11. Accelerating yourself to a higher view of environmental issues

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Serapis Bey I AM, and I am the Chohan of the fourth ray. This ray has traditionally been called the ray of purity, but what exactly does that mean? You may look upon the earth and you may see any number of things, which you would consider impure. You may also look upon the earth and see any number of things, which you would consider pure. But the key is how you determine, how you discern, the difference between pure and impure.

For as the chohans of the first rays and our beloved Mother Mary have already explained, what the fallen beings have done on earth is to set up this dualistic standard for evaluating everything. And so, even if you think you are a spiritual student, even if you have followed certain spiritual teachings for years or decades, it does not necessarily mean that you have raised your level of consciousness to the point, where you know the true purity of the fourth ray. You may indeed only have grasped the dualistic standard for dividing purity from impurity, and this simply will not take you beyond a certain level on the spiritual path.

Let me thus endeavor to explain what is true purity, the non-dualistic, unconditional purity of the spiritual realm, the purity that does not accept any conditions on earth. And thus, you cannot simply say that as long as I do not do the things that an earthly standard has defined as impure, then I must per definition be pure. It is not a matter of doing or not doing certain outer things, it is not a matter of living up to conditions defined by the dualistic state of consciousness. It is a matter of going beyond the level of duality. And then, what is the level of duality? It is precisely a level of vibration, as we have explained.


And so, then, let us look at this from the perspective of the fourth ray. We have explained that a new co-creator descends to earth at the 48th level of the 144 levels of consciousness possible in the material realm. We have explained that if a co-creator follows the original vision, it will for a time experiment with its co-creative abilities according to that 48th level of consciousness. It will experience the material world through the filter of that 48th level of consciousness. And then, as it gets feedback from the Presence, it will multiply the talents and accelerate itself beyond the 48th level to the next level up.

As we have explained, the Elohim used the seven spiritual rays to manifest the physical planet earth. Thus, as a new co-creator first descends into the material realm, it begins by being initiated in the first ray. Thus, we might say that at the 48th level, you are initiated by the Chohan of the first ray as your primary spiritual teacher.

You now have seven levels up for mastering the initiations of the first ray, and this is to be understood as follows. No ray is separated from any other ray. The rays do not exist independently of each other; they are very much intertwined with each other. So at the first level of initiation, under the first ray, the Alpha aspect of your initiation is indeed the first ray and the Omega aspect is also the first ray. Yet on the next level up, the Alpha aspect is the first ray and the Omega is the second ray—and so forth and so on, until you reach the seventh level, where the Alpha is still the first ray and the Omega is the seventh ray. Then, of course, you climb to another level, where the Alpha is now the second ray and the Omega still goes through the seven rays. And finally you reach the level where the third ray is the Alpha and the other rays the Omega.

Yet what happens then, when you have gone through those first three levels? Well, at that point you will – if you have successfully followed the initiations administered to you by the first three chohans – you will have reached a level, where you now have the potential to accelerate yourself to a distinctly higher level. This is the level of the fourth ray, and what will it take for you to be able to accelerate yourself, accelerate your state of consciousness, to the level where you can begin to receive the fourth-ray initiations? Well, it will take, quite simply, that you have attained a state of balance in your being, a balance between the three first rays of power, wisdom and love—as they have traditionally been seen.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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