03. A new vision for approaching environmental problems

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Let us begin by looking at your experience as a human being on earth. You live in a very exciting time, when humankind has made immense progress, and where it seems as if every day new discoveries are made, new forms of technology are developed. Yet what is it that drives this immense progress? It is indeed that humankind has expanded its understanding of the world.

Yet what is the basis for this expansion of understanding? Well, from a superficial viewpoint you might say that it is information. Human beings today have infinitely more information about the material universe and how it works than the cavemen of only a few thousand years ago. And it is certainly true that information has driven progress, but as I have just explained, there is a deeper dimension. For where does information exist? It exists only in the human mind. It becomes useful only when processed by a human mind.

You may take all of the information discovered about the physical universe and encode it into a computer. You can get the computer to organize and manipulate this information in various ways, but you cannot get the computer to understand what this information means to a human mind. So can you see that even though people have made tremendous progress, this progress has been made only on one side of the coin of life?

Human beings, at least in the Western world, have so far ignored the other side of the coin of life. They have attempted to gather information about the material world, but they have not attempted to study the very instrument that allows them to gather and apply this information, namely the human mind.

So can you also begin to glimpse that if people would indeed start studying the mind, then even more progress could be made than what you see today? What I am giving you here is an alternative to the worldview of both religion and materialistic science. What I am giving you is a vision that everything in the material universe, including Mother Earth, is truly made up through a process that has not yet been understood by either mainstream religion or science.


Let me give you a deeper description of this process. Let us begin by going beyond the material universe. I have said that the material universe exists in a certain spectrum of frequencies and that there are energy frequencies beyond the material universe, namely a spiritual realm.

If you continue to go towards higher and higher frequencies, you would – from a logical, linear viewpoint – think you would end up at the ultimate frequency. This is both true and not true. There is indeed a highest frequency in what we might call the world of form, but this highest frequency is not the ultimate reality. For you see, for there to be a frequency, there must be a wave, and for there to be a wave, there must be something that can vibrate. A wave in the ocean propagates through the medium of water, a radio wave propagates through a medium, as does sound.

So what you realize is that for there to be any kind of vibration, there must be some basic substance or reality that can be put into vibration. Where does this basic substance come from? Well, if you go beyond the realm of what vibrates, you go into an entirely different realm that cannot be fathomed by the linear state of consciousness and cannot be described by the linear medium of words. Yet this is nevertheless a state of consciousness. It is a unified, omnipresent state of awareness, which is what people for many thousands of years have been calling God, although most of the people who use the word “God” have not even begun to understand the state of consciousness I am talking about.

Any time you see people talk about a God and then apply some kind of form, some kind of linear form to that God, they have not understood the true nature of God. In reality, God is beyond anything that has form, anything that vibrates. When you go beyond the level of vibration, then you go into the pure awareness that is God. This is a self-aware being, which I would like to call the Creator.

This Creator is the source, the origin, of the entire world of form in which you live. Yet this Creator is nothing like the Old Testament God, or the many other images of God found in religions around the world.

The Creator has no form; the Creator is the source of form. The Creator is a self-aware being with a state of consciousness – self-awareness – that is beyond what anyone on earth can even begin to fathom. You can, however, use the mind’s ability to get at least a glimpse of this state of awareness, and throughout the ages many people have indeed had such mystical experiences.

The Creator is a self-aware being with a desire to create, to express itself. This is not something that was forced upon the Creator. It is driven by love, an unconditional form of love that wants to be expressed and that finds ultimate joy in expressing itself. Thus, the Creator created the world of form, in which you live, out of pure love, out of pure joy.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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