21. Overcoming the illusion that matter has permanence

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

We can – theoretically – begin at either end, but let us begin at the lowest level, namely the earth element. What you see at the level of the earth elementals is that there is currently a very high density and a very high degree of imbalance in the natural environment on earth. This is because the earth elementals are greatly burdened by the negative energy put upon elemental life by human beings. Here is how you need to understand this.

The image I want to give you is that the way you have grown up to look at the material world is a complete illusion. Your senses are telling you that matter is solid, but you know from science that matter is not solid; it is made out of smaller building blocks, called molecules, which are again made out of atoms. And as I have just said, when you look at the atom, you see that most of it is empty space.

So even when you take a rock that appears to be quite dense and solid, you know it is mostly empty space. You may hold it in your hand, and it feels solid to your physical sense of touch. But this is because your physical sense of touch is very much tied to the physical body, and therefore it is attuned to the density of the physical body. And because the physical body is made out of the same basic substance as a rock, it is obvious that to the somewhat solid body, a rock will appear even more solid.


Yet what you need to do in your mind is that you need to begin to see that physical matter is not solid, and it is not permanent. In order to give you a linear image, imagine that the physical matter you see around you is really just a projection of an image, much like the image you see on a movie screen. When you are looking at a movie, you can become so engrossed in the movie, that you think you are actually looking at something real. If you are watching a movie of a sunset, you might forget you are in a movie theater, and you might think you are actually standing on the beach, looking at the sun set in an actual ocean.

Yet when you step back from this immersion experience, you see that the image on the screen is not the real world; it is an image that is simply projected onto the screen. It is not even painted onto the screen as a permanent image, for every second many individual images are projected onto the screen. And when you think about this, you realize that what you see in the material world is not a permanent world. It is a fluid world that is projected onto the screen of life, the screen of the Ma-ter might, and it is projected many, many times every second.

The mechanism that is projecting the image is elemental life, which can be compared to a movie projector. You know, for example, that a movie projector has several elements. The driving force in the projector is the light bulb, and this compares to the stream of energy that comes from the spiritual realm and starts descending through the etheric, mental, emotional and physical levels. These four levels of the material universe compare to the film strip. So now imagine that you have a movie projector that has four film strips, and so the light from the light bulb has to pass through all of the four film strips before it reaches the screen. So you can now see, that instead of just having one image, then you have four images.

This is not too difficult to understand, if you consider that instead of having one film strip you had four of them. It might be easiest to imagine this if you imagine an animated movie, where, for example, you had certain characters that were walking through a particular landscape. So you might imagine that there was one film strip that contains the background, such as mountains or a forest scene. Then you have another film strip on which is painted the nearest environment, such as a village. On the third film strip you might have painted certain animals that are part of the scene, and on the fourth film strip you have painted the actual characters that are part of this particular scene. So you now see that the image that was projected onto the movie screen, was projected through these four film strips.

This image is fruitful, because it shows you something very important. Imagine that the four film strips suddenly started going out of sync. For example, the characters might be acting as if they are on the beach, and therefore the film strip showing the background should show a beach scene. But now imagine that the background moved on and started showing a city scene, when the film strip showing the characters still showed them in their beach outfits.

In other words, there would be a lack of synchronicity between the four levels, the four film strips. So you can now imagine that if there is a lack of synchronicity between the four levels of elemental life, then it is no wonder that you see certain imbalances or a certain chaos or confusion at the physical level. What are the earth elementals to do, if they are slightly out of sync with the water elementals? And what if the water elementals are slightly out of sync with the air elementals and so on?

Now, the other thing, of course, that is important for the movie screen to show the right image is that there is nothing interfering with the light, as it is passing through the air to the movie screen. So you can imagine, for example, that you could have various phenomena that would interfere with this process. You might release so much smoke in the movie theater, that the light rays could not pass through it and reach the film strip in their pure form, but that they were slightly distorted by the smoke. You could also send actual light rays into the beam coming from the movie projector and thereby interfere with the image on the screen. And so, this is, of course, what you see when elemental life is burdened by the disharmonious energies of humankind.

The earth elementals, for example, can be so burdened that they are not able to bring forth a completely healthy wheat field. And therefore, they might bring forth plants that have various diseases or even that have fewer kernels of grain on them. You will also see, for example, that the water elementals might not be able to bring forth sufficient rain to nourish the wheat field. Or the air elementals might be so burdened that they will bring a violent storm that will damage the crop.

You now see that in the current situation on planet earth, you do not have the ideal scenario, where the Elohim can impress a certain thoughtform upon the fire elementals, and then that thoughtform with its creative impulse will be swiftly carried through all four levels and manifest as a physical flower that is exactly like the Elohim envisioned it. What you have instead is that – at each of the four levels of elemental life – you have what we might call interference or static. Instead of getting the pure radio signals, so you can hear the announcer’s voice clearly, you get static so you only hear broken pieces of the message. This, of course, is repeated both at the level of the earth elementals, at the level of the water elementals, at the level of the air elementals and at the level of the fire element.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: Healing Mother Earth.


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