25. Selfish love will not heal Mother Earth

Ascended Master Paul the Venetian through Kim Michaels.

Paul the Venetian is my name. The Chohan of the third ray is my title. Yet beauty is my love.

I come, then, to appeal to those who feel that their being resonates with the third ray of love. I come to appeal that you transcend your concept of love, as explained in my previous discourse. And I come to appeal that you take this higher concept of love and apply it to the environmental issue and the environmental debate.

This will be an opportunity for you to become an open door for bringing a perspective into the environmental debate, that has so far been sorely missing. This perspective can be the distinction between lower love, selfish love, and the higher, unselfish love that is God’s love.

What you see in the environmental debate today is that there are many, many people who are engaged in this debate because they have a love for nature, a love for animals, a love for the natural environment, even a love for Mother Earth. Yet the question that needs to be asked – and that needs to be asked openly and honestly – is whether the many people who claim to love Mother Nature truly have a higher form of love, or whether they are motivated by a kind of love that is as yet imperfect, that has not yet reached the highest potential, the highest possible level of love?


There are, indeed, many people who will claim that they love nature or love animals. Yet if you look more closely, you do indeed see, that they do not love the object that they claim to love; they love something in themselves. They love an idea, they love a worldview, they love a certain feeling that it gives them to express what they claim to be love, but which is truly possessiveness, the desire to control one’s environment.

There are many examples of how this has, indeed, affected the environmental debate, but let us begin at the overall level. As we have said, there are 144 levels of consciousness possible on earth. What is the difference between the very lowest and the very highest? Well, at the highest level of consciousness your love is truly unconditional, which means that you love all life, you love the All, you love life as a whole. You see the oneness of all life, and your entire thoughts, actions and feelings are aimed only at raising up the whole. As you go towards the opposite extreme, you see people who become more and more self-centered, they become more and more centered on the separate self.

Now, my beloved, what is it that makes it possible for the Conscious You to uphold or be trapped in the illusion that it is not an extension of the Presence but a separate self? Well, for each individual that is trapped in this illusion, there is a particular mental image that the individual has created. We might say that each individual has created a personal role that it is playing in the theater of life.

As you go towards the lowest of the 144 levels, you go to people who are completely self-centered. And what does this mean? It means that they love only themselves; they love only the separate self. But what is it they truly love? They love the idea, the mental image, that defines the separate self and defines it as separate from, and in most cases even superior to, all others.

So you now see people who are in love with themselves, who are in love with their separate selves and the image that defines that self. This is why you will see, that there are people – both in the environmental debate and in other forms of debate – that are so in love with a particular idea that they cannot, they will not, look beyond it. They will not see that it is limited or contradictory, and they will not consider that there might be a higher way to look at the issue. This, of course, is the case with the fallen beings, but there are many other beings who have followed them and who still follow them into these deeper levels of selfishness.

Take note, that when you go to the lowest level of the 144 possible states of consciousness, you are not dealing with people who have a very limited state of consciousness. You are dealing with people who have the highest degree of selfishness, and this means that these beings might seem to have very admirable qualities. The reality is that the lower you go towards the lowest level, the more skilled people are at presenting themselves as not being selfish but as being truly working for a greater cause. The fallen beings who are in embodiment on earth are very skilled at appearing to be truly selfless, truly altruistic, truly capable of promoting a cause, an ultimate cause.

They are great at presenting themselves as being right, and this is why they pull with them many of those who have also gone below the 48th level of consciousness, but who have not yet gone into the extreme levels of selfishness and self-centeredness. And thus, they cannot see that what the fallen beings are presenting is actually a completely self-centered thought system, that really only has the purpose of raising themselves up as being superior to others because they are the leaders.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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