22. Uncovering the central dynamic in human society

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

My beloved heart, let me give you a slightly untraditional view of this book. Most books are, of course, written for the specific purpose of convincing the reader to accept the point made in the book. And while this is certainly true for this book as well, there is, however, another way to look at this book. You can, in fact, look at this book as a filtering process, that has the specific purpose of filtering out those whom we are not actually trying to reach with this book. You see, there are certain people who have the potential to be the forerunners for healing Mother Earth. Yet this does not mean that all people who are interested in the environmental issue have this potential. This is in no way a judgment or a putting down of the people who do not have the potential.

However, the fact is that there are many, many people who are involved with or interested in the environmental issue out of reasons and motives that make them unable to serve in the highest capacity. Simply because they do not have the openness of heart and mind that makes them willing to question their existing views, their existing beliefs, about the environment and environmental problems.


As we have attempted to explain, in order for there to be a real change, there must be a fundamental shift in the way human beings view themselves, the earth and the relationship between the two. And this fundamental shift can happen – really – only when human beings start to see themselves as spiritual beings instead of material beings. It can happen only when those who see themselves as spiritual beings become willing to take responsibility for the fact, that their own state of consciousness is the cause, and the physical conditions they encounter on earth are simply the effects of the cause.

You will, of course, see – if you take an honest look at humankind today – that the vast majority of people have these two things confused. They think that the physical conditions they encounter in life are the cause of their state of consciousness, their state of mind. And thus, they are not willing to acknowledge the simple fact, that if the outer conditions are to change, then a critical mass among human beings must begin by changing the inner conditions—regardless of what happens in the outer world.

If you are to be one of the forerunners for healing Mother Earth, you cannot simply focus your attention without, you cannot project that the cause is somewhere “out there.” You must be willing to acknowledge, that you need to begin by changing your state of consciousness, rather than seeking to change material conditions or seeking to change the opinions, beliefs or behavior of other people. You must, as Jesus said 2,000 years ago, begin by looking at the beam in your own eye. Instead of being so focused on the splinters in the eyes of your brothers and sisters, that you make them into scapegoats and project that they are responsible for your situation or even your state of mind.

So can you see, that the essential dividing line between those who will be the forerunners for healing the earth and those who will not, is the openness of mind and heart, the willingness to look at oneself?

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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