You cannot change yourself by seeking to change others

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin through Kim Michaels, May 6, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Kuan Yin, and I will give you the perspective of the Divine Mother on some issues that we have determined can be of value for you. First of all, I want to speak about the situation in Korea. I know that you who are from Korea have been very gracious in inviting this conference here, even though we are not specifically focused on Korea. Given that you have a neighbor to the North, then it is of course all of relevance to you, even of special relevance to you.

Now, we have given you at previous conferences many dictations specifically on the situation in Korea. They are naturally all still relevant and it is not our intention to say that these are the only issues you need to work on. Naturally, you are free to look at your nation, determine that there are certain issues you would like to make calls on, and then you use our decrees and invocations to call for action on those issues. The reason we have chosen the issues we have spoken about at the previous conferences was that we see the complex geometry that will bring forth change in Korea, and we have given you the topics that based on this will have the most impact on the future of Korea.

Korean business conglomerates

There is however one topic that I want to talk about here and it is the situation that you have in Korea allowed the creation of these large business conglomerates, which we have talked about before. What we would like you to realize is that this has created sort of a special situation. You understand that there was a practical necessity to rebuild Korea after the war and therefore the government took what it saw as a practical realist measure for accomplishing this as quickly as possible. It created these business entities, gave them very much a free rein without much oversight from the government and their only charge was: “rebuild the country, create jobs.”

Now, it is clear that this was a practical necessity, although of course not the only way it could have been done, but it was one way and it was relatively efficient. There was a certain element of force here involved with these business conglomerates. They started relatively quickly competing amongst each other. There was a certain power game for establishing the supremacy of one or a couple of these business conglomerates. What has been created through this process is certain, what we might call, collective beasts or even collective demons.

Each of the business conglomerates has created a particular beast that exists in the emotional realm, in the mental, and even in the lower identity realm. It is not a conscious being, as we have described to you that there are demons and entities that are not conscious, they are not self-aware. It is a programmed being that will mindlessly carry out its programming, and the programming is of course to expand this particular business conglomerate and to preserve it almost at all cost.

The people behind these business conglomerates were very much enveloped in the consciousness that the end can justify the means, and they still are for the most part. There was a certain attitude that anything goes—whatever we can do to rebuild the country regardless of the human cost, regardless of any considerations for the individual, needs to be done. This then shifted into anything we can do to grow the corporation, to preserve the corporation and destroy the competition is also acceptable to be done. What this has created is of course a situation where the business conglomerates have used their privileged position to influence the collective consciousness of Korea to the point where most people think that these business conglomerates are necessary, are beneficial, and that Korea and the Korean economy could not survive without them. In other words, they have created a mindset that this is the only way to do business in Korea. This is the only way for the economy to survive and thrive. There are of course (as we have said before) alternatives, but most people are not even open to looking for them because they think this is the Korean model, and it has worked so far, so why should it not it work in the future? There is a certain loyalty that has been created in the Korean population towards these business conglomerates.

The need for a new business model in Korea

What you need to realize here is that for Korea to truly thrive and for the Korean economy to grow in the future, you need to gradually open up so there is more of an awareness of different business models. Also, so that the government gradually starts making it easier for other businesses to be established, and to even come up and compete with the large conglomerates. Otherwise, the Korean economy will not remain vital in the future and it will not be able to deal with the burden of a reunification of Korea.

In order to create this shift in consciousness, you can make the calls that people will be set free from the hypnotic effect of these huge demons or beasts that have been created and that demand the loyalty and the special treatment of these conglomerates. You can see, my beloved, if you think about this, that in Korea there is a special awareness of, for example, Samsung. There is a certain sense in the population that we should buy Samsung products or at least Korean made products. Here is a Korean housewife who needs to buy a new washing machine, and she thinks: “Oh, I should be a good Korean citizen and buy a Samsung washing machine.” But you need to recognize that Samsung as it is today is so large a corporation that it could not survive by just selling washing machines and other products in Korea.

Samsung is a huge multinational corporation that sells washing machines in almost every country around the world. The Korean attitude towards Samsung, the loyalty, the sense that Samsung is entitled to special privileges and special treatment by the government cannot ensure the survival of Samsung. Samsung’s future depends on people in other countries buying their products. If you look at a housewife in Denmark, for example, who needs to buy a new washing machine, she does not have that loyalty towards Samsung. She does not feel the need to buy Korean products. If something shifts in the international perception of Samsung, it does not take very much for there to be a wave in the collective consciousness internationally where people suddenly become aware, for example, that workers are not paid fairly or not treated well, and they say: “Why should I buy a Samsung washing machine when there is another company that treats its employees better or pays them better? Let me choose that product instead.”

You can see that the Korean attitude towards Samsung cannot ensure the survival of Samsung, or Hyundai, or any other corporation in Korea. Therefore, there is a need for you who are the spiritual people to make the calls that there will be a shift in the Korean consciousness towards these business conglomerates so that people will adopt a more international awareness and therefore realize that the businesses in Korea need to look at what is happening in the world at large, what is happening in the attitude and awareness of consumers in the world.

The need to treat employees well

They therefore need to start adapting to this so that they look at how Western corporations are treating their employees, how well they are paying them. How much, for example, of the earnings of a corporation are going to the shareholders and how big of a percentage is going to the employees. They need to make these adjustments so that Korean corporations follow the trends in the international business climate and are not staying in this hypnotic bubble created by these large beasts. In other words, you can make the calls that the Korean business climate is freed from these beasts, and even that the large corporations are freed from it, so they can grow and adapt to the changing times, and even start adopting a Golden Age business model. For unless they do begin to make the transition into a Golden Age model, how can they survive in the Golden Age?

We of the ascended masters would like to see Korea be an example of a nation that transitions into the Golden Age, not just in the area of business of course but also in other areas. These are calls that you can make and that will have an important impact.

Now, you can also make calls for the exposure of anything that is hidden, both in the government and in these large business conglomerates. You will see that in Korea since the war there has been created almost the sense that you have an upper class, a special class of Korean people who are the rich people, the leaders of these big business conglomerates. There has arisen in the population almost a sense that these very rich and powerful people are in a special class, that they are almost perfect or that they are beyond criticism. You can make the calls for the exposure of any inappropriate actions, any illegal actions, any corruption, any special dealings. It is necessary in order for Korea to transition into this new business model that the idolatry of these seemingly all-powerful business leaders is broken down. It may necessitate that there is an exposure of personal failings or wrongdoings on the part of some of these leaders so that the Korean people can awaken and have a shift where they realize that they are still human beings and they are still as fallible as other human beings. Therefore, they do not deserve special treatment or privileges, and they do not deserve to be looked up to as if they were some kind of gods walking around on earth. I can assure you that God does not wear business suits, my beloved. These are some issues for you to make calls on in the nation of Korea.

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