12. Bringing a higher truth into the environmental debate

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Hilarion is the name of the Chohan of the fifth ray, and indeed, Hilarion I AM. The fifth ray has traditionally been called the ray of truth and healing. Yet it would be more constructive to call it the ray of vision, particularly the ray of a higher vision, of a purer vision, of an immaculate vision.

It is the ray that enables you to see beyond the current conditions manifest on earth or in your own state of consciousness, and see that immaculate vision—and then hold the immaculate concept that the earth can be transformed into manifesting the purity of the vision. It is also, on the individual level, the ray that empowers you to hold the immaculate concept for yourself and the manifestation of your own Christhood.

You may recall – whether you grew up in a Christian culture or not – that the Christian religion claims that Jesus was not conceived in the traditional or natural way, but that he was conceived by the Holy Spirit in an immaculate conception. This is, of course, simply one example of how people seek to use actual conditions on earth to set themselves or their religion apart from others. The entire idea that Jesus was conceived without natural means was an attempt to set him apart from all other children, and thus support the claim that Jesus was God’s only son come into a physical body. This was not something claimed by Jesus himself, nor by his mother, Mary, or his father, Joseph. It was indeed a later addition to the Christian faith, but there is a validity here in the immaculate concept, and I would like to give you the deeper understanding.


What is, in a sense, the entire underlying message behind the mission of Christ? As Serapis Bey has explained, Christ is a universal state of consciousness that allows you to divide the real from the unreal, the pure from the impure, the true from the untrue. It allows you to see the underlying oneness of all life and to see that all of the many diverse forms in the world of form are not separate but did indeed spring from the same source.

Even though the many different forms may appear to be separate, they are nevertheless created in the same way, namely by self-aware beings projecting images upon the one, universal substance of the Ma-ter light. And thus, it is only because the Creator has manifested itself as the Ma-ter light and as self-aware extensions of itself that any form can be created and upheld.

And this very fact, then, proves the potential that any form, no matter how imperfect or impure, can be accelerated and transcended until it now outpictures a higher vision. This is the true message behind the mission of Christ, namely that no matter how far an individual may have descended below the level of the Christ consciousness, that individual could never lose the potential for being redeemed, for being reborn, for accelerating itself beyond the lower consciousness and manifesting the Christ consciousness.

Likewise, no matter how far a planet has descended below the level of the original purity created by the Elohim, the planet could never lose the potential for again being accelerated back to the pure vision, to the immaculate concept that is still held in the mind of Elohim. That vision has not been destroyed or distorted by anything human beings have done, as they have exercised their free will in the cosmic schoolroom on earth.

When you begin, after having passed the initiations of the fourth ray, to see this underlying reality, you gain a new perspective on everything on earth. This does not mean that you instantly become the Christ and have the full vision of the Christ, but you do begin to understand that there is a higher way of looking at everything on earth. And when you do, then, begin to have this Christ vision, you can do what Mother Mary did, as he watched Jesus grow up and eventually mature to the point, where he could begin to fulfill his spiritual mission. You can hold the immaculate concept, both for yourself and your own acceleration towards Christhood, and for the planet and its growth towards a higher state of life.

Can you perhaps see that although there are many people today who have become more aware of environmental problems, there is a considerable percentage of them who have not actually grasped what the fifth ray is all about? Instead of holding the immaculate concept that the earth might transcend environmental problems, they are pulled into following this or that doomsday scenario.

Can you perhaps sense that if everything is consciousness and if everything on earth is affected by the consciousness of humankind, then focusing your attention on a doomsday scenario – or on some theory that presents environmental problems as having no solution – will not help heal the Earth Mother? On the contrary, when you focus on a doomsday scenario – or when you see some physical condition as setting an absolute limit for the changes that could potentially occur – then you are actually allowing your mind to become a tool for either upholding current environmental problems or even making them worse.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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