Most people are not inherently evil  

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, October 24, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. It is my great joy to open this conference, as I have now opened many of these ascended master conferences. This topic of elitism is in a sense the essential challenge facing earth at least at the present moment. Of course, it has been facing earth for a very, very long time, especially since the fallen beings were allowed to incarnate on this planet. They of course brought with them a certain mindset of clearly seeing themselves as superior to any other beings on earth specifically, but even to any other beings in this unascended sphere.

Naturally, we do not expect the general public to come to accept ascended master teachings or the concept of fallen beings, but it is necessary for you, as ascended master students, to know about this. You simply cannot understand elitism, if you are not aware that there is a certain group of beings in embodiment on earth (and even in the three higher octaves of earth), who have this quintessential elitist attitude. You cannot understand where elitism comes from on earth, unless you know that there are these beings.

Behavior that is not human nature

Now, you will see of course that there is a growing awareness of this even in the public, even in the collective consciousness. There is much talk about sociopaths, narcissists and so on. This is of course something that we have gradually built up over a very long time, by working with the people in the field of psychology, self-help and spirituality to bring forth these concepts. We have been working to get it to a point where these ideas can spread, and people can begin to see that it is necessary to look at human behavior and see that there is a certain type of behavior that just is not human. It is not human. What this can eventually lead to, and which is beginning to break through (at least in the mental realm), is an acceptance that not everything human beings do is human or human nature.

You look at many of the atrocities that have taken place, such as the Holocaust. You will see how there are certain writers, philosophers, psychologists, scientists, even religious people who have taken these events, these atrocities, and they have said: “Oh, this is just human nature.” You even have a formerly quite known religious person, Mother Teresa, who said: “We all have a little Hitler inside of us.” This shows you how these ideas have been spread for a very long time, which says that any human being has the potential to do these evil acts, these atrocious acts.

This is what you need to realize is a complete and utter lie, created by the fallen beings specifically to camouflage themselves. Why? As their primary modus operandi, they do not want to be identified for what and who they are. They do not want human beings to see them for what and who they are. Therefore, they have tried to create this myth that “it’s just human nature to do evil,” that any human being could potentially perform such acts. It is a total and absolute lie. It is not in human nature, it is in fallen nature.

God did not create evil

Of course, nobody was created by God as a fallen being. The implication of the philosophy of religious people, if you look at it in a consistent manner, is that God must have created human nature so that human beings have a propensity for evil. God did not create people (human beings or any other beings) with a propensity for evil. God gave self-aware beings free will and free will implies that they can choose to commit any act that they can imagine. They can also choose to label these acts as good or evil. God has not labelled any acts as good or evil. The concept of good and evil (as we have now explained many, many times through the ideas of duality and the duality consciousness) did not come from God.

God gave you free will. God looks at anything you do in a completely neutral manner. God, the ascended masters, we do not judge in terms of good and evil. Who created the concept of good and evil? The fallen beings did. Why did they do it? Well, partly to manipulate human beings, by defining certain things as good and other things as evil. Once you define for a certain culture or society what is seen as good and evil, what have you done? You have instantly set yourself up as the elite for that society. You are defining what an entire society, an entire civilization, defines as good and evil. Thereby, you can manipulate people in a myriad of ways. You can manipulate them into doing what is defined as good, seeking to avoid what is defined as evil.

What if there is another group of people who are doing what your group defines as evil? Well, in order to prevent some greater evil, you might start thinking it is justified to kill that other group of people. Even though killing is actually in your own definition defined as “evil,” in order to avoid this bigger evil, it is okay for you to do this smaller evil. Suddenly, the fallen beings can manipulate societies into going to war with each other and committing these horrendous atrocities, while somehow thinking that they are doing something “good,” perhaps even something that was approved by God and will earn them entry into heaven and seventy virgins or whatever they see as the Promised Land.

There is no human nature

You see here that talking about “human nature” is a meaningless concept because human nature implies that people are created with a certain nature. They are endowed with this, either by God or by nature and there is nothing you can do about it. The fallen beings want human beings to think that you are either inherently bad, you are sinners by nature, or you have the potential to do evil, the potential that you see in the world. You see my beloved, you do not have a little Hitler inside of you. Hitler had a “little Hitler” inside of him and it became big and did what it did. Only the fallen beings have a Hitler or a Stalin, or a Mao inside of them. Human beings who are not fallen, do not.

Now, many people will object to this and say: “But look: The guards in Auschwitz who pushed people into the gas chambers and poured those pellets down that released the gas, they were committing evil acts.” Yes my beloved, but did they decide to build Auschwitz? Did they come up with the idea for the final solution and decide to implement it? Nay, they did not. They were manipulated into a situation. No excuse for it, it was not right or good what they did but it was not by their own initiative that they did this. It was by the initiative of the fallen beings that they were manipulated into doing this. So yes, the fallen beings can manipulate human beings into doing evil acts, but it is only the fallen beings who are the originators of evil.

This is something that is very, very important, essentially important, for you who are ascended master students to contemplate and make calls on. You have the teaching that allows you to look back throughout human history, even beyond known history, and see how there is this very old programming of making all people on earth feel guilty for the actions of the fallen beings and feel that you could have potentially done something like this. Let me just assure you, my beloved, none of you could have initiated this kind of evil. None of you ever have in any of your embodiments or you would not be open to this teaching.

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