01. Overcoming the sense of being powerless

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

In this key we will set a foundation that we can build upon, as we continue to explore the connection between mind and matter. And let us begin by considering your situation, as you are reading this book. The very fact that you are open to this book – a book that is claimed to be dictated by a spiritual being through the mind of a human being – demonstrates that you did not fall victim to one of the attempts at social engineering that you were exposed to as a child.

You may look upon many things that happen as you grow up in Western society, and you may think they are relatively innocent. And while they may appear innocent on the surface, I can assure you that there are many hidden things that have the specific purpose of limiting people’s ability – and especially their willingness – to think beyond the mental boxes that dominate Western society.

Why are you open to this book? Because you have a natural curiosity about things that are beyond the mental box in which you were brought up. And why do you have this curiosity? Because you refused to submit to the programming that you have been exposed to since childhood. This programming takes many subtle forms, but just take the popular saying that most people have heard as children: “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Now my beloved, it may be so that it was curiosity that killed the cat, but it is also so that it was curiosity that elevated humankind from the caveman stage to present-day civilization. When you look at the immense progress that has happened between the time of the caveman and today, you will see that the driving force behind all of this progress has indeed been curiosity, the desire to know, the desire to understand, the willingness to ask questions beyond the current level of understanding held by an individual or a society.

So you do indeed see, I am sure, that curiosity is the driving force behind progress. Yet I am also sure you can see that while there is a force that drives human progress, there is also an opposing force that seeks to hinder, hold back or restrict human progress and human curiosity.


I have already talked about the two dominant thought systems of Western civilization, namely Christianity and Materialism. Can you see that both of these thought systems are seeking to limit your curiosity in order to prevent you from asking questions that go beyond what can be explained by either system? So can you see that there is an ongoing force that seeks to expand human understanding, but there is also a constricting force that seeks to limit human understanding to a particular thought system, to a particular mental box?

We will talk more about these forces throughout the book, but for now let me point out two aspects. One is the very personal aspect. There is indeed a force in human psychology that has an insatiable desire for security. This force has been known for a long time to modern psychologists and self-help experts, and it is commonly called the ego. The ego is an element of the human psyche that seeks security above all. One of the ways that people seek to satisfy this quest for security – which is truly a quest for the immortality of the ego – is by adhering to a particular thought system.

In order for a thought system to appeal to the need for security, it must claim to have some ultimate authority. This is what you see in traditional religions, such as the monotheistic religions, which claim to be based on an infallible authority, namely the Bible being the word of God. You see the same tendency in materialistic science, which also claims to have an almost infallible authority based on the so-called objective and undeniable findings of science.

So when people decide to accept either a religious claim to authority or a scientific claim to authority, their egos can feel that these people are now secure in belonging to an ultimate thought system. This, then, allows these people to put aside their curiosity, the questions that are not easily answered. You see, an authoritative thought system offers you a sense of security by defining certain questions as being either beyond what can be known or beyond what human beings are allowed to know. And therefore, you can live a comfortable life in the material world without having to be disturbed by these questions—that cannot easily be answered from the level of consciousness that you currently have.

This, then, allows many people to set aside or ignore their curiosity. Yet I can assure you that this sense of security is bought with a price. For when you set aside curiosity, you will not only abort personal growth but you will also abort growth in society. I am sure you are aware of a period in history called the “Dark Ages.” Do you also realize that these dark ages were caused by the fact that the Catholic Church had managed to forcefully suppress all knowledge that went beyond its own doctrines and dogmas? The Catholic Church had effectively created a mental box, and then they had prevented the people of the times from seeking knowledge beyond that box. This is indeed why even the material progress of society was held at a certain level for many centuries.

It was only when this mental box began to be shattered by the early scientists and astronomers, that you saw a revolution in thought that led to the Enlightenment, the Renaissance and the industrial and scientific revolutions. Thus, you see that once the stranglehold of the medieval Catholic Church was broken, then human thought and human invention very quickly caught up to the level it would have been at much earlier, if the Catholic Church had not become a suppressive thought system.

Unfortunately, you will – if you take an honest look at the state of science today – see that even science can be used to create a repressive thought system. There are those who have taken the findings of science and have used them to create a materialistic system, which claims to have proven that there could never be anything beyond the material universe. And thus, this system has simply created another mental box that limits human curiosity. For the system states that while you will not go to hell for eternity for questioning its doctrines, you will certainly be labeled as a person who is unintelligent and superstitious.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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