Life is a web

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Ascended Master Shiva, September 21, 2019, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am the Ascended Master Shiva. Thus, my first act is to say to the four corners of this nation: “Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva.” The very sound of Shiva, releases the fire that I AM and consumes that which is not compatible with the flame that I AM.

Now, many people in this part of the world will wonder, why an ascended master from the East that we know nothing about and have nothing to do with? But this is all an illusion. I am not an ascended master from the East, I am a universal being, as are all ascended masters and regardless of what tradition we may have come from, or what tradition may revere us on earth, we are universal beings.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are three universal principles that apply to all creation, and cannot be confined to the Hindu religion, or even an older Vedic tradition. We are universal spiritual principles. For how can anything be created unless there is a creative force driving it? How can anything be sustained unless there’s a sustaining force? And, how can anything be renewed unless there is a force that breaks down the old?

Now you have, by calling this conference, desired to move this nation of Ukraine from fear and division into oneness and freedom. What, then, stands in the way of oneness? Is it not the old that was created out of fear, and a sense of division? So, is it not so that Shiva, rather than being a destroyer, could be seen as the big uniter that consumes all that which keeps people divided?

What keeps people divided? Well, think back to Portia’s dictation and this very simple concept, that you can either be open or you can be closed. When people close themselves off, what happens? Their attention becomes, drawn in to a very narrow focus on self. This is not by any means the same as when you, as a spiritual person, go within in  meditation or contemplation. For as a spiritual person, you go within in order to connect with your higher being or the ascended masters, therefore, you are connecting to something that is beyond the outer self. But when people become closed as Portia described, they become focused on the outer self, identified with the outer self. And naturally, the outer self can only see itself as being separated from the outer selves of all other people. It can only see the outer selves of other people as being a threat to itself.

Now, you know very well, that if you put people in extreme situations, where they are facing a life and death situation, and where it becomes clear to them, that they cannot all survive, then there will be a so-called survival instinct that kicks in. And it will be each person for himself or herself. Each person will seek to survive, even if it means sacrificing the lives of others. This is the extreme outcome of being closed off, being focused on the outer self.

This was also the situation that was precipitated by the Soviet Union. Most people became so focused on the outer self, whatever it was for them individually. And all of the normal concerns, such as a sense of oneness with other people, a sense of loyalty, a sense of connection, at least to family, were replaced by this focus on the outer self. There were people who had replaced all of the normal humanity, we might call it, the loyalty to family, the sense of compassion for the suffering of others, they have replaced all of this with loyalty to only one thing: the state, the apparatus, the ideology, however they saw it.

And, take note that this was done in a society that claimed to be the worker’s paradise, where there was solidarity, and the common good and a common goal, and everyone was united in this goal of building the socialist society. But it was all a lie, all a sham. Because people were only concerned about surviving in a system where anyone who dared to go beyond the defined norm was in danger of not surviving.

You see that, in order for Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other Soviet republics, and Warsaw Pact countries, to be free of their past, you need to recognize what that past did to the individual psyche, and to the collective psyche of the nation.

Now, if you focus on Ukraine, you will see that there is a clear tendency in the Ukrainian people, at least many of them, to be very focused on self, and be very insensitive to the suffering of other people. This is not said to in any way blame, but simply to point out a tendency, reinforced in Soviet times, but certainly going back further than that. There is a tendency for an insensitivity to life. You can see this, those of you who have grown up in this nation, if you take an honest look at your history, and see various events that demonstrate this insensitivity.

It is a matter of recognizing that this comes from this narrow focus on the outer self, that sees just about everything else as a threat. There is this very powerful momentum, and some powerful demons in the collective consciousness, that you who are our direct students have the opportunity to bind by making the calls to me, Archangel Michael and Astrea. And you can thereby render an immense service to this nation in helping people be free of this pull from the collective consciousness. This is not to say that it is your responsibility to free the entire nation and consume all of this. But it is, to point out, a simple mechanism.

For Ukraine to move forward, for Ukraine to be free of its past, the creative people of Ukraine need to overcome this focus on self so that they can open themselves up to feel connected with other people. How can you move into oneness, unless people feel connected with each other? Naturally, it cannot happen. So there needs to be a shift. And how can this shift happen, unless you, who know what you know, make the calls for the consuming of these momentums, for the binding of these demons, for the consuming of the demons, so that people can be free to start looking around and connecting again.

What was the teaching and the example given by Jesus? Think of his remark: “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it. But he who is willing to lose his life for my sake, shall find eternal life.” He who seeks to save the life of the outer self, shall lose the spiritual life. For you become focused on the outer self, you lose your connection to your own I AM Presence and higher self, you lose your connection to other people, you lose your connection to the spiritual realm and the ascended masters, you lose connection.

But what is life? What is life? How many people have dared to ask themselves this question? What is life?

Life is connection.

The fallen beings have, for eons, from before they even fell into this sphere, had a dream of creating the complete automaton, the complete robot that will do whatever it is told. This can never be completely achieved. Because all people have that spark of life within them. You cannot create a machine and breathe life into it.

There are scientists who believe that they can create a computer that will one day have the same intelligence or the same consciousness even, as a human being. Billions of dollars are being spent, countless hours, countless attention by scientists who could do more useful things, are being spent on creating this artificial life. You will never create a mechanical device that comes to life. Regardless of these fairy tales of Pinocchio, that you have heard from childhood, it will never happen. For that, which is created mechanically cannot be connected to the web of life.

Life is a web, an interconnection at the level of consciousness. There is only one mind, the mind of the Creator. And you, you have self-awareness, only because there is something in you that is part of that mind, an extension of that mind. But really not an extension, in the sense that it is separate from that mind.

How can you overcome fear and division unless you reconnect, unless each person reconnects to what they have within them? That life, that connection, that web, that ties all self-aware beings together?

How can Ukraine, or any nation, move into oneness, unless there is at least the top 10 percent of the creative people who reconnect to that in themselves, and therefore dare to open themselves up and look around, and look into the eyes of another person and see: that person has also connected to the web of life in himself or herself.

And when you see that connection in each other, then you can begin to come together and form the true unity. Not the false unity proclaimed by Marxist ideology, or Soviet propaganda. But the true unity that was what Christ attempted to create in his disciples or to awaken in his disciples.

When you are willing to lose the life of the little self, in order to connect to that greater life of the web of life, that is when you receive eternal life. For you realize you are not a separate being. You are an eternal, timeless, spiritual being. There is a saying in the east: “Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever,” said by the Atman the Brahma and the One Mind. But for you, you may say: “Bodies may come and bodies may go, but I go on forever.”

You are a timeless being, because you are connected to the web of life that is beyond time, beyond space, beyond the space-time continuum, or whatever you want to call the material world, the material frequency spectrum, which also is not separated from the one mind. It exists because the one mind feeds energy through it through the principle of Brahman, and Brahma. And then, with Vishnu, sustains it, gives it the ability to exist over time, even in any imperfect condition that has been co-created.

If there were only these two principles, then the imperfect condition could be sustained indefinitely, not forever, but for a very, very long time, measured with a lifespan of a human being. If there had only been Brahma and Vishnu, the Soviet Union would still be in existence. What broke down the Soviet Union? The fire of Shiva. Many other things contributed, as we have taught you about not only at this conference, but beyond. But anything that is broken down, it is the fire of Shiva.

And how is the fire of Shiva activated? It is activated when people come to that point, as Jesus said: “He who is willing to lose his life for my sake, shall find eternal life.” When you are willing to lose the sense of identity you have, as a limited separate being, that is when you connect to the web of life. And when you are willing to lose that separate self, by the mere willingness, by the mere decision, that you are willing to lose what is less in order to gain what is more, you activate the fire of Shiva.

So how did the Soviet Union collapse? Well, more and more people, both in Russia and outside of Russia, those who were affected by the Soviet Union came to that point where they sensed they knew from within: There must be more than this, there must be more to life than what we have in this Soviet utopia, which has turned out to be the Soviet nightmare, as by the way, any utopia will, if it is based on an idea that comes from the fallen beings.

There was reached a critical mass where so many people were willing to let go of the old self – the Homo-Sovieticus, where they never took initiative, they never objected, they never said it was enough, they never said “I will not do this”, that  activated the fire of Shiva to the point where the Soviet Union could not be sustained.

But what brings that about in people? It is that decision, the decision that you want a better life. Even the decision itself, has a major effect. Let us for a moment completely ignore what was done or what could be done on the outer. Let us just envision here that you have a Soviet Republic, where people have been beaten down to the point where they are just focused on their narrow survival and their daily lives—they dare not even think about how the state functions.

What is the purpose, what is the real purpose of creating such a system? It is to prevent people from making a decision that they want more—it is to get them to settle for less, without ever questioning the system. Now, of course, neither Lenin, nor Stalin nor any of the other Soviet leaders understood this consciously, but the fallen beings behind them who are pulling their strings like the marionettes that they were, they understood this very clearly. They understand the law of free-will. They are denying it, they are trying to get people to deny it. But they understand the law of free-will.

If a critical mass of people within a certain group: either a nation or another group, decide that they will no longer accept status quo and they want more, well then that status quo must begin to give away because by the very act of people making the decision, they release—they open themselves up to the fire of Shiva.

But what does it take to make that decision? You have to be willing to let go of the old. You have to be willing to let that old self die, not always knowing what comes after. You have to come to that point where you say, “This old identity is not worth holding on to. This old life that they call life, but which is not life, is not worth living. Therefore, instead of frantically holding on to this old, this narrow outer self, I am willing to let it go, to let it die in order to get something better.” That is the key decision.

Naturally, a critical mass of the people in Ukraine made the decision that caused them to be free of the Soviet Union. But they were not really clear, what they wanted to be free from and what they wanted instead. And that is why you see that some of the other nations in the Warsaw Pact or that were part of the Soviet Union have made more progress than Ukraine or Belarus, or Russia. Because the people there were more clear on what they wanted—what kind of a nation they wanted to live in—what kind of a life they want for themselves personally, and what kind of a nation did they need to have in order to get a good personal life.

As we have said, you need a nation that has peace, that has laws that are being enforced in a consistent way, not so that some people can get privileges beyond the general population. You need these very basic things. And in Ukraine today, there is a growing awareness of this. This is what you saw, with the election of the new president and the new parliament. You saw an outer expression of this desire.

But what has not yet happened is that a critical mass of people have come to that point where they have consciously decided to let go of that old self that is separate, that is afraid, that is insensitive to others, to the suffering of others. But they are close. And with your calls, they can turn that corner.

And then you can see that there can be not only that outer willingness to vote in a new kind of politician, but also the realization that if we really want a different country, we have to become a new kind of people. We have to rise above the old Ukrainian identity and become a new kind of Ukrainian. One that is not afraid, one that is not separated, one that is not insensitive to others, but a new kind of human being who is connected, who sees itself connected to others, because it sees itself connected to something within itself.

People may not need to consciously know about the I Am Presence or the teachings you have, but they need to connect that there’s something in themselves that tells them: “This I cannot do. This, I will not do. I will not violate the rights of others. I will not cause other people to suffer. I will not take bribes, I will not pay bribes. I will not do this, I will not do that.” Because you just know “This is not who I am anymore”.

It is not a matter of having this outer moralistic standard that has been put upon people by the fallen beings. You saw it in the Catholic Church, you see it still among Catholics, where an outer standard for how they should behave is put upon them. You saw it in the Soviet Union, where an outer state, outer definition was put upon people for how they should behave. And some people tried to behave that way and other people just went along.

But what Jesus came to show people is that when you connect to something inside yourself, you connect to that web of life, there are certain things you just don’t do anymore. It is not that you are forcing yourself to not do them. You don’t even have to reason or rationalize why you’re not doing them. You just know: “I’m not doing this because this is no longer who I am, I am no longer the kind of being who does this.” No struggle, no need for self-discipline. As so many spiritual people pride themselves of having self-discipline, because they can force down this or that desire.

Well, I say: identify the self from where the desire comes and let that self die, so you don’t have to force anything. A real spiritual person, or person who has reached a higher level of spiritual attainment, needs no self-discipline, there is no self to discipline. And there is no self that wants to discipline another self.

So enough of the lecture, enough of the discourse. I have one more gift to give to this, not only the Ukrainian nation, but all nations who were affected by the Soviet Union. And it is simply the fire of Shiva.

I anchor the fire of Shiva in all the nations who were formerly part of the Soviet Union or affected by it, in a measure that is higher than before, thereby making it easier for people to make the decision to let go of the old self, and to free themselves from that old self, that old sense of identity, so that they can begin to wake up, realize “This is who I really am. I am more than this old self. And that is why I can manifest more in my personal life, and manifest more in my nation. Because I have a right to expect more of life and to accept that when I determine in myself what I want from life, then life will willingly give it to me, because the universe is the cosmic mirror. And it will, and it must, and it can only reflect back to me what I am sending out”.

Consider what people were sending into the universal mirror during Soviet times. Is it not obvious that if you have those same selves in your consciousness, and you continue to project out that same message of limitation, and you are not worthy to have this or that, what can the universe do except continue to reflect that back to you, which you are saying you want?

So my fire will help people realize that they do want more. And then decide that they are worthy to have it, that they can have it and that life will give it to them when they are no longer divided in themselves, because they have let that old sense of identity die and they are reborn into a new sense of self. It need not be a high spiritual sense of self. I’m not saying that all people need to come to consciously to walk the spiritual path. They simply need to be reborn into a higher sense of self that is more connected than the old closed-off self they had before.

This is the flame I anchor. This is the opportunity I give. You who know of us personally, you can invoke that flame by giving just a few seconds to focus on my being, my presence, my fire, and then simply give the mantra “Shiva” as many times that you have time to do. You can do this several times during the day. Don’t make a big elaborate ritual out of it. Just make a habit of a few times a day focusing on Shiva, being willing to look at yourself. Is there another self that is ready to die today? And then give a few Shiva’s and let go of that self.

You could make a habit—there’s an old saying among American Indians, “It is a good day to die.” This is something they said before they went into battle and hoped to die with honor. But you can let go of that warrior mentality and still say: “It is a good day for another self to die.” And that is how you can do what Saint Paul admonished the disciples of Jesus to do when he said: “I die daily”.

Every day, another self dies and is consumed by the fire of Shiva, when you make the decision that you are more than that self. And by you raising your consciousness, you will pull up on the collective and you will be surprised at how few people can pull up the collective consciousness of an entire nation. There are enough ascended master students in Ukraine to have a decisive impact. There are enough ascended master students in Russia to have a decisive impact. There are even enough in Belarus, although I know you feel you are so few. But you can still have an impact on your nation.

My beloved, when I say that there are enough ascended master students in Russia, I mean, there are enough people who are aware of ascended master teachings. Naturally those students are rather divided in this, what we might call a special Russian tendency to divide yourselves up into factions that oppose each other. What sense does it make that there are spiritual people who acknowledge the existence of ascended masters, but they allow their attention to be tied up in battling with other students about who is the only true messenger? What nonsense is this?

Be willing to let go of these divisions and realize that these divisions exist only in the physical octave, or the three higher octaves, for in the spiritual octave there is no division. Do you really think that we of the ascended masters are divided as you are divided amongst yourselves?

What is the value of recognizing ascended masters? It is that you should be able and willing to recognize that we are beyond anything on earth—anything in the human consciousness—we are beyond it.

What is the value for you of recognizing this, that we have the ability and the willingness to pull you beyond all the human divisions? What is the value of recognizing ascended masters if you are not willing to come beyond human divisions, but actually use the teachings of the ascended masters to reinforce the divisions?

What is the value I simply ask? I’m not telling you to do this or do that. I’m not telling anyone to accept this messenger. But I’m simply saying what is the value of recognizing ascended masters if you’re not willing to use us to rise above human divisions?

And then when you have made an effort to rise above human divisions, you might have a different perspective than you have today. But if you would rather hold on to that perspective, that is your free-will right. But can you not see that you cannot claim to be connected to the ascended masters, and at the same time hold on to these human divisions? It is not reality. It is delusional to think that you are connected to ascended masters, while using our teachings to reinforce the divisions, even the divisions to other people who recognize ascended masters. What nonsense is this? What utter nonsense.

Use whatever teaching you have to seek to make use of our offer to help you rise above human divisions. And when you have made that sincere effort and let that divided self disconnect itself or those divided disconnected selves die, then be willing to look around and look into the eyes of other ascended master students regardless of their background, and see, do we not have a connection—a direct connection that transcends all these outer divisions? And can we not then find a way to move forward from there?

Are you willing to apply to Shiva who is recognized by all ascended master dispensations and teachings? Are you willing to call to my fire to consume the divisions in yourself? Are you willing to decide to let those selves die? Those divided separate selves. Are you willing to do this?

And so, with this, I, as a Universal Being, want you to know that I find not a human enjoyment, but a spiritual enjoyment in being with you and being able to speak in the physical and thereby connect to your beings—have my fire flow through your beings into the collective consciousness. And therefore, I express my gratitude for your willingness to come together. For you have achieved in these few short days, a higher degree of oneness than you had when you came. And for this I acknowledge your progress.


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