Can you accept that it is possible to transform your nation?

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, September 21, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain, but I am more than you see me as, more than an ascended master in the sense that I have reached a level of Buddhic attainment and I occupy the position as the representative, you might say, the god of freedom for the earth. What exactly does that mean? Well, it cannot be expressed in words, but it can be felt, it can be experienced if you are willing to follow the vibration of the messenger’s voice, as I charge it with what he could not produce himself, but the vibration that I am.

I come with millions of violet flame angels, who are flying in formation. And quite frankly, if you could see them, they all have big smiles on their faces, because they are doing what they love to do, which is to release the violet flame that can set free those of their unascended brothers and sisters who are still on earth. They fly in this tight formation and they fly over these areas of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine for which you have invoked the violet flame and these other energies you have invoked. And therefore, they come with a clearing action that will clear away a certain portion of this energy of anti-freedom that has been hanging over these areas now for far too long. And as they have flown over these three nations, they fly over all nations who were part of the Warsaw Pact of the Soviet Union, clearing them of these energies of anti-freedom, which quite frankly is far easier for most of the other nations than it is for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. But again, it is not that the angels are in any way complaining about the weights that they have to remove, for it is their joy to be allowed to do this.

Now, naturally you can say that these angels have the power to fly around the earth and remove all energies of anti-freedom. And the angels of the other rays and the rays beyond the seven rays could flow and remove all negative energy from earth in a matter of mere seconds. But what would be the point, for what would people learn from this? If you remove the burden from human beings who have not transcended their state of consciousness, what do they do? They feel lighter. They feel good. And as they feel good, what do they say? “Oh, it’s time to party.” And then they go on partying and making merry and coming into conflict with each other. And they start recreating the energies all over again. And this will go on until they have had enough and they decide to go within and look at themselves and their own state of consciousness, because they begin to realize that your experience of life on earth takes place in your mind, in your four lower bodies. If you want to change your life experience on earth, where do you begin to change it? Inside yourself, of course.

And this is the difference between those who discover the path of freedom and those who have not yet discovered it. Those who have not discovered the path of freedom; they still think that in order to change their life experience, they need to change something or someone outside themselves. And therefore, they are in this constant pursuit of the impossible goal. They are chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Never catching up to it, because the rainbow keeps moving in front of them. And they never reach it in the physical, for the rainbow is in a sense not physical, at least not in the sense that you can grab it and hold on to it.

The pot of gold is not physical either, because the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the Christ consciousness. And this is not something you can grab on to with the outer mind and put it into a system; as the communists attempted to put it into a system, as the Catholics attempted to put it into a system, and as many others throughout the ages have attempted to put it into a system. Have any of them succeeded? Nay, they have failed, all of them, for it cannot be put into a system. It is the free-flowing spirit that will not be bound, that will not be tied down, that will not be limited in any way, for it always reserves the right to transcend itself and be more.

This is the vibration of the flame of freedom, the willingness to be more than you have been before. And what is the gift that we come to bring with this release of the violet flame? It is that people can come to this point as is said in this decree to Shiva you gave earlier: “The past no longer owns my choice.” For what is the condition you see on earth for the vast majority of people? The past owns their choices. What they have done in the past, whether you call it karma or as we have now given you the teaching of the psychology and the different spirits. Well then, what you have done in the past, the choices you have made in the past, they own your choice. They own your choice then and now, your ability to choose.

You cannot choose anything that goes beyond what you have chosen before as long as you are so closed, as Portia said, that you cannot step outside of your four lower bodies, your outer sense of identity, and realize you are more. You cannot connect to that spark of life, which we have called the Conscious You, but which you can call many other things. You can for that matter call it whatever you like. As long as you go for the experience, rather than intellectualizing about it. Go for that experience of pure awareness so you realize, you experience directly that you are more than your outer mind. You are more than your outer identity. You are more than your mental beliefs, your emotions or your physical body. You are more than this.

And because you have that spark of life inside of you, that is why you can transcend the outer conditions. That is why you can be free personally. That is why you can create a society that is free. It is the only reason, the only way it can be done, because you have that spark of infinity within you that can overcome all limitations that people have created on earth. Because it is beyond earth.

You realize, of course, that there is an enigma that has plagued humankind for a long time and philosophers have sometimes thought about this until they were blue in the face. And it is this simple enigma: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Think about this and how many disguises and variations it comes in. What came first, this or that? If there was a chicken that laid the first egg, where did the chicken come from? There must have been an egg that the chicken came from. But which chicken then laid that egg from which the first chicken came? So there must have been a chicken before the first chicken. But when was that? Would there not have had to have been a chicken before the first chicken that was before the first chicken? And you can go on in what they call an infinite regress and you never get anywhere, except perhaps to the lunatic asylum in a straitjacket. My beloved, you realize that there is no resolution to this enigma.

Which came first, a free society or free mind? Well, this is not really an enigma, because this you can resolve. Because what came before a free society was a free mind. It must be that way. And why is it so? Well, think about the chicken and the egg. Which came first? None of them came first. They are both material manifestations. And what comes before any material manifestation is a matrix in consciousness. There is consciousness before the physical manifestation. There was some consciousness that held the matrix, the vision of both a chicken and an egg. And they were brought in to physical manifestation at the same time through the same process, or what we have called the interdependent originations.

And this is what you can realize that applies to anything in the physical octave. Whatever condition you have in the material, there was first some condition in consciousness, in the emotional, the mental, the identity realm. For some conditions on Earth, like the pure conditions created by the Elohim, there was even a matrix in the spiritual realm before anything descended into the four lower realms. You realize that if you are to change anything, you must begin at the beginning, you must go to the cause, you must go to the source. And the source is always consciousness.

What will it take to create freedom in a nation? There must be a critical mass of people who start by looking at themselves and freeing their own minds from the choices they have made in the past. Now, as you heard Shiva say that there was a point where the Soviet Union could not be sustained simply because there was not enough flow of light through the people. The Soviet Union could collapse as an outer thing, but there is still a parallel in consciousness. In the sense that we have talked about the school of hard knocks, where you must repeat the same pattern over and over and over again until you come to the point where you have had enough. And there were people even in the Soviet Union, who came to a point where they thought: “This is enough. There must be more than this. I’ve had enough of this. I cannot take it anymore. I will not take it anymore.” And this is when you start thinking: “Well, what will it take to be free?” And you realize very simply, you cannot be free at the level of action.

In a traditional view of karma, what do they say? Your action creates karma and the karma limits what you can do in succeeding lifetimes. It limits the choices you have, in other words, the past owns your choice. Why is it that even those nations who have had teachings on karma and reincarnation for centuries have not managed to free their people from the wheel of rebirth? Why is it that you see some nations, like India, who have lower material conditions than the Western nations, even though they have this spiritual teaching, this spiritual awareness? It is precisely because they have not understood the inner meaning of the teaching on karma and reincarnation. They have focused on the level of action. What you do is what creates karma. What you need to overcome the karma is to do something else, whether you call it a spiritual activity or not. But you cannot overcome karma by doing, by action. You can only overcome karma by recognizing that any action springs from consciousness. If you want to change your action, you must change your consciousness. Because otherwise your past actions will own your choice. You will have no choice but to repeat the same pattern over and over and over again.

And there is a tendency, we might call it programming, built into the Conscious You, that it is seeking something new. And there comes that point where a life-stream has for so many lifetimes repeated the same actions and reaped the same consequences, lived in the same outer situation, in the same type of society, that it simply becomes open to the potential that there must be something else. “There must be something more, because I’ve had enough of this.” And that is when it opens to the thought: “Maybe I need to change something inside myself, instead of seeking to, or dreaming about, changing something outside myself.”

And that is, so to speak, when the spark of life within that being can shine through the outer consciousness. And begin to transform the four lower bodies and purify them, so that the person can gain that connection to the web of life within it, to its I Am Presence, but also realize that it is part of this interconnected whole. You are not a separate being. And this goes two ways. It has an alpha and an omega. The alpha is that when you are not a separate being; you are connected to something higher than yourself, your I Am Presence, the ascended masters.

The omega is that as long as you are in physical embodiment, you are part of this mishmash, this matrix, this web that has been created on earth. You are part of the collective consciousness. And it is not only your own past choices that own your choice, it is the past choices of your group and the entire human race. And how can you free yourself from that pull of the mass consciousness? You cannot with an outer action. You cannot with a power that is in your four lower bodies. You can only achieve this by reaching for a power that comes from beyond, from the I Am Presence, from an ascended master, from one of the flames of God, such as the flame of freedom. When you bring that energy into the four lower bodies, then you can begin to free your four lower bodies. Then you can be begin to free the four lower bodies of the planet. Then you can begin to transform.

There must be those who are open to doing this, even if they know nothing in their outer minds about ascended masters or spiritual teachings. They can still be open to going within, feeling some flow of life, of light, through them. And that enables them to start thinking in a way they have not been thinking before, thinking in a way that most people in their culture or nation cannot think. And therefore, they can see that there are other opportunities that could be manifest than what we have right now. We could manifest a better society.

What will it take to transform a nation like Ukraine? That some people must begin to envision, to think that there could be a better state in this nation. And they must come to the point where they not only think this and dream about it, but they accept that it is possible. Can you who are our direct students, can you accept that it is possible to transform your nation whatever it is, wherever it is? Can you accept this fully? Perhaps you can now when you are in the force field that I have prepared for you. But can you maintain it? Can you maintain it when you go to your places of your normal daily activities? Can you maintain that acceptance that what Saint Germain said is possible is actually possible?

If you can, then you can give an immense service to your nations, for you can hold, so to speak, the spiritual balance or the spiritual vision for the other people that are beginning to awaken, but do not have the conscious awareness that you have. You can still hold that acceptance. That means that they can also come to accept that a new future is possible, even though they do not have the outer conscious vision that you have. But they still see that here is a particular area of life where they have experience, they have knowledge, they have expertise. And they see that here is an improvement that can be made. You may have more of a vision that it is going towards a golden age society and you may have some ideas of what that means. They may not have that vision. But by you holding that acceptance for them, they can accept that an improvement is possible and that this matters in the long run.

It has been said, going back to biblical times, that: “Without vision, the people perish.” Well of course, people had no vision in the Soviet Union. They did not see any aspect of the communist utopia that they personally wanted. And they did not see any possibility of improving their personal lives. But there are people, now that Communism has been nonexistent or at least nonexistent in the physical for some time, who are beginning to grasp a vision that a better life is possible. And even though they do not see the big picture, they can still have that sense. And this is what you can help hold for them. That manifesting this improvement in some aspect of life matters in a bigger context. Even though it may improve their own lives or a few people around them, it still matters in the overall scheme of their nation.

There is what you might call the concept of a cause. But it is not a cause as it has been defined by human beings and ideologies, or rather by the fallen beings and their ideologies, for it is not seeking to reach some kind of goal that is predefined for how human beings should work or how the universe should work. It is based on realizing that it is possible to improve life. And if we continue to improve life, there will come a point where a new day will dawn. Even if we have no vision of what that new day is, we know we are working toward a goal that is worthy, that matters, that will help us, our children and many other people.

They can lock in to this. They can be inflamed by this so that it is not only about improving their own lives, but also doing something beyond their own lives, improving something that is bigger than themselves. And this, of course, is a tremendous help for the growth of a life-stream when it is not only focused on itself and improving its own condition, but sees that there is something beyond the outer self that is worthy of its attention, worthy of its energy, worthy of its effort, worthy of its acceptance.

Truly, my gift is not so much understanding. My gift is not so much a teaching. My gift is the flame that I AM, the energy that I AM. The energy that I have been releasing and that those who are willing, those who are sensitive, can hear even over this instrument of a human voice that is carrying that vibration. But do not focus on the human voice or the human messenger. Focus on the vibration that is flowing through. Follow that vibration to the source so that you can have an experience of my flame, my being that is beyond the outer voice, the outer messenger, the outer words, even the outer sound. For you connect in your heart to that which is beyond anything physical. Am I a physical being? Nay, I am ascended master and therefore I am beyond the physical. How can you know me? Only by going beyond.

So many people have come from these religious traditions where they think they can come up with some material hocus pocus or some ritual whereby they can capture the Spirit, but the Spirit will never be captured. The Spirit bloweth where it listeth, the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth, for there is only one Spirit. How can the one Spirit be captured by that which is set up, defined by separation, and therefore can only reinforce the sense, the illusion of separation? It cannot be captured. It will always go beyond what is based on separation. And it thereby urges the being, the Conscious You to go beyond separation and reach for that oneness.

What is freedom? How do you attain freedom? You cannot attain freedom as a separate being. No separate being has ever been free. You can attain freedom only by connecting to the web of life, connecting to the I AM Presence, connecting to the ascended masters, connecting to other people. You are free when you are connected. Not at the level of the human mind, but at the level of the Christ mind. Where you realize that all life is one, that you are part of this web of life, the Antahkarana of life, where all is connected. And you have no desire to be separate from it.

We realize, of course, that you go through a phase where you must separate yourself from the mass consciousness in order to avoid being pulled down by it. But when you have done that, you can step up, begin to connect within. And that gives you a whole different connection that is not based on the outer, the human consciousness. You may know if you have studied science and physics, that they have done experiments where they show that two particles can be separated by space and there is still a connection between them. And a change in one creates an instant change in the other which cannot be explained by a material signal, because such a signal must move at the speed of light and that takes time.

Well, the connection I am talking about is not a physical connection. Therefore, it is beyond time. It is beyond space. It is a connection in higher consciousness. And that is the only true connection there is, because you cannot create unity and oneness among human beings at a horizontal level. It has been attempted to be done so many times in the past. In a sense, you could say that the communist societies were a very, very, very, very crude attempt to create this false oneness.

But there have been societies in the past who were actually much more sophisticated than the communist societies. This was before the fallen beings came to the planet. But they attempted to create oneness through sameness. And this cannot be done, because it works against the very purpose of life, which is individual co-creation and individual growth in self-awareness. Whereby, a being becomes more until it eventually ascends from the physical octave and can go on at these infinite levels of self-growth that are there until you reach the Creator consciousness. Any attempt to create oneness that goes against the basic drive of life, which is self-transcendence, cannot be done. It cannot happen.

How can you have oneness in a nation? Well, only when a critical mass of people reach for that oneness that is beyond. And as Shiva said you can come to a point where you can look into the eyes of another person and see that that person also has some connection to his or her Higher Self, I AM Presence, ascended masters. And thereby, you can have a different connection, a different sense of oneness that is not based on anything outer. And that transcends whatever outer differences you may have between you, be it nationality or this or that or the next thing, or what other kind of divisions people have created between them. You see here that this is the true way to create oneness.

And you might look at this and say: “Well, how can we then ever create oneness in our nation, because surely not all people will have that inner connection or will be able to have it?” But you do not need to have all people have it. You need to have a critical mass of people have it. And that critical mass is not a particular number, not even a particular percentage, because it is a matter of the nation and the collective consciousness and how high the people with a spiritual awareness can rise. And this is individual from nation to nation.

You see that there are some nations where they already have a higher degree of oneness than you have in, for example Ukraine or Russia, because they have more of that awareness of what we have called your essential or your basic humanity, where they know that we do not do certain things that harm other people. We are all in this together. We are seeking to raise the whole, rather than raising ourselves just individually. And there are nations in the modern democracies who have attained a high degree of this.

And again, you are of course free to seek to learn from these nations, which is one of the reasons why so many people from the poorer nations go to nations where they can make more money. But they do not come home just with the money. They also come home with an experience that there is a different kind of society, that it is already manifest in Poland, in England, in the Scandinavian countries, in Germany, wherever they go. They come home with that awareness and that acceptance that it is possible. And if it is possible for them, why should it not be possible for us? And of course, it is possible for you. It is a matter of getting over that hump, where some of you can accept that it is possible. And thereby, you can help many, many more come to that acceptance.

Am I seeking to force my Golden Age on anyone on earth? Absolutely not! I offer it to people, constantly! I am constantly seeking for ways to offer it to people. What is the problem? As is said in this latest book on the golden age series, it is to get people to accept it, to accept that it is a realistic possibility and not some far flung Utopian pipe dream. I am not some far flung Utopian dream-up. I am a very real being. And I know exactly what is possible. There are many, many people on earth, who if they were presented with my vision of what is possible in the Golden Age, would instantly think they knew better than me. They would instantly put down the vision: “Who is this dreamer? Saint Germain, he calls himself. What nonsense! We know best what is possible on earth. Or rather, what is not possible on earth.”

But you see, my beloved, as we have said before, the motto of every pessimist is: “I am not a pessimist. I am a realist”. But they are not realists, for you are only a realist when you realize that more is possible. And it is the same thing here. You can never know with certainty what is not possible. You can only know with certainty: “This is possible, because we see it manifest.” Only when it is manifest do you have certainty. As long as something is not manifest, you cannot know for certain that it could not be manifest.

And you may look at all the misery on earth. And you may blow it out of all proportion and say: “The amount of misery that we see in human history proves that human beings are limited and cannot go beyond certain boundaries.” It is all complete nonsense, a complete lie put upon people by the fallen beings. Instead, look at what has happened in the last 10,000 years from the Stone Age societies to today. You who say that further growth is not possible, you are like people in the Stone Age who are denying that people could ever fly through the air.

There is no reality to denying the possibility of a better world. For the only thing that stands between the present conditions and the manifestation of a better world, is the acceptance in the minds of a critical mass of people. The absolutely only thing. And why is this so? What did I start out saying? Consciousness comes before physical manifestation. When there is a change in consciousness, there must be a change in the physical manifestation. This is the law of God, the law of nature. It has always been so and no amount of denial by the fallen beings or by human beings can change the reality of life. No amount of denial! Even an almost infinite amount of denial cannot change the reality of life. But a very small amount of acceptance can manifest a better world and a better nation and a better personal life.

And this is my gift to you, delivered with my gratitude for you coming together for providing me a platform that has allowed me, by the foundation you have set with your calls and decrees, to deliver this powerful release. It is in direct proportion to the work you have done and your willingness to transcend yourself, your willingness to come up higher. And for this, I applaud you. You do not need to applaud me. I do not need it. But you need to recognize in yourself that you have performed a work that makes a difference and therefore I say: “Well done!”


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