24. Discerning between dualistic and non-dualistic wisdom

Ascended Master Lanto through Kim Michaels.

Lanto I am. It is my aim with this discourse to speak to those who sense that their being, their present state of consciousness, resonates with the second ray of God’s wisdom. In my previous discourse, I attempted to give you a different view of wisdom, a view that there is something beyond what is called conventional wisdom in this world. There is a transcendental form of wisdom, that goes beyond what has been called wisdom, but which is truly only one polarity in the ongoing dualistic game.

So you will, of course – when you look at world history – see that this planet has been a battleground for ideas. Competing thought systems have been raised up to prominence in various civilizations and societies. But can you take what has been given earlier and transfer this to the world of ideas and philosophies? Can you see how, at any given time in history, there is an established power elite and that power elite is using a particular thought system to uphold or even extend its power. In many cases, it was this thought system that allowed the established elite to gain power.

And then, in many eras of history, there has also been one or even several aspiring power elites who are seeking to bring forth a new thought system that can become an alternative to the old. Yet they are not doing this because they think the new thought system has a higher truth than the old. They are doing it simply because it is different from the old, and therefore they believe it can allow them to overthrow the established power elite and put themselves up in the same position of dominance in society.

Can you see, that there have been a number of instances in the world, where an old established thought system has reached the limit for what it can do in terms of providing a vehicle, a foundation, for progress? Look, for example, at the Middle Ages and the thought system created by the Catholic Church. There was a point, where it became more and more obvious, more and more self-evident, to people that the Catholic doctrines could not give satisfactory explanations to some of the questions they had about life. We might say that the Catholic thought system lost its explanatory power, because people had now become able and willing to ask and consider questions that the Catholic thought system could neither explain nor suppress.

For centuries the Catholic thought system had managed to cause a lot of people to suppress certain questions that could not be explained by doctrine. But there came a point, when more and more people were not willing to do this; they were not willing to ignore, or suppress, or deny their curiosity. They wanted answers, and they became willing to look beyond the Catholic doctrines in order to find such answers.

Yet can you see, that this was not a unique case? The reality is that the same will happen, the same pattern will be repeated, for every thought system. You can go back throughout history and see how a particular thought system, idea or philosophy might have gained prominence in a particular culture or society. And for a time, it was truly dominating the thought world of that society, yet there eventually came a point, when it could no longer answer people’s questions. And therefore, people started looking beyond it. And if the thought system could not adapt to this, then it was eventually replaced by another thought system.

You saw this happen with how the Catholic thought system was replaced by a more scientifically based thought system. But can you perhaps begin to see – given that you are a spiritual person open to this book – that the scientifically-based materialistic thought system has now also reached the end of its usefulness? It has reached the limits of its explanatory power. Within the last several decades more and more people have awakened to the reality, to the realization, that the materialistic thought system is not much better at answering their questions than the medieval Catholic thought system. And thus, they have started asking the kind of questions that go beyond both thought systems. And this, of course, is indeed why we have brought forth this book: precisely to give answers that go beyond both thought systems.

Can you see, that if you are to be one of the forerunners for healing Mother Earth, you need to transcend both of the thought systems that have so far dominated the debate in Western society, and have therefore also had an influence on the environmental debate? If you go in and seek to reinforce or expand the dominance of one of these thought systems, then you will not truly help heal Mother Earth. You will only help perpetuate the dualistic struggle.


Yet, while I trust you can begin to see this, I would like to take this to an even deeper level. For you see, when you truly begin to understand the duality consciousness, you realize that the fallen beings have not only distorted the debate by setting up two competing thought systems. For there is, indeed, an even deeper level, where the two competing thought systems are actually expressions of the same underlying approach to life, the same underlying view, the same underlying basic philosophy.

There is a concept that some people are aware of, which is called the privilege of formulating the problem. The idea is that if you can take a particular issue, a particular area that is up for debate, and if you can capture the privilege of formulating what the problem is, then you can control the debate and its outcome. For if you manage to establish the parameters that control the debate, and if you can manage to guide the debate into staying within those parameters, then you will have some degree of control over the outcome of the debate.

And this is, of course, what the fallen beings have attempted to do for a very long time. They have attempted to control the debate in such a way, that there are always two competing thought systems. And thus, it seems like people have to choose one over the other. And this, of course, obscures the deeper reality that both of the competing thought systems are expressions of the duality consciousness and the illusion of separation. And therefore, truth or reality is not found in either thought system, even though both of them claim to have the absolute truth or an infallible authority. As long as people are focused on the debate between these two competing systems, they are not free in their minds to look beyond the systems and transcend the dualistic polarities.

Can you see, of course, how you would not be one of the forerunners for healing Mother Earth unless you do indeed step back and transcend the entire debate between the dualistic opposites of traditional Christianity and materialistic science? You must even go beyond the political philosophies, such as Marxism or capitalism. For truly, neither Marxism or Communism nor capitalism will help the environment. As you can clearly see that the Soviet Union had less regard for environmental issues than the capitalist West, although the capitalist West, of course, also had very little regard for these issues. It was, in fact, as we have explained, political motives that dominated the environmental debate in the West.

So what is the solution, what is the way to transcend? Well, it is to open your mind to the possibility that this world has been dominated for a long time by the very mindset of the fallen beings. You will truly begin to lock in to this reality only after you begin to experience what we have called the Conscious You, that is pure awareness. When you have this experience of pure awareness, of being conscious without being conscious of any particular thoughts, then you will know that there is an alternative to the kind of wisdom, so to speak, that is expressed in thought systems. This is a nonlinear, spherical form of wisdom that is difficult, even in some ways impossible, to express in words. Yet it is something you can experience directly. And when you have this direct experience of what Jesus called the Spirit of Truth, then you will know that you have a frame of reference, whereby you can see, that the dualistic thought systems are out of touch with the deeper reality that all life is one.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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