05. Understanding the basic principle behind all life

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Let me take you on a journey into the heart of Elohim, that you may gain an understanding of who the Elohim are and how they looked at their task of creating planet earth. The first thing you need to consider is the difference between the state of consciousness of most human beings on earth and the consciousness of the beings I call the Elohim.

You may look at planet earth and see some of the manifestations of selfishness and self-centeredness that can be found virtually anywhere on this planet. As a spiritual person, you might very well have seen these manifestations your entire life, and you might have realized that this simply cannot be the full potential of human beings. There must be something more, there must be something higher, and what you have really sensed in the inner levels of your heart – in the innermost recesses of your being – is indeed that it is possible to rise above the state of consciousness that is so blinded by selfishness and the lower desires—that are almost animalistic desires, insatiable desires. For you can never have enough of this or that or the next thing.

And so, the reason why you are open to this book, open to the spiritual side of life, is that you carry with you from past lifetimes an understanding – a knowledge, an inner knowing – that there is a higher potential for human beings. It is possible to rise above this state of selfishness, of spiritual blindness, and come to truly understand what life is, how life works and how the ultimate and ultimately benign Creator created the world of form. It is possible to understand the principles and the vision that the Creator had, before it made the first impulse towards actually manifesting the world of form. And when you do come into the oneness of this understanding, then you have escaped the human, the self-centered, the animalistic, the carnal.

You have therefore risen to a state of consciousness, where you are not really an individual being, as most human beings look at this today. You realize the underlying truth behind the old statement that “No man is an island.” And of course, that is equally true for any woman.

You realize that beneath the seeming differences and divisions found on earth, there is an underlying oneness, an underlying, unifying principle that ties all life together in this giant web of life. And when you do, indeed, reach the level of consciousness of the Elohim, you have not only understood this underlying oneness as a theoretical or intellectual concept, you have risen to a state of consciousness, where you have become one with that unifying consciousness, that unifying principle that ties all life together in this giant web, which we might call the Antahkarana of life.

The Elohim, then, are beings who are beyond all selfishness. They are so far beyond what you see expressed today on planet earth that most human beings would not be able to fathom the consciousness of the Elohim, nor would they be able to withstand being in the Presence of the Elohim. For the consciousness of the Elohim has become the open door for the light from a higher sphere, and therefore the light in their beings is so intense that few people can even stand to be in their Presence.

And thus, although the Elohim are not able, as I explained, to bring forth enough light to be the driving force behind creating a solar system – for beings of an even higher level of awareness need to do this – the Elohim are still the open doors for bringing forth the vision and the driving force in their own beings in order to superimpose that vision upon the light provided by the beings in the sun.

Thus, the Elohim have come into such a oneness with the creative principles that are defined for this particular sphere, that there is not even a question of whether they will follow them or not. This does not mean that the Elohim have given up free will; it means that they have given up a separate will. For truly, what most people on earth see as free will is not truly a free will, for it is a will that is based on the illusion of separation, the illusion that makes people think that they are separate beings and that they can do whatever they want to others without affecting themselves.


Do you perhaps begin to sense that if there truly is an underlying oneness to all life, then this belief in separation is a complete illusion? If all life is interconnected, then you are never an island. Even though you may see yourself as an individual being here on earth, you are still not a separate being. You may think, based on your observation or experience with life on earth, that you can do certain things that affect other people, but if those things never come back to you here on earth, then you might think you have gotten away with this. You might think you have managed to do something to other people, and yet it had no consequences for yourself. This, of course, is indeed one of the greatest of all illusions found on earth, and it is precisely the same illusion that has caused all of the burdens on the body of the Earth Mother.

Just look back a few decades at how there was a consciousness in the Western world that was completely unwilling to recognize the phenomenon of pollution, and the possibility that letting out certain toxins in nature would one day have profound effects upon human beings, even upon the entire human population. Can you see that the entire attitude towards pollution that was rampant up until the 1960s and beyond is indeed based on this basic illusion, that human beings are separate beings and that human beings, therefore, as a race, are separated from the planet upon which they live—human beings are separated from nature. “We live ‘in here’ in our big cities; nature is somewhere ‘out there.’ And what we let slip into the water and the air from our big cities will only affect nature out there. Or maybe it will have no effect at all on nature, but it certainly will not come back to haunt us one day. We can get away with polluting all we want without it ever coming back to hurt us.”

Do you see, that this very consciousness was indeed the foundation for all of the environmental problems that you currently see on this planet? Do you then see that if there is ever to be any real progress in transcending environmental problems, it is absolutely necessary that humankind as a whole will overcome this illusion of separation?

Yet this process of overcoming the illusion of separation must start somewhere, and it must start with individuals. First with one individual: you, and then with other individuals, until gradually a critical mass has been built. Do you see, my beloved, that this was exactly what happened during the 1960s and beyond, when first a few people started becoming aware of the potential impact of pollution upon the human race? And then, gradually, this awareness spread like rings in the water, until a critical mass was reached. And now, even the governments and the media and big industrialists could no longer ignore the need to change the attitude, the behavior and the policy towards pollution.

Yet do you see that truly solving environmental problems will not be done by simply enacting laws that restrict the behavior of people or corporations? If the underlying problem is indeed the sense of separation, well then a true breakthrough will not happen until that sense of separation has been challenged completely. And therefore, more human beings must begin to understand and uncover the underlying principles that the Creator defined, when it decided to create the sphere in which you live, when the Creator decided to create the world of form.

These are the underlying principles behind every sphere that has ever come into being, and it is what we might call the Alpha aspect of the laws of God. There is, however, also an Omega aspect, which is a set of principles that were designed by the beings who brought forth the creative impetus for your particular sphere. These Omega principles, what we might call the laws of nature or the laws of physics, are of course not in any way separated from or in opposition to the Alpha principles of God’s law. They are simply the extensions of these principles but given a specific form in order to bring forth the sphere in which you live, with its particular characteristics.

Again, the Elohim were in complete oneness with both the Alpha of the Creator’s laws and the Omega of the principles of those who defined the design for your particular sphere. The Elohim, then, are working from within your sphere to create solar systems, and even organize them – at the higher levels of the Elohim – into entire galaxies. And then – at an even higher level of consciousness – in the sphere that has ascended most recently – you have beings who organize even the galaxies into one coherent system that moves in unison, like the players in a giant symphony that all play to the same music.

And thus, there is harmony. Harmony between all levels of the whole—and that is precisely why the  whole carries such beauty. Look at the beauty of the night sky and realize that were it not for the fact that there are beings with a higher level of consciousness than human beings that have created this beauty, well then none of this could even exist. For the universe itself would long ago have self-destructed, or it would never even have gotten started.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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