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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, May 6, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. What does it mean when we ask you to call forth the Judgment of Christ on some phenomenon, some occurrence, on earth, as you have done in this invocation you have given? Well, it means that we are asking you to suspend human judgment and let the mind of Christ bring forth the judgment that is needed according to the vision of that mind.

So many times people have human judgments, and they of course come from external selves that are created in reaction to some condition on earth. Can you see, as I am sure many of you who are ascended master students can, that when a self is created as a result of some condition that is manifest on earth already, then that self cannot see beyond the condition, it cannot see the deeper reason behind that condition, it cannot see the higher vision of Christ? Therefore, the self then can only make a human judgment, and this is at a level where it does not bring the judgment of the phenomenon or the dark forces behind it.

Human judgment brings only conflict

What is the most common thing you see on earth as the source of conflict between human beings? It is that one person has one opinion on an issue, the other person has the opposite opinion or at least a different opinion. But they are both human opinions. Of course, both people might claim that theirs is not a human opinion, it is the absolute truth, and therefore the other person’s opinion is the absolute lie.

Can you not see throughout the ages how conflict after conflict after conflict has been generated by this phenomenon: One human opinion against another human opinion, both of them claiming not to be human opinions, but having some higher authority, some higher truth. Yet, what has that led to? It has led only to conflict and chaos. You can see that neither of the two can be a higher truth. They are just human opinions, and therefore one human judgment against another human judgment is not going to bring change. The Judgment of Christ is from a higher level, a higher vision.

That is why I said 2,000 years ago: “Judge not that ye be not judged.” Because when you judge from the level of human opinion, then you are sending an impulse into the cosmic mirror, and what must the mirror do? Reflect back to you according to what you are sending out. How does the cosmic mirror reflect something back to you? Well, if you have a strong human judgment on a particular issue, the cosmic mirror will send you another human being who has the opposite human judgment and now the two can clash.

Now my beloved, consider this. We have told you about the duality consciousness where there is always a polarization towards two extremes. What you can learn from the teachings of Buddhism is that what the Buddha called “the pairs,” are created simultaneously. They are created in polarity. They cannot exist one without the other. What human beings believe on earth is that their opinion, their judgment, is the higher truth that exists at first and then the opposite opinion came later when perhaps the devil himself opposed the truth. They think that the truth came first and the opposite came later. Therefore, they fail to see that the two human opinions arose simultaneously out of the duality consciousness.

Pure science does not oppose pure religion

Now, you have of course some situations where a society for a long time has been dominated by one particular philosophy, perhaps one particular religion. Therefore, people have been conditioned to believe that this religion represents truth and that any other religion (or any other viewpoint)

represents error. Perhaps the opposite opinion has been suppressed, the opposite dualistic polarity has been suppressed by the one dualistic polarity that attained dominance. Therefore, people no longer see that the two are just like two sides of the coin—one cannot exist without the other.

For example, you will see how the Catholic church for a thousand years suppressed all sources of knowledge other than Catholic doctrine. They claimed that Catholic doctrine represented the only truth and many people were programmed to believe this over many lifetimes. Then, when science comes in and starts questioning Catholic doctrine, then naturally people tend to believe that doctrine is the truth, and therefore science must be the error when it questions doctrine.

The reality is that pure scientific observation – neutral scientific observation – is beyond dualistic polarities. The earth does revolve around the sun, it is not the center of the universe. This is not a matter of human opinion. It is reality. What you need to recognize here is that throughout the ages, you see how there has been a tendency for the emergence of some thought system, a religion, a political ideology, a philosophy, that claims to have an absolute truth. It also claims that all divergent viewpoints are the error. What you see throughout history is that this absolute truth has then been in conflict with the people who have the opposite viewpoint, and the result has been a conflict that has often been ongoing for a long time. In some cases, as you see with the Catholic church, one particular version, one particular side, took over and dominated for a time.

Look at the fact that the Catholic church dominated Europe for almost a thousand years. Did this bring peace? Did the dominance of one supposedly absolute truth bring peace to earth? No, it did not. Even in those thousand years there was conflict after conflict where the Catholic church fought groups of Christians within themselves, like the Cathars. They fought the Muslims, they had the Inquisition and the witch hunts, there was always some enemy that needed to be fought.

You see, if you have a higher truth, an absolute truth, then that truth is not dualistic. That means it does not have an opposite polarity. Therefore, if that truth actually managed to dominate a society, it would not generate conflict. By the very fact that the Catholic church and Catholic doctrine did not create peace but created conflict after conflict, you can know that it was not a higher truth. It was a dualistic polarity that therefore must have one or several opposites.

How fallen logic distorts everything

Now, you do realize, I am sure, that human logic is human logic and this is what the fallen beings used time and time and time again to confuse people. Take what I just said. There was a time when Catholic doctrine said that the earth is the center of the universe. The sun and all the other planets, all the stars in the firmament, revolved around the earth because the earth is so important to God that he put it in the center of his creation. Human beings are so important to God that he put them in the center of his creation.

Then comes science, which is, as we have explained, based on neutral observation. How does the world actually work? How do the planets move relative to the earth and what does that show about the earth? This is neutral observation. Do you see that the fallen beings do not want people to have such a neutral, we might say objective, truth, a higher truth? They use this dualistic logic to create an opposition. In fact, they have already created the opposition by establishing Catholic doctrine based on a faulty observation of the universe. It is not so much the faulty observation that was the problem. It was not really a problem that people believed the earth was the center of the universe. The problem was the claim that this was an infallible doctrine of this infallible organization that was the only representative of Christ on earth.

By making the claim that this is an absolute truth, authorized by some higher unquestionable authority, the fallen beings have already set up the potential for conflict. Therefore, when science comes up with a neutral observation of how the world works, it is very easy for them to take the scientific observation and overlay it with this materialistic philosophy that now puts itself in opposition to the religious authority. You now have your religious authority, which has been dominating for a while—the established power elite. You have a “scientific” authority, which claims that it now has the absolute truth. What was actually a neutral scientific observation has now become a dualistic polarity in the ongoing dualistic conflict created by the fallen beings.

Science was hijacked by the fallen beings. This is also, as we have explained, what happened with religion or spirituality where mysticism is as neutral as scientific observation. Mysticism in its pure form simply is a matter of experiencing the spiritual reality, instead of having theories and doctrines about the spiritual reality. It is not a matter of how you think that the spiritual realm is, it is a matter of experiencing it yourself. As a true mystic, you also realize that even though you may have an experience where the conscious you steps outside of your four lower bodies, that experience may not be absolute.

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