06. To be a healer, you must overcome your fear of calamity

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

So far, I have given you certain hints in this book, hints that were meant to awaken your understanding and point you towards the realization that current conditions on earth are so far from the original vision and design of the Elohim that it almost defies comprehension. I have also attempted to give you hints to make you see that the reason why there is such an immense difference between the current reality and the original creative vision, is that humankind has descended or fallen into a state of consciousness that is so much lower than the consciousness at which all co-creators came into being.

You see, what I have given you here is the idea that planet earth can be considered a giant schoolroom. In fact the entire material universe can be considered a giant schoolroom for lifestreams that have come into being in order to descend into this world, yet into many different parts of this world—we might say on many different planetary systems.

Yet when you look at planet earth today and consider the current theory of evolution, you might get the idea that co-creators started out at a very low state of consciousness, such as what we might see represented in the animal kingdom in the form of certain predators who are only out to kill other animals, and who will do so without any form of emotion. One might therefore think that co-creators came into being at what is currently the lowest state of consciousness outpictured on earth, and then had to work their way up from there.

Based on this thinking, one might get the idea that the lowest state of consciousness outpictured on earth was the beginning point, and that what you currently see as the highest consciousness outpictured on earth is the highest possible level of evolution available to human beings. This, however, is very far from reality.

There is certainly a very small percentage of people on this planet who have reached a higher state of consciousness than that at which co-creators came into being. Yet when you look at the vast majority of humankind, they are not even close to having returned to the state of consciousness at which they came into being. In other words, even though we might set up a scale and apply it to the majority of humankind, defining the lowest possible state of consciousness and the higher states of consciousness, even what would be the highest state of consciousness on that scale is still lower than the point at which co-creators came into being.


So you see, this gives you some sense of how far below the original vision and design the earth has actually fallen. This might also give you some sense of why several religions contain myths about the collapse of past civilizations, about the punishment of God that supposedly wiped all people from the earth, such as the biblical flood and other myths about disasters on a large scale.

In fact, this fear of large-scale disasters is actually in the collective memory from past ages. There have, as I explained earlier, been certain civilizations in the past that did not descend below a critical level, and therefore the majority of the members of those civilizations ascended to the spiritual realm after their sojourn on earth. Yet there have also been certain civilizations in which the majority of the members could not ascend, and therefore the civilization self-destructed according to the second law of thermodynamics.

Thus, there have been quite a number of such events. Yet, I must tell you that as severe as these events have been, they have always been localized and have not had a global scope. Even the biblical flood is not a myth about an event that affected the entire earth. There were certain localized areas that were flooded rather suddenly and caused many people to die, and even certain civilizations to disappear. Yet it was not that the entire landmass of the earth was flooded, as most Christians today believe.

Thus, what I endeavor to explain to you is a very simple reality, and the reason I explain it to you is that before we really move into considering the creative powers and the creative vision of the Elohim, we need to face and confront the fear that many people have of a worldwide calamity of some sort. This is a fear that has been programmed into the collective consciousness, partly because of past events and partly because there are certain forces – that I will describe in detail later – that are seeking to control the collective consciousness. And thereby control the individuals who have the potential to be the forerunners for raising that consciousness to a higher level, where it is beyond the control of any forces that are not coming from the level of love. Thus, it is absolutely necessary for those who aim to be the forerunners for the shift in consciousness, that they look at and deal with this fear of some worldwide calamity.

I have already stated that no man and woman is an island, and that all life is interconnected. I have stated that the entire earth is one interconnected system. In fact, the entire material universe is an interconnected system. Yet you must also understand that this does not mean that the earth, in its current state, is a complete system that must either go up or down as a unit. The earth was certainly designed as an unfractured, an unbroken, whole. Yet, when the beings embodying on earth began to descend into a lower state of consciousness, that whole began to be fractured into separate compartments.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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