05. The True Key to Salvation

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 11, 2002 through Kim Michaels

Beloved hearts, in the previous discourses I have laid a solid foundation, and we must now begin to build upon that foundation. Therefore, let us consider the question: “What does it take to be saved?”

If you accept that life has a spiritual side then you probably also realize that there is a difference between this world and the spiritual world. People from every religion share an almost universal belief that there is a difference between the spiritual world and the material world. They also share the belief that earth is not the permanent home for human beings. The goal of life is to ascend beyond the material world and enter the spiritual world. Most people also realize that before you can enter the spiritual world, you must fulfill certain requirements.

Take a look at planet earth as you see it today. I think everyone would agree that the atrocities happening on this planet simply could not be tolerated in the spiritual world. Most people realize that the beings who inhabit the spiritual world do not treat each other the way human beings treat each other.

I have tried to help you understand that there is no fundamental difference between the spiritual world and the material world. The only difference is a difference in vibration. Therefore, you do have the capacity to ascend to the spiritual world. However, before you can enter our Father’s kingdom, you must meet certain requirements.

The key requirement is that you must rise above the death consciousness. The atrocities you see taking place on this planet, and many other actions that people do not necessarily consider to be wrong, are the results of the death consciousness.

Flesh and blood, the flesh and blood of the death consciousness, simply cannot inherit the kingdom. Therefore, the only way that you could possibly ascend into our Father’s kingdom is by leaving behind the death consciousness.

Let me make it clear that there is absolutely no possibility of a compromise. The vibrations of the death consciousness can never cross the threshold and enter the straight and narrow gate that leads to our Father’s kingdom. Even if these vibrations are disguised as what one might call human goodness, they still cannot enter our Father’s kingdom. You cannot enter the kingdom by becoming a good human being. In the eyes of God, there is no such thing as a good, or perfect, human being.

You can enter the kingdom only by overcoming the sense of identity that causes you to believe that you are a mortal human being who is separated from God. You can enter the kingdom only by putting off the old human of mortality and putting on the new human, the spiritual being, the spiritual sense of identity. You can enter only by putting on the Christ consciousness and by fully uniting with that Christ consciousness so that you see yourself as a spiritual being. Your sense of identity must be built upon the Rock of Christ instead of the shifting sands of the death consciousness. It is absolutely vital that you come to a conscious, inner realization of the truth behind these words. You must realize and accept that you cannot put the round peg of the death consciousness into the square hole that leads to the City Foursquare.

The goal of life

When you come to an inner realization of this essential truth, you can quickly develop an entirely new perspective on life as a human being. You now see that the very goal of life is your salvation, your ascension into the spiritual world. You also see that the key to realizing this goal is that you must go through a gradual process, which I have called the spiritual path. You must gradually put off the death consciousness and put on the new state of mind, the Christ consciousness.

For centuries, nay, for thousands upon thousands of years, human beings have believed that salvation is an outer process over which they have no control. I am telling you that this is not so. Salvation is not a matter of passively waiting for an outer savior who will suddenly arrive and do the work for you.

I stated earlier that you do indeed need an outer savior. However, that outer savior serves only as the open door through which God can give you a morsel of the universal Christ consciousness. This morsel then acts as a leaven to raise the whole loaf of your consciousness. The passing on of the Living Word, the Bread of Life, is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is that you have free will and that the Law of Free Will is the ultimate law of the material universe. You know my parable about the sower whose seeds fall on barren ground. A savior can appear and give you a morsel of the Christ consciousness. Yet if you do not make the free-will choice to accept that Christ consciousness, your salvation simply cannot happen. I can offer you the Bread of Life, but I cannot force you to accept that Bread of Life.

I can lead you to the living waters, but I cannot make you drink. I can impart to you my Christ consciousness, as I am doing in the lines of this book, but I cannot force you to allow that Christ consciousness to raise your consciousness to a higher level.

The raising of your consciousness can take place only if you make the decision to let it happen. In fact, you need to make many decisions. You need to make daily decisions to put off the old human and put on the new, spiritual “human.”

The death consciousness has a very deep belief that there is an easy way out, that there is some kind of quick fix or a form of automatic salvation. This belief has given rise to the idea that I am the only Son of God and that by simply believing on me and declaring that I am your Lord and Savior, you will automatically be saved.

I am Jesus Christ, and I am telling you that there is no such thing as an automatic salvation. Salvation is offered to every human being as a gift from God. Yet the key to salvation is not the offering of the gift because it truly rains upon the just and the unjust. The key to salvation is the acceptance of the gift. Without that acceptance, God cannot save you. God must simply wait until you make a decision to accept his grace.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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04. Why Is There Religion in the World?

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 10, 2002 through Kim Michaels

I would like you to consider why there is religion in this world. Do you think that God needs religion? Do you think that the Being who created an incredibly vast and complex universe has some kind of need to be worshiped by human beings living on a planet that is like a speck of dust in infinity? I am not hereby saying that human beings are not important to God. I am simply saying that God is an unlimited, infinite Being, and God does not have human needs. The idea that God needs to be worshiped is yet another example of backwards reasoning.

The simple fact is that God has no need to be worshiped by human beings. Religion was not created for God’s sake. It was created for your sake.

The simple fact is that God does not need religion. Human beings need religion, and it is very important that you understand why. God created you in his image and likeness. You have the capacity of consciousness to experience the fullness of God’s infinite Being. Yet as your lifestream decided to descend into the material universe, you faced a challenge that is quite severe.

You must understand that my Father’s house has many mansions. By that I mean that there many different levels of God’s creation. Modern scientists have found that the entire material universe is made from energy. Energy is vibration.

You know that your eyes can detect only the types of energy which you call visible light. You also know that there are many forms of light, and many other forms of energy, that your eyes cannot detect. Therefore, there are many different layers or levels of vibration. In fact, one might consider that the totality of God’s creation is a vast, but not unlimited, continuum of vibrations.

Visible light is simply part of a continuum of vibrations. Your eyes can see only one pocket of that continuum. Likewise, the material universe is simply one pocket in a larger continuum of vibrations. Your senses, and the lower consciousness of the human mind, can perceive and fathom only a small pocket of the continuum of vibrations that comprise God’s creation. That small pocket is what you call the material universe.

The only difference between visible light and invisible light is a difference in vibration. The only difference between the material universe and higher levels of God’s creation is a difference in vibration. The only difference between Heaven and earth is a difference in vibration.

There are no impenetrable barriers in God’s continuum of vibrations. There is a dividing line between the vibrations of the material universe and the vibrations of the lowest level of the spiritual universe, the level that is right above the material universe in vibration. That dividing line is not an impenetrable barrier. However, your physical senses and the death consciousness will never be able to cross that dividing line. Therefore, to the physical senses and the death consciousness, there seems to be a barrier between the material world and the spiritual world.

The dial of consciousness

You are much more than the physical body and the outer mind. You might think of your consciousness as the dial on a radio receiver. You can turn the dial on the radio and tune in to different stations. What you experience as different stations are simply radio waves broadcast at different frequencies.

Your consciousness has the capacity to tune in to both the material universe and the higher universes in the spiritual world. Throughout the ages, numerous people have had mystical visions of higher worlds. Such visions have been the basis for virtually every religion or spiritual philosophy known to humankind.

Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, every human being has the capacity of consciousness to tune in to the spiritual worlds and have a direct, inner experience of those worlds and the reality of those worlds.

The only reason you do not have direct perception of the spiritual world is that you have not yet learned to turn the dial of consciousness. In a later discourse, I will teach you how to turn the dial of consciousness. For now, I want you to consider why it is so important to turn that dial and attain a direct experience of the spiritual reality.

Imagine that you meet someone in the marketplace who starts telling you about a wonderful new fruit that has recently been discovered. After hearing the description of the amazing properties and delicious taste, your first reaction is a question: “Where can I find this new fruit?”

It is a natural tendency of the human mind that when you hear about something desirable, you want to experience it for yourself. You are simply not satisfied by an image or description provided by a source outside yourself.

I am aware that as children many people were indoctrinated with the saying that curiosity killed the cat. I want you to understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the desire to experience something directly instead of relying on a mere description. God would not have it any other way. In fact, God himself embedded in your lifestream the curiosity and sense of longing that can never be satisfied by anything on this earth.

God created you in his image and likeness. God is the ultimate joy, love and bliss. God desired you to venture into the world of form that He has created. He desired you to experience and appreciate that world of form, but He never desired for you to become lost in that world of form. Therefore, your lifestream has a longing for something ultimate, something beyond. That longing is a longing for your Father in Heaven. It is a longing to experience the totality of God’s Being, the memory of which you have embedded deep within your lifestream (God has written his law in your inward parts). You will never be fully satisfied, you will never be fully at peace, until you have the direct experience of God’s unlimited Being. Nothing else will do.

Because God is the ultimate joy and love, why would God want his children to settle for anything less than the fullness of his Being? Therefore, why would God create you in such a way that you could be satisfied by the things of this world? If your lifestream was satisfied by the conditions found on planet earth, you would never long for anything more. Therefore, you might become stuck at any level of the world of form. Obviously, a God of unlimited love and bliss would not want to see this happen. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Therefore, your lifestream can never be satisfied until you have a direct experience of God’s Being.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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03. Attaining Christ Consciousness

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 9, 2002 through Kim Michaels

I have been with this planet for a very long time. I have seen everything there is to see. I have seen every aspect of the lower state of consciousness that I call the death consciousness. If you desire to be my true disciple, you must realize that the central, in a way the only, key to discipleship under me is that you must overcome the death consciousness.

This is a twofold process. You must overcome the lower consciousness and at the same time you must unite with the higher consciousness. My beloved Paul said: “I die daily!” He meant that a part of his human mind, his death consciousness, died every day. Paul also said that you must put off the old human and put on the new human. He meant that you must put off the death consciousness and put on the Christ consciousness.

This is a process that will take time, and it must happen gradually. If you were to be stripped of the death consciousness all at once, your soul would be thrown into an identity crises. You would no longer know who you were; you would lose all sense of continuity and identity. You would literally go insane. This has in fact happened to people who discovered the spiritual path and attempted to force the process of spiritual growth. They attempted to take Heaven by force and in so doing they invoked so much light from Above that they were not able to hold that light. Instead of raising them up, the light damaged their sense of identity.

The very essence of my message is to point out to you that there is an alternative to the way of life practiced by most people on this planet. Some religious people claim that everything is subject to the will of God, and therefore there is nothing you can do to change who you are. God created you, and that is it. Some scientific authorities claim that your personality, your identity, is the product of environmental and hereditary factors over which you have no control. Both of these belief systems are incomplete.

Obviously, some of the characteristics of this universe are the products of the will of God. Therefore, your personality and individuality are to some degree affected by the will of God. Your personality and individuality are also affected by your heritage and the environment in which you grew up. However, the essential point that I am trying to get across is that you do not have to live the rest of your life as a slave of circumstances beyond your control. You have the potential to take control over your destiny and rebuild your identity. You have the potential, and it is a potential given to you by God himself, to reshape your destiny, to change your psychology and to remake your sense of identity in the image and likeness of God.

In the beginning, God created you in his own image and likeness. In the time between that beginning, which took place a very long time ago, and the present hour, you have created a human being that no longer resembles the image and likeness of God. Yet you have the potential to begin a gradual process whereby you can remake yourself in the image and likeness of your God. In the process of so doing, you can shape your identity in ways that God never imagined but that are, nevertheless, in perfect accord with the will of God.

This process of spiritual growth has always been available to human beings. Throughout the ages, it has been known in every culture and civilization. It has been presented in many different versions in an attempt to appeal to various groups of people. A universal name for this process is the “spiritual path.”

Let nothing come between you and God

It is completely and utterly amazing to me that someone can study my teachings, even the incomplete teachings found in the New Testament, and conclude that the only road to salvation goes through an outer organization and an outer doctrine. How can anyone fail to see that I did not come to create a totalitarian organization or to bring forth a closed and closed-minded outer doctrine?

Why do you think I repeatedly rebuked the religious authorities of my time? Why do you think these religious authorities considered me to be such a grave threat that they repeatedly plotted to kill my body and eventually succeeded? The authorities of the Jewish religion wanted to get rid of me because I was the ultimate threat to their power structure.

I rebuked those who set themselves up as the only doorway between human beings and God. They created a belief system which stated that no human being could get to God without going through the orthodox religion and its hierarchy of human beings. They created a belief system which stated that unless a person believed in the outer doctrines, that person would not be saved.

I came to overthrow that closed system. I came to denounce the people who had set themselves up as the link between God and the people. I came to overthrow the power structures and to expose the power plays. I came to restore the key of knowledge which these people had taken away in an attempt to control the population.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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02. Progressive Revelation

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 8, 2002 through Kim Michaels

The brutal fact about the current state of affairs on planet earth is that human beings have accepted so many lies, so many erroneous concepts, so many unbelievable ideas that even I, Jesus, find it difficult to know where to begin. You have grown up in a culture that is so permeated by erroneous concepts that one might say that your mind is encaged in a labyrinth. The labyrinth has many blind alleys, and it has only one way that leads to the center of being.

I clearly see that human beings are entrapped in a jungle of lies. I also know the truth and reality of God. The problem is that in trying to impart this truth to you, I must begin at your present level of consciousness. I cannot possibly give you truth in its purest form because in your present state of consciousness your imagination simply cannot cope with that truth. Likewise, your free will cannot accept a truth that is so different from the lies and errors that you have come to accept and that you have incorporated into the very fabric of your being—your sense of identity.

Please take a look at the Bible. Please recognize that the Law of Moses was given to a group of people who were trapped in a very low state of consciousness. That is why this law is a set of commandments, saying: “do this” and “don’t do that.” It was given to spiritual children who needed a very simple set of rules. It was aimed at changing their outer actions.

Now, compare the Law of Moses to the higher law that I brought forth in the Sermon on the Mount and other teachings. For example, I said that it is not enough to abstain from the outer act of adultery. You must overcome the state of consciousness that makes you desire to commit adultery. In other words, it is not enough that you do not commit an outer act that is wrong. You must rise above the state of consciousness in which you desire to commit such an act. My teachings attempted to transform people’s state of consciousness.

For anyone with an open mind, it should be easy to see that the teachings I gave 2,000 years ago represented a progression compared to the Law of Moses. The reason for this progression is that between the time of Moses and my appearance in Israel, humankind had progressed. Humankind had risen to a higher state of consciousness, and therefore people were now ready to receive a higher understanding and a higher teaching; even a higher law.

My teachings were incomplete

It is completely and utterly amazing to me that some people can seriously believe that the teachings I gave forth 2,000 years ago represent the ultimate or highest teachings that God could ever bring forth on this planet.

Let me make this absolutely clear. The teachings that I gave 2,000 years ago were not the highest or ultimate teachings that God can bring forth on this planet. My teachings were nothing more than the highest teachings that could be brought forth at the time, given humankind’s state of consciousness.

My teachings were incomplete, and they were limited in many ways. That limitation was not due to a limitation on the part of God or on the part of his mouthpiece, meaning myself. That limitation was due to the fact that humankind was not ready to receive a higher teaching. One might say that my teachings represent a measured response to a crisis. It was not the highest possible response; it was the highest practical response.

Today, humankind has progressed to a higher state of consciousness, and therefore I can now bring forth a higher teaching than I did 2,000 years ago. This book is but one chapter in my teachings for this new age.

Yet despite the fact that humankind has progressed, the people of today are still in a very limited state of consciousness. God is, and always has been, unlimited.

The gap between the limited consciousness of human beings and the unlimited consciousness of God, is, figuratively speaking, almost unlimited. Yet God created human beings in his own image and likeness. A human being has the capacity of consciousness to experience the fullness of God. Yet to experience that fullness a human being must rise above the state of consciousness that is dominated by limitations, relativity and mortality.

The true meaning of the statement that you cannot serve two masters is that you cannot be in two states of consciousness at the same time. The lower consciousness – what my beloved Paul called the “carnal mind” but which I prefer to call the “death consciousness” – simply cannot fathom the reality of God. It will never be able to fathom the reality of God.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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01. You Know My Voice

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 7, 2002 through Kim Michaels


My spiritual brothers and sisters know my voice, even when I am speaking through one of their brothers. I am indeed your Jesus, and when I walked the earth, I made a promise that applies to every human being on this planet: “I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

I am Jesus Christ.

I am offering these teachings because I desire you to know that I have kept that promise and that I intend to keep it in the future. I have been with you always, I am with you now and I will be with you always.

You might wonder why you do not realize or experience that I am with you. The reason is that you have allowed yourself to create a sense of separation from me. If you will read and absorb these teachings, you might realize that the sense of separation exists only in your own mind. I am an unlimited cosmic being, and there are no barriers I cannot cross. Only one thing can separate me from you, and that is your decision to see yourself as separated from me.

I understand that you are concerned about the authenticity of this work. How is it possible that I, the real Jesus Christ, can speak to you through a book?

I am asking you to please consider the situation from my perspective. I know that the human mind is able to question and doubt absolutely anything. Therefore, how could I possibly give you an outer proof of the authenticity of this book? I think an objective evaluation would show you that nothing I could possibly say would constitute such a proof. However, I do not need to give you an outer proof because you have the ability to find an inner proof.

Science has told you that everything in this universe is made of energy. Energy is vibration. Your physical senses are simply instruments that are designed to detect vibrations in the material world. You also have an inner sense which you can use to detect vibrations that are beyond the material world.

The Living Truth that I bring, the Living Truth that I am, is a form of spiritual energy or vibration. If you will silence your analytical mind and go deeply within your heart, you can activate the inner sense that allows you to detect the vibration of spiritual light, spiritual energy. Through this inner sense, you can feel the vibration of the words I am speaking to you through this book. Through your inner sense, you can know that it is, indeed, my voice. You can know that I am the real Jesus Christ and that I am here to call my own.

As you continue to read this book, use your inner sense of the heart. Read this book with your mind, but absorb it with your heart. Your heart will tell you the truth; the Living Truth that I am.

Accept my love

Our Father has given you free will. He has made it a law in Heaven that no one is allowed to violate the free will of a human being. I love my Father, I respect his will, and I respect your will.

I love you, and I desire you to experience the fullness of my love for you. Yet if you choose to reject me, to reject my love then I must simply wait until you make a better decision.

However, I do not have to wait in silence. I have the option of speaking through those who have chosen not to reject me. I am the open door, which no human can shut. No human being can turn off the still small voice that speaks in the heart. No one can completely silence my voice. Therefore, if someone decides to listen to his or her inner voice and to acknowledge where that voice comes from, I can speak through that person and describe another facet of the unlimited Being of God. That is how this book was brought into the material universe.

Some people choose to ignore the inner voice, to deny that voice or to make themselves so busy with the things of this world that they have no attention left over for me. Some people have ignored their inner voice for so long that they think they can no longer hear me. Therefore, I must speak to these people through an outer voice that they can hear and read. As you will see later, this is not the way I desire it to be. I want to speak to you directly in your heart, and I want you to be able to hear my voice. I want to have a direct, personal communion with you that no human being or institution can limit or distort.

Therefore, you must not allow these teachings to replace your inner voice. You must use this book only as an inspiration, not as a doctrine. You must let these teachings help you realize that by tuning in to your inner voice, you can hear me directly.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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