A biological perspective on fanaticism 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, June 8, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Amsterdam, Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master, Saint Germain. I wish to continue on what we had talked about earlier because I still have some remarks that I want to make to help set people free. Now, we have talked about various perspectives on fanaticism but what I would like to begin with here is to focus on fanaticism from a biological perspective.

You know very well that as ascended masters, we are not in any way saying that the theory of evolution in its current form is correct. However, we have never denied either that the biblical version of creation is not correct. There was not an instant creation where all of the species you see today on the planet were created in a matter of six days. Naturally, we have always said that the conditions you have on earth today are the products of a gradual, progressive and, therefore, evolutionary process. What we of course are saying is that this evolutionary process is not mechanical and unconscious. It is creative and conscious and the consciousness of human beings has had, and is having, an influence on the evolutionary process.

Before human beings, there were of course other conscious self-aware beings who had an influence on the evolutionary process, who started it and who at certain times have stepped in and caused it to accelerate very quickly to a higher level, such as you actually see when you look at the history of the evolution of species or the appearance of species. With this we can recognize that your physical bodies are the product of an evolutionary process. This process did start with more primitive life forms that gradually evolved to greater and greater complexity until this process was able to bring forth a physical body with the complex brain and nervous system that is necessary for a higher being to take embodiment in that body, for a higher being to come into that body and begin to express itself through that body.

The cognitive dissonance of unconscious evolution

What you realize as ascended master students is of course that animals do not have individual souls. Therefore, they are not self-aware beings. You are self-aware beings because you have a part of your being that came from outside of the body, that existed before the body, that will continue to exist after the body. Your being is so complex that you cannot take embodiment in a meaningful way through an animal. Therefore, there needed to be a gradual process that brought forth a human body that has the complex brain and nervous system that you need in order to express yourself and learn from that experience.

Your physical bodies were brought forth through a gradual evolutionary process that started with more primitive life forms. It is not exactly, as biological science portrays the theory of evolution, that it happened through an infinite variety of random events that gradually, through survival of the fittest, brought forth the current life forms. There was always a certain influence of consciousness so there was a certain ability to predict what physical qualities an organism needed in order to survive in a given environment.

This is incidentally one of the big explanation problems of the current theory of evolution. How did a species emerge that could live in an environment where none of the existing species could live? For example, the standard model says that life first evolved in the water with water organisms. Then, gradually these organisms became more and more complex, and they developed lungs and legs and migrated onto land. But you see, for evolution to work as an unconscious process, there is no ability to predict. That means that a trait, a new trait, that happens as a result of a random mutation can only survive if it gives the species an advantage for survival.

This means that there is a limit (and this is not recognized by human science currently) to the process of evolution. For example, a fish cannot survive in the air, a fish cannot reproduce on land. If you look at the ocean, you see that there are certain zones in the ocean where there is less oxygen. You can see that even in the very deep oceans, where there is very little oxygen and very little light, there are certain organisms that have survived and adapted. They have evolved so they can adapt to these conditions but there is no [complex] organism that can survive where there is no oxygen at all. They can survive on very little oxygen by having a lower metabolism, but if there is no oxygen they cannot survive.

Now, you look at a fish that is swimming right under the surface and you realize that this fish needs to breathe oxygen to survive. It does so through its gills, but the gills cannot extract oxygen from the air. You know that there is plenty of oxygen in the air above the surface of the water, but the fish cannot know this. There is no faculty in the unconscious process of evolution that can know that there is oxygen in the air. For a fish, there is no oxygen in the air because the fish cannot extract it. Therefore, the fish cannot survive above the water, it cannot reproduce above the water. And therefore, in current evolutionary theory there is no mechanism whereby a fish can gradually adapt to living above the water.

I know you have all been brought up with these images that first there were frogs that developed legs instead of fins, and then they developed outside lungs and the ability to breathe air. But this could not have happened through the gradual, random, unconscious process that you currently see science promoting. It could not have happened. To say that this could have happened is cognitive dissonance.

You cannot hold on to a strictly materialistic, unconscious, random process of evolution and at the same time explain how fish migrated to live on dry land. It cannot be the result of a gradual, random, unconscious process. There must have been some ability, some faculty, that could predict that there was an evolutionary advantage to developing an organ that could extract oxygen from the air instead of from water. Because there is no way in current evolutionary theory that you can say that the migration from fish to a frog happened as a result of just one random, genetic mutation. This means that in order for this process to happen, whereby a fish became a frog that could go on land, many mutations were necessary.

If mutations are completely random and not guided by any conscious ability to predict, then even two random mutations cannot build on each other. They cannot form a pattern. Random events cannot form a progressive pattern that leads to a result that could not be produced by one random event.

Listen to me. Two or more random events cannot produce a result that could not be the result of one random event. If every event is random, they cannot build upon each other. They might form a certain pattern, but it will not be a progressive pattern where one event leads to greater and greater complexity and suddenly you have an entirely new species emerge. It cannot happen. It is cognitive dissonance to believe this. There are already many biologists who have actually realized this. They have realized that biological science and physical science, the science of physics, has actually begun to challenge and invalidate the claim made in the early days of the evolutionary theory.

Loyalty to Darwin and his theory of evolution

Now again, we are not trying to blame anybody here. But we are trying to make the realistic assessment that Charles Darwin formulated the theory of evolution based on what was known at his time and based on where the collective consciousness was at at his time. Naturally, as progress moves on, as people know more and more and as the collective consciousness moves on, there comes these points where it is now necessary to look back at our paradigm and begin to question it. Is it consistent? Does it have contradictions? Are there things we cannot explain? Have we now, based on a higher understanding, become able to ask questions that Charles Darwin could not even imagine? Therefore, why should we be loyal to Darwin and the theory of evolution? Well, why indeed?

Why should an entire society be held back at a certain level of growth by one theory because some people are loyal to that theory? Well, what is the answer, my beloved? There is only one word that can answer this and it is: fanaticism. The people today in the western world, in the modern democracies, who are holding on to the theory of evolution as a purely materialistic, unconscious process—they are in the fanatical state of mind. They are fanatics. There is no other way to look at it.

You may have heard from previous times that I hold a certain flame of diplomacy, but there is no way I can express this in diplomatic terms. It is simply cognitive dissonance, and cognitive dissonance is one of the primary characteristics of fanaticism. Therefore, the people who will not see the dissonance, will not see the contradiction, are fanatics. They can only maintain their belief in evolution through a denial of the facts, the facts that have been proven, shown by science. They can only actually hold on to evolution by denying later discoveries, discoveries that came after Darwin. There are many biologists and other scientists and people outside the field of science who have begun to see this. There is a tension in the collective consciousness where your calls again can have a major impact in shattering this so that people can begin to question this entirely materialistic view of evolution.

Evolution is a process of conscious experimentation

Once that happens, you can then go a little bit further in looking at the connection between fanaticism and what you know about biological evolution. As I said: “What is the biological basis for, or the biological perspective on, fanaticism?” This is where you can acknowledge that you are human beings. You are not animals. You are not a gradual evolutionary step up from the animal level. The missing link is a quantum leap in consciousness. You are, in a qualitative way, different from animals. Your consciousness is qualitatively different. It is a quantum leap above animal species. Nevertheless, your bodies are based on a very long process of evolution that to some degree has something to do with survival. It is not necessarily the survival of the fittest in the way this has come to be seen today. Because current evolutionary theory based on Darwin’s, or other people’s, statement of “nature red in tooth and claw” is that it is only the most aggressive species that will survive. In reality, as we have said before, the dinosaurs proved that it is not the most aggressive or powerful species that survive, but the most adaptable, those who can adapt to changing circumstances.

Nevertheless, your bodies are a product of this very, very long process. It is actually a process that is very different from what can be accepted by both the religious people and the materialists. Because the evolutionary process is not a process that was created by God in some perfect state, nor is it entirely based on laws of nature. The evolutionary process is a process of experimentation. As we said, there were conscious beings directing the evolutionary process, but they were not all of them ascended beings. They were not all of them in the ascended state of consciousness. They (as we have explained about you) started out with a point-like sense of identity and they gradually grew from there. This means that they were not able to create a sustainable creation in the beginning. They had to experiment and by experimenting with bringing forth these biological life forms and seeing how they would survive, they learned. They learned what works, what does not work, what enables an organism to survive, what causes it to become extinct.

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