The finger-pointing discourse

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 6, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. When you experience a discourse as the one you have experienced from Kuan Yin, you realize why there is absolute equality between male and female in the ascended realm. You realize why there should be absolute equality between men and women on earth. As Kuan Yin has provided the omega half of our combined discourse, I will give you the alpha. I would like to pick up on what she gave you, and dedicate this discourse as the “Finger-Pointing Discourse.”

What is it that the fallen beings have used as their primary weapon for controlling humankind? It is pointing the finger. You have the sentence in the Book of Revelation from the New Testament that says that there were those who “accused our brethren before our God, day and night.” And when the accuser of the brethren was cast down, there was rejoicing in heaven. This of course is inaccurate in the sense that it does not refer to heaven, but it does refer to that first sphere where beings first fell. Before they fell, they were indeed accusing everyone around them, pointing the finger at everyone else and at God. Because they had decided that it could not be them who had to change, their only option left was that everyone else had to change, and the universe had to change, and God had to change, and the weather had to change.

My beloved, what you realize here is that in a sense you could say that the essence of the fallen mindset is pointing the finger at someone else because one is unwilling to look at oneself. You see that we have talked about a structure, a machine, in the emotional, mental, and identity realms that is aimed at controlling humankind, deceiving humankind. This is the foundation for all dictatorships you have seen throughout history and that you see today. The very core of this structure is this very consciousness of pointing the finger outside oneself.

There is always a justification for hurting others

You may find this difficult to believe when you see how there are demons in the astral plane that are taking over people’s minds and causing them to kill indiscriminately. You realize that even the worst psychopath or narcissist who goes into a shopping mall and starts firing a gun still has to have some rudimentary level of reasoning and justification for doing it. Where does that justification come from? You may look at it, and many people do look at it, from a normal state of human consciousness, a common-sense perspective, you might say, and find it completely unreasonable, illogical, and absolutely crazy. But there is some rudimentary reasoning, some level of justification. It all boils down to this: There is something wrong somewhere. Something has gone wrong in this person’s life, or other people have done something wrong. It is never the person himself or herself, who is at fault.

Again, the principle of pointing the finger outside oneself can justify absolutely any human behavior. Ponder that sentence for a moment. Pointing the finger outside oneself can justify absolutely any human behavior. Then, look at history and see how horrendous atrocities have been committed by people—but they could always justify it. The way they justified it was to point that something had gone wrong outside themselves, and that is why they had to do what they did.

You see, my beloved, how pointing the finger can so easily result in a bending of the finger around the trigger that fires at someone else and kills them. The pointing finger and the trigger finger are just a short movement apart from each other. The fallen beings are experts at first getting someone to point the finger and then getting them to put the finger on the trigger and pull, over and over and over and over and over and over—need I go on? They have repeated this pattern, and people fall for it again, and again and again and again—need I repeat myself?

Why there is suffering in the world

What can break the spiral? What can break it? The Buddha nature can break it, for even those who have gone completely insane and are pointing the finger and pulling the trigger have the Buddha nature within them. What can cause them to connect to that Buddha nature and start pointing the finger at themselves instead of pointing it somewhere else? Well, that is why there is suffering in the world.

Once people have gone into duality and started pointing the finger outside themselves, they will suffer. Why will they suffer, my beloved? Because when you think that the cause of the problem (that the fault, that the error) is outside yourself, you have instantly made yourself powerless to change yourself. Once you go into creating these separate selves that see themselves as separate from the Buddha nature, you will suffer. The separate self can only suffer. Even if the separate self attains absolute power on earth and feels it can do anything it wants, it still suffers because there is still tension. Even if you have all power on earth, there could still be more power to be had. There could still be a threat that could cause you to lose your power. You might be momentarily elated, but you can never really be free of suffering.

Once you go into suffering, you lose that contact with the Buddha nature. You lose your intuitive faculties very quickly because how can you have discernment when you are pointing the finger at somebody else? Therefore, what can awaken you? We of the ascended masters cannot reach you. A spiritual teaching cannot reach you. As my beloved brother Jesus has just explained, when you go into this state of mind, you lose your intuition. You lose your ability to reason and to make neutral observations. You are always looking through that separate self that is defining the problem as being out there, and therefore defining that it is someone else that has to change in order for you to be at peace.

What did I teach 2,500 years ago? What did Jesus teach 2,000 years ago? That the key to avoid suffering is to go into yourself and change the condition in there that causes your suffering. What happens when you point the finger? You think the cause of your suffering is outside yourself, in these external conditions or these other people. You cannot see that your experience of suffering does not reside out there, on top of a mountain or among those other people that you think are your enemies. Your suffering is an internal experience, and an internal experience can only have an internal cause. This internal cause may be triggered by an external circumstance, but the cause is not the external circumstance. The cause is internal.

You see that once you start pointing the finger, you are looking in the wrong direction. You think that in order to escape suffering, you have to change something out there. In the beginning, you might think you have to just change one person. Perhaps you even can come to the extreme where you think that if you kill one person, your suffering will end. The fallen beings have gone through a very long process of attempting to alleviate their suffering by changing something outside themselves. They have transcended – long ago – the personal level. Now, they think that the only way to alleviate their suffering is to change everything around them in their environment. They think that in order to change everything around them, they need to have power over everything around them, they need to be able to control everything around them. The fallen beings are always blindly driven to attempt to gain control, to gain power, and thereby force their external circumstances to change.

The ultimate dictator on earth

What happens whenever a fallen being rises to a position, such as being a dictator, like Hitler, Stalin, or Mao? Well, he experiences that his suffering does not go away. This may cause insanity in that lifetime. What happens after that lifetime is that often that fallen being cannot even come back into embodiment. It may for a while go into the astral plane and act out its anger there. Some fallen beings have risen above that raw anger of the astral plane, and they have risen to the mental realm or lower identity realm. From there, they are also seeking to control, thinking that: “If I just get one step up in my level of control, then my suffering will go away.” Or if they get the ultimate control, as they are able to see it in their environment, then their suffering will go away. Or if they are able to even gain control over God and change God and God’s giving of free will, then their suffering will go away.

What you see is that behind this entire machinery in the emotional, mental and identity realms (that is aimed at controlling humankind) there is this very limited number of fallen beings in those three realms who are working towards this end of controlling humankind, and controlling every aspect of life on earth.

We have not emphasized this teaching before, but in the My Lives book [My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus] we do give the concept that at the top of this structure is one particular fallen being, whom the book calls the Dark Master. When you follow the structure of fallen beings, you see that there is indeed this one being at the top of this structure. What is the ultimate dictator on earth? Well, it is this Dark Master. He is in control of the other fallen beings in the identity realm, those in the mental, and those in the astral, and of course those in the physical. He is ultimately in control.

Now, you may think: Why has this person, this being, risen to this state of being in ultimate control of all the fallen beings associated with earth? Was he particularly powerful? Did he have specific abilities? Was he particularly wise or intelligent? Well, you might say that he was, but how is he then controlling the other fallen beings?

You do realize, I assume, that there is no true cooperation among fallen beings. We of the ascended masters on a regular basis have council meetings where a group of us get together. In perfect harmony, and with equality among us, respecting our positions in hierarchy, we can cooperate freely. Fallen beings, even though they may have council meetings, cannot create the atmosphere that we have. They are not actually cooperating. They may have a common goal, but they are not truly cooperating. There always has to be one who is on top and who is controlling the others. How does he control them? By getting them to point the finger at each other. How does he do that? By him pointing the finger at all the rest.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Dictatorships.

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