The message of Christ is anti-elitist

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, October 25, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. My contribution to this conference is to give you the perspective on how Christianity has been used by the power elite to further the cause of the power elite.

Many people are ready to see this, although they are not aware that they are ready. But if we looked at what people are aware of, we might as well have abandoned this planet and gone somewhere else. We are the optimists. We are also in a sense realists because we see that even though people are not aware of something at the conscious level, they can become aware. They can be jolted into awareness. This is of course what I attempted to do 2,000 years ago by many of the statements I made that were meant to be shocking, to be provocative.

The genesis of fanaticism

Let us begin by looking at the Bible. Although we do not quote the Bible much and do not encourage you to take it literally, there are of course certain lessons that can be learned there. Let us go to the very beginning of Genesis where it talks about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. As we have said before, this is a symbol for the state that humankind was in before the descent into the consciousness of duality. What was it that caused Adam and Eve to fall, to fall below the innocence of the non-dualistic state of consciousness and fall into the dualistic state of consciousness? Was it not the serpent? Then, what is the serpent a symbol for? In the widest sense, the power elite. As Master MORE and Mother Mary have said, it is not natural, it is not in human nature, for people to create war. When you look at history and see how people have been tricked into going to war and killing each other, it has always happened because they were misled by a power elite, or several power elites that were fighting for ultimate dominion.

The way to understand the serpent in the Garden of Eden is to understand that this was, in its broadest sense, the power elite. We have of course given more specific teachings about the fallen beings, and these teachings are important because you cannot look at the biblical story as it is given right now and understand it. Most Christians have no understanding of what it truly means because they miss those key ingredients. First of all, you need to understand that the Garden of Eden portrayed in Genesis was not a heavenly realm where the supreme God of the universe walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening. It was a symbol for a state of consciousness in which humankind had contact with their spiritual teachers, direct contact with their spiritual teachers, because they were not in duality. Therefore, they had not become as gods, defining what is good and evil.

You also need to understand that there could be no serpent in a heavenly realm. That is one of the most confusing aspects of the Genesis story, and so many people wonder: How could there be a serpent in this Garden of Eden? Did God create the serpent? Where did the serpent come from? Many, many people, not only Christians but anyone who reads the Old Testament, have been confused about this. Of course, we have given the explanation that this was the fallen beings and it was not a higher realm that they were in, but it was a state of consciousness. In a more specific sense, the serpent is a symbol for the dualistic state of consciousness. It is a state of consciousness where you have separated yourself from your source. When you separate yourself from your source, which is your higher self, your I AM Presence, you lose sight of your own basic humanity or spirituality. Therefore, you cannot see it in other people either. This gives rise to the illusion that you are separated from God, separated from other people.

The separation from your source means that you do not have a frame of reference for knowing a truth, a reality that is universal, valid, not individualized, not subjectivized. You might even call it objective. When you lose that frame of reference, you so easily become seduced by the serpentine state of mind into thinking that you can define what is good and evil based on your current state of consciousness. You think that you are capable of defining what is good and evil internally in your current state of consciousness, without having that frame of reference from something that is beyond your state of consciousness.

This is of course what the fallen beings have been doing since they fell or even before, and they have seduced most human beings on earth into believing in this very lie. Not necessarily that many people believe that they themselves are capable of defining good and evil, but they believe that someone on earth, some earthly authority, is capable of defining it, and they are able to recognize it. They are able to recognize that authority.

Christ is the alternative to duality

What did I come to do 2,000 years ago? What is the very essence of what I came to do? It was to show people that there is an alternative to the serpentine state of mind, the dualistic state of consciousness, where you define good and evil and your definition is entirely relative and subjective. You, or at least the authority figure you follow, elevate it to the status of being absolute—absolute truth and objective truth that cannot or should not be gainsaid. I came to free people from this state of consciousness, and I did it in various ways.

One of the ways I did it was to make certain statements that were calculated to shock people out of that serpentine mindset, that serpentine logic, where they could perhaps come to question what they had taken for granted. I also did it through my example, by demonstrating that there is a higher state of consciousness, which we can call the Christ consciousness, or a neutral state of consciousness that allows you to see beyond the serpentine illusions. You can actually see through the serpentine logic, see the cognitive dissonance, the contradictions, the unanswered questions of the serpentine logic. Therefore, you can begin to reach for a frame of reference that is beyond your own mind, but even beyond the serpentine mind and the collective mind of humankind.

This was what I came to offer people: a way out of duality. I offered to set people free, or give them the tools that could set them free, from the serpents who have misled humanity. They are of course the very ones who form the power elite and have formed it in all eras since they first came here. What has actually been lost in the process of creating Christianity, and has remained lost to this day by most Christian churches, is that the essence of my mission was anti-elitist. I was here to set people free from the elite, ultimately of the fallen beings, the real serpents, but also of all who were part of the power elite that had been seduced by the serpents into thinking that they had some special quality that allowed them to be the leaders of the people because they knew better than the people.

There was a clear division in the society that you saw in Judea or Israel at the time. A clear division between those who knew or thought they knew, namely, the religious leaders of various groups, and then the people. It was considered that the people did not know and could not know what was true, that they needed the leaders. This of course is exactly why that power elite (that was there in that society) had me killed when I started to become a threat. How did I become a threat? By offering people that frame of reference where they could find the kingdom of God within them and they themselves could attain that discernment of Christ, that mind of Christ. They could put on the mind of Christ and see through the lies that the elite was using to keep them in bondage. This was the very essence of my mission, and I challenge you to go out there and find a Christian church that preaches that message.

Killing the messenger, then the message

How did that message become lost? First of all, you need to recognize that the fallen beings did to me what they have done to many others who spoke a higher perspective, a higher truth. They killed me. This is characteristic of the power elite. When someone takes a stand for truth or brings forth a higher perspective, they will first attempt to ignore the person and hope that he or she does not gain any followers. If that fails, they will kill that person, thinking, as has indeed happened in many cases, that this will kill that particular threat, it will destroy the threat. They killed me, and they attempted to kill some of my early followers, and then they thought that would take care of the problem.

Over time, gradually, more and more people started following the teachings as they were able to do and as the teachings were presented to them. There emerged a more coherent Christian movement. This then became seen as a threat by the power elite of the Roman Empire. It led to the persecution of the Christians in Rome and elsewhere, where they again attempted to kill the people who were bringing forth an alternative. Then, of course there came that point where some among the power elite realized that it was indeed difficult to kill all of the Christians. They switched their strategy as they have done in many other cases. They used the motto: “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

The fallen beings in the higher octaves used their tool, the emperor Constantine, to suddenly turn Christianity into the state religion of the Roman Empire. This was from the very beginning an entirely political move. In Constantine’s mind, it was his way of trying to reestablish control over the Roman Empire by unifying the people in a religion that he considered could be made more appealing than the old religion and the old gods. But for this purpose he needed of course a religion with a strong God and a strong prophet. Very quickly, there was created this idolatrous version of Christianity that elevated Christianity to promoting the superior God of the universe, the one and only God. Whereas the Romans had many gods for specific areas, here was only one God, although of course he had three aspects, which nobody could really explain.

They also elevated me to being the Son of God. Oh, no, I was not just the Son of God. No, I was created at the same time as the Father. In fact, I was not created. I had always existed because I was of the same substance as the Father. Still in the Nicene Creed that is the basis for the Catholic church, still something that nobody can really explain. You can go out there and look at the explanations that people have come up with. You can see how artificial and intellectual and in fact serpentine they are. The entire purpose was to elevate me to a status that first of all gave the Romans the illusion that I could do for them what the old gods could not do because they were inferior to me.

This was where the collective consciousness was at. You had gods because you wanted them to do something practical for you in your daily life. It was not about raising your consciousness. It was not even about being saved. It was about having a wish-fulfilling God, a kind of Santa Claus, that could come and do what you needed in your everyday life. If you happened to be the emperor of the Roman Empire, then that God could come and solidify your position and slay your enemies and unify your empire under your rule.

What was the effect of this? It was that whereas the early Christian religion had been somewhat diversified, the Catholic church from the very beginning was an entirely elitist institution. It was never, ever about raising the whole, about raising all of the people to a higher state of consciousness. It was always about creating a society that had a very clear division between the ruling elite and all of the people who were just followers. Nay, they were not just followers. They were sinners by nature through the original sin of Adam and Eve. This guilt trip has continued to be reinforced by the Catholic church ever since. I dare you to find a Protestant or other non-Catholic church that actually has thoroughly challenged that guilt trip.

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Elitism is incompatible with democracy

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels, October 25, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master MORE, or as I was known in the past, El Morya. What does Morya stand for? More to You All. So why not just MORE? For MORE I am, and what else could I be dedicated to than becoming MORE myself, and helping all people on earth become MORE? For as Mother Mary said – as Mother MORE said – you come to a point on the path where you connect to that basic humanity, or basic spirituality, the basic identity, the sense that we all came from the same source, and therefore you want to raise up all. You want all to experience what you have experienced, of overcoming all of these limitations that are burdening people, that are keeping them trapped in all of these patterns that they are trapped in, that constantly cause them suffering.

Let us take a look at planet earth, and let us confine ourselves to known history. You go back and you see that there was a time when there were only primitive societies: hunter-gatherers, small groups of agricultural communities here and there. But then, at a certain point, at least in some parts of the world, there emerged what we call a civilization that had a greater level of organization, and a greater level of a centralized command structure, a centralized leadership. As soon as you see the formation of such societies, you also see the formation of an elite. You may have had the beginnings of elites even in the hunter-gatherer cultures, as you can see in some native peoples where they had a leadership structure, but it was not really until you saw these more organized civilizations that you see a very clear division of the population into two classes: a ruling class, and a class that is being ruled, that is following the leaders.

Is an elite necessary?

What is the basis for this formation of an elite? Is it really necessary? Well, if you ask that question of many people in today’s world, they would say: “Yes, it is necessary that there is an elite that rules the majority of the people because the majority of the people cannot rule themselves.” This is what many, many people here in Washington, D.C., both those who are elected representatives and those who work in the bureaucracy, will say: “The people are not capable of ruling themselves.”

Let us examine that statement. Is it true that the people cannot rule themselves? Or do people believe this because for millennia they have been conditioned to believe this? This is the question very rarely, if ever, asked by anybody who is involved with society, or who is a philosopher or writer. The reason this question is not asked is of course that most people have been programmed by this belief. They have been programmed to accept this belief, not only in this lifetime but over many, many lifetimes on this earth where they have lived in societies where there was a ruling elite. There was an elite that had power and that exercised power over the population, therefore there was a power elite. It is not difficult for people to see that there is a power elite today, and that there always was, at least from these more organized societies and forward. There was a power elite ruling the population.

The philosopher king

You go back even to the ancient Greek philosophers, such as Plato, whose ideal was the philosopher king. Well, at Plato’s time, 2,500 years ago or so, it was not necessarily that he was wrong in coming up with this concept. At the time, society was so programmed to think that there had to be an elite that was ruling. The question is: If you have a society where there must be a leader, a supreme leader, would it not be better to have the kind of leader

that Plato described as the philosopher king? The ideal for the philosopher king described by Plato would be that it was a person who had overcome so much of his ego that he was not an egomaniac, he was not a narcissist, but he was actually an intuitive person who had good intentions and had some intuitive attunement with the ascended masters. This was, at Plato’s time, an important ideal to put out there. You can ask ourselves whether it was ever achieved, either before or after Plato, but nevertheless it was important to put out the ideal that there could be a leader who had some higher guidance.

You also saw, in the whole myth that was created around King Arthur, that there was also that ideal of the philosopher king who had pure intentions and had some guidance, whether through Merlin or through his own inner guidance. Of course, this was a myth. There was never – and let me state this unequivocally – there was never a physical King Arthur and a physical Camelot, regardless of what some of our students of previous dispensations like to believe. It was a mythological kingdom. This does not make it any less important because at the time when the myth or the legend of King Arthur was created, society was very different. People did not have the linear, analytical mindset that you have today. It is very difficult for you today to actually understand how people were thinking 1,500 years ago or so because they were much more into symbols. They also did not take the Bible as literally as many people do today. So, raising up this symbol of a king that had some higher purpose than the kings people saw around them was important.

Now, of course the fallen beings are always quick to take any idea and abuse it. They very quickly created the idea that you see through the feudal societies and medieval times of a king that was anointed by God, that was appointed by God, and that was approved of by God’s representatives on earth, namely the Catholic church and its hierarchy. Therefore, you saw that fusion of church and state where the king gained part of his authority from the church, in return for therefore also supporting the church. You can look at these kind of societies, and you can actually ask yourself a relatively simple question, which of course most people out there are not capable of asking. The question is: “Why was it necessary to create this idea that validated the power of the king and the church?” Why was it necessary? The king had the raw force to suppress the population. Why not just create a rule based on raw force?

Power elites always use ideas

This is where you can then begin to help people see that there must be a certain element of the power elite that recognize the limitations of raw force, and therefore always seeks to come up with some kind of idea to support their existence and their power over the population. There are examples of societies that have been ruled by a power elite that based their rule exclusively on power, but they are relatively few, and in most cases they were short-lived. When you actually look back at various civilizations (and you can go back, as an example, to the ancient Egyptians), you see that they also had the idea that the king either was a god or was supported by the gods, was working with the gods, was representing the gods on earth. Thereby, you see that there was always a need to create some kind of idea (a religion, an ideology, a thought system) that makes the population accept that they need an elite. It gives legitimacy and authority to the elite.

Why is it important to recognize this? Because when you recognize that a power elite always, or at least in most cases, supports its existence and power by an idea, you can begin to critically examine the ideas that the power elites of history have used. If you begin by looking back in time, you can see that very few people today would believe that the Roman emperor was a literal god on earth, that he was God in embodiment. Or that some of the Egyptian pharaohs were God in embodiment. Or the Sumerian leaders, or the leaders of the ancient Vedic Indian societies, or other societies in East Asia where you also find this belief that some people are either gods in embodiment, or God’s representatives, are anointed by God, have been given authority from God. You find this over and over and over again. When you see that you do not accept the claims made in these ancient civilizations, how difficult is it then to zoom up through history and see that even today, you look back at medieval times (even as recently as 1500s, 1600s in some areas) and you see that the divine right of kings is not something you accept today in the modern democracies.

Can you not then also take that leap and say: “What are the ideas that the power elite today is using to support its existence?” Can we not then examine those ideas and see: Do they actually make sense? Are they consistent? Or are they an expression of cognitive dissonance? Are they contradictory? Do they make any kind of sense to us, really, or is it just something we have been brought up to accept and never really question?

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Elitism

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Most people are not inherently evil  

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, October 24, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. It is my great joy to open this conference, as I have now opened many of these ascended master conferences. This topic of elitism is in a sense the essential challenge facing earth at least at the present moment. Of course, it has been facing earth for a very, very long time, especially since the fallen beings were allowed to incarnate on this planet. They of course brought with them a certain mindset of clearly seeing themselves as superior to any other beings on earth specifically, but even to any other beings in this unascended sphere.

Naturally, we do not expect the general public to come to accept ascended master teachings or the concept of fallen beings, but it is necessary for you, as ascended master students, to know about this. You simply cannot understand elitism, if you are not aware that there is a certain group of beings in embodiment on earth (and even in the three higher octaves of earth), who have this quintessential elitist attitude. You cannot understand where elitism comes from on earth, unless you know that there are these beings.

Behavior that is not human nature

Now, you will see of course that there is a growing awareness of this even in the public, even in the collective consciousness. There is much talk about sociopaths, narcissists and so on. This is of course something that we have gradually built up over a very long time, by working with the people in the field of psychology, self-help and spirituality to bring forth these concepts. We have been working to get it to a point where these ideas can spread, and people can begin to see that it is necessary to look at human behavior and see that there is a certain type of behavior that just is not human. It is not human. What this can eventually lead to, and which is beginning to break through (at least in the mental realm), is an acceptance that not everything human beings do is human or human nature.

You look at many of the atrocities that have taken place, such as the Holocaust. You will see how there are certain writers, philosophers, psychologists, scientists, even religious people who have taken these events, these atrocities, and they have said: “Oh, this is just human nature.” You even have a formerly quite known religious person, Mother Teresa, who said: “We all have a little Hitler inside of us.” This shows you how these ideas have been spread for a very long time, which says that any human being has the potential to do these evil acts, these atrocious acts.

This is what you need to realize is a complete and utter lie, created by the fallen beings specifically to camouflage themselves. Why? As their primary modus operandi, they do not want to be identified for what and who they are. They do not want human beings to see them for what and who they are. Therefore, they have tried to create this myth that “it’s just human nature to do evil,” that any human being could potentially perform such acts. It is a total and absolute lie. It is not in human nature, it is in fallen nature.

God did not create evil

Of course, nobody was created by God as a fallen being. The implication of the philosophy of religious people, if you look at it in a consistent manner, is that God must have created human nature so that human beings have a propensity for evil. God did not create people (human beings or any other beings) with a propensity for evil. God gave self-aware beings free will and free will implies that they can choose to commit any act that they can imagine. They can also choose to label these acts as good or evil. God has not labelled any acts as good or evil. The concept of good and evil (as we have now explained many, many times through the ideas of duality and the duality consciousness) did not come from God.

God gave you free will. God looks at anything you do in a completely neutral manner. God, the ascended masters, we do not judge in terms of good and evil. Who created the concept of good and evil? The fallen beings did. Why did they do it? Well, partly to manipulate human beings, by defining certain things as good and other things as evil. Once you define for a certain culture or society what is seen as good and evil, what have you done? You have instantly set yourself up as the elite for that society. You are defining what an entire society, an entire civilization, defines as good and evil. Thereby, you can manipulate people in a myriad of ways. You can manipulate them into doing what is defined as good, seeking to avoid what is defined as evil.

What if there is another group of people who are doing what your group defines as evil? Well, in order to prevent some greater evil, you might start thinking it is justified to kill that other group of people. Even though killing is actually in your own definition defined as “evil,” in order to avoid this bigger evil, it is okay for you to do this smaller evil. Suddenly, the fallen beings can manipulate societies into going to war with each other and committing these horrendous atrocities, while somehow thinking that they are doing something “good,” perhaps even something that was approved by God and will earn them entry into heaven and seventy virgins or whatever they see as the Promised Land.

There is no human nature

You see here that talking about “human nature” is a meaningless concept because human nature implies that people are created with a certain nature. They are endowed with this, either by God or by nature and there is nothing you can do about it. The fallen beings want human beings to think that you are either inherently bad, you are sinners by nature, or you have the potential to do evil, the potential that you see in the world. You see my beloved, you do not have a little Hitler inside of you. Hitler had a “little Hitler” inside of him and it became big and did what it did. Only the fallen beings have a Hitler or a Stalin, or a Mao inside of them. Human beings who are not fallen, do not.

Now, many people will object to this and say: “But look: The guards in Auschwitz who pushed people into the gas chambers and poured those pellets down that released the gas, they were committing evil acts.” Yes my beloved, but did they decide to build Auschwitz? Did they come up with the idea for the final solution and decide to implement it? Nay, they did not. They were manipulated into a situation. No excuse for it, it was not right or good what they did but it was not by their own initiative that they did this. It was by the initiative of the fallen beings that they were manipulated into doing this. So yes, the fallen beings can manipulate human beings into doing evil acts, but it is only the fallen beings who are the originators of evil.

This is something that is very, very important, essentially important, for you who are ascended master students to contemplate and make calls on. You have the teaching that allows you to look back throughout human history, even beyond known history, and see how there is this very old programming of making all people on earth feel guilty for the actions of the fallen beings and feel that you could have potentially done something like this. Let me just assure you, my beloved, none of you could have initiated this kind of evil. None of you ever have in any of your embodiments or you would not be open to this teaching.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Elitism

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The stages of the spiritual path 

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Kim Michaels, October 24, 2019.

NOTE This talk was given by Kim Michaels at the conference in Washington, D.C. where the dictations in this book were also delivered. It is included here because Mother Mary refers to it in the first dictation.

Listening to all of you earlier, I realized that we all have, all of us, certain similarities in our paths and how we found the teachings and the masters, and I just wanted to say a few things about that.

I guess we could say, if we want to be very linear and systematic, that there are three stages of the spiritual path. First, you are running away from something, the next stage you are running towards something and the third stage you stop running. You can look at yourselves and see where you are at on that. I think it is not everybody, but many people I have met started the spiritual path because they had some kind of problem. For many it could be a health issue. They started looking into diet and alternative medicine and eventually spirituality as a way to heal a physical problem. It could also be a specific outer problem they had, for many people a lack of money and they got into some kind of teaching with positive mental attitude and how to manifest things. For others, it was a difficult childhood, difficult upbringing, psychological problems or various issues.

What I am saying is that you have a specific problem that you want to get away from and there is nothing wrong with that. I am not trying to say there is anything wrong with this, we all have to start somewhere. I have met many, many people on the spiritual path who had a very difficult childhood and that was one of their prime motivators for why they started looking into something new, something different. In many cases, the church they grew up in did not help them deal with that difficult childhood and maybe even made the problem worse and so, it is a very necessary phase to go through.

What eventually happens to many people is that they find some kind of healing or there is some kind of resolution to the issue so that it’s not so dominant in their consciousness anymore. Then, they move into that next phase where, now instead of getting away from a problem, they see a positive goal. They shift and now they see that the spiritual path offers you a positive goal that you can run towards, and it can be in many different ways that people see this. It can be a higher state of consciousness, it can be peace of mind, freedom from many issues, psychological issues.

We are running towards something and for me, I was blessed by not having a difficult childhood. I had a much easier childhood than most people I’ve met on the spiritual path. I was not really running away from something, but when I found Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi when I was 18, it gave me a positive vision that there is something to strive for and there is a higher state of consciousness that we human beings can attain. That was my primary motivation for engaging in the spiritual path.

From the outer to the inner path

For the first many years on my path, I was running towards that goal of a higher state of consciousness. In the beginning, I was, even though I saw my goal was a higher state of consciousness, I really had no idea what it was, what it meant, or how to get there. I was very much on the outer path, as I call it, because I thought it was a matter of studying an outer teaching, practicing a technique and doing these outer things. If I did enough outer things, then eventually someday: click, I would be there. In a meditation movement I was in, it was that you do meditation, in Yogananda they had the Kriya Yoga technique and of course, when I found the ascended master teachings, it was giving decrees.

Looking back at it, in the beginning, I thought, because that was just the culture in the ascended master movement, if you give enough degrees, especially violet flame, you will have transmuted all your karma, all your substance in your psychology and one day you will just sort of be there. There were people who thought that if they gave enough decrees for the rest of their lives, they would automatically ascend after that lifetime.

I came to a point where I started questioning that because there was actually a point in the late 80s and the beginning of the 90s where the masters started talking about the need to resolve psychology. I think I always had a certain understanding that I needed to change myself in order to make progress, but in the beginning I had not connected the two. I still thought that if I kept doing the decrees (and I was very, very conscientious about decrees, I would decree for hours a day for many years) that would give me some automatic progress. I am not saying it doesn’t, because as the masters say we have two aspects of the limitations in our psychology and one is just energy that is accumulated. And when you give decrees, you are transforming that energy so, it does have an effect.

The other aspect of the limitations in our psychology is some kind of belief, or as the masters call it now, some kind of self or internal spirit and that internal spirit is based on, it started with, a decision we made in a past life where we experienced something, a trauma. It could be, as the My Lives book said, the first embodiment where we encountered earth or the fallen beings. When we experienced that trauma, we made a decision. We made a decision that created the self that is programmed to uphold that decision, and until we see that decision consciously and change it, we will not be free of it.

There is, in my view, absolutely no technique out there ever invented, that will automatically bring you to a higher state of consciousness. Anybody who says so, I just think they are lying, or they do not know what they’re talking about. The reason for this is that I have come to a much greater understanding of free will than I had when I started the spiritual path. We made a decision and until we consciously see that decision and say: “I no longer want that decision to dominate my life,” until we do that, we are not free of it. If you really understand free will, once you have made a choice, the only thing that is going to override that is you making another choice.

There was a point where I started shifting and I started realizing there is an inner path and that it isn’t enough to do these outer things, but I actually need to look at my psychology. That happened for me in the early 1990s where I started realizing that in my ascended master movement, we gave hours and hours of decrees and decree services for world conditions. The motto we had was: “We are changing the world for Saint Germain.” I am not saying that was invalid, but you had a Sunday service that started in the morning and went to the afternoon. Then, you had a Wednesday night healing service. You had a Friday night ascension service that could be four hours. You had a Saturday night Saint Germain service that was four hours and then at one point, they also came up with a Tuesday night El Morya service. Almost every night, you could go to one of these services and decree for three or four hours. On top of that, we had other things. There was a point where we had these labors of Hercules we had to decree for, and we could have decree services where we decreed at high volume for seven-eight hours.

I came to a point where I recognized in myself that I had used this goal of saving the world for Saint Germain as an excuse for not looking at my own psychology. So I started looking at my own psychology, went to a psychologist, did various kinds of therapy, inner child, Gestalt, EMDR, all kinds of therapies. That was where I started to go more on the inner path because I started to look more at myself and I started to decree more on my personal issues. Still, I understood it was about changing myself, but I did not understand what it involved. I did not understand what I just said that it’s about me seeing a decision I made and consciously changing it. So, I was still running towards a goal, but I did not really have a vision of what the goal was and I did not really know how to get there.

Overcoming the gap

That’s what the masters have talked about a little bit in the last couple of years. Master MORE gave a profound dictation about it. There’s a gap. When I look at many of the spiritual teachings I have studied or been involved in myself, I can see the pattern. You find it in traditional churches as well. They define a goal for you and they define certain methods that you are supposed to do, certain things you are supposed to do. But there’s a gap so even if you do all of those things, you are never going to get there. You are never going to cross the gap.

If you look at the many, many people in the world today who are atheists, agnostics or angry with Christianity, it’s because for several lifetimes, they have believed in the Christian promotional line that if you are a good Christian and you believe in the Bible and you follow the outer rules of the church, you’ll go to heaven after this lifetime. So, they live a whole lifetime

believing this, then they make the transition and instead of meeting St. Peter who was saying: “Here is the door,” they meet some other master who says: “You are going to have to go back down to earth.” When you have done that several times, you might get a little annoyed and you might come in with a certain mistrust of the Christian religion.

It’s the same thing with many spiritual teachings: there’s simply a gap. There is simply a gap between the goal, that is to find enlightenment, a higher state of consciousness, and the method they give you for reaching it. It is always tempting to say, but now we have all of these teachings the masters have given, starting with the My Lives book and Healing your Spiritual Traumas and the other books. So now we have the methods for crossing the gap. I do believe that we have the methods that can work for some people, but I do not allow myself to believe it could work for all people, because people are very different.

There are different things they need and the reason why I am saying this is that I still do not think that if you read the My Lives book and you started with Healing your Spiritual Traumas and you studied those dictations and gave the invocations and did that for all of the five books, I still do not think you would automatically have healed your traumas. It will not happen automatically, no matter how good of a teaching you have, no matter how good of a technique you have. So what I am hoping to convey here is that there is no automatic path, neither this nor anything else.

There can be tools that can be good, but in the end it is about us seeing something that we have not seen before. So the question is, what is going to trigger that for each one of us? I can see in myself its been many, many different things. All of the things I have done in my life have helped me as I can hear from many of you that you have also been helped. You were in a certain teaching, you studied it, it took you to a certain level and then you needed something else to get to another level.

That is why I will never claim that this is the highest possible teaching, it can heal all your problems because it’s so individual. What it really is a matter of is coming to that realization: There’s something I need to see that I have not seen and in order to see what I have not seen, I have to do something different. I have to think differently. Because with the approach I have taken so far, if that approach could have shown it to me, I would have seen it, but I have not seen it. It is Einstein again, if you keep doing the same thing and expect different results—you know.

Looking at our reactions

So again, we are all different, but for me, it has helped me tremendously, first of all, to be aware of this and also look at my own reactions. There came a point where I realized that when I react to other people, it does not show me something about them and their faults. It actually shows me something about myself, my own mechanism that is keeping me trapped. That has helped me look at my reaction and there came a point where I realized that it was such a powerful story for me to read about Gautama Buddha. Here he is, he is ready to go into Nirvana and he is sitting under this Bo tree, which is just a tree, where he is sitting there meditating and there is one final initiation he has to go through. It is that he has to sit there and watch as all the demons of Mara, all the demons in the world, are parading before him. In Buddhism when they tell the story, they just make it seem like it was an easy initiation for him, he was the Buddha ready to go into Nirvana. But it actually was not because what I realized, and I felt I got this from Gautama intuitively, was that this was his temptation. It was not a temptation like you normally talk about temptation, to drink or eat another piece of chocolate or whatever. It was “his” temptation. Could they come up with something in this world that he would react to? Was there some reaction in him, or like Jesus said: “The prince of this world comes and has nothing in me.”

So, Gautama Buddha is sitting there and the demons of Mara can do anything they want. They can come up with absolutely anything. Could they come up with something that could make him react? We are not just talking about a negative reaction, it could be something as subtle as, here are some people, you could help them, you could help them change. Or here is something you have not finished that you could do and you are the only one who could do it. It could be any kind of temptation. So, if there was anything in this world that he was attached to, that he felt he was not done with, they could have gotten him to react and he would not have been able to go into Nirvana.

How do you go into Nirvana? Again with the ascended master movement, they had some requirements for the ascension: balance 51% of your karma, fulfill your Divine plan and your sacred labor. Well, what exactly does that mean? What does it mean to fulfill your Divine plan and your sacred labor, what is that? For that matter, how are you going to ascend with 51% of your karma? Are there ascended masters up there with 51% of their karma and unresolved psychology?

When I pondered this, I saw intuitively that there comes a point, and this was before I knew about the 144 levels, but I still saw there comes a point where you are standing here, and here is a gate and it leads to the ascended realm. Before you can walk through that gate, you have to turn around and look at earth. You have to look at this planet and everything on it, and is there anything that pulls you back here? Anything you feel you want to do, you want to experience, you have not finished? Is there anything that pulls you back here? Then, you are not ready to walk through that gate and ascend because what is the ascension? It is that you are permanently and forever leaving the earth behind. You are saying: “I’m done with earth! There is nothing I want to do here, nothing I want to experience. I am completely done.”

In the ascended master movement, it was almost portrayed like you just give enough violet flame and you “pop up there” and you are an ascended master looking down on earth. But why did you come to earth in the first place? You made choices, right? So, aren’t you going to have to make a choice to leave? Yeah, and it’s the choice that there is nothing left for you to do or experience on earth. I realized that the goal of Buddhahood is non-attachment and it’s the same with the ascension. Non-attachment means again, there is nothing on earth that’s pulling on you, that you have to do. I also realized that it was my reactionary patterns that made me want to do something on earth or feel like there was something I had to do, that it was all my reactions. So, I started pondering this a long time ago. I started really looking at this, what am I attached to, what are my attachments? This has followed me ever since. It’s been a long process. I am not trying to in any way say that this can be done in five minutes. The spiritual path to me is not a quick fix. It is not an instant gratification. It is a lifelong process.

The rest of this talk is found in the book: Ending the Era of Elitism

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Everything is connected

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, September 21, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha and it is my great joy to seal this Ascended Master conference here in this nation of Ukraine. It is also my joy to let you know that you have exceeded the high potential that we have foreseen before the conference. And you have done this because you have been willing to come together, and despite language differences, national differences, cultural differences, come into a higher degree of oneness than could necessarily have been predicted beforehand. This is what has made it possible for us to release more light than we otherwise would have been able to do.

Because what determines how much light we release at a conference? In great part, it is the ability of the chakras of those who are present, or those who are connected via the Internet to radiate, to broadcast the light into the collective consciousness. If we released more light than your chakras could handle, it could be too much for you. And if the light cannot be radiated, then it does not necessarily fulfill its purpose.

By the fact that you have received some very powerful dictations, you will know that you have been willing to come into that oneness, where it is not the individual people whose chakras we can use, but you have formed a greater oneness of mind and heart, so your chakras are combined, they are synchronized, so that there is a great multiplication of what we release.

I’m not thereby saying that every conference is the same way. Or that you should now start evaluating that at such and such a conference, there wasn’t such a powerful dictation, so maybe these people weren’t in unity. There are conferences that have different purposes. There are dictations that have the primary purpose of giving teachings. And so, it was partly because we are in an area where the collective consciousness is very dense and therefore, there was a need to release a powerful impetus to break through, to shatter certain matrices in the collective mind.

We have given you some hints at this conference, of certain concepts that we have not talked about before. You have heard this, to most of you strange concept, of the Interdependent Originations, which is a concept that is fairly common in certain Buddhist circles. Of course, it is a somewhat fancy expression, because you might as well say: everything is connected.

This has many ramifications that we will expound upon over time. We have, for that matter, talked about it before, using different words and concepts. But, as you will know, that we often return to a topic and take it up to higher level, because there are certain cycles in our releases, there are certain cycles in your growth. And so, from time to time, we can take up a concept that we have talked about before, and give something more, that gives it a higher perspective.

What does it mean that everything is connected? It means that the illusion, or the impression produced by your senses is an illusion. You see with your senses, and with your outer minds that actually limit the senses, that everything is separate. You may say that this loudspeaker over here is separate from that loudspeaker over there. The Sun is separate from the Moon, the Earth is separate from Mercury or Venus. A person in Russia is separate from a person in America, and so forth and so on.

The world is focused on differences, on separate objects. This is the illusion that you can begin to train your minds to see beyond. And you can do this in a higher way than most people have been able to do before, because you have the many teachings we have given you. First of all, you have the teaching, that there are four levels of the material universe, and that the material frequency spectrum, the physical octave, is like the tip of the iceberg where only the tip is above the water, and the rest is invisible beneath the surface.

So are your three higher bodies invisible. But as you know, if that bottom 90% of the iceberg moves, well, then is it not likely that the tip moves with it? So if a current underneath the water moves, that underwater part, southwards, even if a wind, a strong wind is blowing northward, then the tip of the iceberg will still move south against the wind. And so, if there is some movement in your three higher bodies that are moving in a certain direction, then it can be very difficult for your conscious mind to move in the other direction. You will follow the currents in the subconscious.

And that is why you have then the potential to take command over your life by clearing out the energies, by resolving the psychology, letting go of the selves and so on. But you can also begin to train your mind to sense, even if you do not necessarily see, you can sense these deeper connections.

And this can have many benefits on your path. Just for starters, let me give an example. The messenger is holding his hands at some distance. Now, if you had some kind of curtain that was covering the lower part of the messengers body, you might see that these hands are separate. But now the hands start moving together, and they meet in the middle. You might think that these are two separate things that are moving together but of course because there is no curtain covering the body, you see that they belong to, they are attached to the same body. And therefore it is not so strange that the body can move them.

But now imagine two things that seem to be separate to your senses. You would think that if one thing moves in one direction, and the other moves in another direction, there would be two separate causes that are causing them to move. And you might think, as science has been thinking now for several centuries, that the world is made up of separate objects that are not interconnected, that do not send signals from one to the other. And therefore, if they move in separate directions, there must be separate causes that are making them move. But this is not the case. There are no separate objects. And there are no separate causes. There are no separate effects and no separate causes.

What can explain this? How can you visualize it? Again, I gave the example of the messenger’s hands moving together until they meet. You would say, based on your senses, that there are two hands that are existing in time and space. And they are moving together in a continuous movement until they meet. But, as we had hinted at before, this is not the case. Because the physical octave is like the image on a movie screen. And the movements you see on the screen is not continuous, because it is created by the film strip that has a number of separate images that the light is shining through. And those images are moving, but they are moving so quickly that you do not see that one frame is replaced by another.

But you know, of course, that the old movies that played at a slower rate, you could see the jerkiness, the abruptness of people’s movements. And therefore it was easier to see that these were individual still images that were projected at such a speed that it seemed like it was a motion picture.

When you know that everything that happens in the physical is the effect of causes in the three higher realms, you can begin to see that you do not have two hands here that are moving together in a continuous movement. If you could slow it down, you would actually see that here is one image that is right now being projected by what is happening, the interplay of energies and matrices in the emotional, mental and identity realm. If we visualize that, we slow it down, then we would say that here is another image that is created by an interplay in the three higher realms. Here is another one. And, yes to you, the hands seem to be closer together. But the question is, is it the same hands? Is it the same hands that are moving from this image to this, to this, to this? Or is it like the individual pictures on a film strip that are being projected onto the screen, one after another?

In other words, the reality is that even though you see it as a continuous object and a continuous movement, it is actually like a series of images projected onto the screen, but so rapidly that your outer senses, your outer mind cannot pick it up.

Now, why is this important? Well, for many reasons. But for starters, because you realize that if you really want to change the physical, you need to change the cause, you need to work on the cause, rather than the effect. This is what we have been teaching you to do by clearing your four lower bodies. And we will give, as the time is right, other teachings about how not only to clear your four lower bodies, but also reach beyond your own forcefield and start to clear some of these matrices and images and energies and wave patterns that are influencing your outer situation.

But this we cannot give you until we have given you the teachings on overcoming the primal self. Because otherwise you might be tempted by those many separate selves to misuse the teaching, to gain some power to change physical circumstances, even when it would interfere with a free will of other people.

But what you realize when you contemplate this teaching is, that you have been programmed to think that when a cause is set in motion, nothing can turn it back. Nothing can change it. This messenger grew up with a grandfather who was an eager hunter, and very interested in guns. But he was also very concerned about safety. And his saying was that: “Never forget, once that bullet has left the barrel, no power on earth can turn it back”. This is what you have all been brought up to think. Sometimes a cause has been released, and no power on earth can turn it back. When an avalanche has been triggered, nothing can stop it from sliding down the mountain.

But how then did Christ calm the storm? Because his mind was not subject to the common illusion that the storm was a continuous phenomenon that had been created by some cause, and once it was set in motion it had to run until it was exhausted. Jesus realized that at many times every second, the physical world is recreated or projected again. But between these individual projections, there is an interval—very, very short, but it is there.

There is an interval of silence. And if you can bend your mind or pull your mind away from being focused on the events and instead focus on the silence between the individual projections you can change the projection at the physical level. Or rather, you change it at the higher levels, and then the physical will also change.

Now, this is not a time and an age where you need to produce these same kind of phenomena that Jesus produced two thousand years ago, but you can use this teaching to manifest better outer circumstances for yourself, including healing your physical body. If you contemplate the teaching, and you realize that there is no continuous phenomenon in this world, it is a projection of individual images and there is silence in between and that silence, even though it may seem to be an infinitely short split second, the silence is actually beyond time. That means that when you train your mind, you can use the interval of silence to change the identity, the mental and the emotional matrices so that the physical manifestation is changed.

Now, in the beginning, I’m not in any way saying that you need to be able to do this in a split second. But over time, you can come to accept different images first in your identity body, then in your mental, then in your emotional, for what your life situation can be like, what can manifest in your life, what you can attract to you. And over time that can manifest those better circumstances.

You may think this is hard to believe, but let me ask you this. Do you feel that you have experienced that you have improved your life circumstances? And if you have, then you could have done this in only one way, and that is the way I have described. The only thing is you were not conscious of it. And therefore, you could not do it on a consistent basis. But this is what you can train yourself to do.

You see, the fact that many times every second an image is projected onto the screen of the matter world, means that the moment that the image on the screen in the three higher octaves is changed, then when that image is projected onto the physical, the physical manifestation will also change. And since the three higher octaves are clearly of a higher form of energy, a less physical form of energy and thereby a more fluid form of energy than the physical, it is reasonable to accept that they are easier to change. They are more fluid, they are not set in stone. And what is set in stone is not set in stone either, and that is why it can be changed when the images that the light is projected through are changed.

Now, this may sound like some magic, but it is not. There is nothing magical about it. There is, however, the fact that this is not a teaching that people who are new on the path can grasp or implement. It takes some maturity. It takes some experience.

But many of you are ready to at least begin to contemplate it, first of all by realizing that there is nothing that cannot be changed. But you also need to have this caution that everything is connected. This means that if you want to change your life circumstances, it is not just a matter of looking at your own higher bodies. Certainly you need to start there. You need to start purifying them of energy, healing your psychology, getting rid of the separate selves. But even when you come to a point where you have reached a high level of consciousness, such as Jesus had attained and such as I had attained, it does not mean that you can change absolutely any physical circumstance by snapping your fingers. Because there are circumstances that you do not want to change, because they would force the free will choices of other people.

And that is why we have given you all these teachings to purify your consciousness of these separate selves, so that you do not use this knowledge to gain some advantage for you as an individual that then detracts from the whole or even harms other people. In order to use this teaching correctly, you need to have some of what we have called Christ awareness, that central humanity, that connectedness to other people, so you realize that there are things you do not do.

There are things you do not change, because other people have a right to see the outpicturing of their choices. In other words, to give you an obvious example, those of you who have children might be tempted to spare your child from some unpleasant event but if the child has precipitated that event through its own consciousness, and it needs to experience the consequences in order to grow, if you were to spare your child from the unpleasantness, and thereby hinder its growth, well, that would not be the high use of this teaching and knowledge.

It requires some sense of detachment, non-attachment, having depersonalized your life, before you can truly make use of this teaching. And I know that what I have given you here is just a glimpse of a much larger teaching. But because you have accomplished what you have accomplished here, I decided to give you something extra that was not necessarily part of the plan for this conference. But now it is put in the physical, and those of you who are ready for it can contemplate the teaching. And certainly over time, we will give more, as we deem that the time and the student body is ready.

So with this, it is my great joy, to seal this conference, to seal you who are here, those of you on the internet, and to seal the light that has been released into these many nations that were part of this collective experience of the Soviet Union, so that they can move higher, so that the people who are willing, can be free.

Of course, there may be some, whether here or there, who want to continue to suffer; and given that we respect free will, we respect people’s right to suffer, their freedom to suffer. But certainly, you can see that the freedom to suffer is not part of the Freedom Flame of Saint Germain. Thus, it is not something that comes from us, it is not a spiritual flame. It is the absence of a flame that causes suffering.

Suffering has no substance. The flame has substance, (although it is not a physical substance,) because it is a spiritual flame. But suffering, anger, hatred, all of these fear-based energies, truly have no substance in terms of an enduring substance. That is why that which seems to have a physical substance can be changed by a higher energy. It can be changed precisely because even though it appears to have substance, appears to be solid matter, or dense emotional energies, it only appears that way when you perceive it through that perception filter of these outer selves, this outer mind.

When you can see beyond it, you can see that it has no continuous substance. It is just a mirage projected onto the screen. And in between the projections the screen is white. And you know that on a white screen, any image can be projected. When you see the whiteness between the images, you know that at any moment or rather the next moment a new image can be projected. This does not mean necessarily that you can change the situation completely in a split second.

For part of the teaching of the Interdependent Originations is that there are many factors that influence a seemingly simple situation. But by gradually changing them, you can change the situation in a dramatic way. As you can see, I am excited about giving you this teaching so I can barely stop myself. But now I will seal this conference in the joy of my heart and I give you that joy. My joy is full. It is my hope that your joy will be full also.

Gautama I AM.


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Anchoring the flame of Christ discernment in all of post communist nations

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Ascended Master Jesus, September 21, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I come to bring forth the judgment of Christ upon the churches in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and all nations who were under the yoke of the Soviet Union, including the Warsaw Pact countries. This includes the Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, the Protestant churches, the Ukrainian Church, and all other churches that claim to represent Christ but are not representing Christ, but actually representing, at best, the Peter consciousness that I rebuked when I said: “Get thee behind me, Satan.”

What is the Peter consciousness? It is the consciousness that claims that it knows what Christ is, what Christ would say, what Christ would think, and how Christ would judge everything. What is the Christ consciousness? It is the consciousness that is completely and utterly beyond human judgment, human opinions, human beliefs, human dreams, human illusions, human fantasies, human imaginations, human theories, human ideologies, and any other thing that the human mind can think up or that the fallen mind can think up.

The Christ consciousness can be said to have one purpose only: to give people a frame of reference that there is something beyond the human consciousness, so that they have something to hold onto as they are struggling to see through that fog of illusion created by the separate selves that they have in their four lower bodies. In order to find their way, to see a self, to see that it is unreal and to let it die, they need to have something to hold on to, that rock of Christ. That is the only purpose of the Christ consciousness.

It is not the purpose of the Christ consciousness or the Christ or the living Christ to tell people what to do. That is up to their free will. The Christ consciousness does not tell you what is right or wrong in a human sense, not even in a divine sense, for in a world of free will how can the divine even have that judgment of what is right and wrong? It is only in the mind of anti-christ, the mind of separation, that there can be such a judgment, not in the mind of Christ, not in the mind of God.

What the Christian churches have done, starting with Peter but being institutionalized with the creation of the Catholic church, is that they have created the illusion that an institution on earth can come up with a definition of what is right and wrong in a divine sense, that this institution can define what the mind of Christ would say and how the mind of Christ would judge the actions or the beliefs or the thoughts of human beings. How does Christ judge by that neutral state of mind? Does it come out of oneness? Does it raise the whole? Or does it not? Does it come out of separation, and seek to raise up one part of the whole, while pushing others down?

The Catholic church was from the very beginning an elitist institution, created by that fallen being Constantine. What the leaders of the Christian movement at the time did was not to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s. They submitted to Caesar, and they did not render unto God what is God’s, nor did they render unto Christ what is Christ’s. They submitted entirely to Caesar because they wanted power on earth, for some of them were also fallen beings. Many of the leaders or the leading theologians of the Catholic church or the Eastern Orthodox church, and many Protestant churches, have been fallen beings in embodiment and are to this day.

So I come to anchor the flame of Christ discernment in all of these nations in an extraordinary measure that can help those who are willing to rise beyond the human judgments of their society. Whether they come from a particular church or other religion, or from the communist ideology, they are willing to rise. My flame of Christ discernment will give them that frame of reference whereby they can pull themselves above this fog of illusion created by the fallen beings and actually solidified by the Christian religion as a whole and, of course, also solidified by Marxist ideology and the entire communist system and the propaganda machine of the Soviet Union.

This does not mean that these people that I’m talking about need to know about ascended masters, need to recognize me as an ascended master, or need to even know consciously the concept of the Christ consciousness. What they need to be able to do, and what they are able to do when they are willing, is to go within and sense intuitively: “This is not what I want to do. I want to do this. I want more. I want a higher life, and therefore I am willing to raise myself so that I recognize that being who I am now there are certain things I simply do not do to other people.”

Of course, once you have that discernment of Christ, you can also do what we have talked about, look into the eyes of other people and see that they too have it. Therefore, without having to belong to any outer teaching or religion, people can come together in just knowing what is the higher way to go, what is the higher way to manifest a society that is the kind of society they know is the future. It is not a matter of them even knowing right and wrong, even though some may call it that they know this is right, but they can know that this is the future. This is where the evolution of humankind is going. This is where their society, their nation, would have gone long ago had it not been delayed by this Soviet experiment. Therefore they can know that this is the next step.

Christ discernment requires you to do what we have talked about. You need to be willing to lose the life of the outer self in order to reconnect to that inner life of the Christ consciousness in you, or the pure awareness in you. You need to come to the point where you can look at some condition on earth that is pulling you to engage in a reactionary pattern, in some kind of dualistic struggle, and you can simply decide, you can know with an inner knowing: “I am not going there. I am not repeating that pattern. I am going beyond it.” It’s just what is expressed in the saying: “What is that to thee, follow thou me.” But people do not even need to know this. They just need to know: “This is not where I want to engage my energies and my attention, I am moving on to the positive.”

This is a gift that I am releasing now because I see that a critical mass of people are ready for it. I have talked before about the 10,000 people on earth who are ready to manifest Christhood in this lifetime, and a considerable portion of them have chosen to embody in these former communist countries in order to help them rise above that very heavy mindset, that very heavy cloud of illusion, the anti-christ consciousness that was promoted and hammered into people by the propaganda apparatus of the Soviet Union.

So they are here. They know what it is like, they know the culture, they know the mindset, they know the propaganda. But they have the potential to very quickly connect to that Christ consciousness in their hearts so they can rise above it, and thereby start pulling other people above it, and thereby eventually pull their nations above it.

You who are our direct students, who are consciously aware of our presence and our existence and of your own potential, you can be the ones who will pull these other people over that critical mark. You can pull them up by pursuing the path, by seeking to overcome your outer selves and that primal self, by studying our teachings and applying them. You can pull these people up, and even though they may never know what you are doing, they may never know in their outer minds, mind you, and they may never know about the ascended masters and our teachings, they can still fulfill their mission of bringing that Christ discernment into their societies.

Now, you may say that I have said that the Christ consciousness, Christ discernment, is not based on human judgment, but what about the idea that: “For judgment I am come,” and that the Christ brings the judgment? Well, yes, it does because when someone dares to tune in to the Christ in their hearts and express it, express that higher view of the Christ mind, then people have an opportunity. Those who cannot connect within, they have an opportunity with the outer mind to hear the Christ reality and contrast it with a lie.

Now they have that opportunity to choose that they did not have before. If they choose to reject Christ, the Christ reality, that becomes their judgment. Of course, you can also pronounce the judgment, those who are connected to Christ. You who are our direct students can make the calls for the judgment.

Still there is that element of the Christ consciousness where when people have been given the conscious choice and rejected it, this becomes the judgment of Christ upon them. It may not mean that they are taken out of embodiment or swallowed up by some flames from below, but it will definitely mean that there will be an effect. Some of their energy, their power, will be reduced. They may have a shortened lifespan. They may even be exposed, those who are in the public eye, so that people begin to see their lies and their illusions, or their hidden actions that they do not want people to know about. We are not necessarily looking for some dramatic outer manifestation of the judgment of Christ. We are looking for many people to speak that higher truth, and therefore that becomes the judgment of Christ by people’s own choices.

So I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment, except I want to give you my love, my total unconditional acceptance of who you are as spiritual students walking the path. Did I ever, 2000 years ago, claim that a human being has to be perfect before I will accept them? Did I ever claim this? Did I not reach out to everyone: the Samaritans, the blind, the lepers, all those who were outcasts of Jewish society? Did I not reach out to them all? Did I not embody in lowly circumstances? Did I not call some of my disciples from among the fishermen, who were certainly not the elite of Jewish society? Did I not do everything that I could do at the time to show that Christ does not judge according to human judgments and human status and a hierarchy of human society? Christ looks at the inner qualities of a person, the quality of the heart, their willingness to come up higher.

So where does the idea come from that you have to be perfect in order to be a student of the ascended masters? Well, it can only come from the fallen beings. It does not come from us. It never has, regardless of the fact that many people thought so in previous dispensations. But they were in a different time, they were some of a different evolution, and the world and the students were not ready for the deeper teachings we have given you.

Therefore you have that potential to come to see that the idea that you should be perfect in order to be accepted by us comes from a separate self that was created because you encountered the fallen beings, who judged you very harshly because of what they defined as an imperfection on your part. For many of you, this was part of your birth trauma, that you were rejected by the fallen beings because they claimed you were not perfect according to some standard that they had created, which was not based on the Christ mind. You have the potential, you have the tools, to free yourself from this entire mindset of perfectionism and come to actually realize the truth, that I, that we, accept you unconditionally for who you are, as a student walking the path of Christhood.

You are walking the path. What is the path? A process of taking one step at a time. Have we not said that you will have some separate selves, some illusions you carry with you until the 144th level of consciousness, when you ascend? Have we not said that ascending is giving up that last illusion? Can you not then be at peace with the fact that we do not require you to be perfect? We do not expect you to be perfect, and therefore we accept you for who you are. When you recognize this, can you then not come to that point where you have let go of these judgmental selves so you can accept yourself for who you are right now, and who you will be tomorrow and the day after as you continue to die daily?

Truly we want all of you to feel our love, to feel our acceptance. But how can you do this as long as you are in embodiment on earth, when you will never be perfect, as long as you are in embodiment on earth? You can do it only when you recognize that our love, our acceptance, is unconditional. It is not based on you living up to some standard. It is based on who you are. We love you for who you are. There is nothing you need to live up to in order to feel and receive that love, except be willing to open yourself to it and to accept it. If you cannot do that, it is because there is a separate self that is blocking you from opening yourself up, as Portia said, to experience our love. Then you have the opportunity to look at that self, to work on it, until you can come to the point where you say: “I am letting you die, for I have had enough. I want to experience the unconditional love of my master, Jesus.”


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Can you accept that it is possible to transform your nation?

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, September 21, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain, but I am more than you see me as, more than an ascended master in the sense that I have reached a level of Buddhic attainment and I occupy the position as the representative, you might say, the god of freedom for the earth. What exactly does that mean? Well, it cannot be expressed in words, but it can be felt, it can be experienced if you are willing to follow the vibration of the messenger’s voice, as I charge it with what he could not produce himself, but the vibration that I am.

I come with millions of violet flame angels, who are flying in formation. And quite frankly, if you could see them, they all have big smiles on their faces, because they are doing what they love to do, which is to release the violet flame that can set free those of their unascended brothers and sisters who are still on earth. They fly in this tight formation and they fly over these areas of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine for which you have invoked the violet flame and these other energies you have invoked. And therefore, they come with a clearing action that will clear away a certain portion of this energy of anti-freedom that has been hanging over these areas now for far too long. And as they have flown over these three nations, they fly over all nations who were part of the Warsaw Pact of the Soviet Union, clearing them of these energies of anti-freedom, which quite frankly is far easier for most of the other nations than it is for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. But again, it is not that the angels are in any way complaining about the weights that they have to remove, for it is their joy to be allowed to do this.

Now, naturally you can say that these angels have the power to fly around the earth and remove all energies of anti-freedom. And the angels of the other rays and the rays beyond the seven rays could flow and remove all negative energy from earth in a matter of mere seconds. But what would be the point, for what would people learn from this? If you remove the burden from human beings who have not transcended their state of consciousness, what do they do? They feel lighter. They feel good. And as they feel good, what do they say? “Oh, it’s time to party.” And then they go on partying and making merry and coming into conflict with each other. And they start recreating the energies all over again. And this will go on until they have had enough and they decide to go within and look at themselves and their own state of consciousness, because they begin to realize that your experience of life on earth takes place in your mind, in your four lower bodies. If you want to change your life experience on earth, where do you begin to change it? Inside yourself, of course.

And this is the difference between those who discover the path of freedom and those who have not yet discovered it. Those who have not discovered the path of freedom; they still think that in order to change their life experience, they need to change something or someone outside themselves. And therefore, they are in this constant pursuit of the impossible goal. They are chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Never catching up to it, because the rainbow keeps moving in front of them. And they never reach it in the physical, for the rainbow is in a sense not physical, at least not in the sense that you can grab it and hold on to it.

The pot of gold is not physical either, because the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the Christ consciousness. And this is not something you can grab on to with the outer mind and put it into a system; as the communists attempted to put it into a system, as the Catholics attempted to put it into a system, and as many others throughout the ages have attempted to put it into a system. Have any of them succeeded? Nay, they have failed, all of them, for it cannot be put into a system. It is the free-flowing spirit that will not be bound, that will not be tied down, that will not be limited in any way, for it always reserves the right to transcend itself and be more.

This is the vibration of the flame of freedom, the willingness to be more than you have been before. And what is the gift that we come to bring with this release of the violet flame? It is that people can come to this point as is said in this decree to Shiva you gave earlier: “The past no longer owns my choice.” For what is the condition you see on earth for the vast majority of people? The past owns their choices. What they have done in the past, whether you call it karma or as we have now given you the teaching of the psychology and the different spirits. Well then, what you have done in the past, the choices you have made in the past, they own your choice. They own your choice then and now, your ability to choose.

You cannot choose anything that goes beyond what you have chosen before as long as you are so closed, as Portia said, that you cannot step outside of your four lower bodies, your outer sense of identity, and realize you are more. You cannot connect to that spark of life, which we have called the Conscious You, but which you can call many other things. You can for that matter call it whatever you like. As long as you go for the experience, rather than intellectualizing about it. Go for that experience of pure awareness so you realize, you experience directly that you are more than your outer mind. You are more than your outer identity. You are more than your mental beliefs, your emotions or your physical body. You are more than this.

And because you have that spark of life inside of you, that is why you can transcend the outer conditions. That is why you can be free personally. That is why you can create a society that is free. It is the only reason, the only way it can be done, because you have that spark of infinity within you that can overcome all limitations that people have created on earth. Because it is beyond earth.

You realize, of course, that there is an enigma that has plagued humankind for a long time and philosophers have sometimes thought about this until they were blue in the face. And it is this simple enigma: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Think about this and how many disguises and variations it comes in. What came first, this or that? If there was a chicken that laid the first egg, where did the chicken come from? There must have been an egg that the chicken came from. But which chicken then laid that egg from which the first chicken came? So there must have been a chicken before the first chicken. But when was that? Would there not have had to have been a chicken before the first chicken that was before the first chicken? And you can go on in what they call an infinite regress and you never get anywhere, except perhaps to the lunatic asylum in a straitjacket. My beloved, you realize that there is no resolution to this enigma.

Which came first, a free society or free mind? Well, this is not really an enigma, because this you can resolve. Because what came before a free society was a free mind. It must be that way. And why is it so? Well, think about the chicken and the egg. Which came first? None of them came first. They are both material manifestations. And what comes before any material manifestation is a matrix in consciousness. There is consciousness before the physical manifestation. There was some consciousness that held the matrix, the vision of both a chicken and an egg. And they were brought in to physical manifestation at the same time through the same process, or what we have called the interdependent originations.

And this is what you can realize that applies to anything in the physical octave. Whatever condition you have in the material, there was first some condition in consciousness, in the emotional, the mental, the identity realm. For some conditions on Earth, like the pure conditions created by the Elohim, there was even a matrix in the spiritual realm before anything descended into the four lower realms. You realize that if you are to change anything, you must begin at the beginning, you must go to the cause, you must go to the source. And the source is always consciousness.

What will it take to create freedom in a nation? There must be a critical mass of people who start by looking at themselves and freeing their own minds from the choices they have made in the past. Now, as you heard Shiva say that there was a point where the Soviet Union could not be sustained simply because there was not enough flow of light through the people. The Soviet Union could collapse as an outer thing, but there is still a parallel in consciousness. In the sense that we have talked about the school of hard knocks, where you must repeat the same pattern over and over and over again until you come to the point where you have had enough. And there were people even in the Soviet Union, who came to a point where they thought: “This is enough. There must be more than this. I’ve had enough of this. I cannot take it anymore. I will not take it anymore.” And this is when you start thinking: “Well, what will it take to be free?” And you realize very simply, you cannot be free at the level of action.

In a traditional view of karma, what do they say? Your action creates karma and the karma limits what you can do in succeeding lifetimes. It limits the choices you have, in other words, the past owns your choice. Why is it that even those nations who have had teachings on karma and reincarnation for centuries have not managed to free their people from the wheel of rebirth? Why is it that you see some nations, like India, who have lower material conditions than the Western nations, even though they have this spiritual teaching, this spiritual awareness? It is precisely because they have not understood the inner meaning of the teaching on karma and reincarnation. They have focused on the level of action. What you do is what creates karma. What you need to overcome the karma is to do something else, whether you call it a spiritual activity or not. But you cannot overcome karma by doing, by action. You can only overcome karma by recognizing that any action springs from consciousness. If you want to change your action, you must change your consciousness. Because otherwise your past actions will own your choice. You will have no choice but to repeat the same pattern over and over and over again.

And there is a tendency, we might call it programming, built into the Conscious You, that it is seeking something new. And there comes that point where a life-stream has for so many lifetimes repeated the same actions and reaped the same consequences, lived in the same outer situation, in the same type of society, that it simply becomes open to the potential that there must be something else. “There must be something more, because I’ve had enough of this.” And that is when it opens to the thought: “Maybe I need to change something inside myself, instead of seeking to, or dreaming about, changing something outside myself.”

And that is, so to speak, when the spark of life within that being can shine through the outer consciousness. And begin to transform the four lower bodies and purify them, so that the person can gain that connection to the web of life within it, to its I Am Presence, but also realize that it is part of this interconnected whole. You are not a separate being. And this goes two ways. It has an alpha and an omega. The alpha is that when you are not a separate being; you are connected to something higher than yourself, your I Am Presence, the ascended masters.

The omega is that as long as you are in physical embodiment, you are part of this mishmash, this matrix, this web that has been created on earth. You are part of the collective consciousness. And it is not only your own past choices that own your choice, it is the past choices of your group and the entire human race. And how can you free yourself from that pull of the mass consciousness? You cannot with an outer action. You cannot with a power that is in your four lower bodies. You can only achieve this by reaching for a power that comes from beyond, from the I Am Presence, from an ascended master, from one of the flames of God, such as the flame of freedom. When you bring that energy into the four lower bodies, then you can begin to free your four lower bodies. Then you can be begin to free the four lower bodies of the planet. Then you can begin to transform.

There must be those who are open to doing this, even if they know nothing in their outer minds about ascended masters or spiritual teachings. They can still be open to going within, feeling some flow of life, of light, through them. And that enables them to start thinking in a way they have not been thinking before, thinking in a way that most people in their culture or nation cannot think. And therefore, they can see that there are other opportunities that could be manifest than what we have right now. We could manifest a better society.

What will it take to transform a nation like Ukraine? That some people must begin to envision, to think that there could be a better state in this nation. And they must come to the point where they not only think this and dream about it, but they accept that it is possible. Can you who are our direct students, can you accept that it is possible to transform your nation whatever it is, wherever it is? Can you accept this fully? Perhaps you can now when you are in the force field that I have prepared for you. But can you maintain it? Can you maintain it when you go to your places of your normal daily activities? Can you maintain that acceptance that what Saint Germain said is possible is actually possible?

If you can, then you can give an immense service to your nations, for you can hold, so to speak, the spiritual balance or the spiritual vision for the other people that are beginning to awaken, but do not have the conscious awareness that you have. You can still hold that acceptance. That means that they can also come to accept that a new future is possible, even though they do not have the outer conscious vision that you have. But they still see that here is a particular area of life where they have experience, they have knowledge, they have expertise. And they see that here is an improvement that can be made. You may have more of a vision that it is going towards a golden age society and you may have some ideas of what that means. They may not have that vision. But by you holding that acceptance for them, they can accept that an improvement is possible and that this matters in the long run.

It has been said, going back to biblical times, that: “Without vision, the people perish.” Well of course, people had no vision in the Soviet Union. They did not see any aspect of the communist utopia that they personally wanted. And they did not see any possibility of improving their personal lives. But there are people, now that Communism has been nonexistent or at least nonexistent in the physical for some time, who are beginning to grasp a vision that a better life is possible. And even though they do not see the big picture, they can still have that sense. And this is what you can help hold for them. That manifesting this improvement in some aspect of life matters in a bigger context. Even though it may improve their own lives or a few people around them, it still matters in the overall scheme of their nation.

There is what you might call the concept of a cause. But it is not a cause as it has been defined by human beings and ideologies, or rather by the fallen beings and their ideologies, for it is not seeking to reach some kind of goal that is predefined for how human beings should work or how the universe should work. It is based on realizing that it is possible to improve life. And if we continue to improve life, there will come a point where a new day will dawn. Even if we have no vision of what that new day is, we know we are working toward a goal that is worthy, that matters, that will help us, our children and many other people.

They can lock in to this. They can be inflamed by this so that it is not only about improving their own lives, but also doing something beyond their own lives, improving something that is bigger than themselves. And this, of course, is a tremendous help for the growth of a life-stream when it is not only focused on itself and improving its own condition, but sees that there is something beyond the outer self that is worthy of its attention, worthy of its energy, worthy of its effort, worthy of its acceptance.

Truly, my gift is not so much understanding. My gift is not so much a teaching. My gift is the flame that I AM, the energy that I AM. The energy that I have been releasing and that those who are willing, those who are sensitive, can hear even over this instrument of a human voice that is carrying that vibration. But do not focus on the human voice or the human messenger. Focus on the vibration that is flowing through. Follow that vibration to the source so that you can have an experience of my flame, my being that is beyond the outer voice, the outer messenger, the outer words, even the outer sound. For you connect in your heart to that which is beyond anything physical. Am I a physical being? Nay, I am ascended master and therefore I am beyond the physical. How can you know me? Only by going beyond.

So many people have come from these religious traditions where they think they can come up with some material hocus pocus or some ritual whereby they can capture the Spirit, but the Spirit will never be captured. The Spirit bloweth where it listeth, the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth, for there is only one Spirit. How can the one Spirit be captured by that which is set up, defined by separation, and therefore can only reinforce the sense, the illusion of separation? It cannot be captured. It will always go beyond what is based on separation. And it thereby urges the being, the Conscious You to go beyond separation and reach for that oneness.

What is freedom? How do you attain freedom? You cannot attain freedom as a separate being. No separate being has ever been free. You can attain freedom only by connecting to the web of life, connecting to the I AM Presence, connecting to the ascended masters, connecting to other people. You are free when you are connected. Not at the level of the human mind, but at the level of the Christ mind. Where you realize that all life is one, that you are part of this web of life, the Antahkarana of life, where all is connected. And you have no desire to be separate from it.

We realize, of course, that you go through a phase where you must separate yourself from the mass consciousness in order to avoid being pulled down by it. But when you have done that, you can step up, begin to connect within. And that gives you a whole different connection that is not based on the outer, the human consciousness. You may know if you have studied science and physics, that they have done experiments where they show that two particles can be separated by space and there is still a connection between them. And a change in one creates an instant change in the other which cannot be explained by a material signal, because such a signal must move at the speed of light and that takes time.

Well, the connection I am talking about is not a physical connection. Therefore, it is beyond time. It is beyond space. It is a connection in higher consciousness. And that is the only true connection there is, because you cannot create unity and oneness among human beings at a horizontal level. It has been attempted to be done so many times in the past. In a sense, you could say that the communist societies were a very, very, very, very crude attempt to create this false oneness.

But there have been societies in the past who were actually much more sophisticated than the communist societies. This was before the fallen beings came to the planet. But they attempted to create oneness through sameness. And this cannot be done, because it works against the very purpose of life, which is individual co-creation and individual growth in self-awareness. Whereby, a being becomes more until it eventually ascends from the physical octave and can go on at these infinite levels of self-growth that are there until you reach the Creator consciousness. Any attempt to create oneness that goes against the basic drive of life, which is self-transcendence, cannot be done. It cannot happen.

How can you have oneness in a nation? Well, only when a critical mass of people reach for that oneness that is beyond. And as Shiva said you can come to a point where you can look into the eyes of another person and see that that person also has some connection to his or her Higher Self, I AM Presence, ascended masters. And thereby, you can have a different connection, a different sense of oneness that is not based on anything outer. And that transcends whatever outer differences you may have between you, be it nationality or this or that or the next thing, or what other kind of divisions people have created between them. You see here that this is the true way to create oneness.

And you might look at this and say: “Well, how can we then ever create oneness in our nation, because surely not all people will have that inner connection or will be able to have it?” But you do not need to have all people have it. You need to have a critical mass of people have it. And that critical mass is not a particular number, not even a particular percentage, because it is a matter of the nation and the collective consciousness and how high the people with a spiritual awareness can rise. And this is individual from nation to nation.

You see that there are some nations where they already have a higher degree of oneness than you have in, for example Ukraine or Russia, because they have more of that awareness of what we have called your essential or your basic humanity, where they know that we do not do certain things that harm other people. We are all in this together. We are seeking to raise the whole, rather than raising ourselves just individually. And there are nations in the modern democracies who have attained a high degree of this.

And again, you are of course free to seek to learn from these nations, which is one of the reasons why so many people from the poorer nations go to nations where they can make more money. But they do not come home just with the money. They also come home with an experience that there is a different kind of society, that it is already manifest in Poland, in England, in the Scandinavian countries, in Germany, wherever they go. They come home with that awareness and that acceptance that it is possible. And if it is possible for them, why should it not be possible for us? And of course, it is possible for you. It is a matter of getting over that hump, where some of you can accept that it is possible. And thereby, you can help many, many more come to that acceptance.

Am I seeking to force my Golden Age on anyone on earth? Absolutely not! I offer it to people, constantly! I am constantly seeking for ways to offer it to people. What is the problem? As is said in this latest book on the golden age series, it is to get people to accept it, to accept that it is a realistic possibility and not some far flung Utopian pipe dream. I am not some far flung Utopian dream-up. I am a very real being. And I know exactly what is possible. There are many, many people on earth, who if they were presented with my vision of what is possible in the Golden Age, would instantly think they knew better than me. They would instantly put down the vision: “Who is this dreamer? Saint Germain, he calls himself. What nonsense! We know best what is possible on earth. Or rather, what is not possible on earth.”

But you see, my beloved, as we have said before, the motto of every pessimist is: “I am not a pessimist. I am a realist”. But they are not realists, for you are only a realist when you realize that more is possible. And it is the same thing here. You can never know with certainty what is not possible. You can only know with certainty: “This is possible, because we see it manifest.” Only when it is manifest do you have certainty. As long as something is not manifest, you cannot know for certain that it could not be manifest.

And you may look at all the misery on earth. And you may blow it out of all proportion and say: “The amount of misery that we see in human history proves that human beings are limited and cannot go beyond certain boundaries.” It is all complete nonsense, a complete lie put upon people by the fallen beings. Instead, look at what has happened in the last 10,000 years from the Stone Age societies to today. You who say that further growth is not possible, you are like people in the Stone Age who are denying that people could ever fly through the air.

There is no reality to denying the possibility of a better world. For the only thing that stands between the present conditions and the manifestation of a better world, is the acceptance in the minds of a critical mass of people. The absolutely only thing. And why is this so? What did I start out saying? Consciousness comes before physical manifestation. When there is a change in consciousness, there must be a change in the physical manifestation. This is the law of God, the law of nature. It has always been so and no amount of denial by the fallen beings or by human beings can change the reality of life. No amount of denial! Even an almost infinite amount of denial cannot change the reality of life. But a very small amount of acceptance can manifest a better world and a better nation and a better personal life.

And this is my gift to you, delivered with my gratitude for you coming together for providing me a platform that has allowed me, by the foundation you have set with your calls and decrees, to deliver this powerful release. It is in direct proportion to the work you have done and your willingness to transcend yourself, your willingness to come up higher. And for this, I applaud you. You do not need to applaud me. I do not need it. But you need to recognize in yourself that you have performed a work that makes a difference and therefore I say: “Well done!”


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Life is a web

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Ascended Master Shiva, September 21, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am the Ascended Master Shiva. Thus, my first act is to say to the four corners of this nation: “Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva.” The very sound of Shiva, releases the fire that I AM and consumes that which is not compatible with the flame that I AM.

Now, many people in this part of the world will wonder, why an ascended master from the East that we know nothing about and have nothing to do with? But this is all an illusion. I am not an ascended master from the East, I am a universal being, as are all ascended masters and regardless of what tradition we may have come from, or what tradition may revere us on earth, we are universal beings.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are three universal principles that apply to all creation, and cannot be confined to the Hindu religion, or even an older Vedic tradition. We are universal spiritual principles. For how can anything be created unless there is a creative force driving it? How can anything be sustained unless there’s a sustaining force? And, how can anything be renewed unless there is a force that breaks down the old?

Now you have, by calling this conference, desired to move this nation of Ukraine from fear and division into oneness and freedom. What, then, stands in the way of oneness? Is it not the old that was created out of fear, and a sense of division? So, is it not so that Shiva, rather than being a destroyer, could be seen as the big uniter that consumes all that which keeps people divided?

What keeps people divided? Well, think back to Portia’s dictation and this very simple concept, that you can either be open or you can be closed. When people close themselves off, what happens? Their attention becomes, drawn in to a very narrow focus on self. This is not by any means the same as when you, as a spiritual person, go within in  meditation or contemplation. For as a spiritual person, you go within in order to connect with your higher being or the ascended masters, therefore, you are connecting to something that is beyond the outer self. But when people become closed as Portia described, they become focused on the outer self, identified with the outer self. And naturally, the outer self can only see itself as being separated from the outer selves of all other people. It can only see the outer selves of other people as being a threat to itself.

Now, you know very well, that if you put people in extreme situations, where they are facing a life and death situation, and where it becomes clear to them, that they cannot all survive, then there will be a so-called survival instinct that kicks in. And it will be each person for himself or herself. Each person will seek to survive, even if it means sacrificing the lives of others. This is the extreme outcome of being closed off, being focused on the outer self.

This was also the situation that was precipitated by the Soviet Union. Most people became so focused on the outer self, whatever it was for them individually. And all of the normal concerns, such as a sense of oneness with other people, a sense of loyalty, a sense of connection, at least to family, were replaced by this focus on the outer self. There were people who had replaced all of the normal humanity, we might call it, the loyalty to family, the sense of compassion for the suffering of others, they have replaced all of this with loyalty to only one thing: the state, the apparatus, the ideology, however they saw it.

And, take note that this was done in a society that claimed to be the worker’s paradise, where there was solidarity, and the common good and a common goal, and everyone was united in this goal of building the socialist society. But it was all a lie, all a sham. Because people were only concerned about surviving in a system where anyone who dared to go beyond the defined norm was in danger of not surviving.

You see that, in order for Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other Soviet republics, and Warsaw Pact countries, to be free of their past, you need to recognize what that past did to the individual psyche, and to the collective psyche of the nation.

Now, if you focus on Ukraine, you will see that there is a clear tendency in the Ukrainian people, at least many of them, to be very focused on self, and be very insensitive to the suffering of other people. This is not said to in any way blame, but simply to point out a tendency, reinforced in Soviet times, but certainly going back further than that. There is a tendency for an insensitivity to life. You can see this, those of you who have grown up in this nation, if you take an honest look at your history, and see various events that demonstrate this insensitivity.

It is a matter of recognizing that this comes from this narrow focus on the outer self, that sees just about everything else as a threat. There is this very powerful momentum, and some powerful demons in the collective consciousness, that you who are our direct students have the opportunity to bind by making the calls to me, Archangel Michael and Astrea. And you can thereby render an immense service to this nation in helping people be free of this pull from the collective consciousness. This is not to say that it is your responsibility to free the entire nation and consume all of this. But it is, to point out, a simple mechanism.

For Ukraine to move forward, for Ukraine to be free of its past, the creative people of Ukraine need to overcome this focus on self so that they can open themselves up to feel connected with other people. How can you move into oneness, unless people feel connected with each other? Naturally, it cannot happen. So there needs to be a shift. And how can this shift happen, unless you, who know what you know, make the calls for the consuming of these momentums, for the binding of these demons, for the consuming of the demons, so that people can be free to start looking around and connecting again.

What was the teaching and the example given by Jesus? Think of his remark: “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it. But he who is willing to lose his life for my sake, shall find eternal life.” He who seeks to save the life of the outer self, shall lose the spiritual life. For you become focused on the outer self, you lose your connection to your own I AM Presence and higher self, you lose your connection to other people, you lose your connection to the spiritual realm and the ascended masters, you lose connection.

But what is life? What is life? How many people have dared to ask themselves this question? What is life?

Life is connection.

The fallen beings have, for eons, from before they even fell into this sphere, had a dream of creating the complete automaton, the complete robot that will do whatever it is told. This can never be completely achieved. Because all people have that spark of life within them. You cannot create a machine and breathe life into it.

There are scientists who believe that they can create a computer that will one day have the same intelligence or the same consciousness even, as a human being. Billions of dollars are being spent, countless hours, countless attention by scientists who could do more useful things, are being spent on creating this artificial life. You will never create a mechanical device that comes to life. Regardless of these fairy tales of Pinocchio, that you have heard from childhood, it will never happen. For that, which is created mechanically cannot be connected to the web of life.

Life is a web, an interconnection at the level of consciousness. There is only one mind, the mind of the Creator. And you, you have self-awareness, only because there is something in you that is part of that mind, an extension of that mind. But really not an extension, in the sense that it is separate from that mind.

How can you overcome fear and division unless you reconnect, unless each person reconnects to what they have within them? That life, that connection, that web, that ties all self-aware beings together?

How can Ukraine, or any nation, move into oneness, unless there is at least the top 10 percent of the creative people who reconnect to that in themselves, and therefore dare to open themselves up and look around, and look into the eyes of another person and see: that person has also connected to the web of life in himself or herself.

And when you see that connection in each other, then you can begin to come together and form the true unity. Not the false unity proclaimed by Marxist ideology, or Soviet propaganda. But the true unity that was what Christ attempted to create in his disciples or to awaken in his disciples.

When you are willing to lose the life of the little self, in order to connect to that greater life of the web of life, that is when you receive eternal life. For you realize you are not a separate being. You are an eternal, timeless, spiritual being. There is a saying in the east: “Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever,” said by the Atman the Brahma and the One Mind. But for you, you may say: “Bodies may come and bodies may go, but I go on forever.”

You are a timeless being, because you are connected to the web of life that is beyond time, beyond space, beyond the space-time continuum, or whatever you want to call the material world, the material frequency spectrum, which also is not separated from the one mind. It exists because the one mind feeds energy through it through the principle of Brahman, and Brahma. And then, with Vishnu, sustains it, gives it the ability to exist over time, even in any imperfect condition that has been co-created.

If there were only these two principles, then the imperfect condition could be sustained indefinitely, not forever, but for a very, very long time, measured with a lifespan of a human being. If there had only been Brahma and Vishnu, the Soviet Union would still be in existence. What broke down the Soviet Union? The fire of Shiva. Many other things contributed, as we have taught you about not only at this conference, but beyond. But anything that is broken down, it is the fire of Shiva.

And how is the fire of Shiva activated? It is activated when people come to that point, as Jesus said: “He who is willing to lose his life for my sake, shall find eternal life.” When you are willing to lose the sense of identity you have, as a limited separate being, that is when you connect to the web of life. And when you are willing to lose that separate self, by the mere willingness, by the mere decision, that you are willing to lose what is less in order to gain what is more, you activate the fire of Shiva.

So how did the Soviet Union collapse? Well, more and more people, both in Russia and outside of Russia, those who were affected by the Soviet Union came to that point where they sensed they knew from within: There must be more than this, there must be more to life than what we have in this Soviet utopia, which has turned out to be the Soviet nightmare, as by the way, any utopia will, if it is based on an idea that comes from the fallen beings.

There was reached a critical mass where so many people were willing to let go of the old self – the Homo-Sovieticus, where they never took initiative, they never objected, they never said it was enough, they never said “I will not do this”, that  activated the fire of Shiva to the point where the Soviet Union could not be sustained.

But what brings that about in people? It is that decision, the decision that you want a better life. Even the decision itself, has a major effect. Let us for a moment completely ignore what was done or what could be done on the outer. Let us just envision here that you have a Soviet Republic, where people have been beaten down to the point where they are just focused on their narrow survival and their daily lives—they dare not even think about how the state functions.

What is the purpose, what is the real purpose of creating such a system? It is to prevent people from making a decision that they want more—it is to get them to settle for less, without ever questioning the system. Now, of course, neither Lenin, nor Stalin nor any of the other Soviet leaders understood this consciously, but the fallen beings behind them who are pulling their strings like the marionettes that they were, they understood this very clearly. They understand the law of free-will. They are denying it, they are trying to get people to deny it. But they understand the law of free-will.

If a critical mass of people within a certain group: either a nation or another group, decide that they will no longer accept status quo and they want more, well then that status quo must begin to give away because by the very act of people making the decision, they release—they open themselves up to the fire of Shiva.

But what does it take to make that decision? You have to be willing to let go of the old. You have to be willing to let that old self die, not always knowing what comes after. You have to come to that point where you say, “This old identity is not worth holding on to. This old life that they call life, but which is not life, is not worth living. Therefore, instead of frantically holding on to this old, this narrow outer self, I am willing to let it go, to let it die in order to get something better.” That is the key decision.

Naturally, a critical mass of the people in Ukraine made the decision that caused them to be free of the Soviet Union. But they were not really clear, what they wanted to be free from and what they wanted instead. And that is why you see that some of the other nations in the Warsaw Pact or that were part of the Soviet Union have made more progress than Ukraine or Belarus, or Russia. Because the people there were more clear on what they wanted—what kind of a nation they wanted to live in—what kind of a life they want for themselves personally, and what kind of a nation did they need to have in order to get a good personal life.

As we have said, you need a nation that has peace, that has laws that are being enforced in a consistent way, not so that some people can get privileges beyond the general population. You need these very basic things. And in Ukraine today, there is a growing awareness of this. This is what you saw, with the election of the new president and the new parliament. You saw an outer expression of this desire.

But what has not yet happened is that a critical mass of people have come to that point where they have consciously decided to let go of that old self that is separate, that is afraid, that is insensitive to others, to the suffering of others. But they are close. And with your calls, they can turn that corner.

And then you can see that there can be not only that outer willingness to vote in a new kind of politician, but also the realization that if we really want a different country, we have to become a new kind of people. We have to rise above the old Ukrainian identity and become a new kind of Ukrainian. One that is not afraid, one that is not separated, one that is not insensitive to others, but a new kind of human being who is connected, who sees itself connected to others, because it sees itself connected to something within itself.

People may not need to consciously know about the I Am Presence or the teachings you have, but they need to connect that there’s something in themselves that tells them: “This I cannot do. This, I will not do. I will not violate the rights of others. I will not cause other people to suffer. I will not take bribes, I will not pay bribes. I will not do this, I will not do that.” Because you just know “This is not who I am anymore”.

It is not a matter of having this outer moralistic standard that has been put upon people by the fallen beings. You saw it in the Catholic Church, you see it still among Catholics, where an outer standard for how they should behave is put upon them. You saw it in the Soviet Union, where an outer state, outer definition was put upon people for how they should behave. And some people tried to behave that way and other people just went along.

But what Jesus came to show people is that when you connect to something inside yourself, you connect to that web of life, there are certain things you just don’t do anymore. It is not that you are forcing yourself to not do them. You don’t even have to reason or rationalize why you’re not doing them. You just know: “I’m not doing this because this is no longer who I am, I am no longer the kind of being who does this.” No struggle, no need for self-discipline. As so many spiritual people pride themselves of having self-discipline, because they can force down this or that desire.

Well, I say: identify the self from where the desire comes and let that self die, so you don’t have to force anything. A real spiritual person, or person who has reached a higher level of spiritual attainment, needs no self-discipline, there is no self to discipline. And there is no self that wants to discipline another self.

So enough of the lecture, enough of the discourse. I have one more gift to give to this, not only the Ukrainian nation, but all nations who were affected by the Soviet Union. And it is simply the fire of Shiva.

I anchor the fire of Shiva in all the nations who were formerly part of the Soviet Union or affected by it, in a measure that is higher than before, thereby making it easier for people to make the decision to let go of the old self, and to free themselves from that old self, that old sense of identity, so that they can begin to wake up, realize “This is who I really am. I am more than this old self. And that is why I can manifest more in my personal life, and manifest more in my nation. Because I have a right to expect more of life and to accept that when I determine in myself what I want from life, then life will willingly give it to me, because the universe is the cosmic mirror. And it will, and it must, and it can only reflect back to me what I am sending out”.

Consider what people were sending into the universal mirror during Soviet times. Is it not obvious that if you have those same selves in your consciousness, and you continue to project out that same message of limitation, and you are not worthy to have this or that, what can the universe do except continue to reflect that back to you, which you are saying you want?

So my fire will help people realize that they do want more. And then decide that they are worthy to have it, that they can have it and that life will give it to them when they are no longer divided in themselves, because they have let that old sense of identity die and they are reborn into a new sense of self. It need not be a high spiritual sense of self. I’m not saying that all people need to come to consciously to walk the spiritual path. They simply need to be reborn into a higher sense of self that is more connected than the old closed-off self they had before.

This is the flame I anchor. This is the opportunity I give. You who know of us personally, you can invoke that flame by giving just a few seconds to focus on my being, my presence, my fire, and then simply give the mantra “Shiva” as many times that you have time to do. You can do this several times during the day. Don’t make a big elaborate ritual out of it. Just make a habit of a few times a day focusing on Shiva, being willing to look at yourself. Is there another self that is ready to die today? And then give a few Shiva’s and let go of that self.

You could make a habit—there’s an old saying among American Indians, “It is a good day to die.” This is something they said before they went into battle and hoped to die with honor. But you can let go of that warrior mentality and still say: “It is a good day for another self to die.” And that is how you can do what Saint Paul admonished the disciples of Jesus to do when he said: “I die daily”.

Every day, another self dies and is consumed by the fire of Shiva, when you make the decision that you are more than that self. And by you raising your consciousness, you will pull up on the collective and you will be surprised at how few people can pull up the collective consciousness of an entire nation. There are enough ascended master students in Ukraine to have a decisive impact. There are enough ascended master students in Russia to have a decisive impact. There are even enough in Belarus, although I know you feel you are so few. But you can still have an impact on your nation.

My beloved, when I say that there are enough ascended master students in Russia, I mean, there are enough people who are aware of ascended master teachings. Naturally those students are rather divided in this, what we might call a special Russian tendency to divide yourselves up into factions that oppose each other. What sense does it make that there are spiritual people who acknowledge the existence of ascended masters, but they allow their attention to be tied up in battling with other students about who is the only true messenger? What nonsense is this?

Be willing to let go of these divisions and realize that these divisions exist only in the physical octave, or the three higher octaves, for in the spiritual octave there is no division. Do you really think that we of the ascended masters are divided as you are divided amongst yourselves?

What is the value of recognizing ascended masters? It is that you should be able and willing to recognize that we are beyond anything on earth—anything in the human consciousness—we are beyond it.

What is the value for you of recognizing this, that we have the ability and the willingness to pull you beyond all the human divisions? What is the value of recognizing ascended masters if you are not willing to come beyond human divisions, but actually use the teachings of the ascended masters to reinforce the divisions?

What is the value I simply ask? I’m not telling you to do this or do that. I’m not telling anyone to accept this messenger. But I’m simply saying what is the value of recognizing ascended masters if you’re not willing to use us to rise above human divisions?

And then when you have made an effort to rise above human divisions, you might have a different perspective than you have today. But if you would rather hold on to that perspective, that is your free-will right. But can you not see that you cannot claim to be connected to the ascended masters, and at the same time hold on to these human divisions? It is not reality. It is delusional to think that you are connected to ascended masters, while using our teachings to reinforce the divisions, even the divisions to other people who recognize ascended masters. What nonsense is this? What utter nonsense.

Use whatever teaching you have to seek to make use of our offer to help you rise above human divisions. And when you have made that sincere effort and let that divided self disconnect itself or those divided disconnected selves die, then be willing to look around and look into the eyes of other ascended master students regardless of their background, and see, do we not have a connection—a direct connection that transcends all these outer divisions? And can we not then find a way to move forward from there?

Are you willing to apply to Shiva who is recognized by all ascended master dispensations and teachings? Are you willing to call to my fire to consume the divisions in yourself? Are you willing to decide to let those selves die? Those divided separate selves. Are you willing to do this?

And so, with this, I, as a Universal Being, want you to know that I find not a human enjoyment, but a spiritual enjoyment in being with you and being able to speak in the physical and thereby connect to your beings—have my fire flow through your beings into the collective consciousness. And therefore, I express my gratitude for your willingness to come together. For you have achieved in these few short days, a higher degree of oneness than you had when you came. And for this I acknowledge your progress.


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The Ukrainian people need to adopt a positive outlook on life

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Ascended Master Portia, September 20, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter the forces of anti-love in the heart of Kiev, and in the heart of Ukraine. Shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, the forces of anti-love in Minsk and the heart of Belarus. Shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter, the forces of anti-love in the heart of Moscow and Russia.

I AM the Ascended Master Portia. I have been called the Goddess of Opportunity, because I hold, I carry, I release the Flame of Opportunity to the people on Earth. Thus I come, to shatter those forces that oppose the opportunity of the people to build a life for themselves that is more than what they have known so far, more than some of them could even dream about. But nevertheless, they deserve the opportunity to have a life that is more than it has been before.

And this is the flame that I anchor now, in these three capitals of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. To give those people who are able and willing to tune in to the Flame of Opportunity, that new day, that new opening, so that they can grab that flame, internalize that flame, and manifest in the physical, the new opportunities for the people of these three nations who are, of course, karmically quite closely linked. It is almost impossible to improve conditions in one without improving conditions in the other two. And therefore, I have decided to anchor this flame in all three places.

Now, this is an opportunity, but it comes with an Alpha and an Omega aspect. The Alpha aspect is that those who are willing to raise their consciousness and grab that flame and become more, well, for them, it will be an opportunity for growth. And those who are not willing to become more, those who are not willing to grow, those who are not willing to rise up and transcend the old, those who seek to hold on to the old ways, and deny that there is an opportunity to become more, for them the flame will be the judgment, the judgment of Christ, the judgment of the Divine Mother, that therefore opens the opportunity that the angels of Archangel Michael and Astrea may indeed bind the dark forces who are opposing growth and even take some people out of embodiment, because their time has long been up. But they have been kept artificially alive by the denial of the people. Denial that is not truly the result of the free will choices of the people, but a manipulated denial, a manipulated choice, because people have for so long, had the denial of any opportunity to improve their lives that they have given up, given up hope, given up thinking it is possible to improve their lives.

This is precisely the consciousness that I come to shatter this day, so that all people will feel that there ís opportunity for a better future, than what we have known in the past and what we know today.

(outbreath) I breathe out the breath of the Divine Mother, to breathe new life into those people who have been downtrodden for so long, that they have given up hope. Let them feel this new breath that might be like the breath you give when you are resuscitating someone who has drowned and you blow air into their lungs, so that they can again start breathing on their own.

(outbreath) And thus, let the people feel a new hope, let them sense a new opportunity. Let those who can sense it consciously, let those who cannot still sense it in their emotional, mental and identity bodies. For it is undeniable. There is no one who can deny the Flame of Opportunity that I bring, that I AM. You may say: “What about free will?” They can deny it, but they cannot deny it without knowing that they are denying it. They cannot just be unconscious and not notice. They cannot be completely unaware. Those who are actively denying must know that they are making the choice to deny the opportunity. For if they are not aware what they are denying, how could they have had the opportunity? And I, embodying a flame have a right to give people an opportunity. And I have decided to do this today.

So then I wish to give you a teaching that can help many people, that you might be able to use, those of you who are direct students, but even so it can be published, it can spread in the collective consciousness, and people might be able to embrace it. The teaching is simple.

Since 1905 when Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity, it has been known that everything is energy. The world is made from energy. This is simple logic when you look at the theory of relativity, there is no denying it. What does it mean? It means that everything you do as a human being is done with energy. You know very well that you need energy from the food you eat in order for your body to function. But it is not difficult for people to make the leap and realize that your psyche, your mind, your emotions, they are also driven by energy. What else can drive it in a world where everything is energy?

There is physical energy, there is psychic energy. Therefore, your mind, your consciousness, your awareness, everything you do, think or feel is driven by energy. If you did not have psychic energy, you could not think, you could not feel, you could not be conscious, you could not make a decision to act. And therefore, before the physical energy can come to expression in your body doing something, there must be a process in your consciousness that makes you decide to do something and that process is driven by psychic energy.

Now, where does psychic energy come from? It cannot come from the food you eat, for it is a higher form of energy. Thoughts are not physical, you cannot see your thoughts with your physical senses. They come from a higher level of energy, which is also quite logical, based on the theory of relativity, that there can be an infinite scale of energy going from the physical vibrations to higher vibrations. People can understand quite easily that you have an emotional body where there is emotional energy that drives your feelings, you have a mental body where there is mental energy that drives your thoughts. This is simple enough, most people will even be able to realize that there is an even deeper level or a higher level where your sense of identity is anchored. And there is a specific energy there that drives your sense of identity. Now then, we can leave aside for now the question of where this energy ultimately comes from and look at the effect of the energy.

What does it take for a human being to feel good? For most people, who may not have had a high spiritual experience, they will say that in their life experience, the best they have ever felt was when they were in love. That is when people feel free, they feel joyful. But why do they feel this way? Because they have an openness in their being to letting the energy flow freely. Some say that when you are in love you act like a fool. But it is at least a happy fool. And perhaps that is better than acting like a wise man who is unhappy. Why do you act like a fool? Because you do things you normally do not do. Why do you do things you normally do not do? Because you are open, there is an openness in your being. The feeling of being in love opens you to a flow of energy that you normally do not have.

What is it that makes you feel good when you are in love? It is that there is more energy flowing through you, more psychic energy flowing through your identity, mental and emotional bodies into the physical. It is not that big of a stretch for people to realize that when energy, positive energy is flowing freely, you feel better than when the energy is not flowing. This is not rocket science. It may be beyond what they were brought up to think whether it be in the materialism of the Soviet Union, or the materialism of the West, or even the Christianity of the West or any other religion around the world. But still, it is not advanced. Most people will be able to grasp this. When energy, positive energy is flowing freely, you feel good, when the energy is not flowing, you do not feel good.

What can prevent the energy from flowing? It is whenever you have certain things in your mind. Be it negative feelings or limiting thoughts where you dare not allow the energy to flow, you dare not express the positive, love based energy. This may be fear, a fear what will happen if you are open, if you dare to express yourself. It may be at the very simple level that you are in love with another person, but you are afraid to talk to that person and express what you feel. Because, what if you are rejected? It may be many more subtle things.

You gave earlier this rosary of forgiveness. And if you are angry with other people, if you feel they have harmed you, if you want them to be punished, if you want them to suffer as you have suffered, these are all beliefs and feelings that block the flow of energy through your being. It is not impossible for people to realize that there must be some opening through which this psychic energy is flowing. And when that opening is closed, then the energy cannot flow. And therefore you do not feel as good as when the energy is flowing freely. And all of these negative feelings, all of these negative thoughts, limiting thoughts and limiting sense of who you are as a human being what you can and cannot do, all of these things will cause the opening to close gradually. The more negative thoughts you have, the more negative beliefs you have, the more the opening will close and the less energy will flow through and the worse you are going to feel.

This can then cause people to at least think: “What opens my mind to the flow of energy, what closes my mind?” And people can feel it themselves. If you are afraid, that emotional energy of fear, is a block, that partly closes the opening through which the energy flows. If you are angry, then it closes even more. If you desire revenge, well then your mind is focused on this. Why did Jesus tell you to love your neighbor as yourself, to love your enemies, to forgive those that harmed you, to forgive seventy times seven? Because this is the key to you feeling good, that you overcome all of these blocks. You see that the more your mind, the more your feelings are focused on the limitation, focusing on the fear based, focusing on the negative, the more you close the flow, the less energy can flow and automatically, you feel worse.

Now, you can take this, you can look back at history and you can say: “How did people feel during Soviet times? How did most people feel?” Well, they had so many fears, so many restrictions, such a limited sense of what was possible for them that if you could even think back and look at their facial expressions, you would see how closed they were. You can even take pictures of people from Soviet times, be it your relatives, be it public figures, you can look at their faces and you can see how their faces were closed. It was almost like they were wearing a mask and the inside of the mask had all of these strings attached and someone was pulling these strings tighter and tighter and tighter, until their faces were almost pulled inwards. So closed were they. Oftentimes the people who were higher up and had more power were the most closed and you can see this in their faces.

You can realize here that the Soviet Union was the type of society that forces its citizens to close themselves off. Because if they were really open to looking at conditions, as they were, they would have come to a realization: life is unbearable, my life is unbearable. But if you come to that realization then many people will not be able to bear the sense that life is unbearable. Therefore, they will go into depression, they might commit suicide, they might be unable to function psychologically, they might drink themselves senseless with vodka, as many people did.

As a defense mechanism, most people closed themselves off, they focused on a very narrow environment, a very narrow life that they had defined that within these boundaries: “I can feel somewhat safe and as long as I stay here and as long as I don’t really look at what is going on outside this very small sphere, then life is bearable for me”. Had they opened themselves up to look beyond it, life would have become instantly unbearable. This was what the society of the Soviet Union forced most of its people to do.

They did not realize this, but today that you have seen something else, that even the people of Russia have had a distance from Soviet society and you can say half the people in Belarus have had a distance, since they still have almost the same kind of police state, but they have had some distance to the old times at least. You can say that everyone has had an opportunity to have some distance and therefore it is possible that people can come to acknowledge that Soviet society forced its citizens to close themselves to the flow of positive energy. When you close yourself to that flow, then you cannot feel good about yourself, about your life, it is impossible, because you are closing off the very energy that makes you feel good.

When people recognize this, they can now begin to look at their society and say: “What kind of society do I want to live in?” If they want to continue to live in a closed society and close their minds and feelings, then they have a right to make that choice. I am in no way trying to force anyone to live in a way they do not want to live, but if they come to the realization that they do not want to live in a closed society, then that is when the Flame of Opportunity I have now anchored in these three places can help them come over that hump, so to speak, come over that turning point where they start realizing a very simple mechanism.

That mechanism is that if they do not want to live in a closed society, they have to start opening their minds before there is a change in the outer society. A change in society has to start in the minds of its citizens and it has to start when some of them, and eventually a critical mass of them, dare to open their minds to the flow of positive energy. They dare to make the decision that no matter what the outer conditions are, you can still open your mind on the personal level and when you dare to do this, you will release positive energy. When many people dare to do this, in fact, only a small percentage of a population, then it will have an impact on the nation. If 1% of the people in a nation open their minds to the free flow of positive energy, that will shift the nation in a decisive way and set the nation on an upward track.

This does not mean they even have to know about ascended masters and know about all of the things you know, for example, about chakras. They just have to know this very simple measure, the difference between being open and being closed, being open to letting positive energy flow through your mind or being closed and therefore blocking that energy from flowing. Many, many people already have it. Not as many in Belarus, but quite a few people in Russia and many people in Ukraine as well, have dared to have more of an optimism about the future. They have dared to have some dreams, take some initiative, start their own business, for example. Therefore, there are already quite a number of people who have locked onto this and my flame being anchored will reinforce these people and embolden them to express it more in society.

It can be expressed in many ways but it begins with making a decision that  you will dare to adopt a positive outlook on life, where you dare to realize that the difference between a pessimist and an optimist is just a slight turn of the dial of the mind. If you look at one of these clocks you have in your kitchen, an egg timer, where you can turn the dial to set the number of minutes. Envision that you have a switch like that in your mind and the pessimist has turned it to the negative and the optimist has turned it to the positive. There is no outer condition here that determines how you turn the dial in your mind. It is entirely something you have the power to change on your own.

Certainly, society can have an impact on how many people are able to adopt a positive outlook on life and that is why you saw in the Soviet Union that hardly anyone had it. In the societies you have today more people have already started turning it and more people can certainly do so. It is a matter of deciding. For you who are ascended master students it is also a matter of deciding.

There has been a tendency in past ascended master organizations to focus on the problems, to focus on the negatives, the perversions, what had to be overcome. We have, in a sense, given you many teachings about what needs to be overcome but we have also given you the tools to work on your psychology to let go of these selves so that you can come to make that switch where you decide to focus on the positive. It is, as I said in the new book, a matter of accepting Saint Germain’s Golden Age.

You, who are direct students, can certainly make that switch where you accept that there is an opportunity to improve conditions in Russia, in Belarus, in Ukraine. You who live in those countries, you can make that switch, you can decide to look at the opportunity instead of focusing on the problems, to accept that your nation is on a positive track, that things wíll get better and that your calls will have an impact in terms of tipping the nation in a positive direction. There is a considerable opportunity that Ukraine can make this switch before Belarus and Russia.

The Ukrainian people have that potential to make the switch and adopt that positive outlook. They may need some help, they may need some inspiration by looking at other nations that have made it. As such, your president has already had contact with the presidents of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, others so that you can learn and be inspired by what other nations have done. But what I am telling you is there is a tremendous opportunity for Ukraine to go through this shift where people accept the possibility, the reality of a positive future. And therefore, they can open themselves up and let the light flow through them.

My beloved, why has Poland and Estonia been able to start at the same point as Belarus, Russia and Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union and still make such a tremendous change in this short span of years? Why have they been able to do it? What has driven that change in these nations? Well, it is the energy of the people. What can drive the change in a nation? There must be energy, where must the energy come from? It comes from the people in that nation. They have driven it by being willing to become positive, to look at the opportunity, to multiply the talents and therefore there has been energy to drive the growth of these nations.

This has so far been lacking in Ukraine but it is beginning to break through more and more. Not so much in the rural areas but certainly in the cities, starting in Kiev as the capital, where you see more of an optimism. This can quickly gather a momentum that becomes unstoppable and therefore gives the new president and the new parliament the energy they need to carry out the reforms that the people who elected them want to see happen. But the people who elected them do not quite realize that they have to provide the energy, it was not enough to just put your cross in a little box on a ballot. You need to provide the energy as well.

What does it mean to multiply the talents that we have talked about? It actually means that you are allowing positive energy to flow through you. That is how you multiply the talents. It is not a matter of an outer thing that someone needs to give to you. The fact that in Jesus’s parable that the servants were given different numbers of talents does not mean that God arbitrarily gives more light to one person than another. It just signifies that in past lifetimes, they had garnered more or less light and now they had an opportunity to multiply it or not multiply it and those who did will always be given more. When you open yourself up you are multiplying the talents, and therefore you will be given more.

You who are spiritual students know where the more comes from, it comes from the ascended masters, your I AM Presence. The people in general are not ready to understand this, although some may be aware that you could have a higher self, a higher part of your being that can release more or less energy to you, depending on what you do with that energy. In fact, they might even realize that your higher self always wants to release energy, but it cannot do so if your mind is closed. It is up to you to open the mind. And when you open, the flow will be there. Anybody who has been in love should be able to recognize this, the difference between open and closed.

With this I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment, except I want to give you my love, my gratitude for your willingness to come together, for your willingness to give the invocations, to use the tools to work on your psychology, to overcome the selves, to look at yourself and to start pulling on that beam in your own eye instead of focusing on the splinter in the eyes of your brothers and sisters. This is why we have been able to release the light we have released so far and will be able to release more in the coming days. Because you have been willing to multiply the talents, the teachings, the energy we have given you and come together to say to us: “We are open to receiving more.” Therefore you are receiving more as I trust you can feel in this release and for this you have my infinite gratitude.


Copyright © 2019 by Kim Michaels

Dare to be more!

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Ascended Master Vajrasattva, September 20, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am the Ascended Master Vajrasattva, or as they call me in the East, the Dhyani Buddha Vajrasattva. The spiritual poison for which I am and for which I bring the antidote is non-will and non-being. Why is this relevant for this conference? Well, what is the primary product, so to speak, of the Soviet Union? It is a society where most people have been so overwhelmed by this spiritual poison of non-will and non-being that they are paralyzed. They cannot move out of it, for they dare not exercise their will and they dare not exercise their will, because they dare not be. They dare not be what they truly are, spiritual beings in embodiment.

What do they dare to be? Homo Sovieticus, the proudest achievement of the fallen beings during the Soviet era, the creation of an entirely new type of human being never seen before on this planet, or so they think, because of their short memories. For in previous ages they have produced something very like the Homo Sovieticus, a being who can barely be called a human being, but more an automaton, a mechanized man that dared not exercise will, being or self-awareness.

Truly when you get so beaten down that you do not even dare to consider what you are, what kind of being you are, you can almost lose self-awareness. You can never completely lose it, but you can get to the point where the Conscious You is neither a You nor conscious. There is not any sense of individuality and there is not the ability to step outside of that sense of identity that you have built in this repressive society, be it the Soviet Union or some society seen in the distant past that is not part of what you today call history.

As Portia explained, there can come a point where your daily situation is so tense, so intense, you are so focused on yourself, your immediate situation, on surviving, on getting along but not being killed, that you have no awareness left over to step back. You are so focused on this tense situation because you are so closed. You are so closed-in that you are just focused on the here and now, the immediate future, surviving this day, surviving next week, next month, that you are not able to open up your awareness and therefore step outside of your four lower bodies and realize that the Conscious You is what we have called pure awareness. It is self-awareness without a particular self that pulls you in to identifying in a specific way.

This is what the fallen beings have always dreamt of creating, this type of human being that they can mold after their schemes, their ideas, their illusions, their lies, their serpentine lies. There is a story that this messenger heard when he was a child, of a farmer who all his life had been experimenting with his horses trying to feed them as little as possible. There was finally one horse where he thought he had reached his ultimate goal because this horse stopped eating completely and just as the farmer was congratulating himself for his achievement, the horse died and it is the same with the Soviet Union. The fallen beings attempted to create a mechanized man, a mechanized race and just as they thought they had achieved it, the Soviet Union died.

Why did it die? Well, what would sustain it when all of the people, or the vast majority of the people living within it, had closed themselves off for the flow of higher energies? What could then sustain this creation of the fallen beings? You see that even the fallen beings face certain dilemmas. Even the fallen beings cannot have their cake and eat it too. They can attempt to create a race of mechanized beings but what is the cost? These beings cannot be the open doors for higher energies and without higher energies the society created by the fallen beings becomes subject to the second law of thermodynamics that breaks down that which has become a closed system, because it has caused the people to close themselves off to the life sustaining energies from above.

What is the lesson that could be learned from the Soviet Union if the people had a higher spiritual awareness? Well, it is the simple lesson that no society that is closed off from the higher realm, the spiritual realm, can survive in the long run. That lesson could also be learned from the western materialist democracies, or from the medieval Catholic nations in Europe, from the Roman Empire, from many other societies throughout known history and many more beyond known history. They could all teach you this one lesson: nothing closed can survive.

They may survive for a time, as the Catholic society of the dark ages survived for over a thousand years but that was actually because the Catholic Church never achieved what the Soviet leaders achieved. People in the Catholic Church were not completely closed off to the inflow of higher energies. There was still some flow and that was what the fallen beings behind the Catholic Church could pervert and use to create these clearly anti-Christ manifestations of the Inquisition, the Crusades, the witch hunts and so on.

What does all of this have to do with the situation in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia? Well, it has that to do with it that I and the five other Dhyani Buddhas offer our assistance in an extraordinary measure to help the people not only in these three nations that are the topic of this conference, but in all former Soviet republics, Warsaw Pact countries, free themselves from these spiritual poisons. We are manifesting our presence in all nations who were under the yoke of the Soviet Union and at inner levels we are offering the people an opportunity to rise above the spiritual poisons so that they can have a freedom they have not known for lifetimes, and so that they can set their nations on a new course that is not dominated by these poisons, first of all or most important of all, non-will and non-being.

You can look at the nations that were part of the Soviet Union or Warsaw bloc, you can look at how much progress they have made since the fall of Communism and one of the causes of the progress is that there were a number of people that had that will to be more, to seek something more, to seek a better life, to accept that it was possible to manifest a better life, to leave the past behind. The more people that had that will to be, the more progress the nation has made, the less people who have the will, the less progress in the nation.

You see that in the nation of Ukraine there has been that lower will to be what you truly are and there has also been a great influence of the spiritual poison of anger and this has held back Ukraine from making the progress it could have made. It has created the civil war in the East, it has created the corruption, for what is it that you see in these corrupt people? They have no will to be more. They have no will to bring forth more from within themselves and therefore they seek to take from those who have that will. Thereby, of course, discouraging people from doing more. For what is the point if it is just stolen anyway? Why would you work harder during the Soviet times when the state reaped the benefits of the reward of your labor? Why would you work harder in post-Soviet times when those above you in the hierarchy of society reap the fruits of your labor?

Nevertheless as other masters have said, Ukraine is at a tipping point, where the nation can rise from this past and manifest a new day, a new era, where people can again begin to feel that will to be, that will to do something extra to improve their personal situation, to open up that flow of positive energy through them where they can believe, where they can accept that “if I do more, it will improve my situation. It will come back to me directly without being taken by someone else. I will reap the fruits of my labor.”

That is the true right that the workers on this planet should have. Not the rights defined in Marxist ideology or in Soviet ideology or in Chinese ideology, where the people do not reap the fruit of their labor. The workers do not reap the fruit of their labor, and if the workers do not reap the fruit of their labor they are not workers. They are slaves! What you have in the Soviet Union, what you have in China today, are slave states. They are not liberating the workers. They are enslaving them even more than they would be in a strict capitalist economy where they were exploited by the capitalists by the bourgeoisie. You see again the lie of the fallen beings, who claimed that they were freeing the workers, but who enslaved them even more than they had ever been in known history.

These antidotes that we offer can be of tremendous help. You who are our students can help your nations tremendously by giving these chants. You may even take the recording of this session that you have done before this dictation and replay it. You can distribute it freely amongst yourselves. You can provide a tremendous service when you give this half hour of chants and if you have time listen to this dictation afterwards.

Much more could I say, but I will let other masters expound on what we want to give you with words. For what I want to give you is not primarily with words, but with the energies of the antidotes to these poisons. We have named the poisons with words. We have named the antidotes with words. But the antidotes are far more than words and cannot be captured by words. You can tune in to them if you are willing to open yourself and absorb that energy that is a very complex energy field, a living, pulsating energy field that can transform your personal life and transform your nation if you are willing to absorb it without conditions, without closing yourself off, with the caution that you do not allow it to become too much, but you allow yourself to absorb what you can in one sitting and then you take a break until you do this exercise again.

My beloved, with this I have completed my task. I am grateful for your willingness to be the open doors, to be the broadcast stations for the very powerful impulse that we have sent into the collective consciousness of all nations that were under the Soviet Union. For this you have the gratitude of all six of us.


Copyright © 2019 by Kim Michaels

How can you truly forgive?

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Ascended Master Master More, September 20, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am the Ascended Master MORE. Although this music you have played has been revealed as being the keynote of me as an ascended master, I am of course more than any piece of music. You will see that this music is revered around the world by many different people who have never heard of ascended masters. Although they may be uplifted by listening to the music, it does not mean that they can tune in to my being, to my Presence, just by listening to a piece of music. For tuning in to an ascended master is not a mechanical act, a mechanical process.

I was playing a little trick on this messenger before the dictation because he went through his normal routine of taking a dictation, where he tunes in to the master and says: “Master More you are the doer, I can of my own self do nothing.” This is of course, to get himself in a neutral state of mind where he is not taking a dictation, he is allowing it to flow through him without affecting it with any outer intention. The trick I was playing on him was that I gave him the thought that this was not enough to tune in to my Presence. He realised immediately that it was because he needed to become more, more than a human being who can do nothing of itself. This is a key to all of you who want to tune in to my Presence. It is also a key to why I did this – for some radical, for some false thing, of changing my name.

I want you to know that I am more than any image that has been given through any messenger and more than any image that has been built by any group of students, so if you want to tune into me, you need to realise that you are more than a human being. It is through acknowledging that you are more, that you can tune in to Master MORE. Is this not logical? So, having gotten this out of the way, I want to move on to the topic at hand.

What can we do about the nation of Ukraine? Well, I want to let you know that you have already done much by coming together at this conference, by giving the invocations you have given. I want you to realise that when you give an invocation like this Miracle Forgiveness Rosary, by being so many of you together in one place, you are sending an impulse into the collective consciousness of such power, that this has never happened before in this nation.

Naturally, there is always free will and people may choose to ignore the opportunity they have been given, but they did not have free will before they received this impulse of what you have projected out. The essential message in this invocation is this: “By not forgiving you are harming yourself.” This is the message that has now been projected into the collective consciousness of Ukraine, of all people who live here, also in the nation of Belarus and in the nation of Russia, because so many of you from Russia have come here.

There is now a very powerful impulse that has been projected into the collective consciousness and this has given all people, even though most of them are not aware of it, but it has given them an opportunity to re-think how they look at forgiveness. Most people of course look at forgiveness as: “If someone has harmed me, if I am to forgive them, they have to live up to certain conditions. They have to either regret what they have done, they have to change, or they have to be punished for a certain period of time. When they have been punished enough, then I can forgive them.”

What are you doing? You are holding yourself in that state of consciousness and as long as you think these other people need to suffer, you yourself will be suffering. Non-forgiveness is a state of mind, a state of mind that could be called “hell.” What is hell? Well regardless of the images projected out there by the Christian religion, it is more than anything a state of mind. What is it that blocks progress in any nation? It is a state of mind. What was the Soviet Union? First of all, a state of mind.

What have we said many, many times through this messenger? Consciousness comes before the physical manifestation. Any condition you look at in the material universe, there is a state of consciousness that precipitated that condition. Now you may do certain things in the physical realm to change conditions. I am in no way denying that this can be done. But the question is: How can you actually come to the point where you can take certain actions? You may say that there are nations in the world who have created a more peaceful society, where there is more affluence and freedom. They did this by taking certain physical actions, but what enabled them to take those physical actions? It was that there was first a shift in consciousness.

That is the central message that we have given to our students now for almost a century but I daresay that the majority of those students who have heard this message, have not truly internalised it. They have not fully accepted it. Therefore, they are still projecting out that something out there needs to change. That is why you see students who are still sitting there using the decrees given in previous dispensations and they are thinking they are decreeing to change world conditions, but they are only projecting out that it is those other people who need to change. They are not willing to themselves be the forerunners by changing their own state of consciousness.

What we have called you who are open to this dispensation to step up to, is the realisation that you can have a tremendous impact on your nation and the world by changing your own state of consciousness and that only by changing your own state of consciousness will you have the full impact that ascended master students can have. There is simply no way to have maximum impact by only decreeing for other people to change, while not being willing to change yourself.

You can have an impact. I am not saying that these students of previous dispensations have not had a positive impact on the world, they have. But it has not been the full potential of what can be achieved when we have a group of students, a student body who is willing to look at themselves, work on themselves, set themselves free because when you are free in yourself of a certain state of consciousness, when you call for other people to be set free from that state of consciousness, or for the judgment of those who will not be set free, your calls have an almost infinitely greater impact than when you have not freed yourself from the consciousness.

We are talking magnitudes greater impact, so those of you who have truly internalised the need to forgive, the power of forgiveness, of setting yourself free and setting other people free, your invocation that you have just given has had an almost infinitely greater impact than if you had given it without having internalised it yourselves. That is why it is so extremely powerful when you use these latest books and invocations of resolving the primal self and all of the separate selves, because it sets you free so that in a sense we could say that you are no longer a human being making the calls for the world to change. You are more than a human being because you recognise that you are more. Therefore, you are not just making a call, you are an open door for the flow of the spirit through you and that has a much greater impact.

Now then, back to the situation in Ukraine. What the people of Ukraine have said by electing this new president and this new parliament, is that we have had enough of the old patterns, the old politics as usual, we want something new, we want more. So the question is: How can they have more? Only by realising that they are more.

How can you truly forgive? By realising that you are more than the self that was hurt and that feels the desire to punish those that hurt you. You can only forgive by leaving things behind. Not just the outer situation, not just the other people. What are you really leaving behind? You are leaving behind the self that was hurt. What gives people a desire for revenge? It is that they have a self that was created when they were hurt by other people, they reacted to that situation.

Perfectly natural and understandable that people at a certain level of consciousness react to being harmed by building a self that is hurt. The fact of the matter is, and some would call it a brutal fact of life, but it is simply a fact of life, is that this self is projecting that there is a problem that has to be solved. These people did something wrong, they need to be punished, they need to be made to suffer. They need to be made to see that what they did was wrong.

But this problem can never be solved. It can never be solved enough. If you doubt my words, go to the Middle East, look at the situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians and the Arabs. Can you ever punish the other side enough, so that the one side will feel: “Now they have been punished enough, now we can forgive them.” Well, maybe you can my beloved, but it hasn’t happened in the last five thousand years, has it? Is that not some indication of the impossibility of the task?

So the fact is that as all selves, this self is projecting that you have to solve a problem by making these other people change or by punishing them and then you can forgive, then you can be free of the self. As we have told you, even if you could solve the problem you would not be free of the self, because the self would just find some other condition that needed to be fulfilled, so that it can stay alive. So you need to come to that realisation (and I am naturally speaking into the collective consciousness because I know you understand this) but you need to come to this realisation: “Do I want to be free? Then I need to move on.”

To be perfectly direct as we have determined to be here, what do the Ukrainian people want? It is perfectly clear and there can be no doubt about it, that much suffering has been done to the Ukrainian people by Russia, by Communist Russia, Soviet Russia and Stalinist Russia. The Holodomor (man-made famine) is a big wound in the collective consciousness, I am in no way trying to belittle this. But there is an attitude in the collective consciousness of Ukraine, most former Soviet Republics, most Warsaw Pact countries that the Russians should either be punished for what they did, or at least be made to see what they did and see that it was wrong, as the Germans have seen that the Holocaust and the Nazi regime was wrong.

There are many people who feel that the Russian people have not seen that the Soviet Union was an aggressive force that precipitated immense suffering on people outside of Russia, as it of course precipitated immense suffering on people inside of Russia. Many people feel that the Russians have not seen this, they have not acknowledged this, they are not determined that this should never happen again.

Of course, when you talk about the largest part of the Russian population, it is perfectly correct. There are of course many Russians, the creative people in Russia, the many spiritual people who have embodied in Russia in order to bring Russia forward who have seen it, who have acknowledged it, but it has never been acknowledged officially by the Russian government. There has never been a willingness to ask for forgiveness as for example, you saw not very long ago, there was a celebration or a memorial in Poland to commemorate the German attack in 1939 and the German government sent a representative who openly asked for forgiveness, as they have done many times before. This has never been done by any Russian government. There are many people who feel that this should be done before we can truly forgive the Russians.

I now speak into the collective consciousness of Ukraine and I say: “What do you want? Do you want to continue to be tied to the Russian people or do you want to be free to be yourselves, to create your own nation on your own terms? And if you want the first then just continue to not forgive the Russians. But if you want to be free to be your own nation then this can only, only happen if you forgive the Russians unconditionally without waiting for any change in them because when you are waiting for other people to change, you are keeping yourself trapped in a certain state of mind that prevents your progress. You must let go.”

It is the same that you have now with the civil war in Eastern Ukraine. You cannot right the wrongs, you cannot change the past. You can only determine: “How can we find a way to move on?”, and as Mother Mary said: “there must be dialogue.” As the President has already demonstrated, he is willing to at least attempt to have such a dialogue. This needs to happen in the collective consciousness that people are saying: “Let the past be the past and let us look at what kind of a future we can create for this nation. Can we move forward together or can we find a peaceful way to move forward separately?”

Other nations have done this. Other nations have divided and moved forward in a more or less peaceful manner, the same can happen here. I am not saying it must, but I am saying that it is certainly far better to split Ukraine into two nations than to continue a civil war that claims more and more lives, I might say, without having any chance of achieving anything constructive. There is a concept from the bible that you can find in the Old Testament that there had been warring for a long time and people came to a point where they had just had enough of it. Even though there was no decisive victory and nothing had really been achieved, the people just decided to beat their swords into ploughshares and move on, to start building something up instead of destroying and tearing down.

This is, as we read it from the ascended state what the Ukrainian people, a majority of them, have decided that they want but it is one thing to decide that you want the outer change to manifest. It is another to decide that you are willing to change your own state of mind so that the outer condition that you want can be manifest. You want peace, you want progress. Why do you not have peace and progress? Because there is a state of mind that blocks it. There is a state of mind that precipitated the current conditions. Unless you are willing to change your state of mind, how can the outer conditions change? It cannot happen.

So this is what you have made the calls for at this conference, this is what those of you who feel this is your responsibility can continue to make the calls on so that you can support from a spiritual level, the people in Ukraine and their forward movement to where they shift their consciousness. That critical mass of people will shift their consciousness and decide whatever happened in the past, we see that what we actually want is a better future. A future that is more than the past, and we want that future more than we want to hold on to the past. This is the simple choice to be made.

Naturally my beloved, those of you who are our students in Russia can make the calls that the Russian people will be willing also to move on, also to let go of the past, even be willing to acknowledge that the Soviet Union did create immense human suffering both inside and outside of Russia and be willing to ask for forgiveness and forgive themselves for this as well because you may say that there is a big scar, a big wound in the collective consciousness of Ukraine because of what was done by Stalinist Russia. Do you not think that there is also a scar in the collective consciousness of Russia because of what happened during the Soviet Union?

You see my beloved, whenever there is conflict between human beings, groups of human beings, there is often a group that feels that they were the victims. They were the ones who were the victims of the aggressors. Many people feel that the Russian people were the aggressors through the Soviet Union. Those who feel like the victims tend to think we have been hurt but they have not been hurt, they are the aggressors but you need to recognise here that the Russian people were not the aggressors. There was a class of people in Russia who were the aggressors but not the general population.

What have we said? The Soviet Union claimed to be the classless society but it was divided into two distinct classes. Those who were suppressed by the Communist regime and those who were carrying out that suppression. It is simply not so that all Russian people were able or willing to be the aggressors, to be those who suppressed others. They could not do so. There was a group of people in Russia who were willing for various reasons to suppress others, to arrest their own countrymen, sometimes even family members, to report their family members, even in extreme cases report their own parents to the authorities for not having the right Communist beliefs.

You need to make a distinction here, where you do not see all Russians as being the aggressors, as being the ones who suppressed your nation. You need to realise here that the vast majority of the population in Russia or in any nation, are people like yourselves. They are people who want what? To live a good personal life according to their own decisions without being forced by any external force. This is what most people want. They are not aggressive, they want the good life.

With this you can begin to forgive the population of the country you feel has hurt you. Then you can identify that there was a class of aggressors in Russia and those you don’t need to forgive as such, at least you can call forth the judgment of them, the dark forces, the consciousness behind them and when you have done that you can say: “Well, now I have done what I need to do – now I can let go.” That of course is another word for “forgiving” because what do you do when you forgive, you let it go, you say: “enough is enough, I leave it behind.” By letting go you are setting yourself free.

The Ukrainian people as we have said, have a right to be their own people, to not be forced by Russia, by the West, any external force. You have a right to be your own people, in your own nation but in order to be your own people, you have to forgive and how can you forgive? Well, here is one additional thought. The question that needs to be asked is: “Why were you suppressed by the Soviet Union?” It was partly, not saying fully, but partly because you were not willing to take responsibility for yourselves. You were not willing to decide “what kind of people are we, what kind of nation do we want to live in and how do we have to change ourselves in order to manifest that kind of a nation”. This is the same problem that most Russian people have had throughout history of not wanting to decide this, therefore attracting one dictatorial ruler after another. And so what you can do in Ukraine, and what is very close to happening in Ukraine, is that you can have that shift where you dare to take responsibility for being who you are and manifesting a better nation.

I am not saying this because I am blaming anyone. I am saying it because I see that there has been that pressure building in the collective consciousness and that this determination is very close to breaking through, where a critical mass of people in Ukraine can suddenly see this. As we have said so many times, it is not that there is some force, but people are set free from the blindness. Like the bible says: “the scales fell from their eyes” and they suddenly see and now it is obvious to them. You don’t have to argue about it. You don’t have to convince them. You don’t have to convert them because from within they see this is obvious. That is the change that is very close to happening and that you who are our students can call forth so that it can truly break through to the physical octave. You can give a huge impetus as you have already started with this conference, but more needs to be done over a period of time.

These are some very important things to make calls for, but I want to talk about one more thing here and that is the topic of corruption. Corruption could be said to be the one thing on the outer that is preventing the progress of Ukraine, that is preventing a major shift in the Ukrainian nation. It is certainly preventing economic growth and that the majority of the population will have a raised standard of living instead of just a few rich people. Again, yes of course, there is an outer condition that is taking place but what is the consciousness behind it? There is always a consciousness behind it. We talked about the “perfect storm” and the fall of the Soviet Union was the condition for the perfect storm in terms of creating this corruption both in Russia, in Belarus, in Ukraine, in many former Soviet Republics and Warsaw Pact countries. It is because there was a condition that was created in the Soviet Union and it has several aspects.

One aspect is the majority of the population were beaten down to the point where they simply wanted to have, they wanted to survive and they wanted to have as secure and as comfortable a daily life as they could. It wasn’t a very comfortable life, but at least it wasn’t unbearable so they were willing to submit to this class, this ruling class that you had in the Soviet Union. I am deliberately using the word “class” to counteract this lie of the classless society. It is a complete lie that communism freed the people from the class struggle. It just created a different kind of class struggle. One elite, the Bourgeois elite, was replaced by another one, the Party elite and the apparatus behind them. It was a class structure with one class totally subverting and beating down the other class. This was one condition.

But what was really behind this was, as we have said now – most people just want a good life for themselves. There are two types of people here and I am not saying classes, I am saying two reactions here. There are people who will settle for something and they will say: “What we have is good enough and I don’t want to risk losing what I have by taking a risk.” These are the kind of people that Marx called the working class, they were the workers. What Marxism is designed to do is to take advantage of these people’s unwillingness to take an initiative because those are the kind of people who can be controlled by the state. If you offer them a secure job where they have the standard of living that they think is the norm in their society, they will settle for that. They will say, “That’s good enough, let’s just be comfortable within the parameters set by our nation.”

Then you have another class of people who want more. They are willing to take a risk, to take an initiative, to try something new. They are the ones who might start their own business or who might take a job. They might get an education or even if they take a job, they are constantly seeking to improve their skills so they can perhaps rise to a higher position. These are the kind of people that are the backbone of growth in any society. They are actually what in most societies form the middle class that Marx identified as the enemy of the workers. They are not the enemy of the workers. They are the ones who can pull the economy of an entire society up so that the workers get better conditions and better salaries for doing the same job. The workers don’t have to take a risk, they don’t have to take initiative but as the economy is raised to a higher level, it will naturally spill over and they will get better salaries, better vacation and better working conditions, as you see in most of the modern democracies. When the affluence is raised everybody benefits to varying degrees but everybody benefits.

What drives growth in any society is this class of people, this group of people who are willing to try something. They want more. What these people know, what they know within is that there is a natural law. It was a law that Jesus described when he talked about the three servants who received different numbers of talents by their master. The master goes away, comes back and now says: “Show me what you have done with the talents I gave you.” Two had multiplied them and one had buried them in the ground. It was the two that had multiplied the talents that brought society forward. They were rewarded by getting more than they had because this is the natural law. As you give of yourself to improve conditions in your society, you will receive more in return. This is a natural law. We could call it a spiritual law, but it is really a perfectly neutral law. It has nothing to do with any particular religion. It’s a function of the universe being a mirror. What you send out comes back to you multiplied. So these people know that this is how the universe actually works.

But what did the Soviet Union do? It actually destroyed the natural flow. It destroyed the return current from the universe. The State inserted itself between the people and the cosmic mirror and interrupted the return current. There were people in the Soviet Union who were the model workers, who did more than they needed to do but who reaped the return current? Well, the State did. Who was the State? Well, the ruling class in society. They were the ones who were reaping the return of the people’s labour, of those who wanted to take initiative. There were many workers in the Soviet Union who went to work every day and did the minimum required but they were not multiplying the talents, so they were not producing any return current. They were just keeping the same level. There were many who were willing to do more but they were never rewarded, the State was rewarded and that actually helped the Soviet Union survive longer than it would have done if everyone had just worked and done the minimum.

So, you see here that the return current had been interrupted. This is what set the stage for the fact that when the Soviet Union collapsed, in all of the former Soviet Republics and in all of the Warsaw Pact countries, you saw (it was already there to some degree) but you saw an explosion of this after the collapse of the Soviet Union, an explosive increase in corruption. Why? Because now there was more freedom in society, so that the people who were willing to take an initiative had the freedom to take that initiative but you still had the ruling class who thought they were entitled to reap the reward and that is how corruption was started. That is the mindset behind corruption where there is a class of people who feel: “Well, I’m entitled to use my position in the government to enrich myself.” What on earth is the logic that says that when you are a servant of the people, you have a right to use that position to extort money from the people that you are meant to serve?

There are many, many people in the modern democracies who are in positions of power in the government and who could not even dream of using their position to enrich themselves, but you saw in all of these former Communist countries how there was this class of people who felt they were entitled to do this. You saw that there was a group of people who were so beaten down that they couldn’t even object to it. They can complain about it maybe, but they could not really muster the determination to stand up and say: “this is not the kind of country we want to live in” and so, this is what you see. But you also see that many nations, many of the former Warsaw countries and some of the Soviet Republics have freed themselves from this and have reduced corruption to a level that is more in line with what you see in the more affluent nations.

You see here that it is possible to make that switch. It is also possible for Ukraine but it will require some very determined people who will stand up, speak out and demand an end to this corruption. Now, these people have already taken steps by electing a president and a majority of parliament that are not part of the political elite. It doesn’t mean that all of them are angels, some of them are still corrupt, but at least some of them do not have that mindset, but it will still require a determination from the people. It is not enough for a problem like this to just elect a new president and a new parliament and then sit back and wait for them to do their job because corruption is a problem that is found at all levels of society and there is only so much that the government can do about it.

What needs to happen is there needs to be a change in the attitude of the people, so that those who are on the receiving end of corruption will simply refuse to take part in it. They will refuse to pay up and this will gradually make those who are in that class of the corrupt people realise: “We just can’t get away with it anymore.” Now, you also need to have a very dramatic change that will take some time, where you decrease the incentive to be corrupt, because public employees are actually paid a salary that they can survive on and raise a family on.

It is a multifaceted process but other nations have done it. Ukraine is in a position to do it, to make that leap and seriously reduce corruption. That is why again, your calls can have a major impact on tipping the nation over, tipping that critical mass of people over where they say: “Enough, we do not want to live in a nation with this level of corruption. We will not take it anymore.” As we have said, when a dictator feels that a critical mass of people have shifted their determination, the dictator must give way, and it is the same with this class of corrupt people.

The psychology of those who are demanding payments or other things from people is that they feel they can get away with it. They can gain more through corruption than they can lose from it but that is not a very big change to tip this so that they suddenly become afraid that they could lose. These people, you must recognise their psychology. What are they doing when they are doing this corruption, they are trying to gain without doing more. They are not multiplying the talents. They are trying to get from other people who are multiplying the talents without them having to do anything extra.

So their mindset is one where easy gain, but you cannot have a mindset of “easy gain” without having the opposite polarity of loss. Sudden loss. Now a person might be in this: “Oh, I’m gaining from this corruption, I’m getting rich, I can buy this big car, I can buy this big house.” But it is a very small switch that he realises: “But I could lose it all. What if they come after me? What if I get in prison? What if it doesn’t go anymore?” Then suddenly people can shift and say: “I’d better stop this before something bad happens to me.” These people are selfish and self-centred. It doesn’t take much to shift from thinking you can enrich yourself to thinking that you could lose.

Once that shift happens, it will spread almost like rings in the water, like a wildfire through this class of corrupt people. It is a matter of the determination of the people has to be there first and then the government can ride that wave of determination of the people and carry through and actually enforce the laws that have already been enacted and that will be enacted. But it doesn’t do it any good to create a law if the people aren’t behind it, if there isn’t that shift in awareness.

So my beloved, this is what I wanted to give you, perhaps a little more than I intended to give you when I started. Nevertheless, I trust that you will be willing to take this, multiply it in your own consciousness and make the calls so that your nation truly can shift and start a new path where you get over that resistance that is there right now, that has been there. It is almost like walking in this dense mud, where every step you take forward requires tremendous action and there is always something pulling you back. But Ukraine is close to breaking free of that and building an upward momentum that becomes self-reinforcing. In a matter of a few years, this nation can change beyond what most people can even imagine right now. I hope that you who are our students will dare to imagine and dare to make the calls, and dare to accept that it is possible for Ukraine to be more much more.


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What is democracy based on?

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, September 19, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and I come to give you the Omega of the dictation given by Archangel Michael, therefore, I come to ratify the judgment of the Divine Mother upon the forces that were judged and bound by Archangel Michael. Not, of course, the ones that are already bound and taken, but the ones that are still working to thwart the progress of this nation of Ukraine, the nation of Belarus and the nation of Russia.

We of course, as ascended masters, have no particular judgment, as you would call it, a human judgment about any nation on earth. Naturally, there are certain nations in the world, especially the United States, and some European nations who have a certain judgment about what should or should not happen in these nations. They want to, so to speak, spread freedom and democracy, but at what cost? This is not how we look at the situation. I realize full well, that we have primarily had messengers who had grown up in the Western world. But you recognize also, I am sure that it is difficult to have a person in a country like the Soviet Union, who was a messenger for the ascended masters, because that person would surely be persecuted, locked up, perhaps executed.

There are certainly nations where we have not been able to have messengers. And of course, the reality is, that even though we, as ascended masters, are not looking to spread freedom and democracy with any means. We are of course looking at the people all over the world, and we are seeking to bring them all forward to higher levels of awareness. And it is quite frankly a natural development, that as you raise the collective consciousness in a group of people, be they confined to national boundaries, or their race, or whatever divisions you have, then they will gradually become open to a democratic form of government.

Let there be absolutely no doubt that dictatorships have had their time on earth. And the kind of government that you have had in Russia, in Belarus, in Ukraine, they have had their time. The only thing that has kept them, and is keeping them in place, is that the people have not yet broken through—the collective consciousness has not yet broken through to a higher level.

In a sense, you could say, are you not then saying that the ascended masters want what these people in the West want, when they talk about spreading freedom and democracy? But, actually we are not.  We are not saying that the development from a dictatorial form of government to a democratic form of government has to follow the same pattern in every country. We are not saying that it is a Western form of democracy, or a Western mindset that needs to be spread around the world.

We are looking at people, we are looking at groups of people, we are looking from the ascended perspective, what is their history, going back, maybe in some cases, thousands of years, in most cases, hundreds of years, where a certain group of people have started to form a collective consciousness as a group. This can be across national boundaries, but they have formed a certain collective consciousness. And we are looking at the history of this, of how people have embodied in this culture, this consciousness for perhaps many lifetimes, perhaps centuries. And we are looking at where is this group at, what is the level of the collective consciousness, and how can we then raise that level and bring people forward?

It is clear that there can be many differences based on different culture and background. But it is also clear from our perspective, that there are certain common trends, certain universal elements. And there is one that I want to bring to your attention in this dictation. And it is sort of based on what Archangel Michael said, that the Ukrainian nation needs to have an open and neutral debate about : “what kind of nation we are, what kind of people we are, how we see ourselves. Can we, when we recognize that there are certain differences, can we move forward together, or do we need to separate”?

This is, of course, a completely necessary debate to have, but the question is, how could the Ukrainian people, at their present level of awareness, have such a debate? And you see, for example, the very clear demonstration of division and fear, namely, the war in eastern Ukraine, the civil war. You have seen previously how even in the Ukrainian parliament there are some times where the parliament members who are elected through a, at least somewhat democratic process, have had to resort to fist fights instead of debating just with words.

You may not see a direct connection between fist fights in Parliament, and a war in eastern Ukraine, but it is actually the same mindset behind it. When you look at a group of people and see how they are gradually raising their collective consciousness, moving towards a point where they can have a form of democracy that suits them, you see that there are certain universal elements that need to gradually happen—there are certain shifts in the collective consciousness, the collective consciousness, so to speak, has to turn certain corners in order to reach a higher level.

What is democracy, as a form of government based on? It is based on resolving conflict with words only, not with physical means. Whether it is your fists, the sword, or mortars and artillery shells, you are not using physical means of conflict resolution. Why is this? Because you recognize actually, perhaps not consciously, but at least at some level, that physical means have never actually resolved conflict. You may look at the past, and you may see that there have been certain times where has been a war between two nations, for example, and one nation won. You can look at the Second World War, Germany and Japan being defeated, and there has been peace since, was that not bringing peace, was that not resolving conflict? But it was not resolving conflict.

You cannot have a war fought with physical weapons that truly resolves conflict, because the resolution of conflict can come about in only one way. And that is through the raising of awareness, a shift in awareness. You may look at again, the Second World War. And you may say, but there was peace in Europe after the Second World War, and Germany has not, even after their reunification, become a threat to the peace of Europe.

Yes, but that was not because Germany was defeated with weapons. It was because the German people, as a result of the entire experience of the Second World War, were willing to shift the collective consciousness. There were two shocks that caused this in the German population. And the first one was that they were actually defeated, and that Hitler’s armies were not invincible. The second one was, of course, the exposure of the Holocaust. And this caused the German people to look at themselves, and realize that the kind of nation they had been living in from 1933 forward was not the kind of nation they wanted to live in anymore. And therefore they were willing to shift their consciousness.

This is an example of how a nation shifts the collective consciousness through the school of hard knocks, in this case, some very, very, very hard knocks, that caused tremendous suffering. But nevertheless, there was a shift.

Now, if you look at the Soviet Union, you could say that there was also some very hard knocks in the way people were living during Soviet times. But as we have said before, especially about Russia, there has not yet been the shift in the collective consciousness. Because there has not been a willingness to look back at Soviet times, and say, “What can we learn from this? What does the Soviet Union say about us as people, about our level of consciousness, and is this how we want to live in the future, do we want to live in this kind of a nation”?

This is not to digress into a discourse about Russia. But this is exactly what needs to happen in Ukraine, and also to some degree in Belarus, even though it will be a longer process there. But Ukraine has at least moved somewhat away from a police state, a dictatorial form of government. So there is the possibility that you can have an open debate. But for this to happen, there needs to be a recognition, there needs to be a shift in the collective consciousness, that in order for a democracy to function, we cannot resort to violence, when we cannot agree with each other.

It is simply, when a nation becomes truly democratic, there is a shift, where people realize that principles must override the desire to get your way right now. There are certain principles we cannot violate, just in order to get our way, in the present situation, which will always be temporal. You learn to think more in long terms, “We have a conflict now, we want to have a certain outcome. But these other people don’t agree. But keeping the nation democratic, keeping the nation peaceful, keeping the nation united, is more important in the long run, than our short term desire for a particular outcome of this situation”.

And I am, of course, speaking to you as ascended master students, and you know this and you realize this, but I’m also speaking into the collective consciousness, using your chakras, to broadcast this into the collective consciousness. And you would be surprised if you looked at this, how many people in what you call the Ukrainian nation would not be agree with what I just said. They would not agree that there are certain principles that are more important than getting your way right now.

Democracy can only work if a critical mass of people are willing to think ahead, are willing to let some idea, some principle be more important to them than their personal short term gratification and fulfillment, or, as we say, getting your way. There are many people who have misunderstood one of the principles of democracy, which is often called the dictatorship of the majority.

But a democracy that functions is never a dictatorship, neither of the majority or anything else. And the reason for this is that the majority realize that principles, peace, cooperation, unity is more important than getting your way. And therefore, there is a fundamental respect for other people, for the minority, and for their rights to be different, and have different opinions. Now, when you have this, there is also a willingness to compromise. And certainly there are many people who will say that a democracy is just an endless process of compromise, until nobody gets their way and no principles, no ideas can hold sway. But this is not a correct understanding either.

It is true that certain of the Western democracies have gone through a phase where there has been compromise upon compromise. As one politician once said, politics is the art of the possible. And many times you have a temporary situation, but two groups of people want different things, and none of them are really willing to give up, so you need to look at what is possible to move the situation forward. And often it is some kind of compromise, that may not be a very good solution at all. But what would be the alternative?

Well, if the alternative would be civil war, or the fracturing of the nation, then perhaps the compromise is still better. Because the compromise can then lead people to get to a point where they realize that if there was a willingness to step back from one’s own position, to look at the bigger picture, perhaps it would not be necessary to compromise.

A compromise is necessary only when you have two groups that are locked, and that will not let go of their position. A compromise is sort of a deal where you say, I know I cannot get my way 100%, but I definitely want this, and if you let me have this, you can have that. And the other group says the same thing, because they also have one thing they will not let go of, and another thing that they can let go of, and so they can agree to disagree.

But nevertheless, there is a higher potential for democracy. And that is to come to a point where you can have a free and open debate. And instead of coming to a compromise, you come to a consensus. You actually have a debate, where you can freely debate all aspects of the issue and you come to a point where everybody sees what is best for the whole, for the nation, for the population.

You see what is missing right now, in the Ukrainian nation, as Archangel Michael already said, there is such division, where you have certain groups that are looking at the nation from their particular perspective. They believe they have this absolute truth about how the nation should develop, and therefore, they cannot, they will not see the whole. You have another group that looks at it from a different perspective, and are sure they are right, and they cannot see the whole either. And if no one can see the whole, but they only see their own self-interest, how can you ever come to a policy that is based on the vision of the whole instead of a fight between separate groups?

These are very important topics for you to make calls on, those of you who are the students here in Ukraine, and who wants to see your nation move forward towards the golden age matrix that Saint Germain has for Ukraine. Because rest assured that Saint Germain has a golden age matrix, a golden age potential for this nation. But it is not something that the different groupings that you have right now could even fathom.

It is not so that, oh, there is one group in Ukraine who has a vision that is in alignment with Saint Germain. There are none of the groupings right now that have a vision of what Saint Germain would like to see for this nation. And for people to begin to have that vision, they need to be willing to step back from these narrow perspectives and look at the whole, look at certain principles. First of all, we cannot use violence to resolve conflict.

Now, if you are brutally honest, and we have decided to be very direct in the dictations for this conference, you can look at the recent developments in Ukraine starting in 2014. The so-called Maidan revolution, or “revolution of dignity”. It is difficult for an ascended master to see the element of dignity that they claim. Because the reality that we see is that in the beginning, the uprising, the protests, were driven by the people. The people wanted to express, or at least a large group of them wanted to express, what they felt about the decision by the president not to pursue a membership of the EU. This was what we might call a popular expression of their dissatisfaction with the government and the direction of the nation.

But very quickly, the protests were taken over by certain elements, primarily from Western Ukraine, not exclusively. And they had a more nationalistic agenda. You all know that some of these groups were basically fascist organizations, they had a paramilitary organization, they had a very clear agenda. Some of them were, despite being anti-democratic, supported by certain forces in the West. I am not saying Western governments as such, but certainly certain organizations that had a clear agenda of regime change, and again, “spreading freedom and democracy” with any means necessary. As soon as we went into that phase, it was not a popular uprising or discontent, it was not a democratic process.

What eventually happened was that this forced the president to resign. And whatever you think about the president, he was democratically elected. There had been a democratic process as the nation was able to have it at the time. And he was, after all, elected through that process. Whereas the people who took over after the president left had not been elected. And you also saw that when an election was held, they could not gather a majority. This was not, from our view, a democratic process. It was simply another expression of what we have said. If you cannot get your way through democracy, well, then, never mind democracy, we are going to use whatever means necessary to get our way.

You can always say this was a necessary experience. But the reality was that because the nation was taken over by people who did not have a democratic agenda, and did not have a respect for those that they consider their enemy, that was why the nation was plunged into the civil war-like scenario in the East. It was not only the people in the East who created the situation, there was naturally an influence from the West on the part of those who took over government, and influence from Russia because Putin did not want to lose Ukraine to NATO, and so on.

But nevertheless, the point I am making is that this was an example of how there was not that respect for the basic principle of democracy. We do not use violence to get our way even if we think we are right. Because using violence is not right. And therefore, if we use violence, we are no longer right. Do you not see, my beloved, that throughout the ages, the vast majority of the people who have used violence and warfare to get their way, they have been convinced that they were right. But the basic principle of democracy says, if you use violence you are never right. Something several American Presidents, recent American Presidents have not understood, I grant you. But that does not really help you much in Ukraine does it?

What helps you is to recognize that this is a shift that needs to happen. And this is a shift that is ready to happen, which is why I am bringing it to your attention. And that is why you as ascended master students can have an impact on making the calls and shifting the collective consciousness.

As Archangel Michael said, we are encouraged by the election of Volodymyr Zelenskyy. We are not saying that we sponsor him 100%, nor that we agree with everything that is his policy. But we are saying that here was clearly an expression that a majority of the Ukrainian people have had enough of the violence, enough of the war, enough of the fighting and the arguing and the disharmony and the lack of peace, and they want something different. What do they want? They want what people everywhere want. A good personal life.

Everywhere in the entire world, both now and in the past, you can look at any group of people. And if you look at the normal, “ordinary” human beings, (we do not consider anyone ordinary), but if you look at the people, the population, they all want the same thing, a good personal life. In the Soviet Union, that was all they wanted. But they had allowed themselves to become ruled by a group of people who did not want them to have a good personal life. Because they had an agenda. They had an idea. They wanted to mold the world, mold the population according to an idea, an ideal. And as a result of that ideal, they did not want people to have a good personal life.  Why? Because then they would be satisfied, and they would be peaceful.

What does it take for any group of people to have a good personal life? It takes that you live in a place, call it a nation or something else, where there is peace, where there is law, where there is consistency in how the law is interpreted and enforced, where there is no corruption, so that those who have money can buy favors or those who know the right people can get favors. It takes a peaceful nation that is not ruled by a minority, who are willing to enslave the population, to enforce some kind of idea, or to get special power and privilege.

My beloved, look to the east. What do you see in Putin’s Russia? There is a concept in English of “the perfect storm”. The perfect storm is where many different conditions come together at the same time to create a condition of very bad weather.

What you saw in Russia, after the fall of Communism, was the perfect storm. You had a nation that had been under a very repressive communist rule for so long, that nobody could remember when there was anything but communists. Everybody had grown up in communism, some could remember Stalin, others could not. But they had all grown up in the communist mindset. That meant what?

That meant there is a clear division between the population and those who are the authorities in the government apparatus. Despite the fact of talking about the classless society, the Soviet Union had a clear division in two classes. Those who had absolutely no power, and had been beaten down, so they would not dare to take any initiative, and those who had power. Yet, in the Soviet Union, you had at least a certain idea that was holding back the government apparatus from crossing certain lines. Because after all, you had to live up to their Marxist ideals, at least on the surface, you had to at least pretend.

What happened when the Soviet Union was dissolved? Well, in the beginning, shock and chaos, “What do we do now?” But then gradually, a class of people began to emerge. And when Vladimir Putin became the president, they were emboldened because they knew exactly what kind of a person he was, and what he would allow them to do. They realized, “we have a population here who has been beaten down by communism all of their lives. And we can step into the position of the communist rulers, many of these people were the same people that have ruled under Communism. And we can still get the people to accept anything we throw at them, because they will not dare to revolt”.

You now have a situation where, basically, what has happened in Russia is that the government apparatus has been turned into the world’s largest organized crime syndicate. The corruption is so severe, so widespread, that you must consider this an organized crime syndicate, not a free democratic government by any means.

The thing is, you no longer have any ideals you need to live up to. Anything goes. There is no limit to how rich people can become through what is basically extortion. And everybody knows this. How many members, officers, generals of the FSB have become richer than they could ever dream of during communism. Yet they are supposedly the servants of the people.

So naturally, you see that that same tendency was there in all of the former Soviet republics, it was there in the Warsaw block countries, there was that class of people that have been used to having power. And there was the general population that just wanted to live normal lives without running the risk of being shipped off to Siberia or executed.

But when you in Ukraine look to other nations, you can see that some of these other nations that even were former Soviet republics have made more progress than you have. And my point is simply this, you can learn from their example, you can look at the Baltic nations, former Soviet republics, and how they also have a large Russian minority, and how they have still managed to make the progress and become members of the EU and increase their GNP to the point where most people have what I said they want: a good personal life.

You can look at Poland which is not quite as large as Ukraine, but certainly up there. After the fall of communism, Poland and Ukraine had almost the same GNP per capita. Now Poland’s is three to four times larger than Ukraine, per capita, because of EU membership, but also because the Polish people were willing to look at their past and decide what they did not want. And this is what has not happened here in Ukraine. If this could happen, and of course it can with your calls, then there might be a growing awareness. That could have many different ramifications.

You have two opposite polarizations in Ukraine, you have other groupings, but you have two main opposites, the very nationalistic, almost fascist people who may be thinking that they are working towards a western style of democracy. But that is not really what they want, because they do not understand what that means. And then you have the people in the East who are leaning more towards Russia. And if there is to be a more peaceful development, you need to get to a point where these two extremes are becoming seen as extremes by a larger majority of the population, where they see that it is possible to bring the Ukrainian nation forward.

But the way to do this is not to create a completely western style democracy in Ukraine, but nor is it to emulate what is happening in Russia. You have to find what is Ukraine’s unique way to move forward. And this is what you are, of course, able to do. The creative people in Ukraine are able to see that way. If they can just get away from this fog, the fog of war between these sharp polarizations that absolutely do not want to see anything else than their positions.

Now, my beloved, the theme of this conference is to move away from fear and division. There is only one way to move away from fear. And that is through dialogue. What always happens when there is conflict is that you have two groups of people, and they stop talking to each other. This can go for relationship and marriage, relationship between children and parents, it can go for nations or groupings within a nation. When people stop communicating, it does not take very long before they forget that those on the other side are actually people just like us. And we have a lot of things in common with them, not just differences. But this you will forget quickly when you get into this polarized state of mind where you see those other groups as an enemy. Now you are only focusing on the few differences and not the many similarities.

It is entirely possible that there could be a dialogue where the government of Ukraine, even the present president and those in his new party, could take a different approach to the people in the East. Call them in, say: “Can we sit down and have an open talk about what you want, what you see as your future? Do you see yourselves merging into Russia or becoming an independent republic supported by Russia? Or do you see yourselves as part of a united Ukraine?”

Because you recognize, do you not, that the people in the East, why are they fighting their own government, their own army? Out of fear, they are afraid that they will lose something. Do the people in the rest of Ukraine know what they are afraid of? Do they even know themselves what they are afraid of? Has anyone really seriously attempted to articulate this and get them to say: “What are you afraid of in the future? If we move towards Ukraine that has a better economy, where everybody can have a better material life, are you afraid of this? What is your fear?“

Again, what do the people in eastern Ukraine want? A good personal life. Do they have that right now? Not at all. Do they think they might get it if they joined Russia? Maybe they do. But this cannot be based on a serious look at what is happening in Russia. It must be based on a fear relating to the future of Ukraine. Would it not be possible to simply sit down and talk about this, perhaps even give them a vision that they could be part of a united Ukraine, instead of fearing that there is no room for them?

Why am I speaking this into the collective consciousness? Because this is not beyond what your present president is capable of doing. He is able to have that kind of a dialogue, but he needs support. He knows. He has not a conscious awareness of what I am talking about here, but he has a sense of the collective consciousness and the need to move it, and also the realism—the realism that he cannot, as president, go beyond what the collective consciousness is willing to accept. Because then he could again be facing an angry crowd at the square. Or even worse. It is a balancing act to be the president of Ukraine in its present situation. And you who are the students in Ukraine, and those elsewhere who feel like making the calls for this, you can bring the nation to that tipping point where the collective consciousness shifts, and there is a willingness to try something new.

What did the people say when they elected a new president who was not part of the political establishment? Did they not say: “We want to try something new, because it couldn’t get much worse?” Well, you can make the calls so that not only will it not be much worse, it will actually be much better. Because there will be a new approach and new willingness to try what has not been tried before.

This, my beloved, concludes the remarks that I want to give you. We will of course have much more to say during this conference. Where we will be perhaps more direct than we have been before when speaking in this part of the world. For this, I am grateful for your willingness to be here. And your willingness to raise your consciousness where we can speak these ideas in the physical.


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Is there only one way to look at Ukraine as a nation?

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael, September 19, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I AM the Ascended Master Archangel Michael.

Who are you? You are the un-ascended masters. You may not normally think of yourselves as un-ascended masters but, why are you here listening to a person who speaks—and it is not the outer person who speaks, but a spiritual being that speaks through that person. Does that not require you to recognize: number one, there is something beyond the material universe and number two, it is possible to connect to that something. And number three, the spiritual path is about overcoming the state of consciousness that most people are in, where they think they are enough in themselves. That there is nothing beyond the outer self.

The path you are engaged in is the path of gradually rising above the outer self and therefore, attaining a connection to a part of yourself, your I AM Presence that is beyond the material world. This is self mastery. And coming to the point where you recognize that ascended masters exist, you recognize that there is a path that requires a certain level of self-mastery that most people on earth do not have and that the fallen beings certainly do not have either. Even the fallen beings in church and state do not have it.

Of course, many of those in the state, as you see in communist countries, do not even recognize there is anything beyond the material world. But those in the churches do recognize there is something beyond the material world, they just deny that you as a normal person can connect to that. Thereby they also deny it in themselves.They think perhaps that there is one person such as a patriarch, or prophet, or Pope—they all start with P, you notice—who has that connection. But do they really? Did the Popes of the Catholic church ever have a true connection to the ascended masters? A few, a very few here and there, but most did not. So what is it that you have? A big game of pretending that you belong to this only true religion that has its authority from God. Or that you belong to this only true political system, that bases its authority on some supposedly historical necessity.

I AM Archangel Michael and it is my joy to be invited here by all of you who have come to this conference. Both those of you who have come from Ukraine, but also those of you who have come from Russia. For, you realize of course, all of you, that the fate, the past, and the future of Ukraine and Russia are very much linked and that you cannot really address the situation in Ukraine as being completely separate from the situation in Russia.

What we aim to help you see during this conference is that there is always a possibility for progress. There is always a possibility for progress towards peace, harmony, cooperation and if nothing else, at least peaceful coexistence. Is that a path that is simple and straightforward? Well, in the case of Ukraine, no. In the case of many other situations that you see around the world, no, it is not so, my beloved. And some of you might need to ponder this, that we of the ascended masters are not magicians who can come down and solve any human situation by snapping our fingers or waving some magical wand—or, in my case, a sword.

I can, naturally, show a path. We can show a path forward but, as we have said so many times through this messenger, we always work within the law of free will. And the law of free will is, as we have attempted to explain so many times, very straightforward. You are allowed to have any experience you want to have for as long as you want it. And only when you, or rather a group of people, have had enough of a particular experience can we help you move forward.

We of the ascended masters will never violate people’s free will, we will never force it. The fallen beings will violate and force people’s free will, but we do not. That is why we cannot simply show you a step-by-step path, “this is what you need to do.” Because there are many different people who need different experiences, and some have had enough of it and some have not. When we look at a nation like Ukraine, we see that it is called one nation. But is it one people? We might say there is a joke: that the Ukrainian people could conquer the world if they could agree on which world to conquer. And that, of course, is the decisive question. The topic you have chosen for this conference is very appropriate, “From Division and Fear.” Because you must recognize that you are divided, you are not one people.

You must recognize that there was only one person who originated the idea of Ukraine as one nation. That one nation was not manifest until Stalin forced it to be manifest, until he drew some lines on the map and defined this as the Soviet Republic of Ukraine. But you know Stalin was a fallen being, so you need to therefore ask yourself: Is there only one way to look at Ukraine as a nation? Is there only one way? Is it absolutely necessary for the future, that the current nation, the current borders remain intact, and that Ukraine moves forward as one nation defined within those boundaries? Is that necessary?

There are, of course, people who are willing to consider this. But there are many, both among the population and among the leaders, especially the old guard in politics, who are not willing to consider this question. And this is one of the major blocks to a shift in the situation. It is one of the major things that actually creates division.

This may seem like a contradiction or an irony, but the fact is that the insistence on maintaining the present borders as one nation actually increases the division in the people who live within those borders, rather than decreases it. It is necessary to have a willingness to have an open debate about what is the country of Ukraine? What are these borders? How were they drawn? Was there any logic to anything that Joseph Stalin ever did? Was there any logic to anything that the Bolsheviks and the Soviet leaders did?

And there was a certain logic. Once you begin to consider what that logic is, you can see that here is the logic behind the Soviet Union, the logic behind the creation of Ukraine. And now you can begin to consider: Is that logic even logical to us? Does it seem logical to us today? Is it relevant to our situation or is it completely outdated, completely obsolete, even ridiculous to us today? Would we ever have believed in this logic, had it been presented to us as a choice? Would we ever have chosen to follow this logic? This needs to be recognized and there needs to be a debate about this, because only then can there be given a certain freedom to the people who live within the borders of this nation, to consider the question: Do we want to continue moving forward together? Or do we want to separate and move forward as separate people, separate nations.

I am not saying that there is one outcome that should or should not happen. But as long as you do not have the debate, you can only continue to increase the division and the fear that has, as a blade, led to the state of civil war—that most people in Ukraine called the war in the east, but it is truly a civil war. You can go to Kiev, to this wall around the church where you have pictures of all of the people who have fallen in that war. But what about those who have fallen on the other side?

Do they not also live within the borders of what you call Ukraine? So are they not Ukrainians? Is it not so that in any civil war the casualties on both sides are from the same nation? You know, perhaps, that the American Civil War is still the war—including the Second World War—where most Americans have been killed, because every person killed was an American. You see here that before you can move out of fear and division, you need to consider: Are we one people? Can we find a way then to voluntarily choose to move forward as one nation? Or if we cannot, then what are our options for moving forward separately?

Now, as ascended masters we are greatly encouraged by this latest presidential election and the election for parliament. Because regardless of what you think about the new president, the people—a majority of them—have come together to elect a president who was not part of the established political elite, and to now elect a majority of the members of parliament who are not part of the established political elite either. This is encouraging to us, because naturally, we see that it is the established political elite who allowed the situation to slide into the division that led to civil war.

There is a possibility now for taking Ukraine in a new direction, that will lead to a peaceful resolution, a peaceful outcome. Now, what I desire to add to this mix—and we realize it is a difficult situation, and certainly that the new parliament members and the president face a very difficult situation—but what I desire to add to the mix, is that I will manifest my Presence everywhere within this Ukrainian territory, right now, right here.

I will raise my sword and I will draw a line and say “Thus far and no farther” to the demons and the fallen beings in the emotional realm, in the astral plane, in the mental realm, in the identity realm who are seeking to create division and fear in order to use this for some larger agenda.Therefore, I will offer that from this moment, based on the judgment of Christ that you have been willing to call forth in my rosary, and by your presence and the other calls that you have given—those of you who live here—I will therefore bind and consume, as is appropriate, those forces so that the Ukrainian nation has an opportunity to start on a clean white page, in an energetic sense.

I therefore manifest the binding of these dark forces, these demons, discarnate entities, these fallen beings who are behind the situation, who are seeking to use it for their ends. Therefore, there is a new opportunity to move forward for the Ukrainian leaders and the Ukrainian people, all of the people within the borders of what you call Ukraine.

Now, I will also bring forth the judgment of Christ upon those forces outside this nation, be they in Russia, in United States or other Western nations, who are seeking to use the situation in Ukraine and use the Ukrainian people, for some geopolitical end, or even an end that is not necessarily geopolitical, but is in the narrow, short-term interests of their nation as they are able to see it. So again, I will bind the dark forces who are behind these initiatives. And therefore, again, give the Ukrainian people an opportunity to start on a clean white page.

Now, you must understand that I cannot in any way—do not in any way, want to interfere with the free-will choices of the people. When I remove a certain darkness, it is removed. But the people still have the same level of consciousness, unless they are attuned to what I am doing and able to free themselves. And therefore, they can choose to recreate the same consciousness and to do so very quickly. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that there will be no more war on the Ukrainian territory, because the people have to be willing to use the opportunity to move forward.

You understand that as of a few minutes ago, many, many people inside Ukraine in Russia, in the United States and other Western nations, they were tied into specific dark beings in the emotional, mental and identity realms. Those dark beings are taken. But that does not mean that all dark beings in those realms have been taken as of this moment. That means that the people in embodiment can choose. Some of them will feel a moment of emptiness of: “What happened, I don’t sense what I normally sense?”—the energy, or even the being of some of them are way out that they normally sense. But they can choose then to open their minds to other dark beings who can come in, and therefore, continue working on that agenda, according to people’s choices. This I cannot interfere with because we cannot give people this, setting them free every 10 seconds. We need to set them free to give them an opportunity to feel what it is to be free, and then give them some time to choose. And then in some cases, allow them to go down the track they have now chosen when they actually have a more clear, a more real choice than they might have had for many lifetimes.

You recognize here that the goal of the ascended masters for the future of Ukraine, as I am revealing it to you right now (other masters will give you more), but the goal right now is to give the people who live inside the borders of Ukraine, the freedom to choose for themselves what they want to do, whether they want to move forward as one nation or not. This should be a choice made by the people of Ukraine. And they should have no interference from any source outside, be it Russia be it the West.

I assume that many of you realize that it is not only Russia, that is seeking to interfere with the politics of Ukraine but certainly other western nations are doing so as well. Now, some may say, at least many in the West will say, but the West has benign intentions. We want to spread freedom and democracy and affluence to Ukraine, like we have seen in other Western nations. But you recognize that the people in Russia, many of them also have benign intentions. And they want to do what they see as the best for the Ukrainian people. But as ascended masters, we are not concerned about what people in the United States, who quite frankly, in most cases don’t know much about Ukraine, don’t understand Ukrainian people, don’t care about Ukrainian people. We don’t care what people in the United States think is best for Ukrainian people. Neither are we concerned about people in Russia – even though they, in many cases know the Ukrainian people, at least, the more Russian leaning part of Ukrainian people,   better –  and what they think is best for the Ukrainian people.

What we are concerned with is what do the people who live within the borders of this nation, what do they think is best? And as I said, so far, there has never been a willingness to really consider this question openly and neutrally: “Who are we? Are we somehow since the creation of this nation by Stalin, have we been homogenized to the point where we can move forward together? Or are our differences so big, that we cannot see a way to move forward together?”

You understand that I’m not saying what should happen or what shouldn’t happen. But what I’m saying is that by forcing people, so to speak, to have a debate and consider the question, you might actually get some people to say: “But maybe the division we have been feeling, is not really as important as our national unity. So maybe we can find a way to actually cooperate with those that we have so far seen as being on the other side”. You understand that as you can take a married couple, who for years can go on arguing with each other without ever mentioning the possibility of a divorce. Once they actually consider that they might get a divorce, this might cause them to see that: well maybe after all, we can find a way to live together. It is exactly the same here.

What we are calling for you who are ascended master students in Ukraine, or those of you in Russia who have an affiliation or concern for Ukraine, is to be willing to consider this question in yourselves without having this predefined answer to what should or should not happen. Or go into a neutral state of mind and make the calls that people in general, that the leaders, that the media will wake up and realize the need to consider the question: “What is Ukraine? What are the groups of people living in this nation? What are their differences? Can they find a way to transcend those differences and come to some sort of unity? Or is it necessary to consider that we break up the nation, we create different national borders, and we move forward separately.”

Now, I recognize fully that there are forces that will not consider this question. There is in the collective consciousness, a very, very heavy opposition to considering this question. And there are forces in the collective consciousness, who are right now rising up and screaming in anger over the fact that this is being spoken in the physical. There are forces in the West, as I said, primarily in the United States, who want this nation to remain as one because they are seeing Ukraine as just one link in their chain to rein-in Russia, and especially Putin. But as I said, we are not supporting this, we are supporting the Ukrainian people’s right to make their own decisions about their future. Naturally, there are forces in Russia, who do not want to break up Ukraine.

In English, you have the concept that you can “call someone’s bluff”. If they say they want something, you say: “Okay, here it is.” And then you see if they really want what they said they wanted or if they want something else.

What is it that Putin has, in a way been signaling by siding with all Russia-leaning people in eastern Ukraine? In a way he has been giving them the hope that they will win independence, that he is on their side, that he supports their independence from the western part of Ukraine. But does he? Does he care about the people in eastern Ukraine? Or is it just a game for him? And you will see that if the government of Ukraine went to Putin and said: “Okay, we agree to divide Ukraine, where do you think we should draw the border”? You would see that Putin would very quickly retreat, because he does not want a divided Ukraine.

Why not? Because he knows that if Ukraine was divided into a western part and an eastern part, the western part would immediately join the EU and NATO. And that is the last thing he wants. His aim, with his intervention in eastern Ukraine is to keep Ukraine as one nation and to keep that nation out of NATO. He is not seeking to create an independent republic in eastern Ukraine. He is not even seeking to make those who are fighting their have some decisive victory where they can say, now we have an independent territory. That is not what he wants. He wants all of Ukraine to remain out of NATO. And the people in the East are just pieces, chess pieces in the game that he thinks he’s playing with the West. The game that springs from his own attitude that, as he has said, the biggest geopolitical disaster of the last century was the dissolution of the Soviet Union. This is how he thinks.

Why does he think that way? Not because he cares about communism and Marxist ideals. But because his big regret in life, on a personal level, is that he was born so late, that he could not become the leader of the Soviet Union, with all the personal power that he thinks this would give him. He wants that power. Or perhaps we can even say that the fallen beings in the identity realm, the mental and the emotional, to whom he has sold his soul, they want that power. What Putin wants on a personal level, is quite frankly, impossible to determine, because he has long ago, given up his personal ambitions, in order to let those forces work through him.

You see here that, for these dark forces, Ukraine is just a piece in this global chess game, that they think they can move around as they please. And what we want as ascended masters, is that the Ukrainian people become free of these influences so they can choose their own future, as a nation. So they can decide, what kind of nation do we want to live in? And how do we have to change ourselves, so that we can build that nation, instead of expecting that someone else will do it for us.

The most encouraging aspect to us of the election of the new president and the new parliament, is that the people have said: “We do not want the old leaders to rule us anymore. We want those who truly are of the people, by the people, and hopefully, for the people to rule our nation”. We will see how much they are for the people or whether there is always some special interests. But nevertheless, what we see is that the Ukrainian people, a majority of them, have made a decisive choice. And we of course, want to see that choice be allowed to unfold so that the people can learn the maximum lesson they can learn and therefore become more and more able to feel that they can govern their own nation, they can know what is the best future. They can know and decide what kind of nation they want to live in. And then they can have it manifest. This is what we desire to see.

And I have given a decisive gift to the Ukrainian people: the opportunity to start anew, at the three levels that are beyond the physical. And I will, as we always do as ascended masters, leave it up to them, what they will choose at the physical level. But now they have been given the opportunity that they have not had, ever before as a nation. And this of course, is not something that I just choose to manifest, I choose to manifest it because you have organized this conference. And so many of you have come together and been willing to be as we always say, the broadcast stations for this message to go into the collective consciousness so it can have a much larger effect, because it is multiplied by you. And for this you have my gratitude and therefore I seal you in the flame that I am.


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Using a spiritual teaching to escape fanaticism

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, June 10, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and for this conference I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. I wish to give you a few closing remarks before I seal this conference. First of all, we have said before that when we have a conference, from the ascended realm we always see a high potential and a low potential for what could be accomplished during the conference. I want to assure you that even though some of you have felt the heaviness of the energy of the city, you have even exceeded the high potential that we saw for this conference. For this we are very grateful.

We congratulate you for your willingness, first of all, to be here, but also to look at yourselves, work with yourselves, talk amongst yourselves, and therefore make progress in many ways by sharing your experiences, by sharing your hearts and forming more of a bond than you normally have when you are not physically together. We are of course grateful for those on the broadcast as well who have also added your momentums to the momentum of the people who are physically present.

We consider this conference a success from any perspective, and we are grateful for your willingness to transcend yourselves. This is really what allows us to use your chakras and auras to broadcast this impulse into the collective consciousness. When a conference like this sets off a strong initial impulse, then it becomes easier for people, when the book comes out and the invocations are made, to continue that momentum and build upon it. This means that the goal we have, the long-term goal for this conference, can more easily be accomplished. The same of course we achieved in Korea, and we hope to achieve the same at the other conferences we are having.

Spiritual people and the fanatical mindset

I want to also give you a few remarks about the topic of how you as spiritual people can transcend the fanatical mindset. Although we have touched upon it before, I still want to go a little more into it. When you look at previous ascended master organizations, you will, if you are brutally honest, have to say that many of the people who were the students, the members, of these organizations were in the fanatical mindset. I am not saying that they were ready to kill somebody, but they were in the less aggressive, more benign aspects of the fanatical mindset. This can be seen in several different ways.

First of all, there was this very subtle culture of feeling superior. They thought, for example: “We have the highest teaching on the planet. The consequences must be that since we recognize this teaching, and so many other people don’t, then we are the most advanced spiritual students on the planet.” This is not necessarily the case. Nevertheless, even believing this and reinforcing that in an organization, can create this culture of superiority that is one aspect of the fanatical mindset.

The other aspect is that you see this tendency to create a standard for how a chela of the ascended masters should be, should behave, what kind of car they should drive, what color car, what color clothes, all of these outer things that you define a standard for. Once you have defined a standard, then you are always evaluating yourself and others based on the standard. This is what, not only in ascended master organizations but also in many spiritual and religious organizations (many other organizations) leads to this very judgmental culture, judgmental mindset, where everybody is always judging each other. Of course, this is an unpleasant environment to be in, and it causes a certain amount of tension, a certain amount of suffering, quite frankly.

Another aspect of this fanatical mindset is that people have a fear that the teachings could be proven wrong, that the messenger could make a mistake, that there could be a contradiction between one dictation and a later dictation, or between this organization and a previous organization, or between the spiritual teaching and scientific discoveries. You see that many, many people around the world have created this huge beast in the collective consciousness. It is of course part of the fanatical mindset where, when you accept that you have a certain idea that has some supreme authority or validity, you are always afraid: What if it was proven wrong? All of a sudden, the sense of security that you gained by accepting the idea would then be shattered, and you would plunge back into the state you were in before you accepted that viewpoint, maybe even a worse state. As you see with some people who have their faith destroyed, now they dare not believe in anything, and therefore they often sink into this doubt, agnosticism, depression, or even more severe mental illness, like schizophrenia.

Those who seek to destroy constructive ideas

What I want to give you here is some directions on how you can avoid this, or how you can move out of this collective pull and how you can see elements in your own consciousness. The reality here is that you are of course living on a planet that is ruled by the dualistic consciousness. There are fallen beings on the planet, and quite frankly if you have any constructive idea, you can be sure that there are fallen beings who will make an attempt to destroy that idea, to disprove it, to take the credibility of the people behind the idea, and this and that. It is simply something you can see from history that any positive constructive endeavor will be exposed to a certain amount of criticism. Because of this, and because this has been going on for so long, and because of this very aggressive intent of the fallen beings, there has been created this fear that whenever you have something positive, it could be destroyed.

You can see how ascended master students in previous dispensations had these fears that something could disprove their belief in the ascended masters’ teachings. Some contradiction could creep up, the messenger could make a mistake, she could make a prediction that did not come true, or whatever you have. Over the years you have seen various people who have left the organization, stopped believing in the teachings because of some outer thing, some outer condition they had set up in their minds that was not fulfilled. The way to overcome this is partly to of course use the teachings on fanaticism, partly to use the teachings on the separate selves, because where does the fear come from? It comes from a separate self, but there is also a certain element of doubt here where you are still in a mindset where you are thinking in terms of right and wrong.

What I really want to point out to you is that when you step back from this entire phenomenon, you see that if you have a fear that the teaching you are following could be proven wrong, it shows that you still have some self that is in this dualistic mindset where it thinks in terms of right and wrong. In other words, you think that a teaching, if it is a valid teaching, should be true, it should be absolutely true, and therefore it should never be proven wrong. Do you not see that the more subtle attitude behind this is the essence of duality? There are always two opposites. You are still trapped in what the Buddha called the pairs. You are thinking in terms of right and wrong, true and false.

No teaching is meant to be absolute

The reality here, and we have attempted to explain this to you in the last couple of years, is that it has never been our goal to give a teaching that is absolute and therefore represents an absolute truth. It cannot be done, given the level of consciousness you have on planet earth and the way people use words based on the dualistic consciousness. Even we of the ascended masters cannot formulate a teaching in words that is an absolute teaching. We cannot create a teaching that, if you look at it from the linear mindset, could not be proven wrong by people in that linear mindset.

You can see this by just asking yourself a simple question: Why is it that more than 99% of the population on earth do not believe in ascended master teachings and in fact think you are crazy for following them? Well, it is because, as the Buddha explained about duality, they have stepped into a dualistic polarity. They have put on these glasses that filter out certain things, and therefore they cannot see the validity of an ascended master teaching. They think it is absolutely wrong. Why do you think it is right? Well, because you have stepped into some other mindset. You have put on another pair of glasses.

This is what we are pointing out: Many of the students in previous dispensations, when they came into the teaching, so to speak, put on a certain pair of glasses that made them now only see what validated the teaching and tend to ignore or push away what questioned the teaching. What happened to some people was that they were in this mindset for a while, and then something happened that made them doubt the teaching. Suddenly, instead of pushing away their doubts, they decided to take a look at the doubts, and now they switched from this blind belief to an equally blind doubt. They switched from one extreme to the other. The very fact that this is a possibility, that people can switch from believing in a teaching to not believing in a teaching, shows that there is still a self that is in that dualistic mind where there are always two polarities: true and false, right and wrong.

What we have attempted to tell you is that when you shift beyond this state of consciousness, it is not a matter of whether the teaching is true or false, right or wrong, in an absolute linear sense. As I said earlier in a question and answer session, it is not constructive for you to take the teaching we are giving through this dispensation, use the linear mind to compare it to the teachings of previous dispensations and try to find contradictions. It just is not constructive because the linear mind cannot take you where the teaching is meant to take you. You take a given teaching, and you apply it for the purpose of shifting your consciousness, not for the purpose of seeing some absolute truth.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Fanaticism

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The most subtle aspect of fanaticism 

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, June 10, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. Sometimes people say that you save the best for last. In our case, we have saved the most difficult for last, in the sense that what I will try to expound upon in this discourse is the most subtle, the most difficult to grasp, aspect of fanaticism.

The question I will begin with is to have you look at the many, many people, both today and throughout history, who have gone into this fanatical mindset. They have defined some kind of cause based on some kind of worldview, some kind of “ism,” some kind of religion. They have been absolutely convinced that they were right, that their viewpoint had some absolute truth or some absolute authority, being given by God himself, or whatever people have used to give their viewpoint the particular sense of authority that made them feel it was epically important to get the world to conform to their viewpoint. Even in many cases, to the point where they were willing to kill other people and felt that it was justified by God that they killed these other people.

How is it possible that people can be so convinced about this? We have said before that today you can look back at some of the beliefs people had in previous ages and you clearly see the limitations of them. Therefore, you should be able to project that in your own time here, many people have these absolutist viewpoints and it is likely that in times to come, they will be seen as also being incomplete or primitive. It will be obvious to people why they are not absolute viewpoints, whereas to the people who are now trapped in the fanatical mindset, they are completely unable to see that their viewpoint is not absolute.

How is it possible that human beings can take a viewpoint that truly is not absolute but they elevate it to the status of being absolute? This is something that very few people, at least in the western world, have considered. You can see that if the democratic nations are to really move beyond this era of fanaticism that has dominated the earth for all of known history, then they need to come to an understanding of how this can be. How is it possible that human beings can convince themselves that an illusion is an absolute truth, that an incomplete understanding or view is some ultimate, final understanding?

Thinking an illusion is an absolute truth

If you look at western philosophers, going back to Aristotle and Plato and all the ones in between, very few have actually even considered the cause of this. I gave a teaching 2,500 years ago that can at least be a starting point. It is to be found in the Dhammapada today and it is the concept of the pairs—that there are always two pairs, two opposites, what we today call two dualistic polarities. I also gave the concept of the Four Noble Truths and the idea that life is suffering, that there is a Sea of Samsara that causes suffering. What I really wanted to say with these concepts, but which was difficult to express in words so long ago, was that the reason so many people experience life as suffering is that they have gone into a particular state of consciousness. This state of consciousness is dominated by these pairs of dualistic opposites. It is this state of consciousness that causes suffering, but how does it cause suffering? Well, it causes suffering because it causes people to go into a state of illusion.

Now, we may say that if you have a car, this is a particular piece of technology that is developed to make your life easier. It is developed in order to make it easier for you to get from point A to point B, however long the distance is. If the car is working well and if you are operating it correctly, using your car will be an easy experience—a comfortable, pleasant experience that will get you from point A to point B. However, if you are not operating your car correctly because you are in a state of ignorance of how the car actually functions, then your car can give you a very frustrating experience. If, as we said, you put the car in reverse and expect it to go forward, then it can be rather frustrating to get to work at rush hour. If you are driving backwards against the currents of all the other cars, then it is not going to be a whole lot of fun to try to get to work on time.

The reality here is that the earth, the material universe, can be considered as a piece of machinery. I am not saying it is a piece of machinery but for the sake of analogy, it can be considered as a piece of machinery, a piece of technology. We have talked before about the earth being a reality simulator. The earth is a piece of technology, it is designed to work a certain way. Now, you know that your car may not always function the way it is designed to do, but I can assure you that the material universe, planet earth, the physical realm, always works the way it is intended to work, the way it is designed to work. In other words, there is no fault possible on the part of the machinery.

I know that there are many, many people who have come up with the idea that something has gone wrong with God’s plan for the universe. They have used this to justify the fanatical mindset because these people have to help God make his universe work by killing other people. Regardless, I am telling you the absolute fact here: There is nothing wrong with the machinery on earth. It works the way it was designed to do. It is just like a computer, it can only operate based on its programming, it cannot deviate from the programming. Nothing has gone wrong here. The earth works the way it was designed to work.

Operating the earth from a state of ignorance

Why is it that people suffer on earth? It is because they are trying to operate the machinery of the earth from a state of ignorance. They are not operating the machinery the way it was designed to work, they are going against the basic design principles as we have described. For example, going against the very biological principles that you can observe by looking at the history of how species have evolved. It is attempting to go against the basic principles of the machinery, operating the machinery in a way it was not designed to operate. This is what causes suffering. This is what causes friction. This is what causes you not to get the results you want to get from the machinery.

This is a simple analogy. We can then build on it and say: “Well, what is it that has caused people to operate the machinery in a different way than it was intended?” It is that they have gone into a state of ignorance about how the machinery works. They do not understand how the machine works, they do not know which buttons to push. Therefore, they are pushing the wrong buttons and the machinery cannot give them the result they want. Why are they pushing the wrong buttons? Because they have gone into, not only a state of ignorance but this particular state of consciousness where they are actually doing the opposite of what the machinery is designed to do. They have gone into this state of what we call the dualistic state of consciousness that is dominated by two opposite polarities.

As a result of this, we could say that the machinery is designed to work a certain way. This is what I called the Middle Way. It is not the midpoint between two extremes, but there is a certain way the machine is designed to work and if you understand that, your experience of being on earth will not be frustrated.

Somewhere in what we might call the Middle Way, there is the correct workings of the machinery. The duality consciousness causes people to go towards two extremes. Again, the Middle Way is not the midpoint between the extremes but the extremes pull people away from the Middle Way. When you are pulled towards one extreme, you are adopting a mental image of how the machine is supposed to work according to your image. You think you know how the machine is supposed to work but you do not understand how the machine actually works. Your dualistic polarity (the pair towards which you have been polarized and including the other dualistic polarity), they do not give you a correct understanding of how the machine operates. Whether you are in this extreme, this dualistic polarity, or the other dualistic polarity, you are pulled away from a clear vision of how the machine actually operates.

Those seeking to deceive humankind

What is the characteristic of this dualistic state of consciousness? Naturally, you who are ascended master students know that we have given many teachings on this, but for the completeness of this book and the tools, I wish to give you at least some basic understanding of this. This is where it can be difficult to understand this without realizing that there is a certain consciousness, a certain type of beings, who are deliberately trying to deceive human beings in order to be able to control them. The reason it is important to understand this is that otherwise people tend to think (as many people do think) something has gone wrong with the machinery.

There must be a flaw in the design. Some cosmic accident happened and God’s intent was not fulfilled. That is why we now have to help God combat the devil by killing the people who are doing the works of the devil. Or you can even have materialists who think there is some kind of flaw in the design of nature. Therefore, they need to do genetic experiments and genetic mutations to improve the body. Or they need to help evolution along by purifying the species of these unfortunate elements. That is why you have the whole concept of Eugenics and selective breeding and purifying the race through the concentration camps and so on.

You see that, whether you are religious, whether you have a materialistic approach or a political approach, you can find ways to justify killing others if you think something has gone wrong. The only way to really free yourself from this idea that something has gone wrong with the actual workings of the machinery, is to realize that there are some beings who have an aggressive intent to pull humanity into these dualistic extremes.

You realize that it is not by accident that people have gone into the extremes, it is by design. Not necessarily intelligent design, I would rather call it unintelligent design, but definitely there is an aggressive intent to pull people into these dualistic polarities that causes the fanatical mindset.

Of course, this raises the question of why? We have given teachings on this that I do not want to go into here because I simply want to make an observation of human history and see that there has always been a small elite of people who are attempting to control and manipulate the broad population. This is an observation that anyone with a neutral approach can make from just looking at history. There is an intent to manipulate. It was not an accident that people stepped into duality. It is the result of a direct manipulation.

This means you can now realize that, even though people who are pulled into a dualistic polarity believe it is an absolute truth, it is truly an illusion. It is a lie. In many cases, it is a deliberate lie that is created in order (in many cases) to set one group of people in conflict with another group of people. If you actually look at history, you will see that in all cases where you have had these kinds of epic battles, epic conflicts, epic causes (such as the Nazi cause, to again use an obvious example here from Europe) you have had this dynamic that the people who were promoting the cause were claiming that it was all done for a beneficial purpose. There was a reason why the Jews had to be killed and it was to benefit the human race or some other cause, some epic cause.

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Fanatics divide people into sub- and super-humans 

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Ascended Master Divine Director through Kim Michaels, June 9, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master the Great Divine Director, and I come to give you the identity-level perspective on the topic of fanaticism. The essence of the fanatical mindset is that it divides humanity into at least two groups, those who are the fanatics (who of course do not see themselves as the fanatics) and then those who are the scapegoats. There might be three groups: the fanatics, the scapegoats and all the others. Nevertheless, the foundation for this division, or the foundation for fanaticism, is the division of humanity into separate groups.

Now, we have talked about the fact that you have a biological programming not to kill your own species. If you look at many of the acts that have been committed throughout history by people in the fanatical mindset, you would see that in a certain way they actually think they have not killed members of their own species, or at least their own group. What always happens is that when people go into the fanatical mindset, they dehumanize the group that is their scapegoat. They almost do not see them as human beings, which is why, as we talked about, the commandant of Auschwitz could during his working day orchestrate the killing of children and then go home and play with his own children. He did not see the ones in the camp as real human children.

This is what you see in many of these fanatical groups that you have seen throughout history. They had a scapegoat that they did not consider human, at least not human in the same way as themselves. This has many potential perspectives and ramifications. You can say from a purely biological standpoint that there is no animal species who divides its own members up into separate groups where some are good and some are bad. You cannot explain this from a purely biological, materialistic perspective. There is no precedent, there is no parallel in the animal kingdom.

The psychological basis for division

Again, where could this have come from? It could not have come from your biology. If it does not come from your biology, it must come from somewhere else. Of course, if it does not come from the biology, it must come from the psychology. That is logic. You realize that there must be something in the human psyche that makes it possible for people to divide human beings into at least two separate groups, to dehumanize the other group, those who are seen as the others versus us who are the good group. They dehumanize that scapegoat group to the point where they do not really think they are killing human beings by killing the scapegoats.

How does this happen? Well, you who are ascended master students are familiar with the concepts we have that you have the four lower bodies, the physical, the emotional, the mental and the identity body. You know that in the identity body is of course where your sense of identity is defined. You realize that the division of humankind into separate groups starts at the identity level. You can see, when you trace what you know about history, how this goes back quite far in human history. You can see, for example, when you look at the Old Testament how there came a point a very long time ago where the Jewish people started developing a certain identity that set them apart from all who were not Jews. Then, came the idea that whereas all of the other tribes in the area were worshiping idols, the Jews were worshiping the superior god, the one god of the universe. Then, came the idea that they were the chosen people of that god.

Therefore, when they went into the land that was promised them by their superior god, they did not think that the people who occupied that land were human beings like themselves. They saw themselves as being in a category that was superior to the inhabitants of the promised land. Therefore, they did not think they were killing their own species or at least their own race. You can see that there is an element of the human psyche that enables people to create these divisions that are clearly not based on biology. Therefore again, what are they based on? Well, you could say in a certain way that they are based on some kind of “ism,” some kind of religion, some kind of theory, political theory. Even scientific Materialism has created the concept that some are more fit than others. This has immediately been interpreted to mean that some are fit to rule and should be the elite that rules society and the rest of the population should just be the slaves that support the elite.

You could say that there are these outer theories, these images that people create of how they think the world should work. Throughout history, certain groups of people had developed these theories that set themselves apart from others, but also defined that they had a superior position to others. This is something that many people in the modern democracies are ready to grasp, to understand, to see and to realize. There has always been this tendency and this is something of course that we need to look at.

A superficial understanding of democracy

We need to again recognize that there is a certain cognitive dissonance here. In other words, you could take another view and step back and say: “What do people actually understand about democracy?” You could realize that most people in the democratic nations have a very superficial understanding of what democracy means. They tend to think that democracy is a very easy form of society. Once you have a democracy, you are free and you will remain free for the indefinite future, at least unless you are attacked by some outer enemy. Democracy is an easy form of government because all you have to do as a citizen is that every four years or so you go and vote, then you have fulfilled your obligation. Then, the ruling elite are somehow supposed to take care of everything else and you can focus on enjoying your daily life.

The reality is that the easiest form of government is a dictatorship where the people do not need to make any choices because the system chooses for them. At least that is the easiest for people at a certain level of consciousness. Why then did democracies emerge and dictatorships retreat? Because humankind has been raised to a certain level where there are many, many people in embodiment on earth who cannot be satisfied by living the easy life of a dictatorship where they never have to make decisions, they never have to take responsibility for themselves. When you step back and look at this, you realize that there is a very, very clear connection between the growth in humankind’s consciousness and the emergence of democracies.

What you actually see is that the only reason democracies could emerge was that many, many people had reached that level of spiritual maturity where they were ready to start taking responsibility for themselves and their lives, ready to start making decisions, learning from the consequences of those decisions. That is essentially what it means to take responsibility for your own growth. You are willing to make decisions based on what you know now, and you look at the results of your decisions. If you do not like the results, then you expand your understanding so you can make better decisions in the future. That is the process of growth in its essential form. When you look at this from a broader perspective than scientific Materialism or orthodox Christianity, you can see that the history of humankind has actually been a growth process and it has primarily been a growth in consciousness.

Historians still tend to look at the outer events, the increase in knowledge, the increase in inventions and technology. What actually drives the progress you have seen in history is a raising of the collective consciousness, which is driven by individuals raising their individual consciousness. This is not something that is too difficult to grasp for many people in the democratic nations.

You need to recognize that democracy is the direct result of people starting to take responsibility for themselves. Then, you also need to recognize that people have not, at least not a critical mass of them, continued that process of taking more and more responsibility for themselves. They have sort of come to a plateau, they have stagnated, they have been lulled to sleep by thinking: “Now that we live in a democracy, we are free.” What needs to happen is that people need to start a new cycle, a new awakening, of starting to take responsibility for their lives.

This is again something that is being partly driven by the increase in mental illness because, as we have said, there are advanced souls embodying in the democratic nations. They want to use the opportunity to work on themselves, work on their psychology, but because they have not been given a teaching about how to raise their consciousness, how to deal with their psychology, how to heal their wounds, how to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, they then manifest various forms of depression or mental illness. This forces them to start looking at themselves and many of them have come to a point where they have decided to start to take more responsibility for themselves than what they were brought up to do.

Democracies cannot function with division

You can see here that democracy can really only survive if people are in this process of taking more and more responsibility for themselves, for their lives, for their situation, for their nation, even for the world. They develop a more and more global awareness. What makes a democracy function? A democracy is by definition not a form of government where a small elite rules the majority of the population. It is, at least in theory, a society where all people are involved in the decision making process.

How can a democratic nation function in the best possible way? Well, it can only function in the best possible way if all of the people in that nation have some sense of connection with each other. They must feel that we are in the same boat, we are all being affected by the decisions made. We need to therefore look at each other, seek to raise up the whole instead of raising up just one small portion of the whole. We cannot have an elitist society where there is one rich and privileged elite and the majority of the population living in limited conditions. That is not the idea behind democracy.

Democracies require that the people develop some kind of connection between them. What is that connection? It is what we have in later dictations called your basic or your essential humanity. All men and women are created equal, all of them are endowed from a higher authority with certain rights. All people have those rights. That is an expression in words of the basic humanity. Do unto others what you want others to do to you, is an expression in words of the basic humanity. When people feel compassion for others and want to do something to relieve the suffering of others, that is because they have that sense of the basic humanity. What then works against this basic humanity? Well, precisely the fanatical mindset that divides humanity into separate groups that are not just separated by degree, but are separated in a fundamental way that makes it possible to dehumanize one group.

You can see that when democracies emerged, there was a tremendous shift in the collective awareness. If you could actually look at this from our perspective, you could see that when democracies started to emerge and become more common, there were shock waves radiating through the emotional body of the planet, the collective emotional body, the collective mental body and the collective identity body. There were literally riptides, currents, shock waves going through those bodies because it was such a new and, compared to the old, very radical idea.

People saw tremendous hope and opportunity in not having to live their entire lives in a fixed station determined by their birth, but where they could actually do something to improve their lives, improve their station in life. Consider people who had grown up in the feudal societies of Europe in a peasant family, thinking, the rest of their lives they would be working for next to nothing for the landlord as peasants, working 12-14 hours a day in the field, just getting enough to survive. Now, suddenly they see across the ocean is a new nation called America that has democracy. They will even give you a piece of land to farm where you get everything that you produce, you can keep it yourself. It was a revolutionary idea for the peasants of Europe. It sent shock waves through the collective consciousness. It sent shock waves into the dictatorial nations that were still there both in Europe and elsewhere. The dictators started feeling threatened by this.

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Fanaticism goes against nature’s quest for diversity

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, June 9, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. My contribution to this conference is to continue on the idea of energy psychology, looking at the energy field with scientific instruments that could be developed. Now, you have an explanation problem in terms of fanaticism because if you look at history, you can see that in previous ages they had certain beliefs, such as the earth is flat and the center of the universe. At the time, they thought these beliefs were infallible, could never be expanded upon by a higher understanding. Therefore, they were fanatical, according to the basic definition of fanaticism we have given you.

You can also see from medieval Catholics that the way they conducted themselves, a very aggressive attempt to put down the first scientists, the Inquisition, the witch hunts, were clearly very, very fanatical acts. There is no way to look at these actions perpetrated by the Catholic church without admitting that this was an expression of fanaticism and the fanatical mindset. If you see that Muslim terrorists today are fanatics, then certainly you must say that medieval Catholics were fanatics, the Crusaders were fanatics, the Muslims who fought the Crusaders were fanatics, the Inquisitors were fanatics, those who rounded up witches and burned them at the stake were clearly fanatics. There is no way around this.

When you look at all of these fanatical beliefs that have been held in the past, when you look at them today, you can clearly see the inherent contradictions that are always there in fanatical beliefs. We have talked about cognitive dissonance, which is that you hold two viewpoints at the same time that are incompatible or contradictory, but you cannot see it. When you look back at these previous beliefs, you can clearly see that they had cognitive dissonance. You can clearly see that these viewpoints were incompatible or contradictory. Therefore, the question becomes: “Why couldn’t people see it at the time?” You may look today at Muslim fanatics and some of the viewpoints that they hold, and you, from your perspective, can see that they have certain viewpoints that are clearly contradictory. Therefore, you must ask yourself: “Why can’t they see it?”

The cause of cognitive dissonance

What you need to recognize here is that the human mind has, as we have said, a mental level, a mental aspect. This is not difficult for people in the world to recognize. You already know about the intellectual mind, intellectual thinking, logical, rational thinking, and therefore you know that the mind has a mental aspect. You need to realize here that this mental mind, this analytical mind, is actually very, very good at comparing things. Therefore, the analytical mind is very good at looking at different viewpoints, comparing them either to each other or to some kind of standard set up, and therefore the mind is very good at seeing that here are two viewpoints that are contradictory.

You have to acknowledge here that when people have this cognitive dissonance, when they hold two incompatible viewpoints, it is not because their minds are incapable of seeing the contradiction. Their analytical minds are perfectly capable of seeing the contradiction. You can look back at medieval Catholics, and you can think, as many modern people think, that they must have been less intelligent back then. But they were not, at least not in the sense that they were incapable of seeing contradictions. They were capable. Their minds were capable of seeing them. The same thing with Muslim fundamentalists today, or Christian fundamentalists, or materialist fundamentalists, or Marxist fundamentalists, or whatever you have. Their minds are fully capable of seeing the contradictions of their beliefs or the contradiction between what they claim to believe and their actions.

The reality is here that an aspect of fanaticism is the belief that the ends can justify the means. You have people who claim to believe in, for example, some religion, and let me just use the obvious example of the Christian religion where you must ask yourself: “How is it possible that Christians, on the one hand, proclaim to believe in a spiritual teacher who said: ‘Do unto others. Forgive your enemies. Love your enemies. Turn the other cheek;’ how is it possible for people to claim to be followers of such a spiritual leader and, at the same time, feel fully justified by God in killing other human beings? How is that possible?”

Is that not the essential cognitive dissonance you could possibly come up with on this planet: Those who claim to be following Jesus Christ but even think they are killing people in my name and thinking that I approve of this? Is there a greater example, a more drastic example, of cognitive dissonance? So how is it possible that people could do this? Surely, you cannot say that their minds were incapable of comparing the statements I made to their actions and seeing that there is no way that the example and the teachings I gave could be used to justify killing other people. Surely, their minds could do this. Then, you have the undeniable fact that this did happen, people did do this, and you must ask yourself why. Why was it that they had minds that were capable of seeing the contradiction, but they did not see it?

This is where you will go back to energy psychology. Surely, it is correct, as Astrea said, that in many cases people were pulled into these strong emotions of anger and hatred so that their conscious minds could not even really connect to the intellectual level. There is more to it than that, because what Astrea also said was that people’s emotional bodies were overwhelmed by an influx of energy, aggressive energy, from the collective emotional body. You could actually develop scientific instruments that would allow you to see, even in a graphic way (and illustrate in a graphic way) that there is also a collective mental body. You would be able to measure and see that people who are in the fanatical mindset, they have openings in their mental bodies to this collective mental body, and there is an influx of a very, very aggressive energy into these people’s mental bodies.

It is this energy that creates, not the turmoil you see in the emotional body, but it creates almost a veil, a fog, a wall, in the mind that people cannot see through, cannot see beyond. If you could see this, as of course we can see it and as of course intuitive people will be able to see it, then you would realize that this is actually the only explanation for this phenomenon of cognitive dissonance. People’s mental bodies, on an individual level, have been invaded by a very aggressive energy that creates a veil. In the simplest form you could say you have one belief on the right, you have another belief on the left, and there is a veil in between so that the person’s intellectual mind cannot see both beliefs at the same time.

The veil in the mental mind

It is almost like you could have the illustration that you had a curtain in the middle of this room, and you could not see out both sides of the windows at the same time. In order to see out one side, you would have to go around the curtain, and then you could not see the other side. That is what happens in people’s mental bodies. There is a veil that prevents them from seeing both viewpoints at the same time. Therefore, they cannot use the analytical mind to compare them and see the incompatibility. What people end up doing is that they switch back and forth. At some point, they can be on the one side of the veil, and now they see that: “Oh, Jesus was such a loving teacher, and he told us to love our neighbor as ourselves.” Then, very quickly some people can switch, go on the other side of the veil, and now they believe Jesus wants them to go out and kill all non-believers. This is what you actually saw in some of the Inquisitors, some of the Crusaders. You saw this kind of switch, and they did not realize that they were switching. They did not realize the incompatibility of their beliefs. This is what you will see in all fanatics around the world, especially when you have people that come to the point where they are willing to kill other human beings in order to further what they see as an epically important cause. They simply cannot see it.

This brings up a topic that is another explanation problem that society has. What you see that psychologists and philosophers are grappling with is that when you look at human history, and you look at some of these manifestations of wars and atrocities, you are wondering: “How is it possible that something like this could happen? How could people do these kind of things?” You have the statement that the road to hell is paved with good intentions because people have seen that the people who are committing atrocities, in most cases they feel justified in doing this, and they feel they are doing it for some greater cause.

Now, I would say that the road to hell is not paved with good intentions. It is paved with fanatical intentions. Because people have gone into this fanatical mindset where they cannot see that their intentions are not actually good, or they cannot see that perhaps their intentions are good, but their actions are not. They cannot see that maybe they actually have a correct view of what should ideally happen, but they do not have the correct view of how to accomplish it without killing other people.

Evil is not part of human nature

What this leads to is that many psychologists and philosophers have drawn the conclusion: We see throughout history how human beings have committed atrocities against each other. This means that this kind of evil and aggression is just part of human nature. It is simply human nature. Evil is a potential that lies latent in all people. Now, we run into the limitations of the materialist worldview because they cannot come any further in an explanation of this phenomenon. They can only claim that this is human nature.

This leads to other explanation problems. Because do you see in the animal kingdom this kind of evil, this kind of atrocity? Obviously, you do not. If this is human nature, and if humans are evolved from animals, where did evil come from in the human? It is obviously not a gradual evolution of something you see in animals so how did it suddenly pop up in human beings when it has never been there in any animal species? This is where so far we have attempted to give you explanations of fanaticism that we evaluate that people in the mainstream could actually come to accept within a relatively short period of time.

Now, we have sort of reached the limitations of that approach because, as I said, there is no way that people with the common worldview they have today can come to understand this. That is where, if you want to understand it, you need to go beyond and realize that evil as such is not part of human nature. It is something that people can be pulled into doing through the fanatical mindset and the cognitive dissonance where they do not see the incompatibility between their beliefs and their actions.

Therefore, we must make a very important conclusion here. You can see throughout history how many, many people have been pulled into fanatical actions, committing atrocities based on a fanatical mindset, but the vast majority of these people have not been evil. You may look at the Holocaust, and you may see it as the quintessential example of human evil. You may look at some of the German soldiers and even the leaders who committed these actions, and you may think, as many people have done, that these people must have been evil, but the reality is these people were not evil.

They had been pulled into the fanatical mindset. They could not see what they were doing. The commandant of Auschwitz lived close to the camp with his family. During the day, he would oversee this massive factory of death that killed thousands of children, but after a hard day of work, he would go home to his family and be the ideal family father, playing with his children. He could not see the incompatibility in killing children during the day and playing with his own children at night. He could not see that children are children, and that the ones in the camp were just as much children and just as much humans as his own.

He was not an evil man. You cannot come up with any standard or definition that made this man evil. He was simply blinded by fanaticism, blinded to an almost unbelievable degree, but nevertheless blinded by fanaticism. If you could just see the soul of many of these Nazi leaders, you would see that they are not evil. Today, many of them are full of regret of what they did and seeking to compensate for it or to raise themselves above it. They are not evil lifestreams.

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Fanaticism is an addiction 

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Ascended Master Elohim Astrea through Kim Michaels, June 9, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master the Elohim Astrea. What I would like to do, in the beginning of this discourse at least, is build upon what Saint Germain gave you in his last installment where you talked about the development of technology or the use of technology to detect vibration, therefore developing an energetic, or an energy psychology. Now, if you take this a little bit further, you could see that one of the unexplained phenomena that you see in psychology is addictions.

What exactly is an addiction? Why do some people become addicted and other people do not? Why is it so difficult for people to break an addiction once they have crossed a certain threshold? If there had been developed an energetic approach to psychology, you would already have had technology that could show what happens in the energy field of an addicted person. This would have allowed you to see that when a person becomes addicted, this is not an internal process. You can actually measure, or even make visible, what happens and these instruments can be developed in the relatively near future because the technology is already there. You can actually measure and make visible that the phenomenon of addiction cannot be explained by only looking at a person’s energy field.

You have to realize that a person becomes addicted only because there is an influx of energy from outside its own energy field. Of course, once you see this, it makes you realize that you then need to explain, well, where does the energy come from? We do not expect that science will begin to accept the ideas that we have given you or the concepts we have given you about the astral plane and demons. But it would very much be possible for scientists to realize that beyond the material frequency spectrum that is associated with matter and matter particles, there are other realms of energy. It would be possible to detect that there is a certain realm that is linked to people’s emotional bodies and that when people become addicted, it is because their energy fields have become open to this larger collective energy field. Therefore, an addict has an influx of energy coming into the emotional body that overwhelms that person. They actually are pulled into the addiction and they do not have the conscious willpower to resist it because the magnetic pull on the emotional body is too strong.

This could be taken further where you will begin to investigate where this energy comes from, what produces it and what directs it. It could very quickly become clear that this is not simply some passive energy that is floating around. It is a very directed energy, it is a very aggressive energy. It clearly seeks to gain something, there is some kind of intent behind it. It is not just a matter of invading a person’s energy field because you could also measure that there is energy going out through the addictive behavior. There is energy going out of a person’s energy field into this larger field that is associated with the emotional body.

You then can begin to ask yourself: Well, why is there this exchange of energy? Why would there be a need for energy to flow from people’s emotional bodies into some larger energy field? Why does there seem to be an aggressive intent coming from this larger field to invade and take over people’s emotional bodies and extract energy from them? What is it that exists in this larger emotional field that needs energy from people? This is where it could actually be, not necessarily with current technology, proven by science, but certainly it could be intuited by people who would study the phenomenon in an objective systematic manner, that there must be some kind of somewhat conscious being existing in this, what we might call the collective emotional body. There are certain, we might call them in a neutral tone, energy beings in this emotional realm that seem to need energy from human beings. They have somehow developed a way to invade people’s energy fields and extract energy from them. This could then be used to make further studies of what happens, for example, in a war situation, what happens at the energetic level on a battlefield. If you could do this, you would be able to see that when people are killed on a battlefield, there is a very, very strong influence from this collective emotional realm. The people who are killed or wounded, there is energy extracted from their energy fields through this trauma.

Fanaticism is an addiction

You could then begin to study all kinds of people who experienced trauma and you will see that in many cases a trauma opens up a person’s emotional body to an influence from the collective emotional body. Therefore, scientists could begin to realize that there are these energy beings existing in the collective emotional body who are actually extracting energy from people through various processes, primarily through trauma and addiction. This would mean you could now use this to take a look at fanaticism and come up with another definition, or another layer of definition, and say that fanaticism is actually an addiction.

You would be able to take a person in the fanatical mindset, and you could see that the person in his or her emotional body has an opening that is very similar to what an addict has. There is an opening whereby there is an influx of emotional energy, and energy is being extracted from the person’s energy field, going to these energy beings in the collective emotional body.

This is something that already would have happened if the scenario Saint Germain painted (the ideal scenario) would have taken place. It is something that could be developed within one to two decades if there were scientists who were open-minded, neutral and objective enough to use current technology and develop some of it a little bit further. We are not talking about some Utopian fantasy that is far into the future. We are talking about something that is very realistic, based on the technology you already have. It simply needs to be applied in a different way with a quite frankly more objective awareness and intent.

Clearly, fanaticism is an addiction. You could now begin to study this based on what psychologists know about addictions, you could begin to find ways to help people out of it. You could have a “Fanatics Anonymous” 12-step program, or many other programs that could actually help people overcome this mindset. Again, of course there are people in the western world who would say: “Well, but what does that help when the most fanatical people are in the Middle East and they will not listen to anything coming from western science or western democracies. They

think it’s all decadent nonsense that’s contrary to Islam so they will ignore it completely” But you see, this is where you can use what I have just said to make people realize that there is a collective emotional body, a planetary emotional body, and all people are tied to it.

Fanatics cannot help mankind overcome fanaticism

Once you begin to recognize that everything is energy, you see that energy does not know physical boundaries. As Saint Germain said, quantum physics has already proven that particles separated by a great distance can be connected. Truly, when you look at the energetic approach, you realize that the whole idea that people are separated, that there is a separation in space, is just an illusion that comes from a certain perspective, a certain level of consciousness. In reality, everything is interconnected and one of the ways that all people are interconnected is through this collective emotional body. The simple fact is that when people in the democratic nations begin to raise themselves above this fanatical mindset, and for that matter other kinds of addictions, then you will actually stop giving energy, stop feeding energy, to these energetic beings in the collective emotional body. As you feed them less energy, they have less power to take over the emotional bodies of other people. This means that when the people in the democratic nations raise their awareness, you will also raise up the people in Muslim countries or other areas around the world.

The emotional body of the planet is like a piece of cloth. You can pull up one corner and for a while it seems like you are only raising a small corner. As you keep pulling it up, you eventually raise the entire cloth. It is quite frankly possible for people in the western nations to remove that emotional, aggressive force, those aggressive beings in the emotional body that are the cause behind fanaticism, at least the emotional cause behind fanaticism. It is possible that when that emotional pull is less, then the people who are now totally immersed in the fanatical mindset will be able to wake up and start coming out of it.

The energetic history of fanaticism

Now, you can even look at history again and say that, clearly if you look at the western democracies, you can go back in time and see that people were much more into the fanatical mindset in previous ages. You go back to medieval times when the Catholic church had a dominant position and you see that most people who were believing Catholics were truly in the fanatical mindset about the Christian faith and especially the Catholic church. Many believing Catholics are still in the fanatical mindset. Actually, if you would compare the mindset of most Catholics today to the mindset of Catholics 500 years ago, you would see that there has been a very clear shift, so people are not as fanatical as they were. You can see the same thing in other areas.

Therefore, you can see that the very fact that democracies could emerge shows you that people had begun a collective process of raising themselves above this lower state of consciousness that they were in during the feudal societies. These people did not have the power to break free. In a sense, you could say that poverty is a form of addiction, that feeling suppressed by an external force that you cannot stand up against also becomes a form of addiction. If you could study the energy fields of medieval peasants, you would see that they also had an opening to the astral plane and they were overwhelmed by these feelings of hopelessness, feeling powerless, not thinking they could do anything.

People can even, by becoming more conscious, becoming more aware, raise themselves above this. You see that there is a way that people can raise themselves above this influence from the collective emotional realm by raising their awareness, by using conscious willpower. You can also see that it is a slow process. You can see that even in the western democracies, many people still have addictions, which demonstrates that they have a tie to the collective emotional body.

Clearly, again the more conscious you become of an issue, of a problem, the more power you have to do something about it. I can assure you that there will come a point in the not too distant future where this whole shift to an energetic worldview will have happened. It will become self-evident to most people that energy is the underlying reality.

You go back a few hundred years, and you see how they were dealing with certain diseases back then. They had certain ways to deal with disease that had a certain effectiveness. But because they had not discovered bacteria, there were very strict limits to what they could do. There were many diseases that seemed incurable, simply because they did not know about the real cause. Once knowledge had expanded and bacteria were discovered, there was a whole new world of possibilities that opened up for fighting certain diseases.

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An energetic perspective on fanaticism 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 8, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I have decided to monopolize this day because I want to give you certain teachings that I feel are necessary in order to give a foundation for people in the future who want to understand fanaticism from a deeper perspective. I have given you the biological perspective, now I want to give you the energetic perspective.

Science often prides itself on having created tremendous progress in human society. They often look at the scientific era being ushered in a few hundred years ago; they see how little progress there was before the advent of science and how much progress there has been since. This is of course correct from a certain perspective. Given that I was one, as an ascended master (and even in some of my embodiments), who set the foundation for modern science. I can assure you that there are certain areas where I feel that science is a very, very slow process and that scientists, after they developed the materialistic paradigm, have actually become the greatest hindrance to progress. This is no more clearly demonstrated than in the understanding of energy.

Matter cannot explain everything

You have certain of the ancient Greek philosophers, called the atomists, who wanted to explain everything in the world as the result of these small physical particles that they called atoms, and everything in the world could be explained as the interactions between these unseen, invisible billiard balls. They did not have billiard balls back then in ancient Greece, but you get my point. There were also other Greek philosophers who wanted to explain everything as being created from water; everything was created out of water. Of course, scientists today can look back at this and say this was a primitive view.

There came a point where scientists began to realize that not everything can be explained in terms of particles because there is also something called energy. Energy, they realized after Newton, cannot be explained as a particle, it is not even a stream of particles. It is a phenomenon that you can best describe with the physical process of a wave, such as what you see on the water. There is a physical substance of water but there is a wave of energy that can move through that water and create an effect, such as ripples on the surface. They developed this view of the world as being made up of two substances, particles and waves.

In the Newtonian worldview, these two substances are separate, they are not interchangeable and one cannot be turned into the other. There was a time in the late 1800’s where physicists believed that they had discovered all the major processes needed to explain how the world works. What was left was just a few decimal places in their equations. There were even physicists who talked about “the end of physics” or the end of science, because surely, everything had been discovered. Then, a young impertinent physicist in Switzerland has an intuitive vision that matter and energy are not separate substances, that they are interchangeable. One can be exchanged into the other. His name was of course Albert Einstein and he published the theory of relativity in 1905, my beloved. You are talking way over a century here and yet to this day, the materialistic scientists are ignoring or denying the logical consequence of Einstein’s discovery.

What Einstein proved was very, very simple. The world is not made up of two separate substances. The world is made up of one substance, namely energy. The underlying reality in the world is energy. What Newtonian scientists called particles, was actually a form of energy that had been captured into a more stationary matrix where it was no longer moving, as you traditionally see a wave moving. It had become more like a standing wave that was not moving in space, yet still vibrating. Einstein’s equation puts an equal sign between mass and energy, making scientists realize that by splitting the atom (as they say), they could free the energy that had been captured into a more stationary matrix in the atom. It proves beyond any doubt that everything is made from energy, or as Gautama would say: “Everything is the Buddha nature.”

The end of Materialism

This discovery was made in 1905, my beloved. Still, over a century later, scientists are ignoring the meaning of it. They are denying, they are not even ignoring, and they are actively denying the consequences of this theory because if we realize that everything is energy, then suddenly Materialism falls apart at the very foundation. Materialism is built on a model of the world that says we can create a box, that inside the box is all material phenomena and outside the box is nothing. This is the essence of Materialism. What have we said is the foundation of fanaticism? You adopt a certain view of how you want the world to work, how you think the world works, and then you elevate it to the status of being absolute and infallible.

This is exactly what Materialism has done. It has said: “Here is a box – the material world – what we can see with our senses, what we can measure with our scientific instruments. That is real, that exists, there is nothing outside the box.”

The reason why this is such a limiting paradigm is that now you have all of these phenomena that you can observe here in the material universe and you have to explain them all as the effect of causes in the material universe. This is limiting in itself. What is worse is of course this absolute denial that if a phenomenon cannot be explained by a material cause, then either the phenomenon is not real or we just have not yet found the cause because one day we will see a material cause for this phenomenon.

The reality is that if we had not had this limited materialistic paradigm, then the modern democracies over a hundred years ago could have started shifting into a worldview based on Einstein’s discovery that everything is energy. Once you realize that everything is energy, you realize that energy is vibration but there is no limit to how high vibration can go. Suddenly, you can see that this idea that you can create a box that contains all material phenomena is unrealistic. Yes, in a certain sense, if you are only looking at it in terms of matter and particles and waves, then you can say here is a box and inside is the material universe. When you realize that everything is really energy, this no longer has any meaning because what you realize is that all the material phenomena you see are made up of energies that vibrate within a certain spectrum. There is certainly no theoretical limit to how high beyond the material frequency spectrum energies can vibrate. This of course opens up the possibility that there could be other energetic spectra beyond the material spectrum. Just like the octaves on the tonal scale, it can be the physical octave and there could be other octaves.

Energetic psychology

If society had accepted this in 1905 and started changing the paradigm based on this, then it would have had fundamental ramifications for the science of psychology and the entire approach to psychology. Therefore, the modern democracies would not have been in the situation they are in today where they have this increase in mental illness that materialistic science cannot deal with, and now they are at a loss to find a way to deal with it.

If you had had a century to build on the realization that everything is energy, you could have had a fundamentally different approach to psychology developed today. Even developed in the 1960’s so that societies could have made use of that opportunity we have talked about, made that transition from material welfare to psychological well-being because you have an entirely different approach to how life functions.

One of the simply logical consequences of Einstein’s theory is that if everything is energy, then there is no separation between mind and matter. One of the cornerstones of Materialism is that there is a fundamental difference between mind and matter. Matter came first, then, when the brain evolved to a certain level of complexity, consciousness came into being because consciousness is an epiphenomenon, it is a result of the material processes in the brain. This is one of the cornerstones of Materialism but it cannot stand the light of logic, when you acknowledge that everything is energy.

Now, you realize that: What is mind? What is an emotion? What is a thought? It is not a physical substance, right? Nevertheless you experience that it is real. As Descartes said: “I think therefore I am.” So you must say: “We experience that we are conscious, we cannot deny that we are conscious. Our thoughts, what gives us consciousness is not a material phenomenon, we cannot see it, we cannot measure it, therefore it must be an energy, a form of energy. Our thoughts, even our state of consciousness must be a form of energy.”

What Einstein says is that energy came first and matter came later. Because everything is actually energy, matter is just energy that has taken on another form. Meaning, in the beginning was energy. When you acknowledge this, you realize that it makes no sense to say that consciousness could only have come into being when matter had developed the complexity of the physical brain. This means that if we are to help people solve their psychological issues, we need to look at the psyche as an energetic phenomenon, not as a material phenomenon.

It is completely backwards to think that the way to cure mental illness is to affect the chemical processes in the physical brain. I am not saying it cannot have some effect because the brain is so complex that it does have almost a mind of its own. Nevertheless, as has been demonstrated for anyone who is willing to look at facts, you cannot cure all mental illness, you cannot in fact cure any mental illness (you can mask the symptoms but you cannot cure it) by tinkering with the brain.

You need to then develop a different approach to psychology, an energetic form of psychology. In a sense, this is what we have given you in our teachings where we say that there is something beyond the material realm. You have three “higher bodies,” the emotional, mental and identity level. If societies had been willing to look at this, they could long ago have received the ideas from us where they could have developed an energetic approach to healing psychological problems. This would have had widespread ramifications in society. Many more than I can even list to you in one dictation. I have no intention of listing them all but just simply giving you a few examples of this.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Fanaticism

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A biological perspective on fanaticism 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 8, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master, Saint Germain. I wish to continue on what we had talked about earlier because I still have some remarks that I want to make to help set people free. Now, we have talked about various perspectives on fanaticism but what I would like to begin with here is to focus on fanaticism from a biological perspective.

You know very well that as ascended masters, we are not in any way saying that the theory of evolution in its current form is correct. However, we have never denied either that the biblical version of creation is not correct. There was not an instant creation where all of the species you see today on the planet were created in a matter of six days. Naturally, we have always said that the conditions you have on earth today are the products of a gradual, progressive and, therefore, evolutionary process. What we of course are saying is that this evolutionary process is not mechanical and unconscious. It is creative and conscious and the consciousness of human beings has had, and is having, an influence on the evolutionary process.

Before human beings, there were of course other conscious self-aware beings who had an influence on the evolutionary process, who started it and who at certain times have stepped in and caused it to accelerate very quickly to a higher level, such as you actually see when you look at the history of the evolution of species or the appearance of species. With this we can recognize that your physical bodies are the product of an evolutionary process. This process did start with more primitive life forms that gradually evolved to greater and greater complexity until this process was able to bring forth a physical body with the complex brain and nervous system that is necessary for a higher being to take embodiment in that body, for a higher being to come into that body and begin to express itself through that body.

The cognitive dissonance of unconscious evolution

What you realize as ascended master students is of course that animals do not have individual souls. Therefore, they are not self-aware beings. You are self-aware beings because you have a part of your being that came from outside of the body, that existed before the body, that will continue to exist after the body. Your being is so complex that you cannot take embodiment in a meaningful way through an animal. Therefore, there needed to be a gradual process that brought forth a human body that has the complex brain and nervous system that you need in order to express yourself and learn from that experience.

Your physical bodies were brought forth through a gradual evolutionary process that started with more primitive life forms. It is not exactly, as biological science portrays the theory of evolution, that it happened through an infinite variety of random events that gradually, through survival of the fittest, brought forth the current life forms. There was always a certain influence of consciousness so there was a certain ability to predict what physical qualities an organism needed in order to survive in a given environment.

This is incidentally one of the big explanation problems of the current theory of evolution. How did a species emerge that could live in an environment where none of the existing species could live? For example, the standard model says that life first evolved in the water with water organisms. Then, gradually these organisms became more and more complex, and they developed lungs and legs and migrated onto land. But you see, for evolution to work as an unconscious process, there is no ability to predict. That means that a trait, a new trait, that happens as a result of a random mutation can only survive if it gives the species an advantage for survival.

This means that there is a limit (and this is not recognized by human science currently) to the process of evolution. For example, a fish cannot survive in the air, a fish cannot reproduce on land. If you look at the ocean, you see that there are certain zones in the ocean where there is less oxygen. You can see that even in the very deep oceans, where there is very little oxygen and very little light, there are certain organisms that have survived and adapted. They have evolved so they can adapt to these conditions but there is no [complex] organism that can survive where there is no oxygen at all. They can survive on very little oxygen by having a lower metabolism, but if there is no oxygen they cannot survive.

Now, you look at a fish that is swimming right under the surface and you realize that this fish needs to breathe oxygen to survive. It does so through its gills, but the gills cannot extract oxygen from the air. You know that there is plenty of oxygen in the air above the surface of the water, but the fish cannot know this. There is no faculty in the unconscious process of evolution that can know that there is oxygen in the air. For a fish, there is no oxygen in the air because the fish cannot extract it. Therefore, the fish cannot survive above the water, it cannot reproduce above the water. And therefore, in current evolutionary theory there is no mechanism whereby a fish can gradually adapt to living above the water.

I know you have all been brought up with these images that first there were frogs that developed legs instead of fins, and then they developed outside lungs and the ability to breathe air. But this could not have happened through the gradual, random, unconscious process that you currently see science promoting. It could not have happened. To say that this could have happened is cognitive dissonance.

You cannot hold on to a strictly materialistic, unconscious, random process of evolution and at the same time explain how fish migrated to live on dry land. It cannot be the result of a gradual, random, unconscious process. There must have been some ability, some faculty, that could predict that there was an evolutionary advantage to developing an organ that could extract oxygen from the air instead of from water. Because there is no way in current evolutionary theory that you can say that the migration from fish to a frog happened as a result of just one random, genetic mutation. This means that in order for this process to happen, whereby a fish became a frog that could go on land, many mutations were necessary.

If mutations are completely random and not guided by any conscious ability to predict, then even two random mutations cannot build on each other. They cannot form a pattern. Random events cannot form a progressive pattern that leads to a result that could not be produced by one random event.

Listen to me. Two or more random events cannot produce a result that could not be the result of one random event. If every event is random, they cannot build upon each other. They might form a certain pattern, but it will not be a progressive pattern where one event leads to greater and greater complexity and suddenly you have an entirely new species emerge. It cannot happen. It is cognitive dissonance to believe this. There are already many biologists who have actually realized this. They have realized that biological science and physical science, the science of physics, has actually begun to challenge and invalidate the claim made in the early days of the evolutionary theory.

Loyalty to Darwin and his theory of evolution

Now again, we are not trying to blame anybody here. But we are trying to make the realistic assessment that Charles Darwin formulated the theory of evolution based on what was known at his time and based on where the collective consciousness was at at his time. Naturally, as progress moves on, as people know more and more and as the collective consciousness moves on, there comes these points where it is now necessary to look back at our paradigm and begin to question it. Is it consistent? Does it have contradictions? Are there things we cannot explain? Have we now, based on a higher understanding, become able to ask questions that Charles Darwin could not even imagine? Therefore, why should we be loyal to Darwin and the theory of evolution? Well, why indeed?

Why should an entire society be held back at a certain level of growth by one theory because some people are loyal to that theory? Well, what is the answer, my beloved? There is only one word that can answer this and it is: fanaticism. The people today in the western world, in the modern democracies, who are holding on to the theory of evolution as a purely materialistic, unconscious process—they are in the fanatical state of mind. They are fanatics. There is no other way to look at it.

You may have heard from previous times that I hold a certain flame of diplomacy, but there is no way I can express this in diplomatic terms. It is simply cognitive dissonance, and cognitive dissonance is one of the primary characteristics of fanaticism. Therefore, the people who will not see the dissonance, will not see the contradiction, are fanatics. They can only maintain their belief in evolution through a denial of the facts, the facts that have been proven, shown by science. They can only actually hold on to evolution by denying later discoveries, discoveries that came after Darwin. There are many biologists and other scientists and people outside the field of science who have begun to see this. There is a tension in the collective consciousness where your calls again can have a major impact in shattering this so that people can begin to question this entirely materialistic view of evolution.

Evolution is a process of conscious experimentation

Once that happens, you can then go a little bit further in looking at the connection between fanaticism and what you know about biological evolution. As I said: “What is the biological basis for, or the biological perspective on, fanaticism?” This is where you can acknowledge that you are human beings. You are not animals. You are not a gradual evolutionary step up from the animal level. The missing link is a quantum leap in consciousness. You are, in a qualitative way, different from animals. Your consciousness is qualitatively different. It is a quantum leap above animal species. Nevertheless, your bodies are based on a very long process of evolution that to some degree has something to do with survival. It is not necessarily the survival of the fittest in the way this has come to be seen today. Because current evolutionary theory based on Darwin’s, or other people’s, statement of “nature red in tooth and claw” is that it is only the most aggressive species that will survive. In reality, as we have said before, the dinosaurs proved that it is not the most aggressive or powerful species that survive, but the most adaptable, those who can adapt to changing circumstances.

Nevertheless, your bodies are a product of this very, very long process. It is actually a process that is very different from what can be accepted by both the religious people and the materialists. Because the evolutionary process is not a process that was created by God in some perfect state, nor is it entirely based on laws of nature. The evolutionary process is a process of experimentation. As we said, there were conscious beings directing the evolutionary process, but they were not all of them ascended beings. They were not all of them in the ascended state of consciousness. They (as we have explained about you) started out with a point-like sense of identity and they gradually grew from there. This means that they were not able to create a sustainable creation in the beginning. They had to experiment and by experimenting with bringing forth these biological life forms and seeing how they would survive, they learned. They learned what works, what does not work, what enables an organism to survive, what causes it to become extinct.

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Fanaticism prevents society from moving beyond Materialism

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 8, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I come to continue what Mother Mary and Master MORE have talked about, but I want to give it this perspective of freedom. You have in all of the modern democracies a certain consciousness that has grown over time where people believe they are free. Of course, from a certain perspective you can say that people in democratic nations are free. Certainly, compared to those in dictatorial nations—but are they truly free? Has their freedom gone as high as it can go? Are people as free as they could be? This is a question rarely asked. Why is it that people rarely ask that question? Well, it can again be explained by the pyramid of needs created by Maslow. He said that, once a lower need has been fulfilled to a critical degree, people no longer think about it. It simply falls out of their awareness and they do not consider it a problem.

If you go back to before the democratic era and look at these nations that are now democracies, you can see that people lived under what was essentially a dictatorship. When you are living in a dictatorship, most people will feel restricted. They will feel that they are not free. Certainly, in the feudal societies of Europe, most of the population did not feel free because they could not improve their station in life. They lived in constant poverty, their daily lives were a struggle, just to survive physically. They clearly felt that as a limitation. There came a point where they started recognizing that they were being oppressed by the kings, by the noble class, by the power elite. There came that point where they took back their power and demanded freedom.

What happened back then was that throughout several centuries, there had been building this collective consciousness that: “We are oppressed, we want to be free.” Then, you had democracies created and now that level of consciousness felt that it had gained freedom. It had gained the freedom it was longing for in the pre-democratic era. People had physical, political freedom. In a certain sense, you can say this is somewhat correct, at least because they have greater freedom than they had before.

Mental freedom is a higher level of freedom

As we have many times talked about, there is still a power elite in democratic nations that are trying to set themselves up in a position where they have power and privilege beyond the general population. They can only do this by taking freedom, privileges and abundance from the population. That is why you see this concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people. This is a return towards even a physical form of slavery where people are not enslaved by the threat of physical violence, of being killed, but they are enslaved economically. They are enslaved to work their whole lives to pay back their mortgage and therefore pay the interest to the power elite. Nevertheless, we can still say that people in democratic nations enjoy a high level of physical, political freedom. Even to some degree economic freedom in the sense that they can live a relatively comfortable material life.

What can happen, and what has been building for some time, is a shift where people become aware that this is not enough. This level of freedom is not the highest potential for democratic nations. It can happen when you look back to what Mother Mary and Master MORE have talked about. The trigger can be the rise in mental illness. What happens when a person suffers from a mental illness or depression and therefore is incapable of functioning in a normal way? Well, is that not a state of non-freedom, of anti-freedom? It is very, very close, (in the collective consciousness the tension has been built) where a shift can happen where people start realizing that physical freedom is just one side of the equation of freedom. It is one aspect of it. We need to step higher in the democratic nations and realize that the only way to truly be free is to have freedom in the psyche. What I have before called mental freedom. That is true freedom.

You can have political freedom, you can have economic freedom, but if you are still trapped in some limited psychology, you are not truly free. You can see this by looking at many of these people who have used their political and physical freedom to gather more and more wealth to the point where they have more wealth than anyone could spend for the rest of this lifetime. They cannot stop there, buy themselves a vacation house somewhere and just enjoy life. They have to keep accumulating wealth. You see that the only explanation for this is that these people, even though they have financial independence, they do not have psychological independence. They are not free in their minds.

You can then see again that it is not just the elite, it is also the population. People are not free in their minds. Physical, political freedom is just the first step in the process of becoming a free human being. You really need to build on this and then say, once we have the political and economic freedom that gives us free time and free attention, then we can build on this, we can use this as a foundation. Instead of thinking it is an end in itself, we use it as a foundation for now pursuing psychological freedom, mental freedom.

It is easy to live in a dictatorship

You can see this very, very clearly in the affluent nations by the fact of the increase in mental illness, psychological problems, substance abuse. What you can realize here is that when people are oppressed, life is in a sense easy for them. If you go to the dictatorships that are still in the world, you can see that in a certain sense life for these people is easy. They have very clearly defined outer parameters that they feel powerless to change. In some cases, people come to a point where they accept conditions as they are. You can go back to communist times and see how many people had accepted that: “Oh this is how life is, there is nothing that can be done, we couldn’t improve our lives beyond a certain limit. I can get this job, I can hold this job for the rest of my life, I make this income, this gives me a certain standard of living, there is nothing I can do about it.” There were people who accepted this, therefore life was, in a sense, easy for them. They did not have the options to choose from. What you can do in the affluent nations is you can look at this generation that is now coming into retirement or has already retired, of the people that we have talked about that lived a materialistic lifestyle for all of their lives. They were pursuing material affluence as the main goal for their lives. You can see how many of these people have been used to working, and often working hard in order to gain more economic abundance. What happens when they retire? In many cases, they do not know what to do with themselves. They do not know what to do with the physical freedom they now have because they are not spending 40 hours or more a week on their jobs. What do they do? You see many people who have worked very hard for many years, they retire and within a year they die. It is simply because they do not know what to do with their freedom.

What you can realize based on this is that freedom actually demands something. When you have physical freedom, political freedom, economic freedom this is not an easy state to be in. There is again, if we reach back to the pre-democratic era in Europe and elsewhere, you see that there was a certain assumption in the collective consciousness. People assumed that: “If we just get free of the kings and the noble class, if we just have physical, political, economic freedom, then we will have utopia, then we will have paradise, then we will have the ideal society.” What you see is that when people are feeling oppressed, they look at what is oppressing them and they think that if we got rid of that, we would be free. This is a very limited understanding of what freedom means. You can see here that after these democratic nations, after people gained that political, economic freedom this has not been as easy as people thought.

The escapism industry

You see that many people have not been able to figure out what to do with their freedom. That is why you can see that there are many things that are happening in the modern democracies that are an effect of the fact that people have not gained the psychological freedom to correspond with their physical freedom. Therefore, they do not know what to do with their physical freedom. You can see mental illness as one aspect, but you can see the entire escapism industry, as we might call it, where people instead of making a choice of what they want to do with the freedom they have, they go into seeking some kind of escape, some kind of entertainment. It can be anything from drugs and alcohol to cheap entertainment that just diverts your attention in the moment. It can be movies, it can be television, it can be computer games, it can be all kinds of things, reading books that just help you pass time.

You see that there is an entire phenomenon that has happened in the democratic nations where people now have free time. But if they are not free in their minds, they do not know what to do with their free time. There is an entire industry that has sprung up that only has one purpose, that is to help people pass their free time.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Fanaticism

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You are not powerless to deal with fanaticism

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Ascended Master Master MORE through Kim Michaels, June 7, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.7

I AM the Ascended Master MORE, and I wish to continue Mother Mary’s discourse and some of the remarks that she made. My beloved, you look at planet earth, you look at how people resist change. You look at how they want to hold on to what gives them a sense of equilibrium, a sense that they have the uncertainty of the physical universe somewhat under control. What basis is there really for thinking that if you can prevent change, you can maintain control?

You look at all of these people who have a certain belief system, a certain worldview. They believe it gives them absolute and infallible knowledge. They do not believe that it could ever be expanded upon, whether it comes from some divine revelation, scientific revelation or political revelation. They resist any knowledge that could change or challenge their view of life. What basis do you really have, on a planet like earth, for thinking this is even possible?

Worldviews come and go

Look at history. Look at all the changes that have happened. Just look back over the last couple of thousand years here in the western world. You can go back to the Roman Empire. They had a certain worldview. Most people today have not really bothered to think about the Roman worldview, but they had a certain view of the universe, with themselves firmly in the center. They believed they were a superior civilization that had a right to rule the world, and that they lived in the center of the world, and that they basically had conquered most of the known world. They believed they had absolute knowledge, that it could never be expanded upon, that this was something final. Does anybody care today what the Romans believed 2,000 years ago? Has their worldview not been obliterated by time? Is there anybody today who sits there and thinks: “Oh, I wish we could go back to the Roman worldview and all believe what they believed back then.”

Then, look at the medieval worldview, the so-called Dark Ages, of how they had certain beliefs, certain ideas, among them that the earth was flat, that it was the center of the universe. If you sailed out over the oceans, you would fall off the edge, and there would be dragons eating you. Does anyone miss that worldview today? Does anyone think: “Oh, we should go back to this?” Look at all the people in later periods. Look even in modern times, the Marxist worldview. Well, yes, there may be a few people who think we should go back to this, but do the majority of the people around the world think we should go back to the Cold War days and the division of the world into a communist and a capitalist camp?

When you look at reality, when you look at history, is there any basis for thinking that you could create a worldview that would last for eternity? You may say: “Well, the Bible is several thousand years old and there are still people who believe in these scriptures.” I would say to you: “Is that really so?” You take a fundamentalist Christian in the United States today who claims that the Bible is the Word of God, the literal Word of God, and that it is perfect, and it could never change, and it will stand the test of time. He might say: “Well, the first books in the Bible were given so many thousands of years ago, and we still believe in them today. Therefore, they have stood the test of time.” I can assure you that if you went back to when the first people received the first books of the Bible and looked at their worldview and their mindset, you could see that perhaps the words have survived, but the way people looked at those words, that has not survived. It was such a different worldview they had back then that you cannot even imagine it in the modern world.

The irony of fundamentalist Christianity being, of course, that before the scientific era there were no fundamentalist Christians. Even in medieval times, people did not take the Bible literally as the fundamentalist Christians do. It was actually only after the advent of science, and specifically Materialism, that there was a shift in the collective consciousness where people started to take things very literally, instead of looking at their symbolic value. The fundamentalist worldview is not as old as the Bible, and it will not stand the test of time.

People do not want to go back to the past

You look, my beloved, at all of the people in the world (yourselves among them, most of you) who have experimented with various forms of diets. There is the Atkins diet, there is the Keto diet, there is the “supercalifragilisticexpialidosius-diet” and many other diets. Including the Paleolithic diet where people try to eat like they did in the Stone Age. Well, if you want to eat like they did in the Stone Age, why do you not go back and find yourself a nice cave somewhere, and find some old furs and dress in them and live in that cave? Then, you could really eat like they did in the old days. Go out there with your spear and your club and hunt for food, gather berries, and then come home and try to prepare a meal from this.

You see that there may be people who look back to the past and think that there is something original that was better than what we have today. But when it really comes down to it, they do not want to go back and live in the past. Most people, and certainly most people in the modern democracies, would not want to go back to live in the past. If you acknowledge (and this is one of these shifts that can happen in the collective consciousness) that you do not want to go back and live in the past, you can ask yourself why that is. The reason that you do not want to go back to the past is that you acknowledge, you experience, that there has been progress. We can always debate whether something is good or bad, but there has been progress compared to 200 years ago, 2,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago. Humankind has made progress.

Progress is based on increasing knowledge

Now, why have you made progress? Why has humanity made progress in that time? What is the difference between the Stone Age and today? Why did not the Stone Age have, for example, the technology that you take for granted today and that is one of the reasons why people do not want to go back to the Stone Age? Well, because in the Stone Age they did not have the knowledge that this technology is based on. So what is all progress based on? It is based on an expansion of knowledge. People know more, and knowing more is the basis for progress. It has been that way throughout history. Knowing more allows you to make progress. If you do not know more, if you keep holding on to the same knowledge and do not expand your knowledge, you will stay in the same place you are at. Knowledge is power.

If you recognize that knowledge is the key to progress, or rather, expanding your knowledge is the key to progress, why would you hold on to your present worldview and beliefs? Why would you get yourself in a state of mind where you believe that you have some absolute knowledge that could never be expanded upon? If your knowledge could not be expanded upon, that would mean you could not progress beyond your current level, at least in that area of life.

Very, very simple logic. Not beyond the average person in the modern democracies to acknowledge this, and therefore take this step further and say: “Well, why do we human beings have this tendency to hold on to a certain worldview, a certain knowledge, and think it is absolute?” Then, they can realize, as Mother Mary so eloquently explained, the entire security dynamic of the need for security, and your tendency to feel that when you have a certain knowledge that is absolute or infallible, then you have some control over the universe.

When you acknowledge this, then you can again take a look at history and see how all ideas have eventually been changed, perhaps even overturned, by the progress of time. Therefore, you can say: “Okay, if I really want security, does it make any sense to try and base my sense of security on an idea that could be changed anytime?” You would, if you went back in time, see that when people believed that the earth was flat, and that it was the center of the universe, these two beliefs were part of what gave them a sense of security. They felt they could explain how the universe worked and this gave them that sense of equilibrium. Now, you can see that those beliefs have been overturned. Therefore, you can see that basing your sense of security on two beliefs that were so obviously wrong, was not a very smart move. It was not the way to get security.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Fanaticism

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Modern democracies must move beyond fanaticism 

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, June 7, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and it is my privilege to open this conference and bid you all welcome here to this place. What is a place? Does it really matter where you have a conference? Well, yes and no. It does not matter in the sense that the right place to commune with the ascended masters is always in the heart. On the other hand, it is of course important to have conferences in certain places where we can shatter certain energy matrices that are not of the light, or we can have an impact on the collective consciousness.

That is why we are grateful to have a conference here on the European continent that has, in the past, been the cradle of so much fanaticism. Naturally my beloved, the concept of fanaticism is something that all people on earth are aware of but that hardly anyone understands. If you search on the Internet or look up in a dictionary to find the meaning of the word fanaticism, you will often find a definition that says something like “fanaticism – the act of being fanatical.” What does that tell you exactly? Well, not very much, does it? You will see that even psychologists who have studied this phenomenon for some time have difficulty in defining exactly what fanaticism is.

Many people reinforce fanaticism

Now, the first thing that I want to bring to your attention here (for you to make calls on, and be aware of) is that there is a tendency, in worldly psychology or in all fields of society that deal with fanaticism, to look at the extreme manifestations of fanaticism. Here on the European continent, you naturally always have psychologists reach back to Adolph Hitler as the example of a very fanatical person, and how he managed to get so many among the German population to go into the fanatical mindset. The problem with taking this approach is that it actually reinforces fanaticism. It does this in a very subtle way that few people are aware of.

You see my beloved, going back to Sigmund Freud, he set a tone for modern psychology, for what became known as the “Science of Psychology” by focusing on studying abnormal psychology. So many psychologists have then looked at the topic of fanaticism, looked at the more extreme manifestations of fanaticism (such as Hitler) and they have studied this from the same vantage point as traditional psychology. This is abnormal, fanaticism is something abnormal, something extreme. The problem with taking this approach is that you then automatically create a division where you say: “Certain people are in such an extreme state of mind that they are fanatics. But most people are not in such an extreme state of mind, and therefore, they are not fanatics. They are not in a fanatical state of mind.” If you look at this, including how many of the nations of Europe look back at the time of Hitler, you will see that there is a tendency for many people to feel: “We are normal but these people are fanatics.”

Many, here in this country of Holland, look at the German people and Hitler as clearly being fanatical. They think that because the people here in the Netherlands are so open, so tolerant, certainly we are not fanatics. Many people would be greatly offended if they were told that they were fanatics, which of course is what I intend to do later.

Dividing human beings into groups

The problem here is simple. You create a division of humankind into two groups, and then you say: “We are the normal people, they are the fanatics.” You are pointing the finger at somebody else. What was the essential dynamic of Hitler’s Germany? It was exactly the same. We are dividing humanity into two groups, the Aryan Germans and the Jews. They are the bad people, and they are the ones we need to get rid of. The mindset behind this is very simple. There is a problem in the world, but the problem is not with us, the problem is with those other people. In order to solve the problem, we need to change those other people.

Now, grant you, Hitler’s solution, final solution of killing all the Jews, was extreme and was fanatical. Certainly the actions of ISIS of blowing up people and killing them is also extreme. What needs to be recognized is that fanaticism does not start in the extreme. It starts in what many people call “normal” and then it gradually becomes extreme. If you are totally honest and looking at Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s up until the rise of Hitler, you cannot say that the majority of Germans were in a fanatical state of mind. There is no way you can say this and be honest and objective. You can of course see that there was a certain psychological mechanism in the German people, which had the potential to evolve into the fanaticism you saw after the rise of Hitler.

If you are honest and objective, you cannot say that this state of mind or this psychological mechanism was only found in the Germans. There were special circumstances, in the sense that the Germans were very upset over the conclusion of the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles. Nevertheless, if you are looking at just the mindset of the people and not the outer circumstances, you will see that many other nations in Europe and around the world had a very similar mechanism in a majority of the population.

Identifying the problem as “out there”

It is precisely this mechanism, you see, that is a problem. You are not taking responsibility for the problem and saying: “What can we do? How can we change ourselves to solve the problem?” You identify that the problem is out there with other people and they are the ones who have to change. If you look honestly at history, you will see how many examples there are of people that you would call “normal” from a psychological evaluation, but who (when there were certain circumstances that manifested) they became willing to kill other people. Before these circumstances manifested, they were what you call “normal human beings.” They are not necessarily aggressive and certainly not willing to kill others. But when certain circumstances changed, then all of a sudden, now people are willing to kill other human beings.

I know that there are people out there, my beloved, who want to define fanaticism by saying that when you are willing to kill other human beings, you are in a fanatical state of mind. If you are not willing to kill, then you are not a fanatic. That is too simplistic of a definition. It certainly is not a definition that will allow you to ever remove fanaticism from the earth. As I said, the essence of fanaticism is that you point the finger at somebody else and you say: “They are the problem. They are the ones who have to change.” You can never remove fanaticism if you are in that same state of mind. If you isolate certain people, label them as fanatics, point the finger and say: “They are the ones who are the problem, they are the ones who have to change,” you will not remove fanaticism. Not only will you not remove fanaticism, you will reinforce fanaticism.

There are people, here in Holland and certainly in other nations, who think that they are being so open and tolerant that what they are doing is the opposite of fanaticism. When they then look at the people who are extremists, and label them as fanatics, by this very mental act (and emotional act) they are reinforcing the consciousness of fanaticism that exists.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Fanaticism


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The finger-pointing discourse

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 6, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. When you experience a discourse as the one you have experienced from Kuan Yin, you realize why there is absolute equality between male and female in the ascended realm. You realize why there should be absolute equality between men and women on earth. As Kuan Yin has provided the omega half of our combined discourse, I will give you the alpha. I would like to pick up on what she gave you, and dedicate this discourse as the “Finger-Pointing Discourse.”

What is it that the fallen beings have used as their primary weapon for controlling humankind? It is pointing the finger. You have the sentence in the Book of Revelation from the New Testament that says that there were those who “accused our brethren before our God, day and night.” And when the accuser of the brethren was cast down, there was rejoicing in heaven. This of course is inaccurate in the sense that it does not refer to heaven, but it does refer to that first sphere where beings first fell. Before they fell, they were indeed accusing everyone around them, pointing the finger at everyone else and at God. Because they had decided that it could not be them who had to change, their only option left was that everyone else had to change, and the universe had to change, and God had to change, and the weather had to change.

My beloved, what you realize here is that in a sense you could say that the essence of the fallen mindset is pointing the finger at someone else because one is unwilling to look at oneself. You see that we have talked about a structure, a machine, in the emotional, mental, and identity realms that is aimed at controlling humankind, deceiving humankind. This is the foundation for all dictatorships you have seen throughout history and that you see today. The very core of this structure is this very consciousness of pointing the finger outside oneself.

There is always a justification for hurting others

You may find this difficult to believe when you see how there are demons in the astral plane that are taking over people’s minds and causing them to kill indiscriminately. You realize that even the worst psychopath or narcissist who goes into a shopping mall and starts firing a gun still has to have some rudimentary level of reasoning and justification for doing it. Where does that justification come from? You may look at it, and many people do look at it, from a normal state of human consciousness, a common-sense perspective, you might say, and find it completely unreasonable, illogical, and absolutely crazy. But there is some rudimentary reasoning, some level of justification. It all boils down to this: There is something wrong somewhere. Something has gone wrong in this person’s life, or other people have done something wrong. It is never the person himself or herself, who is at fault.

Again, the principle of pointing the finger outside oneself can justify absolutely any human behavior. Ponder that sentence for a moment. Pointing the finger outside oneself can justify absolutely any human behavior. Then, look at history and see how horrendous atrocities have been committed by people—but they could always justify it. The way they justified it was to point that something had gone wrong outside themselves, and that is why they had to do what they did.

You see, my beloved, how pointing the finger can so easily result in a bending of the finger around the trigger that fires at someone else and kills them. The pointing finger and the trigger finger are just a short movement apart from each other. The fallen beings are experts at first getting someone to point the finger and then getting them to put the finger on the trigger and pull, over and over and over and over and over and over—need I go on? They have repeated this pattern, and people fall for it again, and again and again and again—need I repeat myself?

Why there is suffering in the world

What can break the spiral? What can break it? The Buddha nature can break it, for even those who have gone completely insane and are pointing the finger and pulling the trigger have the Buddha nature within them. What can cause them to connect to that Buddha nature and start pointing the finger at themselves instead of pointing it somewhere else? Well, that is why there is suffering in the world.

Once people have gone into duality and started pointing the finger outside themselves, they will suffer. Why will they suffer, my beloved? Because when you think that the cause of the problem (that the fault, that the error) is outside yourself, you have instantly made yourself powerless to change yourself. Once you go into creating these separate selves that see themselves as separate from the Buddha nature, you will suffer. The separate self can only suffer. Even if the separate self attains absolute power on earth and feels it can do anything it wants, it still suffers because there is still tension. Even if you have all power on earth, there could still be more power to be had. There could still be a threat that could cause you to lose your power. You might be momentarily elated, but you can never really be free of suffering.

Once you go into suffering, you lose that contact with the Buddha nature. You lose your intuitive faculties very quickly because how can you have discernment when you are pointing the finger at somebody else? Therefore, what can awaken you? We of the ascended masters cannot reach you. A spiritual teaching cannot reach you. As my beloved brother Jesus has just explained, when you go into this state of mind, you lose your intuition. You lose your ability to reason and to make neutral observations. You are always looking through that separate self that is defining the problem as being out there, and therefore defining that it is someone else that has to change in order for you to be at peace.

What did I teach 2,500 years ago? What did Jesus teach 2,000 years ago? That the key to avoid suffering is to go into yourself and change the condition in there that causes your suffering. What happens when you point the finger? You think the cause of your suffering is outside yourself, in these external conditions or these other people. You cannot see that your experience of suffering does not reside out there, on top of a mountain or among those other people that you think are your enemies. Your suffering is an internal experience, and an internal experience can only have an internal cause. This internal cause may be triggered by an external circumstance, but the cause is not the external circumstance. The cause is internal.

You see that once you start pointing the finger, you are looking in the wrong direction. You think that in order to escape suffering, you have to change something out there. In the beginning, you might think you have to just change one person. Perhaps you even can come to the extreme where you think that if you kill one person, your suffering will end. The fallen beings have gone through a very long process of attempting to alleviate their suffering by changing something outside themselves. They have transcended – long ago – the personal level. Now, they think that the only way to alleviate their suffering is to change everything around them in their environment. They think that in order to change everything around them, they need to have power over everything around them, they need to be able to control everything around them. The fallen beings are always blindly driven to attempt to gain control, to gain power, and thereby force their external circumstances to change.

The ultimate dictator on earth

What happens whenever a fallen being rises to a position, such as being a dictator, like Hitler, Stalin, or Mao? Well, he experiences that his suffering does not go away. This may cause insanity in that lifetime. What happens after that lifetime is that often that fallen being cannot even come back into embodiment. It may for a while go into the astral plane and act out its anger there. Some fallen beings have risen above that raw anger of the astral plane, and they have risen to the mental realm or lower identity realm. From there, they are also seeking to control, thinking that: “If I just get one step up in my level of control, then my suffering will go away.” Or if they get the ultimate control, as they are able to see it in their environment, then their suffering will go away. Or if they are able to even gain control over God and change God and God’s giving of free will, then their suffering will go away.

What you see is that behind this entire machinery in the emotional, mental and identity realms (that is aimed at controlling humankind) there is this very limited number of fallen beings in those three realms who are working towards this end of controlling humankind, and controlling every aspect of life on earth.

We have not emphasized this teaching before, but in the My Lives book [My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus] we do give the concept that at the top of this structure is one particular fallen being, whom the book calls the Dark Master. When you follow the structure of fallen beings, you see that there is indeed this one being at the top of this structure. What is the ultimate dictator on earth? Well, it is this Dark Master. He is in control of the other fallen beings in the identity realm, those in the mental, and those in the astral, and of course those in the physical. He is ultimately in control.

Now, you may think: Why has this person, this being, risen to this state of being in ultimate control of all the fallen beings associated with earth? Was he particularly powerful? Did he have specific abilities? Was he particularly wise or intelligent? Well, you might say that he was, but how is he then controlling the other fallen beings?

You do realize, I assume, that there is no true cooperation among fallen beings. We of the ascended masters on a regular basis have council meetings where a group of us get together. In perfect harmony, and with equality among us, respecting our positions in hierarchy, we can cooperate freely. Fallen beings, even though they may have council meetings, cannot create the atmosphere that we have. They are not actually cooperating. They may have a common goal, but they are not truly cooperating. There always has to be one who is on top and who is controlling the others. How does he control them? By getting them to point the finger at each other. How does he do that? By him pointing the finger at all the rest.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Dictatorships.

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You cannot change yourself by seeking to change others

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels, May 6, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Kuan Yin, and I will give you the perspective of the Divine Mother on some issues that we have determined can be of value for you. First of all, I want to speak about the situation in Korea. I know that you who are from Korea have been very gracious in inviting this conference here, even though we are not specifically focused on Korea. Given that you have a neighbor to the North, then it is of course all of relevance to you, even of special relevance to you.

Now, we have given you at previous conferences many dictations specifically on the situation in Korea. They are naturally all still relevant and it is not our intention to say that these are the only issues you need to work on. Naturally, you are free to look at your nation, determine that there are certain issues you would like to make calls on, and then you use our decrees and invocations to call for action on those issues. The reason we have chosen the issues we have spoken about at the previous conferences was that we see the complex geometry that will bring forth change in Korea, and we have given you the topics that based on this will have the most impact on the future of Korea.

Korean business conglomerates

There is however one topic that I want to talk about here and it is the situation that you have in Korea allowed the creation of these large business conglomerates, which we have talked about before. What we would like you to realize is that this has created sort of a special situation. You understand that there was a practical necessity to rebuild Korea after the war and therefore the government took what it saw as a practical realist measure for accomplishing this as quickly as possible. It created these business entities, gave them very much a free rein without much oversight from the government and their only charge was: “rebuild the country, create jobs.”

Now, it is clear that this was a practical necessity, although of course not the only way it could have been done, but it was one way and it was relatively efficient. There was a certain element of force here involved with these business conglomerates. They started relatively quickly competing amongst each other. There was a certain power game for establishing the supremacy of one or a couple of these business conglomerates. What has been created through this process is certain, what we might call, collective beasts or even collective demons.

Each of the business conglomerates has created a particular beast that exists in the emotional realm, in the mental, and even in the lower identity realm. It is not a conscious being, as we have described to you that there are demons and entities that are not conscious, they are not self-aware. It is a programmed being that will mindlessly carry out its programming, and the programming is of course to expand this particular business conglomerate and to preserve it almost at all cost.

The people behind these business conglomerates were very much enveloped in the consciousness that the end can justify the means, and they still are for the most part. There was a certain attitude that anything goes—whatever we can do to rebuild the country regardless of the human cost, regardless of any considerations for the individual, needs to be done. This then shifted into anything we can do to grow the corporation, to preserve the corporation and destroy the competition is also acceptable to be done. What this has created is of course a situation where the business conglomerates have used their privileged position to influence the collective consciousness of Korea to the point where most people think that these business conglomerates are necessary, are beneficial, and that Korea and the Korean economy could not survive without them. In other words, they have created a mindset that this is the only way to do business in Korea. This is the only way for the economy to survive and thrive. There are of course (as we have said before) alternatives, but most people are not even open to looking for them because they think this is the Korean model, and it has worked so far, so why should it not it work in the future? There is a certain loyalty that has been created in the Korean population towards these business conglomerates.

The need for a new business model in Korea

What you need to realize here is that for Korea to truly thrive and for the Korean economy to grow in the future, you need to gradually open up so there is more of an awareness of different business models. Also, so that the government gradually starts making it easier for other businesses to be established, and to even come up and compete with the large conglomerates. Otherwise, the Korean economy will not remain vital in the future and it will not be able to deal with the burden of a reunification of Korea.

In order to create this shift in consciousness, you can make the calls that people will be set free from the hypnotic effect of these huge demons or beasts that have been created and that demand the loyalty and the special treatment of these conglomerates. You can see, my beloved, if you think about this, that in Korea there is a special awareness of, for example, Samsung. There is a certain sense in the population that we should buy Samsung products or at least Korean made products. Here is a Korean housewife who needs to buy a new washing machine, and she thinks: “Oh, I should be a good Korean citizen and buy a Samsung washing machine.” But you need to recognize that Samsung as it is today is so large a corporation that it could not survive by just selling washing machines and other products in Korea.

Samsung is a huge multinational corporation that sells washing machines in almost every country around the world. The Korean attitude towards Samsung, the loyalty, the sense that Samsung is entitled to special privileges and special treatment by the government cannot ensure the survival of Samsung. Samsung’s future depends on people in other countries buying their products. If you look at a housewife in Denmark, for example, who needs to buy a new washing machine, she does not have that loyalty towards Samsung. She does not feel the need to buy Korean products. If something shifts in the international perception of Samsung, it does not take very much for there to be a wave in the collective consciousness internationally where people suddenly become aware, for example, that workers are not paid fairly or not treated well, and they say: “Why should I buy a Samsung washing machine when there is another company that treats its employees better or pays them better? Let me choose that product instead.”

You can see that the Korean attitude towards Samsung cannot ensure the survival of Samsung, or Hyundai, or any other corporation in Korea. Therefore, there is a need for you who are the spiritual people to make the calls that there will be a shift in the Korean consciousness towards these business conglomerates so that people will adopt a more international awareness and therefore realize that the businesses in Korea need to look at what is happening in the world at large, what is happening in the attitude and awareness of consumers in the world.

The need to treat employees well

They therefore need to start adapting to this so that they look at how Western corporations are treating their employees, how well they are paying them. How much, for example, of the earnings of a corporation are going to the shareholders and how big of a percentage is going to the employees. They need to make these adjustments so that Korean corporations follow the trends in the international business climate and are not staying in this hypnotic bubble created by these large beasts. In other words, you can make the calls that the Korean business climate is freed from these beasts, and even that the large corporations are freed from it, so they can grow and adapt to the changing times, and even start adopting a Golden Age business model. For unless they do begin to make the transition into a Golden Age model, how can they survive in the Golden Age?

We of the ascended masters would like to see Korea be an example of a nation that transitions into the Golden Age, not just in the area of business of course but also in other areas. These are calls that you can make and that will have an important impact.

Now, you can also make calls for the exposure of anything that is hidden, both in the government and in these large business conglomerates. You will see that in Korea since the war there has been created almost the sense that you have an upper class, a special class of Korean people who are the rich people, the leaders of these big business conglomerates. There has arisen in the population almost a sense that these very rich and powerful people are in a special class, that they are almost perfect or that they are beyond criticism. You can make the calls for the exposure of any inappropriate actions, any illegal actions, any corruption, any special dealings. It is necessary in order for Korea to transition into this new business model that the idolatry of these seemingly all-powerful business leaders is broken down. It may necessitate that there is an exposure of personal failings or wrongdoings on the part of some of these leaders so that the Korean people can awaken and have a shift where they realize that they are still human beings and they are still as fallible as other human beings. Therefore, they do not deserve special treatment or privileges, and they do not deserve to be looked up to as if they were some kind of gods walking around on earth. I can assure you that God does not wear business suits, my beloved. These are some issues for you to make calls on in the nation of Korea.

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Exposing the dark forces behind dictators 

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, May 6, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. What does it mean when we ask you to call forth the Judgment of Christ on some phenomenon, some occurrence, on earth, as you have done in this invocation you have given? Well, it means that we are asking you to suspend human judgment and let the mind of Christ bring forth the judgment that is needed according to the vision of that mind.

So many times people have human judgments, and they of course come from external selves that are created in reaction to some condition on earth. Can you see, as I am sure many of you who are ascended master students can, that when a self is created as a result of some condition that is manifest on earth already, then that self cannot see beyond the condition, it cannot see the deeper reason behind that condition, it cannot see the higher vision of Christ? Therefore, the self then can only make a human judgment, and this is at a level where it does not bring the judgment of the phenomenon or the dark forces behind it.

Human judgment brings only conflict

What is the most common thing you see on earth as the source of conflict between human beings? It is that one person has one opinion on an issue, the other person has the opposite opinion or at least a different opinion. But they are both human opinions. Of course, both people might claim that theirs is not a human opinion, it is the absolute truth, and therefore the other person’s opinion is the absolute lie.

Can you not see throughout the ages how conflict after conflict after conflict has been generated by this phenomenon: One human opinion against another human opinion, both of them claiming not to be human opinions, but having some higher authority, some higher truth. Yet, what has that led to? It has led only to conflict and chaos. You can see that neither of the two can be a higher truth. They are just human opinions, and therefore one human judgment against another human judgment is not going to bring change. The Judgment of Christ is from a higher level, a higher vision.

That is why I said 2,000 years ago: “Judge not that ye be not judged.” Because when you judge from the level of human opinion, then you are sending an impulse into the cosmic mirror, and what must the mirror do? Reflect back to you according to what you are sending out. How does the cosmic mirror reflect something back to you? Well, if you have a strong human judgment on a particular issue, the cosmic mirror will send you another human being who has the opposite human judgment and now the two can clash.

Now my beloved, consider this. We have told you about the duality consciousness where there is always a polarization towards two extremes. What you can learn from the teachings of Buddhism is that what the Buddha called “the pairs,” are created simultaneously. They are created in polarity. They cannot exist one without the other. What human beings believe on earth is that their opinion, their judgment, is the higher truth that exists at first and then the opposite opinion came later when perhaps the devil himself opposed the truth. They think that the truth came first and the opposite came later. Therefore, they fail to see that the two human opinions arose simultaneously out of the duality consciousness.

Pure science does not oppose pure religion

Now, you have of course some situations where a society for a long time has been dominated by one particular philosophy, perhaps one particular religion. Therefore, people have been conditioned to believe that this religion represents truth and that any other religion (or any other viewpoint)

represents error. Perhaps the opposite opinion has been suppressed, the opposite dualistic polarity has been suppressed by the one dualistic polarity that attained dominance. Therefore, people no longer see that the two are just like two sides of the coin—one cannot exist without the other.

For example, you will see how the Catholic church for a thousand years suppressed all sources of knowledge other than Catholic doctrine. They claimed that Catholic doctrine represented the only truth and many people were programmed to believe this over many lifetimes. Then, when science comes in and starts questioning Catholic doctrine, then naturally people tend to believe that doctrine is the truth, and therefore science must be the error when it questions doctrine.

The reality is that pure scientific observation – neutral scientific observation – is beyond dualistic polarities. The earth does revolve around the sun, it is not the center of the universe. This is not a matter of human opinion. It is reality. What you need to recognize here is that throughout the ages, you see how there has been a tendency for the emergence of some thought system, a religion, a political ideology, a philosophy, that claims to have an absolute truth. It also claims that all divergent viewpoints are the error. What you see throughout history is that this absolute truth has then been in conflict with the people who have the opposite viewpoint, and the result has been a conflict that has often been ongoing for a long time. In some cases, as you see with the Catholic church, one particular version, one particular side, took over and dominated for a time.

Look at the fact that the Catholic church dominated Europe for almost a thousand years. Did this bring peace? Did the dominance of one supposedly absolute truth bring peace to earth? No, it did not. Even in those thousand years there was conflict after conflict where the Catholic church fought groups of Christians within themselves, like the Cathars. They fought the Muslims, they had the Inquisition and the witch hunts, there was always some enemy that needed to be fought.

You see, if you have a higher truth, an absolute truth, then that truth is not dualistic. That means it does not have an opposite polarity. Therefore, if that truth actually managed to dominate a society, it would not generate conflict. By the very fact that the Catholic church and Catholic doctrine did not create peace but created conflict after conflict, you can know that it was not a higher truth. It was a dualistic polarity that therefore must have one or several opposites.

How fallen logic distorts everything

Now, you do realize, I am sure, that human logic is human logic and this is what the fallen beings used time and time and time again to confuse people. Take what I just said. There was a time when Catholic doctrine said that the earth is the center of the universe. The sun and all the other planets, all the stars in the firmament, revolved around the earth because the earth is so important to God that he put it in the center of his creation. Human beings are so important to God that he put them in the center of his creation.

Then comes science, which is, as we have explained, based on neutral observation. How does the world actually work? How do the planets move relative to the earth and what does that show about the earth? This is neutral observation. Do you see that the fallen beings do not want people to have such a neutral, we might say objective, truth, a higher truth? They use this dualistic logic to create an opposition. In fact, they have already created the opposition by establishing Catholic doctrine based on a faulty observation of the universe. It is not so much the faulty observation that was the problem. It was not really a problem that people believed the earth was the center of the universe. The problem was the claim that this was an infallible doctrine of this infallible organization that was the only representative of Christ on earth.

By making the claim that this is an absolute truth, authorized by some higher unquestionable authority, the fallen beings have already set up the potential for conflict. Therefore, when science comes up with a neutral observation of how the world works, it is very easy for them to take the scientific observation and overlay it with this materialistic philosophy that now puts itself in opposition to the religious authority. You now have your religious authority, which has been dominating for a while—the established power elite. You have a “scientific” authority, which claims that it now has the absolute truth. What was actually a neutral scientific observation has now become a dualistic polarity in the ongoing dualistic conflict created by the fallen beings.

Science was hijacked by the fallen beings. This is also, as we have explained, what happened with religion or spirituality where mysticism is as neutral as scientific observation. Mysticism in its pure form simply is a matter of experiencing the spiritual reality, instead of having theories and doctrines about the spiritual reality. It is not a matter of how you think that the spiritual realm is, it is a matter of experiencing it yourself. As a true mystic, you also realize that even though you may have an experience where the conscious you steps outside of your four lower bodies, that experience may not be absolute.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Dictatorships.

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Overcoming the fear of making choices 

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Ascended Master Shiva through Kim Michaels, May 5, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Shiva. Even though the millions of people in the Hindu religion who revere the name Shiva would object to that statement. They would say I am not an ascended master but a God. Nevertheless, I am an ascended master and I hold the office that is in the Hindu religion associated with the God Shiva. Truly, the God Shiva is a universal principle, one of the three creative principles: The creative, the principle that creates, the one that sustains and the one that breaks down.

You would see that if there was only creation and sustainment, then very quickly co-creators with a lack of experience would create things that would begin to limit themselves. How can you then break free of your previous creation? Well, that is where you need Shiva, where you need the principle that breaks down the structures that are not the highest. You see that truly what they often in the Hindu religion call destruction is not the best description of the principle behind Shiva. Truly, it would be better to talk about a liberating principle so that you can be set free from your previous creation.

Now, what is the true process that you go through as a co-creator? Well, it is that you set a process in motion through the four levels of your mind that over time creates a certain physical manifestation. This is where you use your co-creative abilities, the principle of Brahma. Then, the principle of Vishnu takes over and sustains your creation in the physical for some time. This is in order to give you an opportunity to experience your own creation and to evaluate your own creation.

What ideally happens is that you formulate a matrix in your mind, project it upon the Ma-ter light and manifest a physical circumstance. Then, as you see and experience that circumstance, you are raising your consciousness. This does not mean, in the ideal scenario, that you think you have done something wrong. In an ideal scenario, the concept of right and wrong has nothing to do with co-creation, they do not even come into the equation. You raise your awareness by creating something and experiencing what you have created. This means that now you could see how you can create something that is more. How can you create something more when you still have that physical manifestation that you already created? You can only do so if there is something that can break down what you have created and thereby liberate yourself from your own creation.

Death is an opportunity to move higher

You will see that the fallen beings attempt to pervert any spiritual teaching given to you. They have, even in the Hindu religion, created this idea that Shiva is the destroyer. They have created these fear-based images that you have all seen. Therefore, many people in the Hindu religion actually fear Shiva, as many people around the world fear death because they think death is a form of destruction.

My beloved, ask yourself this question. Would you want to be in your current physical body forever? Would you not rather reincarnate, with a higher level of consciousness that would then precipitate a physical body with better health, better looks, better abilities? In the current situation on earth, is death really a destructive process, or is it a liberating process? Is it not so that if you are on the path of raising your consciousness but you are not ready to make your ascension, then the death of one physical body is simply the breaking down of a body that was the result of a certain level of consciousness that you have now transcended. Therefore, you are set free to reincarnate in a higher body, of a higher stature.

You see that the fallen beings, because they are out of touch with the creative process, are not willing to be truly creative. They are manifesting a certain physical circumstance where they feel they are superior, they are in control and they want to maintain that forever—literally. Therefore, they are not so concerned about Brahma and Vishnu but the fallen beings are very concerned about Shiva. That is why they have created the perversion that Shiva is the destroyer.

Yet my beloved, am I a destructive force? You look at the fallen beings and the chaos and destruction they have created throughout the ages. There are some fallen beings who will say that they are just using the power of Shiva. They are even emissaries of Shiva because there needs to be destruction for there to be renewal. They are acting on the principle of Shiva by creating this destruction in the physical realm. Of course this is an untruth. The destruction created by the fallen beings is destruction, it is destructive. It breaks down what human beings have created. The fallen beings have broken down previous civilizations that were much more orderly than what you see today. The fallen beings brought war to this planet and that is certainly a destructive force, even though some fallen beings have glorified war, even glorified the destruction of war, even seen it as necessary for, as the saying goes, “culling the herd.” Cutting down the unwanted human beings that are not beneficial for the survival of the race.

Shiva is the principle of liberation

You see that this entire consciousness of destruction is a perversion of the true aspect of Shiva. It has nothing to do with Shiva. I am not the destroyer because I work within the realms of free will. I do not break down what you do not want to have broken down unless we come to the point where you activate what we have called the second law of thermodynamics. If you seek to maintain a limited state indefinitely, then there is a law, which is an aspect of the Law of Free Will, that mandates that your creation will begin to self-destruct. This is not Shiva that comes in as a conscious ascended being and destroys. You are activating this destructive force. Your own creation destroys itself from within.

What then is the true nature of Shiva? It is that I stand ready to liberate human beings from their own creation when they invite me into action, when they call me into action. Indeed, I am inviting you who are ascended master students to call me into action by using the awareness that has been given you by the other masters who have spoken and who will speak at this conference. There will be invocations created that will invoke the fire of Shiva to consume the demons in the astral plane, the demons in the mental plane and the demons in the identity realm that are behind dictatorships on earth. You can call forth the judgment of the fallen beings, and as the law requires or allows me to do, they will be bound or consumed, whatever is appropriate.

Setting people free to choose a different government

By doing this, you can then provide the service that will free human beings from this hypnotic effect (that they are under) that blinds them so they cannot really see that they have a choice. They have a choice as to what kind of government they want. Do they want a dictatorship or do they want a democratic form of government? Do the people in the democratic nations want a world where there is still dictatorships? Or do they want a world that is free from dictatorships? By you making the calls for these dark forces, you are not interfering with the free will of the dark forces, for demons have no free will and fallen beings no longer have free will [their will is no longer free]. The human beings who are hypnotized by the fallen beings and the demons do not have free will either.

By freeing the human beings from the influence of these dark forces, you restore their freedom of will. This is the entire purpose of Shiva, to restore the freedom of people’s will by restoring their awareness, their vision, that they actually have a choice. They have more than one option to choose from.  What is one of the driving forces behind creating a dictatorship? It is setting up one person or a small group of people in a position of absolute authority where the people who are under that dictator have submitted their will to the dictator. They think there is no alternative to the dictator. They cannot free themselves, they cannot leave the nation, they cannot object to the dictator, they cannot criticize or they will be killed. They think they have no choice, they have no options. Of course they do!  You always have options. You always have the option to shift your consciousness, to raise your consciousness.

This is what people do not realize. Many people in dictatorships do not realize it, even many people in the democratic world do not realize it. Why do you see, as we have said, that in some of the older democracies people are becoming dissatisfied with the government but they still feel powerless to change anything? They feel that the system is in a stalemate where they cannot really see how to change it. Well, the reason why they cannot see how to change their democracies is that they are not willing to change themselves, they are not willing to raise their consciousness.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Dictatorships.

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Freedom from the need to be special

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, May 5, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. You may look at a dictatorship and say that the dictator is restricting the freedom of the people. Yes, certainly he is. But why? Why is it that a dictator has come to see freedom as a threat? This cannot be understood by anyone, unless you have the knowledge we have given you of the fallen beings and their modus operandi.

Why do the fallen beings see freedom as a threat? Because they see individuality and individual creativity as a threat. They see it as a threat because they do not have it. You cannot be creative in a horizontal way—truly creative. Certainly, you can generate new ideas, new inventions, new ways of torturing or imprisoning other people, new instruments of deception in a horizontal way. But in order to be truly creative, you need to have a connection to your I AM Presence because it is through your I AM Presence, and what we have described as your intuitive faculties, that you are creative.

Does that mean that the Conscious You is not a creative being? Well, in a sense, you could say that the Conscious You is not inherently creative because the Conscious You does not have enough structure to be creative. It can be an open door for the creativity of the I AM Presence to flow through it but it is not creative in itself.

There are many people who would object to this statement because they would feel that they are creative. There are many artists, writers, philosophers, who will say that they have been creative in bringing forth new ideas. Nevertheless, those same artists, writers or philosophers will also say that they have received inspiration. Most people are aware that your conscious mind is focused at a certain level, focused on certain topics, and in order to bring forth a new idea in a certain area, you are seeking some inspiration. Even scientists, at least the more creative of them, are seeking inspiration. They are studying a certain topic through the scientific method that is somewhat mechanical. Nevertheless, in order to understand the deeper connections, such as Einstein’s theory of relativity, they need that flash of inspiration. Most people actually realize that creativity is a matter of getting inspiration because what is the nature of creativity? It is that you get an idea you did not already have, you suddenly see something that you did not see before.

How creativity produces progress

Most people realize that in your present state of awareness, if you look at an individual, you see that this person is in a particular state of awareness. His outer conscious mind is focused on certain aspects of life, certain topics. It may be, for example, a scientist who is focused on subatomic particles. The person has a certain state of outer conscious awareness of a particular topic. He may have studied it for many years, and he may have great expertise, great knowledge that he can draw upon. Nevertheless, the knowledge that he already has sets certain parameters for how he thinks about the topic. His mind normally will not go beyond those parameters.

If the person is a good scientist, he may make certain observations or experiments that there is either something lacking in his current understanding or there is a contradiction in his current understanding. He may then become aware that there is a need for a new way to look at the topic, a new understanding of the issue. How does he bring forth that new idea? It is simple—you cannot bring forth a new idea with the awareness and the knowledge that you currently have. That is why Einstein was inspired to say that you cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem. You need something new and where is that new going to come from? It is going to come from outside your present level of awareness, your present knowledge of the topic. For the vast majority of people, unless they are very spiritual and mystically inclined, their Conscious You will be so to speak trapped in, limited by, their normal state of awareness. Therefore, the Conscious You cannot be creative within the parameters of that state of awareness.

How can you then be creative and come up with a new idea? Only by reaching beyond your normal state of awareness. Throughout the ages, many people have attempted to do this, and they have done it in various ways, even using psychedelic drugs or other forceful means. You see people who have been creative in reaching beyond their normal state of awareness, but they have not reached the ascended realm or their I AM Presences. They have reached, for example, the astral plane, or the mental realm or the lower identity realm where some lower force (that is not ascended) has then given them some new idea.

This is what most people call creativity. They say that if they receive an idea from outside their normal state of awareness, they are being creative. This is not what I call creative because true creativity is that you establish a connection to your I AM Presence and you receive an idea from your I AM Presence or from an ascended master. That is true creativity. This is the kind of creativity that the fallen beings cannot have. Even the fallen beings in the identity realm do not have any connection to the ascended realm, and they are not willing to receive any ideas from us, even if we were willing to give it to the fallen beings, which of course we are not. We would be willing to give them ideas that could help them transcend their current level of consciousness, if they were willing to do so. You have fallen beings in embodiment who will claim that they can be creative, but that is because they receive ideas from fallen beings in the three other realms. But as I said, that is not creativity.

Fighting the battles of the fallen beings

What is it that the fallen beings are afraid of? They are afraid of any human being who establishes a connection to their I AM Presence and the ascended realm. Because when you do this, you can be the open door for bringing forth ideas that can overthrow the status quo. The status quo is what the fallen beings always seek to maintain, at least those who are part of what I have called the established power elite. The established power elite wants to maintain status quo, which gives them control. They often want to expand certain things, they might want to expand their power, they might want to expand communism to the entire world, but they are still seeking to maintain status quo in the sense that they are in control of the system.

There may be an aspiring power elite who are seeking to overthrow the established power elite. They are also fallen beings, and they might seek some ideas from fallen beings in, for example, the identity realm who are seeking to create chaos and therefore are willing to use the fallen beings and the aspiring power elite to overthrow the fallen beings in the established power elite. What you see so many times in history is that warfare and conflict has been between two groups of fallen beings who are simply fighting for who is going to be in control, who is going to have power.

This is precisely the outcome of the duality consciousness, the epic mindset. Many, many times, the fallen beings have managed to define an epic cause in such a way that it either keeps the established power elite in power, or that it seeks to overthrow the established elite because the aspiring elite claims that they have the new truth. Naturally, there was an established power elite who had control of the Catholic church. The first scientists, who were actually mystical scientists, were seeking to bring forth genuine creative ideas. That is why science in its pure form truly is a way out of the duality consciousness. But science quickly became dominated by materialism, which was simply an aspiring power elite seeking to take the power that was held by the power elite that was in control of the church. You see this over and over and over again. Right now, you see in China the struggle between an established power elite who is in control of the Communist Party, and an aspiring power elite who wants to take economic control and use the economy to take away the power of the established elite.

A new definition of freedom

Back to the issue of creativity. Creativity is when the Conscious You connects to its I AM Presence and the ascended realm and receives an idea that is not in your present awareness. This is what the fallen beings cannot do. That is why they are afraid of it. They have throughout the ages, since they first embodied here, attempted to break the connection between people’s conscious minds and their I AM Presences. They have attempted to stop that flow of creative ideas from the ascended realm into and through the Conscious You to the conscious mind. We can therefore say that the definition of freedom is that you have a conscious connection to your higher self, to your I AM Presence, to the ascended realm. If we build upon what Archangel Uriel talked about, we see that the essence of democracy is that there is a higher realm, there is a source in that realm that is the source of all people and has therefore given all people certain rights. Therefore, you can see that already in the democratic nations, there is (or at least there can be) the awareness that democracy has no meaning unless there is something beyond the material world that has given people rights that no power on earth should be allowed to take away.

Therefore, it is not so difficult for people to make the switch and realize that true creativity also comes from beyond the material world. This is something that can be established, as Cyclopea said, by actually performing neutral scientific observation, combined with intuitive insights. Once you start actually looking at the reality of what has already been discovered by science, you see that there must be energy coming from a realm beyond the material, which means there must be a realm beyond the material.

When you then use intuition, you can start wondering, where does intuition come from? It also comes from beyond the material and that means what? It means that in that realm beyond the material, there must be some form of consciousness. Maybe actually there is a higher form of consciousness, a higher self, that each individual has access to in a realm beyond the material. This does not mean that people need to believe in ascended master teachings in order to recognize this because all the pieces of the puzzle are already there, they just have not been put together so people can see the big picture. This is what you can make the calls for so that suddenly there is that shift to where people realize that true creativity and intuition actually comes from beyond the material world. This means that if each person was created from a source beyond the material, perhaps each person has a connection to a part of its own higher being that is beyond the material world.

These are very general, very universal ideas that we have gradually prepared people to accept and understand. There are philosophies that talk about this. There are certain psychologists who are beginning to think in these terms because they have adapted a positive psychology. Instead of looking at anomalies in the psychology, they look at what actually are the positive aspects of the psychology, what is the higher potential of human beings. There is a large movement that is exploring the higher potentials of the mind and the powers of the mind. It is not so far-fetched, that these people can suddenly have that shift where they see that: “We must have a higher aspect of our beings.”

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Dictatorships.

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Why the ends really cannot justify the means

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Ascended Master Archangel Uriel through Kim Michaels, May 5, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Archangel Uriel. Why is it that almost every dictator you have seen on earth has claimed to be working for the cause of peace, while at the same time preparing to kill or actually killing other human beings? How can killing lead to peace? How can violence lead to peace? This is not logical, unless you use the logic of the fallen beings based on the duality consciousness. Naturally, you will see in the history of the world and in the world today, how many, many people, millions of people, have been pulled into thinking that they could promote the cause of peace through violence and killing. Indeed, they have been led to believe that it was necessary for promoting the cause of peace to kill other human beings.

How did the fallen beings achieve this? Well, of course in various ways, as my brothers have explained, through division and in other ways setting the stage. Truly, the basis for this deception is to define a certain standard, which says there are some things that should happen on earth and there are some things that should not happen on earth.

In past ages you have seen many examples of how a religion has defined a certain standard or a certain goal and then defined that this could only happen if all people became members of that religion. What the religion has claimed is that their standard, the standard they are promoting, is defined by God himself and therefore it is the will of God that this should happen. Therefore, it is the will of God that other people must be converted to the one true religion and if they will not be converted, then it is the will of God that they be forced. If they will not be forced, it is the will of God that they be killed because when all those who oppose the manifestation of God’s kingdom on earth have been killed, then supposedly God’s kingdom will be manifest on earth.

You have also seen how a political ideology, supposedly based on scientific materialism, has been used to justify the killing of people. As we have already said, if communism, if Marxist ideology, was truly based on some inevitable historic necessity, how could it be necessary to kill those who oppose communism, when it is inevitable anyway? Of course, the logic of the fallen beings has distorted this in such a way that people have been led to believe that in order to bring about this communist utopia, then it is necessary to kill other people.

The ends cannot justify the means

The underlying principle that has been spread by the fallen beings for a very, very long time on earth, from the moment they first set foot here by taking embodiment here, is simply this: “The ends can justify the means.” The goal is so important that even the means of forcing or killing other human beings are justified by the importance of the goal. Do you see, as we said yesterday, that when you apply even simple logic, you see that if Marxist utopia is a historical necessity, no help should be needed from human beings? If an almighty God has created a universe that is perfect, then why do human beings on earth need to help this almighty God by killing their brothers and sisters?

The fallen beings of course do not want people to reason this way. They want people to be blinded by this fog of dualistic logic. One claim here, an opposite claim there, until people do not know what to believe in themselves. What is, many would say, the opposite of peace? It is chaos. A state where there is total confusion where people are being bombarded with so many impressions that they cannot deal with them all. They are overwhelmed. They go into a state of overload where they do not know how to sort this out by themselves.

The fog of war between ideas

There is a concept in military terminology of the “fog of war.” When people are in battle, they are so completely overwhelmed by everything that is happening, the noise, the explosions, the killing, the just total confusion of the battlefield that it is impossible to predict what will happen. Well, this does not just happen on a physical battlefield because life on earth could be considered a battlefield. At least, the fallen beings have attempted to turn it into a battlefield and envelop all people in this fog of war, this fog of war between ideas, between claims and counter claims. The fallen beings have for a long time put out many, many ideas. As Cyclopea said yesterday, they have an entire machine created for the purpose of deception. They have put out many ideas that have only one purpose: to create confusion. They have managed to create such a state of confusion on earth that people do not know what to believe.

Therefore, many people have come to a point where they do not dare to decide on their own what is true, what is right. They abandon their responsibility to discern and therefore they become vulnerable to someone who comes in with a very strong claim to having the truth, having authority. This is how millions of people, billions of people, have been pulled into supporting, for example, the Catholic church or a communist ideology. This is the basis for many dictatorships. Some have been established through raw violence. But in most cases, there is some claim to why the dictator is right, why the dictator has some specific authority. It is of course all a lie. You who are ascended master students can see this very clearly. Many, many people in the modern democracies can see it also. Unfortunately, there are many, many people in the modern democracies who have not truly seen the lie behind this idea that the ends can justify the means.

The United States and black-and-white thinking

This is especially true in the United States, which is more prone to black-and-white thinking than many of the smaller democracies. If you (you in general) could compare the mindset of the collective consciousness in America or the average American, to the mindset you find in some of the smaller democratic nations around the world, such as South Korea or the Scandinavian nations, then I think most Americans would be shocked to realize how much more they are trapped in this black-and-white thinking, how much more they have been deceived into thinking that the ends can justify the means. Therefore, it is fully justified that America, which claims to be a peaceful democratic nation, a free society, maintains the largest military machine on the planet. How is this logical? How do you get away with making the claim to be a peaceful nation, a free nation, an example of a democratic society, yet you maintain the largest military in the world, a military that is capable of striking anywhere on the planet with short notice?

Well, of course the outer claim is that America, because of its special status, must defend freedom and democracy around the globe and therefore must be able to move out and defend South Korea from an invasion from the North, other countries from an invasion from this or that enemy. But this is the outer claim. It seems logical only because of the fog of war created by the fallen beings. A fog of war that has enveloped the American nation and the American people so they do not see how illogical that claim is. They do not see, as we said in the United States last year, how often the American military and the lives of American servicemen and -women have been used to further the cause of huge multinational corporations that are not loyal to America whatsoever and certainly not loyal to the cause of freedom.

As we have said, they indeed are examples of dictatorships. So how does it make sense that dictatorial corporations can manipulate this supposedly free democratic nation of America into sacrificing the lives of its young men and women for the cause of increasing profit for a few shareholders? Is this a military of the people, by the people and for the people? Or is it a military of the elite, by the elite, for the elite? Or I should actually say that the military is not of the elite, because it is not the children of the elite that are being sacrificed on a battlefield. They usually find a way to avoid military service.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Dictatorships.

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Behind every dictator there is a vision

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Ascended Master Cyclopea through Kim Michaels, May 4, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master the Elohim Cyclopea. Now my beloved, some decades ago, there was a common saying in the United States of America that said: “Behind every great man, there is a woman.” The fact that this joke has become obsolete shows that society has made some progress, at least, in recognizing the absolute equality of men and women. Nevertheless, I would like to begin with a statement that: “Behind every great man, there is a woman, and “behind every ‘great dictator,’ there is a vision.”

This of course introduces the concept of “great dictator.” It gives me the opportunity to at least talk about the fact that there are two different types of dictators: those who consider themselves great because they have some kind of agenda, some kind of overall vision, that they believe will actually improve the conditions on this planet, improve conditions for humanity. Then, there are those who do not particularly consider themselves great because they are only focused on themselves and getting power and position for themselves. You want examples of the two? You can look at the Soviet Union of how Stalin was clearly the kind of dictator who was focused on himself and his own power whereas Lenin was the visionary who had an agenda that he thought would improve the world.

Perverted vision behind all dictators

Naturally, you see that behind dictators, there is a perversion of vision, there is a perverted vision. This is something that originates with the fallen beings who are experts at perverting vision. Of course, I do not think that it is a good quality to be an expert on perverting anything, but the fallen beings disagree with me. I of course allow them to do so because it has no impact on me as an ascended being. Nevertheless, it does have a great impact on the un-ascended beings on earth, and that is why we need to discuss it.

Now my beloved, if you could step back and see what I can see from the ascended level, you would see that the fallen beings have created, in the physical realm, in the emotional realm, in the mental realm and in the lower identity realm, an incredibly complex apparatus and machine that is aimed at producing false and distorted visions and spreading them on earth. The purpose is to get people to believe in something that is false, obscuring the truth, taking any higher statement and perverting it, or coming up with an opposite that seems to challenge it.

This apparatus is so elaborate and so complex that if people could see it, they would be overwhelmed by the aggressive intent behind it. It is, in a small way, comparable to what you can see, for example, from the Cold War where both sides had a very elaborate machine aimed at directing propaganda at the people on the other side. You can also see the spy networks and how elaborate they were. They are of course even more elaborate today, but this is not as known as what you at least know from the Cold War days.

This machinery created by the fallen beings is more elaborate than anything on earth, anything in the physical octave, because the physical octave is like the tip of the iceberg, and what happens in the other three realms is much more complex and much more vast. If people could at least see it and see the aggressive intent behind it, they would be so shocked that they might actually be awakened to the need to purify their vision, to raise their vision, and to come to be able to see through these elaborate deceptions created by the fallen beings throughout the ages.

Vision that leads to di-vision

Now, if you go back to when the first beings fell in the fourth sphere and trace how they have built illusion after illusion, you would again be overwhelmed at the complexity. Nevertheless, you can also look at the complexity, and you can begin to see patterns. Therefore, you can gradually reduce the complexity to something that is manageable to the human mind where you can see what they are actually trying to do. If you reduce it to the most simple level, you can say that the purpose behind the false vision created by the fallen beings is the divide-and-conquer strategy.

They are always trying to create a vision that creates di-vision. This is really the essence of what they are trying to do: vision leading to division. Once you understand this, you have at least a foundation, a starting point, for looking at what is happening in the world. You can see how the fallen beings have used anything that happens in an attempt to create division.

Division through religion

You can see, as we have already talked about with the Catholic church, how religion throughout the ages has been used to create division. Ask yourself this, my beloved: Why is it necessary that a particular religion defines a clear dividing line between those who are followers of that religion, those who are inside the religion, and those who are outside? Why is that necessary?

The claim that many religions have based their existence on is that they have a truth given directly from God. They claim that the God who has given them this truth is the ultimate God, the superior God of the universe. Well, if that claim was true, would it not stand to reason that the ultimate God of the universe would be able to create a universe where all people would be saved? Why would an ultimate God create different groups of people, and some would be saved and some would not? Would it not stand to reason that the ultimate God would have the ultimate vision of what kind of universe he is creating, and therefore would be able to set up a universe that had a set of universal laws that would bring people towards salvation, if they need that, but that would bring growth. In other words, the ultimate God should be able to create a universe where there is a set of universal principles and laws that causes that universe to unfold as that God envisions. Why would that God need religion on earth?

Why would the ultimate God need a religion that claims to represent this ultimate God on earth if the God has already defined certain universal principles that are causing the universe to grow as the God wants it to grow? In other words, you will see that the claim behind most religions is that something went wrong with God’s creation, and therefore as an emergency measure, as a stopgap measure, people need to be saved. In order to be saved, they have to follow the one and only true religion, and those who follow that religion are guaranteed to be saved, and those who do not follow that religion are guaranteed not to be saved—possibly ending up in a fiery hell for all eternity.

Now, why an ultimate God would find it necessary to create a fiery hell, and why he would want to punish those who do not follow his one true religion for all eternity, is a question rarely asked by these people. Nevertheless, what you can see here is that many religions create, by the very essence of their teachings, this fundamental division between those who will be saved and those who will not.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Dictatorships.

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