27. The immaculate vision for the environmental debate

Ascended Master Hilarion through Kim Michaels.

Hilarion I am. As the Chohan of the fifth ray, I will give you the perspective on what you can do to serve in bringing healing to Mother Earth, when you have come to and have begun to pass the initiations of the fifth ray. As Serapis Bey has explained, you will not pass the initiations of the fourth ray, until you begin to go beyond the duality consciousness and the desire to put down other people. So as you do let go of this entire desire to divide people into those who are right and wrong – and to put down those who are wrong – then you can move on to the initiations of the fifth ray.

The fifth ray has been called the ray of healing, because as you begin to pass the initiations of this ray, you seek only to heal all life. This, of course, must begin by healing yourself. Physician, heal thyself, as the old saying goes.

There is no way you can pass the initiations of the fifth ray, unless you are willing to do one simple thing: look at your own state of consciousness and take full responsibility for that state of consciousness. What is the essence of the fallen consciousness? It is that the fallen beings have gone into the consciousness of separation—but what does this mean?

When you are in separation – when you are blinded by the illusion of separation – you have a very simple division in your mind. That division is between what you consider your “self” and what you consider as being external to your self, as being “other” than “self.” And now, when you have this division, you can create the mental image, the illusion, that the self is not responsible for its own state of consciousness—because its state of consciousness is a forced reaction to that which is outside the self. In other words, the self that is in division can project responsibility outside itself. It can project responsibility upon the “other,” instead of accepting that the self is fully responsible for its state of self, its state of consciousness.


This, then, is what the fallen beings have been doing since they fell in that first sphere. They have managed to seduce numerous other people into doing the same thing. And if you will take another look at the story of how the Serpent in the Garden of Eden deceived Eve, you will – perhaps – get an important insight.

We have said how the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is a symbol for the duality consciousness, in which you define your own truth, your own standard for what is right and wrong. Once you define this standard, you can define any problem and the solution to that problem in such a way that it will always seem as if you – meaning the separate self – are right, as if the separate self can never be wrong. For you have now defined a worldview, which is based on an underlying premise, an underlying paradigm, namely that the self can never be wrong.

Yet if you take another look, what is really being said here? What is being said is that the self is real, that the separate self is real and has some real existence. And thus, when you understand this – when you experience the reality of this – you, meaning the Conscious You, can return to the recognition that it is pure awareness. And therefore, it is not the separate self. And then, the Conscious You can begin to see, that it is not the separate self because the separate self is not. It is not real, it has no existence, it has no permanence.

What the separate self is doing – what the fallen beings have attempted to do since their original fall – is to portray the image that the separate self has reality, has existence, has permanence. Yet the deeper reality is, that everything is subject to the free will of the Conscious You. The separate self has existence, has permanence, only when the Conscious You has projected itself into the separate self, and thus looks at the world through the filter of that separate self—and thereby gives it existence and ongoingness through the power of its awareness.

Can you see, that the underlying message or belief that is being projected by the fallen beings – and by the separate selves of all beings who are blinded by separation – is that the separate self is real, has existence, has ongoingness? And the attempt to prove the separate self right, or to prove that it is never wrong, is really just a camouflage, is really just an attempt to engage you at a surface level of arguing certain points. And therefore never getting to the deeper level, where you say: “But the emperor has nothing on, the separate self has nothing on.” For no matter what argument the separate self might come up with, it all springs from duality—and thus it is all unreal.

“I do not have to argue with the separate self, I do not have to argue with the separate self of other people or the fallen beings. I do not have to continue to argue back and forth in this endless dualistic struggle, that is based on the fact that the fallen beings have captured the privilege of formulating the problem. And therefore have managed to get everyone on earth to debate based on a surface understanding of life, that camouflages and hides the underlying problem. I will never win the battle with the fallen beings, I will never win the battle with the separate selves of other beings. Yet I can transcend the battle by not seeking to win, by not seeking to prove myself right or prove others wrong, but simply walking away from the struggle and instead projecting myself, my Conscious You, into oneness with my I Will Be Presence and the Spirit of Truth.”

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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