Why the ends really cannot justify the means

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Ascended Master Archangel Uriel through Kim Michaels, May 5, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master Archangel Uriel. Why is it that almost every dictator you have seen on earth has claimed to be working for the cause of peace, while at the same time preparing to kill or actually killing other human beings? How can killing lead to peace? How can violence lead to peace? This is not logical, unless you use the logic of the fallen beings based on the duality consciousness. Naturally, you will see in the history of the world and in the world today, how many, many people, millions of people, have been pulled into thinking that they could promote the cause of peace through violence and killing. Indeed, they have been led to believe that it was necessary for promoting the cause of peace to kill other human beings.

How did the fallen beings achieve this? Well, of course in various ways, as my brothers have explained, through division and in other ways setting the stage. Truly, the basis for this deception is to define a certain standard, which says there are some things that should happen on earth and there are some things that should not happen on earth.

In past ages you have seen many examples of how a religion has defined a certain standard or a certain goal and then defined that this could only happen if all people became members of that religion. What the religion has claimed is that their standard, the standard they are promoting, is defined by God himself and therefore it is the will of God that this should happen. Therefore, it is the will of God that other people must be converted to the one true religion and if they will not be converted, then it is the will of God that they be forced. If they will not be forced, it is the will of God that they be killed because when all those who oppose the manifestation of God’s kingdom on earth have been killed, then supposedly God’s kingdom will be manifest on earth.

You have also seen how a political ideology, supposedly based on scientific materialism, has been used to justify the killing of people. As we have already said, if communism, if Marxist ideology, was truly based on some inevitable historic necessity, how could it be necessary to kill those who oppose communism, when it is inevitable anyway? Of course, the logic of the fallen beings has distorted this in such a way that people have been led to believe that in order to bring about this communist utopia, then it is necessary to kill other people.

The ends cannot justify the means

The underlying principle that has been spread by the fallen beings for a very, very long time on earth, from the moment they first set foot here by taking embodiment here, is simply this: “The ends can justify the means.” The goal is so important that even the means of forcing or killing other human beings are justified by the importance of the goal. Do you see, as we said yesterday, that when you apply even simple logic, you see that if Marxist utopia is a historical necessity, no help should be needed from human beings? If an almighty God has created a universe that is perfect, then why do human beings on earth need to help this almighty God by killing their brothers and sisters?

The fallen beings of course do not want people to reason this way. They want people to be blinded by this fog of dualistic logic. One claim here, an opposite claim there, until people do not know what to believe in themselves. What is, many would say, the opposite of peace? It is chaos. A state where there is total confusion where people are being bombarded with so many impressions that they cannot deal with them all. They are overwhelmed. They go into a state of overload where they do not know how to sort this out by themselves.

The fog of war between ideas

There is a concept in military terminology of the “fog of war.” When people are in battle, they are so completely overwhelmed by everything that is happening, the noise, the explosions, the killing, the just total confusion of the battlefield that it is impossible to predict what will happen. Well, this does not just happen on a physical battlefield because life on earth could be considered a battlefield. At least, the fallen beings have attempted to turn it into a battlefield and envelop all people in this fog of war, this fog of war between ideas, between claims and counter claims. The fallen beings have for a long time put out many, many ideas. As Cyclopea said yesterday, they have an entire machine created for the purpose of deception. They have put out many ideas that have only one purpose: to create confusion. They have managed to create such a state of confusion on earth that people do not know what to believe.

Therefore, many people have come to a point where they do not dare to decide on their own what is true, what is right. They abandon their responsibility to discern and therefore they become vulnerable to someone who comes in with a very strong claim to having the truth, having authority. This is how millions of people, billions of people, have been pulled into supporting, for example, the Catholic church or a communist ideology. This is the basis for many dictatorships. Some have been established through raw violence. But in most cases, there is some claim to why the dictator is right, why the dictator has some specific authority. It is of course all a lie. You who are ascended master students can see this very clearly. Many, many people in the modern democracies can see it also. Unfortunately, there are many, many people in the modern democracies who have not truly seen the lie behind this idea that the ends can justify the means.

The United States and black-and-white thinking

This is especially true in the United States, which is more prone to black-and-white thinking than many of the smaller democracies. If you (you in general) could compare the mindset of the collective consciousness in America or the average American, to the mindset you find in some of the smaller democratic nations around the world, such as South Korea or the Scandinavian nations, then I think most Americans would be shocked to realize how much more they are trapped in this black-and-white thinking, how much more they have been deceived into thinking that the ends can justify the means. Therefore, it is fully justified that America, which claims to be a peaceful democratic nation, a free society, maintains the largest military machine on the planet. How is this logical? How do you get away with making the claim to be a peaceful nation, a free nation, an example of a democratic society, yet you maintain the largest military in the world, a military that is capable of striking anywhere on the planet with short notice?

Well, of course the outer claim is that America, because of its special status, must defend freedom and democracy around the globe and therefore must be able to move out and defend South Korea from an invasion from the North, other countries from an invasion from this or that enemy. But this is the outer claim. It seems logical only because of the fog of war created by the fallen beings. A fog of war that has enveloped the American nation and the American people so they do not see how illogical that claim is. They do not see, as we said in the United States last year, how often the American military and the lives of American servicemen and -women have been used to further the cause of huge multinational corporations that are not loyal to America whatsoever and certainly not loyal to the cause of freedom.

As we have said, they indeed are examples of dictatorships. So how does it make sense that dictatorial corporations can manipulate this supposedly free democratic nation of America into sacrificing the lives of its young men and women for the cause of increasing profit for a few shareholders? Is this a military of the people, by the people and for the people? Or is it a military of the elite, by the elite, for the elite? Or I should actually say that the military is not of the elite, because it is not the children of the elite that are being sacrificed on a battlefield. They usually find a way to avoid military service.

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