13. Overcoming duality in order to give true service

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Lady Master Nada is my name. I am the Chohan of the sixth ray. The sixth ray has traditionally been seen as the ray of ministration and service but also as the ray of peace. Let me thus give you a teaching on how service and peace are inextricably linked together, so that you cannot understand one without the other.

You have no doubt heard the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It is a readily observable fact that some of the people who have committed the greatest atrocities of history have done so out of a misguided belief that they were serving some ultimate cause. If you have a sincere desire to be one of the forerunners for healing Mother Earth and transcending current environmental problems – or even the potential environmental problem caused by a large-scale war – well, then you need to understand how it is possible that over the course of history so many well-meaning people have been trapped into activities that did not serve life, that did not promote peace.

As Mother Mary and the other chohans have explained, there was indeed a group of beings who rebelled against God’s purpose in a higher sphere, and they have kept falling until they ended up in this sphere, some of them embodying on planet earth, others being attached to planet earth outside of a physical body. These beings, then, form what we have called a power elite, where they seek to control humankind for two main purposes.


One is, of course, their own survival. For the reality is that even though all beings have free will, when you start violating the free will of others, the light you receive from the spiritual realm – from your own I Will Be Presence – is reduced in quantity. Those who have systematically misused or violated the free will of others, will eventually have the flow of light from the spiritual realm reduced to a point, where they can barely sustain a physical body. Some of them have even had it reduced further, which is why they are not in physical embodiment but are attached to the earth in what we have sometimes called the astral realm, which is part of the emotional realm.

So then, what happens when a being has reduced the flow of light from the spiritual realm to the point, where it can barely stay alive? Well, what happens is that this being – if it is not willing to change its state of consciousness – must then seek to steal spiritual light from other human beings. This is done by in various ways manipulating them into giving their light.

This can be done through direct force, as you see in violence, rape and war. When emotions are forcefully stirred up or when blood is spilled, spiritual light is released. But the spiritual light will not be in its true form, it will be qualified by the emotions that the person had at the time. This misqualified light can thus be absorbed by the beings who have, no longer, the flow or the sufficient flow from the spiritual realm.

These beings cannot absorb pure spiritual light, and if they are exposed to it, it makes them extremely uncomfortable—which is why you will indeed see some people who can become angry and hateful towards others. Why, for example, do you think the angry mob – that suddenly turned on Jesus 2,000 years ago at his trial, crying “Barabbas, Barabbas,” – was so agitated? It was indeed because Jesus carried great spiritual light, and the effect of the light is that it flushes out the darkness in those whose personal forcefields are filled with darkness.

Normally, these people can cover over the darkness, for in their minds they have made it seem like something that is benign. Yet when they are exposed to spiritual light, it suddenly comes up to the surface, and they can no longer deny it. And if they are not willing to change, well then they must take their anger out on the person who is the cause of the stirring up of what they themselves refuse to see.

So then, you see many times throughout history, where this has taken place. For example you will see in the entire process of the Inquisition and witch hunts, how those who were leaders of the Catholic religion had indeed an anger and hatred towards those who dared to take a stand against doctrine, or against those women who had studied life and had developed certain abilities for healing.

Many of the witches that were burned at the stake were indeed the forerunners for a shift in consciousness. They were more advanced than the people who persecuted them, either the people who reported them to the authorities or the authorities themselves. And thus, what you saw during the Middle Ages and the witch hunt processes was indeed an attempt by those who have less light to eradicate those who have more light, so that there could not be a shift in the collective consciousness.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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