18. A deeper understanding of the four elements

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

When you take a look at elemental beings, you see that they are organized into a hierarchy. Even though I have said that the fire elementals are associated with certain phenomena that relate to physical fire, you need to be careful not to form too linear of an image. What you actually see – when you take a closer look and think about this more deeply – is that fire is not only a matter of the physical, visible fire. It is also the very basic process of energy becoming matter, or rather taking on the form of matter.

You will see, for example, that the most powerful form of fire known to science is that of nuclear processes, such as what takes place in a nuclear reactor or in the sun. The sun, as we have said, is truly the open door for bringing energies from the spiritual realm into the physical vibrational spectrum for this solar system. Therefore, you also see that fire represents the first step in the process, whereby spiritual energy is lowered into the vibrational spectrum of matter.

Fire, if you look at the physical fire, represents something that etherializes physical matter. For example, if you burn a piece of wood in your fireplace, you will see that the flame, so to speak, disintegrates the physical matter of the wood, until there is only a small amount of ashes left. We might, however, also say that fire actually accelerates the vibration of the physical matter, whereby the molecules and atoms that make up the wood are actually freed from the matrix that has kept them trapped in manifesting a block of wood. They are now set free, and the fact that they become invisible actually indicates that they are accelerated into a higher state of vibration, where they are not visible to your physical eyes. Thus, the basic substance of matter that made up the wood is now set free to be organized into another matrix and bring forth a different form.

So by the very fact that fire accelerates what is already physical matter to a higher state, you can see that the reverse is also true; that the fire element brings energies from a higher level closer to the physical vibrational spectrum. And thus, the fire element and the fire elementals represent the first step in materialization.

Thus, it becomes clear that the fire elementals are at the top of the hierarchy formed by elemental beings. After they bring the spiritual energies into the material vibrational spectrum, these energies can then be passed on to the air elementals. And again, of course, you see that air is also a very fluid substance, although not as fluid as fire. Fire does disintegrate matter, air does not, but air can indeed fuel the fire. And thereby, you again see that air is the element that is closest in vibration to the element of fire.

So the air elementals then take the energies and step them down even further, until they can be passed into the element of the emotions, or the water element. Again, you see that water is denser than air, although still quite fluid. And so, it becomes obvious that the final step is where the water elementals, the elementals of the water element, take the energies and step them down into the physical vibrational spectrum, where they can form what you normally call solid matter—but which, of course, is solid only to your senses. The elemental beings, the earth elementals, do not see matter as solid at all. For they do indeed know that it is a manifestation of consciousness, namely their own consciousness that has taken on the form of matter.


Why is it important for you to understand this process? Well, for one thing, it is important, if you are to be one of the forerunners for healing Mother Earth. For as we have explained, the key to healing Mother Earth is to change the way that human beings look at Mother Earth and their own relationship to the planet. We have talked about the fact that the illusion of separation has caused people to look at the planet as a separate entity – or even as a mechanical kind of device – upon which they live. And for there to be a real change, it is absolutely necessary that human beings begin to see a connection between themselves and Mother Earth. How can this change in awareness take place? Well, you clearly experience yourself as a self-aware being that has consciousness. So if you conceive of the earth as a dead, almost mechanical, device that has no consciousness, how can you possibly see a connection between yourself and the earth?

So the only way out is that you expand your awareness, so you realize that everything is an expression of consciousness. And therefore, Mother Earth is also—not only an expression of consciousness but is in fact such a sophisticated and complex matrix that it has a consciousness as a unified whole. You can then begin to see that if Mother Earth has a consciousness, then you as a conscious being can possibly relate to Mother Earth by raising your consciousness and tuning it in to the consciousness of the earth as a whole.

You can even, then, take the next step of realizing that you are not a separate being with consciousness living on the greater being of Mother Earth with consciousness. In fact, you are living within the consciousness of Mother Earth. Your individual consciousness exists within the greater whole of the consciousness of the earth.

You are, of course, a self-aware being, which means that you are not an unaware part of the whole, as for example the elemental beings who do not have self-awareness. You clearly have an awareness of yourself as an individual being, but as you are willing to raise your awareness – and realize that you are not a separate being but an expression of a larger whole, namely your I AM Presence – then you can also come to experience a direct connection between your own individual awareness and the awareness of the Earth Mother.

There are already millions of people on the planet who have started to see beyond their individual awareness as a separate being and have attained some greater connection with the earth or with nature. Many people, for example, have a strong sense of connection with a pet, such as a dog, or a cat or a horse. This is just one example of how people can begin to attune their consciousness to elements within the larger consciousness of the Earth Mother.

There are also many people who have an inherent sense for how to grow plants or even crops on a farm. They have an intuitive sense for the cycles of nature, of weather patterns, of how their plants are doing and what they need in order to grow better. The same, of course, with raising animals on a larger scale than your individual pets, where many people again have a deep intuitive sense of how to do this. There are also other people who have a connection to nature in a larger sense, so that they understand how to be fishermen or hunters or how to predict weather patterns. All of these things show how many, many people have already developed a connection to the physical planet.

And what I am saying here is that if these people could take that connection and build upon it, they could very quickly develop a much stronger sense of connection to the earth and the Earth Mother. In fact, for anyone who has a sense of connection with nature or with animals, it will not be that difficult to raise their awareness until they start having a sense of connection with elemental beings. And once you begin to have a sense of connection to the nature spirits, then you will really be able to break down this fundamental barrier between human beings and Mother Earth, between man and nature.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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