The message of Christ is anti-elitist

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, October 25, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. My contribution to this conference is to give you the perspective on how Christianity has been used by the power elite to further the cause of the power elite.

Many people are ready to see this, although they are not aware that they are ready. But if we looked at what people are aware of, we might as well have abandoned this planet and gone somewhere else. We are the optimists. We are also in a sense realists because we see that even though people are not aware of something at the conscious level, they can become aware. They can be jolted into awareness. This is of course what I attempted to do 2,000 years ago by many of the statements I made that were meant to be shocking, to be provocative.

The genesis of fanaticism

Let us begin by looking at the Bible. Although we do not quote the Bible much and do not encourage you to take it literally, there are of course certain lessons that can be learned there. Let us go to the very beginning of Genesis where it talks about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. As we have said before, this is a symbol for the state that humankind was in before the descent into the consciousness of duality. What was it that caused Adam and Eve to fall, to fall below the innocence of the non-dualistic state of consciousness and fall into the dualistic state of consciousness? Was it not the serpent? Then, what is the serpent a symbol for? In the widest sense, the power elite. As Master MORE and Mother Mary have said, it is not natural, it is not in human nature, for people to create war. When you look at history and see how people have been tricked into going to war and killing each other, it has always happened because they were misled by a power elite, or several power elites that were fighting for ultimate dominion.

The way to understand the serpent in the Garden of Eden is to understand that this was, in its broadest sense, the power elite. We have of course given more specific teachings about the fallen beings, and these teachings are important because you cannot look at the biblical story as it is given right now and understand it. Most Christians have no understanding of what it truly means because they miss those key ingredients. First of all, you need to understand that the Garden of Eden portrayed in Genesis was not a heavenly realm where the supreme God of the universe walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening. It was a symbol for a state of consciousness in which humankind had contact with their spiritual teachers, direct contact with their spiritual teachers, because they were not in duality. Therefore, they had not become as gods, defining what is good and evil.

You also need to understand that there could be no serpent in a heavenly realm. That is one of the most confusing aspects of the Genesis story, and so many people wonder: How could there be a serpent in this Garden of Eden? Did God create the serpent? Where did the serpent come from? Many, many people, not only Christians but anyone who reads the Old Testament, have been confused about this. Of course, we have given the explanation that this was the fallen beings and it was not a higher realm that they were in, but it was a state of consciousness. In a more specific sense, the serpent is a symbol for the dualistic state of consciousness. It is a state of consciousness where you have separated yourself from your source. When you separate yourself from your source, which is your higher self, your I AM Presence, you lose sight of your own basic humanity or spirituality. Therefore, you cannot see it in other people either. This gives rise to the illusion that you are separated from God, separated from other people.

The separation from your source means that you do not have a frame of reference for knowing a truth, a reality that is universal, valid, not individualized, not subjectivized. You might even call it objective. When you lose that frame of reference, you so easily become seduced by the serpentine state of mind into thinking that you can define what is good and evil based on your current state of consciousness. You think that you are capable of defining what is good and evil internally in your current state of consciousness, without having that frame of reference from something that is beyond your state of consciousness.

This is of course what the fallen beings have been doing since they fell or even before, and they have seduced most human beings on earth into believing in this very lie. Not necessarily that many people believe that they themselves are capable of defining good and evil, but they believe that someone on earth, some earthly authority, is capable of defining it, and they are able to recognize it. They are able to recognize that authority.

Christ is the alternative to duality

What did I come to do 2,000 years ago? What is the very essence of what I came to do? It was to show people that there is an alternative to the serpentine state of mind, the dualistic state of consciousness, where you define good and evil and your definition is entirely relative and subjective. You, or at least the authority figure you follow, elevate it to the status of being absolute—absolute truth and objective truth that cannot or should not be gainsaid. I came to free people from this state of consciousness, and I did it in various ways.

One of the ways I did it was to make certain statements that were calculated to shock people out of that serpentine mindset, that serpentine logic, where they could perhaps come to question what they had taken for granted. I also did it through my example, by demonstrating that there is a higher state of consciousness, which we can call the Christ consciousness, or a neutral state of consciousness that allows you to see beyond the serpentine illusions. You can actually see through the serpentine logic, see the cognitive dissonance, the contradictions, the unanswered questions of the serpentine logic. Therefore, you can begin to reach for a frame of reference that is beyond your own mind, but even beyond the serpentine mind and the collective mind of humankind.

This was what I came to offer people: a way out of duality. I offered to set people free, or give them the tools that could set them free, from the serpents who have misled humanity. They are of course the very ones who form the power elite and have formed it in all eras since they first came here. What has actually been lost in the process of creating Christianity, and has remained lost to this day by most Christian churches, is that the essence of my mission was anti-elitist. I was here to set people free from the elite, ultimately of the fallen beings, the real serpents, but also of all who were part of the power elite that had been seduced by the serpents into thinking that they had some special quality that allowed them to be the leaders of the people because they knew better than the people.

There was a clear division in the society that you saw in Judea or Israel at the time. A clear division between those who knew or thought they knew, namely, the religious leaders of various groups, and then the people. It was considered that the people did not know and could not know what was true, that they needed the leaders. This of course is exactly why that power elite (that was there in that society) had me killed when I started to become a threat. How did I become a threat? By offering people that frame of reference where they could find the kingdom of God within them and they themselves could attain that discernment of Christ, that mind of Christ. They could put on the mind of Christ and see through the lies that the elite was using to keep them in bondage. This was the very essence of my mission, and I challenge you to go out there and find a Christian church that preaches that message.

Killing the messenger, then the message

How did that message become lost? First of all, you need to recognize that the fallen beings did to me what they have done to many others who spoke a higher perspective, a higher truth. They killed me. This is characteristic of the power elite. When someone takes a stand for truth or brings forth a higher perspective, they will first attempt to ignore the person and hope that he or she does not gain any followers. If that fails, they will kill that person, thinking, as has indeed happened in many cases, that this will kill that particular threat, it will destroy the threat. They killed me, and they attempted to kill some of my early followers, and then they thought that would take care of the problem.

Over time, gradually, more and more people started following the teachings as they were able to do and as the teachings were presented to them. There emerged a more coherent Christian movement. This then became seen as a threat by the power elite of the Roman Empire. It led to the persecution of the Christians in Rome and elsewhere, where they again attempted to kill the people who were bringing forth an alternative. Then, of course there came that point where some among the power elite realized that it was indeed difficult to kill all of the Christians. They switched their strategy as they have done in many other cases. They used the motto: “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

The fallen beings in the higher octaves used their tool, the emperor Constantine, to suddenly turn Christianity into the state religion of the Roman Empire. This was from the very beginning an entirely political move. In Constantine’s mind, it was his way of trying to reestablish control over the Roman Empire by unifying the people in a religion that he considered could be made more appealing than the old religion and the old gods. But for this purpose he needed of course a religion with a strong God and a strong prophet. Very quickly, there was created this idolatrous version of Christianity that elevated Christianity to promoting the superior God of the universe, the one and only God. Whereas the Romans had many gods for specific areas, here was only one God, although of course he had three aspects, which nobody could really explain.

They also elevated me to being the Son of God. Oh, no, I was not just the Son of God. No, I was created at the same time as the Father. In fact, I was not created. I had always existed because I was of the same substance as the Father. Still in the Nicene Creed that is the basis for the Catholic church, still something that nobody can really explain. You can go out there and look at the explanations that people have come up with. You can see how artificial and intellectual and in fact serpentine they are. The entire purpose was to elevate me to a status that first of all gave the Romans the illusion that I could do for them what the old gods could not do because they were inferior to me.

This was where the collective consciousness was at. You had gods because you wanted them to do something practical for you in your daily life. It was not about raising your consciousness. It was not even about being saved. It was about having a wish-fulfilling God, a kind of Santa Claus, that could come and do what you needed in your everyday life. If you happened to be the emperor of the Roman Empire, then that God could come and solidify your position and slay your enemies and unify your empire under your rule.

What was the effect of this? It was that whereas the early Christian religion had been somewhat diversified, the Catholic church from the very beginning was an entirely elitist institution. It was never, ever about raising the whole, about raising all of the people to a higher state of consciousness. It was always about creating a society that had a very clear division between the ruling elite and all of the people who were just followers. Nay, they were not just followers. They were sinners by nature through the original sin of Adam and Eve. This guilt trip has continued to be reinforced by the Catholic church ever since. I dare you to find a Protestant or other non-Catholic church that actually has thoroughly challenged that guilt trip.

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