03. Attaining Christ Consciousness

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 9, 2002 through Kim Michaels

I have been with this planet for a very long time. I have seen everything there is to see. I have seen every aspect of the lower state of consciousness that I call the death consciousness. If you desire to be my true disciple, you must realize that the central, in a way the only, key to discipleship under me is that you must overcome the death consciousness.

This is a twofold process. You must overcome the lower consciousness and at the same time you must unite with the higher consciousness. My beloved Paul said: “I die daily!” He meant that a part of his human mind, his death consciousness, died every day. Paul also said that you must put off the old human and put on the new human. He meant that you must put off the death consciousness and put on the Christ consciousness.

This is a process that will take time, and it must happen gradually. If you were to be stripped of the death consciousness all at once, your soul would be thrown into an identity crises. You would no longer know who you were; you would lose all sense of continuity and identity. You would literally go insane. This has in fact happened to people who discovered the spiritual path and attempted to force the process of spiritual growth. They attempted to take Heaven by force and in so doing they invoked so much light from Above that they were not able to hold that light. Instead of raising them up, the light damaged their sense of identity.

The very essence of my message is to point out to you that there is an alternative to the way of life practiced by most people on this planet. Some religious people claim that everything is subject to the will of God, and therefore there is nothing you can do to change who you are. God created you, and that is it. Some scientific authorities claim that your personality, your identity, is the product of environmental and hereditary factors over which you have no control. Both of these belief systems are incomplete.

Obviously, some of the characteristics of this universe are the products of the will of God. Therefore, your personality and individuality are to some degree affected by the will of God. Your personality and individuality are also affected by your heritage and the environment in which you grew up. However, the essential point that I am trying to get across is that you do not have to live the rest of your life as a slave of circumstances beyond your control. You have the potential to take control over your destiny and rebuild your identity. You have the potential, and it is a potential given to you by God himself, to reshape your destiny, to change your psychology and to remake your sense of identity in the image and likeness of God.

In the beginning, God created you in his own image and likeness. In the time between that beginning, which took place a very long time ago, and the present hour, you have created a human being that no longer resembles the image and likeness of God. Yet you have the potential to begin a gradual process whereby you can remake yourself in the image and likeness of your God. In the process of so doing, you can shape your identity in ways that God never imagined but that are, nevertheless, in perfect accord with the will of God.

This process of spiritual growth has always been available to human beings. Throughout the ages, it has been known in every culture and civilization. It has been presented in many different versions in an attempt to appeal to various groups of people. A universal name for this process is the “spiritual path.”

Let nothing come between you and God

It is completely and utterly amazing to me that someone can study my teachings, even the incomplete teachings found in the New Testament, and conclude that the only road to salvation goes through an outer organization and an outer doctrine. How can anyone fail to see that I did not come to create a totalitarian organization or to bring forth a closed and closed-minded outer doctrine?

Why do you think I repeatedly rebuked the religious authorities of my time? Why do you think these religious authorities considered me to be such a grave threat that they repeatedly plotted to kill my body and eventually succeeded? The authorities of the Jewish religion wanted to get rid of me because I was the ultimate threat to their power structure.

I rebuked those who set themselves up as the only doorway between human beings and God. They created a belief system which stated that no human being could get to God without going through the orthodox religion and its hierarchy of human beings. They created a belief system which stated that unless a person believed in the outer doctrines, that person would not be saved.

I came to overthrow that closed system. I came to denounce the people who had set themselves up as the link between God and the people. I came to overthrow the power structures and to expose the power plays. I came to restore the key of knowledge which these people had taken away in an attempt to control the population.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


Copyright © 2002 Kim Michaels