00. Introduction to Healing Mother Earth

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

This book is not for everyone.

This book is released as a gift to those people who have been willing to at least contemplate the old saying that “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” This book is especially for people who have also been willing to contemplate the saying that “You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem.”

Once you ascend to the level of awareness, where you begin to realize that all problems seen on earth are the products of a certain state of consciousness, you can then begin to at least glimpse the fact that in order for humankind to find viable solutions to its many problems, there must be a willingness to reach for a higher level of consciousness than the level that precipitated the current problems.

Certainly, there are many people who would instantly object to what I am implying here. They would instantly object to the mere hint that the problems you see on earth could be created by a state of consciousness—for they have been brought up in a thought system which denies the role of consciousness. This might be a religious system, which says that the earth, in its current form, was created by God, and thus it is beyond the powers of man to influence the conditions you see in nature or even on a planetary scale. It may also be people who have been brought up in a materialistic thought system, which says that consciousness is a product of matter, the matter in the brain. And therefore, consciousness does not have the power to influence the matter that is its cause.

So can you begin to see, that this book is not for people who are stuck in the mental box created by traditional religions, nor is it for people who are stuck in the mental box created by materialism? This book is specifically for people who have at least begun to realize that there must be something more to understand about life than what has been defined in either of these mental boxes. And thus, they have begun to realize that in order for humankind to solve the serious problems you see on earth – in anything from natural disasters to environmental problems, to problems in society – well then there must be a new approach.

For these people have begun to realize that the approaches that have been taken so far to these serious problems, have not brought forth a solution. And thus, these people have either already realized – or could very quickly realize – that the only explanation for the fact that no solution has been found must be that human beings have not taken the right approach to these problems.

If human beings are trying to solve a problem from the state of consciousness that precipitated the problem, then is it not obvious why no solution has been forthcoming? And thus, if a solution is to be found, there must be those people who are willing to reach beyond the mental box that precipitated the problem. It is precisely for people who have ascended to this level of awareness and self-awareness that this book is given.


Who then is the “I” that is speaking? I am a spiritual being, I am an ascended being. I reside in a realm of energy frequencies that vibrates far beyond the level of what you experience through your physical senses. I am speaking this book through a messenger who has been specifically trained to raise his consciousness and attune it to the higher frequencies in which I reside. Thus, I can use his mind and vocal cords as an open door for bringing forth this message.

If you are open to the existence of spiritual beings and if you are open to the possibility that we can bring forth messages in various ways, then this book is for you. If you are not open to this possibility, then this book has nothing to offer you, as I will not in any way seek to justify or even explain my existence.

It is not my intention with this book to argue for or against certain viewpoints brought forth by the dominant thought systems of the Western world, namely mainstream Christianity and scientific materialism. My purpose for this book is not to present an argument but to present truth that can enlighten those who have already opened their minds to a higher understanding than what has been given in the traditional thought systems. If you are not among these people, simply go in peace, as I am in no way seeking to imply that there is anything wrong with you being in your current state of consciousness.

The simple reality is that the Word must stand on its own. The Living Word that I give in this book will either resonate with something within you or it will not. If it does resonate with something within your own being, then you will recognize the vibration of truth in the Word I am giving you. If it does not resonate with something in your own being, then you will not recognize it as truth, and you will therefore begin to argue against it with your outer mind. If you desire to engage in this exercise, I respectfully bow to your free will. Yet, I will not in any way seek to cater to those who wish to argue, rather than seeking to know.

Truth is beyond human argumentation—for one simple reason. Those who argue do so because their minds are trapped in a certain mental box. This mental box gives them a certain view, a certain perception, of the world. They believe that their view, that their perception, of the world is either the highest possible one or the only true one. And thus, they are seeking to impose and project their view upon other human beings. They also feel threatened by people who will not agree with their view, and thus they might engage in various uses of force in order to get other people to conform. This is indeed what has created all of the religious or political struggles seen throughout history: One group of people feeling justified in seeking to impose their views upon others, even if it entails using violence or other kinds of force.

I am an ascended being, which means I am above and beyond this dualistic struggle for security. I have security in knowing who I AM, in having attained oneness with the reality that is beyond the mental boxes of human beings.

There are many people on earth, in fact millions of people on earth, who are also at the level – or close to the level – where they realize, that there is a reality beyond the mental boxes defined by human beings, even those defined by the major thought systems of this world. These are the people who have begun to tune in – in their own hearts – to that higher reality. They may have different ways of looking at or defining this higher reality, but they all have one thing in common. They have at least glimpsed that this higher reality is made up of vibrations that are beyond anything in the material world. And thus, they have a frame of reference based on vibration itself, and this is what enables them to tune in to and acknowledge the vibration of truth in my words.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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