08a. Understanding will and power (2)

Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

I am indeed the Master M, the Master El Morya, the Master MORE—for MORE I AM. Whatever you think of me, I am more than that.

If you have known me in decades past, I am now more, for I have transcended myself many times. If you have known me 10 seconds ago, I am now more, for I have transcended myself in the past 10 seconds. Thus, by the time I am done giving this discourse, I will have transcended myself at least 144 times, corresponding to the 144 different levels of consciousness that are possible in the material frequency spectrum.

And thus, if you want to have the full understanding of the discourse I will give, then you also need to transcend yourself 144 times as you study this discourse – perhaps many times – and therefore absorb the full meaning. This is, of course, not limited to my discourses but to the discourses of any ascended master. There are always many different levels of consciousness, and only those students who are willing to open their minds to an understanding that goes beyond their present level, will gain the full understanding of any discourse we give.

This is not to say that you can instantly understand all of the 144 levels of a discourse. You are currently at a present level of consciousness, and if we say that that level of consciousness represents level I, then obviously you will not be able to understand, instantly, the level that represents the 144th level of consciousness.

Nevertheless, what you need to focus on is to understand the level that is above your current level of consciousness. For that is how you grow, and once you have grasped that level, then you reach for the next. And so forth and so on, until you do indeed go around the entire wheel that has 144 facets, 144 sides. And then, when you have seen a particular problem, a particular issue, from 144 different perspectives, well then, my beloved, you can claim to have the full and complete understanding of that topic.


So this might be my opening words here. For one of the major blockages that prevents the solution to virtually any problem on earth, including the problems related to the environment, is precisely that fools rush in where angels fear to enter. Human beings rush in with snap judgments, with limited knowledge—that they think is full knowledge. And therefore, they throw themselves with great enthusiasm at solving problems that they have not even begun to understand.

And therefore, most of the solutions they can see will only make the problem worse, or will create other problems that will mushroom into other problems—until you have a society that is so burdened by problems that it seems like there is no way out. There is nothing you can do, and thus the civilization goes into a downward spiral, where everything gets more and more chaotic, more and more disorganized—until the civilization perfectly outpictures the second law of thermodynamics. Because the internal friction of that civilization has broken down the civilization, until there is no order left.

So it should be obvious that this discourse that I give – as the discourses given by Mother Mary before me and as those that will be given by other chohans after me – have only one purpose. And that is to expand the understanding of those who have open minds and hearts, those who are open to realizing that there could be more to understand about a particular issue than what they currently know and see.

Progress in human affairs has never – ever – occurred or been promoted by those who think they know everything. If you think you know it all, how could you possibly be open to learning something new? And if you are not open to learning something new, how could you possibly be in touch with the underlying purpose of all creation? Mother Mary has already explained that purpose: it is the growth in self-awareness.

Yet what exactly does it mean to grow in self-awareness? Ah, here is a topic that few people have ever even considered. For of course, it is not part of the common discourse in current Western civilization.

And why is it not part of the common discourse, my beloved? Well, it is indeed because Western civilization has become a battleground for people who think they know everything. And therefore, they seek to promote their self-elevated systems, that they think can define life and can answer all of the questions that one should ask about life.

Such has been the fate of the Christian religion, which at a very early stage in its history became hijacked by those who wanted to use that religion – and who will use anything – in order to gain power over the people. Thus, the Christian religion became a tool for controlling the thinking of the people, as can be seen by anyone who is willing to study the history of the Middle Ages.

Then, suddenly, a new trend began to emerge, a new movement in human thought. There were those who dared to say, “Well, why can we not ask the questions that go beyond church doctrine, why are we not allowed to consider certain aspects of life? Why can we not look at the movements of the stars in the heavens and then draw the conclusion that they contradict the Catholic doctrine that the earth is the center of the universe? If the earth, truly, is not the center of the universe, what meaning does it have to say that because of a certain church doctrine, we are not allowed to ask the question of how the universe really functions?”

And so, you see, for a time science – which was indeed sponsored by the ascended masters – became the movement for opening the minds and hearts of human beings. Yet as it happened with Christianity, it also happened with science. Gradually, those whose desire is to control the population, to control people’s thinking, started influencing science. And soon you saw the emergence of a concept called scientific materialism, which is as restrictive for human thought and for human curiosity as was the Catholic doctrine of the Middle Ages.

As a scientist today, you may not be pulled before the Inquisition and tortured on a rack or burned at the stake, but there are certainly many barriers that prevent scientists from, at least openly, addressing or discussing questions that go beyond the prevailing materialistic doctrine. Scientists have, as Mother Mary has eloquently explained, discovered an undeniable link between the basic level of matter and the consciousness of human beings. Yet so far, too few scientists – or even philosophers for that matter – have been willing to ask the logical questions that follow from this discovery.

My point is simply this. Do you want to become one of the forerunners for changing the current conditions that are threatening to destroy the body of the Earth Mother? If you do, then my question is, “Are you willing to think beyond the mental box in which you have grown up?”

Are you willing to truly ask the questions that both church, and state, and science tell you you are not allowed to ask or that you do not need to ask? If you are, then you can benefit much from these discourses. For of course, as I have said, each issue, each problem, can be understood from 144 different perspectives. And only when you see it from 144 different perspectives do you have that full, spherical understanding of the topic.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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