15. The illusion that there is something wrong with the earth

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Now that you have a feeling for the seven spiritual rays, the seven God qualities, that were used by the Elohim to construct the entire world of form, particularly planet earth, we can build upon this foundation. When you look at the rays, you realize that if they are viewed as a linear progression, they lead from the first ray of willpower and the willingness to experiment, to the seventh ray of freedom. This should give you a clue, that you can then apply to the relationship between human beings and Mother Earth—and to the relationship between human beings.

Do you see that the seven rays can be seen as representing a path of initiation, where a lifestream starts out with a strong will to experiment, and even to impose its own mental images upon the Ma-ter light? As a being experiments, it will gain experience. And if it is, indeed, willing to evaluate the results of its experiments, then it can begin to acquire wisdom. As a being grows in wisdom, it can then come to feel the love for something higher than its own perception of life. And as this love is nourished, the being can come to understand the need to accelerate itself into the purity that comes from realizing that you, as a self-aware being, are meant to be the open door for the expression of your I AM Presence, your true individuality anchored in the spiritual realm.

This, then, can help you tune in to the higher vision of your Presence. And as you grasp not only the higher vision of your Presence, but the higher vision of the Creator – and the purpose for the entire world of form – you attain the inner peace that is the foundation for giving true service. And as you grow in service and in peace, you will then begin to grasp that the goal of life is self-transcendence into complete freedom of expression. Yet this freedom is not what many people on earth see as the ability to do anything they want. It is the freedom to express your divine individuality in such a way that it raises up all life, and therefore serves to raise up the sphere in which you live.


Can you now begin to see, also, what this truly means? The Creator has created a world of form for the specific purpose of helping the self-aware extensions of itself grow in self-awareness. The underlying purpose of the entire world in which you live is the growth in self-awareness. Everything in the entire world is designed specifically to facilitate the growth in self-awareness, the growth that leads from the willingness to experiment to complete freedom of expression.

Can you see, perhaps, that the path of initiation represented by the seven rays is a long process? As we have explained, a new co-creator starts out at the 48th level of awareness. And if it grows from there, it will reach the 144th level, which is represented by total creative freedom and the mastery of mind over matter. Yet, I can assure you, that there is a very large span between the 48th level of awareness and the 144th level of awareness. This span is much larger than most people can even envision or imagine, for they have never encountered a person who was at the 144th level. And so, they have, really, very little sense of co-measurement about the gap between their present level of awareness and the highest level possible.

Yet my point is to show you, that there is no force – created by the Creator itself or by the representatives of the Creator, such as the Elohim – that seeks in any way to restrict your growth or to force your growth. Everything is guided by the Law of Free Will, for it is only through your free-will decisions that you can actually grow from one level of consciousness to another.

Understand, if you will, the delicate balance I am seeking to explain. Growth does not happen by itself, yet neither can growth the forced. As we have attempted to explain, there is a force built into the material universe, that will seek to reduce any closed system to its lowest possible energy state. So if you are not consciously seeking to accelerate your consciousness and go to a higher level, then you will become subject to this force. And that is why you cannot simply sit back and expect that you will automatically grow in consciousness. So it is indeed necessary that you make an effort in order to grow in consciousness.

This was illustrated in the parable Jesus gave, about the master who went away and then gave to three of his servants a number of talents. When the master returned after a long absence, he asked the servants to give account of what they had done with the talents. Two had multiplied the talents they were given, whereas one had buried them in the ground. The symbolism in this parable is that in order for you to grow, you must be willing to multiply what you have, to appreciate what you have, to make the best of what you have—instead of burying it in the ground.

Yet there is a deeper symbolism here. For what is it that prevents people from multiplying what they have? It is, indeed, what we have talked about, namely the mindset created by the fallen beings, which says that there is a fundamental flaw in the design of the universe. A flaw that must be corrected by the people on earth adhering to a particular belief system, and seeking to get all other people on earth to adhere to the same system. When you think that there is a fundamental flaw in the design of the universe, you cannot multiply the talents because you cannot appreciate what is there right now.

My beloved, please make an effort to step back from your normal state of consciousness and intuitively sense what I am explaining here. When you believe – perhaps even without realizing this consciously – that there is something wrong with the earth, then there will be – in your mind – a gap between where the earth is today and where it supposedly should be according to the standard that you use to determine that there is something wrong.

Can you see that in order to believe that there is something wrong with the earth, you must have a standard in your mind, that says: “This is what things should be like.” And then you look at the earth and see that what is actually outpictured on this planet is not the way things should be. And when there is this gap in your mind – between what is and what supposedly should be – then you cannot appreciate what is. And if you do not appreciate what is, then you cannot multiply the talents by taking what is as an opportunity for growth.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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