07. To be a healer, you must know your true potential

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Now that we have addressed the issue of fear, let me address the Omega aspect—that forms another polarity, designed to keep people in a state of passivity. That Omega polarity is the sense of hopelessness or despair, the sense that one person cannot make a difference, that one individual cannot stand up against the mass consciousness or even the ruling elite, who has such a firm grip on power—or so it seems.

Why should you – as just one individual – be able to do anything that will make a difference on a planetary scale? Well, my beloved, if everyone had said that throughout history, then you would still be living in caves, and the book certainly would not have been invented. When you do look at history, you will see that there have indeed been numerous cases where one individual made a difference, by being the open door for bringing forth some new idea or invention that took society one or even several steps higher.

The reality is, however, that individuality has always been seen as a threat by the ruling elite. And therefore, when you look at history, you will see that the ruling power elites of any society have attempted to discourage individual expression, individual creativity.

My point, therefore, is that if you do, indeed, look at history, you will see that history is on your side. Why did the fate of humankind change from the caveman level to that of modern civilization? Well, because, as I have said, it is one of the basic forces of nature, one of the basic laws of the universe, that self-transcendence is a mandate.

I have talked about the desire for growth, the drive for growth, and I have talked about the second law of thermodynamics, which takes effect when the desire for growth is halted. When an individual or society stops self-transcendence, well then they become subject to the second law of thermodynamics. Which will break down whatever structure they seek to maintain—as opposed to allowing that structure to transcend itself and become more in the ongoing creativity of the River of Life. Yet if you step back and think more deeply about this, you might have an inner revelation, that will allow you to know exactly what I am saying here. The deeper reality is that there is an upward trend, an upward force, in life that propels all life to transcend and become more.


Let us take a look at where this force comes from. I have explained that your Creator started by withdrawing its Being and creating a void. The Creator then extended part of its Being to create a sphere inside that void, a sphere that had certain structures and forms, and could therefore serve as the basis for the growth of self-aware extensions of the Creator. I have explained that the first sphere eventually ascended and became part of what is now the spiritual realm.

After the first sphere ascended, the beings, who had been instrumental in bringing that sphere to the ascension point, decided to serve once again by being the open doors for creating the very next sphere. These ascended beings now sent extensions of themselves into the next sphere. And as these extensions grew in self-awareness, they raised up the vibration of their entire sphere until it too could ascend. This has continued, as I said, for several spheres, and you are now in the seventh of these spheres.

You may look at the material universe in which you live, and you may see that it is almost infinite in size. You know very well that there are millions of galaxies that can be seen from earth, but you also know, as I have said before, that there is an observation horizon beyond which you cannot see from earth, because the light from distant galaxies have not had time to reach earth. And so, I can assure you that beyond the huge number of galaxies that can be seen from earth, there is an even greater number that are not visible.

My point here is to show you, as I am sure you already suspect, that in the immensity of the material universe, there are many other intelligent lifeforms besides human beings. Now, what science has proven is that everything is interconnected. When you go to the deeper levels of subatomic particles and even beyond to pure energy, everything is intricately connected in a giant web of life. This means that the entire material universe is an interconnected whole. What this specifically means for planet earth is that even though it may seem as if human beings are isolated in a vast empty space, this is not the case at all. Human beings are – in the invisible realm of pure energy – deeply connected to all other self-aware beings in the entire material universe.

I can assure you that there are many other planets with intelligent, self-aware lifeforms. They all form a giant web of life, what we might call an Antahkarana of life. Out of the millions of planets with similar lifeforms as you see on earth – and the millions more with lifeforms that are not at all similar to what you see on earth – the vast majority of them are in an upward spiral. Thus, we might indeed say that the entire material universe is in an upward spiral, and this is proven by the very fact that, as science has observed, the material universe is expanding at an accelerated rate.

This expansion, this acceleration, is driven by the fact that the vast majority of the self-aware beings, who live in the material universe, are in the process of transcending themselves. Therefore, their interconnected consciousness has formed what I call the River of Life, which can be seen as a giant creative movement that causes the vibration of the entire material universe to be constantly raised up.

Yet when you look at the universe, you will indeed also see that there are certain areas that have not yet fully joined this upward movement. This is not to say that they are not part of it, for truly the entire universe is accelerating, which means that everything within it is being pulled upwards by the River of Life. Nevertheless, because of the Law of Free Will, there is room that there can be planets, even some solar systems, within the material universe, that are not accelerating at the same rate as the rest of the universe. Therefore, there are indeed units within the material universe that have fallen behind the general, upward, accelerated movement of the whole.

This is, of course, allowed, according to the Law of Free Will. The inhabitants of a planetary unit can collectively slow down the acceleration of their unit to the point, that it falls behind the rest of the universe. However, what these beings cannot do – again in accordance with the Law of Free Will – is to set their unit, their planetary unit, outside of the material universe. In other words, you can slow down the acceleration of your unit, but you cannot prevent that unit from being pulled upwards by the magnetic pull of the rest of the universe.

Think about what this means. It means that in order to slow down the growth of a particular planet, the inhabitants of that planet must fight against the upward pull of the entire rest of the universe. This is an immense force, and you can see, by simple mathematics, that it is not possible that the inhabitants of a given planet can completely slow down the growth of their planet against the upward pull of the rest of the universe.

This is indeed part of the reason why you are no longer living in caves. Planet earth has been pulled up by the force generated by the rest of the universe, and humankind cannot slow down this growth beyond a certain level.

This is not to say that the growth of the earth has been entirely caused by what we might call the background acceleration of the universe. For indeed, there have been many people on earth who have also been willing to become the open doors for the creative force of life to flow through their minds and beings. And this creativity, this creative flow, is indeed part of the reason why society has transcended the cave man stage and has reached the level of modern civilization.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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