23. Helping the Earth Mother without doing anything

Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

Master MORE I AM, and it is my intent for this discourse to give you a brief and concentrated awareness of how you can express your will to improve the environment, your will to heal Mother Earth, in a way that will actually accomplish something in terms of healing the earth. Rather than simply perpetuating the dualistic struggle, and thereby adding to the tension that has caused so many imbalances in the body of the Earth Mother.

As I expressed in my first discourse, the first ray is truly the ray of transcendence, the ray of the desire to be more. Yet it has often been seen as the ray of will and the ray of power. This is, of course, not entirely inaccurate, for how do you become more? Well, you must have a will to become more, and you must be able and willing to express power in order to manifest that more.

Nevertheless, it is essential for you to understand, that what you see on earth is an immense perversion of will and power. The reality is that the will of God is that all life will transcend and become more, until all self-aware beings attain the ultimate level of self-awareness, namely that of the Creator itself. In other words, the Creator wants to raise up all life without putting down any form of life.

I am fully aware that if you have grown up in the West – or if you have been affected by any of the three major monotheistic religions – well, then you have been given an image of God that makes it seem like God does not want to raise up all life. For indeed, the image of God that has been portrayed through Judaism, Christianity and Islam is that God is a judgmental and angry God, who actually seems to want to punish some people by sending them to an eternity of suffering in hell. Yet, as I hinted at in my first discourse, this is indeed an injustice projected upon the true Creator by those who have separated themselves from the Creator, namely the fallen beings.

What you see on planet earth, is that the perversion of power, the abuse of power, comes largely from the fallen beings. They are the ones who are perverting power, for they are the ones who are expressing power in a way that seeks to limit or control the free will of the population.

This abuse of power can, of course, only come from a perverted will. And the perversion of the will is that the fallen beings do not want to raise up all life. They want to raise up only themselves, and they want to put down all other forms of life, so that they can seem to have a higher, more powerful, more privileged position in comparison to those who are below them based on external criteria, such as how many material possessions people have.

So can you see, as Mother Mary has explained, how this has been used also in the environmental debate and the environmental issue? The fallen beings are precisely the ones who have no respect for life. Therefore, they also have no respect for the body of the Earth Mother, for the natural processes or for animal or plant species. The fallen beings are the ones who will come in and rape an entire landscape in order to make a profit. They will bring forth chemicals, such as mercury or DDT, that will spread throughout the environment and even get into the food chain. They are the ones who will use nuclear weapons or other forms of weapons that will have long-ranging effects on the natural environment and the natural balance.


So can you see, that this all starts with a perversion of the will of God? The will of God is to raise up all life, even to raise up matter itself, so that it eventually transcends and reaches that level, where the material universe can become another sphere added to the spiritual realm. And so, when you pervert this will, you are not willing to raise up all life. Yet, what does this mean?

It means there must be a fundamental division. You must have a way to divide, to distinguish, between what is raised up and what is put down. This, then, makes it necessary to have a standard, a dualistic standard with right and wrong. So that those who are right will be raised up and those who are wrong will be put down. And this, of course, is what you see in many areas of society.

Just look at how many people have attempted to enforce such a standard. Look at how many times in history you have seen strong leaders emerge, who are seeking to force a particular standard on society. In many cases such a standard is camouflaged as a particular thought system. It may be a religion, such as the Roman Emperor Constantine who forced Christianity upon the Roman Empire. And the succeeding Christian leaders, who forced Christian dogmas and doctrines upon the minds of all people in medieval European society. It may also be political systems, such as what you saw with Karl Marx, that was taken by Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin and forced upon the Russian people—and then attempted to be forced upon the rest of the world.

Or it may be, of course, scientific materialism, which has been forced upon Western society to the point, where there are people who have attempted to use this philosophy to cause all people in the West to deny their spiritual potential, their potential to be the open doors. For of course, when people are the open doors for the Spirit, well this is indeed the ultimate threat to the fallen beings. And thus, their primary concern is precisely to shut down this threat.

Yet can you also see how there are many subtle ideas, that have been forced upon the collective consciousness through the environmental issue? We have talked about the entire illusion of lack. There was a period some decades ago, when many people were fascinated by a book called “Limits to Growth,” which basically promoted the idea that there was a limit to how much society or civilization can grow. There was a limit to the size of the population, there was a limit to natural resources, there was a limit to just about everything.

And while it is true that there is a certain limit, there is only a limit as long as the majority of the population are at a certain level of consciousness. As we have attempted to explain, when people are below the 48th level of consciousness, they will be confined to physical force, physical power. And thus, they will have to work with what most people today call natural resources. They will have to work with force-based technology. And so, yes there is a limit to the growth of the population and the growth of society. Yet can you see, that this entire concept of limits to growth is based on the fundamental illusion that there is nothing beyond this level of force-based technology?

Can you see, how this idea that there are limits to growth has had a profound impact on the environmental debate and on people’s thinking? And when you then combine it with the concept of materialism – that denies their spiritual potential – you see how this forms almost a Catch-22, almost a perfect mental box, from which many people in the Western world cannot escape.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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