05. The True Key to Salvation

Dication by Ascended Master Jesus, November 11, 2002 through Kim Michaels

Beloved hearts, in the previous discourses I have laid a solid foundation, and we must now begin to build upon that foundation. Therefore, let us consider the question: “What does it take to be saved?”

If you accept that life has a spiritual side then you probably also realize that there is a difference between this world and the spiritual world. People from every religion share an almost universal belief that there is a difference between the spiritual world and the material world. They also share the belief that earth is not the permanent home for human beings. The goal of life is to ascend beyond the material world and enter the spiritual world. Most people also realize that before you can enter the spiritual world, you must fulfill certain requirements.

Take a look at planet earth as you see it today. I think everyone would agree that the atrocities happening on this planet simply could not be tolerated in the spiritual world. Most people realize that the beings who inhabit the spiritual world do not treat each other the way human beings treat each other.

I have tried to help you understand that there is no fundamental difference between the spiritual world and the material world. The only difference is a difference in vibration. Therefore, you do have the capacity to ascend to the spiritual world. However, before you can enter our Father’s kingdom, you must meet certain requirements.

The key requirement is that you must rise above the death consciousness. The atrocities you see taking place on this planet, and many other actions that people do not necessarily consider to be wrong, are the results of the death consciousness.

Flesh and blood, the flesh and blood of the death consciousness, simply cannot inherit the kingdom. Therefore, the only way that you could possibly ascend into our Father’s kingdom is by leaving behind the death consciousness.

Let me make it clear that there is absolutely no possibility of a compromise. The vibrations of the death consciousness can never cross the threshold and enter the straight and narrow gate that leads to our Father’s kingdom. Even if these vibrations are disguised as what one might call human goodness, they still cannot enter our Father’s kingdom. You cannot enter the kingdom by becoming a good human being. In the eyes of God, there is no such thing as a good, or perfect, human being.

You can enter the kingdom only by overcoming the sense of identity that causes you to believe that you are a mortal human being who is separated from God. You can enter the kingdom only by putting off the old human of mortality and putting on the new human, the spiritual being, the spiritual sense of identity. You can enter only by putting on the Christ consciousness and by fully uniting with that Christ consciousness so that you see yourself as a spiritual being. Your sense of identity must be built upon the Rock of Christ instead of the shifting sands of the death consciousness. It is absolutely vital that you come to a conscious, inner realization of the truth behind these words. You must realize and accept that you cannot put the round peg of the death consciousness into the square hole that leads to the City Foursquare.

The goal of life

When you come to an inner realization of this essential truth, you can quickly develop an entirely new perspective on life as a human being. You now see that the very goal of life is your salvation, your ascension into the spiritual world. You also see that the key to realizing this goal is that you must go through a gradual process, which I have called the spiritual path. You must gradually put off the death consciousness and put on the new state of mind, the Christ consciousness.

For centuries, nay, for thousands upon thousands of years, human beings have believed that salvation is an outer process over which they have no control. I am telling you that this is not so. Salvation is not a matter of passively waiting for an outer savior who will suddenly arrive and do the work for you.

I stated earlier that you do indeed need an outer savior. However, that outer savior serves only as the open door through which God can give you a morsel of the universal Christ consciousness. This morsel then acts as a leaven to raise the whole loaf of your consciousness. The passing on of the Living Word, the Bread of Life, is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is that you have free will and that the Law of Free Will is the ultimate law of the material universe. You know my parable about the sower whose seeds fall on barren ground. A savior can appear and give you a morsel of the Christ consciousness. Yet if you do not make the free-will choice to accept that Christ consciousness, your salvation simply cannot happen. I can offer you the Bread of Life, but I cannot force you to accept that Bread of Life.

I can lead you to the living waters, but I cannot make you drink. I can impart to you my Christ consciousness, as I am doing in the lines of this book, but I cannot force you to allow that Christ consciousness to raise your consciousness to a higher level.

The raising of your consciousness can take place only if you make the decision to let it happen. In fact, you need to make many decisions. You need to make daily decisions to put off the old human and put on the new, spiritual “human.”

The death consciousness has a very deep belief that there is an easy way out, that there is some kind of quick fix or a form of automatic salvation. This belief has given rise to the idea that I am the only Son of God and that by simply believing on me and declaring that I am your Lord and Savior, you will automatically be saved.

I am Jesus Christ, and I am telling you that there is no such thing as an automatic salvation. Salvation is offered to every human being as a gift from God. Yet the key to salvation is not the offering of the gift because it truly rains upon the just and the unjust. The key to salvation is the acceptance of the gift. Without that acceptance, God cannot save you. God must simply wait until you make a decision to accept his grace.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.


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