19. The relationship between humans and elementals

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Before I let the seven chohans give you more specific advice about how you can help bring about the changes that will heal Mother Earth – depending on which of the seven rays you feel resonates most with your current level of consciousness – I wish to make sure that you have the full understanding of how consciousness actually works and what is the role of human beings in relation to elemental beings. As I have said, elemental beings have a form of consciousness, but they do not have self-awareness—although this also is a statement that needs to be understood more deeply.

Elemental beings start out as very simple, we might say, beings. An elemental being in its simplest form is designed to perform one specific task. For example, there are certain elemental beings who are designed to bring forth one particular kind of flower. And so, these very small elemental beings perform only one task, namely to bring forth one particular plant.

You may think that this task requires no intercession from a being with consciousness. You may think it is simply a matter of putting a seed in the ground and watering that seed, and then the seed automatically – according to some mechanical law of nature – grows into a flower. This, however, is not the case.

The reality of materialization is that there are two elements involved with this process. First of all, there is nothing that can exist, there is nothing that has ever existed, unless there first was a mental image, or a thoughtform, or a matrix for how that thing should look. So in order for a simple flower to become manifest, there must be a thoughtform. This thoughtform is, of course, either created in a higher realm by the Elohim—or even by human beings. And so, the thoughtform is then impressed upon elemental life, meaning that a tiny elemental does not come up with the thoughtform on its own.

However, if you consider a seed that is put in the ground, it is not correct – as science would have you believe – that all of the information needed to produce the final plant is encoded in the DNA within the seed. If you have a deeper understanding of DNA, you will realize that DNA contains only one kind of instructions, namely the instructions that tell a cell how to produce protein. Protein is, of course, the building blocks of all living organisms, but the fact is that proteins – as atoms and molecules – can be combined in many ways to produce many different forms of living organisms. So the proteins that are produced by plants can produce the vast variety of plant life that you see on this planet. In other words, the essential question that materialistic scientists cannot fully explain is what allows the seed of a marigold to produce a marigold and not a tulip.

Well, the simple fact is that what allows the seed of a marigold to grow into a marigold is that there is an elemental, which has enough consciousness to receive the matrix or thoughtform for a marigold, and which then works with the material, mechanical aspects of the matter realm in order to have the seed grow into the finished plant. In order to do this, however, that tiny elemental is not a self-contained unit. The tiny elemental that brings forth a flower works within the context of a hierarchy of elemental beings. An elemental bringing forth a flower is clearly an earth elemental, and there is a hierarchy of earth elementals.

Even the smallest elemental works with the more complex or larger elementals above it in hierarchy. Yet the earth elementals, of course, fit into the larger hierarchy of all of the four types of elementals, and so, again, there is a progression and a procession. My point is to show you that even the simplest processes in nature are not completely mechanical, but simply could not take place without the work of elemental life.


Now, as I have said, the elemental beings respond to external stimuli. You might recall that my basic explanation of consciousness is that it can respond to external stimuli and it can retain what it receives. So what you see is that elemental life responds to external stimuli coming from higher up in the hierarchy of elemental beings, but they also respond to stimuli coming from human beings—because human beings are higher up in the spiritual hierarchy of the earth. And so, once elemental beings have received either energy or thoughtforms from human beings, they will retain this, they will retain these thoughtforms and energies for a time.

Now, as you go up in the hierarchy of elemental beings, for example the earth elementals, you will see that over time an elemental being can grow in awareness, can expand its consciousness. So for example, an elemental being may start out producing simply one kind of flower. But as it grows in awareness, it may graduate to producing larger plants, such as an entire tree. Then, the elemental may go to an even higher level of producing animal forms, animal bodies, eventually growing to producing the most complex form of living bodies on the earth, namely that of a human being.

Your physical body has an elemental, which is often called the body elemental. It is, in fact, this elemental that is responsible for receiving the thoughtform or blueprint for your physical body. And when your mother’s egg is fertilized by your father’s sperm, the body elemental is assigned to bring forth your physical body precisely according to the blueprint for that body.

That blueprint is, of course, a very complex blueprint, because it is not simply a combination of the DNA of your father and the DNA of your mother. The blueprint for your physical body is very deeply affected by your own state of consciousness, the consciousness that is a combination of the individuality stored in your I AM Presence and the separate self that you have built over many lifetimes, many embodiments, on earth. So bringing forth a human body is indeed a very complex task, that requires an elemental with a very sophisticated state of consciousness.

Yet even beyond this, there are elemental beings of the earth element that have a wider state of consciousness and are therefore involved with bringing forth some of the larger phenomena you see in nature. This can be anything from particular systems in nature – what has somewhat mistakenly been called ecosystems, such an entire forest or the life in a particular ocean – or even larger processes, such as weather patterns or the planet as a whole. There are, in fact, elemental beings who have such a broad and expanded state of consciousness, that they have an awareness of all of the processes that are involved at the physical level of the entire earth, or at the emotional level, the mental level or the etheric level.

I have earlier mentioned the fact that it is possible for elementals to expand their consciousness to the point, where they can be endowed with self-awareness. This will then allow an elemental being to make an evolutionary jump, a quantum leap, and actually embody in a human body instead of producing – becoming – that human body or another phenomenon. The elementals that can make this jump are not actually at the level of the body elemental. Yet those elementals that are at the level of the body elemental can absorb some of the consciousness of the lifestream that embodies the physical body. And this can then accelerate them to the point, where they can begin to look beyond this one body and gain a wider awareness of some of the larger systems in nature. And when elementals rise up to this level, they can gradually, then, acquire the more sophisticated level of consciousness that allows them to be endowed with self-awareness.

So you do indeed have the potential – by raising your own state of consciousness – to endow your body elemental, the elemental that brings forth your current physical body, with a higher state of awareness that can set it on the path towards self-awareness. This is, of course, one of the ways in which you can serve elemental life. But what we especially wish to teach you in this book is the ways that you can serve elemental life on a broader scale than working with just one elemental being. We are in this book, of course, concerned with the healing of Mother Earth, and this requires you to work with the elementals on a much broader, even on a planetary, scale.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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