddhism is one teaching that has helped some people. Christianity in its pure form has also helped some people. Even Islam has helped some people when they took the mystical approach to it. Other teachings have done so. But what we are giving today is based on the collective consciousness as it is today. So it is designed for those who have reached those higher levels of awakening and are ready to take the final steps. This was what I wanted to give you in this installment. For some it may be a big mouthful. Some people will read it and say this is meaningless gibberish. Others will read it and say this could never come from the Buddha. Others will read it and say this could not come from the ascended masters. Let them have that experience. What is that to thee?

You follow the teachings that resonate with you, and that you know can help you exit the simulator and then when you do exit the simulator, certainly I will be there to greet you, as will Jesus, Saint Germain, Master More, Mother Mary, and many other ascended masters. In fact, we may have to stand in line to greet you. But then again, since we are in a state of oneness, that is perfectly okay with us.

With this, my beloved, my gratitude for having allowed me to bring forth this teaching, this address. It could not have been given to just anybody, but only to people who had opened their minds to being able and willing to receive it. So, you see, there is always the interdependent originations. We of the ascended masters cannot bring forth something on earth “out of the blue.” We are depending on someone inside the simulator raising their consciousness to the point where they can receive it. For that, I am grateful, and with that, I seal you and I seal this conference in my Flame of Buddhic gratitude.


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It is time to share your personal story

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 1, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. It is my great joy to be able to address you. It is always my great joy to address students who are willing to look at themselves, work on themselves and use the tools and teachings we give, to free yourselves from the things that limit and burden you. What gives joy to an ascended master? Well, that we see our students grow, that we see you be free from the burdens, that we see you find a higher degree of inner peace, so that you can be at peace with being on earth, being on the spiritual path and knowing that you are moving towards the ascended state.

Truly, it is a difficult planet on which to find peace. There is no question about that. Nevertheless, as we have given you these tools and teachings, once you overcome these separate selves, then you will begin to feel a greater and greater sense of peace, as many of you already know from experience. We have seen since we released the “My Lives” book, the “Healing Your Spiritual Traumas” and the following books, we have seen a tremendous shift among the students who have taken these teachings and used them sincerely. We know that some of you may feel that you have not made as much progress as you would like. Or maybe you feel you have not made as much progress as others. But the reality is that you have all made progress if you have sincerely used these teachings. Sometimes it is possible for students to have made progress but they do not realize it consciously. They do not acknowledge it consciously because they still have a separate self that is blocking them from seeing it. So if you feel that way, then you might use the tools to try and see, get to see that separate self and then come to that point where you actually recognize that you have made progress, because you have shed many of these selves that have been burdening you throughout this lifetime and of course, beyond this lifetime.

When you look at the history of this planet, you will see that there have been a small number of people who have been able to find peace with being here. In many cases, or rather, in most cases, these people have isolated themselves from normal society. They have lived in some monastery, some remote setting, where they have withdrawn and therefore not been part of the hustle and bustle of life that most people experience. Now, we are of course not telling you to go into the most chaotic, disturbed environment you could possibly find and then attempt to find peace there. But we are hoping that you will use the tools and teachings we have given, so that you can still live an active life in society and find peace, find some inner peace, because by doing this you will radiate that peace into society more than you can do from a monastery in a remote setting. But you will also give other people an example that it is possible to gain a greater sense of peace.

I know very well that it can be difficult for you to share the teachings with other people. I know very well that the teachings we are giving you, are at a much higher level than what most people are ready to grasp. You recognize, I trust that when Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago, very, very few people were able to grasp what he actually taught. That is, of course, one reason why his teachings were not written down very accurately. But it is also one reason why he did not himself write the teachings down because he knew that anything written would be misinterpreted. Today with the better communications technology we have, we can write something down and distribute it to a greater number of people. And therefore, we are not so reluctant to put our teachings in writing. But even then, when Jesus gave those teachings they were far ahead of the collective consciousness, meaning that the vast majority of people were not ready for them. That is also why you see him teaching at two levels: a more general teaching for the broad population and then a more specific teaching for his disciples. So today, of course, it is the same situation. We are giving you a teaching that is far ahead of the collective consciousness, at least the teaching we give about the spiritual path and walking the path to Christhood, overcoming your separate selves. And therefore, we know how difficult it is for you to share this with other people. And we are not pushing you in any way to go out and share it with other people. But you understand that just by living in society, resolving your own psychology and radiating a degree of inner peace, you are giving other people an example. You are showing them that there is a different way to live, that there is a higher level of consciousness, that there is a higher level of inner peace. And sooner or later someone will see this in you, and they will want to know how you have attained it, how come you are different than the average. This then gives you an opportunity to share with such people your own path. Again, we are not in any way encouraging you to go into this missionary mindset where you have to convert everybody to follow a particular ascended master teaching. But we are encouraging you to share your story of what has worked for you. That is very different from speaking with a purpose of influencing other people. When you speak, write, whatever and share your own story, your own process, you are not pushing other people. You are not influencing their free will. You are not violating their free will. You are simply sharing your experience of being on planet earth.

And I can assure you that even though throughout history, some writers have attempted to write down their experience, there has never been a group of people in embodiment, who has had a broader perspective on life on earth than what you have. And therefore, you have the opportunity—not to put pressure on you, but to make you realize what you have—you have the opportunity to share your own process and therefore bring forth a perspective on life on earth that can be helpful to some people, in fact, to many people. When something has been helpful for you, you can be absolutely sure that it can also be helpful to others. For each of you have a certain, we might call it mandala or group of people that you are linked to and you are one of the fore-runners, perhaps the only fore-runner for that group.

By having that link, your story can help and inspire other people with a similar background. And that is why it is valuable, that you share your story. It is valuable for others, but it is also valuable to yourself. In fact, we have talked about both in dictations and in your questions, that there is a shift that occurs at the 96th level of consciousness, which is what many of you are approaching when you have followed the Path to Self-Mastery, coming now to having worked through this seventh book by Saint Germain. Some of you were even close to that level of consciousness when you found the teachings, others have grown to that level. It is important that you understand that when you reach that 96th level of consciousness you do face, as we have said, that initiation: Will you continue walking the path in order to elevate or raise up or perfect or complexify the self that you have right now, or will you realize that the next phase of the path (now that you have raised yourself about the mass consciousness) is actually to dismantle that self? You are not only dismantling the self that brought you to the 96th level. You are dismantling the self, all of the selves that you have created on earth. You realize that growing to the 96th level means you pull yourself away from the collective consciousness by building a stronger self that allows you not to be pulled down by the collective. But once you have done that, you now start dismantling all the selves you have left. You start working towards that state that Jesus described when he said: “The prince of this world comes and has nothing in me”. There is no self in you that the prince of this world can use to pull you down, to pull you into a reactionary pattern, and that is why you have inner peace. You live on a planet where there is a tremendous pull from the collective consciousness, from dark forces in the emotional, mental and identity realms.

The only way to truly be free from that pull is that there is nothing in you that the pull can grab onto—there is no magnetic substance that the magnetic force can pull on. And that is the only way to attain peace on a planet like this. Now, why can you not start at the 48th level dismantling these selves? Well, in a sense, you could say that you are dismantling selves, because there is a certain illusion for each level of consciousness, there is a certain self that is based on that illusion and as you take a step from the 48th to the 49th level, you dismantle the self that corresponds to the 48th level. So you are dismantling selves, but you still need to build a sense of identity of being different from the mass consciousness in order to pull yourself above it. Otherwise it will simply take longer to walk the path. So you are doing several things at the same time. But when you reach that 96th level, it is now not a matter of setting yourself above, or apart from the population. It is a matter of starting to get over this sense of being different from the people. Now, this is a tricky thing to even describe, because you are naturally different from the population because you do not have these selves that they have. You do not have the illusions, you have a broader perspective. But you are not different in the sense that you have suddenly become better or more important, according to a dualistic value judgment or scale, for higher and lower. In fact, as you go above the 96th level, you are dismantling these selves that have that value judgment. That is the only way you can really pass that initiation of shifting from focusing on elevating the self to focusing on elevating the whole. And that is, of course, the shift of the Christ consciousness. There are many people, not necessarily throughout the ages, but certainly within the last few decades where there has been more teachings on Christ Consciousness available, who have taken some of these teachings on Christ Consciousness and even some have taken the teachings we have given through this messenger about the course of Christhood (“The Master Keys to Personal Christhood”) and they have used these teachings to build the idea (or they already had the idea but they have used the teachings to reinforce it) that being the Christ means that you become higher than all other people, you are elevating yourself above other people. And therefore, you see yourself as being more important, more sophisticated, more advanced. This is a need that a certain percentage of people who are open to the spiritual path have. Naturally it comes from a separate self. It comes from having been put down for many lifetimes by the fallen beings. It comes from these people’s cosmic birth trauma and the primal self that they created. So, they can use these teachings then to build this expectation that when they reach the Christ Consciousness, they will have these special abilities, they will be able to manipulate matter, walk on water, do this, do that. And this, of course is a blind alley. You will actually not make progress in terms of rising above the 96th level. You will start going down. But even when you are going down in consciousness, you can still build a very strong separate self that makes you think that you are becoming more and more advanced.

What can pull these people out of this illusion? Well, in most cases, once they start going into this downward spiral, the only thing that can really bring them out of it is this shattering experience where they come to the realization that:  “Even though I have made all of this effort, even though I have done all of this striving, I still don’t have that ability that I was hoping to attain once I reached Christhood: I still can’t walk on water. I still can’t manipulate matter. I still can’t heal the sick, I still can’t do all of these things.” That can sometimes help them get out of this state of glorifying, wanting to glorify the self. Unfortunately, in some cases they become very angry with the teaching or they become maybe even angry with the ascended masters. We have seen some people who have diligently walked the spiritual path both in this dispensation and in previous ascended master teachings, thinking that if they really applied themselves, if they really build this sense of being the good chela, being a sophisticated person, then one day the ascended masters would acknowledge them, even do so in a public way, or even give them some special ability.

Then when that did not happen, people have crashed and now they have become angry with the ascended masters, they might even deny the reality of ascended masters and this unfortunately has the effect of continuing these people’s downward spiral. How do you get beyond this?  I gave you a very long explanation, but it actually started out with me saying that once you reach the 96th level, you need to start reaching beyond yourself. The only way to avoid being trapped in this spiral of self-glorification is really to reach a more global awareness where you are doing something for others; you are considering: “What can I do to help others?” As I said, one of the things that all of you can do is really to share your personal story. Of course you have the internet, you have the option to share the process you have gone through growing up in the society you grew up in, what you were told, what you were indoctrinated with, how you pulled yourself away from that, how you opened your mind to a higher understanding of reality and how you have walked the path to the point you are at and overcoming what you have overcome. As I said, this can truly help other people.

You may say: “Well, who am I? How do I have an interesting background and life?  I’ve just had this normal life”. But it is not a normal life if you have found the spiritual path, even though you grew up in a society that was not open to spiritual teachings, your life is not normal. Your life is not ordinary. If you have come to the point where you are willing to work on yourself, where you can overcome what burdens so many people, this is not ordinary. This is not normal. This is what many, many people want but because they have grown up in societies that did not give them the teachings and the tools for doing this, they do not know how.

As the Buddha said, when the demons of Mara told him that nobody would understand his teachings, he said: “Some will understand.” It is the same thing with you. Some will understand, when you share your story, some will appreciate it, some will be helped by it. If only one person is helped by your story, still, that makes it worthwhile to write it and the other value of writing it is that by just writing it, you will have certain selves come up. In fact, you could say: “Why haven’t you written it already?” Because there is some self that stops you. This gives you the opportunity to look at that self, to ask for our help to see it, to look at it from different perspectives, until you see the belief behind it. As I said, it may be: “Well, who am I, there’s nothing special about me”.

Well, who says you have to be special?  If you are further along on the path of raising consciousness than other people, then your story can help them and this is, as we have talked about this year, for Saint Germain and Jesus in Korea gave these very important dictations about spiritual students having the need to feel special. This is one of the big challenges you face at the 96th level. You need to overcome this sense, and it has two aspects like everything else. The one aspect is that people feel they are special. The other aspect is that they feel they are not special.

Either way, you need to overcome that consciousness because there comes a point where as a part of attaining higher degrees of Christhood, these value judgments start falling away. You do not anymore look at things in terms of good and bad, higher or lower, better or worse, special or not special. All of these dualistic value judgments just fade away. Or rather, how do they fade away? They fade away when you see that they come from a self and when you let that self die.

There comes that point where you have a sense of realism, you are not looking at yourself as being special or better or superior to others.  But you are neither looking at yourself as being less than, or inferior to, or not special. So you are not elevating yourself, you are not putting yourself down, you are realistically assessing that you have made progress on the spiritual path, you have reached a higher level of consciousness and this does not make you better than others. But it does give you more experience, more insight than others. Therefore you are in a position where you have something to give to others.

Quite frankly, the only way to overcome the focus on self is to start giving to others, giving to the whole. You might also look at it another way and say that between the 48th and the 96th level we of the ascended masters are focused on giving to you so that you can raise yourself up. You come to the 96th level and you are now like the servants that Jesus talked about. You have received a certain amount of talents. Now at the 96th level, we therefore need to leave you alone for a time. We need to go away and see what you are going to do with those talents. Will you bury them in the ground and do nothing or continue to try to glorify the self? Or will you multiply them and how do you multiply them? By doing something for others.

When you start doing something for others, then we can again step in and multiply your efforts. This then is what drives your growth from the 96th level forward. You see that between the 48th and the 96th level, we are allowed to give you something; energy, teachings, in order to drive your growth, this is a gift you are getting. You are receiving a gift from us. But when you come to the 96th level, we are not allowed to give you anything anymore to promote your own growth. We are only allowed to multiply what you have multiplied by helping others. That is how you grow from the 96th level forward.

Again, this is not to put any kind of pressure on you. If you do not feel you are ready to share your story, do not feel pressure to write it. But perhaps you might consider why you are not ready. What kind of selves do you have that make you feel you are not ready; think you are not ready? Look at the arguments they use to make you believe you are not ready, and then expose those selves and work on them so that you can come to that point where it just becomes natural for you to share your story. I am not saying that you need to be completely at peace with sharing your story, when you do it. In fact, as I said, by sharing your story you will confront some of the selves you have and if you get feedback from other people, you will also confront your reaction to this.

You understand that all of the teachings we have given you about fallen beings and about the birth trauma, the reality is that many of you came to earth as avatars and you came with the intent to improve things on Earth. The fallen beings of course felt threatened by this and they did everything they could to sabotage your mission on earth. Many of you have for a variety of reasons as we have talked about, built this primal self or other selves that are very, very aggressive in telling you that you should not take a risk. You should not expose yourself publicly, you should not go out there and try to change anything or tell people anything of how things could be done better. You should not run that risk of public humiliation, public ridicule, public rejection.

But truly, how will you get out of this planet unless you fulfill the reason that brought you here?  Now, as we have talked about before, as the messenger has talked about, the reason that brought you here that you saw, when you chose to come here may not really be the real reason you are here. You may not be here to change the earth, but you may be here to change yourself, to overcome certain attitudes that you had not fully overcome on a natural planet.

So if you came as an avatar to earth, or even if you are one of the original inhabitants who were put down by the fallen beings, then you will have those selves that do not want you to speak out, where you feel you cannot be at peace, by speaking out. You understand that if you are one of the original inhabitants, and if you were persecuted by the fallen beings so you developed an earth trauma, it was because you were speaking out against the fallen beings, otherwise they would have left you alone if you were not a threat to them.

Basically the same dynamic applies whether you are an original inhabitant or an avatar. You challenged the fallen beings. You were hammered down by them, but you will not get out of earth because you will not be ready to get out of earth before you overcome that trauma so that you can speak out, share who you are, express yourself freely on this planet and be at peace with doing so. It is not really possible to choose to leave the earth behind as long as you have a lesson that you have not learned on this planet, and that you wanted to learn on this planet.  As we have said, the ascension is a process where you are standing in front of a doorway that leads to the ascended realm but before you can walk through that door, you have to look back at earth and see if there is anything you have left unfinished, anything that pulls you back to earth. If there is, you are not ready to ascend.

Regardless of whether you are an original inhabitant or an avatar, or however you got to earth, your I AM Presence wanted to experience what it is like to be on a planet like earth and to express itself freely on this planet and that requires you to come to that point where you are at peace with letting your I AM Presence express itself through you. You are at peace with speaking out and letting other people react to that however they want. It does not disturb your peace, whether they ignore you or reject you or ridicule you or whatever.

What I am saying here is that the higher stages of Christhood really cannot be completed in a monastery where you are isolated from the people. There are many, many people who have withdrawn to monasteries and they have made progress by doing so but they have not manifested Christhood because Christhood is not a matter of sitting in a cave and meditating. Christhood is a matter of administering to the people, seeking to open the eyes of the blind, metaphorically speaking. That is what you saw Jesus do in the last three years of his ministry. You saw him hesitate at the wedding of Cana and I was the one who was there to push him over that last hesitation.  I know there are no wedding bells and no wedding cake and no wedding dresses at this conference, but it is the same situation. I am now pushing you. They have no wine. They have no wine of the Christ consciousness. They are lost. They need someone who will give them a cup of cold water in Christ’s name. Some teaching they can hold on to. Some example they can see. Something, my beloved, that helps them.

You will not make progress on the path to Christhood unless you dare to share. You will come to a certain point and you will start idling. The motor will idle and you will not move in any direction. I desire to see you move forward because I see that all of you have the potential to do so. All of you are close, much closer than some of you think, to being able to do this. I am not in any way, pushing you, trying to shame you, trying to scare you. I am simply the mother who loves you, who sees your potential and I want you to reach that potential and fulfill it because I know it will give you peace and it will give you joy. It will give you a sense of fulfillment. It will give you a sense that regardless of the difficulties you have experienced on this planet over so many lifetimes, it was worth it to come here. It was worth it because of the growth you have had and the joy you have had of expressing yourself on this planet.

Fortunately, you live in an age that is not quite as dense as what Jesus lived in 2000 years ago. I am not talking about you, expressing your Christhood and being crucified or killed or tortured or murdered. You live in a different age. But by sharing your story, well, you are not going to be executed by the authorities for sharing your personal story unless you lived in some of the remaining dictatorships. This is not what I am encouraging you to do. For most of you, this is not a risk. It is not a matter of being persecuted. It is simply a matter of you sharing, you sensing the reaction coming back, and you use that as an opportunity to see what reaction you have in yourself, thereby exposing those separate selves.

You look at this messenger and you may say he has gone through a certain process in his life and after he started being a messenger he has been persecuted, put down, criticized and this and that. But it has not been a physical persecution, it has been with words. What has he used it for? An opportunity to look at himself, to see if he had a reaction that was not peace and therefore look at that separate self from which the reaction came. He has been willing to look at himself. He has been willing to look at his reactions. He has been willing to look at the expectations directed at any spiritual teacher, anyone who dares to stand out from the crowd. He has been willing to deal with that in himself to the point where he can feel a high degree of peace with what he is doing. He can also say: “It has been worth it.” Just because of the growth that he has experienced.

Now you all have your individual path, your individual Divine plan, but I can assure you that if you take the opportunity to express yourself, to work with your reaction, to overcome these selves, there will come a point where you say: “It was definitely worth it. I never would have grown so much if I had not dared to share.” I know we have talked about this before. Some of you may say: “Well, I have heard it before.” And I would say: “Have you? Have you actually heard it? Yes, you heard it with your ears, you might have heard it with your outer mind, but did you truly hear it? Because if you did truly hear it, you would have acted on it, wouldn’t you?” Again, I am not seeking to make you feel regret or feel bad of what you have not done. I am only seeking to help you feel that it is time to work on this. Even if you are not quite ready to do it, then start working on why you are not ready to do it, so you can come to this point where I do not have to push you to do it because you have now resolved the selves that block you so that it comes naturally from within. It is simply a natural step.

There was a point before this messenger started doing the askrealjesus website way back in 2001 and 2002, where he felt that he had taken in so many teachings from the ascended masters, that he was almost ready to explode, and he felt “I have to start giving out.” Well, it is easier than ever to start giving out by just sharing. With this, I think we have now, Jesus and I encouraged you three times to share your story. This is literally what the law allows us to do. We can approach a student three times and if we are ignored or rejected, we cannot approach that student again until he or she asks for it. With this, I have said the final word for now on this topic and we shall see. If you have particular questions, we are of course happy to answer them, but we will move on to talk about other topics and leave you to decide on your own whether you will turn that water into wine as you are capable of doing because you are capable of taking the human consciousness and the experience you had growing up and turning it into the wine of the Christ Consciousness by giving it a different perspective based on the insights and the experiences you have.

With this, I want to make a few remarks about what we have accomplished this year. We have had these five conferences this year. Three of them were on these specific, very heavy topics of dictatorships, fanaticism and elitism. These are worldwide universal topics that we hope people will find the books in the coming years, make the calls of the invocations, and therefore start transcending or transforming that consciousness that blocks the planet from overcoming this very heavy weight of the dictators, the fanaticism and the elitism. The other two conferences have also been very important, but of a more local nature. Our Ukraine conference had a tremendous impact on the collective consciousness in Ukraine and in large part, also in Russia. This conference has also had a tremendous impact on all the nations that were under the communist banner, so to speak, and even China who is still somewhat under the communist banner, although one cannot really say that they have a strict communist system anymore. So all five conferences have been very, very important for the work that we see and that we want to accomplish and I want to express the gratitude we all have for those of you who have participated in these conferences, either physically by being there, over the internet and for those who will take these teachings, make use of them, make the calls and the invocations, write your own invocations as we have encouraged you to do for Ukraine, Russia and other nations. So that you can start anchoring these teachings in the physical and really bringing forth change.

Again, we are always walking this balance of, having seen in previous ascended master dispensations how when we told the students how important their work is, the students felt very special, felt they were very advanced and higher than other spiritual students on the planet. This of course, we are not encouraging you to do. We actually know that if you use the tools and teachings you will not do this. Therefore, I do want to say that the work that has been accomplished by the student body this year is quite frankly beyond our expectations and plans. You have accomplished much more than we planned for, because we could not know, given the equation of free will, how you would respond, how much you would be willing to shift your own consciousness. We are very, very grateful. We are very, very encouraged by this, because truly, it has created an impulse in the collective consciousness. The conferences this year have created such a powerful influence that it will, in the near future, begin to have visible results. Naturally, it is always difficult on a planet as complex as Earth to say: “This event happened in the physical. It was caused by that particular conference.” Nevertheless, you will see that there will be visible results of these five conferences in this year. Definitely during the coming years, you will see this. This is not to make you feel superior, but to make you feel that it was worthwhile. We have made an effort. We have done something that was significant. Therefore, we will of course continue to do the work, so that we can fulfill the reason we came here, what is in our Divine plan of how we wanted to help bring in the Golden Age of Saint Germain. All of you who are part of this teaching have in your Divine plan, this desire to help Saint Germain bring forth that Golden Age and create an upward spiral of the Golden Age that cannot be stopped by the fallen beings or by the mass consciousness. That is part of your Divine plan, or you would not have been attracted to these teachings. It will give you a great sense of joy and fulfillment to see this unfold. I hope you will take it as an encouragement, so that you feel the joy of doing the work. You are not forcing yourself to do so, as we saw in previous ascended master dispensations, where students decided with the outer minds. It comes from within, which of course it also did in previous dispensations for some students, but there was still more of that element of adopting an idea with the outer mind of what you should do in order to be a good ascended master student, a good chela. This we hope you can transcend, by letting the joy from within drive your efforts.

The reality of a planet like Earth is very, very simple. The only way a planet can change is by some people raising their consciousness. There is no other way to change an unnatural planet. Some must start, some must be the forerunners and you are among the forerunners in this age. You should allow yourself to accept that, and accept that we appreciate your efforts. We appreciate your presence on Earth. We feel of course peace and joy from the ascended realm. We would like you to feel that same peace and joy. We hope that you will take what we have said and really allow yourselves to feel that sense of accomplishment, sense of joy, sense of peace. With this, I have said my peace and I congratulate all of our students, for having accomplished what you have accomplished in this year.


Copyright © 2019 by Kim Michaels

The Christ refuses to fit in any mental box

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Ascended Master Jesus, December 1, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. What is the central message of Christ? What is the central mystery of Christ? It is something that the vast majority of those who call themselves Christians have not grasped. It is something that the vast majority of those who call themselves Christian leaders, or even call themselves representatives of Christ, have not grasped. Perhaps we can begin this impossible quest of explaining the impossible by looking at the expression that someone claims that they represent Christ on earth. Or perhaps they make the claim that an institution represents Christ on earth. Can anyone represent Christ on earth? Does Christ need a representative on earth? Nay. What is the central message of Christ? The kingdom of God is within you, meaning within every human being.

Every human being has the potential to experience Christ directly within themselves, within their hearts, within their minds. That is the central message of Christ. If every human being has the potential to experience the presence of Christ, the being of Christ, the mind of Christ within themselves, why do they need a representative of Christ that supposedly stands between them and Christ, that supposedly somehow brings to the people what the people cannot have themselves? Why is that necessary when the central message of Christ is that you do not need anything or any person or any institution between you and Christ? You can contact Christ directly within yourself. There is no need for any person who claims that they represent Christ to people who cannot contact Christ directly.

There is no need for any institution that claims that they represent Christ to the people who cannot contact Christ directly. If you claim that you represent Christ, if an institution makes this claim, what are they demonstrating? That they do not experience the presence of Christ. Because if they did experience it, they would know that what Christ wants is that all people have that experience, so they would go out and teach people how to have that experience, instead of claiming that they represent Christ and that therefore, their role is to tell the people what Christ wants the people to do. The reality is that Christ, the mind of Christ, the presence of Christ, is perfectly capable of telling each person not what they should do, but giving them that frame of reference that there is something beyond their present level of consciousness.

What is the central message of Christ? It is this: there is something beyond your present level of consciousness. It does not matter who you are. It does not matter where you are at on the scale of the 144 levels of consciousness. The message of Christ is always that there is something beyond your present level of consciousness. If you are at the 144th level, if it was possible, which it is not, but if it was possible at the 144th level to begin to believe that you have now reached the ultimate state of consciousness, then you would stop there and you could not ascend. But of course, the closer you get to the 144th level of consciousness, the more clearly you realize that there is something beyond and the beyond is ultimately the ascended state, which of course, is not an ultimate state either, as we, as ascended masters continue to raise our consciousness, because we also experience there is something beyond our present level of consciousness.

Now, you look back at the past 2000 years, perhaps you look back at the time when I walked the earth and you might say: “Well Jesus, why didn’t you tell us this 2000 years ago? Why didn’t you give the message back then that you are giving today?” Well, the answer is in the central message of Christ. There is something beyond your present level of consciousness. The level of consciousness that people had, the level of the collective consciousness 2000 years ago, was considerably lower than it is today. What I gave 2000 years ago was what could be given based on the level of the collective consciousness. It would have been meaningless to give the message back then that I am giving today because people could not have grasped it. They could not have comprehended it because when you look at the concepts that I am including in the teachings I am giving today and that we are including in the teachings we are giving today, then the people could not even have comprehended it. They had no way of relating to this in their minds so you see, based on this, a very important aspect of grasping the central mystery of Christ.

There is no fixed teaching of Christ. It is not possible to give a fixed teaching at any point in time and say this is now the absolute teaching of Christ. This is the final teaching of Christ. This is the absolute truth of Christ. The truth of Christ is always: there is something beyond your present level of consciousness, whatever that level of consciousness is. But what most people have not understood, because they have not even thought about it this way, is the difficulty for the Christ mind to do what it is here to do.

Consider that you were in the position that I am in. You are considering how can we help the people on earth? How can we give them a message that will help them grow? The reality is that the collective consciousness, both now and 2000 years ago, is at such a level that it is completely impossible to give a higher truth through words. One could, for that matter, say that in an unascended sphere it will never be possible to give an absolute truth through words. It needs to be experienced.

What is the purpose of giving a teaching in words? Well, it is to give people something that will encourage them and help them to experience something beyond their present level of consciousness. How can you do this? You must give a teaching in words that is adapted to people’s present level of consciousness so they can grasp it. If they completely fail to grasp what is being said, the teaching cannot help them. Therefore, you must give a teaching adapted to their level of consciousness. Is it not clear that that teaching cannot be the ultimate truth?

You see by this how meaningless it is that billions of Christians around the world still consider the bible to be the word of God, or the final revelation that Jesus Christ wanted to bring forth on earth. And they look to this book as if this was supposed to be able to answer all of their questions, all of the questions they have in the modern world, 2000 years later, they should be able to find answers in this book. But this book, these scriptures, were not given for the level of consciousness that people have today. They were given for the level of consciousness that people had 2000 years ago.

What happens when you raise your level of consciousness? Well, the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know. The more you know, the more you raise your consciousness, the more questions you can formulate so look at yourselves as spiritual people. Look at the internet. Look at all the questions people have today about life, about spirituality, about God, about this or that. Many of these questions people could not even have formulated 2000 years ago. So how can a scripture given 2000 years ago provide the answer to the questions people have today? It makes no sense. Of course, you can say, “What is the point of telling you this? What is the point of telling this to people because what does logic and reason have to do with anything?”

What is the central problem for Christ on earth? It is that people are trapped in a lower state of consciousness. But people do not understand, they do not see, they do not grasp that they are trapped. It is as if people are wearing colored glasses that distort their vision, but they are not aware that they are wearing glasses so they think that what they see is accurate. This is the way the world really looks. This is the way the world really is. And here comes Christ and Christ is not wearing colored glasses and Christ knows that what people are seeing is distorted and it is causing all of their suffering, but how can Christ tell them that what they are seeing is distorted? Will they be willing to listen? Will they be able to grasp what Christ is trying to say? Christ is trying to say essentially, you need to take off the glasses and see the world as it really is, but people cannot grasp that message. They may be able to grasp it intellectually, but do they really grasp it? Even you who are ascended master students who have read all of the teachings I have given, you could benefit from asking yourself the question: “Do I really grasp what Christ is trying to tell me? Have I fully grasped it?”

We may say that what people have not quite realized is how difficult a planet they are living on, how difficult of a planet Earth is. Now why is the earth difficult? Not really because the earth is difficult, it is not the planet itself that is difficult. It is the collective consciousness created by human beings over thousands of years, millions of years in fact, even though people who adhere to the official world view would never accept that. People have not recognized what kind of an environment they are living in and how this environment distorts their vision of the world, the way they look at everything. We have given many teachings on this, the duality consciousness, the sense of separation, but people have not grasped it. They didn’t grasp it 2000 years ago. Most people have not grasped it today and it is because it is quite difficult. It is quite difficult, but why is it difficult?

Well, if you look at the outer things that are happening on Earth, you will see that this is a tumultuous planet, a chaotic planet, an insecure planet. So many things are happening. So many things could be happening from natural disasters to man-made disasters. How can you ever feel secure about anything on a planet like this? The reality is that the environment, the physical environment that people are born into presents them with such insecurities that people cannot deal with it psychologically. You cannot actually live psychologically on a planet like Earth. You cannot function psychologically. Of course, you look at people and you say: “Well, this person is doing quite well. That person is doing fine.” But listen to what I’m saying. You cannot function psychologically given the level of insecurity. So what must you do? You must create a view of the world that gives you a sense that you have control over your life, some degree of control over your life and when you feel you have some degree of control over your life, then you can function psychologically.

You go back to the Middle Ages where most people lived in poverty. Most people were peasants that had little chance of improving their lives. Their daily lives were quite frankly miserable compared to what most people encounter in the modern world, so how did people function psychologically? Well, many of them had used Christianity, the official Christian doctrines, to create a worldview where they said: “Oh, it doesn’t matter what we encounter here on earth, because in a few short decades, we will be rewarded by Jesus coming and taking us to heaven.” So they could endure whatever hardships they were encountering in the physical because they thought what really matters is what happens when I go to heaven. This was a worldview created by people to help them function psychologically in a physical environment where they actually could not function in a normal, natural way. They covered over their fear, their insecurity, their sense of panic, by feeling that: “My worldview gives me some control, because no matter what happens on earth, Jesus will take me to heaven when I’m a good Christian.”

When you realize this, you see that if these people’s worldview had been questioned, what would have happened? Well, their sense of security, their sense of being in control would have been shattered. They would have been thrown into panic and in order to avoid this, they would have completely refused to question their worldview. If somebody threatened their worldview, they would have refused to listen, or they might even have been willing to kill the person who threatened their worldview. This is why you see that Christians throughout the Middle Ages were willing to kill, even members of the Christian community who didn’t follow the party line of the Catholic church. You see here the central challenge of Christ. In order to function psychologically and live what they call a normal life—even though it really should not be called normal life—on Earth, people have created a worldview. The price they pay, which they don’t realize they are paying, is that this worldview, this mental box they have created around their minds is a prison that keeps them trapped.

So here comes Christ and Christ only has one desire, to free them from their self-created mental prison, but how can Christ do this without telling them, showing them, there is more than your mental prison shows you? How will they experience that from inside the prison? They will feel threatened. So what do they do? They try to ignore Christ. If they cannot ignore him because he insists on marching right into Jerusalem riding on a donkey, what do they then do? Well, they kill him. Then when they have killed Christ, what do they do as the ultimate way to kill Christ? They distort his teachings. They create the Catholic church, that from the beginning distorted the teachings of Christ beyond recognition, that created a mental box that was even more closed than the mental box that the Jews had when I appeared physically and then again, when they are in that mental box, they feel secure. They can deal with life on Earth. Therefore, if some pretentious person claims to be a messenger of Jesus Christ and creates a website, well they feel perfectly comfortable ignoring it completely. For what could Jesus possibly have to say to us today that is not in the scriptures that are the very word of God?

What does it mean to truly follow Christ? What does it mean? Well, as an image let us imagine that you are walking in a labyrinth, in a maze. There are walls around you, there are corners, you cannot see what is behind the corner. There are many of these corners. You don’t know which one to take. There may be cobwebs hanging down and suddenly you hear a faint sound. You see the cobwebs moving as if a wind is moving through them but you cannot see what it is. You cannot see what is moving. Well, how do you react? That movement, that wisp of the unseen, the unseeable, that is Christ showing you which direction to take in the labyrinth, but how will you react to this? Will you follow this that you cannot quite see, that you cannot grasp? Or will you stand there and insist that until Christ shows himself in a form that corresponds with your current mental box, then you will not follow him. This is the doubting Thomas: “Show me the wound in your side, so I can know it is you.”

So you see, again the central challenge. Christ is here to help people take one step up from their current mental box. In order to do this, he must show them there is something beyond, but are they able and willing to see it? This is why you see the situation described in the Gospel of Matthew, where I asked my disciples who do people say I am? They give their answers and I say, well, who do ye say I am? Peter says, thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God and I say blessed are you for this has not been revealed to you by flesh and blood and upon this rock will I build my church. This is what the Catholic church bases its very existence on, that I said to Peter, you, Peter, are the rock upon which I will build my church. What sense does that make that one person is the rock when everything must be understood as a symbol? It was not Peter as a person that is the rock of Christ. It was the ability that all people have to reach beyond flesh and blood, meaning their current mental blocks, their current level of consciousness.

All people, as I said, have the potential to experience Christ within their beings because all people have what we today call the Conscious You, which is pure awareness that can step outside of your current sense of identity, your current mental box. All people have the ability to fall silent, to go into a neutral state of mind and therefore experience the presence of Christ. This does not mean they can experience the presence of Christ in its fullness, but they can experience the presence of Christ that is one step up from their present level of consciousness and therefore they experience there is something beyond and therefore they can choose to follow that until they reach that higher level of consciousness. Then they can repeat the process and continue going until they ascend. So this ability is the rock of Christ upon which I will build my church, not Peter as a person.

How can you see this? How can Christians see it? Well, read the following verses that the Catholic church usually ignores where I start telling my disciples that I will have to go to Jerusalem and be persecuted and executed by the authorities and Peter says: “Be it far from the law, this is not going to happen.” And what do I say to Peter? “Get thee behind me, Satan.” And why do I say this? Because the consciousness of Satan is precisely that after you have had a revelation, an experience of the presence of Christ, you will not use that experience to transcend your current mental box. You attempt to pull Christ into your current mental box so that Christ will conform to that mental box and therefore validate the mental box. This is what the Catholic church has done from the year 381. It is what it is still doing today, 17 centuries later. That is why I can only say to the Pope, to the Catholic church, to the Protestant churches and their ministers who claim to represent Christ, I can only say one thing: “Get thee behind me, Satan, for thou art an offense to me. You are not interested in knowing the presence of Christ. You are interested in taking the authority of Christ, pulling it into your current mental box and using Christ to validate your mental box.” That is the consciousness of Satan as I used the word Satan two thousand years ago. It is the consciousness of anti-christ.

Now, I have said that Christ does not need representatives on earth. So who does need representatives on earth? Anti-christ does and so all of those who claim to represent Christ, in reality they represent anti-christ. I cannot be represented, the Christ cannot be represented on earth, because the Christ needs no representative, no representation. You can know the Christ not through any representative. You can only know the Christ through a direct inner personal experience and all people can have it. It is open to all people. But what have the forces of anti-christ, what has Satan done? He has created a Christian church that does everything it can to prevent people from having the direct inner experience of Christ, settling for a representation, a representative of Christ, rather than the real living presence of Christ.

This is what has not been understood, what has not been grasped. I sound stern. Some will say I sound angry. Where is the anger? Certainly not in me. It can only be a projection of people. I am stern in an attempt to cut through the density of people’s consciousness. In reality, I have no condemnation of people. I understand the situation they are in. I understand how difficult it is to live on planet Earth and function psychologically on a planet with such insecurity. I fully understand it. But I also understand that the current chaos and insecurity and the seeming threats on the planet are produced because the vast majority of humanity are trapped in this satanic, dualistic, separate sense of consciousness and that conditions will not improve until more and more people start rising above that state of consciousness.

What will it take to rise above that state of consciousness? You must be willing to question your current mental box. You must be willing to recognize: “There is something beyond my current mental box, something I haven’t seen.” Then, you must say: “Well, how can I come to see what I cannot see? That is where I need the mind of Christ.” Now our Christianity has made Christ a very loaded word, but it is really a neutral word. You can use other words if people need it, but the reality is you are trapped in a limited state of mind. In order to get out of it, you need to have an experience that there is something beyond your mental box and that is a universal state of mind. Call it Christ, call it the Buddhic mind, call it the higher mind, whatever you want to call it.

What is it that is trapped in your current mental box? I say, “You.” What is you? Well, that is the teaching we have given. When you look at the situation of a human being, when you look at yourself and your own mind, you can ask yourself: “What is it that makes me self-aware? What is it that makes me conscious that I exist as an individual? What is it?”

Well, it is two things. First, you have an outer self. We have given many teachings on this, that there are three higher aspects of this self, the emotional, the mental, the identity level. But for a general audience, let us just say here, there is an outer self that is created in response to your outer situation. You are born in a certain country and a certain ethnic group, a certain race. You have a certain sex. You are brought up to identify yourself with these outer conditions, these outer situations. This is your outer self. It is this outer self that forms what I call your mental box that is your mental prison.

The outer self enables you to feel I am this, I am that, I am so and so, but if you go beyond this what is it that enables you to say just “I AM”, instead of “I am this?” There must be a core of your being that gives you the sense I AM, I exist. That is the very core of your being which is not trapped in your mental box, not trapped in your outer self. If you are completely focusing your attention on the outer self then the core of your being, the I AM within you, is trapped, but the I AM has the potential to free itself from the outer self and experience something beyond the outer self’s current sense of identity. That is the rock of Christ that enables you to recognize Christ, there is something beyond.

In order to truly be a follower of Christ, or a Christian, or whatever you want to call it, a spiritual person, you need to be willing to consciously silence the outer mind. Find a way to go within and consciously decide, “I am going to set aside all of my outer sense of identity, all of my outer opinions, all of my outer sense of what life is like or should be like, because I am willing to open myself to a higher experience.” If you can do this and go into a neutral state of mind, you will experience a higher mind, a higher perspective.

Some have called it a mystical experience. It is actually a very natural experience. It only requires you to be willing to pull your attention away from the outer mind and be open to experiencing something that you cannot experience through the outer mind. Then, when you have had that experience, the next step is to make sure that you do not allow the outer mind to interpret the experience, to pull the experience into your mental box and make it conform to the mental box. You keep your attention on the experience that there was something beyond and then you use that to pull yourself up. It does not mean your entire worldview is shattered in one experience, although some people can have a more dramatic conversion experience. It means that you take a step up and now your mental box has been expanded.

If you are willing to continually expand your mental box, then you will continue to grow until you can ascend from earth and then you reach what we would call an ultimate state of consciousness from the earthly perspective, even though it is not ultimately ultimate. This is the central mystery of Christ. With that, you gain a perspective where you realize that all of the ideologies, all of the religions, all of the philosophies and theories that human beings have created throughout the ages, they have all had the same purpose. That is to create a worldview that gives people a sense that they are somewhat in control of their lives and therefore, they can psychologically deal with the otherwise unbearable conditions on earth.

This is the purpose of all of them. Communism, capitalism, the Catholic church, all formal organized religions, they have the same purpose. For some people at a certain level of consciousness, this is all they can handle. All people have the option to experience Christ, but many people are not willing. They are not ready. But this is not my concern.

My concern is, as it was 2000 years ago, to help those who are ready to understand, to grasp the central message of Christ. They are the ones who are driving the progression of the ages, the raising of the collective consciousness, those who become the forerunners, those who are willing to silence the outer mind, experience a glimpse of the presence of Christ. Then, instead of demanding that Christ should conform to their mental box, they are willing to follow the glimpse, even though they cannot see it clearly, they cannot see exactly what it is. They will still follow it. They will walk around that next corner in the labyrinth and now they see something they could not see before. Then, they take a little time to get comfortable in that new part of the labyrinth. Eventually there is, again, a willingness to fall silent. They see another wisp. The cobwebs are moving and they realize: “That is the next turn for me” and they follow it, go around that corner. Now they see something else. Their mental box has been expanded. They see a higher view.

As you continue to do this, walking this mystical path through the labyrinth of human consciousness, you gain greater and greater clarity, greater and greater appreciation and you can come to a point where now you no longer see Christ as a threat. You have come to that point which is really the point where you become a Christian, a follower of Christ where you do not fear Christ, you do not fear the challenge to your current mental box, your current beliefs, your current sense of security. You are not resisting Christ because you are afraid to lose the sense of control, the sense of security. You have come to the point where now you grasp that there is no security in the human consciousness.

There is only security in Christ. There is, in fact, only life in Christ and you want the life of Christ! You want the ultimate security of being one and becoming increasingly one with Christ and therefore, you are not resisting it. You can throw away all of these selves that resist the exposure of your beliefs that you thought were not beliefs, but were reality. Therefore, you can come to the point that I described when I said, “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it.” If you seek to save your mental box, your outer identity, your outer self, you will lose it. It will sooner or later be shattered. That which gives you security is your mental prison and if you will not follow Christ out of that mental prison, your only chance of being free is that the mental prison is bashed against the rocks and shattered. This is a very difficult experience where people stand there now not knowing who they are and some people go insane from it.

The alternative is to follow the path of Christ where you take one step at a time. Therefore, you are willing to lose your life for my sake, you are willing to lose not your physical life, but your outer self. “Gradually, I died daily”, as Paul said. Every day you let a part of that outer self die, and come closer and closer to oneness with Christ. That is the ultimate security.

There comes that point where you make that shift where you no longer need a worldview to give you security. You are gradually letting go of all of this outer personality, this outer self and grant you, many people who have followed this path and there have been mystics throughout the ages who have followed it, they can come to a point where they do not know who they are anymore, because you are not any more the outer self. In fact, you are no more a human being as human beings currently see it on earth. You come to a point where you have let those outer selves die, you have been willing to lose so many of these outer selves for my sake.

But there is still an outer self left that wants to somehow define you as human beings are defined in the world, because when you look at the world you see, human beings define themselves in many different ways. They have created many different roles, many different boxes that say: “This is what it means to be a Muslim, this is what it means to be a Christian, this is what it means to be an Arab, this is what it means to be such and such.” So many of these boxes have been created and there is a point where you have shed some of these outer boxes, but there is still a self that desperately wants you to fit into some kind of box.

But since there is nothing in your identity body that fits in any of these traditional boxes, this self is now in a state of confusion: “Where do I fit in? Who am I? What kind of being am I?” That is where you can come to the point where you can look at that self and see: “Oh, it’s just another self that wants to fit me into a box.” Why should I accommodate that self? Why should I attempt to create a box of myself as a spiritual person? Why shouldn’t I just look at the self and say: “I am no longer going to do what you are telling me to do and try to put myself in an existing box or try to create another box for myself. I am just going to let you die, because I don’t have to be a human being. I don’t have to fit into any of the boxes defined by human beings. I will be who I will be at any moment, because I will flow with the impulses from my higher self.”

That is when you become the Christ. You are not representing Christ as the living Christ. You are demonstrating Christ to those who are open to seeing it and that is the path that is open to all. Those of you who are open to these teachings, who have followed these teachings and applied them, you have made much progress. But many of you have not quite realized that regardless of the progress you have made, you are still at a certain level of consciousness among the 144 because if you weren’t, you would have ascended. You are still at one of these levels of consciousness and for each level of consciousness there is an illusion and in order to move on, you need to see the illusion and the only way to see it is to reach for the experience of the Christ mind.

The process is still the same, regardless of what level you are at. It may become easier for you because you have done it before, you have overcome other selves. You can more quickly realize: “Oh yeah, I’m facing the same initiation. I’m facing another self, let me look for it”, but nevertheless it is the same. Many of you have come to a point where you could benefit from what I just told you. There is the self that wants to label you, that wants to put you in a box and you have lived your entire lifetime, allowing that self to drive you, to identify you as this, identify you as that. You have lived many, many lifetimes. In fact, all of your lifetimes since your cosmic birth trauma or earth trauma on this planet, you have lived with that self that wants to define you because it is of course the fallen beings who have created these mental boxes. They want to put people in that mental box so the fallen beings can control them, but you can come to a point where you see that self that wants to label you, that wants to put you in a in a box and you say: “No more! I’m not playing your game. I’m not trying to solve the problem of which box I fit into. I will not even create a mental box.”

You see in previous ascended master teachings where many other students created a mental box of what it means to be an ascended master student, a good chela. Then they felt they had reached some ultimate stage and now they just needed to keep doing the same thing for the rest of their lives and they were guaranteed to ascend. Well, it’s just another mental box at a higher level of awareness than the common Catholic mental box, but it’s still a mental box and as long as you are trapped in it you cannot ascend, you cannot follow Christ those last steps, so they all need to go. All of the mental boxes that have been created need to go. All of the mental boxes that possibly could be created, you need to transcend them all. You might as well not create them. That is why we have given you teachings in this dispensation. We have done whatever we could think of to stop you, prevent you, help you not to create another mental box. You can do it anyway because you can always do it. But do you really want to? Do you really have to?

I’d say to you again, you can come to that point where you recognize there is a self. I see it as a self. I see that self is not me, this is not who I am because I am the Conscious You, I am pure awareness which I have experienced. I don’t have to follow that self and because I’m not the self and the self is not me, that means I can let the self die and I will still be here, I will still exist. I don’t need that self to call it my life experience, I don’t need it to survive so I can look at it and I can say, “I don’t want you anymore in my life experience. Therefore, I’m letting you die. I refuse to feed you my energy and attention. I’m letting you die.”

Maybe you cannot do this right away, but then you can call to me, you can call it to another ascended master, you can call to your I AM Presence to help you come to see the self, see that this self somehow has that belief that makes you feel you should fit in some kind of mental box that can be defined on earth. But why should you? The Christ does not fit. That is what I have been saying throughout this dictation, that Christ does not fit in any of the mental boxes that ever have been or ever could be created by human beings or the fallen beings. The Christ refuses to fit in any mental box! That is why the Christ can help you escape any mental box when you follow the Christ instead of trying to pull the Christ into your mental box, which you of course can never do, you can never pull Christ into your mental box.

But what can you do? You can create a mental image of Christ that is created based on your mental box and then obviously, that image of Christ will be in your mental box. That is what the Catholic church did in 381. That is what the vast majority of Christians have done and are doing to this day and that is why again, as the Living Christ, whoever does not need to be represented on earth, for this messenger is not my representative. He is simply the open door through which I can speak directly and therefore I as the Living Christ say, “Get thee behind me, Satan.”


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Exposing the elite’s attitude towards the people

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, November 30, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I wish to take this opportunity to make some remarks about elitism that time and space did not allow me to make at our previous conference on that topic.

What is, in a sense, the one thing that could help people awaken to the problem of elitism, to the existence of an elite? Well, many years ago there was an incident in the United States, which was known as the Watergate scandal. As a part of the process of publicly resolving this matter, some of the tapes that were recorded in the White House of the President talking to some of his closest advisors about this problem were made public. What shocked the public the most was the very coarse, derogatory language used by the President, which many people did not find was fitting for the highest office of the land.

Well, in the same vein, it is not a matter of exposing the language used by the power elite but the way that the power elite talks about the people, about the population. There are various power elite groups of beings in embodiment who have their private meetings, whether it is in a small group of friends or family, or whether it is in some bigger or more organized meeting where they will feel relaxed, they will feel they are alone. Therefore, they will freely talk about their attitude towards the people, towards the population on earth. I can assure you that if people could hear some of these conversations, they would be extremely shocked over the level of arrogance, the level of pride that comes through these people, but also the way they look down upon the people.

Those who are the core members of the elite have a very clear, elitist, superior attitude. They feel they are in a separate class of beings from human beings. They feel they are superhuman beings, they are above and beyond human beings. They consider the general population to be made up of very primitive individuals that they consider to be stupid, unintelligent, unable to make their own decisions, unable to take responsibility for themselves, unable to discern between what is right and wrong. They consider the population to be extremely gullible, extremely naive and extremely easily fooled.

Now, I do not imagine that anyone will make a recording of these meetings, although that of course could happen. What I wish to bring to your attention is that you can make the calls that there are people who can expose what is going on in these meetings, perhaps through books that have a fictional character like the “My Lives” book but nevertheless records how these people talk, so that people can have an opportunity to see what is going on. To some degree this has already been done, but I desire you to make the calls that it can be done in a greater measure so that it can have more of an impact and people can then get a feel for how these people look at the population. This could of course also be the subject of movies, TV series and what have you. Again, some things have already been done, but actually the level of arrogance, the level of looking down upon the people that these elitists have, has never really been exposed the way it needs to be exposed for the people to be shocked enough to say: “We have to do something about this elite.”

Diverting attention from the real problem

Now, if you look at it from the perspective of the elite, they see how time and time again, throughout history, they have been able to hide from the people, to fool the people, to divert the attention of the people so that instead of looking at the elite as the problem, they look at some other part of the population as the problem. This is again the divide-and-conquer strategy where, instead of having one division that has some reality to it (namely that between the power elite and the population), they have created all of these sub-divisions in the population that really have no reality to it. They use these to set these groups of people up against each other so that they use another group of people as the scapegoat when things are not going well in their country. They can blame it on someone outside the country, or maybe someone inside the country like the Germans did to the Jews in the 1930s, instead of actually blaming it on the elite who should have the blame because they have the responsibility for things not going well.

Time and time again, they divert the attention in this way so that the people are not seeing the real cause of the problem, namely the elite. They have of course seen this happen so many times in history where people have been fooled, they have believed what they wanted to believe, they have believed what was the easiest to believe and they have taken the easy way out. This has created this growing level of arrogance, this growing sense that, we are not only in a special category of people but we are above the law, we are untouchables. Nobody can touch us because we have so much power, so many connections, so much money, we know we can get away with anything. Or at least, that is what they think.

Once people could realize that this is how they think, then some people would start waking up and saying: “It is really time that we placed responsibility and accountability where it belongs. It is really time that we do not blame other people, other groups in the population, but that we are willing to place blame where it is and realize, it is the power elite in our own country that is creating the problems. Thereby, we also of course need to take responsibility for having allowed this elite to come to power or remain in power.”

What the fallen beings, what the power elite, have been using so many times is precisely this unwillingness to make decisions, this fear of making decisions where people think they can only make bad decisions so they do not want to take responsibility. They do not want to make the decisions because they do not want to risk suffering negative consequences.

In a sense, many among the population have been willing to give away responsibility and to let a seemingly benevolent power elite rule them. This, however is not (as many among the power elite believe) an expression of human nature. It is, as we have explained many times, a condition that is artificially created through the manipulation of the fallen beings where they have systematically caused people to make bad decisions that then caused them to go into this state of fearing to make decisions. It is something that the fallen beings behind the power elite have systematically produced. Therefore, it is in a sense complete cognitive dissonance that they use this artificially created condition to reason that people just are that way, they just are incompetent, ignorant, stupid, what have you. What you can make the calls for is that people become aware of this.

Again, there is a tension in the collective consciousness, many people in the modern democracies are ready to step up and take a higher level of responsibility. There are many of the smaller countries in the democratic world where the power elite is no longer as strong as it was, for example, before the advent of democracy, during the feudal age or when you had the almighty kings. Many of the countries have already created a more egalitarian society where the power elite is not as strong, they are not quite as arrogant. Therefore, it will be easier for the people to step up and take responsibility for their country, demand not only a better representation but a more direct influence through direct democracy on the decision making in their countries.

The potential for an economic collapse

As we have said several times, even though the people might fear the consequences of them making the choices, the reality that you can make a call for people to realize, is that the population making decisions could not possibly be worse than the disaster after disaster created by the power elites throughout history. You just look at history and how it is littered with examples. This is again something people are ready to see: That the power elites have made some very, very bad decisions throughout history that have had disastrous consequences. It was not the people who started all these wars—it was the elite. It was not the people who manipulated the economy—it was the elite. It was not the people who created the financial crisis of 2008—it was the financial elite.

The reality is that we are nearing a time where what we have called the second law of thermodynamics, the self-correcting feature of the universe, has reached a point where the power elites will no longer be able to get away with doing what they have been doing. They think they are untouchable, they think they can escape the consequences of their actions, they think they can get the people to bear the consequences. If you look at the financial crisis of 2008, you will see that the economy of the world was on the brink of collapse. This was not something that was engineered by the financial power elite. It was created through their arrogance where they did not accurately assess the risk, therefore without realizing what they were doing, they brought the system to the brink of collapse.

There were some of them that were awakened by this. There were also people who are not part of the power elite in the government, in the media, in academia, who were awakened by this and realized that it would actually be possible for the entire economy to collapse and that it would have very severe consequences. Now, of course there are some among the elite who said: “Yes, yes, we realize we took this too far and we were on the brink of the collapse of the system. But look, the government, the people bailed us out in the end and they will do that again to avoid a collapse.” You see, the second law of thermodynamics will bring this to a point where, if another crisis emerges like this, then it will not be stoppable. The government will not be able to bail out the elite. Therefore, the elite will fall, they will suffer the consequences. Of course, we do not desire to see such a collapse although we again allow free will to outplay itself. What you can make the calls for is that the people will wake up, that there will be an ongoing process of gradually higher states of awakening, where people realize that we simply cannot allow a small elite of billionaires to control and manipulate the economy. Why should we, in a democratic nation, allow a small elite of billionaires to manipulate the economy. What sense does it make?

This is what you can make the calls for: That people wake up and realize, what sense does it make that we have a democratic political system but an entirely undemocratic elitist economic system? What sense does that make? There can be one of these dramatic shifts where suddenly it is as if the scales fall from people’s eyes and they see this is entirely inconsistent, this is entirely unsustainable. We cannot allow such an undemocratic elitist system to continue in a democratic nation because it undermines democracy. It completely undermines democracy. It undermines the principle of democracy that all people have equal rights, including the equal right to improve their lives through their own effort.

When you create a financial system that concentrates wealth in the hands of those who already have too much, then this undermines people’s opportunity to improve their life by making an effort. So much of the money that should be going back to the people who make an effort is stolen away from them and concentrated in the hands of the elite. This simply is unsustainable and it is undemocratic. Many, many people are ready to see this and therefore demand systemic reforms of the economic and financial system.

The elite is afraid of the people

Another thing I want to bring out in order to complete what we want to release about elitism, is that the elite does not only have a derogatory attitude towards the people, they are actually afraid of the people. Whether it is the fallen beings in the identity, mental and emotional realms, or the fallen beings in embodiment, all fallen beings have a fear of the people. This is partly because they realize that there are so many more human beings than fallen beings. Therefore, at any moment where enough human beings decided to rise up against the fallen beings, they would lose their power. The human beings could always win if they saw what was going on. If a critical mass of them could unite, they could always overthrow the power elites, they could always, in the extreme case, kill all of the fallen beings.

What they also realize is that the population does not have to kill the elite for the elite to lose power. They just have to become aware of the existence and the methods of the elite. The moment people become aware, the fallen beings lose a lot of their power because their power is based on deception, manipulation, it is based on the people not knowing what is going on. The moment this was to happen, then they would lose power. That is why they are doing everything, as we have described, to prevent the people from waking up and making that determination: “We want something better, we want a better society.”

One thing that also needs to be mentioned here is that the fallen beings, both those in embodiment and those in the higher realms, have a clear desire, a clear strategy, to limit the size of the human population. They are very capable of looking at history, and as we have described before, you had the feudal societies of Europe where the noblemen owned the land, then there were a large number of peasants living on that land who literally belonged to the land and the noblemen. This was a system that could work with a certain number of peasants that could still be sustained by the land, what the land could produce. There came a point where, through better hygiene, better awareness, the population started increasing. Not as many children died, people lived longer and therefore the population grew. There came a point where the population was so big that people could no longer survive by what could be produced on their nobleman’s land.

When people were facing starvation, they would no longer submit to the nobleman and therefore the system was overthrown, as you for example saw in the French revolution. Part of this was that the people in Paris did not have the basic necessities to survive. They did not have enough bread, they did not have enough food and this was what caused them to support the uprising. Even though, as we have said before, the French revolution was driven by an aspiring power elite that wanted to overthrow the established power elite, nevertheless, they could not have done this if the people had not been brought to the brink of starvation.

The same thing with the feudal system, it did not get overthrown until the population faced such a severe situation that they could not live with it, they could not ignore it, they could not go on. You see here that it is always the arrogance, the ignorance, of the power elite, the established power elite, where they continue to do the same thing, they continue to hold on to power. This is what brings a society to that point where the population can no longer live with the conditions they have been given by the elite, and then they rise up.

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Free yourselves from the consciousness of communism

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Ascended Master Shiva, November 30, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am the Ascended Master Shiva. There are many who would object to what I am going to say here because they believe the lie that communism appeared without having any need of religion. Many people believe the statement by Karl Marx that religion is the opium of the people. Well, what is the effect of opium? It puts people to sleep, and if they had not been asleep, how could they ever have been taken over by the communist forces? You see here that the reality, the historical reality, is that if it had not been for the influence of Christianity, Catholic Christianity and Orthodox Christianity, communism could not have appeared. Communism could not have gained the power it got. It could not have taken over the country of Russia and other countries after that.

Why is that? Well, it is actually important for people, if they are to free themselves from the burden of the communist era, to understand why. When you go back and look at the creation of the Catholic church, you see, first of all, an intent from the Emperor Constantine of creating a religion that would allow him to control his empire, which essentially means controlling the people, which essentially means pacifying the people. What was created now with the Christian church was a certain mindset that is very subtle. It ties in with the concepts of original sin, the fear of hell, the concept that people are sinners. The psychological effect of it is that, over several centuries of being indoctrinated with this Christian view, there was a certain number of people on this planet who came to accept a very subtle sense of identity, namely, that they were not able to make good choices. Whether they believed they were sinners or whatever their particular belief was, the psychological effect was that these people did not want to make choices because they were so afraid of making the wrong choice. They were so insecure about their ability to tell the difference between the right choice and the wrong choice that they were afraid that, by making choices, they would go to hell or have some other calamitous, epically wrong outcome.

In other words, there was a certain group of people that stopped wanting to make choices. They decided at the level of their identity body: “I can’t make right choices. I don’t want to make choices. I want other people to tell me what to do, and they should be an authority that knows what is right so that what they tell me is the right thing to do. Thereby I can’t do something really wrong by doing what they tell me.” These are beliefs that exist at the identity level. They have nothing to do with the Christian worldview or with the communist worldview, but it is something engineered by the fallen beings where people became afraid of making choices. They decided they did not want to make choices.

Now naturally you find these people all over the world. But you see that in the century before the Bolshevik Revolution a very large portion of these people embodied in Russia, so that by the time the communist revolution came around, there was a substantial majority of the Russian people who were in this state of consciousness, this frame of mind, where they were afraid to make choices. When you look at Marxist ideology, it makes a lot of claims about the working class, freeing the workers, creating a classless society, but it also makes it clear that the workers are not really able to decide how society should be organized.

Therefore there needs to be an elite of people who can decide this. The workers therefore should continue to be workers, meaning they are passive. In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, you have certain people who started businesses, and you have others who just became workers. So contrary to the claims of wanting to liberate the workers, what did communism do? Well, it condemned the workers to remaining workers for their entire lives. It created a system where the vast majority of the people were workers, and there was only a small elite that were the decision-makers.

Why was this kind of society established in Russia as the first country? Well, precisely because the majority of the people embodying in Russia had that unwillingness to make decisions. So what was created, after Lenin’s engineering of the Soviet state and after Stalin’s takeover with the terror, was a state where the vast majority of the people did not actually have to make decisions. They had very, very few decisions to make in their lives. In many cases they did not actually make conscious decisions. They just let circumstances, and the needs of the country or their family or whatever, make those decisions for them of what kind of job to get. Once they had decided that, they would keep that job for the rest of their lives, and there was very little choice they had to make in their daily lives. They had to show up at their workplace and do what they were told to do, mindlessly repeating the same task over and over again in most cases. So you see that these people had to make very, very few choices during an entire lifetime. This felt very safe, very secure, for them because of their fear of making choices. They were so afraid to make choices that being in a situation where they did not have to make choices felt very safe for them. They valued that safety because it was the only way that they could psychologically beat back the fear they had from past lifetimes, the fear that they could make some epically wrong choice that would condemn them to eternal suffering in hell.

So you see that it was actually the Christian religion that set the stage and made it possible for the Bolsheviks to take over in Russia and for the Russian people to submit themselves to the communist rule and continue to submit themselves over several generations. You could say, of course, that there was a real physical threat that people would be killed or sent to Siberia if they objected to the system. Therefore you could say that these people submitted themselves because the alternative would be that they would have been killed. But this is not actually why they submitted themselves. They submitted themselves because of their psychological mechanism of not wanting to make choices. It was not primarily the fear of being killed.

If you look at it neutrally, you will say: “What good did it do the Russian people to submit themselves to the state so they wouldn’t be killed, when so many of them were still sent to war during the Second World War and killed as soldiers?” The fact that you submitted yourself to the state did not mean that you did not have the risk of being killed, just as you saw with the Red Terror, where people still could not feel safe. You realize that the real issue here was that unwillingness to make choices because they were afraid of the consequences of making choices.

This is something that, of course, is important for people everywhere to understand, not just people in the previous Soviet countries or Warsaw Pact countries. All people need to understand that you cannot grow if you have this fear of making choices. If a majority of the people in the nation have that fear of making choices, then that nation either will become ruled by a dictator, who will be very abusive and really create the School of Hard Knocks, or it will be a nation that cannot function very well. You see some of the nations in Eastern Europe that now have a somewhat democratic form of government, but are still not functioning very well, because they still have such a large percentage of the people who are afraid of making choices that they dare not actually take an initiative.

If you look at the communist system, you will say that this is a system where you do not need people to take initiative. In fact, the system does not want people to take initiative. It wants them to be pacified. Despite the fact of claiming to free people from the influence of religion, the superstition of religion, the communist system pacified people even more than the Christian religion did. But when you look at a so-called free economy, whether you call it a capitalist economy or something else, you see that in a more free economy there is a need for people to take initiative, to experiment, to try something new, to start their own business, to provide some kind of service or to improve things even if they have a job. A free economy is based on people taking an initiative, and that is also why the communistic economy cannot work. People cannot take an initiative. They are not free to take that initiative. They are afraid of doing so.

Now I want to go further with this and address an issue that even many spiritual people are confused about. When you look at a situation like the Soviet Union, you can say: “What options did people have? If they had objected to the system, if they had refused to submit to the system, they would have been killed. And would that have done any good?” Well, it depends on how you look at it. If you look at it from a normal human perspective, you can say: “Well, why shouldn’t these people stay alive and have the somewhat secure life that they could have for the rest of their lifetime?” Yet if you look at it from the perspective of spiritual growth, what was the effect of people submitting to the system and therefore living under these conditions for 30, 40, 50 years? What was the psychological, the spiritual, effect of people living for an entire lifetime under such a repressive system? Well, it was, of course, that it only reinforced that state of not wanting to make decisions, and as we have said before, if you are not making decisions, you are not growing. You cannot be growing.

You see that from a spiritual growth standpoint, there were many people that lived their entire lives in the Soviet Union and did not grow at all. In fact, they had negative growth because they became more and more cemented in that state of consciousness of believing in the danger of making choices, of not wanting to make choices. From the standpoint of spiritual growth, it might have been better for these people if they had stood up to the system, been killed, and therefore given an opportunity to embody somewhere else. This is a concept that Jesus introduced 2,000 years ago, but which many Christians are, especially in the modern age, uncomfortable with. You saw the early Christians who endured the Roman persecution with peace. They believed that it was better for them to not be attached to their lives in this world because it would give them a better place in the next world. Although it did not give them a place in heaven after that lifetime, it gave them a better situation in their next embodiment, that they took a stand for something beyond the human level, the earthly level.

There are many of you who are spiritual people today, who in past lifetimes have taken a stand for something you truly believed in, often been persecuted or even executed because of it, but it has actually enhanced your spiritual growth. Instead of reinforcing this self that is willing to submit to an earthly authority, you have demonstrated that you do not want to live in a society where you are the slave of some authority. This then enables you to embody in a more free country in your next lifetime. What you see here is that the communist system gave people very few opportunities for growth. There were very, very few people who grew during that time. Even if they embodied several times in the Soviet Union, they grew very little over several lifetimes.

This, of course, is something that you can only understand when you have the perspective of the fallen beings because their primary goal is to stop spiritual growth, to stop the expansion of consciousness. When you realize this, you realize that the Soviet Union was primarily, from a spiritual viewpoint, an attempt by the fallen beings to slow down the growth of the planet, which eventually would cause them to lose control of this planet and not be able to embody here anymore, not even be able to remain in the other three realms. It was their desperate, last-ditch attempt to delay or even stop the Golden Age of Saint Germain, which is an age that will prevent them from having an influence on this planet.

With this in mind, you recognize how important it is that the nations who are part of the Soviet Union free themselves from the past, free themselves from this mindset. Otherwise how can they actually keep pace with the growth of this planet? We have said before that the entire sphere is growing at a certain pace, and the Earth has for a long time been behind. This creates a tension, a pull on the Earth, a pull on the collective consciousness, and the Soviet Union was completely resisting that pull. This was why it was eventually pulled apart. It could not maintain that resistance, and therefore the system collapsed under its own weight, or rather by the weight that was created by the upward pull of the entire sphere. You might say: “What is weight?” As you talk about gravity, well, you are talking about the force of gravity pulling on anything that has mass. But there is also that force of acceleration in the entire sphere that likewise pulls on anything that has mass, pulls it to come up higher, not just to move in space, but to actually transcend its vibrational level and come up higher in vibration. The fallen beings, of course, resisted this, and it was their plan to create the Soviet Union and, out of that, set the stage for a Third World War that would have become more devastating and therefore become more of a delay factor to stop or slow down the Golden Age.

The fact that this did not happen is in large part to the credit of ascended master students in various organizations, who gave their many decrees, the violet flame and the communist decrees and many other decrees that prevented this from happening. But it is also due to the credit of many other spiritual people around the world who raised their consciousness and people in the democratic world who also raised their consciousness and overcame a lot of the aggression that was there in previous ages. So there was not anything that the fallen beings could use to create this ultimate confrontation between East and West because the West was not responding as they had hoped. Now you understand, as we have said, the Soviet Union was, in a sense, doomed from the beginning because it could not transcend itself. It could not renew itself, it could not adapt to the changing times. And this, of course, is because the fallen beings cannot transcend themselves. They cannot adapt.

The fallen beings cannot follow the upward pull of the entire sphere. They can only resist it. The reason for this is that they, of course, have shut down their own creativity. They have shut themselves off by going into this lower state of consciousness. When you have this model of the 144 levels of consciousness, as people move to the lower levels, they become more and more selfish, more and more self-centered. You see that even though it may seem that a dictator like Stalin had tremendous physical power, he was actually more trapped, more imprisoned than any other person in the Soviet Union. You would say he had the greatest physical power in the Soviet Union, but he was more trapped in his own mind than any other person in the entire system. Of course, those who were close to him were also very trapped, and then as you moved further and further out, people were less trapped. But anyone who was part of the communist ruling elite, even the local party boss in some remote region in Siberia, they were all trapped in this prison, in this mental, emotional and identity level prison that made their lives very, very uncomfortable, very, very tense, very, very stressful.

You today, when you look at this, cannot even imagine how tense, how stressful, it was for these people, how intense their lives were, how unpleasant they were. They, of course, would never have acknowledged this and recognized it because they had decided that this was the way it was supposed to be. But if you look at the lives of Stalin and Lenin, for example, you will see how they were so trapped in a certain mindset that there was no room for joy, no room for creativity. There was really no room for enjoying life because everything they did was driven by this mindset they had that drove them to do what they did to get the power or to create the Soviet Union and this “flawless” ideology that Lenin wanted to create.

What people can recognize, what they are ready to recognize, is that everybody who lived in the Soviet Union or a Warsaw country lived in this constant state of tension. It was not just fear. It was stress. It was tension. You never knew what could happen, you were afraid of talking freely to people, you did not know who you could trust. In fact, you could not really trust anybody except maybe a very few people. So nobody was free. They were not free, as it says in this invocation you gave before the dictation, to make choices without fear. They were constantly afraid of the choices they could make and the potential consequences, and very few people could enjoy life in a real way.

What is it that gives enjoyment in life? It is that you feel free to flow with whatever impulses you get from within, whether it is your desires, even your human desires. You look at people who are very much focused on their human desires of getting various pleasures, but the fact that they have the freedom to do so gives them a sense of joy and enjoyment. You see people who have a goal in life. They have a deeper sense of enjoyment because they are pursuing that goal. They have a sense of purpose, but still the freedom to flow, to be spontaneous, to not have your entire life planned and ruled by some external idea, ideology or authority. That is what gives enjoyment in life. Therefore it is possible for people to look at this and say: “It wasn’t pleasant to live in the Soviet Union. We are no longer living in the Soviet Union, but what if we are still dragging with us some of that mindset that was created? And what if we will never be able to fully enjoy life until we look at that mindset and overcome it and choose that we don’t want it anymore?” This is not beyond what people can come to see and come to understand. Therefore they can say again: “We need to just go through a period where we take a look at this and free ourselves from it so that we can be permanently free, and we can enjoy life in a different way.”

You look at some of the nations in Europe. You look at the Baltic countries. Some of these nations have made tremendous progress since the fall of communism. You have a much better standard of living today, most people. But still look at these nations. Look at the country of Estonia that the messenger knows personally, look at the country of Poland, look at Hungary, look at some of the other nations, Latvia, Lithuania, and just see how many people are still tense.

They are not fully able to relax, they are not fully able to enjoy life, they still have that sense of struggling against something. Now those of you who have traveled to the West or lived in the West, you might be able to tune in and realize that many people in the West do not have the same tension. They may still have some tension, they may still not enjoy life fully, but they do not have the same level of tension and stress as you have in Eastern Europe. That is because they did not grow up in the communist system.

If you want to get to the point where you are free, where you can enjoy yourselves, does it not stand to reason that you need to free yourselves from the consciousness that was created during those communist times? And that you are still dragging it with you in the individual minds of people but also in the collective consciousness? Then when you do deal with this, then your nations can be free. Then you can catch up very quickly to where you would have been if you had not been stumped in your natural growth by the communist system. Many people look back with regrets, thinking: “Where would our country have been if we had not been held back for so many years by the communist system?” But it does not really matter because if you can free yourself from the consciousness of the communist system, you can very quickly catch up to where you otherwise would have been. It is not like you have been set back for 60 years or 50 years and now it will take you 50 years to get back up. It will take you a much shorter time once you free yourself from the consciousness of those times. Then you can catch up very quickly. Things will start moving more smoothly, all of the things that are not seemingly working today will suddenly start working, your economies will improve greatly, and there will be a whole new attitude to life if you are willing to take a look and free yourselves from this old state of consciousness, this fear of making decisions, this unwillingness to take an initiative, this fear of experimenting, fear of doing something spontaneously without having a particular reason for doing it, or just flowing with life.

The last thing I want to do here is to address the concept of fear. Many people will say there was a real physical threat in the Soviet Union that you could be killed or sent to a concentration camp. Yes, that was indisputable. It was there. So what were people afraid of? Were they afraid of this physical threat? No, they were not. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Which comes first, the fear or the condition you fear? What have we said over and over again? Consciousness comes before the physical manifestation. Fear is a psychological condition. Sure, there is always some outer thing, something outside yourself, that becomes the focus of your fear, but the external condition is not the cause of your fear. The cause of your fear is internal, that you have accepted a certain sense of identity, certain mental beliefs, and this has opened your emotional body up to the forces in the astral plane, who are projecting fear-based energy into your aura.

So what is the key to overcoming fear? Is it to remove the outer condition? You may look at the nations of Eastern Europe and say: “Now that the people don’t have the risk of being sent to Siberia, does that mean they have no fear?” If you look honestly, you will see that many people still have a certain fear because they have not overcome the psychological condition. That is why they are still afraid of making choices. They are afraid of what could happen. They have a negative view of their government because they fear that one day this promise of this new future could fall apart. After all, the Soviet Union promised a better future, but it all fell apart. Why could it not be that capitalism is promising a better future but it will also fall apart one day? Many, many people have this fear that one day some major condition will happen, calamity will happen, that is completely beyond their control. This sense that they could have a better future is once again going to be dashed and shattered, and they are going to be even worse off. Many people have that fear. Many spiritual people still have a certain fear because you have not looked at how for lifetimes this fear of the terrible consequences of going to hell has been programmed into your four lower bodies.

The reality here is that there is only one way to overcome fear, and it is to recognize that fear comes from a particular separate self. Now that separate self is created in response to an outer condition. There is a certain separate self that fears being killed, for example. So you need to look at that self, let go of that self, and then you can have other selves that have other particular things they fear. The key to overcoming a self is to realize that it was not the outer condition that caused the fear. It was the self that caused the fear. So regardless of what the outer condition is, whether it is still there or not, you can let the self die and thereby overcome the fear.

You may say the communist threat of being sent to Siberia is no longer there. But there is still the fear that a meteor could hit the earth, a tsunami could wipe out your city, an earthquake, sudden catastrophic disease, an epidemic, all of these other fears that people have about the future. So you can see that, at least at the present level of the earth, of the collective consciousness, there will always be some outer condition you can fear. You get rid of one condition, and the selves immediately shift to focusing on another condition. So you can see that realistically how could you ever be free of fear? Not by removing the outer conditions that you claim you fear. You can only be free of fear by recognizing that the fear is an internal condition. It is independent of the outer conditions, and the only way to be free of it is to let this self die. This we have given you the tools to accomplish, and many of you would benefit from just taking a look at yourself and seeing: “What fears do I have left? Is there any condition I fear?” Then recognize there is a self, work on dissolving that self, letting it die. Then not only will you feel more at peace, you will enjoy life more, but it may also be that you will not have to experience the condition you fear.

This messenger has told the story of how he was afraid of skeletons as a child, and he overcame it by letting himself be locked into a dark room with a skeleton. By the fact that he survived that experience, he realized the fear was unreal. He did not need to fear skeletons attacking him. But it was only by experiencing that, that he was able to let go of the last remnants of that fear. Many of the conditions that people have had, have experienced, are because they needed to realize that even though they go through this calamitous thing that they have feared, they still survive. Maybe their body dies, but they survive as a self-aware being. This is how the School of Hard Knocks gradually helps people overcome their fears, by realizing that you can, as a self-aware being, as a soul, survive all of these conditions on earth, and therefore you do not need to fear them. But this is the School of Hard Knocks. What we are giving you is the alternative, where you identify the selves and instead of trying to remove the outer condition, you let the self die, and then you are free.

My beloved, when you look at the hysteria that preceded the 2012 date, where so many spiritual people thought it was going to be the end of the world, or when you look at the many conspiracy theories out there and how many spiritual people are indulging themselves in one theory or another, you can see from this that many spiritual people, even though they may have walked the spiritual path for many years, still have fears that prevent them from being at peace with being on this planet, that prevents them from enjoying life on this planet. We of the ascended masters have overcome those fears. It is easy for you to say: “Well, of course you have. You are ascended, so you don’t need to fear anything on earth. But we are still here.” But why did we ascend? Because we stopped fearing that any condition on earth could define us. And that was what gave us the freedom to leave this planet behind permanently.

How will you ascend? The same way. What one has done, all can do. In order to do what we did and ascend, well, you must do what we did, of overcoming the fears, of letting them die. We are free from the fear. We want you to be free from the fear. There is no being in heaven whatsoever that wants you to fear God, fear life, fear hell or fear anything else. No being in heaven wants human beings to fear. Only the fallen beings in the lower realms want human beings to fear so they can control them. Fear never came from God. The fear of God never came from God. It came from those who have separated themselves from God, and want all other people to do the same.

With this, my beloved, I will give you a promise that anyone who will take the concepts in this dictation, whether they relate to a nation or whether they relate to yourself personally, and make the calls for me, I will multiply your efforts. You may give the decree to me, you may give any invocation that uses that decree, or you may just call to me and ask me. But if you do give a certain number of decrees and invocations, I will multiply them with a substantial factor so that you can overcome your personal fears and make a contribution to helping your nation overcome the fears in the collective consciousness so that both you and your nation can be free to move into the Golden Age. Certainly you can see that in the Golden Age there will not be fear. People will not fear their own government. People will not fear the authorities. They will not fear calamities. They will not fear making choices and taking an initiative and experimenting with life. That is why it is a Golden Age. So with this I seal you in my gratitude for having been willing to broadcast this release into the subconscious minds of your nations.


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How to help society move forward

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Ascended Master Elohim Cyclopea, November 29, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am the Ascended Master Elohim Cyclopea. I wish to give you some remarks about how vision relates to communism. Now, in a certain sense, those who were the architects behind Soviet Communism or Chinese Communism would say that they were driven by a higher vision, a higher vision of how society should function, and the historical necessity that Karl Marx had grasped when he wrote his books about it. They also would claim that Karl Marx was able to tune in to a higher vision and that the communist system, therefore, was based on this true vision of how the world works.

Well then, when you take a closer look, you see the limitations of this claim. It is, of course, easy to use hindsight and say that if communism truly was based on a higher vision, how come the Soviet Union collapsed? But if you go back to before that happened, the people who were part of the communist system and at least had bought in to it somewhat, believed somewhat in it, they would not know that the Soviet Union would collapse. And therefore, they would think that it was just a matter of time before sometime in the future the ideal communist society would be manifest, or the ideal socialist society, however they defined it.

But let us now look at the fact that the Soviet Union did collapse. And therefore, we can see that somehow the Soviet system, the communist system, the communist ideology, must have been out of touch with reality or the system should have been able to sustain itself. There is an interesting anecdote that when Soviet scientists, after the Second World War, had started working on making a nuclear bomb, there was a meeting where some of these scientists met with Stalin and presented their progress. Stalin was, of course, very concerned about having this ultimate weapon as a deterrent against the West. He was asking what it would take to produce nuclear weapons. And he was told, of course, the scientific reality that it takes a certain amount of plutonium to produce one nuclear weapon, one nuclear bomb. And that the more plutonium you have, the more powerful of a bomb you can create.

Stalin then asked: ‘’Well, how much plutonium have you been able to enrich?’’ Well, they had just enough to create a small nuclear bomb. And Stalin then was displeased with this answer. And he then made the remark that: ‘’Surely, Soviet scientists could find a way to make a more powerful bomb with a smaller amount of plutonium.’’ In other words, he was convinced, Joseph Stalin was convinced that Soviet scientists could circumvent the laws of nature.

And this shows you in a nutshell the problem with the vision behind communism. Starting with Karl Marx or Engels there was a perverted vision that was out of touch with the laws of nature, but there was an unwillingness to see this. Now, if we look at history, we can see that there has been a distortion created by Marxist ideology that communism is something unique, in the sense that it is better than all other systems, all other forms of the economy or all other forms of society. Communism is, therefore, set apart from all the others. It is special because it is based on that higher vision of this historical necessity.

But if you look at this neutrally, and look at it in a historical context, you see that communism is not unique at all. Communism is simply a man-made system that defines how life should work without looking at: “Does the ideology actually match reality?” This was exactly the same in the Catholic church, in the Hindu religion under the Brahmans. It is exactly the same in capitalism, in many of the civilizations you have seen in the past that have come and gone. There is nothing unique about communism, because they make the same claim as all of these other man-made systems that have claimed that they could define how the universe works. But if they had been able to define this, why were they not sustainable? Why did they disappear?

You look at, of course, communism as being an entirely materialistic system that denies that there is anything outside the material universe. Based on this, let us simply take a look at what science has revealed about the laws of nature. You might know that Karl Marx was greatly fascinated and encouraged by Darwin and his theory of the evolution of the species. And he used this to create the concept that communism was part of the ongoing evolution of humanity. And would, therefore, be the inevitable step that would bring forth the ideal society.

But if you look at what science has discovered about evolution, what do you actually see? You see that a number of animal species have evolved, appeared. They have lived for a time, sometimes for quite a long time, without actually evolving further. But then, they have disappeared and been replaced by other species. You all know that the dinosaurs once dominated the earth, as the Soviet Union arguably dominated the earth. But the dinosaurs have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Why did that happen? Well, as we have said before, because the dinosaurs could not adapt to a change in the climatic conditions. So the key to survival is not as Darwin claimed it, the survival of the fittest in the sense they are the most strong, the most aggressive. The key to survival is adaptability. The fittest are the ones who are able to adapt to changing conditions. But you can also see by observing what scientists have discovered about geological ages, is that things are constantly changing on earth. There is a constant state of flux. That is why species need to adapt. Because if they cannot adapt, they cannot survive.

When you look at this, you see why it is not possible to create a man-made system that will endure for an indefinite period of time. At least, it is not possible to create some ultimate system. Because once you make the claim that you have an ultimate system, you are saying that this system cannot change, it cannot adapt. When you have an ultimate system, where is the room for adaptability? You now see that–whether it is the Catholic church, whether it is the Hindu religion, whether it is the Roman Empire or the Soviet Union–once you create a closed system that cannot adapt, that cannot change when conditions on earth change, then you have created a system that has a limited lifespan. The destruction of the system is actually built in to the system from the very beginning.

Now, you could then look again at history. You could look at all of these animal species that have come and gone. And you can ask yourself why the dinosaurs disappeared? Well, they were not able to adapt to a change in the climate. But why were they not able to adapt? Well, from a purely superficial viewpoint, you would say because they were not self-aware. They were not what you call conscious beings in the sense that they were able to step back, look at their situation and decide to change their behavior. In other words, they were not humans. They did not have the capacity that human beings have. The capacity that you have as a human being is self-awareness. It is possible for you to step back, look at your situation and make a conscious decision to change your behavior, to change your mindset, your attitude, your beliefs, the way you look at life. And thereby, you can not only adapt to changing conditions, you can consciously adapt to changing conditions.

We might say that: “Why is it that the human species, if we want to use that traditional materialistic term, has taken over the earth? Why is it that humans dominate the earth today? Why is it that human beings can live in almost all kinds of environments that are seen on earth?” And it is, of course, because of this ability to consciously change. You are not mindlessly doing the same thing. You are looking at: “Is what we are doing actually working? Is it allowing us to survive or are we headed for our own destruction?” And if you see that you are headed for your own destruction, then you have the option to consciously change your behavior to avoid that destruction. This is what the dinosaurs could not do. This is the central human ability that actually sets humans apart from all animal species, which incidentally proves that humans are not just a further step-up evolution from the animal level. It is a fundamentally different type of being. You are not simply evolved animals.

But let us put that aside for now and go back to what happened in the Soviet Union. What actually happened was that the human ability to consciously evaluate your behavior was aborted. Why? Because you created a state apparatus that would brutally kill anyone who questioned or criticized the system. In other words, you could say that there was no room for self-awareness. There was no room for this critical evaluation: ‘’Is what we are doing working? Is it allowing us to survive? Are we actually having better lives under communism than we had before? Are we having better lives in the Soviet Union than they have in the West? Is there something we could be doing to improve our lives?’’

There was no room to even improve your lives in the Soviet system, because it was a top down system. First of all you had a structure where the ideological basis defined very strict perimeters for what could be done and what could not be done. The ideology defined by Marx and Lenin had to be maintained. Society had to stay within these boundaries. There was no room to question the ideology. The ideology was pretty much set in stone. Then when Stalin took over, it was not even just a matter of the ideology. You could not question the authority of anyone above you, which meant that no one could question the authority of Stalin. But even as you go further down, you see that the local party boss, the local party representative, no one in his area could question him. And of course, he could not question those above him. That meant you now have the system where the vision of what should be done, the orders about what should be done, came from the top and then moved downwards. But there was nothing that came back from the bottom and up.

Now, why is that a problem? Well, if you look at the process of evolution, you can say: ‘’Well, what is it, what is the evolutionary process that you see on earth?” It is actually a feedback mechanism. The feedback mechanism works in a simple way. Those species who cannot adapt, become extinct. This, of course, has no meaning to the animal species who do not have the awareness to evaluate this. But to you human beings, who have the ability to look at history and see that there must be a process of gradual evolution, rather than an instant creation. You should then be able to take the next step and look at: “Why is it that some animal species don’t survive? What is evolution actually a sign of?” And it is a sign of the fact that there is a constant feedback mechanism, where in a human system where you have self-awareness, the only way a human society can work is if there is feedback coming from below up to the leaders.

You can have a human system, and you arguably need a human system, where there is a group of leaders at the top, who are sort of setting the overall directions for that society. Even though, of course, direct democracy makes that less necessary. But traditionally, with the level of consciousness that people have had so far, it has been necessary to have some leaders. But what you see from various societies is that if there is not a feedback mechanism, then the society cannot sustain itself. And this is precisely what you created in the Soviet Union. There was no feedback.

There was nobody who could say: ‘’But we don’t have fertilizer to fertilize the fields. We don’t have the machinery we need to plow the fields. And therefore, we can’t produce the amount of grain that we are supposed to produce according to the five-year plan’’ And in many other aspects of society, there was no way to send a signal back to the top that: ‘’We can’t meet the goals you have defined for us, because we don’t have what it takes to meet that goal. We can’t make bricks without straw.’’ This is precisely why the Soviet system became as big, as unwieldy as the dinosaurs. And that is one of the reasons for its collapse. There was no feedback mechanism.

What can you then learn from this in the nations that were under the Soviet system? You can learn that you need to create this feedback mechanism in your societies. And in order to create this, you need to look at the fact that in many of the nations that were part of the Soviet Union, after the collapse of Communism, it was in a large part the same people that were the leaders of the post-communist society that had been the leaders of the communist society. And these people now were supposed to lead a free democratic society. But how could they be expected to do this, when they had the same mindset that they had built as they were growing up in a communist society with top down management? How could you expect people who were in leadership positions in the communist system to provide a feedback mechanism, to be open for feedback from those they considered below them?

It simply is not realistic to expect that all of these people would be able to switch their mindset, just because you no longer had communism. Because you need to recognize here that communism produced a certain mindset in what we might call the bureaucracy, the leaders of all aspects of society. They had a certain mindset and the mindset was simple: “We are in a superior position. Therefore, we know better than the people.” Now, this is a mindset—again, when you look at the historical context—that was not unique to communism. You find the same in almost all societies. You certainly found it in the Roman Empire. You found it in the Catholic church. You still find it in the Catholic church.

You find it even in democratic nations where there is a certain tendency that those in the bureaucracy, those in the government apparatus, think they know better than the people. And therefore, they do not need to listen to feedback from the people. Of course, in a democratic society you have a certain feedback mechanism. But you need to recognize in Eastern Europe and other post-Soviet countries that you cannot expect that the people who were the leaders during communist times can create a fundamental change in society. Because they still have that mindset that the leaders, the politicians and the bureaucrats know better than the people. But you see, the people who are experiencing in their own lives the effect of the decisions made by the leaders, they actually know better than the leaders how things are working or not working.

If you do not have a feedback mechanism, how can the leaders know that they are making good decisions? You may say that you have a system in a democratic nation where, if a certain government makes certain decisions that are not working or that the people do not like, they might be voted out at the next election. And you have some democratic nations where almost every four years there is a change in the government, because people are dissatisfied. But why is that? Well, it is because there is not the feedback mechanism. A government, the politicians that were elected, they are making a decision. But who is going to implement that decision? Well, the bureaucrats are implementing the decision. And the bureaucrats then force this upon the people. And the bureaucrats are not open to feedback from the people. And if the politicians are not listening to the people directly, but only listening to the bureaucrats, then how are the politicians going to get any feedback?

But if there was a better feedback mechanism, a better communication between the people and the politicians, then the politicians would not need to be voted out of office at the next election. Because they could realize: “We didn’t make the best decision. Let us change it so that we give the people better conditions, so we give the people something that works.” And this, of course, would then be an important step forward towards creating a better functioning democracy. And it is also a step towards a more direct form of democracy.

This is what you did not have in the Soviet Union. You still do not have it in all democratic nations. And you certainly do not have it in many of the post-Soviet countries, where you still have that class, that group of bureaucrats that are sitting there. And now, we are getting to a point where many of them have retired, but still you have a consciousness. You have a beast created in the collective consciousness where the bureaucrats always know better than the people. And this is what needs to be seen and needs to be dealt with. And you need to recognize that you cannot have a fully functioning democracy as long as you have this attitude.

Now, another aspect that comes as the next step is to recognize that: “Why wasn’t there feedback in the Soviet Union? Why wasn’t there feedback in a communist country?” And it is because you could not, nobody could say in the ultimate sense that the system was wrong. You could not say there was something wrong with the system. But on a more immediate level, you could not say there was something wrong with those above you.

What you have created when you make the claim that you have the ultimate system, you create an all-or-nothing situation. You create a situation where nothing can be declared to be wrong. The people who are leading the system, whether it was Stalin or the local party boss, can never be wrong. Nobody can say they were wrong.

But what does that mean? It means that you cannot say: “We need to improve this. We need to change this.” Because the attitude that is permeating society is that if you point out that something needs to change, that means those who implemented that must have been wrong. You see, it is all or nothing. You are either perfect, or at least beyond criticism, or you are wrong. And people do not want to be wrong. Nobody likes to be wrong. If they have the power to silence those who criticize them, they will use that power. But the effect of this is that you do not have that room for improvement. There is not room for saying: “Let’s do things in a better way. Let’s do things differently. Why are we continuing to do it the same way, when it’s proven that it doesn’t produce the results we want?” A system that does not allow that kind of feedback, how can it function in the long run?

Now, of course, you have a situation in a communist system where the ideology behind it has some fundamental flaws. There is, as we have said, no way that the economy could actually work in a communist system. And of course, there is no room to say this, because that would mean changing the system. And that is the one thing you cannot do. And that is also why the Soviet Union had to collapse. Because there was no willingness to say: “There must be something wrong with the system.” But if you step back and look at this differently, you might again look at the process of evolution and say: “What can the process of evolution teach us?” Well, can you necessarily say that the dinosaurs were wrong? It does not give any meaning to say this. Can you say that the primitive species that were considered the ancestors of the modern horse, that those species were wrong and that the modern horse is right?

When you understand what evolution is about, you realize it is an ongoing process of adaptation and improvement. It is meaningless to say that a certain species is wrong. A given species represents the current evolutionary level. It is not right or wrong. It is just what has currently been brought forth by the ongoing process of evolution. Clearly, there is no species that you see on earth today, from an evolutionary viewpoint, that can be considered the ultimate species. The human species is not the ultimate. It is clear that evolution will continue and in 1,000 years there will have been changes. In 10,000 years there will have been dramatic changes.

What you realize is that if you truly accept evolution, it gives no meaning to say that we currently have the ultimate system. There is a cognitive dissonance between the Soviet system claiming that it is based on an evolutionary process of historical necessity and then at the same time saying that it represents the ultimate society, the ultimate political system and ideology. These are incompatible ideas. You cannot believe in evolution and at the same time believe you have reached some ultimate state, because in evolution there is no ultimate state. Everything you can manifest now is just one step in the process. And it will, by evolutionary historical necessity, be replaced by something higher.

It is clear that if you believe in evolution you cannot say that the Soviet system was the ultimate system. And that means you should have been open to the fact that it needed to be improved upon—and, grant you, there were some ideas in Marxism that Communism would be replaced by another system and so on—but there was still the idea that there was an ultimate system that would be reached. And this is contrary to evolutionary ideas. And you cannot claim both at the same time.

These are things that people are ready to see, that you do not need to believe in ascended masters to see this, because you can just look at what you know already. You can look at communist society and therefore, those who are interested in leaving the communist past behind can see this is the kind of mindset we need to leave behind. We are not moving towards an ideal society. We are not thinking that our current system, even though it is democratic, is some ultimate society. We are constantly looking at: “What is the next step in the evolutionary process of our society? How can we, how can we improve our society?” And when you recognize the need to have this feedback, where you look at how are things actually working, then you can take an important step forward.

You can leave behind this idea that if you point out the need for improvement, that means something is wrong or someone was wrong. It is not a matter of being right and wrong. It is a matter of recognizing that we are at a certain level and it is natural, as part of the evolution of society, that we move towards a higher level. What does it take to move towards a higher level? It takes a willingness to look at what we have and see what could be improved. Then, when we make those improvements, we do not rise to the ultimate level of society, we go another step up. And again, we need to look at: “What could be improved? What is the next step?” We do not need to consider: “What is wrong? What are we doing wrong?” But just what is the next step? And that is how a society can progress much more quickly, when people become consciously aware of this, consciously willing to do this.

But you will see that in many nations, especially in Eastern Europe, you are still dragging some of this consciousness, this collective beast that were created during Soviet times, of the unwillingness to take a critical, neutral look at society and see what is working and what is not working. You see it in many of the politicians. You especially see it in the bureaucratic apparatus. You even see it among many of the people, who are not really willing to take a look because they still have the attitude—that was another aspect of the Soviet system—where initiative always had to come from above, not from the people. There are still many people in Eastern Europe who have this attitude that: “It’s not up to us to change society, it’s up to the politicians. That’s what they are there for.”

People go into this mode of criticizing the politicians when they do not get what they want, instead of taking responsibility. And saying, “Well, what could we do to help improve things? How could we—instead of just tearing down the politicians and criticizing them—how could we come up with positive ways to help society move forward? Instead of always waiting for the politicians and only criticizing them for what they are not doing or what they are doing wrong, how could we become a positive part in the growth of our societies?”

And this is, of course, a difficult step. We fully understand that many among the older generation will not be able to make it in this lifetime. But certainly many of the younger people are born after the communist times. They do not have that attitude. They can bring society forward. But of course, this requires–as we have seen in many societies, as you see in many societies, as we have talked about in Korea–that the younger generation are allowed to play a more important, a more active role. Instead of the older generation having the attitude: “Oh, what do the young people know? They are too hasty. They are too eager. They don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t have the experience that we have of how to make society work.”

And there needs to be a shift where you realize that the fact that the young people do not have the experience that the older generation has is actually an asset to society, because they are not stuck in the mindset of the older generation. And therefore, the younger generation can bring society forward. This is something you can envision, you can make calls for as ascended masters students. But we realize, of course, it is quite a challenge for these societies. You saw in the West, for example, how in the 60s there was the youth rebellion, where young people started rebelling against status quo. And it had some effect in those societies. But of course, that was never allowed in the Soviet Union.

There almost needs to be—not the same kind of process that was there in the West—but there needs to be a shift where young people start making their voices heard. They can point out that they might actually be able to bring society to a level where the older generation cannot bring it, because they are too stuck in the mindset and the lack of vision that was created during communist times. And the young people are the ones who can stand up and demand that we need to make our societies beyond this communist baggage. We need to let go of this baggage and pull our societies away from that past and move it into a new age based on a new vision.

This is what I wanted to give you. And I AM grateful for the opportunity to broadcast this into the collective consciousness. And I AM grateful for those who will later study this dictation, read it, listen to it, make the calls according to the directions I have given and other masters have given. Truly, there is a tension in the collective consciousness in the Baltic nations, in the nations of Eastern Europe, that can bring change. But it has not broken through. And that is where you, as ascended master students, even a limited number of you, can have an impact in producing that shift.

As we have said before, do not expect that your societies will recognize your efforts. Do not expect that they will give you a medal. But, as Jesus has said, your reward will be in heaven. Because there will be a reward in terms of your own personal spiritual progress that you will earn by doing this work to help shift the collective upwards. And that reward is truly what you want. Because when you look at yourselves and ask: “Why am I an ascended master student? Well, it’s not really because I want to live a good life here on earth or become famous or have recognition from society. It’s because I want to get out of this planet. I want to ascend.” That is the ultimate reward that you seek. As Jesus said 2,000 years ago, you are not seeking a reward here on earth.

And with that, I thank you for your attention, for your willingness to walk the spiritual path, raise your consciousness, use all of these tools we have given you. We are grateful to have students who are willing to use these tools, work on yourselves and make the progress that so many of you have made. Especially since we revealed these tools about the cosmic birth trauma and how to overcome the separate selves. Many of you have made tremendous progress. Not all of you have realized it. But it is just a matter of time before you will realize that something has really shifted in your life and you have a much deeper sense of peace than you have ever known in this lifetime and for many lifetimes. With this I seal you in the emerald flame of the fifth ray.


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What can cause the economy to grow

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Ascended Master Elohim Astrea, November 29, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am the Ascended Master the Elohim Astrea. What was the cognitive dissonance behind the creation of the Soviet Union? Well from the perspective of the fourth ray, it was that you have a Communist/Marxist ideology that is used as the basis for this new form of state. That ideology says that it is meant to spread around the whole world, so the whole world can be communist, yet at the same time, you create a system where there is no room for acceleration. How can something spread and encompass the whole world if there is no room for acceleration?

Let us just as an example look at the economy. The creators of the Soviet Union realized that they had had to force communism on Russia with a Civil war. They realized that the only way to force communism on the rest of the world was through a violent revolution. Despite what you think about capitalism and money, waging a war to take over another country takes money. So, if you plan to spread to the whole world, it takes a lot of money. Well, how can you produce that in a state that has a closed-ended economy, where there isn’t room for the economy to grow? Why wasn’t there room for the economy to grow? Because there was no room for individual initiative, there was no room for people to transcend their current state. You created an essentially static system, where a small elite of those who were leading the party had control over the majority of the population. None of the two classes in the classless society had freedom to go beyond the system. The leaders could only stay within the ideological boundaries defined by the Communist/Marxist ideology, or we could say Leninist ideology. Of course, the people had no way to come up with new ideas to do things better, to do things that were entirely different from the system.

So you had an economy where there was no room for growth, no room for acceleration. How could that economy ever provide the financial basis for a worldwide expansion of communism? It simply could not. There was no way this could ever have worked from the outset, as Saint Germain said “it was doomed to failure” it simply could not happen. This is something that people are ready to begin to see, the tension in the collective consciousness has been building to the point where people are ready to see this. Therefore even without knowing about ascended masters and the teachings we have given you, people can come to see that a communist economy cannot actually provide growth, it cannot ever provide self-sustaining growth. That means that there is a limit to the amount of material wealth, the material standard of living that a communist system can provide. It was pretty much what you saw in the Soviet Union where there was always a lack of just about everything.

You have created a system that can only produce a state of lack and that can never go beyond that state of lack, this is what common sense can show people. Again, it is important that there is some growing public awareness of this, because it can then open up people especially in Eastern Europe to say: “Well how can we then create an economy that provides that growth that is the foundation for a better material standard of living?” How can we give our people that standard of living that they obviously need because of those many decades of lack? People need to overcome this state of lack because what does the state of lack do? What happened to most people who lived under the Soviet system whether in the Soviet Union or in the Warsaw Pact? They came to accept that this was what they could have, they couldn’t have more. This then caused people, unknowingly in most cases to shut off any desire to have more. If you shut off the desire to have more, what do you then shut off? You shut off your creativity. Because what is the driving force of creativity? You want more than, you do not want more of what you already have, you want more than what you have. You want a higher state than what you have, that is the driving force of creativity.

So when you shut that off, then people come to accept – this is my station in life, this is all life can be, this is all I can have. What that does is that they shift away from the natural built-in tendency for growth, they now take on a very unnatural state for a self-aware being. I am not saying human being but a self-aware being that you want to grow, you want to accelerate, you want to have more. Instead they take on this state of consciousness which you could consider human based on what you see in the world, where security, stability is more important than anything else. That is why you still see people in former Soviet countries who are longing back to that state of security, where they knew what they had and they knew that what they had could never be taken away from them, or at least so they thought. The reality is however that when you have a system where there is no growth, no acceleration, that system is not sustainable. Therefore there will come a point where what you have will be taken away from you. Is that not what you saw in the Soviet Union states and in the Warsaw Pact countries when communism fell, do you not see that what you had was taken away from you?

Now there are people who look back and they say: “During Soviet times we had a place to live, we had a job, we had a certain income and it was a secure income, we always knew what we could count on.” Then comes capitalism and now there is insecurity, many of us lost our jobs and we do not have an income, we might even lose a place to live and all this insecurity. My beloved, it was not the advent of capitalism that caused you to lose what you had, it was the collapse of communism that caused you to lose what you had. The collapse of communism was inevitable from the very beginning. If the Soviet Union had not collapsed as it did, it would have slowly started a decline which it already had started. The decline would have become worse and worse, and more and more people even under the Soviet system would have lost their jobs, would have lost their places to live. Because the system simply could not have continued to provide what these people thought they could never lose. They would have lost it anyway.

This is again not beyond what people can come to see, just with a normal sense of awareness, just with a normal knowledge of how life works and how the economy works. It is important for people to see this. The economic collapse of the Soviet Union was inevitable, it was set in motion at the creation of the Soviet Union. Why did it last so long? Why didn’t it collapse sooner? Partly my beloved, because some Western financiers kept the Soviet Union alive because they were making a profit out of the tension between East and West that caused them to be able to sell weapons to the West.

So, as some of these bankers in the United States, as is fairly well known financed Lenin’s takeover of power, they continued to finance the Soviet Union giving it (so to speak) life support. But they did not have the finances to do more than just give it life support.

This is where I want to go beyond what people can necessarily come to see with a normal level of awareness. I want to give you some teachings based on what we have told you in the ascended master teachings. What we have told you is that free will is the ultimate law of the universe. Now when we say this, there are many people, (not ascended master students) but many people in the world, who if they read this teaching, they would say: “Well free will means that we can do anything we want.” As we have explained, free will does not mean you can do anything you want, because once you make one choice you are creating a certain consequence. Because if you did not create a certain consequence by making a choice, how would you know you had made a choice? So you cannot make choices without creating certain consequences, you are setting something in motion, this is what then creates your physical circumstances. The entire background for free will and co-creation, is that you are starting with a certain matrix in your identity body. You make it more elaborate, more detailed, more concrete in the mental body. You give it energy and drive in the emotional body, and this then is what manifests your physical circumstances.

This is how it works on a natural planet, the thing is on a natural planet you are not in the duality consciousness. Therefore you are not creating unpleasant circumstances for yourself. You are creating circumstances that you see as neutral, there is just a certain outcome. If you create a certain physical circumstance, let us say a group of people decide to create a certain village where they want to live, then once they have created that they can then choose to experience that for some time. In principle on a natural planet, you could experience that circumstance indefinitely because there is not a force there that breaks down what you have created, so if you want to experience it for a long time you can. The thing is, on a natural planet because people are not in duality, they always want to experience something more. So they might choose to live in a certain environment for a time, but there will come a point where at least some of the people will want something more, something different. So, they will either get all of the other people to want to create something higher, or they will move on to other places where people are more open to creating something new. There is no unpleasantness, there is no punishment because you know you are creating through your mind. Therefore you know that whatever you have created, you can uncreate, you can change, you can accelerate to a higher state.

Now, once you go into duality you are in principle doing the same thing, you are formulating a matrix in your identity body, in your mental body, in your emotional body and this is creating the physical circumstance. Now what happened when a majority of the people on earth fell into the consciousness of duality, was of course that the earth fell out of its natural state. When a planet is in its natural state there is no lack, there is no struggle. You do not have to struggle to provide the basis for your material existence. What you here on earth call a place to live, food, clothing and those necessities of life. In order to survive physically on a natural planet you do not have to struggle, you just co-create it and if you do not feel it is the way you wanted, you change it or you co-create something different.

Now once you go into duality, once the majority of the lifestreams on a planet go into duality, you very quickly create the state where you have to struggle to make a living. The reason for this is simple, that when you go into duality you activate the safety mechanism that is built into the law of free will. In principle the law of free will gives you completely free will. You can do anything you want. There are no limitations put upon your free will by the Creator. However as we said: “whatever you co-create you will experience,” this is in a sense the safety mechanism. Because this means that when you co-create something from the duality consciousness, you are co-creating a physical material circumstance just like you do on a natural planet. So what is the difference? Well the difference is that on a natural planet you are consciously aware that you co-created that circumstance. Therefore if that circumstance is to change, you have to change yourself, you have to change your state of consciousness.

When you go into duality, you lose this. What does this mean? It means that a group of people have now collectively co-created a certain circumstance. But they are not consciously aware that they themselves have created it, because it is an out-picturing of their state of consciousness. What does it mean that they are not aware, that they are not taking responsibility for what they have created? Well, how do you avoid taking responsibility for what you have created? You project in your mind that it was created by some force outside yourself. Whether it was an almighty God in heaven or some natural law, it was created by something outside yourself. What does that mean? It means you cannot change it, because you do not think you can change it. You do not think that this circumstance was created by the powers of your mind and therefore how can you think that the powers of your mind can change it? If it was created by some force that is more powerful than you, how can you accept that you could change this? Now in a sense you could say that it was created by a force that is more powerful than you as an individual, because it was created by the collective consciousness and it is more powerful than most individuals, especially when they are in duality.

So this is then the safety mechanism that is built into the law of free will. That when people do not think they have created their circumstance, they cannot change it. What does that mean? It means they keep building onto it, they keep repeating that track. It is as if their co-creative efforts are locked on a track and how can they get out of it now? They all experience that this is something unpleasant, they have to struggle against this. It is not really what they want but since they do not think they can create it, how can they get out of it? They can only get out of it through what we have called the school of hard knocks where people come to that point, where they have had so enough of that particular circumstance that they finally become willing to ask themselves: “Is there something I could do to change this. Could I change myself, could I change the way I look at it, could I change my attitude, is there something I can change?”

The question now becomes, what does it take for people to get to that point where they make that shift? Once they are in the school of hard knocks and they are not taking responsibility for themselves, not listening for any higher direction, then it is only that they keep co-creating more and more of the same until their creation breaks down. Why will their creation break down? Again this is something that is built into the law of free will. What is the entire purpose of the law of free will? It is to take a self-aware being that has been created with a point-like sense of identity and allow that self-aware being to expand it’s sense of identity to the point where it can actually ascend. So the entire purpose of giving free will is growth, is acceleration, is self-transcendence.

When you give people free will, you also give them the option to go into duality, but in duality they are not transcending themselves. Therefore they are not growing, so how can they create a society that is growing? How can they create an outer circumstance that is growing, that is transcending itself? It cannot be done. That is why gradually they create more and more of the same. They add more and more fear-based energy in the emotional realm, more and more self-centred mental energy in the mental realm, a more and more separate sense of identity, and that associated energy in the identity realm, they densify. You are always creating more, but if you are creating more of the same – what must happen? You densify. When energy becomes denser, it crosses the threshold and becomes what you call matter, physical matter. Physical matter is densified energy. The more of the energy you create in the three higher bodies, the more dense the physical must become. The more dense things become, everything slows down, everything becomes more difficult, everything becomes more of a struggle.

That is why eventually there comes that point where what you can see in a train, where you can see that when the train slows down, there comes a point where the momentum of the train going forward is not big enough to overcome the friction between the wheel and the track, therefore the wheels stop turning. There is simply such friction, there is not enough power in the system to overcome the friction, the friction becomes bigger and bigger and therefore the wheels grind to a halt – as the economic train of the Soviet Union started grinding down more and more. This is actually what Gorbachev realised, he realised that the economy of the Soviet Union was not sustainable. It was only a matter of time before everything would stop, or before the Soviet Union would fall so far behind the military development, the technological development of the West that they could not deter an attack and therefore he feared that there would be that attack. Which is what the Soviet Union would have done if they had the advantage and therefore either way the Soviet Union would end. So he thought that it would be possible to make economic reforms but maintain the Soviet system. But this because of what I have explained to you, simply could not be done.

Jesus expressed it in his parable about the talents. The servants who multiplied the talents were given more and the servant who didn’t, well from him was taken what he had. It is not as it is portrayed in the bible some God up there that makes a decision: “I am going to reward these two but not that one.” It is just simply the law. When you are multiplying what you have you are accelerating. Therefore you are part of that what we have called the upward pull of the entire sphere that pulls even on earth. You are part of that accelerating movement, therefore you are growing, the economy is growing. Why is it growing? Because you are able to receive and bring down to the physical level, energy from the spiritual realm.

When you are co-creating in a positive way, you are bringing more energy into the system. When you are co-creating, although it isn’t co-creating it is de-creating from a state of duality, you can only work with the energy that is in the system. But since you are densifying everything, there comes a point where there is not enough energy in the system to keep your machine moving. If you look at the Soviet Union, you could say from the moment of the creation of the Soviet Union, Russia and the other states who became part of the initial Soviet Union, they had a certain amount of energy in their identity bodies, a certain amount in the mental body, a certain amount in the emotional and a certain amount in the physical. As the Soviet Union kept moving on, in order to sustain the state that was there in the physical, they had to pull energy from the three higher realms, they had to pull it down to the physical level. That meant that they were gradually depleting the energy in the identity, mental and emotional realms. What was the effect of this? First of all, it shut off creativity, because the less energy you have in the identity realm, the less energy you can receive from the spiritual. It also shut down people’s ability to think clearly. Again in the mental realm, people became so starved that they could not think about new ways of doing things. All they could think about was repeating the old patterns, their thoughts were locked on a track, their emotions became locked on a track. There was not even enough energy that people could muster the determination to say: “This is not working, why are we doing this, we do not want to do this anymore.” They mindlessly kept doing the same thing. A few people here and there were thinking more clearly, were attempting to provide reforms, but could they. You could say that Gorbachev was thinking more clearly, but when he tried to enact reforms, he ran into such an opposition because there was not enough energy in the identity, mental and emotional realms, that people could even grasp what he was attempting to do. So you see that it was inevitable that the machine would grind to a halt.

What you see here is again, as other masters have said: “How can you create this new human being that you want to create in order to get your system to work.” You can only do it when you use force, you can only lower the consciousness and so you lower the creative potential of the people. You force them into a state of passivity where they were not open to any kind of creative flow. What is creativity? as we have said it is a flow. There is an energy and ideas flowing from your I Am Presence through your three higher bodies into the physical. Well when you cannot even connect to your I Am Presence because your identity body is so starved, how can you even have that flow? What few people have understood but which actually could be understood by certain economists, is that when you look at a functioning economy (and I am not talking here about a capitalist economy as the opposite of a communist economy) a functioning economy where there is some freedom for the general population. Then you see that there is actually more energy brought into the four lower bodies of the earth and the four lower bodies of the people. This means that there is now more energy available to create economic growth, to create wealth.

What can cause the economy to grow? It is again that principle that Jesus explained in the parable of the talents, that those who had multiplied the talents received even more. Where did they receive it from, well simply they received energy from the spiritual realm. Again it was not some God who arbitrarily looked at people and decided I am going to reward these people. They simply activated a natural law. Because when you open up for the flow, the energy will flow. The energy is constantly being released in the spiritual realm, it is just a matter of is there an openness to receive it, there is only an openness to receive it when you are multiplying the talents. What does it mean to be multiplying the talents? It means that you are doing something that is not strictly self-centred. You may still have a desire to improve your situation in life, but you are not doing this regardless of the consequence that it has for others. You are not seeking to get something by taking from others. You are seeking to get more by creating more. You are doing something that also benefits other people, that also benefits the whole.

Now as we said, the communist system or the communal ownership system can only work when people are selflessly working to improve the whole. The communist system could never achieve this kind of selfless action because it drove the collective consciousness and the individual consciousness way down below the 48th level where people become more and more selfish, so how could they ever work for the whole. But when you step up and start becoming less selfish, less self-centered, then you bring forth more energy into the physical realm and that is what creates growth in the economy at the physical level. There is simply no other way to grow an economy and that is why as we have said before, if you have a nation such as you see in the Scandinavian nations that at some point decided, we do not want people to be poor, to be starving, to not have a place to live, we want all people to have a decent standard of living. When the decision was made to provide this, then there was a shift and suddenly the economy grew to the point where the income from taxes to the state could support a welfare system.

Right now the United States could not support a welfare system as you see in Scandinavia. This has been part of the Presidential debate for the last several elections. There are some that say: “Well the United States could not support that, the economy could not support that welfare system.” In a sense, they are right. With the present level of the collective consciousness, the present level of humanity, the present level of willingness to work for the whole instead of working for oneself, the American economy could not support a Scandinavian style welfare system. But if there was a shift in the collective consciousness as you have seen in Scandinavia, then the American economy would very quickly be able to support the exact same kind of welfare system with free universal health care, because the economy would grow to the point where it could support it. The same of course holds true for the nations of Eastern Europe, the nations who used to be under communism.

The communist system supported a certain very low standard of living. As I said, that would have been lost within a matter of one to two decades, where you would have seen the communist system starting to break down. Some people would have lost their jobs and their place to live, and then what would they have done, they would have had no place to go whatsoever. What would the authorities in the Soviet Union have done with this? They would have decided for ideological reasons we cannot allow this, so we have to get rid of these people and how would they have done it? Well, guess how did they get rid of all the dissidents who did not accept the system? The individual in a communist system is expendable because only the state matters. Only the whole, only the ideology, only creating the communist Utopia matters. The individual is incidental.

In a capitalist system the individual does not matter either. That is why there is a need to create a different society with a different approach, that is not strictly capitalist and is not strictly communist because it is based on that higher level of humanity where you connect to that humanity in yourself. This gives you respect for yourself as an individual. Once you have respect for yourself as an individual you will have respect for other people as individuals.

Therefore a society suddenly emerges that is based on respect for the individual and therefore the state cannot set aside or violate the rights of the individual. It just becomes obvious.

So, this is what has the potential to happen in all former Soviet nations and Warsaw Pact countries. It can happen when you make that shift. In order to make that shift, you need to shift away from this focus on self and become more focused on the humanity. Now in a communist system, there was no room for humanity because nobody did anything for humanitarian reasons, they were all motivated by themselves, their own self-interest, their narrow self interest. In a more open system, a more free system, people can begin acting out of enlightened self-interest. In the beginning, it is still self-interest, but there comes that point where it starts to shift and more and more people actually go beyond the self-interest. Or you could say they expand their sense of self to the point where it encompasses other people, even the whole, even some kind of principle but it is not something that is forced upon them as it was in the Soviet system. It is something that comes from within and therefore it is creative and it gives them a creative drive.

This is what you see that some countries have done, they have done it unconsciously and that is why there is still some limitations as to how the economy functions. But if nations would start becoming more conscious of this, you could quickly change the entire economy of the world where more and more wealth would be created. So that instead of having rich countries and poor countries, all countries would be brought up to a higher standard of living. It is entirely possible, simply because it is mandated by the law of free will. How can you know it is possible? Well once you begin to recognize that human beings have created the current conditions through their level of consciousness, you can also realize that it is possible to create a higher state through your level of consciousness when you raise that level of consciousness. So by the very fact that you have been able to create the misery you see, you can see that you can also create a much better state. Perhaps even a much better state than most people could accept today.

This is of course one of the great limitations of communism. People cannot see a state that is much higher than what they have experienced in their lives. This I will let other masters expound upon as I am grateful for having had this opportunity to give you this perspective from the Elohim of the Fourth Ray.

With this I want to give you an opportunity, extend to you what we might call a dispensation where those who read or hear this dictation – you have the opportunity to make a simple call to me to cut you free individually from these illusions of communism. You do not need to describe them in elaborate terms but you might mention specific illusions that you want to be cut free from. Then I will do this on an individual basis. As you ask for it for your nation as well, I will also do it for other people, those that I evaluate are closest to breaking through to a new vision. It may not necessarily be specific people you know, therefore I am asking you to keep the call universal, and leave it up to me to decide who could be of most benefit to the progression of your nation. This is a significant dispensation that I extend to all people who have been under the communist system or still are under some of the versions of the communist system that have survived, at least in name. With this, I seal you in the accelerating flame of the fourth ray.


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Cut the ties to the past and dare to reach for new ideas

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, November 29, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. What I wish to discourse with you on is a particular lie that very few people have ever seen, exposed or even imagined, but it is a lie that underlies not only the communist system, but in a sense all systems created by the fallen beings on earth. You know that in the Soviet Union there was a concept of creating a new man. For some reason, they didn’t seem to be so concerned about creating a new woman, but they thought they could focus on creating a new man, and then women would just somehow be swept along with that and be changed also. They talked about the “Homo Sovieticus.”

The question I wish to start with is, let us say you have a government, be it dictatorial or otherwise, and they want to change their citizens. Would it be possible? Is it possible to change human beings? Well, it depends on what you mean by change. If you look at conventional thinking—whether it be religion, whether it be a political ideology, or whether it be scientific materialism—you would have to say that based on their thinking, they have a very limited idea of what it means to change human beings. They may have some visions or some teachings about how they can change human beings, like the Catholic church has been trying to change human beings for centuries, with limited success, I might add. Nevertheless, their understanding must necessarily be limited because they do not incorporate the teachings we have given you about the 144 levels of consciousness. In other words, it would be possible for a state—or for that matter, a religious institution that had enough influence on people’s minds—to change people, but it could only be done by taking people up or down on the scale of the 144 levels of consciousness.

We have said that there are 144 levels of consciousness possible on earth. That means there is no consciousness possible on earth outside the 144 levels. Whatever consciousness people have fits into one of those 144 levels, and so what a state or some external power can do is it can push people upwards or downwards on that scale. They cannot fundamentally change human beings. They cannot, as some would say, change human nature. But then again, what is human nature? Can you say that what you observe on planet earth today is human nature? Well, that is what many would say. But as we have told you, there is the possibility that people cannot be in a state of duality, cannot be below a certain level on the scale of the 144 levels of consciousness. And when you step into duality, you actually change your consciousness in a fundamental way. So we could say that you change human nature to a dualistic level. So there is a dualistic level of human nature and a non-dualistic level of human nature. What you observe today, even though there have been examples of people with a non-dual nature, the vast majority of human beings are in a dualistic state of consciousness. And therefore, this is what you observe as human nature. But it is of course, not the full extent, not the highest potential, of human nature.

What the Soviet Union attempted to do was to fundamentally change human nature as it is in the dualistic state of consciousness. Naturally, Marxism as an ideology was inspired by the fallen beings in the identity realm and the mental realm who worked with Karl Marx to bring forth these ideas. That is not to say that communism is entirely based on illusions and lies. There are some concepts in there, as there always is with the fallen beings, they take some true concepts, they mix them in with some untrue concepts, they twist the whole thing around and then they create something that has enough truth to attract some people but can never take them higher in consciousness. Naturally Marxism, communism, socialism, whatever you call it, sprang from the dualistic state of consciousness. That is why it was defined with a fundamental opposite of capitalism. It was a duality from the start. This means that all the communists could see was that they wanted to change the dualistic human nature. They wanted to change human nature in such a way that a communist society could actually work, that it could function. They attempted to define a vision of this “Homo Sovieticus” who was a human being with a particular attitude to life that could make communism function. What they tried to define was actually a human being who would work for the greater good selflessly. Who would selflessly work for the common good, for the society, for the state, for the collective farm, for the factory. For whatever unit that person lived in, the person would selflessly work for the good of that unit, even for the good of society. This was essentially what they were aiming at creating, a person who would sacrifice his own personal ambitions, his own personal goals and desires to do what was best for the whole. What they did not realize, and could never realize, was that you can actually create a human being like that. That is a human being who is above the 96th level of consciousness. Of course, such a human being would never for a second believe in the communist ideology. And would, before it ever climbed to the 96th level, have seen through it. What I am pointing out to you is that what they attempted to do was simply impossible. It could not be done.

Now, as we have said before, a somewhat communist system where there is common ownership of the means of production could actually function. But only if people had a higher level of consciousness. And then it would not be the strict system defined by Marx. Because actually, in a higher level community, there wouldn’t be state ownership. There would be localized ownership. It would not be, for example, that the state owned the farm and there were some people who worked that farm. It would be that all of the people who worked the farm had ownership of that farm and felt they were part of the ownership of it, and deciding the future of it. The same with a factory or business. There would be common ownership rather than state ownership. Then it could function if people had a certain level of consciousness, but you would not call it communism as communism is currently defined.

What was the only option that was left to the communist thinkers, the communist planners from Lenin and forward? Well, how did they bring in communism in Russia? They did it through force. When you bring something through force—when you are forcing people—what do you do? Well, you cannot take people and raise them to the 96th level through force. You cannot force them to grow up above the 48th level. You cannot for that matter force them to grow up to any level. What you can accomplish through force is you can force them down the ladder of the 144 levels of consciousness. And that is precisely what they did in Russia. After the Civil War, so to speak, was over and those who opposed the Bolshevik forces in Russia were beaten down, they started this process of cleansing out—which was really completed under Stalin—of basically killing everybody who opposed the Bolshevik rule and their version of communism. This essentially meant that they killed almost anybody with a level of consciousness above the 48th level. Almost all the people above the 48th level of consciousness in Russia—and there were quite a few before the Bolshevik Revolution—were killed by the Bolsheviks. And then, because of the willingness to kill, the willingness that they demonstrated, especially under Stalin, to kill anybody who opposed or questioned the system, even those who did not oppose or question the system under Stalin, they forced people down. Those who were at the 48th level were forced down and those who were at the lower levels were forced even lower down. So what you created in the Soviet Union was a system where hardly anybody was above the 48th level of the decision makers. There were still people among the population who were at a slightly higher level of consciousness, but they had learned that the only way to stay alive was to not speak out, so they had no influence on society other than the influence of raising the collective consciousness somewhat. But all of the decision makers, all of the ones who were executing the decisions, were below the 48th level of consciousness, many of them quite a bit lower which is why you see this incredible brutality that was there. You can ask yourself as you did in your discussion earlier, how could such a system be created, how could there be that brutality, that willingness to kill that made all of the people in Eastern Europe not want to be occupied by the Russians, by the Soviets? And it is again because they forced the consciousness down towards the lower levels where you have that total brutality, that lack of humanity.

What you see here is that if the communist dream should have ever worked, it would have required a higher level of consciousness. But by the very fact that they forced the consciousness, they forced the collective consciousness down way below the 48th level, it was impossible that communism could work. Why is that? Because what happens when you go below the 48th level? Well, people become focused on themselves. They see themselves as separate beings: “I am separate from other people.” At the 48th level, you still have some family ties. You may see that there are certain people you can feel somewhat close to. Maybe you can feel close to the other Germans but certainly not to the Jews, and so on. But the lower you go, the more self-centered, the more separate people become. In other words, the lower you go towards the lowest levels of consciousness, the motto of these people becomes: “What’s in it for me? How is this going to affect me? What can I get out of this?” In other words: “I submit myself to the system. What do I get out of it? I become one of the leaders of the Soviet system. What’s in it for me? What do I get out of it?” And that is also why you see that they had to create a society that from its inception, from the beginning, was not classless because it created this class of party officials who had certain privileges, and one of those privileges was power. They had almost godlike power over the life and death of the people in their area, the area for which they were responsible. There were people who wanted this because as you go towards the lower levels of consciousness, people enjoy more and more to have power over other people. The people with the absolute lowest levels of consciousness were people like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, who enjoyed having that almost godlike power over hundreds of millions of people. This is what you saw in the Soviet Union. There were people who enjoyed having that power.

That is why you see, from the very beginning, it was guaranteed that communism would fail. The economy could not be self-sustained, it could not grow because people were only concerned about themselves. “What do I get out of this?” It was not a matter of: “What does the State get out of it? What does it take for the State to survive?” It was only a matter of: “Me. My own situation. What I get out of it.” And you were willing to do whatever it took to get personal advantages at the expense of other people. Right there you see a system that cannot work. This is also why capitalism in its pure form cannot work, because again, who are the people who will gain the economic power in a capitalist system? The most ruthless, those who are willing to do whatever it takes to get an advantage for themselves at the cost of other people. You see here, the system could not work. But on top of that, you also see that the promise of a classless society could not work because classless society requires that all members of that society have a certain level of what we have called the basic humanity, where you see a connection between yourselves and other people. And you actually realize what we have called enlightened self interest, that because you are part of the whole, what is good for the whole is also good for you. This is something you cannot see. You may be able to see it intellectually below the 48th level, but you cannot really feel it. You cannot accept it, you cannot live it. You have to be some ways above the 48th level before you can truly see that the reason you need to do unto others as you want them to do unto you is because it is best for yourself. What is best for the whole is best for you as well. You see right there that when people are below the 48th level of consciousness, they cannot manifest a classless society because the lower you go towards the lowest level, the more people want to be in a special class that has special powers, special privileges that are so different  from other people. This is also why you saw that the Soviet Union had to give its citizens this sense of  superiority. This essentially is one of the reasons why they had to shut off  information coming into the Soviet Union from the West. Because if the common worker in the Soviet Union had known that the common worker in the West has a much, much higher lifestyle than they had, then the Soviet system could not have controlled them.

You see how there were so many things that were, so to speak, built into the entire Soviet adventure that when they set out to create the Soviet Union, there were, as the saying goes, so many camels they had to swallow that the system could not work. It was doomed from the beginning. Soviet Communism was doomed from the beginning. It took some decades for it to fall apart, but it was doomed from the beginning. It could never, ever possibly have worked, and this is something that there is a tension in the collective consciousness. We have talked at the previous conferences we have given this year about the fact that we we are not telling you things just out of the blue. We are telling you things because we see that there has been a certain tension building in the collective consciousness, which means that when you make the calls, there can be a switch. There can be a shift where people are ready to see this. It is actually very important for the process that Archangel Michael talked about where you have a public debate or public awareness about Communism. It is very important for that debate that people come to this realization that Soviet Communism simply could not have worked. Now I know that some will still believe that the Soviets never had the pure form of communism and maybe China did not even have it. Maybe it has not been created yet, but maybe it could be created in the future. And as I said, there is even some reality to this. You could create a society with a more communal form of ownership, but it would not really be the communism envisioned by Marx.

You understand that the fallen beings have this way of twisting everything, as we talked about in America, with how they create these labels. You could say, for example, that if you look back at human history, you know—even in known history—there have been certain societies in the past where they had more of a communal form of ownership. There was not really individual ownership of land, they found the land in common and they had a system for dividing what was produced so that everybody had enough to eat. And they had maybe private property in the sense  that they had individual houses, but they were all working in some community service, such as building important big buildings, whether it was the Mayan pyramids, the Egyptian pyramids, the Aztec pyramids, the temples in the East, or whatever. You saw these great building projects being accomplished by a civilization. You could say that there is a concept that has been there for a long time of communal ownership.

Now, what the fallen beings did was, they took that concept, projected it into the four lower bodies of Karl Marx, and then they labeled it with the communist label. They made it seem as if this form of society can only be communist. This is communism, communal ownership. So now a concept that has been around for thousands of years in different contexts that had nothing to do with the ideology of communism, suddenly becomes hijacked. But as I said, there is some reality there that a society with communal ownership can work, and there has been examples of it even in known history. This concept has nothing to do with communism, and that is why you will see people in the West who are idealistic people, who have a higher level of consciousness than the 48th but have really not risen to the 96th level and attained Christ discernment. So they have a certain inner intuitive sense that it should be possible to create a society where you do not have these extreme inequalities created by a strict capitalist system, where some people are extremely poor and a few people are extremely rich; like you see today in the United States, for example, more clearly than in most other nations. You have the elite that is getting richer and richer, which is approaching a system like you had during medieval times in a feudal societies where the landlords own the land and the peasants own nothing.

This was not communal ownership, you realize, but nevertheless, there are people who look at these extreme outcomes of the capitalist system and they know intuitively that it is possible to create a better society. But because they have grown up in this no man’s land between materialism and Christianity, they do not see clearly how such a society could be created. So you have many people who are open to new ideas, who have rejected Christianity. You have many of them who have somewhat rejected materialism but have not fully understood the limitations of capitalism. In their idealism, they are thinking it must be possible to create a better society and of course it is. What do you think my Golden Age is all about? It is certainly not about creating a more extreme form of capitalism where the top one percent of the population owns all the means of production. And the others are working as slaves to sustain the privileges of the elite. Naturally I envision, and there can be many different versions of it, but a much more compassionate, humanitarian system with much greater equality and equal opportunity. These people have an intuitive sense there is something, but because these ideas were hijacked by communism, Marxism, socialism, they think it has to be created with the overlay of this ideology. And it is very important that these creative people, intuitive people, are freed from these illusions so they can say: “Let’s acknowledge that communism failed because Marxist ideology is flawed. Let us rethink the entire issue. Let us dare to reach for new ideas instead of dragging this ideological baggage with us as we are climbing the mountain towards a better future. Let’s cut the ties and dare to look at communal ownership in a different way and see how we could create a different society.”

And of course, all of the work you are doing by raising your consciousness, by making the calls, raises the collective consciousness to the point where people can begin to see that their dreams can be fulfilled, but only if consciousness is raised, only if people’s individual consciousness is raised above a certain level can they create such a society, and only if the collective consciousness is raised above a certain level can such a society be sustained, can it function. Because it requires a certain level of consciousness; it requires a certain level of humanity and the awareness that what is good for the whole is good for me as an individual before you can create a society that has a more equal ownership of the means of production. It cannot be created until the collective consciousness is raised beyond a certain threshold, which it is not yet. And that collective consciousness can be raised only by the creative people, the intuitive people dedicating themselves to walking the spiritual path.

Now again, there are many versions of the spiritual path, many ways to follow the spiritual path. The ascended master teachings are not the only one, but people need to be aware that there is a systematic path for raising their consciousness, and they need to be working towards that goal, otherwise you cannot create a society that has that higher form of ownership. It does not mean that there cannot be individual ownership. It does not mean that you have to abandon individual ownership, but it needs to be at a different level, and that will become obvious to people as they raise their consciousness.

You understand what I have been saying about the golden age, that it is a gradual process and it is not my goal and it never has been my goal, despite what some ascended masters students believe, to create an ideology or a system that at this particular point in time sets the matrix for how the golden age is going to unfold. My plan is to have a gradual release as the collective consciousness is raised. Because, as I have said before, throughout the next two thousand years, progress will continue, and that means that in two thousand years, society will be so far beyond where it is today that most people could not even deal with it, could not even deal with the vision. So when you realize that, you see that how could I possibly bring out an ideology or a system at the current level of consciousness that is based on how society will be at the end of the Aquarian Age? It could not be done. People would not be able to grasp it. So, my plan is a gradual release. We release teachings that will help raise the collective consciousness. As the collective consciousness is raised in a matter of a decade or several decades, new ideas, new teachings will be released that can then take society to the next level. That is, my beloved, the only way it could possibly be done. And my vision is clear that this will happen in the Aquarian Age.

Now if you look at the Piscean Age, you will see that Jesus, and the masters working with Jesus before he ascended, had a similar plan for the Piscean Age. It was not the plan that Jesus would appear on earth, walk around for three years uttering various teachings, some of which would be written down, some of which would never be written down, and that was the final release for the Piscean Age. That was never the plan. That was never the vision. The vision that Jesus had was to create a movement where there was a flow of the Holy Spirit so there could be progressive revelation of gradually higher teachings through the Piscean Age. As you know and as we have said before, that did not come to pass, partly because too few people grasped it, partly because of the creation of the Catholic church, which effectively made progressive revelation within the context of Christianity impossible for over a thousand years, and in all practicality, more than a thousand years, until it finally came to a point where we could at least step forward publicly and announce our existence as ascended masters. Of course, we did not do that within the context of Christianity. Far from it. We could say that still to this day, there is no possibility of progressive revelation within the context of Christianity. It just is not there, but it could have been there and that was the original vision of Jesus.

My vision is to learn from this, build on this, and create a different movement, a different teaching, that can, not set the stage for the Aquarian Age, but set the stage for the process of bringing forth progressive revelation throughout the Aquarian Age. And that is what you see we have started through this messenger, we will carry forward through this messenger. But of course, we will not complete it through this messenger as progressive revelation by its very nature can never be completed. How could it be? Therefore, how comical—I can really only use that word, my beloved—that some ascended master students think that we had a messenger who was bringing forth progressive revelation but now that that messenger is no longer there, progressive revelation has stopped. It is really comical that anyone can believe this. But then again, it is comical that anyone could believe in the communist promise that there could be a new unselfish man created through force that can only force people to become more and more selfish.

My beloved, I know that communism is not a laughing matter and therefore I shall refrain from cracking jokes about communism, which I am attempted to do but nevertheless, it really is hard to not use the word “ridiculous” when you see how the people that were, so to speak, the architects of the Soviet Union—Lenin, Trotsky and others—actually thought that they could create a new type of human being. And when they had that new type of human being, then Soviet Communism would work. They actually thought: “If we can only change human nature, then communism will work.” And that, my beloved, is quite frankly, one of the most ridiculous ideas or beliefs ever presented by the fallen beings on this planet. I will give you that on certain other planets, it has been even worse, but let us not even go there for this release.

I am happy that you have come together. I am happy that you have given me this opportunity to speak this into the collective consciousness. You recognize that  the messenger is facing east, facing Russia, and this is projected into the heart of Russia Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and therefore, can have the maximum effect of shifting the collective consciousness so that even the Russian people will begin to take a look at communism. But of course, we envision that this clearly will happen first in Eastern Europe: the Baltics, Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia. All of these nations that were under the communist yoke, and therefore can speak from experience, but have today moved beyond it. But as Archangel Michael said, you are still dragging that cloud of fear-based energy with you and you are still dragging that ideological baggage. And when you look at it, my beloved, you will feel a new sense of freedom. And suddenly, you will see that many of the things that have not been working so far in your societies will start working, and you will make much faster progress towards prosperity, which is, of course, only one step towards the greater goal that I see for your societies as we move into the golden age.

But certainly, it is necessary to create material prosperity for the greatest number of people because it is what you were missing during communist times. That material affluence that people had in the West now means many people in the West have moved beyond the need for material affluence. But you still have it in Eastern Europe and you deserve to have it so that you can move beyond it and see that there are also other goals in life.

So with this, my gratitude for you who are here, who are on the broadcast, for allowing me to use your chakras as broadcasting stations to send this powerful impetus into the collective consciousness that says: “Look at communism, realize why it could not work, and then be free from that heavy yoke of the communist ideological baggage.”

Saint Germain I AM and I AM freedom!


Copyright © 2019 by Kim Michaels

The post-communist nations need to consciously process their communist past

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael, November 29, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am the Ascended Master Archangel Michael. I am grateful to be able to open this conference, which we obviously see as a continuation of the three previous conferences we have given this year. Communism – what is it? Well, what is it other than a dictatorship? So this ties in perfectly with our conference in Korea, where we talked about ending the era of dictatorships. What is the state of mind that is created by communism, at least in those people who buy into the lies of communism? Well, is it not fanaticism? So therefore tying in perfectly with our conference in Holland on fanaticism. And, contrary to the claims made by communism of creating a classless society, everybody who has lived under a communist system knows that there is no classlessness. There is an elite of the party elite. So therefore, that ties in perfectly with our US conference on ending the era of elitism.

Communism embodies all three of these qualities: dictators, fanaticism, elitism. Therefore, we are grateful that you have been willing to come here and participate on the webinar – in order to give this (we might say) final impetus to accomplish the goals that we wanted to accomplish for this year. Truly, we could say that  this conference, the dictations we will give, represents an opportunity for all of the nations who were under communism and  those who still are – even though you can discuss  whether there are any nations who are still  under a strictly communist system. I am sure you can all see that if Karl Marx could see what has happened in China, since opening up to trade from the west, he would be, so to speak, rotating in his grave. Nevertheless, the opportunity here is that you who are here participating in this conference can create a powerful impulse that goes into the collective consciousness and therefore, gives all of the people who have been influenced by the communist system an opportunity to step back and rethink, reevaluate—process the experience.

Why is this important?  Well, my beloved, how can you ever be free of something until you look at it consciously, overcome the wounds, the lies, the illusions, and consciously make a decision to move forward? If you look  at some of the nations, for example, the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe – you will see that since the “fall of communism” as you say, many of these countries have made tremendous progress in terms of growing the economy, providing better jobs, providing better and freer living conditions for the people.  And so you see that much progress has been made. But, you also see that in many of these nations, as you, for that matter, also see in the Western nations—there is an increase in mental illness, there is an increase in depression, substance abuse and various forms of escapism.

And why is that? Why do you see this tremendous growth on the one hand, but also the increase in mental disorders of many kinds? Well, is it not easy enough, at least for you Ascended Master students, to put the two together and realize that when you know and accept reincarnation as a reality, many of the people, who today are young people in these former communist nations, have reincarnated and in their past lifetime they were persecuted, perhaps executed, by the communist regime. Does it not stand to reason that if you have been brutally murdered or put in concentration camps by a communist regime, then in your next lifetime you are born with tremendous psychological traumas and burdens that you need to find a way to deal with, to process and to overcome? How can people do this? Well, you can do it by following the spiritual path. You can do it to some degree by pursuing individual therapy. But how many people are doing this? So how could it be done in these nations? Well, it could be done if these nations were willing to stand back and say: “Let’s not ignore our past. Let’s not forget that we had a recent past where we were suppressed by this highly dictatorial system. Let’s look at this, let’s have a debate about it. Let’s talk openly about it and process that experience so we can move forward.” You see that if this was done on a collective basis, it would be easier for people individually to heal their traumas. This isn’t to say that people wouldn’t need individual healing and therapy—they would.

But, nevertheless,  what you see now in most of these nations in Eastern Europe is this code of silence. It’s almost like communism is a taboo that nobody really wants to talk about. It was a bad experience. Everybody agrees it was bad, but it’s behind us  now, so let’s just move forward.  But my beloved,  you can’t move forward if you’re not willing to look back and process what happened and how this influenced you. There is no nation that has been under a communist rule, especially those who are part of the Soviet Union or the Warsaw Pact, who do not have very, very severe traumas in the collective consciousness.  Now naturally,  what we are saying here applies to all nations who were under a communist system, including Russia, including other Soviet Republics in the east. But it is clear that the Baltic nations, the Eastern European nations, who were part of the  Warsaw Pact—they  have more of an opportunity,  more of an awareness to rise beyond  this to be among the first who break the ice and dare to actually look at this.

You will see that in Germany, after the end of the Second World War,  there was a similar state where for decades, the German people, the German nation, were not really willing to look at what happened under Nazism—to look at the era of Hitler and talk about this openly.  But you will also see that there came a period,  after a few decades where this started very gradually to  soften up. There was  more of a debate, there was more talk about it.  And that’s why we can look at Germany today and see that they have made more progress than many of the nations who were under communism, because there has been some  willingness to debate it. And  this is why you also see the corresponding economic  progress in Germany, because they are all interconnected. There cannot be true economic progress unless there’s progress in the collective consciousness. And there cannot be progress in the collective consciousness unless you look at your past and deal with it. You cannot escape the era of communism by ignoring it.  It will not go away by itself. What you,  of course, can make the calls for (those of you who live in these nations), what you can envision  is that there will be some willingness—because I tell you that there is no reason to wait as long as Germany waited before you start to debate this. The faster you start debating it, the quicker you will make progress.

I know these are sensitive issues and many people would rather ignore them. But, you understand that there will always be a resistance from the collective consciousness towards progress. Any kind of progress, any new initiative,  must break  through resistance in the collective consciousness. It’s not necessarily always a conscious resistance or a deliberate resistance.  But what we said, and what I said in Korea in my dictation about dictatorships, was  precisely  this: “A dictator always has the consent of the governed, but the people are not always  consciously aware  that they are giving their consent to the dictator”. They are not consciously aware of this.  And, therefore, this  lack of conscious awareness is what creates the resistance in the collective consciousness to change – people are not conscious. It’s not that they are deliberately and consciously resisting change, but  at a subconscious level they are.

You can have a people, and you have this here in Eastern Europe, you  have it in the Baltic nations, who are consciously saying: “We want progress”. You can see in the nation of Estonia, for example, where there are people who say that  before the Soviet occupation, Estonia was further along in growth  than Finland.  And when communism fell, Estonia was 30 – 40 years behind Finland. And there is a desire in the Estonian nation to catch up or even get ahead again. But how can you catch  up? How can you get ahead when there is a subconscious resistance in the collective consciousness towards change? And it’s subconscious resistance because you haven’t looked at it. You haven’t made it conscious. You haven’t looked at what happened during communism, how it affected you, what are these very subtle lies that a communist system programs into the subconscious minds of the people and therefore, programs into the collective  consciousness.

You will see, of course,  that if you look at all nations including the, so called, most modern nations in the West – you will see that there is also a subconscious resistance  to change in many places. And that’s because  there is not an awareness  of the collective consciousness. In fact, there is in the collective consciousness a resistance  towards people becoming  aware of the existence  of the collective consciousness because these beasts, these entities, that have been created in the collective consciousness do not want to be exposed – because they know that if people see how these beasts are controlling them, then they will want to be free of that control). Therefore, they are trying to stay unconscious, so that the people are not aware of how they are being affected.

That is why, for you individually, when you think back to when you first  realized there was a spiritual path—there was an alternative to the normal “state of living” in your society, you will see that you always felt that there was some resistance. Something was resisting your growth, something may still be resisting your growth. There’s something in your subconscious mind that’s pulling) you back. You might take one step forward, but then slide backwards again.  And this is precisely the collective consciousness of the country you’re living in. That is why there’s a period on the spiritual path (as we have talked about before, as this messenger has described in his own experience, where the main thrust for your growth is actually to free yourself from the pull of the collective consciousness. You need to pull yourself above that.  And that is why, for many of you, it has required a  period of being very diligent with giving decrees and invocations, because it was the practical way, the most efficient way, for you to raise yourself above the collective conscious. That’s why there can also come for you a point where you realize now you need to shift your focus. Now you need to go more within to start looking more at these subtle beliefs. And that’s why we’ve given you the teachings and tools for resolving the  cosmic birth trauma and the separate self.

But, I would also point  out that our series (which is now complete) of going through the seven rays, of the initiations of the rays, and all of these books that have been released, they are a very, very effective tool for raising your self above the collective consciousness. You cannot hardly give all of those tools, give all of the invocations in  the books, and  work your way through this Path to Self Mastery without raising yourself above the mass consciousness. Maybe not totally, as you may still have some birth trauma to resolve, but nevertheless, it is a very effective tool for coming  to that point where you’re not pulled down  by the collective consciousness.  Of course, when you get to that point, you can (and many of you are already there) give the calls that other people will be cut free from this downward pull of the collective consciousness so that you can move forward. Then  you can help the next  level of people.

We, from the ascended realm, look at a particular nation and we see that in that nation there is a small number of people who have the potential to become aware of the spiritual path and start walking that path of raising their consciousness. They are the forerunners. But we also see that when that group of people have come to a certain level, you now have the option to make the calls so that the next ring of people can be cut free  to discover the path, to walk the path. Then it can spread like rings in the water  from that point, but somebody needs to be the forerunner, somebody needs to make the calls for others and then we can gradually have a spreading of awareness. This is the only practical way to do it given this very strong  pull  of the collective consciousness.

Now, if you look at these nations here in Eastern Europe,  you will see that  there has been a tremendous shift in the collective consciousness since the fall of communism. It was brought about by many things, not just spiritual people, but all people who are looking in a different direction, who are suddenly thinking that maybe they have an opportunity now,  maybe they can make an effort and they’ll be rewarded for  their effort. Maybe they can have a better material lifestyle. It can be all of these seemingly worldly and mundane things, but it still creates a shift in the collective consciousness. But, what you also have to realize is that there is a certain cloud of fear-based energy that was generated during communist times and it hasn’t been dissolved—it hasn’t been transformed. It has been covered over by this layer of optimistic energy. But, it’s still there, and it’s still pulling on many people and it’s still pulling them down.

You will especially see that especially some of the older generation, find it difficult to adjust to the changes that have happened and that is because they lived for longer during the communist times, during the fear-based times. Therefore, they are not free from that fear-based energy. Many of the younger people were not as affected by it, they have been able to more quickly adjust and therefore, they are not as tied into it. But, it’s still there and it’s still affecting the nation and it still means that whenever you try to make progress  towards some area, there is something that pulls you back, that pulls the nation back,  and you’re not making the progress you could be making.

You would see that in all of these nations, there are people who are more aware, who are looking at society, who are analyzing things and they are sometimes wondering; Why is it that we are doing all the same things that they were doing in the West 20 or 30 years ago, but it’s not working the same way? It’s not working as fast, or it doesn’t even sometimes have the effect that it had in the West. Why is that? We are seemingly doing everything right on the outer, but it isn’t working quite the same way. And these people cannot understand it, and the reason they can’t understand it is that there is that pull from the collective consciousness  that you haven’t freed yourself from. The only way to do it is through a conscious debate on the national level, where you’re willing to look at this, process it and realize that you cannot just walk away from your past. You cannot ignore it. You will continue to drag it with you until you turn around and look at  it and  consciously process it, because only then can you cut the tie.

It is as if you are walking up a mountain, but you have a rope tied around your waist that’s tied to this heavy sack that contains all of these stones and you are dragging that bag of stones up the mountain. You’re trying to look forward and look at the top of the mountain. But, if you would just spend a little time and attention to turn around, look at the sack of stones, reach in there, take out a stone, look at it  and see why you don’t need it anymore and then let it roll down the mountain. Then, you could empty that sack of stones and you would make much faster progress. Now, in a sense you could say, you could look at communist times and see why were things the way they were? Why was it so heavy? Why didn’t you have bread in the stores? Why wasn’t the economy working? Why, why, why was life the way it was? It was because, again, you had that very heavy weight in the collective consciousness that was pulling everyone down. That heavy weight was created by the communist system. It was the only way a communist system could be created because it can only be created through force. And, by the very fact that they used force to create the communist system, they created this weight, which then made sure that the communist system could not work—that the economy could not function. It was not sustainable in the long run and it could never raise people in a communist system above a certain standard of living.

Therefore,  the promises made by the communist ideology could never be fulfilled because the system was created through force. It was doomed from the very beginning not by a historical necessity but by spiritual necessity. These are things that you could benefit from looking at, and then looking at what  it was in the psyche of the nation that made it possible for the communist system to be enforced. But, this is something I will let other masters talk about as we progress. What I want to give you is our gratitude for your willingness to be here.  And, as we  have said before, by you coming together for a conference, your chakras, your auras become broadcast stations for going into the collective consciousness.

I know that some of you will feel in the beginning of this conference that there is a weight, there is a heaviness. But this is that resistance from the collective consciousness and I can assure you that as we move through these next days, you will work through it and you will personally raise yourself above that downward pull. Therefore, you will be able to live in one of these post-communist nations without having the post-communist trauma. This will be a great freedom for you individually and it can also create an important impetus for freeing your nation and other people around you from this heavy burden of this communist system. I can assure you that we all from the ascended realm, have great compassion for the people who were under this very heavy weight and are still affected by it and we would consider it a great joy, we would feel great love, if we were allowed to help free all of these nations so that they could move forward and create a golden age future for your nations. So with this, my gratitude and my love of the first ray.


 Copyright © 2019 by Kim Michaels

How the elite limits imagination

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, October 27, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. It is my joy, it is my privilege, to give the sealing dictation for this conference.

I wish to give you some thoughts based on what other masters have told you. I wish to reach back to Padmasambhava and his concept that the fallen beings have managed to deceive and control people by creating all of these labels. What would be the response of the fallen beings, if they read that dictation? They would say: “But are you not labeling us by calling us fallen beings? Are you not labeling us by calling us a power elite? Are you not doing the exact same thing that you are accusing us of doing?” Such is the serpentine mind, the serpentine logic. Whatever you try to say about the power elite in order to expose them, they will attempt to turn it around and use it against you. Whatever source, and you can see this in history so many times, where whenever an individual or group came up with an exposure of the lies and the manipulation of the power elite, they would seek to attack that person in return, seek to discredit them, and thereby supposedly counteract what was said.

Now, you have a concept that has been going around in the collective consciousness for a very, very long time, the concept of “truth.” There is this idea that many people subscribe to, that certain ideas or certain expressions can be the truth, can be true. You will see so many Christians, who of course believe that the Bible is the literal word of God and therefore is true. You will see Buddhists who believe the same about at least some of the Buddhist scriptures, not necessarily that they are the word of God, but they represent some ultimate truth. You see in Islam the same thing about the Koran. You see even scientific materialists who essentially believe the same about not only the discoveries of science, but a materialistic interpretation of those discoveries.

Many, many people, including many ascended master students, have looked at the situation in the New Testament where Jesus is facing the Roman authorities, and Pontius Pilate makes the statement: “What is truth?” Many have looked down upon this and said he obviously did not recognize Jesus, but actually, from a certain perspective, that was a very wise statement or question.

The limitations of words

Many, many people in the world could make tremendous progress if they would ask themselves the question: “What is truth?” Or perhaps a little more nuanced question: “What is my concept of truth, my current concept of truth?” Many would therefore realize that their current concept of truth is just a label. In many cases it is a label created by the power elite specifically to deceive people. As we said, you create the label, you create a superstructure that supports that label, such as the word “God,” you create a structure about how you define God, and then you project with enough force and authority that this is the absolute truth about God. This causes people to not question that expression, that label. If they would be willing to question it, they could make tremendous progress. As Padmasambhava said, this labeling everything is the primary tool used by the fallen beings to deceive people, to trap them in some false belief that they cannot get out of because they will not question the label. They think it is the truth.

As we have said before, the more mature view is to realize that you live on a planet that is dense. It has a high density of matter, it has a high density of the collective consciousness. This affects everything on earth, it affects your physical bodies, causes a lowering of the lifespan, causes many diseases. It causes many other limitations that you experience. Why would it be so difficult to realize that the density of the planet also causes limitations to what you can do with words? Everything else on earth is limited so why would words not also be limited? In other words, the concept that you could formulate a worded statement that was an absolute truth or the word of God, is a rather limited understanding of the reality of life on this planet. God would never even attempt to give people a worded statement about itself, because it is clear for any ascended being, how much words have been misused throughout history, how much words are open to interpretation.

Now, of course you can say: “But there are certain words that refer to specific things. There is apples and oranges.’’ When you say the word apple, pretty much everyone knows what you are talking about, and this is precisely the point. Words on a dense planet like earth are a means for communicating practical things. You have a need to communicate about practical everyday matters, and you have the need to have a certain precision. When you are talking about apples, people know what you mean with the word apple. They know it is not an orange, is not a pear, is not a banana and so forth. So this is the practical aspect of words. There is little room for interpretation. You know very well that words have some limitations when it comes to describing more complex aspects. For example, most people still say today: “The sun rises in the east, moves across the sky and sets in the west.” But you have known for several centuries that the sun does not rise and set. It is the earth that is spinning on its axis. The sun does not do anything. It is what you see from your vantage point on earth that changes. You see that even here, even though you have a physical event, words cannot describe that event accurately, at least not the way most people use words.

What then happens when we come to more complex ideas? Is it not obvious that there is a limitation to what can be expressed in words? Take a very commonly used word, at least by many religious or spiritual people: “soul.” If you were to look at the many different philosophies or religions out there that use the word soul, you will find quite a big range of how they define it. You will find many, many people who use the word without clearly defining it, not really knowing what they are talking about. They just assume, many people assume that when they say the word soul, everybody who hears it will have the same interpretation of it as they do. When you begin to ponder these things, you realize that words should be, as the saying goes, taken with a grain of salt. You should not actually assume that words can precisely express ideas.

Why then is it so that you have an entire culture, both in the West and elsewhere, that is based on using words to describe ideas? Well, it is because the fallen beings have created these labels, and they use the labels to stop people from thinking more deeply. The label is always a word, such as the word “God.” It is underpinned by some structure of what, over the course of a long time, has been defined as God, and then it is projected with this energy that causes many people to simply be overwhelmed by the energy. They feel it as an authority, and therefore they shut down their minds and accept that this is what it means, this is what God is like. The purpose of using words in this way is to get people to accept the word at face value and not use the faculties that people have to investigate deeper, to look behind the word, behind the label, and see what is really there.

Looking behind words

What faculties do you have for looking behind the words? Well, you have critical thinking. Even the analytical mind can be used to some degree here, to think logically, to look for inconsistencies, to compare this to something else, and to therefore see: “Is there a consistent definition of a particular word.” Does it actually make sense what the words say, how they describe a certain idea, what does the idea actually mean? You can ask clarifying questions.

Many people who are overpowered by these authoritative labels, they go into a state of mental paralysis where they do not ask those kinds of questions. This particularly happens when you have an institution or system, such as a particular religion or the scientific establishment. How many of those who grew up Catholic have asked a question, only to hear from the priest: “It’s a mystery, my child,” thereby discouraging you from continuing to ask these questions? How many of you in school have asked a question, and the teacher could not answer it, either because he did not know, he was not a scientist, or because Materialism has no answer for it? Again, you were discouraged from asking the questions that the authority figures, from parents to teachers, to the leaders of society, could not answer. This is one faculty, using critical thinking to evaluate and ask further questions. You are going beyond the label, you are going beyond the word, and asking: “What does the word actually mean? What do those words actually say? What kind of an idea are they actually expressing?” You are going beyond the words, going beyond the label.

The other faculty you have is the one that we call intuition. It is actually a faculty that can help you gain understanding and insight, but it is really a faculty that gives you an experience. What do I mean with an experience, are there not many types of experiences? Well, certainly. As an example, just consider this: How would you use words to describe the taste of an apple? A very common experience, in fact so common that you would never need to describe the taste of an apple because everybody has had the experience. Just ponder how you could possibly describe the taste of an apple to someone who had never had the experience. It is virtually impossible to use words to convey that experience. Even as common of a thing as the taste of an apple is an experience that is beyond words.

What the fallen beings do not want people to realize is that when it comes to absolutely any aspect of life, whether it is a practical thing, a physical thing or an abstract idea, it is possible to have an intuitive or mystical experience where you directly experience the essence of the phenomenon beyond the words used to name it, label it or describe it. If you go back to Plato and his idea that there, beyond the material world, was a higher realm of ideal forms, this is what we have called the emotional, mental and identity realms. Let us go with Plato’s description: There is a higher realm in which there exists certain ideal forms, and these forms are what become manifest as the things you see in the physical world. In other words, you have a physical thing called an apple, but the apple is a manifestation of, an expression of, this ideal form that exists in a higher realm. It contains the essence of an apple. It is actually possible to have an intuitive experience where you experience that ideal form, the essence of an apple. The same with any complex abstract idea, you can have an intuitive experience whereby you experience the essence of the idea, the matrix of the idea. This means you can actually then experience: Where does the idea come from? Where did it originate? When you sharpen your intuition in this way, you can come to the point where you can read an idea in a book, and you can sense intuitively: Oh that idea came from the emotional realm, from the astral plane. Or that idea comes from the mental realm, or that idea comes from the lower identity realm, or that idea comes from the higher identity realm or the spiritual realm. You can sense this by intuitively feeling the vibration, the vibrational matrix of the idea. Therefore, you can know whether it is a valid idea, whether it came from a higher source or a lower source. You may not be able to explain this in words, but you can know it.

They are many spiritual people who have had their intuitive faculties open from childhood. There are many more who had them open during childhood, and then closed them during the teenage years due to the influence from the outside, whether from a religion or from Materialism that discouraged them from using these faculties. There are many spiritual people who can pick a book from a bookshelf and sense whether it comes from a higher or lower source, sense the purity of the ideas in that book. You can also cultivate the ability to read a book and sense that, this idea expressed here has a lower vibration, but that idea expressed in the next paragraph has a higher vibration. This then, is an ability that allows you (that allows all people, because all people have it if they are willing to use it) to go beyond these labels that are created by using words and projecting that they have a specific interpretation.

Words cannot describe God

If you cannot, my beloved, know the taste of an apple through words, how could you possibly know the nature of God through words? Would you not say that the Creator is more complex than an apple? I certainly would think so. Is it not non-constructive to think that any description of the Creator given by words on this dense planet, could be accurate or adequate? You realize here a very simple truth: What the fallen beings have done is to create these labels, “God,” and then there is the overlay of what God is. There is the intense energy momentum that has been built up over thousands of years that overpowers people so they dare not question what God is. They dare not gainsay God, they dare not challenge. They are not challenging God, you are challenging a worded expression, an interpretation.

What this does is, it prevents people from ever going beyond that label, and the understanding of the concept embedded in the label. They simply do not think about it. When you accept this matrix, this process, these labels, you are trapped by those who have defined the labels. You cannot go beyond the minds of the people or beings who define the label, you are stuck in the label. That is why societies, for centuries, can be stuck at a certain level, as Europe was stuck in the Catholic mindset for over a thousand years. It could not break out of that stalemate of the kings, the noble class and the Catholic clergy holding the majority of the population as slaves, virtual slaves, even in a physical sense, as slaves. You see the same thing many times throughout history. You see the same thing today where science is stuck in Materialism, where the economy is stuck in capitalism, thinking you have a free market when you do not.

The realization you can come to is that, if you really want to know, if you really want to know anything, or know about anything, you need to go beyond the word,  you need to go beyond the label. You need to have that inner experience where you experience the essence of the idea. This is mental freedom. This is the only way to mental freedom: To use critical thinking and intuition to free yourself from these interpretations that are so powerful in the collective consciousness.

What are the interpretations based on? Many times, they are based on assumptions. Go back to when people believed the earth was the center of the universe. This was a very, very strong belief. You can scarcely imagine how strong of a momentum there was in the collective consciousness behind this belief. What was it based on? An assumption. Not on actual investigation, not on a higher experience, because you can intuitively experience that the earth is not the center of the universe because it revolves around the sun. You can intuitively experience that the sun is not the center of the universe. You can intuitively experience that the universe does not have a center because the universe is in a process of unfolding and therefore has no geographical center. Despite the concept of the Big Bang, where everything started from a singularity, and supposedly that singularity is the geographical center of the universe, and all of the galaxies revolve around it, this is not an accurate observation. You can intuitively realize that the universe is not expanding from one point, from a singularity.

The universe was manifested simultaneously as a spherical shape that is constantly evolving and pulsating. It had myriad origins, multiple origins, there was not one point from which all exploded. There were many points from which the matrix of the universe was lowered in vibration through the four levels of the material world, and therefore came into the physical octave as a whole, not as the whole it is today, because it has been in the process of evolving ever since. It did not come into manifestation as a singularity. This is what we in Buddhism call the interdependent originations where everything is connected.

Once you begin to have these kinds of intuitive experiences, which many of you have had, then you can see beyond these labels and you can realize that words are not the ultimate expression of truth. This means that you can also see that if the fallen beings say: “Well, the ascended masters are just using labels. They are trying to do the same that we are doing, they are just projecting out these labels: ‘fallen beings,’ ‘ascension,’ ‘higher spheres,’ this and that.” Where in the teachings of this dispensation have we said that our words represent an absolute truth, a final statement? Where have we said that you should blindly believe in the words and never strive to have a direct experience beyond the words? Nowhere. So the difference here is that when we give a worded teaching, we have to use words, as words can be used, given the density of earth. That is our only option. Whereas the fallen beings never want you to go beyond the words and the labels they have defined, we have again and again and again said that you need to go beyond the words, you need to reach for the direct experience. Otherwise, you will not know truth because truth can be known, not through words, not through the most fanciful theory you could ever come up with, but only through that direct experience that some mystics called gnosis, the unity between the knower and the known.

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A second feminist revolution

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Ascended Master Goddess of Liberty through Kim Michaels, October 27, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master the Goddess of Liberty. I wish to give you some thoughts about an observable fact, when you look at history, that should give rise to a question: If there is a power elite, which of course there is, why is it that most of them are men? How many who study politics, sociology, psychology have asked that question? The reality is, when you look at it, that the vast majority of people who have been part of the power elite, historically have been men. Even today, there have been relatively few women in what you could call the power elite or the leadership of society.

You will of course, when you look at history, see that there have been certain queens or empresses who have been as aggressive or as deceptive and scheming as the “best” among the men. Thereby, you can reason that they have, in most cases, been fallen beings. In general, you must say that women have not been part of the power elite. It is important to consider why. It has something to do with the fact that women are mothers, or at least many women are mothers. When people have given birth to children, you have a deeper personal relationship to your children. In that deeper relationship you recognize the essential humanity of your children. That makes it easier for women to recognize the essential humanity of all people, or at least in many other people than themselves and their children.

This is part of the reason why men have traditionally been warriors. It is easier for a man to fall in love with an idea and forget about the basic humanity so he becomes willing to kill other people for the sake of the idea. This is what the fallen beings knew when they came to earth and saw the dynamic, the psychological dynamic, of men and women. They instantly saw how to take advantage of this by turning men into warriors. Then, they started this very long history of putting women down.

Now, we have talked about how the fallen beings are always seeking to divide the population into various groups and set them up against each other. The basic of these dualistic divisions that you see is the division between men and women. Here you have divided the human population into two parts that are almost the same size. You have set them in what some would call an existential conflict against each other. Now, I know some of course will immediately say: “But isn’t there a difference between men and women?” I would say: “Is there?” Yes, there is a physical difference of course. But is there, does there have to be, a psychological difference? Does there have to be the psychological difference that there is today?

The roles of men and women

If there had not been this millennia-old effort by the fallen beings to manipulate people, would men have stepped into the roles that you have seen throughout history and see today? Would women have stepped into the roles for women that have been defined through history? In other words, going back to what we have said before, is it human nature that men behave a certain way and women behave a certain way? Of course, from the ascended perspective, we know it is not. It is not inevitable that men must act this way and women must act this way.

The reality here is that, as we have said before, the fallen beings attempt to take a certain physical condition, we have talked about the density of matter but the density of matter leads to the density of the physical bodies. This means that instead of materializing a body, you have to bring it forth through this “natural process” of childbearing. This is what the fallen beings have looked at. They have then created an ideological overlay, projecting it upon this and saying: “Men are like this because that is the nature of men, and women are like this because that is the nature of women.”

The thing is, you can look at current conditions on earth and you can say: “But any psychologist will tell you that there are certain characteristics of male psychology and certain characteristics of female psychology.” All I am saying here is, this is not something ordained by nature or created by God, or mandated by some physical difference between male and female brains. This is a created condition, a manipulated condition, where the fallen beings have attempted to create a label for what it means to be a man and a label for what it means to be a woman. They have done this in such a way that the two sexes are in many ways in opposition to each other. This is a completely artificial condition.

This is important to realize because when you realize this, you know you have the potential to free yourself from these artificially inserted conditions for how you should be as a man and how you should be as a woman. When you free yourself from this, you will be able to have an entirely different relationship to the opposite sex or even to your own sex, to your own role in whatever type of body you are in. We have said before that there are no people that always embody in male bodies or in female bodies. There will be some switching around. There may be some people who have for several lifetimes been in the same type of body, but all have experienced both sexes.

As we have said, the reality is, you start out as the Conscious You, which has a point-like sense of identity. In a point, where is the room for division? Where is the room for two sides, one male and one female? The Conscious You is neither male nor female, it is neutral. It takes on a physical body. It can over time build certain structures in the identity, mental and emotional body relating to both sexes. For example, when it is in a female body, it then ties into these structures that have been built in past lifetimes and you think you have to behave a certain way as a woman.

Women’s Liberation Movement

This of course is the real importance, the underlying spiritual significance, of the Women’s Liberation Movement. It is not so much a matter of challenging the outer things, the physical discrimination, although that is also necessary. The real underlying element of women’s liberation is to help women see that they are not women. You are a spiritual being inhabiting a female body this time around.

Therefore, you can see that all of this historical, cultural overlay, ideological overlay, that has been put upon women is just artificial. You can choose to consciously, systematically separate yourself from it, until you reach a state where you can be at peace with being in embodiment on earth and with being in a female body, or for that matter in a male body. What you see here is that these cultural roles, historical roles, for men and women have been created by the fallen beings. They have defined that men are the outgoing aggressive sex, and this is why most of the fallen beings who take embodiment, they always try to manipulate themselves into a male body so they can more easily attain a position of power. Also for the general population, the male role has become so strong that most people think that when they are men, they have to live up to a certain image. They have to be the more aggressive, outgoing. They have to be leading the woman in the ballroom dance, as was said, and they have to take on this particular role. The effect of this for men has been that men are more susceptible to being manipulated by the power elite. Men are more susceptible to being manipulated into going to war and killing other men.

In other words, there has been created an incredibly dense cloud hanging over the planet, over the collective consciousness, that overpowers many men to think this is what you have to do as a man. For example, if your country is attacked, you have to be a soldier, you have to defend your country, give your life for your country. This is just a cultural overlay.

Can men free society from a power elite?

What does that mean in practical terms? It means that if we consider, how can humanity become free from the power elite, we have said the power elite cannot do it. We must ask the question: “Can the men do it?” Obviously, some men can, but men in general are not as likely to do it as women.

In other words, the biggest potential for liberating humanity from the fallen beings, or the power elite, is women who connect to that essential humanity they see in their children and they say: “Do I want my children to grow up in a society dominated and manipulated by this elite of narcissists who have no concern for my children whatsoever, for whom my children are just numbers, they are cannon fodder? They have no respect for them whatsoever. Why would I want these kind of people to lead my society?” This could lead to a second feminist revolution that was at a higher level, had a higher awareness of what is really at stake.

You might say that the feminist revolution that you have seen was based on the level of the collective consciousness, and the collective consciousness was so trapped in the black-and-white dualistic thinking that, as in many revolutions you have seen throughout history, there had to be an enemy. There had to be an opponent you were fighting and for women it became men. We might say that the collective consciousness is still at a level where many people need an opponent, they need someone to blame, to say that is where the problem is. For the second feminist revolution this could be, instead of men in general, it could be the men in the power elite.

Not that of course women would go out and fight them with physical means, but they would fight them with knowledge, with awareness, with demands for change. This is not the highest possible, because obviously what we are calling you to do is to not see the power elite as an enemy, not see the fallen beings as an enemy, but just make the calls and let us deal with it.

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How the elite can hide from the people

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Ascended Master Sanat Kumara through Kim Michaels, October 27, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara. Most of you are familiar with the story of how I came to earth with 144,000 lifestreams from Venus, vowing to hold the spiritual balance for the earth during a dark period of its history. I have in a previous dictation, compared myself to the cosmic garbage collector, who has gone to a number of these planets who have been in the process of self-destruction and helped to pull them out of there. Therefore, you might say that I have seen everything there is to see about the fallen beings, and what they do and how their minds work. There is not much that could surprise me at this point.

What I wish to share with you is some thoughts about the mindset of these fallen beings who either form the elite in embodiment or who are behind the elite in higher realms. When some of these beings fell, they went into a state of denial and the reason they did this was, as we have told you, there was a previous sphere where there were certain civilizations where certain beings had set themselves up as an elite. They were in power and they had all of the people in a civilization or even on an entire planet who were blindly following them. There came that point where the sphere was ready to ascend and then these beings were confronted with the ascended masters.

The beings, who were not fallen at the time, thought they had mastered their sphere and that they had complete power in their sphere. Then, they are confronted by the ascended masters and they realized they did not have absolute power, in fact, they had hardly any power compared to an ascended being. This was not Archangel Michael that you know, but the Archangel Michael that you do not know. There is no power in the four levels of the material universe that can go against or stand against the power of Archangel Michael. This was a shock to these fallen beings, in a way comparable to what we have called the birth trauma of an avatar coming to earth or an original inhabitant encountering the fallen beings and their intent to destroy you.

Now, of course the ascended masters did not have an intent to destroy these beings, prideful beings we might call them, they had the intent to awaken them. Since some of these beings decided they did not want to be awakened, they had to go into this state of denial and what they denied was the power of the ascended masters, and even the power of God, to stand against them. In their denial, they actually believe that there is no power in the universe that can go against them, there is no power that they cannot somehow either conquer, manipulate or corrupt.

The denial of ascended masters

This is one of the reasons they have created, as we talked about, this false image of God. They have attempted to create an image of God that upholds this illusion that God does not have the power to override their power. God is the remote being in the sky. God does not interfere with human beings. God cannot go against certain things that are happening on earth. There is a devil that opposes God and that has as much power as God, and many of these other subtle ideas of course going all the way up to the materialistic idea that there is no God.

The other aspect of this is of course that it was not actually God, the Creator, who did anything to the prideful beings in the fourth sphere or the fifth or the sixth, it was the ascended masters. What the fallen beings associated with earth have attempted to do is to eradicate all awareness of the ascended masters. They do this because they know that it is not God, the Creator, who comes down and says: “Thus far no farther.” It is the ascended masters. They want to exclude all knowledge of ascended masters on earth. Why? Because, as we have said many times, the ascended masters do not have the authority to interfere with earth. Those in embodiment, have the authority. We have the power to remove the fallen beings, like that, but we do not have the authority to do so, only human beings in embodiment can give us that authority. That is of course why the fallen beings do not want human beings to know that we exist, the power we have and what we could do if we were given the authority.

You will see how they have created these religions that deny any existence of ascended masters. You have Scientific Materialism, Marxism, other materialistic philosophies, that deny the existence of spiritual beings. Now, part of the reason they do this is of course that they do not want to be challenged, they want to continue doing what they are doing. That is, so to speak, the alpha aspect of it, but there is an omega aspect as well and that is that they do not want to be held accountable for what they do. They do not want to be held accountable by a higher power, such as the ascended masters, but also they do not want to be held accountable by the population, by the people that they are suppressing and manipulating. When you look at the power elites of history, you can see this clear pattern. You look at the clergy of the Catholic church during the Middle Ages, and how nobody could speak out against the Pope, or the cardinals or the priests. Even today, many Catholics believe they cannot speak out against their priest. Even if their local priest is abusing their own children, they should not say anything, so as not to damage the reputation of the church.

Exercising power without accountability

You saw that the clergy could do whatever they wanted: crusades, Inquisition, witch hunts, and so forth and nobody could speak out against them. Of course, if you are burned at the stake for speaking out, it is difficult to speak out, but you see the pattern. They had set themselves up in a position where they could exercise power over other people without any accountability. The same for the feudal lords of the Middle Ages, the same for the kings or the Middle Ages, many of the emperors you have seen, the Russian tsars, and then look at the communist leaders, Lenin and Stalin, where was their accountability? If you ever bother to read a biography of Stalin, you will know that he pretty much killed everybody who was close to him, everybody who had supported him. They only survived for a certain time and then he got paranoid, thinking they might try to take away his power, and then he had them killed. There was no accountability, nobody could hold him accountable. The great Chairman Mao, no accountability.

You see the same thing in capitalism. When you are the sole owner of a Standard Oil Company that has a near monopoly, who is going to hold you accountable? When you control large banks, who is going to hold you accountable? What did you see in the 2008 financial crisis? The leaders of these large investment banks had created this entire spiral of the mortgage problem and then, when it became so severe that it threatened their own existence, they refused to be held accountable and wanted the government to bail them out in order to escape accountability. You see in the educational institutions of the world how you have this elite of intellectuals, who sit there in their fortresses of these universities and nobody can hold them accountable. You see in the media how you have these media conglomerates, owned by just a few people, that give a completely biased and skewed version of the news, but who can hold them accountable? If you own all the newspapers, who is going to write about the flaws and expose it to the people?

There is of course the Internet and that is the first thing, really, that has given the possibility that these hidden power elites can be held accountable and can be exposed to the people. In a sense, what the fallen beings have created is a situation where they have attempted to set themselves up as Gods on earth. Because obviously, most people think that God is not accountable for anything. God is the almighty being in the sky, and nobody here on earth can say: “Hey God, I think you made a mistake.” That is actually a completely false image of the real Creator, who is the ultimately accountable being in the universe. Why? Because every self-aware being in the entire world of form is created out of the Creator’s Being. So the Creator experiences whatever is going on in its creation. It cannot run away from anything, it cannot deny anything, not that it wants to, but therefore it is ultimately accountable.

What the fallen beings want is to become false gods who can exercise power without ever being held accountable for the consequences that this has for people. They want to do whatever they want to do, no matter what the consequences are for the people, but they never want the people to hold them accountable. This is something that you need to make the calls on so that people become aware of this, because it is one of the factors that can help people start becoming more aware of the elite and making the determination that we will not allow this elite to run our societies. Why should we allow an elite to do whatever they want and exploit us without being ever held accountable for what they do? Why should we allow a small elite to create suffering for the entire population and never be held accountable for this? This makes no sense and many people can already see it, many more are ready to see it and they are ready to take this and apply it to specific elites, for example, the financial elite.

Why do we allow an elite to run the economy?

Why are we allowing a small elite of people in the financial system to create crisis after crisis, and then taxpayer money is being used to bail them out when their system is in danger of collapse? This can lead to an awareness that the financial system you have today is created for this entire purpose: That a small elite can concentrate money in their own hands by doing whatever they want, creating whatever schemes they want, but they are not held accountable when the schemes fail.

It can even lead to an awareness that in a capitalist economy, by the very nature of capitalism, there will always be an elite and they will be driven by greed, the desire for profit. It is never going to be enough. You do not have an elite that can say: “We are happy owning a factory that produces automobiles. We make those automobiles in a fair quality, we sell them at a fair price, we make a certain profit and therefore we gradually build our savings through that profit.” The power elite cannot say this. It is not enough for them to produce a product or provide a service and get paid reasonably for that. They want more and they want it faster and therefore they create these schemes that they think can give them this faster return.

Now, they do know that there is a certain risk involved, but they tend to deny it and look for the rosy picture, the short-term profit. The fact of the matter is that there are certain basic principles for how the economy works. It is not a matter of capitalism or communism because it does not matter what theoretical overlay you put on the economy. There are certain basic principles and it is very simple. If you provide a product or a service, then you can have a sustainable economy that gives you a sustainable profit, but when you start making money off of money, creating these investment schemes, you are creating an unbalanced economy and in an unbalanced economy, there will be risk.

The more people are blinded by greed, the bigger of a risk they are willing to take in order to get that short-term profit or that extraordinary profit and therefore they will inevitably create a crisis. It is only a matter of time. When people begin to see this, they can clearly say: “Why should

we allow this elite to run the financial system and then time and time again escape accountability?” We either do as they say and let the market take care of itself and let them fail, or we have to find another approach to the economy where we do not allow these high risk investments that lead from crisis to crisis. This is something that many, many people are ready to come to see. It is again this, where the people have been blinded by a cloud of energy and they cannot see the obvious, but when you make the calls for this, the equation can shift and they begin to see it, as many people already have. This leads me to the next topic I want to cover, which is the cloud of energy that burdens people.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Elitism

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The elite rules by creating labels

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 26, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I wish to give you the perspective here on how the Seventh Ray of Freedom relates to the topic of elitism.

Clearly, you can all see that the essence of what the power elite has been attempting to do from the very beginning is to restrict the freedom of the people. Why do they do this? Well, from a certain outer perspective, they do it in order to gain power, in order to gain privilege or in order to gain money. They must take something from the people in order to concentrate it in the hands of the power elite that is in embodiment.

That of course is not why the fallen beings in the identity realm are seeking to restrict the freedom of the people. They do it for two reasons: Number one, they hate the people, number two, they hate freedom. Why do they hate freedom? Because they do not have it and they can never have it. Now, you might say, if you look at some of the dictators you have seen in physical embodiment, like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, did they not have freedom to do whatever they wanted? Did they not have the freedom that they could say: “This needs to be done” and people would do it? But was that freedom? Is it freedom that you can do whatever you want? Freedom is not an outer condition. It is not even a physical condition. It is an emotional, mental and identity level condition. It is a condition of the mind.

If you are not free in your mind, you can never be free, no matter what conditions you have in the physical octave. The fallen beings are not free in their minds. They have not been free since they fell because a fallen being can never have freedom of the mind. Why not? Because the very essence, the very mechanism of falling, means that you fall into a separate self, a separate identity that you have created. Thereby, you disconnect yourself from your I AM Presence, and the Conscious You disconnects itself from the ability to experience pure awareness and traps itself in this outer self that it has created. By the very fact of doing this, you are not free because what is freedom?

Well, it has two aspects. There is the alpha aspect that as the Conscious You, you can connect to the I AM presence and thereby you can receive energy, ideas, insights from the I AM Presence or from ascended masters. This is one aspect of freedom. The other aspect of freedom is that the Conscious You can return to pure awareness can step outside of any outer self it has created in the identity, mental and emotional realms. Therefore, you know that you are not your own creation, you are more than your own creation and you can actually escape your own creation and return to oneness with the I AM Presence. Now, that is freedom. The fallen beings of course, as long as they are in the fallen state of consciousness, cannot have that freedom, they cannot connect to the I AM presence and they cannot step outside of the separate self they have created.

What must they do? They must seek to take away the freedom of the population as they have taken away their own freedom because when people are free, it is a threat to the fallen beings. Just the fact that the fallen beings saw that Jesus was free of these outer personalities that they were so entrapped in, was a threat to them because they now saw that there was an alternative to their state of consciousness.

The elite feels inherently inferior

What is it they are more afraid of than almost anything else? It is of being reminded that there is that alternative, there is more than their present state of consciousness, there is more than the fallen state of consciousness, there is more than duality and separation, more than the epic mindset. They are afraid of being reminded of this, why? Because when they encounter a being who has a certain level of Christ consciousness, they are reminded of their own existential inferiority. They are existentially inferior to those like Jesus. When he reached a certain level of Christhood, when he started his public mission, he radiated such a light that it was almost impossible to meet him physically without sensing it. Therefore, those in the Jewish leadership that he met, they sensed the light in him, and it reminded them that they did not have it and they felt inferior.

You will say of course that one characteristic of the power elite is the sense of superiority, but that sense of superiority is based on something they have created here on earth. Regardless of the amazing structures they have built to prove their superiority, all these mighty empires and kingdoms and this and that, when they meet a person who has the Christ consciousness, they see that all of these outer things are as nothing compared to the Christ light. This reminds them of the inferiority that they felt after they first fell. They covered it over very, very quickly but they felt it and they knew they had lost something. They do not want to be reminded that they have lost something so they attempt to set themselves up in these positions that seem to be unassailable. They seek to prevent anyone among the people from attaining the level of Christhood that they cannot ignore.

The human mind is afraid of freedom

How do they do this? How do they seek to control people? Well, they do it through the duality consciousness of course, the epic mindset and so forth. I want to give you one more view of this, one more facet. The fallen beings have realized that the human mind has a certain tendency. The human mind is actually afraid of freedom. It is afraid of freedom of thought, freedom of ideas. This is partly a quality that comes from being in duality. It is also a quality engineered by the fallen beings where they have, for such a long time, set themselves up as those who had the only truth. They have pushed the people down as those who cannot know truth on their own so people are afraid to know on their own, to evaluate on their own, what is true, what is not true, what is right, what is not right. The human mind, when it goes into this state, has a tendency that it wants to submit to what it feels is right, true, good.

What the fallen beings have realized is that if they create a label and project it with enough force, they can get people to submit to this without actually thinking about what they are submitting to. In other words, in order to escape this freedom of having to evaluate ideas, many people just want to accept a certain idea that is projected at them with enough authority and then they do not want to think about the idea. They do not want to evaluate: “Is it logical? Is it true? Does it make sense? Is it consistent?” And all of these things. People have a tendency to submit to something that is projected with enough force and authority.

The fallen beings have this strategy of creating these labels, everything has to be labeled. Of course, once you have labeled something, it fits into the overall system that the fallen beings have created based on that main characteristic of the duality consciousness, the value judgment. Is it good or evil, right or wrong? They have created the scale and then they have created these labels and once that label is projected, then it is projected to be on a certain position of the scale between good and evil, right and wrong. People will then submit to this without thinking about it and without thinking about: “Is there an alternative? Is there a higher understanding than this label?”

How fallen beings use the concept of God

Let us start at the top and look at one of the primary labels created by the fallen beings—the word “God.” Over a very, very long time, the fallen beings have used the word “God” (in whatever variation it had in different languages) and they have created a certain mindset that underpins the word itself. There is the word and there is the structure underneath the word and this becomes the label. When people hear the word “God,” they have been conditioned to think that this is the supreme authority of the universe and therefore, they cannot really know what God is like.

Whether the description of God presented by a particular religion is true or not true, they just need to submit because you cannot gainsay God, you cannot go against God. This is dangerous, it is blasphemy. You will be put down, you will be persecuted. More than that, you will be punished by God by burning forever in hell.

You see how the word God has been, from a very, very long time ago, misused by the fallen beings to create this label and it has been projected with such force that many, many people have submitted to it. Now, you will, if you look at yourselves, many of you will have been presented with this label in childhood. “God,” often through the Christian religion, where God is the angry judge in the sky. Therefore, those who supposedly represent God on earth now have that authority that you cannot say anything against.

There is hardly another word, in fact there is no other word currently, that has been misused more than the word “God.” A close second is the word “Christ.” You can see this in your own lives. This messenger when he was younger, despite the fact that he was not brought up in a particular religion because his parents were not religious, still felt that cultural pressure where he felt that he could not say anything against God, he could not go against God, he could not rebel against God, and therefore he could not really question God and that label of “God.” It took him many years on the spiritual path to come to a point where he was willing to question the image of God projected by the Christian religion, and start to question whether God really was an angry judge in the sky, or whether there was another way to look at God.

It took him a long time to realize that God is entirely different, God is not the angry judge, God has unconditional love for all of his sons and daughters. Therefore, he could make that distinction between the actual Creator, the real God, and the false god created and projected by the fallen beings. This then led him to have an experience he has described of experiencing God’s being from a neutral state of mind and feeling the Presence of God as something that he first could only describe as unconditional love, but which is not really even love or unconditional, it just is, and there is no way to describe it with words. There is no way to put a label on the Creator’s Being. You either experience it or you do not and if you experience it, it changes you. If you have not experienced it, God remains just that: a label. Of course, that is how the fallen beings want God to remain so that people are trapped in this label where they look at God the way the fallen beings want them to look at God. Therefore, they do not even dare to think that they could have a direct experience of God’s Presence that would set them free from the label of “God.”

This applies equally to the label “Christ,” which has been projected out there, especially since the formation of the Catholic church. They have created an entirely false image of Christ and the only antidote to that false image is of course to experience the presence of the Ascended Master Jesus. Once you experience that, you are freed from the label but the Catch-22 is that as long as you are trapped in the label, you cannot experience the Presence.

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The elite rules people through opinions

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Ascended Master Padmasambhava through Kim Michaels, October 26, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master, Padmasambhava.

[Sound of a long outward breath.]

My peace I breathe onto you, the peace that cannot ever be disturbed by anything on earth. I am of course an ascended master and therefore cannot be disturbed by anything on earth. The gift I wish to give to you today is my peace, a flame of peace that I give to you, who are willing to take it and absorb it and nourish it, and call upon it and feel the presence of it and accept that presence in your being, in your four lower bodies. That peace cannot be disturbed by anything on earth. If you absorb that peace, then you can come to a point where you too, cannot be disturbed by anything on earth.

Why is it that the peace of Padmasambhava cannot be disturbed by anything on earth? It is because that peace springs from the awareness that anything and everything on earth is just an appearance. You may look at earth, you may look at various phenomena, and you may find it difficult to accept the concept that these are just appearances and have no substance, no reality, no continued existence. I understand this is difficult, therefore my gift of the flame of peace. Of course the flame of peace itself is not enough, you need to have some understanding to go with it. So, this I aim to give you.

Looking at the concept of elitism and the existence of various power elites on earth, as we have talked about, you can see throughout history what is behind it all. What is behind it? If you step back and look at the forest instead of looking at the trees, and then you step back from the forest and you keep stepping back, what do you see? Well, first of all, you see that the duality consciousness is what blinds people on earth. It is the duality consciousness that the power elite, or the forces behind them that we have called the fallen beings, is using to keep the population on earth trapped. In fact, the power elite in embodiment is also trapped in this duality consciousness, but how does the duality consciousness do this? How do the forces using the duality consciousness trap people so firmly in the duality consciousness that they might pursue a certain goal for lifetimes, thinking it is completely real, and not being open to the potential that it might just be an appearance. How do they do this?

How duality sets the stage for conflict

Many are the schemes they have come up with throughout the ages, but they all follow pretty much the same recipe. As we have said, the duality consciousness has the characteristic that there are always two polarities. You cannot create just one thing through the duality consciousness, you must create two—you must create what the Buddha called “the pairs.” In order to create one thing, you at the same time create its opposite. You create good, you must create evil, for in the duality consciousness good must have an opposite. In the Christ consciousness good does not need an opposite, but in the duality consciousness it must have an opposite. By the very nature of the duality consciousness, any idea, any concept, any system that is created through that duality consciousness will have an opposition—there will be opposition to anything.

The result of this is that whatever you create in the duality consciousness sets the stage for conflict. What do the dark forces that want to trap humankind, and keep them trapped indefinitely, have to do? They just have to create these two polarities and then they have to get groups of people to somehow come to believe in or feel allegiance to one of the polarities. Then, by the fact that these two polarities are in conflict with each other, seem to threaten each other, seem to be mutually exclusive, you automatically have a conflict between the two groups of people who are believing in the reality of the polarities. You have the classical dualistic conflict between communism and capitalism, supposedly two economic systems that have the opposite approach—supposedly.

In communism, there is no private right to property or the means of production, it is all owned by the state. In capitalism there is no state ownership, there is no supposedly one entity that owns the means of production. As we have said of course the ultimate outcome of capitalism is that they merge as one corporation that can squash the competition from any other corporation. Thus, that corporation ends up owning all of the means of production, therefore also in reality owning the state, exactly as it is in the communist system. In a way, they are two ways to achieve the same end, namely that the population is under the control of a small elite: those who control the state or those who control the corporation. When you begin to become aware of this mechanism, you can take a more aware look at world history, at human conflict, at human behavior and thereby you can begin to see how many times throughout history people have become pulled into these kind of conflicts between two polarities.

What is real on earth?

Now, I know very well that there are many people who will say: “Well, are you saying that the conflict between capitalism and communism was not real?” And that is exactly what I am saying. Why am I saying this? Because I am an ascended master. How did I become an ascended master? By coming to the realization, which the Buddha called enlightenment, that everything on earth is just an appearance. So when they say that the struggle between capitalism and communism was real, the question really is: What is your definition of reality?

We have talked about how there is an elitist mindset behind the elite that makes it seem real that there is an elite, that there should be an elite, that the people cannot do without it, that the elite is a beneficial force and so on. We have said it is an illusion, why is it an illusion? Because anything you create in the duality consciousness will have an opposite. But, and here is the real insight that can liberate you: both polarities are unreal, both polarities are equally unreal.

Now again, what is your definition of reality? My definition of reality as an ascended master is that for something to be real, it must be created through the mind of an ascended being, a being who is not in duality. Why do I say this? Because only that which is created through the Christ mind is sustainable. If you create something through the Christ mind and take your attention away from it, it will endure over time. Not forever, but over time. If you create something through the duality consciousness and take your mind away from it, it will instantly start to break down and it can only be sustained over time if people are continually putting their attention on it and therefore feeding energy into upholding the matrix.

We have many times given the image of the movie projector where the images on the film strip have no substance in themselves. They can only exist as long as there is light flowing through the film strip in the projector. The moment you turn off that light, the images on the film strip disappear. Because of the density of the physical octave, it takes a little longer in the reality, or should we say relativity, of the physical octave. Nevertheless, the moment people do not feed energy into the matrix, it starts dissolving, self-destructing.

The illusion of the epic struggle

What is it that the fallen beings, the dark forces, have done in order to create something that can last over time in the physical octave? Well, they must get people to continually put their attention on it and feed their energy into that matrix. How do they do this? Well, they do it, as we have said before, through the epic mindset. The epic mindset says that here is a cause that is ultimately important, and therefore people must dedicate their lives to fighting for this cause and therefore, it is also justified that they kill other people in order to promote that cause. Again, with capitalism and communism, you can see how people in the Soviet Union believed that it was so epically important that communism took over the world that they were willing to risk being killed or to kill others in order to promote that cause. On the other side, people in America and the West were so convinced that it was epically important that communism would not take over the world, and therefore they were willing to kill or be killed in order to promote that cause.

What is the underlying mechanism behind this? It is that the fallen beings must make people believe that the dualistic polarities are real, they have some reality, they have some substance. If no one believed that the struggle was real, why would they give their lives to the struggle? How do they create this sense of reality? They do not. They cannot, but they do not have to. What they have managed to do a long time ago is to cause the majority of the people on earth to also go into the duality consciousness, and in the duality consciousness, there are certain things that seem real, absolutely real.

The easiest way to understand this is to look at your physical senses. You can open your eyes and see something. You can look at this building you are sitting in. From the vantage point of your eyes, this building seems very real, it seems solid. It seems to have the ability to sustain or to be sustained over time. Likewise, with your other senses. Over many lifetimes of embodying on earth, you have come to be convinced that the earth has some reality—it has some durability, some continuity. Now, this is not entirely an illusion in the sense that planet earth was originally created by the Elohim, seven ascended beings who created a matrix for the earth in the identity realm and gradually lowered it through the mental into the emotional and then into the physical. There is an enduring quality to the earth. Not that it will be sustainable forever, not that it is really self-sustainable, but as long as the Elohim continue to put their attention on this matrix and uphold it, the earth will endure. They do not have to put their attention on it constantly because it was originally created through the Christ consciousness, but they do need to put enough attention on it to uphold the matrix.

So is the earth real? Well, it is real in the sense that it is there. There is a physical planet that is a platform for life and for the experiences you have as self-aware beings on earth. It is not real in the sense that it will endure forever. Nor is it real in the sense that its form could not be changed. As we have told you, the Elohim originally created the earth in a much higher matrix than what you see today, and what actually happened is that after humankind fell into duality, the earth has become denser. Therefore, what you see today, what you experience with your senses today, is not what the Elohim created, is not the highest potential for earth and does not have the same longevity as that original matrix.

Is the earth real in its present state? Well, if you with “real” define something you can detect with your physical senses, then it has some reality to it. As I said, this current form of the earth in its current density is not sustainable. The reality is that it is possible to transform the earth into a lesser density where many of the problems you see today will fade away. What kind of problems would fade away if you raised the earth into a lesser density? Well, look at the density of your physical bodies. It is this density that causes your bodies to age in this incredibly short lifespan that you call a normal lifetime. There is nothing normal or natural about it. Your bodies could sustain themselves for much longer if the earth vibrated at a higher level. You would not have most of the diseases you have today, as they are the result of the density of the body. You also would not have, if the earth was raised enough, to earn a living by working at the sweat of your brow because the earth would provide what you needed to sustain yourself without this enormous struggle that you see today.

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Overcoming the fear behind elitism

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, October 26, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I want to continue my discourse on elitism as a divisive force. I said that elitism has created a fundamental division between the elite and the population, but of course the division does not stop there. First of all, there is not a unified elite. If there had been, they would have had much greater control on earth than they have had. There will never be a situation where the power elite on earth can all come together in a conscious, deliberate and organized effort to take control. There will always be rivaling factions that will want to destroy the competition and gain that control for themselves. By its very nature, the elite will be divided.

As Saint Germain said yesterday, there is the unconscious unity in the sense that all of them subscribe to the very mindset that allows an elite to exist. The other aspect of division created by the elite is that the people are divided into multiple factions. You can see throughout history how there has been this division of the people. There have been attempts to overcome this division by certain power elites seeking to force the people to come into some form of unity, as you saw in the Soviet Union, as you saw in the Roman Empire, as you saw in many of the past civilizations, even in Central America, South America, Egypt, the Middle East, the Far East and so on. In general, this of course has never worked on either a local or a global scale because there is always that very divisive nature of elitism that inevitably divides people into all of these rivaling factions.

The fallen beings are divided

What you actually have is an even greater division where you have a division between the fallen beings in embodiment and the fallen beings in the identity realm. The fallen beings in embodiment often have an agenda of wanting to have power and control and therefore wanting to create this one-world state, one-world government, whereas the fallen beings in the identity realm have an agenda of creating division, conflict and destruction, and so on. Look at how the people have been divided into all these different factions. There is nationality, there is religion, there is political belief, there is all of this. There is a certain underlying mindset where in so many civilizations, people have come to accept the existence of an elite, the inevitability of an elite, the beneficial aspect of an elite and they think that in many cases, they cannot live without it. One of the central lies spread by the power elite, for a very, very long time is that there needs to be a centralized leadership, an organized structure, kind of like a pyramid, where there is somebody on top. These are some of the things I want to examine here.

Jesus’ intention for the Christian community

First, I want to go back and look at what kind of society, what kind of community, that I intended to create with my teachings and with my example. What was it that I had intended to create with my disciples, apostles and so forth? Very, very few people who call themselves Christians today understand this. Very few have even bothered to think about it and the reason for this is of course 1700 years of distortion by the Catholic church and then also by Protestant churches, who have distorted the central message that I came with.

What was the central message? Well, yesterday I said it was anti-elitist in nature but you can go a step further because you could also say it was anti-division. You can go a step even further and say it was not anti-anything, it was for something and it was for oneness, unity, unification. The Christ consciousness is the antidote to the consciousness of duality. Duality is by its nature divided, there will always be divisions, there will always be polarities, there will always be opposites. It cannot be any other way because that is the only way you can make things relative to what you want

things to be. By its very nature, Christ is unified, the Christ consciousness will unify the people. Now, this statement needs to be balanced a little bit because there are stages of Christhood. There is a stage where you begin to have some Christ discernment and this allows you to see, for example, the lies of the fallen beings. It allows you to see that there is a power elite that is attempting to control the people. As you go into this stage, as you even saw me do in my life 2,000 years ago, you come to see yourself as somebody in opposition to this power elite.

If you look at my statements towards the scribes and Pharisees and the religious authorities, that could very well be construed as me seeing myself opposing these people and their reign over the people. In a sense, that is what I saw, that is how I saw it. But towards the end of my mission, I came to a higher vision and it is possible to go to higher visions than I actually manifested 2,000 years ago. Higher levels of Christhood where you become much more focused on the unity, the Oneness behind all of the outer divisions. So truly, if you want to understand the message of Christ, the true message of Christ, it is unity, it is oneness. It is that you overcome the divisions. In order to overcome the divisions, you need to go through a period where you are freeing yourself from the lies of the duality consciousness and those who are promoting those lies.

That is why you need to separate yourself out. You need to come apart and be a separate and chosen people, but this needs to be an interim stage. This is where so many of the Christian churches, but many other spiritual organizations in Pisces, have failed the initiation of Pisces. You do need to separate yourself out because you need to clear your mind from all of these lies, the dualistic illusions that are floating around in the mass consciousness. But when you go to the higher levels of Christhood, you stop separating yourself out. Because now you see that even though there is a power elite, you are not separated from all of the people.

You make a distinction between the power elite and the people and instead of seeing yourself as being apart from the people, you start seeing more and more oneness with the people. As you do this, the power elite becomes less and less of a factor in your mind. You are not seeing yourself in opposition to them. You are simply exposing their lies but you are not doing this to fight them or to destroy them. You are doing it to set the people free. You do not mind setting the power elite free, but that is not as likely to happen, but it is likely that you can set some of the people free.

Christianity has been a divisive force

Look back at Christianity and see how, even before the creation of the Catholic church, but certainly after the creation of the Catholic church, Christianity became not a unifying force, but a divisive force. Some will argue with that statement but you look at the Catholic church, and even when it had near absolute power, it was not a unifying force. It attempted of course to force everyone to come into the fold of becoming a Christian. But it created a clearly elitist society with an upper elite that could not be challenged by the population and the population were virtual slaves. It also was a very divisive force in itself because even though it had near total control, it still created these incredible divisions that you saw in the crusades, the witch hunts and the Inquisition.

You saw how the Catholic church after several centuries of its existence, was not even content to fight its external enemies. It turned upon its own members and started the Inquisition, which could be seen as a war against itself or at least its own members. You see, Christianity has fallen into the pattern that you see in so many other religions and spiritual movements, defining a boundary between those who are inside and those who are outside. I know that many Christian ministers would immediately argue: “But what about when Jesus said: ‘Go ye into all the world and make all people my disciples.’” But did I say: “Go into all the world and make all people members of a Christian religion that is ready to kill anybody who opposes them?” Or for that matter, any Christian religion.

I said: “Make all people disciples of Christ.” What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? It means you are striving to put on the mind of Christ and attain that Christ discernment where you see beyond division and you see the unity behind all the divisions created by the duality consciousness and the fallen beings, the power elite, or whatever you want to call them, the prince of this world as I often used it, or Satan as another symbol or name for the divisive force. So that is what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ. Make all people disciples who are walking the path towards seeing unity behind division.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Elitism

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The real conspiracy running the world

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 25, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I wish to give you a discourse that will in one sense shatter the conspiracy theories that are out there about elitism and the power elite, and in another sense give you a deeper perspective on what is truly going on. There are many, many theories out there that talk about conspiracies at the physical level where there are various power elite groups that meet in secrecy and plot to take over the world or whatever they plot. How much reality is there to it?

Well, certainly there are groups of people who think they belong to an elite and who think they have power and who attempt to meet both in secret and sometimes in public and create some kind of agenda or policy for how they can influence the world. Some of them have good intentions according to their own definition of what is good. The reality is that there is no single group, no clearly defined group in the physical octave, that is running the world. There is no secret conspiracy in the physical octave that is running the world.

Does that mean I am thereby saying there is no, quote-unquote, conspiracy running the world? No, but it is an unconscious conspiracy. It is an unaware conspiracy where the people are not deliberately conspiring and plotting. What is actually running the world is the mindset that is much more difficult to combat than an actual physical conspiracy, because you cannot single out individuals or groups and say: “They are the culprit, they are the ones who started it all”—at least not in the physical.

What has actually been going on now for a very long time, but even in known history for quite a long time, is that the fallen beings in the higher realms, especially in the identity and mental realms, have introduced a number of very subtle, very persuasive, ideas that have gradually become more and more accepted by, not a large group of people, but actually in numbers a relatively small group of people. But they are found in all nations and they believe in this elitist philosophy. This is the real conspiracy, so to speak, that is running the world.

The elitist mindset is running the world

There is a mindset, this set of beliefs, that has been developed over time. They all revolve around the division of humankind into at least two classes, and one is the elite that has special abilities, special powers, special wisdom, special insight, that allows them to know better than the population how a country or the world should be run. Now, as we have talked about, this has been legitimized by religion, by Materialism, by political philosophies. The Soviet Union (communism, Marxism) is an elitist philosophy because there are always the true revolutionaries, those in the party apparatus who know better than the people.

They even know better than historical necessity. That is why they cannot sit around and wait for the historical necessity to bring about the communist utopia. They must use violence to force it into the physical before time. That is why the religious people must use violence to combat the enemies of God. And that is why even the materialists must use some kind of force to combat religion, or use more subtle kinds of force to get people to come into the fold and accept the paradigm that is currently being used to rule the earth.

You see here that there is the outer justifications: religion, political philosophy, whether it is capitalism, whether it is communism, whether it is Materialism. There is an outer philosophical framework. But behind this is a much more subtle mindset and this mindset cannot be described as a clearly formulated philosophy. It is not like the Communist Manifesto, for example, that has ten planks. You could talk about ten planks in the elitist philosophy, but there is nobody who has ever clearly defined it, at least nobody in the physical. They have come to believe in it, and the basis for this belief is this very conviction they have that they are in a separate class of people that is superior to the general population.

Now, besides this belief that there is an elite that is superior to the population, there is also the belief that there are different groupings in that elite. There are those who are opposing our group, those who have a different agenda and therefore are a threat to our power. Therefore, they must be destroyed by all means possible, and that is why sometimes these outer justifications of religion or political philosophy are used as a justification to get the population to support one elite in going to war against another.

How did this mindset ever come to, so to speak, take over the world, or at least the minds of so many people in the world? Not only people who are members of the elite, but even many among the population, many among writers, philosophers, thinkers, the media people and so on. How did this mindset come to dominate? Well, it did so because you have created a self-reinforcing effect. With “you,” I mean the fallen beings in the higher realms, have created this self-reinforcing effect. It is very, very simple in principle. You define a society where there is an elite that has special powers, special privileges and of course affluence beyond the general population.

There will be a certain amount of people who want to be part of such an elite. These are not all fallen beings in embodiment who want to be part of the elite. There are some among the people who also want to be part of the elite. These can be some of the original inhabitants of the earth who have attained some mastery, some self-discipline, some ability to do something out of the ordinary: to manifest things, to get things going, to organize things. In many cases it is also avatars who, as Jesus and I talked about previously, come into embodiment on earth with a sense that you are a unique individual, you are a special individual. Then, you encounter the fallen beings who make you believe that you cannot express your spiritual specialness on earth. Therefore, you attempt to compensate for this by building a sense of being special based on the ideas, the concepts and the actions that are available on earth. This is how avatars become susceptible to thinking that they are part of the elite and this makes you special.

Whether you are an avatar, one of the original inhabitants or a fallen being, you have this desire to be special and to perhaps do something that is important. What you have created, what the fallen beings have created, is a society where there is a clearly defined elite. They have special powers, privileges and affluence beyond the general population. What does it take to become part of this elite? It takes that you do not question the idea that there is such an elite, that it has some reality, that it was either created by God or created by nature. And that it, therefore, is valid that there is an elite, that the elite know how to rule the world or society and that the population do not. If you do not question these basic ideas, then you can become part of the elite.

Once you are in the elite, you can fulfill your desire that makes you feel special, whether it is to have power, whether it is to have privileges, to enjoy a certain lifestyle or whether it is to have money. The condition for gaining membership in the elite is that you accept the elitist mindset and that you do not question it. Of course, if the elite is currently legitimizing themselves by the Christian religion, as was the case for over a thousand years in Europe, then you do not question that either. If they are doing it by the communist ideology, you do not question that. If they are using Scientific Materialism and the survival of the fittest, well then you do not question that either.

The other thing is that, if there is a division in the elite, as there most often is, then you must choose one side or the other. It is difficult to be a member of the elite and be neutral. Some people manage to fly under the radar, but most people find it difficult to remain neutral. They must choose one grouping or the other. Therefore, they become pulled into fighting for whatever cause is defined, whatever epic struggle happens to be the one that is dominating the times. These are the conditions that you must fulfill in order to become part of the elite. It really is not very sophisticated at all. It really is not rocket science. It really is not beyond what the average person in the modern democracies can grasp, understand, see and accept.

The elite defines the parameters for the debate

Why haven’t they come to that understanding? Why haven’t they seen it? Why haven’t they accepted it? Well, of course because the elite has created this self-reinforcing effect. They have created this cloud that prevents people from seeing. How do they do this? Because the elite are the ones who are dominating the institutions of society. The elite always attempt to dominate government and in most cases they do. They attempt to dominate the media. They attempt to dominate publishing, distribution of books, the publication of ideas. They attempt to dominate education. They of course attempt to dominate business. You see that the major institutions of society become dominated by the elite. In many societies the military plays a prominent role. In the modern democracies, at least when you exclude the United States, the military plays a lesser role than it has done in previous ages. In the United States of course the military is still a very dominant force. Or rather the military connected with the industry that makes its profits off of the military. They form a very powerful force, as they also do in certain other nations, most obviously England, Russia and now to an increasing degree, China as well.

You see here that the power elite, without really consciously conspiring to do this, they have managed to define the parameters for what is being debated in society. They are defining which issues need to be talked about, which issues are important. Therefore, they are excluding anything that could threaten their dominance. They are not even doing this as a result of some conscious conspiracy where they are sitting there making a list of which ideas to suppress and which to promote. They are just doing this because the people who are part of the elite have one overriding characteristic, which can be captured in the old saying that: “You have to go along to get along.” You have to go along with the basic mindset of the elite in order to become part of the elite. Once you are part of the elite, you have to continue to go along in order to remain in your position.

What you see here is that everyone who is part of the elite is willing to compromise. What are they willing to compromise? Well, basically anything, but primarily they are willing to compromise their own inner ability to know a higher truth, a higher reality, their intuitive sense of what is right from a higher perspective. They are willing to give that up. It is not necessarily that they, with a malicious intent, accept a false belief or a false definition of good and evil. They are not maliciously or deliberately or even consciously accepting what Jesus called the serpentine logic. But they are taking it on because they have that characteristic that they want to be part of the elite and they are willing to do whatever it takes to gain that power or that privilege or that money.

This is a characteristic that again is not in human nature. People in the general population have often been manipulated into accepting this mindset where they are willing to compromise their principles, what they know in their hearts is true. That is why they have been manipulated into going to war, for example, or going along with an elitist economy that they know actually is not serving their own interests. You see that it is not actually in human nature to compromise. Human beings, when they are not manipulated by the elite, they have some sense of what we have called the basic humanity. This is a frame of reference that allows people to evaluate their own behavior and the behavior of others based on this very, very simple rule: “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.” Why is it that every religion in the world teaches that particular axiom in some form or another? Well, it is because it is a universal principle that people are tuned in to when they are not manipulated by the serpentine mindset. They know in their hearts that it is in their own interest to treat other people fairly so that they will be treated fairly. People do have a sense that whatever they send out, will come back to them somehow. Whether they believe in sin or karma or this or that, people have this intuitive sense that there will be consequences to your actions and that the better you treat other people, the better you will be treated yourself. This is something that the general population knows when they are not manipulated by the elite. The elite no longer knows this. They knew it originally but they have given it up because they want their privilege or power or money so much that they are willing to set it aside in order to get these outer things. That is precisely why, if you let the people rule without being manipulated by the elite, the people will make far better decisions than the elite has been doing and is doing.

The self-reinforcing illusion of duality

The reality here that I want to convey to you, because you need to understand this as ascended master students, and of course you need to make the calls on it, but you cannot make the calls on it if you do not grasp it. The primary feature of the duality consciousness is that it puts people in a state of illusion and that state of illusion is self-reinforcing. There is no way to use the duality consciousness to escape the duality consciousness. Because once you have gone into this state of mind, where you think you are a god who can define good and evil based on your current level of consciousness, based on the outer self, the dualistic self, then your definition of good and evil will always be relative to your state of consciousness. There will be nothing objective, universal or absolute about it.

That is why, as Jesus said: Only through the Christ consciousness can you gain a frame of reference from beyond duality. Quite frankly, if you could free the population from the manipulation of the elite, they would have a certain level of Christ consciousness, Christ discernment. Because they would have that essential humanity, which is an element of the Christ consciousness. Once you step into the duality consciousness, you lose it because now everything is relative. There is no rock of Christ. You are basing your life, your mind, on the shifting sands of the serpentine mind and in this serpentine mind everything is relative. That is what you can actually see and what many, many people can come to see when you look at history, look at the various elites, look at what they have used to justify their position and their power.

Jesus gave a set of principles that were entirely nonviolent. But you see how the Catholic church has managed to pervert Jesus’ teachings to the point where they could be used to seemingly legitimize extremely violent actions. This is a very, very clear example of how the serpentine logic makes everything relative. You can go back and look at the medieval popes and you can ask yourself: Do you agree with them that the crusades were necessary, beneficial? That they were doing God’s work when they massacred men, women and children? Do you agree with the witch hunts, the burning of witches at the stake by a mere suspicion raised by someone who did not like that person? Do you agree with the Inquisition where people were tortured in order to supposedly save their souls?

If you agree with this of course, then you would not be an ascended master student. But many people who are not ascended master students also do not agree with this, if they actually look at it. They can come to see: “Well, what was it then? How is it possible that these medieval popes could take the teachings of Christ – turn the other cheek, love your enemies, do unto others – and use them to legitimize violence at this rather extreme scale?” Well, it can only be because they had made those teachings of Christ relative to their situation, their state of consciousness, their way of thinking and the outer political goals that they had. In other words, Jesus came to set people free, but they had used the teachings of Christ, a perverted version of them, to enslave people even more.

Many people were less free during the Christian era, or the era of Catholic dominance, than they were before and that they are now. This shows you how the power elite is entirely enveloped in this serpentine consciousness that makes everything relative. When everything is relative, that means that at any time, in any given society, in any given situation, there is always an elite who can use whatever philosophy is there to justify doing whatever they want to do. The elite can always justify what they want to do and they always have attempted to justify it.

They have used the teachings of Christ. They have used the teachings of Muhammad. They have even in rare cases used the teachings of the Buddha. They have used the teachings of Marx, the teachings of Adam Smith and the teachings of Darwin to justify doing what they want to do, which is either to dominate and enslave the population or to defeat and destroy that competing power elite that is threatening their position, that wants to take over their position. Or they have used some teaching to justify dethroning the established power elite and instead setting themselves up as the new elite, as you saw in the communist revolution, the French revolution and so on.

These are all ideas that many of you who are ascended master students are familiar with. The reason it is important to bring them out here and make the calls on them is that many, many people out there are ready to come to see these ideas. It does not mean they will suddenly acknowledge ascended master teachings but we do not need them to acknowledge our existence or our teachings. We need them to accept these ideas that will then allow them to suddenly see what the power elites of history have been doing. You who are the ascended master students can of course go beyond this and make the calls not just for the power elite in the physical but also for the power elite in the emotional, mental and identity realms. The fallen beings there, the demons, the entire structure in the emotional realm. Also, those very deceptive beings in the mental realm. And the more higher ranking fallen beings in the identity realm, such as the Dark Master that we have mentioned to you.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Elitism

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