04. Understanding how the earth was created

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

It may seem as if what I am advocating here is a worldview that is similar to the one presented by most religions for thousands of years on this planet. This, however, is not the case. If you look at especially Western Christianity, you will see that this religion is based – as is all of the so-called great monotheistic religions – on a fundamentally dualistic worldview. Christianity makes it clear that the world can be divided into two separate and distinct spheres, namely  the material world and the heaven world. Christianity also makes it clear, that there is an impenetrable barrier between the two worlds, so that only people who live up to certain conditions will be allowed to enter the kingdom of God.

Although it is not my intention here to go into a deeper description about the shortcomings of this dualistic worldview, I will point out a very simple reality. The dualistic worldview presented by the Christian religion – in the name of Christ – is in direct opposition to the non-dualistic worldview presented by Jesus himself. Jesus did not say that there was an impenetrable barrier between the heaven world and the world in which you live. Jesus was killed by the orthodox religious people of his time, precisely because he challenged the worldview that says there is a barrier—and therefore you can enter the kingdom of heaven only by living up to certain conditions defined by an external religious authority on earth.

If you look at monotheistic religions, and even many other religions in the world, you will see a distinct pattern. They all present the view that you are separated from God by an impenetrable barrier, a barrier that you cannot go through on your own power. Yet there is a way for you to get through this pearly gate into the kingdom of heaven, but only if you blindly follow the leaders of the external religion. This is the view that Jesus challenged, when he said that the kingdom of God is at hand and that the kingdom of God is within you. Do you see that in this foundational statement – often overlooked ignored or interpreted away by Christian preachers – Jesus challenged the dualistic worldview?

Instead, he said that there is no fundamental barrier between you and God’s kingdom, because the only real barrier is found in your own consciousness. It is possible for you to enter the kingdom of heaven by going within yourself and doing what Jesus told all people to do, namely to stop looking at the splinter in the eyes of their brothers and instead look for the beam in their own eye.

Can you begin to sense that this is not a dualistic worldview? What Jesus gave was a view which says that you are not separated from God’s kingdom by any external barrier. In fact, you are not separated from God’s kingdom at all, for did not Jesus say “I and my father are one?” So you see, what orthodox Christianity has done is essentially the same that the priests of the materialistic religion are attempting to do today, namely to say that you are confined to the material universe and that your mind does not have the power to go beyond the material universe on its own.

The religious authorities said that you have no ability to know truth on your own, and therefore you should blindly believe in their doctrines. And the priests of materialism are likewise saying that you cannot know truth on your own, and therefore you should blindly follow their doctrines—which they claim are not doctrines but are based on the undeniable, indisputable and objective findings of science. Yet it is not objective to look at the world through a materialistic instrument – and fail to see anything beyond the material world – and then interpret this as proof that there is nothing beyond the material realm. This is not objective science. This is a political interpretation that is no different in nature than many of the doctrines constructed by medieval Catholic theologians in order to control the minds of the people.

Do you see that if you look at world history, there has always been a small elite who has been seeking to control the population? And the most effective way to control the population is not through physical force but through mental force—by controlling people’s minds and thinking. And thus, this power elite has always been seeking to force people to limit their imagination, to limit their thinking – their reasoning, their intuition – to the mental box defined by the system constructed by the elite, be it a religious, a political or a scientific-materialistic system.


Now, I am not hereby trying to say that all of the people who are advocating a particular system as the ultimate source of truth have an evil intent, or even that they are knowingly seeking to control the thinking of the people. Many of these people are indeed well-meaning, but they do not understand that they are being used by a small elite who is intent on controlling every aspect of life on this planet. And thus, it is understandable that many scientists will balk at what I am saying here and will indeed deny that they are in any way seeking to control people’s thinking. Yet, the deeper reality here is that being well-meaning is not the same as being aware of what one is doing in a larger context.

There is an event horizon, an observation horizon, beyond which you cannot see. But there is also a psychological equivalent of this observation horizon, which is the fact that there are certain things people are not willing to see, even though they might be capable of seeing it—either with their physical eyes or with the deeper senses of the mind itself.

You will see, for example, that medieval Catholic leaders were fully capable of looking through a telescope and observing the movements of the stars in the sky, the very same movements observed by Galileo, Kepler and other early astronomers. Yet they were not willing to see that these findings invalidated the Catholic doctrine that the earth was the center of the universe and therefore the earth was extremely important to God and to God’s plan for the universe.

Likewise, you will see that there are scientists – or scientifically minded people – who are not willing to look beyond the observation horizon defined by the materialistic paradigm. They are not willing to look at the findings of quantum physics and realize and acknowledge that these findings have proven that there is indeed something beyond the material universe. And therefore, the fundamental doctrine of materialism has  been disproven as effectively as the fundamental Catholic doctrine about the earth being the center of the universe.

This, then, brings us to a dividing line. I need you to start considering whether your upbringing has imposed an observation horizon upon your mind, beyond which you are reluctant to venture. Is it possible that as you grew up in whatever society and culture you encountered, your mind has been programmed to take certain things for granted and consider them to be such self-evident truths that there is no reason to question them, no reason to look beyond them?

Why is it so essential for you to consider this idea? I have said from the very beginning that this book is aimed at those who have the potential to awaken and become part of the solution, part of the people who will bring humanity to a new and higher level of awareness—that will then allow humanity to transcend some of the physical limitations and problems that you currently see on Mother Earth. Yet what is the basis for you becoming one of these forerunners? How can you help humankind transcend the old level of consciousness, if you have not yourself transcended that level of consciousness first? And how can anyone transcend a certain level of consciousness without going beyond the observation horizon, the mental box, defined by the old level of consciousness?

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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