20. The process of materialization, of matter realization

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Let us now go deeper into the process of materialization, of “matter realization.” Let us  begin by looking at an ideal or pure scenario. We begin in the spiritual realm with the Elohim formulating a mental image, a blueprint for the manifestation of a particular form. As a simple example, let us just take a flower. This blueprint is then passed on from the Elohim to the etheric realm. The blueprint is passed on in the form of an image, which is charged with a certain energy impulse, a certain creative impulse.

The image and the impulse are received by the fire elementals at the etheric level. The fire elementals at the etheric level are the ones who are in charge of the most subtle level of matter, which is the level that science currently calls subatomic particles.

However, it is important for you to understand that what science has been doing for far too long is holding on to an image of the world that is based on the senses. And the senses, of course, cannot see subatomic so-called particles. And therefore, to take a sensory-based image, namely that of a particle, and project it upon the subatomic world is simply not realistic.

You might know, if you have studied quantum physics, that there is a phenomenon called the wave-particle duality. Which means that a subatomic so-called particle will sometimes behave like a regular particle, namely a small billiard ball zooming around, and will sometimes behave like a wave. In fact scientists are aware that if they are looking for a particle, the subatomic entity will behave as a particle, and if they are looking for a wave, the subatomic entity will behave as a wave.

This clearly shows you that the subatomic world is not made up of hard particles or waves but is made up of a finer substance or element that has the ability to take on any form. The reason why scientists have been confused about this is that they will not actually accept the logical consequence from certain other findings of quantum physics. As we have mentioned before, scientists have realized that until they make an observation, there really is no actual particle or wave. There is nothing there—if you apply a sensory-based perception to the situation.

So the reality here is that at the subatomic level, the etheric realm, there is no “thing.” There is neither a particle nor a wave; there is only what I have called the Ma-ter light. But of course the Ma-ter light is the Mother light, and it is also the “substance” that makes up the spiritual realm. So the reality is that at the etheric level, you find a specific form of the Ma-ter light, which vibrates at the basic frequency that is used to create the entire sphere in which you currently abide.

The important point that I want to get across here is, however, that the basic substance that makes up your sphere cannot be detected by current scientific instruments. What scientists can detect is when the basic substance has been stirred into beginning to take on form. In other words, the Ma-ter light is neither a particle nor a wave. So therefore, scientists cannot detect the light directly. They can detect the light only indirectly, when the light begins the process of materialization, by taking on the form of what scientists see as either a particle or a wave.

In the not-too-distant future, scientists will develop an entirely different conceptual language, which will then allow them to finally develop the theories that they have been attempting to develop now for a very long time. Yet I will not go into that here, as it is too far beyond the purpose of this book.

So what I want to focus on here is that at the etheric level, you have a certain basic energy or substance, namely what I call the Ma-ter light. What the fire elementals do is that they are in charge of taking this Ma-ter light and building out of it the phenomena that scientists are currently discovering as subatomic phenomena. This is, as science has correctly realized, the basic building blocks of the material universe.

So when the Elohim project an image into the etheric realm, the fire elementals begin to provide the first step in a process that will bring this image into the material or physical frequency spectrum as an actual flower. This means that the fire elementals in general are providing the basic substance out of which the flower will be built, namely subatomic particles and waves, the very building blocks of atoms.

Then, a particular tiny fire elemental will be assigned to the flower thoughtform. If the thoughtform is more complex, then a fire elemental with a more expanded consciousness will be assigned to the thoughtform. The fire elemental that takes on the thoughtform of a flower then becomes a sort of messenger, which now brings the thoughtform, and with it the associated energy impulse, into the mental realm.


The air elementals are in charge of the level of matter that scientists call atoms. You will notice that at the level of subatomic particles, matter is really not solid at all; it is quite ethereal. And therefore, it has much of the same substance or appearance that you can see, when you are looking at a fire, where a block of wood is etherialized by the fire. At the level of atoms, you see – if you look at the current model developed by science – that the atom can be depicted as a miniature solar system. There is a nucleus or core of the atom, and around it you have a number of smaller particles that are orbiting, much like planets are orbiting around the sun.

This, of course, is, as even scientists are realizing, not an entirely accurate model of the atom. Nevertheless, the reason why I am using it is that it shows you the basic quality of atoms. When you look at the solar system, you realize that even though there is a certain amount of mass in the solar system – in the form of the sun and the planets – most of what you call the solar system is actually empty space. There is a vast distance between the earth and the sun, for example. And so, the point is that at the level of the atoms, the atom is mostly empty space. Which, of course, corresponds to the element of air, that is also largely empty space. And so, even at this level, things are still very fluid.

Again, at the mental level a particular elemental is assigned to the thoughtform and now takes on a form that is, of course, based on the original thoughtform but is a step closer to actual manifestation—meaning that it is more dense than the etheric thoughtform. The air elemental that takes on this thoughtform is, of course – in the ideal scenario – working under the fire elemental. So we now see the beginning of the formation of a hierarchy, where the fire elemental is at the top and the air elemental beneath it. Which means that the air elemental works within the parameters set by the fire elemental.

The air elemental then becomes the messenger that brings the thoughtform and the energy impulse into the emotional realm. The emotional realm corresponds to the level of molecules, where you now have several atoms that combine together to form a larger structure. And therefore, you see that at the level of molecules – even though there is still great fluidity – nevertheless, the molecule is a more dense or manifest entity than the atoms. This corresponds to the fact that the water element is more dense than the air element. And so, at the level of the water element, you see that the elemental that takes on the thoughtform, has the ability to gather together many different atoms and then hold them in a certain matrix.

This is something that is important to keep in mind, for the water element corresponds to the emotional body of an individual or the emotional body of humankind. And it is often precisely disturbing emotions that prevent the manifestation of a harmonious thoughtform and creates many imbalances in the body of the Earth Mother or the body of an individual human being.

This is precisely because it is essential at the emotional level to hold together the atoms in a certain matrix. And if the atoms are not held together in the right matrix, then the manifestation at the physical level will be disharmonious. And of course, what can prevent the atoms from being held together in the ideal matrix is precisely violent or imperfect emotions.

Yet we were talking about the ideal scenario, so let me not get too far ahead of myself. In the ideal scenario, the elemental in the water element takes on the thoughtform and gathers the atoms together into molecules. And then, the water elemental becomes a messenger that brings the thoughtform and the energy impulse into the physical vibrational spectrum, which corresponds to the earth element.

At the physical level, there is again an elemental which takes on the thoughtform and therefore becomes the bottom level of the newly formed hierarchy. And the earth elemental takes on the thoughtform in such a way that it manifests the actual physical form that you can see with the senses. This can be any matter form that is made out of molecules.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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