04. Why Is There Religion in the World?

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 10, 2002 through Kim Michaels

I would like you to consider why there is religion in this world. Do you think that God needs religion? Do you think that the Being who created an incredibly vast and complex universe has some kind of need to be worshiped by human beings living on a planet that is like a speck of dust in infinity? I am not hereby saying that human beings are not important to God. I am simply saying that God is an unlimited, infinite Being, and God does not have human needs. The idea that God needs to be worshiped is yet another example of backwards reasoning.

The simple fact is that God has no need to be worshiped by human beings. Religion was not created for God’s sake. It was created for your sake.

The simple fact is that God does not need religion. Human beings need religion, and it is very important that you understand why. God created you in his image and likeness. You have the capacity of consciousness to experience the fullness of God’s infinite Being. Yet as your lifestream decided to descend into the material universe, you faced a challenge that is quite severe.

You must understand that my Father’s house has many mansions. By that I mean that there many different levels of God’s creation. Modern scientists have found that the entire material universe is made from energy. Energy is vibration.

You know that your eyes can detect only the types of energy which you call visible light. You also know that there are many forms of light, and many other forms of energy, that your eyes cannot detect. Therefore, there are many different layers or levels of vibration. In fact, one might consider that the totality of God’s creation is a vast, but not unlimited, continuum of vibrations.

Visible light is simply part of a continuum of vibrations. Your eyes can see only one pocket of that continuum. Likewise, the material universe is simply one pocket in a larger continuum of vibrations. Your senses, and the lower consciousness of the human mind, can perceive and fathom only a small pocket of the continuum of vibrations that comprise God’s creation. That small pocket is what you call the material universe.

The only difference between visible light and invisible light is a difference in vibration. The only difference between the material universe and higher levels of God’s creation is a difference in vibration. The only difference between Heaven and earth is a difference in vibration.

There are no impenetrable barriers in God’s continuum of vibrations. There is a dividing line between the vibrations of the material universe and the vibrations of the lowest level of the spiritual universe, the level that is right above the material universe in vibration. That dividing line is not an impenetrable barrier. However, your physical senses and the death consciousness will never be able to cross that dividing line. Therefore, to the physical senses and the death consciousness, there seems to be a barrier between the material world and the spiritual world.

The dial of consciousness

You are much more than the physical body and the outer mind. You might think of your consciousness as the dial on a radio receiver. You can turn the dial on the radio and tune in to different stations. What you experience as different stations are simply radio waves broadcast at different frequencies.

Your consciousness has the capacity to tune in to both the material universe and the higher universes in the spiritual world. Throughout the ages, numerous people have had mystical visions of higher worlds. Such visions have been the basis for virtually every religion or spiritual philosophy known to humankind.

Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, every human being has the capacity of consciousness to tune in to the spiritual worlds and have a direct, inner experience of those worlds and the reality of those worlds.

The only reason you do not have direct perception of the spiritual world is that you have not yet learned to turn the dial of consciousness. In a later discourse, I will teach you how to turn the dial of consciousness. For now, I want you to consider why it is so important to turn that dial and attain a direct experience of the spiritual reality.

Imagine that you meet someone in the marketplace who starts telling you about a wonderful new fruit that has recently been discovered. After hearing the description of the amazing properties and delicious taste, your first reaction is a question: “Where can I find this new fruit?”

It is a natural tendency of the human mind that when you hear about something desirable, you want to experience it for yourself. You are simply not satisfied by an image or description provided by a source outside yourself.

I am aware that as children many people were indoctrinated with the saying that curiosity killed the cat. I want you to understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the desire to experience something directly instead of relying on a mere description. God would not have it any other way. In fact, God himself embedded in your lifestream the curiosity and sense of longing that can never be satisfied by anything on this earth.

God created you in his image and likeness. God is the ultimate joy, love and bliss. God desired you to venture into the world of form that He has created. He desired you to experience and appreciate that world of form, but He never desired for you to become lost in that world of form. Therefore, your lifestream has a longing for something ultimate, something beyond. That longing is a longing for your Father in Heaven. It is a longing to experience the totality of God’s Being, the memory of which you have embedded deep within your lifestream (God has written his law in your inward parts). You will never be fully satisfied, you will never be fully at peace, until you have the direct experience of God’s unlimited Being. Nothing else will do.

Because God is the ultimate joy and love, why would God want his children to settle for anything less than the fullness of his Being? Therefore, why would God create you in such a way that you could be satisfied by the things of this world? If your lifestream was satisfied by the conditions found on planet earth, you would never long for anything more. Therefore, you might become stuck at any level of the world of form. Obviously, a God of unlimited love and bliss would not want to see this happen. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Therefore, your lifestream can never be satisfied until you have a direct experience of God’s Being.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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