14. What it truly means to be free

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and I come to speak to you on the seventh ray of God Freedom. My beloved, there is scarcely a concept on earth that is more misunderstood than freedom. Freedom, truly, is the essential gift, given by the Creator to each self-aware extension of itself. Freedom is opportunity to transcend the self one has—in any way that the self one has can imagine and conceive of.

It is therefore essential for you to understand that neither the Creator nor any of the representatives of the light and the mind of Christ would ever do anything to limit or restrict your knowledge, your understanding, your vision or your imagination. God has given you a sense of self, and God has given you complete freedom as to what to do with that sense of self here in the material realm.

The purpose for which the sense of self that you are was projected into this realm by your I Will Be Presence is, as we have explained, the expansion of the self-awareness of the Presence. Yet the Conscious You has its own free will, so that it can respond to the conditions it encounters in the material world, based on its current sense of self.

You can therefore, as we have explained, either expand that sense of self beyond the 48th level, or you can constrict it beneath the 48th level of awareness. As you go higher from the 48th level, you will gradually begin to feel more and more free. And as you reach the two-thirds mark towards the 144th level, you come to a distinctive turning point. This is the point, where you now fully embody and understand the seventh ray of freedom. Which means that you are now beyond the point, where you would ever even conceive of restricting the freedom of another human being.

In contrast to this, of course, you see that as you go below the 48th level, you will inevitably feel a compulsory need to restrict the freedom of other people. You will, therefore, be easily ensnared by what Nada has described as the fallen beings who have defined an ultimate cause, a cause that requires the killing of a specific group of human beings.

All of the people who are below the 48th level of awareness are trapped in some form of this epic struggle, feeling that their hatred of another group – even their acts of animosity or hostility towards that group – are justified by God, because of the epic struggle that portrays these other people as the enemies of God. And thus, the epic struggle defines that those who are on the side of God, have it as their sacred duty to oppose or even destroy those who are the enemies of God.


Yet even those who rise above the 48th level, can be seduced by a milder version of this philosophy, a more deceptive, a more serpentine, version of this philosophy. Those who are above the 48th level, are not as easily seduced into actual acts of violence. Nevertheless, they can still be seduced into seeing another group of people as the problem or the enemy, and therefore taking non-violent or non-hostile means to restrict the freedom of that group.

We might say, for the sake of an overall perspective, that while you are below the 48th level of awareness, you have no problem using physical violence to restrict the freedom of others. As you go above the 48th level, you become reluctant to use physical violence, but you are still willing to use non-violent means, even psychic means, in order to restrict the freedom of others. You are willing to project certain thoughtforms and certain emotional matrixes into the minds of other people, in order to restrict the freedom of their imagination. And you are willing to either restrict their knowledge and understanding or to seek to use psychic force in order to get people to accept and conform to what you still consider to be the superior belief system.

It is only when you begin to approach the 96th level of awareness, that you become able to question this use of force, this use of psychic force. It is only then that you begin to realize, that it is never your sacred duty to restrict the freedom of any other human being. Neither is it ever justified by some ultimate cause to restrict the freedom of any other human being. And certainly, it is never mandated by God that you should use the unconditional freedom that God has given you, in an attempt to restrict the unconditional freedom that God has given to all other self-aware beings.

We might therefore say, that as you approach and reach the 96th level of awareness, you finally attain your personal freedom from the entire consciousness that seeks to use force. And as you attain your personal freedom, you become able to also set all other people free.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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