02. You are consciousness looking at itself

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

I am sure you have heard the saying that history repeats itself. The background for this saying is that we of the Ascended Host use various cycles to present humankind with essentially the same lesson in different disguises. Every time we present this lesson, some among humankind learn the lesson they are meant to learn, while the majority usually does not learn the lesson. And that is precisely why the lesson is then repeated at a future time in a different context.

So with this in mind, take a look at medieval society. The ruling paradigm was the doctrines of the Catholic Church. If you looked at society from an official perspective, there was no alternative allowed. You could be severely persecuted, even tortured and burned at the stake, for questioning Catholic doctrine. Nevertheless, you also know today that there was an underground movement of people who did indeed dare to question Catholic doctrine. They existed in certain secret societies and they existed in the form of the early scientists that had begun to actually investigate the heavens.

Now look at the society you live in today. There is again, at least in many areas of society, an official paradigm, namely scientific materialism. This paradigm says that there is nothing beyond the material world, and therefore all beliefs in some kind of spiritual reality are simply superstitions that are created by the processes in the physical brain. Yet even today you also see a kind of underground movement of many people who are daring to question this official paradigm. Fortunately, the punishment for questioning the official paradigm is not as severe as it was during the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, it still requires some courage – especially for people who hold any kind of position in society – to question that paradigm.

Yet you will see that even though many scientists are not willing to officially question materialism, there are scientists who have for decades been conducting research that clearly points beyond the materialistic paradigm. So let us take a look at some of the findings they have come up with.


If you go back to the 1800s, you will see that science had a clearly dualistic view of the world. The world was made of two separate elements, namely matter and energy. They could interact in various ways, but one could not be converted into the other. You will notice that this is very similar to the monotheistic view of two separate compartments, namely heaven and earth.

Then, in 1905, Albert Einstein created the first serious challenge to this dualistic worldview. His Theory of Relativity essentially says that matter does not exist, because everything is made from energy. What most people have not understood is that, beginning in 1905, the official materialistic paradigm has essentially been shattered.

This, again, is very similar to what you saw in the Middle Ages. When Galileo, Copernicus and Kepler started publicizing their findings that the earth could not be the center of the universe, the official Catholic paradigm was effectively shattered. Yet because so many people would not abandon the Catholic faith, the church still survived and maintained a grip on society for a long time after these initial discoveries. And of course, even today the Church has a strong hold of the minds of millions of people around the world.

Nevertheless, can you see that when Albert Einstein published his simple formula e=mc2, then materialism began to crumble? The reason why this happened is that Einstein proved that matter is simply a construct of the human mind and the human senses. The dualistic paradigm of a division between matter and energy is clearly born from the physical senses, which are designed to detect only the energy vibrations that make up physical matter. And thus, to the senses matter seems real. However, there is a reason for this.

As a simple example, you might have seen movies of an airplane propeller, which seen from a certain distance seems to spin so quickly that it forms a solid disc. Yet if you take the movie and slow it down, then you become able to see the movements of the individual propeller blades, and then your eyes can see that there is indeed space between the blades. And so, it is simply a rotating propeller and not a solid disc.

This is the same way your physical senses work. Your senses are designed to detect energy vibrations that vibrate within a certain spectrum of frequencies. Yet your senses are not designed to detect the individual movements, the individual energy waves. Your senses are designed to provide you with the bigger picture, that shows you the forms made up by these individual vibrations.

Thus, when you look at your physical body, you cannot see that your body is made up of smaller units, called cells. Neither can you see that the cells are made up of smaller units, called molecules. And you cannot see that the molecules are made up of atoms or that the atoms are made up of subatomic particles.

So you see, your senses show you a picture of the material world that is focused on the kind of vibrations that make up physical matter. And your senses are not able to see beyond that level of reality. Yet science has undeniably proven that there is a level beyond what your senses can detect, and that this level is completely real. Science has proven the existence of cells, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles.

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