28. Being the open door for peace through oneness

Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels.

I am Nada, the Chohan of the sixth ray. One of the qualities of the sixth ray is indeed peace. What does this mean for your potential to give service in the environmental debate, or in any other part of the debate that can bring humankind forward?

Imagine yourself in a situation, where you are debating in some kind of public forum. Imagine that there are several political parties, or organizations, or representatives from various groups. Can you see, that what happens in most of such situation is that the various groups will each have their own agenda, and their entire purpose for entering the discussion is to further their particular agenda? And so, is it not easy to see, that this is why there is so often simply an endless discussion about what to do, and it is so hard to come to a consensus upon which all can agree?

Can you see, that this tendency to look at only a specific interest – and to even think that this is more important than the interests of any other people – is indeed what has caused most human conflicts? It is clearly the dualistic struggle outplayed in the political arena. This has led to many forms of violence, even wars. But in democratic nations it has been replaced, so that there is at least no longer violence. And indeed, this is a step forward, but what you see today is still that many democratic nations are trapped in these endless discussions and struggles between different political parties, who claim to be representing separate interests. But is it not because even in democratic nations, there is still the illusion that people can be divided up into particular segments and groups that have different interests?

Yet is not one of the principles of democracy that “all men are created equal” and that all people are endowed by a higher authority with the same basic rights? So if all are created equal and if all are supposed to have equal rights, how can it be impossible to reach a consensus? It can happen only when people are focused on a surface level, an illusory problem, an illusory division, that seems to split them into separate groups and segments that have opposing or contradictory interests.


Yet what are some of the most basic rights upon which democratic nations are founded: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do not all people have an interest in being alive, in being free and in being free to pursue happiness? So how can it be impossible to find consensus? Well, it can be impossible only, when people are blinded by the illusions of duality—that inevitably divide everything into opposing polarities and segments.

And, of course, as we have said, when people are below the 48th level of awareness, they are inevitably blinded by these divisions. When you look at the 144 levels of consciousness that are possible on earth, you will see, that as you go towards the lowest level, you find people who are more and more blinded by divisions, who are more and more convinced that divisions are real—and that therefore it has some ultimate, epic importance that one particular group gains superiority over all others.

As an example of a person who was at the lowest level of consciousness, take Adolph Hitler, who trusted no one, not even his closest advisers. It was him against everybody. So it was with Stalin, Mao Zedong and many other dictators that you see around the world. This is the ultimate state of division.

So what happens, when you go in the other direction and approach the 144th level of consciousness? Well, what happens is that you go through the process that you see in Jesus, of coming first to see “I and my father are one” and then to see your oneness with all life here below. First you attain the vertical oneness with your Presence and then the horizontal oneness with all life.

So when you reach that 144th level, you see yourself as a completely open door, for you are one with the Presence. And the Presence is an expression of God, and everything else is an expression of God. And thus, you see the oneness of all life. At that point – or even as you begin to approach these higher levels of awareness – you can begin to serve this greater cause, this non-dualistic cause, of promoting and furthering the oneness of all life.

This, then, is the ultimate service. But how do you further this cause? By having no cause, my beloved!

How do you ultimately prove anything? By not seeking to prove anything. By having no agenda, no expectations, no structures in your mind that you are seeking to prove right and get other people to accept. The way to the ultimate service is to be the open door.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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