29. Individuality is the key to the Golden Age

Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM. In my first discourse, I attempted to give you the vision that there is indeed a potential that the earth can transcend its current level of struggle and conflict, of limitations and lack, and go into what I called a Golden Age. This is an image that I have attempted, through various messengers and organizations, to give to humankind since the 1930s. And indeed, there has been much progress since that time. And some of that progress has indeed been caused by the fact, that so many of my students have taken this vision and projected it into the collective consciousness. Thereby freeing other people to become the open doors for the bringing forth of new ideas and technology, that helped bring about the progress you have seen.

Nevertheless, there are also many of the students who have looked at my vision and have misunderstood the central point. For they have been so colored by the fallen consciousness, that they have actually transferred the fallen consciousness to the vision of Saint Germain. So even though I know, that many of these students are still so trapped in the fallen consciousness, that they will be unwilling to even acknowledge the validity of what I will say, I will still say what I will say. For I know, that there are students who will indeed be able to grasp the central point, that I will give you in this message.


You see, my beloved, there are many people on this earth who are what you might call futurists and who have a vision that the earth is on the way to a better society. Yet there is indeed also many among them, who are still so colored by the fallen consciousness, that they think that this utopian future society can be achieved only by either forcing or persuading all people to come into compliance with a specific thought system or standard, defined on earth.

This is precisely the dream of the fallen beings, that they have projected out since their original fall. And it will never – my beloved, did you hear me, it will NEVER – bring forth the Golden Age of Saint Germain. I am not in compliance with the age-old, idolatrous image of the external God in the sky, who is sitting up here with a fixed standard, according to which I judge everything and everyone on earth. I am not sitting up here with a vision of the Golden Age that is defined in every detail.

Certainly, I have certain principles and ideas and visions, certain sketches and blueprints, for the Golden Age, but it is not set in stone. For I know something that the fallen beings also know, but that they do not want you to know. I know that the Golden Age will be manifest not through forcing or deceiving people into giving up their individuality, but only through allowing and encouraging people to express that individuality.

For you see, my beloved, we have so far attempted to give you a gradually increasing awareness of the problem represented by the fallen beings. That is, it might be a problem seen from your viewpoint, whereas it is truly not a problem seen from the viewpoint of the ascended masters—who know what is real and what is unreal, and know that that which is unreal has no power over that which is real.

What we have said so far is, that what the fallen beings rebelled against was that the Creator created self-aware extensions of itself and gave them free will. You might therefore surmise, that what the fallen beings rebelled against was free will. This is not incorrect, my beloved, but it is not the complete picture. For we have attempted to give you the understanding, that there is an Alpha and an Omega in everything.

Free will, therefore, is the Omega aspect. So what is the Alpha? Well, it is what we have called self-awareness. What do you need in order to have self-awareness? You need two components: awareness and self. Meaning that there has to be an individuality that can give you the sense of self, which is the basis for you having self-awareness.

Now my beloved, this is truly a subtle understanding, so be willing to stretch your mind. Or rather, be willing to go into your heart and let the Conscious You become an open door, so that you might receive an inner understanding from your I Will Be Presence, rather than seeking to understand my words through the outer mind.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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