17. Understanding the elemental beings

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

As our next step, we need to build on to the understanding that everything is consciousness. As we have explained, the purpose of life is that the entire material universe will eventually be raised up and become part of the spiritual realm. This will happen only when matter attains a higher state of consciousness, where what has started out as separate forms become conscious and become conscious of being expressions of a whole.

So what will it take for this process to be completed? Well, it will take the interaction of the evolutionary and revolutionary forces. The purpose of the descent of self-aware beings, sent from the spiritual realm, is twofold. One is their own growth in self-awareness, but how do they grow in self-awareness? They grow by helping the unascended sphere come to the ascension point. And they do this by, so to speak, passing on their awareness to matter, the matter realm, and the beings who are the expressions of the evolutionary process.

So far, we have only talked about beings that descended from the spiritual realm and who have what we call self-awareness, because they have been endowed with self-awareness from the Beings above them, from the Beings out of which they came. Yet what you realize – when you think about this – is that you, as a human being, have been endowed with self-awareness by a Being who is above you in what we might call the spiritual hierarchy. And that Being originally was an extension of an even higher Being, and was endowed with self-awareness from that Being. And so, as you keep following this Chain of Being, you end up with the ultimate self-aware Being, namely the Creator itself.

You see, now, that when you look at this process going in the other direction, you see that you have been endowed with self-awareness from a Being who is above you in the Chain of Being. And you are meant to descend into the material universe and then endow everything you do with your self-awareness. And therefore, you, so to speak, pass on your self-awareness to the beings who are below you in the Chain of Being, namely the beings who are the products of the evolutionary force.


In the last key I mentioned the existence of what we might call a basic unit of consciousness. And when you take several of these point-like units and organize them into a matrix, they form a whole which attains a consciousness as a whole. So we might say that when the Elohim started creating the material universe, they were the ones who impressed this matrix upon the basic units of consciousness. And as they created more and more complex forms, they created matrixes that had a higher and higher level of consciousness. For the more complex the matrix, the higher the level of consciousness.

What you now need to realize is, that there are four distinct levels created by the Elohim. And these four levels all play a role in what we might call manifestation or materialization.

So the image I would like to give you here – again in order to accommodate your linear mind – is that we have the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is made up of energies that vibrate above a certain level of vibration. The Elohim exist in the spiritual realm. They are now looking to create the material universe, yet the ultimate goal they have is to create the physical universe that you right now see with your physical senses. This universe is, however, at a much lower vibration – or a much higher density – than the spiritual realm. So because of certain mechanics that I will not here describe in detail – as they are not important for the point I am seeking to make – they cannot simply create the material universe directly at a vibration that is so much lower than the spiritual.

Therefore, they first create a realm which we might call the etheric realm, or the identity realm. This is a level of vibration that is lower than the spiritual realm, but not so much lower that it becomes so dense that it loses the transparency that you find in the spiritual realm. In other words, in the physical realm, where you are currently focusing your awareness, matter is so dense that you cannot see that it is an expression of Spirit. Yet in the etheric realm the, so to speak, “matter” of that realm is so transparent that you can indeed see that it is an expression of finer energies.

From a purely visual perspective, you might say that the forms in the etheric realm are so transparent that light can shine through them. Instead of a solid wall with a picture painted on it, you could look at it as a stained-glass window, where you still have a picture but you can see light shining through it. So you know that there is something behind the image, whereas with a wall, you might think that it is completely solid and there is nothing on the other side.

In the etheric realm, you find what we might call the cosmic blueprint for the material universe. This is comparable to what an architect creates before anyone starts building an actual building. An architect might start with a sketch that puts forth the basic design of the building. This is what you find in the etheric realm. You find the basic design for the material universe. Yet what you see in the etheric is still somewhat fluid, and it is not designed in every detail.

Now, the next level down is what I would like to call the mental level. This is the level where the Elohim created more detailed plans for the universe. You might consider it as an actual engineering plan for a house, that details all the practical aspects, such as the wiring or the plumbing.

And then, the Elohim stepped down the energies to an even lower level, which I would like to call the emotional realm. This is where things become more concrete, and where the blueprint is, so to speak, set in motion. This is comparable to the architect and the engineers giving the detailed drawings to the actual builders, who then make a plan for how to build the actual house and get all the materials to the location and line up the workers and the machinery that need to come in at a certain time. And then, finally, we have the actual physical or material realm, which is where the actual building of the house takes place.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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