Fanaticism is an addiction 

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Ascended Master Elohim Astrea through Kim Michaels, June 9, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master the Elohim Astrea. What I would like to do, in the beginning of this discourse at least, is build upon what Saint Germain gave you in his last installment where you talked about the development of technology or the use of technology to detect vibration, therefore developing an energetic, or an energy psychology. Now, if you take this a little bit further, you could see that one of the unexplained phenomena that you see in psychology is addictions.

What exactly is an addiction? Why do some people become addicted and other people do not? Why is it so difficult for people to break an addiction once they have crossed a certain threshold? If there had been developed an energetic approach to psychology, you would already have had technology that could show what happens in the energy field of an addicted person. This would have allowed you to see that when a person becomes addicted, this is not an internal process. You can actually measure, or even make visible, what happens and these instruments can be developed in the relatively near future because the technology is already there. You can actually measure and make visible that the phenomenon of addiction cannot be explained by only looking at a person’s energy field.

You have to realize that a person becomes addicted only because there is an influx of energy from outside its own energy field. Of course, once you see this, it makes you realize that you then need to explain, well, where does the energy come from? We do not expect that science will begin to accept the ideas that we have given you or the concepts we have given you about the astral plane and demons. But it would very much be possible for scientists to realize that beyond the material frequency spectrum that is associated with matter and matter particles, there are other realms of energy. It would be possible to detect that there is a certain realm that is linked to people’s emotional bodies and that when people become addicted, it is because their energy fields have become open to this larger collective energy field. Therefore, an addict has an influx of energy coming into the emotional body that overwhelms that person. They actually are pulled into the addiction and they do not have the conscious willpower to resist it because the magnetic pull on the emotional body is too strong.

This could be taken further where you will begin to investigate where this energy comes from, what produces it and what directs it. It could very quickly become clear that this is not simply some passive energy that is floating around. It is a very directed energy, it is a very aggressive energy. It clearly seeks to gain something, there is some kind of intent behind it. It is not just a matter of invading a person’s energy field because you could also measure that there is energy going out through the addictive behavior. There is energy going out of a person’s energy field into this larger field that is associated with the emotional body.

You then can begin to ask yourself: Well, why is there this exchange of energy? Why would there be a need for energy to flow from people’s emotional bodies into some larger energy field? Why does there seem to be an aggressive intent coming from this larger field to invade and take over people’s emotional bodies and extract energy from them? What is it that exists in this larger emotional field that needs energy from people? This is where it could actually be, not necessarily with current technology, proven by science, but certainly it could be intuited by people who would study the phenomenon in an objective systematic manner, that there must be some kind of somewhat conscious being existing in this, what we might call the collective emotional body. There are certain, we might call them in a neutral tone, energy beings in this emotional realm that seem to need energy from human beings. They have somehow developed a way to invade people’s energy fields and extract energy from them. This could then be used to make further studies of what happens, for example, in a war situation, what happens at the energetic level on a battlefield. If you could do this, you would be able to see that when people are killed on a battlefield, there is a very, very strong influence from this collective emotional realm. The people who are killed or wounded, there is energy extracted from their energy fields through this trauma.

Fanaticism is an addiction

You could then begin to study all kinds of people who experienced trauma and you will see that in many cases a trauma opens up a person’s emotional body to an influence from the collective emotional body. Therefore, scientists could begin to realize that there are these energy beings existing in the collective emotional body who are actually extracting energy from people through various processes, primarily through trauma and addiction. This would mean you could now use this to take a look at fanaticism and come up with another definition, or another layer of definition, and say that fanaticism is actually an addiction.

You would be able to take a person in the fanatical mindset, and you could see that the person in his or her emotional body has an opening that is very similar to what an addict has. There is an opening whereby there is an influx of emotional energy, and energy is being extracted from the person’s energy field, going to these energy beings in the collective emotional body.

This is something that already would have happened if the scenario Saint Germain painted (the ideal scenario) would have taken place. It is something that could be developed within one to two decades if there were scientists who were open-minded, neutral and objective enough to use current technology and develop some of it a little bit further. We are not talking about some Utopian fantasy that is far into the future. We are talking about something that is very realistic, based on the technology you already have. It simply needs to be applied in a different way with a quite frankly more objective awareness and intent.

Clearly, fanaticism is an addiction. You could now begin to study this based on what psychologists know about addictions, you could begin to find ways to help people out of it. You could have a “Fanatics Anonymous” 12-step program, or many other programs that could actually help people overcome this mindset. Again, of course there are people in the western world who would say: “Well, but what does that help when the most fanatical people are in the Middle East and they will not listen to anything coming from western science or western democracies. They

think it’s all decadent nonsense that’s contrary to Islam so they will ignore it completely” But you see, this is where you can use what I have just said to make people realize that there is a collective emotional body, a planetary emotional body, and all people are tied to it.

Fanatics cannot help mankind overcome fanaticism

Once you begin to recognize that everything is energy, you see that energy does not know physical boundaries. As Saint Germain said, quantum physics has already proven that particles separated by a great distance can be connected. Truly, when you look at the energetic approach, you realize that the whole idea that people are separated, that there is a separation in space, is just an illusion that comes from a certain perspective, a certain level of consciousness. In reality, everything is interconnected and one of the ways that all people are interconnected is through this collective emotional body. The simple fact is that when people in the democratic nations begin to raise themselves above this fanatical mindset, and for that matter other kinds of addictions, then you will actually stop giving energy, stop feeding energy, to these energetic beings in the collective emotional body. As you feed them less energy, they have less power to take over the emotional bodies of other people. This means that when the people in the democratic nations raise their awareness, you will also raise up the people in Muslim countries or other areas around the world.

The emotional body of the planet is like a piece of cloth. You can pull up one corner and for a while it seems like you are only raising a small corner. As you keep pulling it up, you eventually raise the entire cloth. It is quite frankly possible for people in the western nations to remove that emotional, aggressive force, those aggressive beings in the emotional body that are the cause behind fanaticism, at least the emotional cause behind fanaticism. It is possible that when that emotional pull is less, then the people who are now totally immersed in the fanatical mindset will be able to wake up and start coming out of it.

The energetic history of fanaticism

Now, you can even look at history again and say that, clearly if you look at the western democracies, you can go back in time and see that people were much more into the fanatical mindset in previous ages. You go back to medieval times when the Catholic church had a dominant position and you see that most people who were believing Catholics were truly in the fanatical mindset about the Christian faith and especially the Catholic church. Many believing Catholics are still in the fanatical mindset. Actually, if you would compare the mindset of most Catholics today to the mindset of Catholics 500 years ago, you would see that there has been a very clear shift, so people are not as fanatical as they were. You can see the same thing in other areas.

Therefore, you can see that the very fact that democracies could emerge shows you that people had begun a collective process of raising themselves above this lower state of consciousness that they were in during the feudal societies. These people did not have the power to break free. In a sense, you could say that poverty is a form of addiction, that feeling suppressed by an external force that you cannot stand up against also becomes a form of addiction. If you could study the energy fields of medieval peasants, you would see that they also had an opening to the astral plane and they were overwhelmed by these feelings of hopelessness, feeling powerless, not thinking they could do anything.

People can even, by becoming more conscious, becoming more aware, raise themselves above this. You see that there is a way that people can raise themselves above this influence from the collective emotional realm by raising their awareness, by using conscious willpower. You can also see that it is a slow process. You can see that even in the western democracies, many people still have addictions, which demonstrates that they have a tie to the collective emotional body.

Clearly, again the more conscious you become of an issue, of a problem, the more power you have to do something about it. I can assure you that there will come a point in the not too distant future where this whole shift to an energetic worldview will have happened. It will become self-evident to most people that energy is the underlying reality.

You go back a few hundred years, and you see how they were dealing with certain diseases back then. They had certain ways to deal with disease that had a certain effectiveness. But because they had not discovered bacteria, there were very strict limits to what they could do. There were many diseases that seemed incurable, simply because they did not know about the real cause. Once knowledge had expanded and bacteria were discovered, there was a whole new world of possibilities that opened up for fighting certain diseases.

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