16. A deeper understanding of consciousness

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

If you are to be one of the forerunners for healing Mother Earth, then it is extremely important that you understand the point I am seeking to make here, namely that using force will never heal the earth. Using more force, seeking to appoint a scapegoat, will only add to the tension that is, in fact, the main cause behind the imbalances you see in the natural environment on earth.

I am fully aware that there is nothing in your upbringing in Western society, or any other society on earth, that has prepared you to understand and accept this point. So in order to explain this to you, I need to ask you to step back and take a deeper look at consciousness. We have attempted to explain to you, that everything is created out of consciousness. But we now need to take a look at what exactly this means.

When I say the word “consciousness,” you tend to understand and interpret the word based on your own experience of consciousness. You are a self-aware being, and thus you tend to think that anything that is or has consciousness has the same level of consciousness that you experience. However, this is not the case. When I say that the Ma-ter light is consciousness, it does not mean that the Ma-ter light has self-awareness. When I say that a rock has a form of consciousness, it does not mean that the rock has the kind of consciousness that you have.

In its basic form, consciousness is the ability to respond to an external stimuli. For example, you can take an animal, such as a pet. A dog clearly has a form of consciousness, and this is what makes it possible for you to teach the dog certain tricks. The dog can learn these tricks because its consciousness allows it to respond to the stimuli that you provide.

Yet consciousness also allows whatever entity has consciousness to retain something, so that it not only can respond to external stimuli, but so that it can change itself on a more long-term basis, based on such stimuli. So we can say that the Alpha aspect of consciousness is the ability to respond, and the Omega aspect is the ability to retain, or what we might call memory. In its simplest form, then, we can see that consciousness is the ability to respond to a stimuli in such a way that it changes form, and then the ability to maintain that change, to maintain the new form. Once a dog has learned to go to the bathroom outside of the house, it will retain that ability in the future.

A dog, of course, has a much more developed and sophisticated state of consciousness than you find at lower levels, such as that of what you normally call inert matter. Yet even at the level of so-called inert matter, there is consciousness.


How can anything even exist and retain an existence over time? Your scientists have told you that everything is made out of tiny microscopic entities, called subatomic particles. These particles combine in various ways to form atoms, and yet there are 108 – at least according to what science has discovered so far – of these atoms. The same subatomic particles that make up a hydrogen atom can be combined in a different way in order to make up an oxygen atom that is distinctly different.

So can you see, that for a hydrogen atom to exist, there must be something that has the ability to respond to an external stimuli in such a way that it forms a hydrogen atom? And then, once it has responded to that stimuli, it must have the ability to retain that form, so that the hydrogen atom does not suddenly disappear. How could you have a material universe with continuity, unless there was – first – the ability to take on a specific form and – second – the ability to retain that form for a period of time, perhaps even indefinitely?

So can you see, that even at the most fundamental level of what scientists call matter, namely that of subatomic particles, there is this rudimentary form of consciousness, namely the ability to respond, to take on form, and the ability to retain that form? Yet, of course, you can also see that at the basic level of matter, there is no self-awareness. A hydrogen atom does not know that it is a hydrogen atom, it has not consciously chosen to take on that form. The form has been impressed upon it by an external force. This is precisely what scientists have discovered through quantum physics, where they have realized that the consciousness of the scientist co-creates the subatomic particle that is being observed. And this is, indeed, what proves that the entire material universe could not have come into existence through an entirely mechanical or mindless process.

For there to be a universe, two conditions must be met. There must be a basic substance that has enough consciousness to take on form and to retain a specific form. But there must also be a “force” that can impress a specific form upon the basic substance. And that force, of course, is self-aware beings.

Self-awareness is a form of consciousness, but it is a much higher and much more complex form of consciousness than the consciousness you find at the lower levels. As I have said, a subatomic particle, or even a number of subatomic particles, cannot spontaneously combine themselves into forming a hydrogen atom. There must be a being that can hold the mental image of a hydrogen atom and then superimpose that image upon the subatomic particles, making them combine in such a way as to form the image in physical manifestation.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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