26. Accelerating the environmental debate to a new level

Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Kim Michaels.

I am Serapis Bey, and I come to give you the perspective on what you can do to contribute to the environmental debate, if you feel that the fourth ray of purity is the one that most resonates with your current state of consciousness. So what can you, indeed, do? Well, you can realize what is the essence of the fourth ray, namely acceleration.

So, it is not a point to look at the current environmental debate and identify the problems, and then try to solve those problems. The point is to accelerate the entire environmental debate to the level, where there is an entirely new way to look at the problems and to look at potential ways to rise beyond the consciousness that created the problems.

If you reread my previous discourse, you will see that the fourth ray marks a turning point on the path. Students come to the fourth ray only when they have passed through the initiations of the first three rays. And they will pass the initiations of the fourth ray, only when they have found a balance between the three first rays of power, wisdom and love. So in a sense, integration between the first three rays is necessary in order to find this balance. And only when you have balance, will you be able to reach for that something higher that allows you – and that will allow humankind – to accelerate beyond the level of consciousness that has created current environmental problems.

What happens to those that have not found balance between the first three rays is, that they will inevitably go into the perversion of those rays. Thus, they will seek to solve environmental problems based on one, or even more than one, of the perversions of the first three rays. Some will think that the only solution is to use power to overpower those who are the cause of environmental problems. Others will think that it is a matter of using science to find new ways to solve the current problems. And still others will use a perverted form of love to say that it is a matter of turning the clock back to some edenic state, where all the animals ran around, unhindered by man, loving each other. And where even the wolves or the lions ate grass and did not chase other animals.

What you see in all these people is that when there is a lack of balance, they fall right into the age-old dualistic struggle. This struggle is, as we have now explained many times, based on the concept that there is something that is right and something that is wrong—and that you and your thought system have defined the ultimate standard for judging what is right and wrong. People then inevitably become seduced into thinking, that they can use their standard for right and wrong to define who is causing environmental problems. And once you have appointed another group of people as the scapegoat, as the cause, well, then it becomes obvious that the only possible solution is that those other people must stop doing what they are doing that threatens the environment. And if they will not do so voluntarily, well then inevitably it becomes necessary to use some kind of force.

You again go into the age-old struggle of fighting other human beings, seeking to force them. And this has only one effect, namely to perpetuate the struggle, put more and more negative energy upon elemental life and thereby create more and more imbalances in the natural environment.


How can you become a force for accelerating humankind beyond this age-old struggle? Well, you must lock in to what is the essence of the fourth ray, namely that there is something beyond the struggle and something beyond the duality consciousness that has created and that perpetuates the struggle.

This is the essence of the fourth ray. You may call it the ray of purity, as many have done. Yet you will only understand what purity is, when you understand that it cannot be defined by a standard on earth. For any standard that can be set up on earth, will – at the present level of consciousness – become just another dualistic standard for judging other people.

So, what can give you a deeper understanding of the fourth ray? Well, my beloved, my brother, Paul the Venetian, said that his love is for beauty. And indeed, one could take beauty and say that that which is pure is also that which is beautiful. Take, for example, an honest look at the animal species found on earth. You may look at the African savanna and think this represents an example of some unspoiled wilderness that should have been left as it was, untouched by the white man.

Yet is a hippopotamus beautiful? Is a rhinoceros beautiful? Is a crocodile beautiful? Is a wildebeest beautiful? Take an honest look at many of the animal species found on this planet and evaluate them based on your current sense of beauty. You will find, if you are honest, that many of them are not beautiful. You will find that there are many other things in nature that are not beautiful, even according to your current standard of beauty.

For truly, if you take a look, you will see that, of course, beauty can also be perverted and has indeed been perverted, especially by the advertising industry. Nevertheless, if you go beyond this outer, programmed sense of beauty, you will see that most people have an inherent sense of what is beautiful. And this sense is not really easy to define as an outer standard. It is ineffable, transcendental, hard to pin down. But it is an instant intuitive reaction, that you can learn to recognize whenever you view something. If you pay attention, you will find that in your heart you will have an instant sensation of whether this is beautiful or not.

And this sense can be developed, until you have a clear sense of what is pure and impure. For that which is pure, will also be beautiful. For surely, the Elohim could never envision something that was ugly, unbalanced or inharmonious. And so, you see that your intuitive sense is your connection to your I Will Be Presence. Your I Will Be Presence has a desire to express itself in the material world, but it was not the I Will Be Presence of any person that brought forth the many ugly things you currently see on earth, whether you call them natural or man-made.

The I Will Be Presence has a desire to express itself within the framework set by the Elohim and the Chain of Being, going all the way back to the Creator. And when you are in tune with this River of Life, this flowing stream of the Holy Spirit, you will bring forth only what is beautiful, what is harmonious and therefore raises the vibration of the All. When you have some sense of atunement with your I Will Be Presence, you will have that instant sense of whether something is beautiful according to the spherical sense of the Presence, or whether something is out of alignment with this universal sense of beauty, harmony and purity.

If you are willing to develop this sense – this intuitive sense of beauty, of harmony, of purity – then you can become the open door for bringing this element into the environmental debate. And when you realize that that which is not beautiful is not in alignment with the higher vision of the Elohim, then you can become the open door for bringing an impulse into the environmental debate that is sorely missing.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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