08. Understanding will and power

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Before we go any further and talk about practical aspects of how to heal Mother Earth, and how to solve the many human conditions that are affecting the health of Mother Earth, I would like to give you a deeper understanding of how the earth was created. This understanding might seem to be a bit esoteric for some readers, who would like to get into the more practical stuff as soon as possible. Yet I assure you that by giving you this understanding early, I set a foundation that we can build upon. And as we go through the book, you will see that it will be highly fruitful in terms of giving you a deeper understanding, that can shed new light on many aspects of the environmental debate and the political factors that relate to the environment and to life on earth.

You will see that many of the things you have been brought up to believe about the environment are simply not correct. They are out of touch with the basic reality of how this planet actually functions. Therefore, devoting your life to promoting particular political solutions will do very little to actually heal Mother Earth.

The simple reality is that current political conditions on earth are, as everything else, the consequences of a particular state of consciousness. So seeking to supposedly solve environmental problems from the same level of consciousness that has created those environmental problems in the first place, is simply not going to work. It is not a realistic solution, and therefore I will do what I can in this book to help those who have open minds and hearts to come to see beyond the illusions, which most people on this planet have been brought up to believe in without question.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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