30. Transcending hatred of the Mother

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels.

Gautama I AM. Gautama is my name, the Buddha is my title.

What does the Buddha have to do with a book, that is primarily given for people, who have grown up in what is normally called the Western world? Has not one of your major poets once written, “East is East, and West is West—and never the twain shall meet.” Well, my beloved, what exactly is East and what exactly is West? You live on a spherical globe. How can you divide that globe up by drawing an artificial line and saying: What is on one side of that line is East and on the other side is West? Does this not show exactly what the chohans and the Blessed Mother have attempted to explain throughout this book: the tendency to set yourself up as a God who says, “Where I am is the center of the world. And thus, everything is defined based on its position to where I am.”

This is what has created the division among human beings. And it was, indeed, one of my principal drives – when I walked the earth 2,500 years ago – to help people overcome this divisive consciousness, which is precisely what I called the veil of Maya.

Maya is often translated as illusion, but it is a specific kind of illusion, namely the illusion of separation, the illusion that reality – that what exists – can be divided into these segments. And that those who have set themselves up as gods have the power and the right to define the divisions based on some thought system or other.


When you have passed the initiations of the seventh ray, you understand freedom, you experience freedom, you have become one with freedom. Yet what does it take to come to that point? It takes that you actually face and transcend every fear found on this planet.

There is, of course, a fear for each of the seven rays, and you can go through the discourses by each of the chohans and you can identify those fears. But in the end, there is really only one underlying fear, and that is what we might call the fear of freedom.

For have we not said, over and over and over again, that God has given you free will, and that you live in a universe in which everything is subject to free will? What does this actually mean? It means that you – as an individual self-aware being – have the capacity and the right to define your sense of self any way you want.

Yet can you perhaps sense – if you tune in to your own conscious and subconscious mind – that there is a certain fear associated with this? Before you reach the 144th level, you will go through a period, where you must face this fear—the fear of freedom, the fear of having the complete freedom to define who you are. And in order to help you face and walk through this fear of freedom, let me give you some thoughts.


It is important for you to understand – as has been said before but as I will say again – that all fear is a fear of the unknown. What you fear is not reality; it is an illusion. So, all of your fears spring from the fact that you have come to identify yourself as a separate self. You have come to believe in the illusion of separation. And as we have said, the inevitable companion of this illusion is the fear of death, the fear that the separate self could be no more.

So as the Conscious You begins to free itself from identification with the separate self, the Conscious You faces the fear of freedom. Because the Conscious You begins to realize, that it is not the separate self. But the question then becomes: “Well, if I am not the separate self; what am I, what do I want to be?”

You now face the eternal dilemma, that has been faced by all spiritual seekers throughout history. The dilemma is this. While you are looking at the world through the filter of the separate self, you cannot fully see your I Will Be Presence. Therefore, you cannot come into full identification with the Presence. And this means that from your viewpoint – where you are looking through the filter of the separate self – it will seem as if letting the separate self die means that there will be nothing left.

Just look at how many people on earth fear physical death, because they fear there will be nothing left of them after they die. Then look at the many, many near-death experiences that people have had. And what is the one message underlying all of them? It is the message of continuity.

There is, indeed, awareness – there is consciousness, there is self-awareness – after the death of the physical body. Yet while you are still in a body, you are looking at the world through the filter of the outer mind that is associated with, and to some degree produced by, the body and the brain. And thus, you tend to cling to this life. You cannot know for sure that there is life after death, while you are still looking at the world through the body.

If you actually observe people who are dying, you will see that there are two basic reactions. There are people who keep fighting death to the very end, but then there are people who, when death nears, come to a sort of inner resolution, an inner peace, where they surrender unto death. Those who come to this inner resolution and surrender unto death are those, who have used the Conscious You’s ability to project itself outside the filter of the physical body.

Thus, instead of perceiving life through the filter of the body, they have gained at least a glimpse of how it is to perceive life from outside the body. They have gained an inner knowing, that there will be some part of them, that will continue an existence after the physical body dies. And this is why they can surrender to death and let go of the body and the one lifetime among many, that they are now coming to the end of.


NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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