Behind every dictator there is a vision

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Ascended Master Cyclopea through Kim Michaels, May 4, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master the Elohim Cyclopea. Now my beloved, some decades ago, there was a common saying in the United States of America that said: “Behind every great man, there is a woman.” The fact that this joke has become obsolete shows that society has made some progress, at least, in recognizing the absolute equality of men and women. Nevertheless, I would like to begin with a statement that: “Behind every great man, there is a woman, and “behind every ‘great dictator,’ there is a vision.”

This of course introduces the concept of “great dictator.” It gives me the opportunity to at least talk about the fact that there are two different types of dictators: those who consider themselves great because they have some kind of agenda, some kind of overall vision, that they believe will actually improve the conditions on this planet, improve conditions for humanity. Then, there are those who do not particularly consider themselves great because they are only focused on themselves and getting power and position for themselves. You want examples of the two? You can look at the Soviet Union of how Stalin was clearly the kind of dictator who was focused on himself and his own power whereas Lenin was the visionary who had an agenda that he thought would improve the world.

Perverted vision behind all dictators

Naturally, you see that behind dictators, there is a perversion of vision, there is a perverted vision. This is something that originates with the fallen beings who are experts at perverting vision. Of course, I do not think that it is a good quality to be an expert on perverting anything, but the fallen beings disagree with me. I of course allow them to do so because it has no impact on me as an ascended being. Nevertheless, it does have a great impact on the un-ascended beings on earth, and that is why we need to discuss it.

Now my beloved, if you could step back and see what I can see from the ascended level, you would see that the fallen beings have created, in the physical realm, in the emotional realm, in the mental realm and in the lower identity realm, an incredibly complex apparatus and machine that is aimed at producing false and distorted visions and spreading them on earth. The purpose is to get people to believe in something that is false, obscuring the truth, taking any higher statement and perverting it, or coming up with an opposite that seems to challenge it.

This apparatus is so elaborate and so complex that if people could see it, they would be overwhelmed by the aggressive intent behind it. It is, in a small way, comparable to what you can see, for example, from the Cold War where both sides had a very elaborate machine aimed at directing propaganda at the people on the other side. You can also see the spy networks and how elaborate they were. They are of course even more elaborate today, but this is not as known as what you at least know from the Cold War days.

This machinery created by the fallen beings is more elaborate than anything on earth, anything in the physical octave, because the physical octave is like the tip of the iceberg, and what happens in the other three realms is much more complex and much more vast. If people could at least see it and see the aggressive intent behind it, they would be so shocked that they might actually be awakened to the need to purify their vision, to raise their vision, and to come to be able to see through these elaborate deceptions created by the fallen beings throughout the ages.

Vision that leads to di-vision

Now, if you go back to when the first beings fell in the fourth sphere and trace how they have built illusion after illusion, you would again be overwhelmed at the complexity. Nevertheless, you can also look at the complexity, and you can begin to see patterns. Therefore, you can gradually reduce the complexity to something that is manageable to the human mind where you can see what they are actually trying to do. If you reduce it to the most simple level, you can say that the purpose behind the false vision created by the fallen beings is the divide-and-conquer strategy.

They are always trying to create a vision that creates di-vision. This is really the essence of what they are trying to do: vision leading to division. Once you understand this, you have at least a foundation, a starting point, for looking at what is happening in the world. You can see how the fallen beings have used anything that happens in an attempt to create division.

Division through religion

You can see, as we have already talked about with the Catholic church, how religion throughout the ages has been used to create division. Ask yourself this, my beloved: Why is it necessary that a particular religion defines a clear dividing line between those who are followers of that religion, those who are inside the religion, and those who are outside? Why is that necessary?

The claim that many religions have based their existence on is that they have a truth given directly from God. They claim that the God who has given them this truth is the ultimate God, the superior God of the universe. Well, if that claim was true, would it not stand to reason that the ultimate God of the universe would be able to create a universe where all people would be saved? Why would an ultimate God create different groups of people, and some would be saved and some would not? Would it not stand to reason that the ultimate God would have the ultimate vision of what kind of universe he is creating, and therefore would be able to set up a universe that had a set of universal laws that would bring people towards salvation, if they need that, but that would bring growth. In other words, the ultimate God should be able to create a universe where there is a set of universal principles and laws that causes that universe to unfold as that God envisions. Why would that God need religion on earth?

Why would the ultimate God need a religion that claims to represent this ultimate God on earth if the God has already defined certain universal principles that are causing the universe to grow as the God wants it to grow? In other words, you will see that the claim behind most religions is that something went wrong with God’s creation, and therefore as an emergency measure, as a stopgap measure, people need to be saved. In order to be saved, they have to follow the one and only true religion, and those who follow that religion are guaranteed to be saved, and those who do not follow that religion are guaranteed not to be saved—possibly ending up in a fiery hell for all eternity.

Now, why an ultimate God would find it necessary to create a fiery hell, and why he would want to punish those who do not follow his one true religion for all eternity, is a question rarely asked by these people. Nevertheless, what you can see here is that many religions create, by the very essence of their teachings, this fundamental division between those who will be saved and those who will not.

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